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Have you had fun?I have, thank you - particularly the really unflattering old clips you got out of me, the lip-synch in. Thank you, Larry.Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

This program is captioned live. This morning - a police officer shot
during an armed robbery. A Queensland sex offender
to be released. Ron Medich stands trial
over a Sydney murder. And footy fans line the streets
of Melbourne for the Grand Final parade.

Good morning. A police officer is in
a serious condition after being shot in the face during an armed hold-up
at a Gold Coast Tavern. Two of the alleged offenders
were also wounded in the shoot-out. Seven News reporter Emmy Kubainski
joins me live from the Gold Coast. Emmy, how did this incident unfold?

Good morning. It all happened very early this morning at around 1:30am. Two people, one armed with a machete, the other with a rifle, stormed the Gold Coast Tavern, taking people hostage, forcing them to lie on the floor before escaping with cash. Around 90 minutes later, police tracked them a couple of kilometres down the road. It's a parkland area close to homes. One of the offices with his police dog found the men hiding near a shed and confronted them. Police said the officer, Sergeant Gary Hamrey, was shot first. The planet pierced his cheek but he managed to return fire. Both the alleged robbers were also injured. A 47-year-old man was shot in the lake and a 23-year-old in the foot. All three were taken to the Gold Coast hospital. Many residents were woken by what had happened. I heard about 10 gun shots in a row
and straight away, it was like,
"Holy crap, where's that?" We heard someone call out and say, "Call the choppers
and call the dog squad." And then next minute
the cops ran my fence down.

Emmy, is there any update
on the officer's condition? We've been told he will be having surgery

surgery today to clean that wound. Sergeant Gary Hamrey has more than 30 years' experience with the police force. He is the head of the dog squad. The bowler shot through his left cheek and exited near his left ear -- bullet. He also gave evidence at the trial of the two people accused of murdering Gold Coast detective Damien Leeding. He died two years ago in very similar circumstances after being involved in a foiled armed robbery at the Gold Coast Tavern. Damien Leeding's killers were meant to be sentenced today but that's been adjourned. This shooting also occurs on the same day as National Police Remembrance Day where officers stop to remember those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Thank you. A notorious sexual predator is set to walk free from jail
in Queensland despite concerns he'll reoffend. Serial rapist Robert James Fardon
was jailed indefinitely in 2003. The 64-year-old has spent most
of his life behind bars for numerous crimes, including raping a 12-year-old girl
at gunpoint. A judge has ruled he can be released
under strict supervision. The Queensland Government
has indicated it's likely to appeal the decision.

Millionaire property developer
Ron Medich has been committed to stand trial for the murder of Sydney businessman
Michael McGurk. He was shot outside his home
in 2009. Chris Maher joins me now
on the phone. Good morning, Chris. Ron Medich has declared
his innocence. As soon as Ron

As soon as Ron Medich was committed to trial for the murder of Michael McGurk, he was asked if he had anything to say. He said yes, and stood up, and in an emotional, shaky voice, read a prepared statement declaring his innocence, that he had nothing to do with the murder - the loan shark who was shot dead in front of his son in 2009. He said he was in financial dispute with Mr McGurk but did not organise the killing. Instead his legal team has sought to point the finger at his former business partner. He told the court he is not a violent or physically aggressive man and that what happened to Mr McGurk was terrible, that and that he has great sympathy for his family, and he has also denied he used full-time stand over men to collect his debts. Medich Mr de trialled, and the matter has been adjourned till November when a jury will be assembled. A teenager has been charged over a large bushfire
near Newcastle north of Sydney yesterday, which forced the evacuation
of a Boy Scouts camp. The 16-year-old's facing
4 arson offences, and will appear in court next month.

but have since been released. Soaring temperatures
and strong winds kept crews busy, with properties coming under threat
in Taree and the Great Lakes areas. Conditions have now eased, helping firefighters gain
the upper hand over dozens of blazes still burning.

Conditions will ease
in Queensland today, after a rare spring heatwave. Records tumbled in parts
of the state yesterday, with some towns hitting 40 degrees. Temperatures today are expected
to be at least five degrees cooler, a slight reprieve
before the heat returns next week. And it seemed like a world away
in Victoria, where residents are cleaning up after being lashed by gale force
winds and torrential rain. The SES responded to
more than 1,600 calls for help.

A teenage boy has been killed after fire ripped through his
family home in Central Victoria early this morning. His parents were away on holidays. Christie Cooper has the details.

There's been some very emotional scenes here in Shepparton this morning where a 17-year-old boy has been killed while sleeping in his own home. His mum is currently interstate, his dad overseas, so he and his brothers had had a few friends over. Neighbours heard them go to bed around 3am. An hour later the house was ablaze and one boy was trapped inside in the master bedroom. The rest of the teenagers were able to get out and warn neighbours but the 17-year-old couldn't be saved.I just went across the road and saw the flames coming out the top of the roof, and the boys were all together at the front, until the fire brigade came. Friends and family have congregated to mourn such a tragic loss. Police are still trying to work out how the blaze started but at this stage they don't believe it is suspicious. Police are appealing for information following the death of a man
in Sydney last night. The 60-year-old was found
lying unconscious and bleeding in Church Street Mall at Parramatta
around 9:30 pm.

Paramedics treated him at the scene
before taking him to hospital. He died a short time later. It's believed he was assaulted. Police have formed Strike Force
O'Sullivan to investigate his death.

Tension has risen between the Australian
and Indonesian Governments over asylum seekers. Indonesia's foreign minister
took the unusual step of releasing details of his private
meeting with Julie Bishop, where he warned her
on turning back boats.

Her first week as foreign minister
saw Julie Bishop on the world stage. is called to order.

She's in New York to lead Australia's delegation
at the United Nations, but it was her chat with Indonesia's
foreign minister that's causing tension back home. In a rare move, Marty Natalagawa released details of
their private meeting including a warning
that Australia's plan to turn back asylum seeker boats
to his country could jeopardize the relationship. I can't recall an Indonesian
foreign minister taking a step like this in relation
to Australia ever before. And it has angered Alexander Downer. Instead of a lot of pious rhetoric
about the Australian government threatening their sovereignty
their people, their boats, their crews
are breaching our sovereignty. The former foreign minister says
Indonesia must man-up. Indonesia has a heavy responsibility
to bear in helping Australia
solve this problem, not take the view that they can literally attack
the Australian government. It sets the scene
for an interesting meeting with Tony Abbott
and the Indonesian president next Monday. The new prime minister says I respect and admire Indonesia.
Indonesia is a strong democracy.

Police officers who've sacrificed
their lives in the line of duty are being honoured across
the country. National Police Remembrance Day
pays tribute to hundreds of officers who've died
protecting the community. While the reality of policing
is that it can be often dangerous, it is my wish as it is every year that no further names are added
to the Police Remembrance Day list. including a ceremony at the National
Police Memorial in Canberra.

Thousands of footy fans
have filled Melbourne's CBD for the AFL Grand Final Parade which kicks off shortly. It'll be their last chance
to see their favourite players before tomorrow's epic clash
between Hawthorn and Fremantle. Nathan Templeton is surrounded
by supporters from both camps. Nathan, how's the atmosphere?

The City is buzzing. This has always a fantastic event on Melbourne's calendar, and a big thing we noticed is the incredible number of Fremantle supporters who have turned up today. The pub or pays as well and truly descended. More than 50,000 fans are lining the streets of Melbourne. At about midday the players will start winding their way through the city and around 1pm they will end up at the old Treasury building. Its estimate of around 20,000 have made the trip from the west and it seems boppers fans from everywhere have come up with work. It's insane, it really is.
I've never seen so much purple. Waited so long
and I'm getting emotional. They're the purple daze,
not the purple haze. Nathan, this is familiar territory
for the Hawks but not the Dockers.

That's right - for Hawthorn and its fans, they've been

fans, they've been there, done that. Incredibly this will be very 11th Grand Final in the last 30 years so they're a bit more subdued, may be in for bit nervous because they are trying to atone for losing to the Swan's last year when they started as favourites. There was a big turnout at training yesterday but, for Fremantle fans, this is new and exciting. The players arrived last night. It's their first Grand Final in their 19-year history, and to be brutally honest, early in their existence they were the laughing stock of the competition, but they finally made their way to the big game, and the number of fans who turned up today are insuring the Hawks fans don't have too much of a home state advantage. I'll be back later with Team news and a preview of the big match. Next in Seven News, a vigil for Jill Meagher, an interpol alert
for the White Widow, And the Hercules pilot's
dangerously low fly-by.

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A candlelight vigil
is being held in Melbourne tonight to mark one year
since Jill Meagher's murder. Her family and friends are attending
the memorial at Brunswick Baptist Church. It will be followed by a march
towards the city. 30,000 people attended
last year's march. Jill's husband Tom has angrily criticised
Victoria's Legal Aid system after her killer Adrian Bayley unsuccessfully appealed his
non-parole term yesterday. He says it's a waste
of public money.

Police forces around the world
are on the lookout for the British woman
known as the 'White Widow'. Samantha Lewthwaite has been placed on Interpol's
most wanted list at Kenya's request. The 29-year-old is believed
to be involved in the terror group which carried out the deadly attack
on the shopping mall in Nairobi. She's also wanted in Kenya
on explosive charges Her husband was one of
the four bombers involved in the 2005
London Underground terror attack.

Specialist divers have discovered
human remains around the badly damaged hull
of the 'Costa Concordia' in Italy. Local authorities believe the bodies are a missing Italian passenger
and an Indian waiter. DNA tests will determine if
they're the last of the 32 victims. Salvage crews had been waiting
for the water to clear after the massive operation
to right the cruise liner last week. Investigators will now search
for computers which may explain why back-up
equipment failed to work when the liner ran aground.

Time to check the financial markets and the Australian sharemarket
has opened higher today, after Wall Street ended
its 5-five day losing streak. The ASX 200
is currently up 15 points.

Astonishing video has emerged
of a Hercules pilot performing a dangerously low fly-by
over the top of onlookers at a base in Antarctica. The 77-tonne aircraft nose-dives towards the support crew
on the ground, before the Argentine pilot
pulls out of it just in time to cruise over their heads. The stunt, called 'flat-hatting',
has been criticised by other pilots as foolish and reckless.

Prince Harry is keeping up
his charity work, watching disaster relief volunteers
in London respond to a mock earthquake. The 29-year-old royal is
a proud patron of Map Action, which helps co-ordinate
relief efforts in disaster areas.

Map action's ability to put people
on the ground within hours has placed them at the heart
of international response efforts. The Prince is heading Down Under
next week for the Navy Fleet Review.

One Direction are in trouble
with police in Perth after their convoy ran a series
of red lights on the way to their hotel. The boy band was reportedly
being followed by fans and were trying to escape from them. I would encourage One Direction
to pull their heads in in Western Australia
and set an example. Police are investigating
the allegations, saying the behaviour
is unacceptable.

Next in Seven News,
all the latest from Melbourne as we countdown to
the AFL Grand Final, plus a big blow for the Knights ahead of the NRL preliminary finals.

Hawthorn has made just one change ahead of tomorrow's AFL Grand Final
against Fremantle, replacing injured Brendan Whitecross
with Jonathon Simpkin. AFL Reporter Nathan Templeton
is in Melbourne where the Grand Final Parade
is about to begin. Nathan, how are the Hawks placed?

Hello again. The good news is that both sides are very good to full strength. Hawthorn's change is an interesting one and a great story of perseverance - Jonathan Simpkin is the 25-year-old from Co lack in country Victoria. Had stints with the Swans and Cats, couldn't get a game. He was best on ground in the VFL Grand Final last week for the Hawks and has earned the dream call up. He'll be very excited but also pretty nervous I would think. The only real injury worry for Thorn was Brendan Whitecross going out with that knee that they are close to full strength and they are confident they can atone for last season. The one thing I have noticed is that there is just a little bit
of a steely resolve and a look in the eye because after last year, you know
what a defeat feels like. The boys are pretty confident,
really looking forward to Saturday's event. They've worked really hard
this season and there's a lot of confidence
in the way that we've played. How are the Dockers' preparations

The Dockers are

The Dockers are perfectly placed - they've got an unchanged side from the team that thrashed the Sydney Swans in the preliminary final last weekend. There was concern about three of their stars, Chris name, Luke McPharlin and Michael Johnson. Dale had injury concerns and light weeks on the training track, but as you can see they've got fantastic support in Melbourne. There's a slight chance of a late change - one of those three might be pulled out if they come up saw, but I expect them to be pretty much at full strength. The great news is, no major injury concerns and no excuses for either side. I'm expecting a close match tomorrow, maybe the Dockers to cause a bit of an upset. Oh, there you go! Thank you very much. The NRL preliminary finals begin
tonight with the Rabbitohs facing
the Sea Eagles in Sydney. Tomrorow night,
the Roosters battle Newcastle for the other spot
in the Grand Final. Matt Carmichael
is at Knights training.

Good morning. We are at

Good morning. We are at Newcastle Knights training this morning before they take on the Roosters tomorrow night. It looks as though James McManus will be ruled out. He hasn't trained with an ankle injury. The good news is that Tyrone Roberts has recovered from a knee injury he suffered in their win over Melbourne. They are very confident of knocking over the Roosters after they beat Melbourne and the Bulldogs in the first two weeks of the finals.The pressure is firmly on the Brewster's at this point.The grand final qualifiers start tonight with the Rabbitohs taking on Manly, South Sydney trying to make their first Grand final in 42 years. The big news from Manly is that they say Brett Stewart is a certain starter in tonight's game. If it's sure to be a fiery clash after they have clashed twice this year. Steve Matai will be lining up the Burgess brothers again.They are big boys and we will have to line them up to come out with a win.Greg Inglis is ready to go, very fresh after two weeks off. MS Dhoni has scored the fastest 50
in Champions League history, as his Chennai Super Kings defeated
Sunrisers Hyderabad by 12 runs. Dhoni clubbed the half century belting Thisara Perera for 34 runs
in one over alone.

COMMENTATOR: Massive. This is the biggest... It could well be the biggest of
the champions league so far.

The Super Kings captain finished not
out with 63 off 19 balls, hitting one four and eight sixes.

Australian cricketing legend
Shane Warne has produced the golf round
of his life at the famous St Andrew's course. Warne shot a one-under round of 71,
upstaging a number of major winners and holed this incredible birdie
putt on the 13th. COMMENTATOR: It's got a chance. It's in the cry, and it was what
a putt there from Shane Warne. The remarkable round leaves
the King of Spin tied for fourth in the Dunhill Links Pro-Am.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking the national weather. Mostly sunny
and 27 in Brisbane. Sydney,
sunny and 23. A fine day for Canberra
and 20 degrees. A late shower forecast
for Melbourne and 21. A late shower also expected
in Hobart and a top of 19. Adelaide rain later
in the day and 23. An overcast day
for Perth and 20. And Darwin sunny
and 33 degrees. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ann Sanders.
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