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(generated from captions) course the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann giving the final Budget outcome for the 2012-13 financial year and that's their first press conference since the Coalition came whack to Government and they were quick to jump on the comparison
figures and give a bit of a comparison of how they see it reflecting on Labor's performance in Government but let us give you a quick summary if you missed the start of that of where the final Budget figures for financial year lie. figures for the 2012-13 financial year 2012-13 year, the Budget deficit came 2012-13 year, the deficit came in at $18.8 billion. Back in billion. Back in the May Budget Labor had predicted it would be $19.49 billion so that's actually an improvement of $1.5 billion however the Coalition has been pointing to the prediction made in the 2012-13 Budget, not the most recent one in May and they say if you take the comparison then Labor was predicting that they would be in surplus so it's significantly worse off so your point of view on whether the situation has improved or worsened depends on whether or not you take the more recent figures or look back to two Budgets ago as your base point. When it comes to net debt the other figure that the Coalition is also been keen to points so, the final net debt was $153 billion for 2012-13, back in May it was predicted to be more we're seeing
than $160 billion so again we're seeing a slight improvement there from what was predicted to be the final outcome in May to what we have seen announced today Nick.Melissa Clarke, Joe Hockey was quick to emphasise that he's not confident yet about the true state of the books left to it by Labor. He's not willing to expand beyond these figures that have been released today?No,, he was quite reluctant to go much beyond the brief here. He didn't want to talk about when a next MYEFO might come, when the next Budget update that the Coalition puts together might come and we heard Mathias Cormann say they haven't decided when. He didn't want to talk about when the debt ceiling might be raised given it would most likely some points so that's something he didn't want to talk about, he did say that the Budget figures have he did say that figures have detierated since the most recent update we had during the election campaign but again wasn't willing to elaborate on what that was other than to say it wasn't significant but there was a der tieration or when a Coalition would be willing to deliver a surplus. During the campaignway and again
heard the Coalition same time and again that they would be able to say when they could deliver a surplus, once they've seen the true state of the books and then the question was put to him, now you've had a look and have had this job for nearly two weeks now, are you able to give us any closer connection and he certainly wasn't willing to elaborate there but just a few other points that are probably worth making out of this final Budget outcome is to look where, yes from are only a few small differences between what was anticipated back in May and what the final Budget outcome was that we have got revealed today but there's a few interesting points about where those differences in the improvement have been made. There was more revenue from the future fund than anticipated, there was also less empences in terms of how much money the Federal Government was paying out for the PBS and also in some disaster relief costs weren't as large as has been anticipated. Interestingly and perhaps not surprisingly, revenue from the carbon pricing initiative was down by about a billion dollars which we were also expecting a drop there but there's also been some other bit of money moving around, the dividend taken from Medibank Private has been shift around a number of times and we're also seeing revenue being shifted around from the spectrum sales that have taken place as well, they won't declare the revenue of that until 14-15. There's still a bit of money willing moved around between what they had said originally back in May and what we've got for this time outcome now.The Treasurer did emphasise a few times in that press conference that he's been a pretty busy man since he's taken over the job and perhaps that accounts for why he wasn't more expansive about the state of the economy?I think he's certainly feeling what it's like to be the Treasurer as opposed to shadow. He has certainly had to jump straight to it, from being sworn in to heading straight to international meetings, makes it very hard to get the briefings up to speed that you might otherwise, that's certainlied a an extra complication and with several other meetings coming up, IMF, the world wank, the G20, he needs to be address his brief, that is obviously going to be his priority over what they're going to be doing two, three months down the track. It's a matter of getting those things out of the way first shows again the big leap from
Opposition to shows again the Opposition to Government when
you make shows again the big leap from Opposition to you make those changes, so we can expect to hear more you make those changes, so can expect to hear more from
the Coalition when can expect to hear more the Coalition when they do
decide to release that midyear economic and fiscal outlook and by the words of the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann pointing to the fact that in the pointing to the fact that the legislation for the charter of budget honesty they have until the end of January to do that I think we can expect it to be later rather than sooner.Melissa Clarke in Canberra, thank you for taking us through those new figures. The PM meanwhile has described the tensions with Indonesia over aslyum seeker policy as a passing irritant today. Tony Abbott visits Indonesia next week and he's made it his first overseas destination since the election to reflect the significance of the relationship between the two nations. But Indonesia has warned that the Coalition's policies on aslyum seekers risk jeopardise ing trust and cooperation between the two countries.If Australia did something foolish, obviously it could be but the incoming Government will not do foolish things, we will do strong and sensible things which build on the good relationship that we already have with Indonesia and the other point I should make Neil is that this is a broad and deep relationship which is going to get broader and deep relationship going to get broader and deeper over time and the last thing that anyone should want is to have Australia's relationship with Indonesia defined by this boats issue, which I am sure will be but a passing irritant.The PM speaking on radio in Melbourne this morning. Let's look at other news, a Queensland police officer is undergoing surgery after being shot in the face of a holdup at a Gold Coast tavern this morning. The incident happened in early hours of Police Rememberance Day which is held to honour those kills and injured on the job.At about 1:30 this morning at the Arundel Tavern just a few hundred metres down the street from I am now, offenders stormed the tavern and demand everyone get on the ground, now, they escaped with the sum of cash, it wasn't until an hour and a half later when the dog squad was moving through this park behind me that shots rang out, a sergeant was shot in the face It's understood the bullet exited his jaw then he - police say that he fired several shots back. A 47-year-old man was shot in the leg and a 23-year-old in the foot. Police say that those two alleged offenders were apprehended on a driveway of some nearby homes, this area here is a heavy suburban area of the Gold Coast. Now, that police officer is in hospital and the two men are also in hospital under police guard. The authorities have released his name, sergeant greyment Hamry and it's also apoignant time nowing that it's Police Rememberance Day here in Queensland, this very day. Police are hoping to speak with to the two men who are under police guard in hospital, certainly they've been speaking to witnesses in this area who say they heard the shots ring out at about 3am, there's blood on driveways of homes here, police have taped off several streets investigations will continue .Josh Bavas there reporting from the Gold Coast. And this morning's shooting has shaken Gold Coast police officers, many of whom worked on the murd irof detective Damian Leeding in very sir circumstances on a year ago.Actually shocked, we got Damian Leeding, the murder has been sentenced for that this morning. It's Police Rememberance Day. Our members know they have a dangerous job, they have Faisst this every day that go to shift but to have this occur on Rememberance Day and with Damian Leeding it's shocked me a little bit.We all woke up and were told this that an officer had been shot, what are the police feeling this morning?The police are doing a fantastic job. This is what they're trained for. I just went from the scene there of the armed robbery there and we have one of the leading investigating lead Leeding had the call investigating officers in the lead Leeding had the call at 4
o'clock lead Leeding had the o'clock this morning and it actually shook hit a little bit but he's ear doing his but he's ear doing his job.The feeling is probably just not again s that the thought?That's what went through my mind at 39:30 this morning. When I heard that a police officer was injured I immediately thought of the police officer and his family and the community and the police have got to go through this all again but fortunately the police officer undergoing surgery and it's not life threatening.The Queensland police ondown Shane Maxwell speaking to the media there. Fire crews across NSW are helping to take advantage of cooler weather conditions today. It comes after several blazes broke out yesterday.Crews here at the Rural Fire Service out here in western Sydney's control room are keeping an eye on conditions today, now the weather is expected to be cooler, so crews on the ground are hoping to reinforce containment lines that were made overnight, as well as do some backburning. Of course yesterday we had fires across northern NSW and the mid-north coast, some of those fires were ed by winds up to 90km/h, westerly winds, and those conditions aren't expected to happen today but they are expected to return form. So the fire service is asking people to get their bushfire plan in place with their families, as well as prepare their properties and that means trimming tree, mowing lawns as well as clearing the gutters. Of course the fire service says this has been an unusually warm and dry winter, sew they are expecting a bit of a hazardous season ahead so they're asking people to really be prepared and get their bushfire plans in place.A Russian court has remanded several Greenpeace activists including an Australian to be two months. Colin Russell is among 30 activists arrested over a protest at an Arctic oil over a protest at threatened to
drilling platform. Russia has threatened to charge them with piracy which carries a maximum 15 years in jail. Enterpoil has issued a red alert for a British woman known as the white widow. Samantha Lewthwaite was married to one of the suicide bombers who attacked London in 2005 and she's been linked with the Somalian group we hind this week's Kenyan shopping mall siege.In the smouldering ruins of the shopping centre the toensic teams from around the world are starting their work. Trying to establish who is responsible for the carnage, what links do they have to groups inside and outside Kenya. Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for this British woman Samantha Lewthwaite, Kenyan officials say there's wanted in connection to a separate attack in 2011. But there's been speculation the so-called white widow who was married to one of London's suicide bombers may have been part of the shopping centre atrocity, though there's no clear evidence of that. As the Kenyans bury their dead the British high commissioner there warned there'll be no question quick answers.There is a clear need to manage expectations, this could take some time. We all want answers, we all want to know who is responsible for this brutal cowardly and unconscionable act, but we now need to let the professionals do their job.As the military started pulling out more stories emerged of attack. This woman says she survived because of a teenager who was fatally wounded next to her.I took a lot of his blood, the much I could and tried to ut it on myself, I put it on my arm and I covered my face with my hair because my hair was let loose then, just to pretend that I'm dead or probably badly injuredThis has been an extremely trau 3459ic week for Kenyans, still they line up to give blood to those wounded. They know the terrorists behind this could already be planning their next attack.The United States and Russia have agreed to the outline of a draft UN Security Council resolution on destroying Syria's chemical weapons. Russia has agreed to the wording of a decree which requires Syria to give up its chemical weapons stockpile. The motion says Syria's use of chemical weapons is a threat to international peace and security. There's no word yet on whether the resolution provides for the use of force if the Assad regime doesn't comply.Iran's new President Hassan Rowhani has told the United Nations meanwhile that every effort must be made to rid the world of nuclear weapons. He was speaking ahead of unpresence dented talks on Iran's kofrtion nuclear program. Although Iran has long denied it's se critically building atomic weapons western
suspicions it is building atomic weapons relations for suspicions it relations for years.His predecessor used to spark mass walkouts predecessor used to walkouts at United Nations but when the new President speaks diplomats dissect his every word. And this morning they heard Hassan Rowhani call for a nuclear weapons-free world. TRANSLATION: As long as nuclear weapons exist, the risk of their use, threat of use and proliferation persist. The only absolute guarantee is their total elimination.But his words outside the general assembly hall have been more significant. Especially the possible time frame he outlined for a deal over Iran's nuclear program. In an interview with the 'Washington Post' Mr Rowhani said Earlier this week William Hague met Iran's new Foreign Minister, so does he think this charm offensive is for real?Before Iran asks other countries to do these things of course we want to see the transparency and the concrete steeps from Iran that then allow it to talk to the rest of the world.The Iranian President also has an audience back home to consider. The country's economy has been hit hard by years of would lead to an easing of the sanctions.The economicor economic sanctions are biting e their having a very tangible effect on the economy. Oil exports are plummeting all the time, and the priority of his Government that of fugt economy back in order and the main obstacle to this are the sanctions.At a lunch early this week the President turned down the chance of an historic hand shake with Barack Obama. But in the next few hours there will be high level talks between the countries' Foreign Ministers, an early test of whether words will with be matched by actionsItalian divers searching the 'Costa Concordia' have found human remains. Two people remained unaccounted for after the ship sank off the Italian coast in January last year. More than 30 people died in the disaster. The ship's captain is on trial on several charges including manslaughter. Australia has helped bust open an international price fixing scheme that involved car parts being cold to the US and abroad. Executives from a total of 20 companies many of them Japanese, are facing fines of $1.6 billion and jail terms. The US Justice departments says it's one of their biggest anti-trust investigations and it's not over yet.The American car market is one of the most competitive. But some of its biggest players are among the victims of this massive fraud, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors among those counting the cost.The breadth of the conspiracies that have been brought to light today are as egreedge os as they are pervasive. Seatbelts wind screen wipers and airconditioning units were just some of the parts that has been fixed in price, 25 million cars were affected, some of the conspiracies had lasted a decade. Nine Japan-based companies are the latest to be accused of the crime.These conspiracies were initiated, conspiracies were dreketeded and led by high dreketeded and ranking executives from these companies.In ranking executives companies.In order to keep
their legal ranking executives from these
companies.In their legal conduct they their legal conduct secret,
they used met in remote lotions, they used code names and they met in remote lotions, then they followed up with each other regularly to make sure the other regularly the clusive agreements were
being adhered to.They won't say how much it increased the price of a car in America but it could go beyond US borders. The Australian commission and consumer commission was part of the investigation. Inment to, 20 companies and 21 executives have been charged all of them have agreed to plead guilty, some are facing jail terms, there'll be 1.6 billion dollars in fines. And the US Government has vowed its work isn't over yet.The former Liberian President Charles Taylor has lost his war courtrooms appeal. Judges at the International Criminal Court at the Netherlands upheld his 50 year prison sentence. He was convicted last year of planning and aiding aprosities by rebels in Sierra Leone's civil war.Taylor sat throughout the reading of the judgment. Rising at the end to hear the decision.That Charles Taylor remains in the custody of the special court spending the finalsation of...They already will now be transferred from the detention centre in the Hague possibly to maximum security prison. His victims were pleased by maximum security prison. victims were pleased by the
decision but said they were still suffering.So many fous are in threat and suffering we are in are suffering and he's here, even though he's in court, he's somehow...Judges last year convicted Taylor on 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. For aiding and abetting the rebels who murdered, raped and pillaged their way through neighbouring Sierra Leone during an 11 year civil war which cost 50,000 lives until 2002. During the trial, Taylor said his involvement was not proved and he denied running a so-called blood diamond trade, swap swapping pre, stones for weapons and personal wealth.Never. Ever did I receive where it is Mayon as I or coffee or whatever jar, never received the diamonds from the RUF, it's a lie, it's a diabolical lie. Never.I some...In August 2010, supermodel gnomy Campbell testified at the trial, Taylor gave her a large rough cut diamond after a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela. The prosecution say Taylor should seven 80 years because of his involvement .The world's top climate scientists are finising the details of the most comprehensive study of global warming published for several year, their report will draw on the work of thousands of researchers and will aim to answer the key questions to what extent is global warming taking place and how much of sit man-made?A research ship in North Wales with a highly unusual role in studying the climate. Scientists are going to extraordinary lents to get at the facts of global warming. The project involves divers reaching into the sea bed to gather clams, clams live for an astonishingly long time which makes them crucial to science. The oldest clam began life 507 years ago, back in the time of the tudor, Hennie the 7th was king and the shells can tell a story about the past climate. That's because the lines in the shells are like the rings in a year's
tree, each line marking one year's growth and close up here at the university, thicker lines in the shells mean warmer conditions.These clams live for centuries and they're like miniature tape recorders living on the sea bed and they record all the conditions around them in terms of food supply and sea water temperature and they show that over the last 100 years, sea water temperatures have been increasing.The clams provide a temperature record over the past 1,000 years warm in the middle ages and even warmer now. Tree ridges can also track the Ice cores offer a also track the past climate. Ice cores offer source of information as do source of information thermometers the most reliable measure of thermometers the measure of all. The evidence measure from this the natural word and from salts taken together, is what convinces scientists that the world is getting warmer. It's also widely agreed that man-kind is causing at least some of this, the difficult question is how much humanity is responsible? Greenhouse gases are adding to natural changes under way and some scientists now admit the climate is more complicated than first thought.We probably were a little bit too overconfident about the knowledge that we felt we were generating. And certainly what happened in the last 10 or 15 years has shown much greater complexities.A mistake about glaciers in the him a layas in a major UN report raised Mr Questions, the UN climate panel meeting again now promises much greater care.We have learnt and we have certainly gained from putting in place procedures that are now much more robust and therefore likely to be a strong safe guard against similar errors but may I say, this is a human research
undertaking.As another research miss gets under way the report tomorrow will say there's more evidence about our role in warming but it may also be more open about don't know.Some new just in now - the property now - the property developer Ron Med ych has been committed to stand trial over the murder of Sydney to stand trial over the of Sydney businessman Michael Mcgurk. She was outside his home in twine. When asked whether he would like to make a statement Mr Med ymp delivered a long and at times emotional vow to Kurt and vowing that he'll be vandicated. Mr Med kri, h is due to stand trial in November. The barricades are up and the fans have found their positions. In just over half an hour, the annual AFL grand final parade begins in Melbourne. Someone who is lucky enough to be there is our reporter Blake. Tomorrow is a big today I for Fremantle fans, their first grand final outing, are they out in force in Melbourne today?Absolutely. You can see that Hawthorn fans is a
have the numbers but sill there is a very impressive amount of purple in among the crowd gathering here for the parade and it's understandable too. They've waited 19 years for this day. You can understand why so many of them have made Fremantle
their way across. 14,000 Fremantle pebs got their tickets through the ballot and more are expected by the time the match comes around tomorrow and they have been out in force today.I haven't slept very well for the last week actually. I was nervous about the Sydney game, even more nervous now.Very confident. Qur a bit pumped. It's all good.Go Dockers!Some nice atmosphere there for the grand final parade there in Melbourne. Blake is still with us, must have been a pretty good vibe on a few of the aircraft making the trip across the Nullarbor?Absolutely. I think any flights from Perth to Melbourne over recent days have been filled with Freo supporters. Last night waiting for the team to arrive there were a lot of Dockers fans and the team managed to dodge them. Got a bus straight to their hotel after the flight landed about 9 o'clock last night but that was probably a very good indication of how big the support is and we're talking tens of thousands going to make their way across to see this grand final. It's a big moment for these Dockers fansWhat's your feeling on their sense of optimism for a result tomorrow?I think there's optimism among the Fremantle fan base that really hasn't been associated with those fans over the 19 years and that's because they're in such good form and have been so impressive both in the home and away season and the final, their quite dominant against Sydney last week and they have a coach who instil s a lot of confidence. The Dockers fans are really quite confidence.If Freo does get up tomorrow, what will that mean for WA?You outlined karg it landscape in a lot of ways
because West Coast has been landscape in because West Coast has been the
dominant landscape in a lot of ways because West dominant team inters of dominant team inters success and fan support for ever since success and fan ever since we can remember really and Fremantle Premiership really could completely turn the tide. There do seem to be a lot of people back home jumping on that Fremantle bandwagon and a Premiership would only add to that.Thank you very much for making the trip across there to Melbourne for to us bring us all the latest there from the grand final due to get under way in about after an hour.Researchers in Tasmania have developed a more accurate way of measuring blood pressure. The Menzies institute says it could change lives by reducing medication or kiting it out all together.When she was in her 60s her doctor found she had high blood pressure.She said if I don't do anything I might get a stroke. I did go on medication.Six months later the retiree took part in the Menzies research institute study. Instead of using a conventional upper arm cuff researchers measured blood pressure at the wrist using a pen-like device. It generates information about central blood pressure.So the measure of central blood pressure gives us a more accurate picture of the pressure that the organs are experiencing, rather than the pressure just in the upper harm.She discovered her blood pressure wasn't as high as first thought.,000 she's reduced her medication.On the high medication I was very tired. I used to just crawl out of bed and wanted to go back again because I didn't have any energy and now I about anything that a 74-year-old can do.Those people where temperature was guided by this new guided by this new method we were able to significantly reduce were able reduce medication but still maintain good blood fresh control.More than one maintain good control.More than one in ten
people in the maintain good blood fresh people in the study came people in the study came off medication completely. Since the study a new central blood pressure device has been developed. Ironically it uses an arm cuff. But it could be a while before it's as common as the traditional arm cuff which still has an advantage.A lot cheaper.The institute is now doing studies with the new arm cuff.Let's check the latest weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon.We have a trough from the Northern Territory over towards Queensland, this will generate thunderstorms but we probably won't see much rain in this. Another trough font and associated law pushing through South Australia, rain and hail and a wind change as well. This will reach Victoria and Tasmania tonight affecting the two states tomorrow with more strong winds and rain. In Queensland -

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described tensions with Indonesia over asylum seeker policy as a passing irtant, but Indonesia has warned the Coalition's policy risk jeopardising trust and cooperation between the two countries. Tony Abbott visits Indonesia next week. A Queensland police officer has been shot in the face during a robbery on the Gold Coast. Dog squad sergeant Gary Hamrey was responding to an armed hold-up and hostage incident in the early hours of this morning. Emergency Services say the bullet passed through the officer's cheek and jaw bone. Two suspected robbers were also shot. The five permanent members of the United Nations' Security Council have reached agreement on a draft resolution to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons. The text is due to be introduced to the full Security Council any time now. The agreement requires Syria to give up its chemical weapons stockpile. The streets of Melbourne are being taken over by excited AFL fans ahead of by excited AFL the local code's Grand Final. Crowds are heading into the inner Crowds are inner city for the start of the traditional pre-final parade on this afternoon. Fremantle fans are hoping their team will make history with a win in their first Aussie Rules Grand Final against Hawthorn. The Federal Government has released figures showing the last financial year's budget was 18.8 billion in deficit. That was half a billion dollars better than the Labor Government estimated in May and the same as estimated in the most recent economic statement flanked by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, the Treasurer Joe Hockey has pointed out that the Labor Government had earlier said there would be a surplus. This is the Budget that they promised to deliver a surplus on more than 500 occasions. It's now come out to be an $18.8 billion deficit. The fact of the matter is it is a litany of failures and political promises and represents the truth about Labor's claims to be responsible economic managers. The fact is that the promised a 0.1% promised a 0.1% surplus, ended up being a 1.2% deficit, $18.8 billion. Receipts were down mainly because of changes in the terms of trade. Payments were actually higher than what the Government originally forecast. The net debt that the Government forecast in the 2012-13 Budget was $143.3 billion. It turned out to be higher $153 billion. Of course, the gross debt, the market value in balance sheet terms - that's not the debt ceiling - equivalent, but the gross debt in market value terms increased from 274 billion to 285.7 billion. Between May 2013 in the Budget and the economic statement in August 2013, the Budget position deteriorated by more course,
than $30 billion and, of course, about $3 billion a week. So obviously what we've said during the election campaign and what we will deliver is that the Budget position will be better off under the Coalition as a result of the savings that we have announced during the election campaign and which we will now be implementing in government. Mathias Cormann speaking there. Earlier Treasurer Joe Hockey was commenting. Staying with politics, the Prime Minister has described tensions with Indonesia over asylum seeker policy as a passing irritant. Tony Abbott visits Indonesia next week. He's made it his first overseas destination since the election to reflect the significance of the relationship, but Indonesia has warned that the Coalition's policies on asylum seekers risk jeopardising trust and cooperation between the two countries. If Australia did something foolish, obviously it could be, but the incoming things.
government will not do foolish things. We will do strong and sensible things, which build on the good relationship that we already have with Indonesia and the other poirntd make is that this is a broad deep relationship which is going to get broader and deeper over time and the last thing that anyone should want is to have Australia's relationship with Indonesia defined by this boats issue, which I am sure will be but a passing irritant. The Prime Minister speaking there on Melbourne commercial radio this morning. Let's take a closer look now at Abbott Government's border protection closer look now at the new
Abbott protection policy. Indonesia claims that the plan to
Abbott Government's border protection policy. claims that the plan to turn back boats back boats is illegal, but is it? Here's the Fact Checking it? Unit.
It's the it? Here's the Fact Checking It's the promise that will test It's the credibility of the new Prime Minister. Can he really stop the boats? Mr Prime Minister. Can he stop the boats? Mr Abbott is confident that he can, but Indonesia sees things differently. We in the Parliament fully support what was said by our foreign ministers that we will fully reject the policy. He is talking about turning back boats in international waters. It might be legal in your perspective, but in our perspective it might be a different story. Just to be clear... It's illegal. Well, he is right - it's illegal to pick up boats in international waters, but that's not the Australian Government's policy. Details about how Mr Abbott plans to turn the boats back are sketchy, but one phrase in the Operation Sovereign Borders policy is instructive. Operation Relex that was the operation where the Howard Government turned back the boats, so the new policy will essentially be a rerun. The Australian Defence Force intercepted and boarded vessels in Australian waters. The ADF then steered the vessels through international waters right to the border of Indonesia. So if Operation Relex is the blueprint for turning back the boats under let's clear up what's legal and what's not. let's clear up what's legal what's not. Australia can only stop boats in international waters if they're in distress or in breach of international conventions. Things like carrying weapons of mass destruction or if Australia has an agreement with the country where the boat is strerjd. Otherwise, Australia can only legally pick up the boats once they enter our waters, 24 nautical miles around Australian territory and that includes Christmas Island. Once Australia has picked up the asylum boats, where exactly can we turn them back to? can't
Here's what we know. The boats can't be taken into Indonesian territorial waters without permission. That's the same 24 nautical miles around their entire archipelago. But before they reach Indonesian territory there is a large expanse of international waters and what happens here remains legally untested. Under Operation Relexor in didn't publicly object, but we don't know how they'll respond this time. So it is illegal for Australia to intercept and board vessels in international waters unless they're in distress, but what's unclear is how far Australia can legally return the boats through international waters. That's a fact check. More details on our website. Charges are yet to be laid against two men involved in a police shooting on the Gold Coast early this morning. Dog squad sergeant Gary Hamrey was responding to an armed hold-up and hostage incident at the Arundel Tavern in the early hours of this morning. Emergency Services say the bullet passed through the veteran officer's cheek and jaw bone before exiting through his ear. He's been taken to Southport Hospital in a serious condition. Two suspected robbers were also shot. A 47-year-old man has a wound to the leg while a 23-year-old was shot in the foot. Both have been taken to hospital under police guard. At about a quarter past 1 this morning, two males entered the Arundel Tavern. They took a number of people as hostage there. One person who we understand was the manager was actually forced into a room containing a safe. He was forced to open the safe. As a consequence of that the offenders then fled. They were later tracked by the police to an address here at Arundel. Following that a number of shots were exchanged. One of the offenders has shot a police officer in the neck and following that shots were exchanged towards the offenders and we have a police officer in hospital at the moment and two offenders in custody and they're both at the hospital as well. The United States and Russia have agreed to the outline of a draft UN Refugee Convention Security resolution on destroying
Syria's chemical resolution on Syria's chemical weapons. Russia has greed on the wording of a decree, which requires Syria to give up its chemical Syria to give weapons stockpile. The motion says Syria's use of chemical arms is a threat to international peace and security. There's no word yet on whether the resolution provides for the use of force if the Assad regime doesn't comply. Interpol has issued an international wanted persons alert for the British widow of one of the London 7/7 bombers Samantha Lewthwaite, also known as "white widow". It was issued at the request of Kenya just two days after the end of the siege at the shopping mall in Nairobi in which dozens of relates
people were killed. The alert relates to a suspected bomb plot two years ago, but there's been speculation that she took part in the shopping mall attack, as well. From Interpol at Kenya's request, its highest wanted persons alert for Samantha Lewthwaite, the Britton widow of one of the 7/7 bombers and also dubbed the "white widow". Speculation has swirled around her possible link to the al-Shabaab movement and the Nairobi attack. Although the alert doesn't mention that. Still smouldering, the scene of Saturday's devastating assault and subsequent stand-off. As the Kenyan military began to pack up and move out and the security operation starts to wind down, the forensic teams are moving in, including from abroad. German experts here, but Britain is involved in trying to find answers to the nagging questions that remain. There is a clear need to manage expectations. This could take some time. We all want answers. We all want to know who's responsible for this brutal cowardly and unconscionable act, but we now need to let the professionals do their job. hole of destruction that was the shopping centre carpark. The three floors gave way bringing concrete and cars crashing down in the intense fire which ravaged this part of the Westgate centre, but was it started deliberately by the attackers or caused by the security forces efforts to regain control? Meanwhile, more remarkable tales of survival are emerging. This woman found herself lying next to a fatally injured teenager as the attack unfolded. I took as much of his blood as I could. I put it on my arm and covered my face with my hair just to pretend that I'm dead or probably badly injured. As ordinary Kenyans try to pull together following the events of the last few days, crowds have formed to donate blood for those being treated for injuries. All part of an effort by a nation in mourning to overcome the trauma of what's happened. But Kenya continues to count the cost, too as the grieving relatives of victims collect the remains of loved ones, what will the fallout of all this be in the country and beyond? Two days after an earthquake hit south-western Pakistan, thousands of people are still waiting for help. More than 350 people are confirmed to have died, but it's thought that number will rise. The quake flattened large swathes of Awaran District in one
Baluchistan Province which is one of Pakistan's poorest areas. The destroyed whole villages across a 21,000 square kilometre area of inhospitable desert. A population of around 5,000 destroyed
people, these villages were destroyed by a powerful earthquake earlier this week that killed hundreds. Then after the quake hit, these people are still digging in the hopes of finding family members still unaccounted for. They want to make sure no-one is buried under the rubble. 15 people including women and children are missing and the same story is repeated in other villages closeby. TRANSLATION: We have lost everything as you can see and still are struggling to find my family members who are missing and to salvage anything I can from the debris. We have no food, no water and no shelter. There is no help from anyone. The district police chief shows us how these people are coping on their own without any assistance from their government or aid agencies. He recalls the terrible day when he was told his town was no more. TRANSLATION: Soon house, there
after when I came out from my house, there was a cloud of dust everywhere and I thought that the whole area was gone. We tried to pull together all possible help we could and the government would need time to make logistical help possible. Government said a Despite the fact that rescue effort is under way, rescue effort many villagers we have met here say they have received no help. For now, this family can find some protection from a blistering sun, with a bit of improvisation, while like thousands of others, they wait impatiently for urgent help to arrive. Time for Alicia Barry to join us with an update from the markets.

The Australian sharemarket is rising for the third day in a row boosted by gains on Wall Street overnight, but a fall in iron ore prices may keep a lid on gains.

Wall Street finally snapped its 5-day losing streak overnight thanks to a fall in jobless claims and as investors stocks.
bought back into sold down

Commodity trade did struggle overnight, the spot gold price continuing to fall and crude oil managed slight

The Australian competition watchdog says a global auto parts price fixing cartel has driven up the price. The cartel has cost US consumers $50 billion. The ACCC has launched proceedings Australia now against Japanese subs Sydary, which it alleges increased the price of Toyota parts increased the price parts and several other companies are under investigation. Australia's no slouch when it comes to Techstartups, but those that Techstartups, don't move offshore can have problems surviving the early days. A new investment fund has now been set up, which hopes to inject some Silicon Valley know-how into the local product. There's nothing like a bit of competition to generate inspiration. Well, that's the theory. This shared work space in inner city Melbourne is home to a number of start-ups. One is agency
Sidekicker, a kind of temp agency for the new century. Unlike traditional agencies this news website doesn't place workers with specific jobs. They have their own ABN and are empowered to apply for the jobs that suit their skills and availability. So I really like... Around the corner the Tiger Pistol. It's developed a self-serve social media tool for small business. It's found Australia's small and immature tech sector can be a 2-edged sword for newcomers. It's good grounding to have it tough early, but also makes it a little tougher for lots of ideas to get the air time that they deserve. And it's air time for innovative businesses that a new investment fund wants to foster. Backed by tech entrepreneur s and wealthy families they have raised $6 million. The appetite for early stage investment is really growing. They've seen there's money to be made and success to be achieved. Paul Naptheid believes Australian entrepreneurs can hold their own against Silicon Valley's best, but an impediment is access to capital and proper marketing support. We've seen over the last couple of decades, 15, 20 world-class Australian technology companies we think over the next few years we can have that same number again. The pace of development of the Australian ecosystem is faster than we've ever seen before. Fast on its way to becoming another one of those big success stories is Nitro. Founded in Melbourne eight years ago it's a document software application that's now been able
second only to Adobe. We've been able to sell into some of the biggest companies in the world who are very willing to look at alternatives. But for some time it's called San Francisco home, where there's a much larger skilled workforce. Unless we can increase the numbers that we're churning out of universities across the country and bringing in more skilled workers from overseas, then we won't be able to prop up the demand for growing technology companies. The other significant disadvantage is the limited number of venture capitalists. It's quite a small market. It's quite young in many respects if you compare it to the States where venture capital is 40 plus years old now and has a real plus years old now and real track record. It's that culture of real track record. It's culture of risk that they want Australia to embrace as it culture of risk that they thinks about where Australia to embrace as thinks about where the next
generation of wealth thinks about where from. We point to WA and say if you've got a hole in the ground you can raise money. We need to need to put that risk appetite into technology startups. Now well established on the Eastern approaching
Seaboard Sidekicker has begun approaching investors. It's noticed attitude towards the sector changing, but admits there's still some way to go. We need to educate people and show running a start-up is a viable career path and not something to keep mum and dad awake at night. And we know every parent is grateful for all the sleep they can get. Quite a shot there. Now, the day's sport, and apparently there's a game of football on in Melbourne tomorrow? Hawthorn's assistant coach Brett Ratten is adamant wet weather will not dampen the side in tomorrow's AFL Grand Final. Slippery conditions have posed a challenge for the Hawks in recent times, but despite showers predicted for the game, Ratten says it will not affect his side's performance. The boys are pretty confident. Really looking forward to Saturday's event and they've worked really hard this season and there's a played and it's going to be a big day and great expectations wu, really looking forward to it. You wouldn't think so. We've played in wet, dry, windy, so it doesn't matter, but our form's been good throughout the season, so it won't change the way we want to play. We have the ability to change the way we play in games which is a strength. We'll combat whatever conditions are thrown at us. Let's talk Rugby League and suspended NRL player claims he was unaware he was taking a prohibited substance. Earl told the Nine Network he was naive to trust Stephen Dank. How it's happened, I wouldn't call myself a drug cheat and I don't think I obtained any further performance or anything like that, that classifies me as a drug cheat. I met with Stephen Dank at the facility where we train and I was introduced to him by a strength and conditioning coach. Not in any great capacity that it might be worth having a chat with him about helping out with my shoulders. That was obviously a question of mine, which I raised quite early and this wasn't a conversation of " these things won't show up in tests" , this was a conversation of these are not banned substances. He's been employed by other NRL clubs doing the same things. I had to assume that why would this person be employed to hand out illegal substances? It would make no senses. Those bills coming in thousands of dollars, I would have expected to have been asked a question. Meantime, Manly is set to welcome back star fullback Brett Stewart for tonight's Grand Final qualifier against south Sydney. Stewart has missed the past three games with a hamstring injury, but trained with the team yesterday. The Rabbitohs will be aiming to qualify for their first decider since 1971, the last time the club won the premiership. The coach Michael McGuire says the team has come a long way since losing to the Bulldogs. We've spoken a are a
little bit about that, but we are a different team with a lot more experience, particularly in this Aroon in a. There's a lot of factors that go into our motivation. This time of year, a long season, a big marathon. Now it's about taking the opportunity and we've learnt a lot of lessons throughout the season. Different adversities that were faced with certain games. James Horwill has been named to return from injury against the Springboks at Newlands. The Wallabies aim to break their 21-year losing streak in Cape Town. Meanwhile, Brumbies assistant coach Steven Larkham says he's head
prepared to take over as the head coach of the SuperRugby club following a shock departure. Ideally, it would have been maybe two more years before I stepped round, but willing to stepped up to the head coach round, but willing to take on
the opportunity round, but willing to the opportunity as it present the itself now. And that's the the opportunity as it latest in sport. I'll be back itself now. And that's in a couple latest in sport. I'll in a couple of hours with more interesting news in a interesting news about that big
game that you spoke of. You might have heard of talk like a pirate day, but learning the language of seafarers is the language of seafarers one of many challenges facing maritime students that they need to navigate. The University of Tasmania has found a way to break down the jargon by introducing the country's first maritime English course. Poor communication on the bridge of a ship can be a disaster waiting to happen. Five to starboard. English is the international maritime language, but standard English courses leave out many important words needed for life at sea. One of them is bosun and that's the name of an officer who looks after unlicenced deckhands. I keep on asking questions for the officer, how's this going, and what's the name of this? He gives me the meaning. The University of Tasmania has developed the country's first maritime-specific English syllabus. We got a compilation of the language use on the radios and we taught that to them in various formats. See how you go. The 5-week course has won a national award from English Australia. Students from China and the United Arab Emirates have already experienced the benefits. In terms of their own career and understanding of what their own futures might be it seemed to click into place for them. It was a wonderful thing, yeah. Promising signs for the next wave of budding seafarers. Time now for the latest weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.

O'Hanlon. A trough from the Northern Territory over towards A trough from Queensland. This will generate thunderstorms, but we probably won't see much rain in this. Another trough, front and associated low pushing through South Australia. Rain and hail and a wind change as well. This will reach Victoria and Tasmania tonight affecting the two States tomorrow with more strong winds and rain. In Queensland, although showers and gusty thunderstorms are forecast for the western and central districts north of Charleville we're not expecting a lot of rain.

Stand by now for the latest from the markets and more coverage of the day's top stories.

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Today - the Prime Minister dismisses diplomatic tensions with Indonesia as a passing irritant.The last thing that anyone should want is to have Australia's relationship with Indonesia defined by this boats issue. This Program is Captioned Live. A police officer shot in the head in a fire fight with thieves on the Gold Coast. Collusion on a massive scale - US authorities bust a $5 billion cartel in the auto industry. Tens of thousands of fans line the streets of Melbourne for the AFL's Grand Final Parade. The Prime Minister's distancing his government from provocative comments made by the former Foreign Minister