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(generated from captions) know that the loving husband you pretend to be...But this family secret can bring down a nation.Dr Sanders, I need you to come upstairs with me.From the legendary producer.You have to FEEL this.Morgan! Morgan!With Toni Collette.You'll never get away with this. You know that.And Dylan McDermott.Do you think it won't leave any traces behind?The unmissable new drama.Sometimes you have to do a bad thing for a good reason.See how far...It's about the President, isn't it? woman will go...Can we count on you? protect her family.Why are you doing this?Don't think of it as killing the President. Think of it as saving your family.Fast tracked - Hostages. This program is not captioned.

Gattellari This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. Today on Nine News Now, we go to the Gold Coast where a policeman shot in the line of duty is being praised for his bravery. Plus, the international hunt for the 'white widow' wanted over the Kenyan mall terror attack. Also ahead, the miniature heart monitor that could revolutionise the way doctors treat heart conditions. And Britney back to her best. We have her brand-new music video that's just been released. But first to some breaking news, and as many as 50 homes could come under threat as they fire rages near Forster. They watch and act warning is in place for residents Norval Shallow Bay. It is burning erratically and moving north-west. -- north of. A police officer in Queensland has been praised for his bravery following a gunfight on the Gold Coast. Sajid Gary Hamrey was still able to return fire after being shot point-blank in the cheek during a pursuit -- Sergeant. How is he doing today after this incredible act of courage?He has come through surgery today. Just give you an indication, if you stay with me for a moment, the bullet pierced his cheek, travelled through the back of his head and came out just behind ear. Unbelievably it didn't strike any jaw, any major arteries, and didn't strike his brain. Doctors are calling it a one in a million. He literally will not have any residual impact from what has happened. This all started around 1am last night. The sergeant was in pursuit of a number of people involved in a hotel hold-up, he chased them to this park, where he was cornered. As he stepped around from the corner of a shared, one shot was fired from a rifle and hit him in the face. -- a shared. The noise from the officers returned fire woke up the neighbourhood -- shed.There's something going on across the road because I heard 10 gunshots and now there's a car across the road and there were cops screaming down the road everywhere.I heard them say, " Get down, get down, and someone said they would shoot him. " Police cars were coming from everywhere.This has unbelievably happened on Police Remembrance Day.That's right, everyone is wearing the chequered ribbons today in memory of all the police officers that have fallen in the line of duty.Today was meant to be the sentencing of the people that killed Damien Leeding, another officer killed in similar circumstances at a nearby hotel. This has been right on the forefront of police's minds today, and a few have got quite emotional and started to cry. Have a listen and some of the parades today we have had around the place, but the main impact today came from the assistant commissioner when he said how important this is, and when they realise that one of their own has been hurt in the line of Judy. I experienced something akin to resolve -- duty. Everyone thinks about what this job brings with it, the dangers it brings, and any day you might be confronted with such a situation.Sergeant Hamrey will spend a couple of days in hospital, he will have no long-term affects out of this. His police dog that was with him during the shooting managed to escape unscathed. We have had a lot of calls from people today wondering about how he's going, he's all good, and he's back at home in his house spending time with other police officers and their dogs at the moment. A relatively good story, the two people involved shot by the sergeant are yet to be charged, that could happen in a bedside hearing tomorrow morning. Thanks very much. Police are appearing for witnesses after a 60-year-old man was bashed and left for dead in Sydney's west overnight. He was found unconscious around 9:30pm in Parramatta's Church Street Mall but later died in hospital.We're not sure and we're hoping members of the public might help police establish what happened before, during and after this matter. Anyone in the area is asked to come forward.It's not known why the victim was targeted. Shepparton in central Victoria's today mourning the loss of a 17-year-old boy who died in a house fire early this morning. Justin McKenzie has the details. Well, the fire broke out just after 4am. Neighbours told us they heard some young people outside screaming that there was somebody trapped inside. Sadly by the time fire crews did arrive they found the body of 17-year-old Richard Hilton in a bedroom.At about 4am for a bit after, one of the people staying in the house got up to go to the toilet and discovered a portion of the house, the main bedroom, on fire.My friend opened her door, and black smoke came everywhere in the house. She was calling for him to get out, but it was too late. Both his parents are away on holiday. His mother is interstate, his father is overseas, they are currently making the very sad journey back home.I've only spoken to his mum. And, like any mother would be, she's feeling the pain. Were boys, always will be boys. I'm sure all us boys and girls love you, we miss you.Police have been here all day trying to discover the cause of the blaze, but they say it doesn't appear suspicious. This is really just a terrible tragedy. Notorious Queensland rapist Robert Fardon will soon be released from prison after a judge ruled he is no longer a risk to the public. Up until now the 64-year-old has been serving an indefinite jail sentence. Victims are outraged and have called on Campbell Newman to intervene. And international hunt is under way for terrorist mastermind Samantha Lewthwaite, the so-called 'white widow'. Reports are now indicating its likely she played a part in the deadly attack on the mall in Kenya. Looks can be deceiving, and tonight this 1-time British ball girl, Samantha Lewthwaite, has been called one of the most wanted and dangerous women in the world -- British schoolgirl. She has been a wanted person for a number of years now.Today's worldwide Interpol alert from her comes as authorities in Kenya seek to find out if she was involved in the brutal attack. Based on her known ties to African terror groups, and eyewitness accounts of a mystery woman part of the attack. My instinct was it was a woman throwing a grenade.Kenyan officials earlier reported all of the attackers were men, including some who dressed as women. But experts say the 29-year-old woman has been actively involved with Al-Shabab and its Kenyan offshoot which claimed responsibility for the massacre.She has said she wants to die, or martyr herself, on the half of the group.She grew up in a small town north of London. -- on behalf of. She went from schoolgirl, to party girl, to wife of one of the terrorists who carried out the attacks on the London subway and bus system in 2005. After the attacks, she denied any knowledge of her husband's Al Qaeda ties and family friends described her as a decent girl.She was a very average child, very innocent, lacking confidence, shiny, very easy to get on with. But since then authorities say she slipped out of England with her children and joined up with African terrorists, travelling to Kenya on a forged South African passport.We know that she was a figure of some media... Importance within the organisation, and organisational level.British tabloids are calling her the 'white widow', and she reportedly wrote in diaries that she wanted her young children to grow up as terrorists and die like their father. Sydney property tycoon Ron Medich has been committed to stand trial, accused of the murder of businessmen Michael McGurk. Mr McGurk was shot dead outside his home in 2009.I'm just very happy they allowed me to have my say. I look forward to being vindicated in the future. It's alleged Medich conscripted his then friend and associate, Lucky Gattellari, to carry out the hit on Mr McGurk. The man tasked with transferring hundreds of patients to the Gold Coast's new University Hospital is now under way -- mammoth task. 380 patients are expected to be moved in a fleet of ambulances, taxes and minibuses. It will take over 200 trips to complete the move over two days, with the new hospital set to open around 8am tomorrow. B $1.7 billion facility is more than three times the size of the old hospital -- the. It houses 750 beds. To Melbourne where players from Hawthorn and Fremantle have taken part in the annual AFL Grand Final parade. Is the first time Fremantle have been involved, and Ayrton Woolley was there.A huge day on the sporting calendar and thousands of fans have flocked to the streets of Melbourne, cheering on Hawthorn and Fremantle ahead of the Grand Final tomorrow. The Freo fans probably outnumbering Hawthorn. It should be a massive day for the Dockers, their first Grand Final appearance, and their fans are certainly excited.We have so much passion, and we will all be yelling out, listen to how loud we are. Freo, way to go, we are the Freo Dockers.There's an awful lot of ifs and buts, but greatness will out, Hawthorn will win.The excitement is also shared by the players, but they say they won't be overawed by the week, a big week for both sides. Hawthorn hoping to banish any memories of last year 's disappointment.Not only me, but the whole team has definitely got the hunger and they want to win tomorrow blew an unbelievable experience, the turnout, and what a day for it as well.Looking forward to getting out there tomorrow.Such a special occasion, all the fans travelling such a long way, can't stop smiling.Hawthorn against Fremantle tomorrow at the MCG in the Grand Final.Still ahead on Nine News Now, a jury to decide who's to blame for Michael Jackson 's death. His own daemons or a promotions company? Plus, the amazing new that grows both tomatoes and potatoes. And yes, it's called a tom-tate-o. And Samuel L Jackson's harsh message to Barack Obama, start acting presidential! This program is not captioned. MAN: (SINGS) # I...I got it # I got it made # I got it made # I got it made fresh at Subway # Subs made just the way I say # I got it made # I got it made... # VOICEOVER: Want low-fat
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Now to Michael Jackson and a jury are currently deliberating over whether a promotions company pushed into drugs and Breaking Point, or whether his own daemons took him down.

This was Michael Jackson's last dance. Final rehearsal for what was to have been his comeback tour. Final because he died days later before the tour's first stop. In debt, out of shape, and drugging himself to sleep at night, but still dancing.This is the final curtain call.Footage shown again today in an LA courtroom to a jury who must decide whether his death was essentially self-inflicted with the help of his doctor, or if promoter AEG Live bears some blame as well.We, the jury, find the defendant guilty.In 2009 his doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administrating the fatal dose of propofol -- administering. In this lawsuit Jackson 's mother and three children are seeking $1.5 billion damages from AEG. The Jackson family claims they were paying macro murray's salary, $150,000 a month, and pudding serious pressure on him to get Jackson fit for the tour -- Murray's salary. AEG is this the company had no idea what Jackson and his doctor were up to behind closed doors.AEG would have never agreed to finance this talk if it knew he was playing Russian roulette every night in his bedroom.In hindsight we know it ended badly. The question now facing the jury, should someone pay? Now here's one fall the garden is watching, a new plant has just become available in British nurseries, the tom-tate-o. Launched as a "veg plot in a pot", it shows cherry tomatoes above the ground and potatoes below.We have got less space in gardens these days, we can't all get on the waiting lists for allotments, but these can be grown easily on the patio. You have two crops in one pot, and more excitedly a fruit and vegetable. Experts say it is not genetically modified but individually handcrafted. Barack Obama skyrocketed to the international stage on the strength of his speeches. But now a famous Hollywood supporter has blasted the former law professor for dumbing down his language to relate to everyday Americans. You've heard it, the president getting all folksy when he's out talking to the people. Going to suddenly becomes gonna. He drops certain letters.I don't think he minds me telling him he turns 90 in a couple of weeks -- telling you. He's been causing a ruckus for about 89 of those years. It turns out Samuel L Jackson, the maestro of the on-screen swearing, has taken notice, and this morning he is firing a grammatical grievance. In the new issue of Playboy, he has been asked what he thinks of highly educated people, like our Harvard educated president, trying to sound like average Joes.

I love you, God bless you.Of course tailoring your accent and slang to your audience is much as a political tradition as kissing babies. Remember...Thank you all for coming.Then there was Mitt Romney's awkward efforts to talk southern.I started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits.Even Bill Clinton would lay on the molasses when he ventured south.She said when my boy goes to school, and they asked him what does your mother do for a living, he can give an answer.The president will speak at the United Nations in one form, he will speak in front of church audiences in another form.Jackson went on to say while he sprinkles his own language with paints... -- ain'ts. Still to come on Nine News Now, incredible video of the moment a toddler is rescued from a burning home. Plus we find out what Brisbane can expect at this year 's Riverside celebrations that river fire celebrations. And Backstreet Boy Nick Carter talks about his drug abuse and controversial This program is not captioned. Gummy bears!

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This program is not captioned. Dramatic video has emerged showing the moment a toddler was rescued from a burning apartment near Nashville in the US. She had been trapped upstairs and had to be dropped two police officers waiting below. Be chaos was captured by a camera on a firefighter 's helmet. -- the chaos. Meanwhile her 8-year-old brother is being hailed a hero on a running door to door warning residents of the impending danger. Yellow he was running everywhere, knocking on this door, saying, fire, fire.The fire started when a woman fell asleep with a lit cigarette.Everyone escaped uninjured. Art to 500 million -- 500,000 people will line the banks of the Brisbane River on the weekend -- up to. A fireworks and music celebration is planned. A massive month in Brisbane wraps up tomorrow with the end of the Brisbane Festival and it is sent on its way with the Riverfire extravaganza. All spots here on the river by this time tomorrow will be jampacked as an expected crowd of half a million people take the best spots in preparation for the fireworks. All up about 6000 individual explosions all timed to music will wow the crowd. We're told there are some surprises in store. One of the things people are being told to look out for is the prominence of the colour pink, the theme colour for the festival. There will be fly pasts by army helicopters, and the big-ticket item is always the super hornet jets, as they make a dazzling run down the river. This afternoon we were lucky enough to catch up with the pilots, and they told us how amazing it is for them up in the air as much as it is for people on the ground.It's great to see everyone waving. We're literally only a couple of hundred metres above the water, so it will be like looking at a footy player in the middle of a footy oval. I reckon it'll be awesome.We could get some cloud in the morning but by tomorrow night with darkness conditions should be perfect for fireworks. The best spots will be here on the city side of the river, Kangaroo Point and of course the favourite is always south bank. Wherever you choose to watch it, people are being urged to use public transport. Leave your car at home, get the public transport and enjoy what should be a fantastic night. Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has given an interview, opening up about his bad boy ways. From his drug and alcohol abuse, to his relationship with Paris Hilton. A boy band known for making big comebacks. Now, Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter is making one of his own.I don't want to be one of those people where they say, remember that guy, Nick Carter, you know, from the Backstreet Boys, he's another one of those child stars that ended up a tragedy.In his new book he writes about everything from his 2005 the UI arrest, to his party fuelled relationship with former girlfriend Paris Hilton -- DY.You said that she was the worst person you could have dated at the time.I was just a boy toy and I was under the influence a lot during that relationship.He says his drug and alcohol abuse was so severe it caused changes to his brain.I was self-medicating, Vicodin, all these derivatives of opiates.He says his problems go back to the emotional and mental abuse he suffered as a child.Stop ed!His family dysfunction playing out in this 2006 reality show -- stop it.It was a train wreck show, there was no thought behind it, just people in a house that had issues and they exploded.Carter says he finally turned his life around after he was diagnosed with a heart condition. It is a swelling of the heart muscle due to the toxins in your heart.Because of the drugs and alcohol and the lifestyle?Yeah. Now he says he's feeling and singing better than ever.I want it that way. Tell me why, ain't nothing but a heartache. I have felt that I have just become a better person, I'm not afraid to show the world who I have evolved to become.Next on Nine News Now, more showbiz and Rihanna continues to disappoint. We hear from the Aussie fans who booed the pop star's latest show. We catch up with Ricky Martin and his boys as they arrived back in Australia. We look at Michael J Fox's TV comedy show that pokes fun at his with Parkinson's. And Joan Rivers dishes out some rather This program is not captioned. MAN: (SINGS) # I...I got it # I got it made # I got it made # I got it made fresh at Subway # Subs made just the way I say # I got it made # I got it made... # VOICEOVER: Want low-fat
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Let's get the showbiz news now with Suz Messara. First to breaking news and Britney has released a sneak peak of her new video.And bit knee knows how to create a buzz. She's been giving us teases on Twitter and now given us a sneak peak. All anyone can talk about is her amazing body. When I say sneak peak - it is ten seconds long,

amazing body. When I say sneak peak
- it is ten seconds long, so don't blink. Have a look at this. # You better work it # You want to look at me. # Wow, she looks amazing. That's all I was looking at was the midriff!

Wow, she looks amazing. That's all
I was looking at was the midriff! I wonder if they can photoshop film clips. Rihanna is copping flak especially after the performance in Adelaide. What happened?If you don't have the fans, you don't have anything in the music industry and she's upset her fans greatly by showing up an hour and 20 minutes later the performance. She was due on stage at 9:00 and didn't show up to 10:30. That's following the performance in Perth where she arrived 40 minutes late. Everyone was booing and some of the audience members had to go home and had to go home to bed. Rihanna tried to apologise but all you could hear were boos.I'm finally here. You know, it takes me forever to get back to Australia every time. I know, right. I can't do that no more, Adelaide. But I'm finally here. And I finally remember how crazy my Aussie fans are.I remember seeing Madonna overseas and she came on at midnight. 40 minutes? No, that was an hour and 20. The night before was 40 minutes.So it is later and later. And there would be school kids inspect audience who need to go to school.And I don't think that she looked apologetic enough in my opinion, she looked half asleep there.Maybe had a quick nap first. Now to somebody that everybody is happy to see. Ricky Martin and his boys have arrived in Australia, what for?We've been waiting for ten years for his big Australian tour for him to come back and do a tour. He has promised that this one will be a carnival and he's going right around the country. He brought two very special guests, his sons, Matteo and Valentino and we caught up with him at the airport.Glad to be back, always glad to be back.What do you love about Australia?I love the people. He loves the Australian people. Isn't that lovely. Look, we only grabbed them for a minute and then they were whisked out the back and taken away in a VIP van. Alright, one of our own is keeping busy over abroad, it's Chris Hemmes. He is a busy boy, -- Hemsworth, what is he up to?He's just previewed the new movie, 'Rush'. He rose to fame when he played a superhero in the 'Avengers' movie and got so sick of everybody talking about his big biceps and his workout routine that he wanted to do a movie with a lot of substance and took on this one. He stars alongside Olivia Wilde. Fast cars, faster women, fast fashion. 'Thor', AKA Chris Hemsworth, going full throttle in the high octane movie, 'Rush', as Formula One legend, James Hunt. Chris forceed to lose some of the superhero muscle to squeeze in to the fire shoot.We were shooting the 'Avengers' at the time where I was lifting weights and as soon as I finished that, I had to burn everything.Olivia Wilde co-stars as the supermodel wife.He would come to the track with models under his arm and smoking a joint. And then get in to a Formula One car and drive at 100mph.Things were different in the '70s. Including the cast's 1970s guchy wardrobe.Plenty of flares and open-shirt kol ars.For me, stepping in to the world was a dream come true.She's about to step in to a wedding dress. Breaking news about her big day with Jason Sudekis. Rumours of wedding of the century, champagne towers, four gowns.There will be a lot of karaoke and a lot of BBQ. Forget about the wedding, I want more pictures of Chris and he said he had to lose muscle to play the role. I think he looked fine. So, still overseas and Michael J Fox has started a new TV show.Yes, the brand new TV show called the 'Michael J Fox Show' has just debutted in the US. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 22 years ago and remained quiet about it for almost nine years and now putting it in the spotlight. The new TV show is based around his life and you know, it's the Michael J Fox we love. He's funny and witty and sarcastic. Michael J Fox taking the Parkinson's Disease diagnosis that led him to semi-retire from comedy in 2000.Everybody has their own bag of hammers to carry around and I approach it with humour.Can you not have a personal victory right now - we're starving.He stars as a famous New York news anchor who quits after his diagnosis and becomes a stay at home dad, but eventually goes back to work in the 'Michael J Fox Show'. You have life experiences with your kids. Are you putting some of that in the show? The stories are different enough that I have plausible deniability. But there are stories that find their way in.911, what is your emergency?I didn't call 911.Like this one...Some guys called the dishwasher.I misdialled, my drugs haven't kicked in.They thought that that sounded suspicious. And that actually happened to me.Since we're both here, can I get you to sign an autograph. My uncle has Alzheimer's.I have Parkinson's. Either way! Justin Bieber is also someone making light of his life.He stopped by the Funny Or Die studios for an interview with Zach Galifianakis. It's unclear whether he knew what he was in for.Really exciting to talk to you, especially right in the middle of your public meltdown.Are you going to say anything?Yeah, I just have never interviewed a seven-year-old before! What was the last toy you got in a Happy Meal?I don't think I've ever ordered a Happy Meal.You know what, you're too young to be smoking pop and peing in buckets and driving up and down the highway fast. I don't think that your mum would really mind if a stranger whipped her son.You're not spanking me, man! What are you doing? What are you doing? OK, so that's just a little bit weird.It is a little bit weird. Joan rivers keeps the laughs coming. What has she said now?She takes no prisoners and doesn't give anyone an easy time, not even her daughter, Melissa, who has just moved in with her ex-husband and her mum has advice.It's a little awkward.A little? A little? Your ex-husband is moving back in the house with you.He's not moving in the house, he's staying with us.He's not living in a tent.He had knee surgery, he had trouble getting around.He'll get around.Mum, we're just friends.That is a myth, men and women are not just friends. There are lots of myths that we live with, the tooth fairy, black gay Republicans are a myth. Female multiple orgasms is a myth! She's always one for a laugh.She doesn't have a censor on at all! Thank you so much, great to hear the entertainment news. Next on Nine News Now - an Australian-first medical procedure. We look at the miniature heart monitor that could revolutionise the way that doctors treat heart patients. And Prince Harry's special speech for charity in London. And Bill Gates makes a startling admission about why we all use the control, at, delete function. And Mariah Carey has revealed why he's -- and

This program is not captioned. children's book.
To health news now and in an Australian first, doctors in Adelaide have successfully impanted the world's smallest heart monitor. It's a major breakthrough for people who suffer from irregular heartbeats no. I will It's been a momentous morning here at the Royal Adelaide Hospital after an Adelaide man became the first person in the world to have a miniature heart monitor inserted in to his chest. The young patient went under the knife and was fitted with the tiny device which will monitor his heartbeat. Thfrpblgts is a young man who has had a blackout. We don't know what the cause is. Measuring just over an inch and weighing 2.5grams, the tiny device is easily inserted under local anaesthetic and will last for three years and report any irregularities straight to the doctor.North to initiate problems earlier, perhaps prevent stroke, perhaps prevent the risk of someone dying suddenly. Almost half a million Australians live with irregular heartbeats.We have a number of people in the community who have fast heart rates or blackout or at risk of sudden death, and we can't pick up when they're likely to have such an event.D developers say that the clinical trial is ten years in the making at a cost of millions of dollars and it is believed the technology could be used in other gadgets.It is also for us, the first step to miniatureise other items like pace makers.I think this is a device to change our therapy as we move in to the future and change our approach to young patients.If all goes well, it's hoped the device will be available to the public early next year. It's the mistake that controls our lives, and Microsoft founders wish they could delete the function we all use to log on to the computers, control, At, delete seems unnecessarily complicated. And in an admission, Bill Gates has confessed it was all an accident. We could have had a single button, but the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn't want to give us our single button, so we had... We programmed a level. It was a mistake!Gates was speaking in honour of a fundraising event at Harvard - the same university he dropped out of to start his multibillion dollar company. Jim Carey has made a career out of making us laugh. Now, the actor is putting his comic genius to work as a writer. He has a new children's book that he says was inspired by his own childhood.

his own childhood.From Ace Ventura, no-one inhabits a character quite like Jim Carey. You're the mean one, Mr Grinch.Now, the superstar actor and comedian is taking on the character of Roland in the first- ever children's book about a wave who worries that one day when he hits the beach, his life will be over, until he realises that he's not just a wave, but the whole wide ocean.I remember when I was a kid, I had real fears about my parents were smokers, I remember locking myself in the bathroom one day for hours with their carton of cigarettes.Just to hide them. Because I was afraid that they would die.Kids have real fears have life and what's going to happen to mum and dad. And I wanted to give them something that reassures them that no-one is going anywhere.And while the story is partially based upon memories of childhood fears, the idea of writing the book was based on some of the happiest moments as a child - bed time stories with dad.There is a moment where if you bring everything down and make it quiet and share a book, it is special. It's magical.It is a kind of heaven.Why is why he's dedicated it to his 3-year-old grandson, Jackson.This whole thing is so exciting to me because of the idea at some point, when the book comes off the press, I'm going to get to go over there and do that!Carey was also involved in the book's illustrations. He drew the first sketch of what roland would look like using his famous facial inspirations. He even collaborated with his daughter, who composed the music for the e-book. Has writing the book fulfilled you as a grandfather?It feels good that I'm doing something for that purpose, to hand down to my family. Prince Harry has stepped out for a London charity that helps to Co- ordinate charities.The ability to have experts on the ground within hours collating this information in support of decision makers has placed them at the heart of international response efforts over the last 10-11 years. Obviously, myself, I'm extremely proud to be a patron.Over the past decade, MAP Action has worked on 30 humanitarian crisis. Next on Nine News Now - find out what the One Direction boys did in Perth that made a cop label them stupid. Plus, could this crazy new fad be the key to burning fat fast. Why gyms are now offering Parkour classes. And the celebrity whos are taking their diets too far.

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their diets too far.
They're the biggest boy band in the world right now, but that doesn't mean that One Direction is above the law. Police in western Australia are investigating claims the super group ran three red lights while driving in Perth. Reid Butler reports.

Butler reports.
I would encourage One Direction to pull their heads in in western Australia and set an example and set an example to the fans. In hot water for allegedly running three red lights on the way to the hotel.Don't be so stupid to carry out these actions.Police are now involved and say they'll treat the boys just like any other rule breakers - rock stars or not. Fans received a hostile reception, getting in trouble from the band's security.They went up to each person's window and said, "Do not follow us, otherwise we'll take your registration and dob you in." Reports suggest that One D's convoy sped the lights to try to outrun the fans. But with a busy weekend ahead, if there's any more trouble with police, the only direction these boys will be heading in is straight to court. Now to a craze called parkour where people jump over cars and buildings flipping through the air. It has, until now, been an outdoor activity. But gyms are cashing in on the high-energy workout, offering indoor classes. We've seen James Bond do it. And Jason Bourne too. Even the guys from 'The Office' have spoofed it. Parkour is the dares discipline born on the streets of Paris that makes a play ground out of the urban jungle. Whether climbing, swinging, vaulting or rolling, it's an art form, an expression of freedom and creativity. But it's now moving from the outdoors inside to gyms with padded walls. Bringing a unique and intense new workout to the masses. From New Jersey to Colorado. To California. Here at Brooklyn's Beast Gym, trainers say the parkour moves should be combined in to a continuous movement. How do you think about something with such rebellious roots being commerciallised?I think it is great, because it is spreading the movement.At the highest level, they say that parkour is like running five miles and climbing a mountain. But how realistic is the activity for the rest of us. This is where I sign my life away. I gave it a try. Mostly unsuccessfully! For kids, it's second nature.Like spiderman climbing up a building.This version of parkour gives us the chance to bring out the inner action hero. The obsession with ziez0 is driving some celebs over the edge. Unfortunately, the Hollywood motto, you can never be too thin or too rich is ringing true for some stars. Denise Richards has a lot on her plates - three kids and custody of her ex, Charlie Sheen's twin boys. And it's starting to show. But the former model doesn't see what the fuss is about and says she lives a healthy lifestyle. She simply puts her gaunt features down to being constantly on the go.I have a daughter who is almost two, that I carry all the time. So you know, she's almost, she's just under 30lbs. But maybe she should do a little less lifting and a bit more eating. Nicole Richie battled with her weight before the birth of her two kids, Harlow and Sparrow. And recent pictures from her holiday reveal she's shedding the kilos again. TV star, turned fashion designer, says stress takes a toll on her appetite. These photos of actress Selma Blair playing with her son shocked fans and health professionals. With her sunkle chest and face clearly on show, doctors describe the actress as malnourished. Those close to her put the dramatic weight loss down to her split from her fashion designer beau and a strict diet.I follow the Kinediet, so I'm not eating a lot of big sugary things. 'True Blood' star Anna Paquin gave birth to twins less than a year ago. But looking at her now, you would never know. Despite her hectic schedule, the 30-year-old also boxes, jumps rope, does hot yoga and body sculpting. And it is showing - the actress is even thinner than before she fell pregnant. Entertainment TV host Giuliana Rancic is another shrinking mum. It's the not the first time her tiny frame was put under the microscope. In 2011, the reality star was involved in a skinny war with Leanne Rimes over Twitter. Each telling the other to eat something.Bill thinks no-one eats in LA.But since the birth of her son, she appears to have lost more weight.He's seven months old. He's like - yo, what's up.He looks like my 2-year-old and my child is large. It makes you look like you're teeny tiny, which you are. She's adamant that she doesn't diet but exercises seven days a week. Kate Bosworth is well known for her tiny frame, but is she taking it too far? At a recent film premiere, the 30-year-old revealed her bony back and stick-thin legs. And at the Met Gala, her appearance sparked concern. But the actress claims she's loved up and happier than ever with her new husband.I feel like it is a great year this year. I'm really proud of Michael for his movie this year. I'm happy to be here.Theodora, the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker, Keith Richards, knows the pressure of staying thin too well. But lately, the runway model has been making heads turn for all the wrong reasons. Baggy clothes can't even hide the 28-year-old's skeletal frame. And from one model to another, Kendall Jenner doesn't support the curves of her older sister, Kim Kardashian. The two bodies are worlds apart, but Kendall says she can't put on weight, no matter how hard she tries.I won't call you too skinny, I know you get offended.Offended or not, let's hope that lolly wood's obsession with stick-thin is another passing fad. Joining me in the chatroom this morning is Jo Hall and Ben Fordham. Stick around you two, because next, we are talking about why sending your children to a good academic school may actually make them dumber. And get this - dieting can also make you dumb. Find This program is not captioned.

Time now to head in to the chatroom and today we have Ben Fordham in snild and Jo Hall in Melbourne. Welcome to both of you. -- Sydney. First up today, it appears negative stereotypes about environmentalists and feminists are ingrained in society according to a new study. Researchers looked at people and received overwhelmingly negative feedback. The most common words for feminists is "man-hating" and "unhi generallic", and "tree hugging" was attached to environmentalist. Why are these such dirty words?Well, I don't know that they actually are. I'm sure you and I would like to think of ourselves as feminist, wouldn't we?Absolutely.And me! Exactly, Ben! But I think that the perception of aggressive activists is negative, because some are so extreme that they go too far and that obviously puts people off. I think there's a lot of merit in the saying - it's not what you say but how you say it. And some obviously do push the boundaries to the point where they break the law. I don't think that standing outside abortion clinics and yelling at women as they go in is the most appropriate way to get a message across. And when you're trying to convince someone to accept your point of view, you have to be prepared to list tonight theirs and