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This program is captioned live. Shot in the line of duty - a police officer injured trying to stop an armed robbery on the Gold Coast. Stopping the firebugs - four teens arrested and one charged over bushfires in NSW. Get into Grand Final fever - all the latest from the teams and the fans as the Dockers and the Hawks prepare for their moment of destiny. Hamish & Andy will be telling us how to throw the best Grand Final party ever. You could be invited! That's what I'm talking about - Shane caifrd had better turn up this morning -- Crawford had better turn up this morning - he could be alts bit dusty. And get up there, Cazaly - the legend Mike Brady live. SONG: # Up there, Cazaly... # Hello. And welcome to the Today show. It is good to have your company today. Thank you for being with us on the eve of the eve of Grand Final - well, this is sort of the... Yeah, anyway.It's the more than of the eve.The morning of the eve, Karlos.It was the only scarf available.There is a Hawks one over there. In fact, I'm going the Hawks, I have decided. Partly because you're going for Freo. Righto.Also because of Sam Mitchell. I love him.It's a bit blowy down here on the banks of the Yarra.How beautiful is it? Seriously. On the more than of the eve.Thank you for your company. It's lovely to see you. We've got a massive show for you today.We certainly do. Lots happening, including Mike Brady and 'Up There Cazaly' J performing on the banks of the Yarra. Does it get any more Australian than that?It doesn't. It is Friday, September 27. Great to have your company. Let's have a look out the window as at what's happening for you this morning:

It was a great night here in town. Lots of entertainment coming up too, including Rihanna booed off stage. Richard has the latest on that. Late for the show. Fans not happy. It's all going on.Right now, though, let's get news with Alicia back in the warm studio. Hey, Alicia. Good morning to you. First to breaking news this morning - a police officer has been injured during a shoot-out with thieves on the Gold Coast. For all the details on this, Today's Aislin Kriukelis is only the phone. Good morning to you, Aislin. What more can you tell us about this?Good morning. This was a frightening scenario. In the early hours of this morning, offenders have broken into the Arundel Tavern on the Gold Coast. They have used weapons to threaten the employees there and tied them up and held them captive. They've fled, the police have been called. They brought the dog squad, chased them up the street. Then there's been a shoot-out. As a result of this, three people are in hospital - two of the offender, who are under police guard, and a police officer himself. He's a police officer, very well-known on the Gold Coast. He's worked here for many years and he's the one who runs the dog squad. A bullet grades his neck so he is in a serious condition, but thankfully he is doing OK. It is Police Remembrance Day, and it is the day Damian Leeding's killers are being sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court.Thank you for the update. Well, the man and woman found guilty of murdering Gold Coast Detective Damian Leeding will today be sentenced. The 35-year-old was shot and killed while responding to a robbery back in 2011. Phillip Abel and Donna Lee McAvoy were charged over his death. On Monday, Brisbane's Supreme Court found the pair guilty following an 11-day trial. Fire crews have managed to contain more than 20 out-of-control blazes across NSW overnight. They've also charged a teenager over one of the outbreaks. For more on this we're joined now by Today reporter Natalia Cooper. Natalia, firstly, can you update us on the situation across the state at the moment?Yes. Well, Alicia, one of those major fires that was burning yesterday was south of Taree, and that has burnt through around 100 hectares. Firefighters are working to just fully contain that one now. Now, there were a number of properties under threat overnight. Firefighters worked to protect those. And the Old Bar Road and Pacific Highway, they have now been reopened but there is still a lot of smoke in that area. And it was a very anxious night for residents. So, let's hear from one of them now. How long have you been stuck here? Since 5:00 this afternoon.Pretty long wait with the kids and all the family as well?Got everybody here. And there's no way we can get home. We have been advised there's been another flare-up and we could be hear all night.Natalia, what more can you tell us about the teenager who has been charged?Yes, Alicia, that's to do with a fire near Newcastle, in the Glenrock area. And 60 Scouts had to be evacuated from that blaze. Now, there were four teenagers that were arrested and a 16-year-old has been charged with setting fire to a property. Three others have been released. Now, with those fire conditions yesterday, they were fuelled by extreme temperatures and very strong, gusty winds. But conditions are expected to ease today. It is going to be cooler, with lighter winds, but conditions are expected to get worse again on Saturday. So, that is a concern for firefighters, Alicia.Not good news, indeed. Natalia Cooper there, thank you. Another boatload of asylum seekers has arrived in Australia, carrying an estimated 80 people. It's the second since the Government introduced its media blackout on the issue. There's been no turnarounds attempted. It would appear the new Government has decide it's harder than previously said. They either have done that because Indonesia is not cooperating or because military personnel have decided it's not safe. It's up to them to explain. Mr Bowen says Australia's relationship with Indonesia is likely to have been damaged because of the Coalition's hardline asylum seeker policy. The husband of murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has slammed Victoria's Legal Aid system. Tom Meagher says the taxpayer-funded operation should stop blowing its budget on costly appeals for killers, including Adrian Ernest Bayley, the man who raped and murdered his wife last year. Bayley's failed bid to have his life sentence shortened yesterday was bankrolled by Legal Aid. Victoria's Attorney-General says he intends to speak with Legal Aid executives to ensure they're acting in the public interest. The former head of ASADA says the NRL will come under further scrutiny in the wake of revelations from Sandor Earl. The former Canberra Raiders winger, who has admitted to taking and trafficking peptides, has told Channel Nine he's in no doubt other players have been injecting banned substances. ASADA wants to talk to anybody with any information at all about all of these matters and the information given by Sandor Earl tonight will be utilised by ASADA.Meantime, there's a new twist in the NRL drugs scandal this morning, with reports two NSW Origin players have been linked to party drug suppliers. News Corp is reporting authorities are investigating two Blues players, along with a current player from an out-of-Sydney club. A Sydney man is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in the city's west overnight. Police were called to the scene in Parramatta around 2:00 this morning. Once there, they found a 23-year-old with stab wounds. His attacker had fled the scene. The victim was taken to Westmead Hospital in a serious but stable condition. Still in Sydney's west, and the homicide squad is investigating the death of a man after he was found unconscious on a street in Parramatta. Police made the discovery just after 11:30. He was taken to hospital, where he later died. Anyone with information is being urged to contact Crime Stoppers. A Victorian man will face court today charged over the rape of a young woman on the Gold Coast more than three years ago. The 34-year- old was extradited to Queensland yesterday, arriving in the state last night. His arrest comes after a long investigation into the sexual assault of a 20-year-old jogger in Merrimac back in 2010. The Abbott Government is set to launch a crime crackdown on some of the country's most dangerous suburbs. Mandatory 5-year jail sentences for firearms trafficking, as well as extra police powers, will be included in the draft laws. It's hoped the move will help to stamp out crime in areas like Queensland's west, the Gold Coast and the western suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne. The Federal Minister for Justice is also pushing for a penalty of 14 years in jail for offenders with illegal guns. Overseas - and Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant for the British national known as the 'White Widow'. Samantha Lewthwaite is suspected of being one of the attackers in the Nairobi shopping mall massacre. The 29-year-old came to prominence as the pregnant grieving widow who claimed to know nothing of her husband's involvement in the 2005 London bombings. Survivors are starting to talk about the brutality of the attack, one witness standing right next to a security guard who was shot in the head.That's when I saw the second gunman actually pointing his rifle at me. And I thought, "Why would you want to do this to me?"Meantime, new images have surfaced, showing the aftermath of the shopping mall, which collapsed after soldiers fired grenades inside. Alright. Let's take a look at the markets now for your Friday morning:

Well, daredevils have found a new, hair-raising way to get their kicks. It's called flat-hatting - a stunt where pilots fly their planes close to the ground at high speed, just metres above the heads of thrillseekers. This massive C-130, so big they call it the Hercules, flies dangerously close to a group of onlookers. Mere feet away. Watch again. Pilots call it flat-hatting, the stunt where pilots fly at high speeds, close to the ground, without setting their planes down. Argentinian pilots were performing the stunt at a remote air base in Antarctica. But experts say, while stunning, it is also remarkably dangerous.It looks probably no more than 20 feet over the heads of the people standing out there. That's just risky, it doesn't make sense.If it seems like something out of the movies, it is. Remember this scene in 'Top Gun'? Hair- raising stunts like this one in January on a Texas runway can take your breath away.(SCREAMS) And many others have gone viral. Oh, my God!Many aviation thrillseekers who want this near- miss experience go to the St Martin Airport, known for their powerful jet stream beach landings that leave people literally holding on to dear life.There's very little margin of safety. All it takes is a flick of the wrist, something happen negligent cockpit and this airplane could have descend add few feet and kill add whole bunch of folks.Even on a remote runway in Antarctic yafplt the message, kids, do not try -- Antarctica. The message, kids, do not try that at home.Thank you so much for showing that to Karl when we've gotta catch a plane today.How much fun does that look like?None whatsoever! She's got the colours on - going Freo this morning, Alicia.Go, the mighty Dockers!You're going Hawks. Dickie is going ford New Zealand! I'm still in mourning for the Kiwis in the America's Cup.How are you, Stevie? I'm great, Karlos. Plenty of weather around yesterday. Let me tell you. Fires in NSW, 30 weather records being broken in Queensland Queensland yesterday through their heatwave. In Tasmania, another cold front brought some areas more rain than they've seen in over a decade, and some very strong winds around the ACT and also Victorian coastline, around Bass Strait and Victoria, we saw winds of over 160km/h. That's the equivalent of a category-2 cyclone. Some of the famous baithing boxes down in mount Eliza were blown over. Here at the MCG, another storm brewing of a different kind. We'll talk about that soon. Let's have a look at the weather at your place and see what's going on around this beautiful country, one day out of Grand Final Day.

The other storm brewing, which is fairly significant here in Victoria, is the Grand Final - the biggest day of the year. Featuring the Hawks, who are very familiar with Grand Finals, and the Dockers, house Fremantle. They have been in the competition for 19 years and this is their first Grand Final. Little Creatures beer also comes out of Fremantle, which could explain why it's taken them so long to get to the Grand Final. Come on down. We're at Gate 2 at the MCG today. We have a barbie, we have Dockers fans coming over the Nullabor to visit us this morning. We have no free tickets. I said it very quickly, to sound like we have free tickets, but we don't have any free tickets!Mixing it up.We have lollipops. We're having our own party. We're standing on the very spot where the first recorded game of AFL happened 155 years ago. How about that? The party is on.Just to clarify - there are definitely not any free tickets this morning. Nor here where we are on the banks of the Yarra.Absolutely no free tickets down here!Thank you, Stevie! Confusing everyone now! Alright. It is one of the biggest weekends in sport, so let's go back to Ben, who is in the studio for us this morning. Hey, Ben.I heard "free tickets"! Thank you very much, Lisa. It is down to business. After the break, we're going to count down to the rugby league preliminary final, which kick off tonight as well. And, of course, one more sleep - Fremantle and Hawthorn - it's on like 'Donkey Kong'. We're back after the break with a full preview.

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Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company this morning. Birds of Tokyo performing live at the Grand Final, which is gonna be absolutely fantastic.They certainly are. Fabulous Aussie band. I wish we were! Slightly brisk here!We'll warm up. Sport coming up shortly. Let's have a look at the front pages for you - in the 'Australian', Indonesia has warned the Coalition that unilateral measures on asylum seekers could risk cooperation between the two countries.Evil aid - 'The Herald Sun' says Victoria Legal Aid is under fire for blowing its taxpayer-funded budget on costly appeals for notorious killers, including the murderer of Jill Meagher.In the 'Sydney Morning Herald', the sports nutritionist whose blood test found six Roosters players to have elevated levels of human growth hormone was employed without the knowledge of the club's doctor.'The Age' reports John Kilpatrick says today's footballers are not as physically strong as those from the Hawks' glory years in the 1980s.Gang busters - 'The Courier-Mail' says police will be handed new powers under Abbott Government laws to target cross- border gun and bikie crime.In the 'Adelaide Advertiser', Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says Holden must almost double its exports in return for more taxpayer fund, and any further cash injection would be its last. Finally, in the 'Daily Telegraph', they are the league's supernovas as you have never seen them before. On the eve of their Grand Final qualifier against Manly, Souths stars Greg Inglis and John Sutton joined Cronulla's Luke Lewis to get kitted out for next week's Dally M Awards.Let's go to sport now with Ben. Hey. Thank you very much, Karl and Lisa. Looking good. It is Grand Final Eve. As always, Melbourne and the rest of the country is abuzz with AFL fever. Hawthorn is looking for its first flag since 2008. Fremantle is making history just by being here. It is the first time the Dockers have made the decider. Now, Today's reporter, Christine Ahern, has got one more sleep, Chris, like the rest of us. How's the mood there in Melbourne at the moment?Ben, it's fantastic! I mean, both sides are now finalised, so things certainly heating up as far as they can go before the Grand Final. For the Hawks, there is just one change - Jonathan Simpkin comes in for the injured Brendan Whitecross. Unlucky, he was injured last weekend. Simpkin' selection coming on the back of his best-of-field performance in last week's Box Hill VFL Grand Final. So, good news for Simpkin, in his first year at the Hawks. Of course, Hawthorn is using the heartbreak of their defeat against Sydney in the Grand Final last year as motivation against the Dockers. But the Hawks' coach, Alastair Clarkson, last night on 'The Footy Show', said this time around they're a better team.I think we just ran out of gas and didn't play our best footy in the last two games of the year. We feel like we have been able to prepare ourselves for the finals this year a little bit better. But the proof will be in the pudding come Saturday afternoon.As for Freo, they have named an unchanged line- up for the big game. There had been some injury concerns over about five players. But the Dockers say they are all fit and raring to go. The Dockers are now in Melbourne. They landed here last night. And, of course, it is a big build-up for them. As you mentioned, it is their first Grand Final appearance, but not so for their coach. He's been there, done that with the Saints. However, he says he's a more relaxed coach this time around. Look, at the end of the day, it's the ultimate distraction, which is the outcome. But it is another game of football, so on a personal level, I have sort of been calmer, less anxious, and a real understanding of the week. And really encouraged the players to enjoy it.And, Ben, the city's streets will be transformed into a haze of purple, brown and gold - interesting colours - all together for the Grand Final Parade, which kicks off at midday.You have chosen a safe colour of red to be in the middle of it. We'll get your tips later. Thank you very much. It is preliminary final time in the NRL. Manly face off with South Sydney at Sydney Olympic Park tonight. Anthony Watmough admits there's plenty of feeling between the sides, especially after his leg was twisted in a tackle by Rabbitohs forward Jeff Lima earlier this season.Oh, I don't know if I will forgive him. It's not forgotten. You know, it's footy. And we get another crack at one another. I will be coming out hard, I know that much.Yeah, they will also be hard in the Knights' game against the Roosters, which is the other game on Saturday. Danny Buderus from the Knights admits it is surreal that he could finish his glittering career with a premiership.To think you're involved at the pointy end of the season, September, is what it's all B we've come a long way in 18 months as a team, under Wayne. Last year was tough at times. To get where we are now, one game away from a big dream of ours, to finish this way, sensational.Live coverage of both of those games on Channel Nine. We will hear from Darryl Brohman a little later on. Wallabies captain James Horwill has been named to make his return from a hamstring injury in Sunday morning's test against the Springboks in South Africa. It is a big boost for the Wallabies, who admit they're still reeling from the 26-point loss to the Boks earlier this month.It's up to us now to get out there and make sure we get stuck into them. And I guess right some wrongs that happened at that game, because we - you know, there's plenty on the line here. History is on our side - it should be said. Australia is going to have to overcome a 21-year losing streak in Cape Town to register their second win of the Rugby Championship. And Australians Bernard Tomic and Marinko Matosevic have both crashed out of the second round of the Thailand Open. Tomic went down to world number 14 Gilles Simon in straight sets. Marinko Matosevic fought hard against Canadian third seed Milos Raonic before going down 7-6, 4-6, 6-4. So, there you go! Our taste of sport this morning. But, really, it's all happening where Karl, Lisa and Dickie are sweated this morning. You lucky ducks.I haven't seen Dickie in half an hour. I don't know where he's gone.I think he's gone off to do star jumps in preparation for tomorrow.Thanks a lot for that, Ben. Time now to get some Hollywood gossip from Richard Reid. What's going on, Richard? Well, Miley Cyrus has a new man! That's right. The pop star is already twerking it with a new guy. I'll tell ya who coming up! SONG: # All I wanted was to break you... #

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It is time for a little bit of gossip, all the way from Hollywood, where Richard Reid joins us. Richard, we know Liam Hemsworth has moved on with someone else already. What about Miley - she's got herself a new bloke too?Oh, yes, she does, and she didn't have to look too far. It seems Miley has been kissing and can a noodling the last month with her producer of the album 'Bangers'. OK, get this - this is his name - Mike WiLL Made. He's a rapper and producer. He produced 'Wrecking Ball', he produced that other song of hers. Apparently they were spotted the last couple of nights partying late at night. So, keep an eye on this new, red-hot romance from Miley. She's not wasting any time.Gee whiz. There you go. Meantime, Paris Hilton, Richard - this story should come with a bit of a warning - has release add new video. Any good? Well, OK, it's been eight years since her one hit, 'Stars are Blind', and she's been threatening to release a new song. So, here is your first exclusive listen to 'Good Times'. SONG: # I'm having a good time # 'Cause I'm having a good time # And I might be a bit tipsy # But that's OK, 'cause you're with me... # (LAUGHS) OK! 'Good Times'? Yeah, I'm not sure about that. Maybe 3am on a dance floor when the stars are blind. Maybe! But, you know, Paris, I'll give ya points for trying, right?Yeah. Well, I think it's fair to say the jury still out on that. But, you know, not time to send her to the gallows just yet. Richard, thank you for that stuff. OK.We will check in with you a little later to see what's fresh. It is all cooking down here on the banks of the Yarra, outside Crown, as we prepare for the Grand Final. Over to up on the other side of the Yarra, Karl and Lisa.Thank you, Dickie. Coming up on the show - we're inside the Hawks' and the Dockers' camps. Who has the best footy fans? We put them to the test. And - that great, now fabulous, Aussie tradition, when American divas tour Australia - Rihanna was booed last night. She was an hour late on stage. Didn't go down well with the fans. And Richard has got a whole lot more very shortly.Big news around this morning. Let's get it now with Alicia.Hey, Karl. There is. We begin with an update on our breaking news - a police officer has been shot in the neck during a stand-off with thieves on the Gold Coast. Today reporter Aislin Kriukelis joins us now with more. Aislin, do we know how the police officer is this morning? Alicia, he's in hospital. Thankfully, his injuries aren't life-threatening. This was a really dramatic chain of events last night. Some offenders broke into the Arundel Tavern, which is just down the road from where I am now, in the early hours of the morning. And they've taken a number of employees hostage. Police were called and they've then fled. The dog squad has chased them up the road here and they've tracked them down in the park that's just behind me. And it was there that a shoot-out has occurred. As a result, three people are now in hospital. Two of the offenders are under police guard and this police officer, as we said, he is a veteran police officer here on the Gold Coast. He runs the dog squad. He's very well-known. Let's have a listen to what police have had to say.Shots were exchanged. One of the offenders has shot a police officer in the neck and, following that, shots were exchanged towards the offenders. Now, this incident is frighteningly similar to another one we saw here on the Gold Coast a little over two years ago, when Gold Coast Detective Damian Leeding died after he was shot while responding to an armed robbery at a Pacific Pines Tavern. His killers are actually being sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court today. And it's also Police Remembrance Day, so the timing of this is sure to hit a nerve.Certainly is. Thank you very much for the update. Easing conditions have allowed fire crews to gain the upper hand on dozens of bushfires across NSW overnight. For the very latest on this, we're joined now by Inspector Ben Shepherd from RFS headquarters. Good morning to you, Ben. Thanks for your time. Can you update us on the situation across the state at the moment?Look, still 60 fires burning across the state, of which 17 remain uncontained. Today's focus will once again be up in that Taree and Great Lakes area. Those fiers still remain uncontained, but -- fires still remain uncontained but conditions today will hopefully allow us to get the upper hand on those. If we can, we will begin back-burning. Thankfully, there are no homes under threat.That is good news. Hopefully the conditions do ease so firefighters can get the upper hand. Thank you. Salvage crews have found human remains near the shipwrecked 'Costa Concordia', that they believe could be the two victim who is were never found. The luxury liner ran aground off the coast of Tuscany last year, killing 32 people. The search for the remaining bodits began on Tuesday, after the stricken vessel was hoisted upright last week. DNA test which is could determine their identities could take several days. Dramatic video has emerged showing the moment a toddler was rescued from a burning apartment near Nashville, in the United States. She had been trapped upstairs and had to be dropped to police officers waiting below. The chaos was all captured on a camera strapped to a firefighter's helmet. The toddler's 8-year-old brother is being hailed a hero for running door to door and warning residents of the impending danger.He was running everywhere, knocking on doors, "Help. Fire!"I don't like people dying.The fire started when a woman fell asleep with a lit cigarette. Everyone managed to escape unharmed. Gifted kids in Victoria will soon be identified at an earlier age. Melbourne's Deakin University has developed an online resource which will help educators to spot the signs of advanced development. Children as young as three will be assessed for complex language skills, unusual ideas and extraordinary memory as well as mature social skills. The move aims to ensure very bright youngsters don't slip through the cracks. The statewide initiative will begin next month. Let's take a look at the finance figures:

There is plenty of sport around. Led get the latest with Ben. Certainly is, Alicia. Thank you so much. Fremantle has touched down in Melbourne ahead of tomorrow's AFL GF. Thousands of fans have made the trek from the west to cheer on the Dockers in their first-ever decider. History in the making. They've named an unchanged side from the team that beat Swans last weekend. Even dogs getting in on it. Hawthorn have made one change - Jonathan Simpkin will play his first game in seven weeks to replace the injured Brendan Whitecross. The Hawks say they're not worried about the forecast rain impacting on their game.We played in wet, dry, windy - so it doesn't matter. Our form has been good throughout the season shofplt it won't change, really, the way that wept to play.In the NRL, Souths take on Manly in the preliminary final tonight. Star full-backs Greg Inglis and brult have both overcome injury concerns -- Brett Stewart have both overcome injury concerns and will line up at ANZ Stadium. The Rabbitohs are hungry, trying to qualify for their first Grand Final in more than four decades. Go, you Bunnies! And Mike Hussey's Chennai Super Kings have beaten Hyderabad. Chennai went to 202. The opponents fell 12 runs short. A little later on, Karl and Lisa, I'm going to tell you the statistic that is going to decide this Grand Final tomorrow. I know that everyone loves their stats ahead of Grand Finals. So, if you want to share yours, go to the website. The statistic that will prove why Fremantle will win tomorrow. I will reveal that in the next sport report.How good are statistics, Fordo?You have always been a numbers man.Especially when you make them up to suit your argument. I do that all the time. Thanks, brother. One Direction in trouble with the police - what on earth did they do?All the touring acts are having a bit of trouble.A few dramas.That one shortly. But right now, let's get a check of the weather. Good morning, Stevie. He's at the G this morning.Good morning to you, Lisa. And it's a beautiful morning as well. The hot-air balloons are out and about over Melbourne. We're out the front of the MCG. We've got lots of things happening here this morning. Tickets are rare as hen teeth. In fact, a hot-air balloon just passed directly over the MCG, only probably about 20m above the lighting towers. People doing anything here to get a look inside the ground this morning. There is plenty of weather around the country. Let's start off in Queensland, where we saw 30 records broken yesterday with that heatwave. This is what's going on today:

It is a festive atmosphere out the front of the MCG this morning. I'm being festive by myself at the moment, but if you want to come down to Gate 2, we've got plenty happening. We're gonna fire up a barbie this morning. We have got two busloads of Dockers fans coming across the Nullarbor to visit the MCG this morning. It is all being to happen. Karl and Lisa, it is Grand Final Eve.How good is it, Stevie? Thank you very much for that. Go down and give Stevie a bit of company this morning. It would be good to see. Also - the footy, and footy without the pies, right? I don't mean the Magpies, who have been eliminated. I'm talking about Australia's best meat pie. We will be tasting those in a little bit. After the break - showdown at the MCG - who's got the best fans? We'll find out right after this. This program is not captioned.

SONG: # On we march... # Welcome back to the show. We are broadcasting live from Crown in Melbourne this morning, and you are listening to the beautiful 'Lanterns' by Birds of Paradise. Gorgeous.The WA's purple and white army has slowly meandered their way across to Melbourne. They have taken buses, trucks, trains, flown. They've hitchhiked. Any, they have landed here, as Mia Brankov reports. SONG: # Purple... # There it is! Whoo!14,000 fans carried the purple spirit across the Nullarbor. These workmates drove from Perth. It took three days. They had stops and even fewer showers. Yeah, we won't talk about that. Can't wait to have windows to air it out.Other supporters arrived in a bit more comfort.I reckon I got the goods.Some of the fans weren't as confident at the Dockers' last open training session. A 19-year premiership drought keeping the nervous crowd quiet. 6-year-old Jesse Dart declared his support on 'The Footy Show' six years ago.Jess, would you like to go to the Grand Final? Skpwr well, it's always been a dream -- well, it's always been a dream. (LAUGHTER) Now 12 years old, Jesse is hoping the Premiership Cup will call WA home.I am quietly confident we can beat them. Hawthorn are probably the best team this year in terms of attacking strength. We have been one of the best defensive sides in the competition.The players touched down in Melbourne last night. The purple invasion now complete. Only one day until the Grand Final showdown, with the Hawks at the MCG. Yeah.Purple... Sensational.Yeah, fantastic. While they're feeling confident, the Hawks are superconfident that they can punt the sandgropers back west. Christine Ahern has more. (CHEERING) ALL: (SING) # We're the mielgty Hawthorn # We're the mighty, mighty Hawks... # Come on, the Hawks.Fantastic weather?Yeah. We're gonna go the whole way. That's what we're talking about!Do you think Freo can handle this kind of weather? We're going to win.They're used to sunshine. We can play in rain.We are going to smash them. That's it. We get the Cup. We pretty sure about that.What about the purple army that has invaded Melbourne? They can go jump. They can leave. Go home!Fremantle should just stay in Perth.I think they're already here!No. Oh, well, go back home! (LAUGHS)Is that keeping you warm? At the moment, not really, but hopefully I will be excited enough. ALL: (SING) # We love our... # One, two, three... # Did you forget to get out of your PJs this morning, sir?I got picked up in a hurry.Why is Hawthorn better than the Dockers?Because they are number one and always been number one.What about Freo?Yeck. What about them? Yuck. What about them? We're at Hawthorn now. Brown and gold. We don't worry about that whatever haze it is.Purple, sir. Oh, is that right?When Kennedy used to play.That was a long time ago.We're gonna bring it home. It's staying here. The Freo crowd will all be crying. Purple pain, the Hawks are reign! Go, Hawks! That's what we're talking about! SONG: # We are the mighty, mity Hawks! # Certainly plenty of there. If you're feeling passion about who is going to win tomorrow, you can email us, Facebook us or tweet us. We'll put your messages out there for the players. They would love your support.Come on, fire up, everyone. It's Grand Final weekend. Fordo, what is The Buzz, my friend? Coming up in The Buzz - a dog, an elephant and a bizarre friendship. The Buzz is next. Happy Friday. SONG: # You got a friend in me... #

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Welcome back to Today. Grand Final Eve. This is The Buzz. Now, we've got a special edition here. We have the interstate Buzz, because Karl, Lisa and Dickie are in Melbourne, getting ready for the Grand Final, so they're part of the buzz. Here in Karl's seat is Darryl 'The Big Marn' Brohman. A round of applause, if you can. He's finally made his way into the main chair. We'll see whether Karl makes it back next week. Bock Hawk, former prime minister. Yesterday, he was at a lunch -- Bob Hawke, former prime minister, yesterday he was at a lunch celebrating the America's Cup victory. He told a joke about a Frenchman, an Englishman and an Aussie and a group of tribesmen that captured them, threatened to kill them and used their skins as a canoe. I will let Hawkey pick up the rest of the joke.Over he goes. And he says to the Englishman, "...." "God save the Queen." (LAUGHTER) Then he says to the Aussie. "I want to talk." So they bring him a book and he goes... There goes you are (BLEEP) canoe. He's still got it. He did edit that swear word. He didn't realise it was going out live on Sky News at the time. Well done. Big Marn, we have great news.Great.And Alicia, you're having a baby.I am. Together?!No. Alicia is having a baby with her husband. But this is just to get you ready for it, because babies dream, you know, just like the rest of us. Sometimes they have very happy dreams. (LAUGHS)

they have very happy dreams.

(LAUGHTER) A Hawks supporter. Imagining the Hawks winning the Grand Final!Big Marn, are you a twerking fan?No. Given my shape, no.You're not? Should there be age limits on twerking? Not in the United States, where there's a twerking competition running. Here is the all-ages section, starring 73-year- old Joan. Twerk it, Joan. (MUSIC PLAYS) So, you came to the twerkathon with 250 twerkers, if not more, and you twerked?Yes. It just worked out beautiful today. I really loved what I was doing.Have you ever twerked before?Not like today, no. Not like today. I never really had to shake my booty that much. Two or three years ago, I saw it, but never thought I could do it. Then I tried it at home in the mirror in my bedroom.It's the best place to experiment with that stuff, at home. I think Joan was walking the dog and got caught up in it, didn't know what was going on.I'm not sure the dog was a willing participant.Our Grand Final team in Melbourne - a bit of a message. When you bring together rival fans, we know sometimes they clash a little bit. You might want to pass this message on. Sometimes you can have people from different walks of life - for example, a dog and an elephant - and they can still get along.Wow.Have a look at these two.Isn't that nice? SONG: # You've got a friend in me # I got him too... # Where is this from, Ben?Overseas. I think the dog thinks the elephant is an island. News, sport and weather are next. We're back in a moment. A special Grand Final countdown edition This program is not captioned. A lot of banks seduce you with an introductory
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(MUSIC PLAYS) What's that sound, Lisa?Well, it could be the sound of dinner getting ready, but I think it might be the 'Hot Seat' giveaway.Are you feeling potatoes?Most afternoons, I am.Get ready for the 'Hot Seat' giveaway.We are giving away $5,000 every day. All you have to do is pick up that phone within five rings. Be ready with the answer to 'Hot Seat's final question and you could be $5,000 richer.

'Hot Seat's final question and you
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All the calls are made live on Australian Eastern Standard Time. And remember - you have to watch 'Hot Seat' each night at 5:30 to get the answer to that final question.Alright. That's a very, very good competition, isn't it? The first call is going to be made on Monday, so make sure you are watching 'Hot Seat' with Eddie McGuire tonight.Yep.So, you have to get the answer to the final quep tonight.Mm-hm. And you just have to remember, through all of the Grand Final, on Monday, what the answer was.Exactly.Five grand, yours.How easy is that?Well, not yours.No. Yours at home.Yours at home - the ones who count.We have a big show. Eddie is coming on the show a little bit later on, to give us his Grand Final preview. Also - Hamish & Andy and this bloke. Remember the song? Sing it. Go on. Song song up there, Cazaly... # Sorry to interrupt.He's coming on live. Looking forward to it. Also, Hamish & Andy are coming on. It will be great to catch up with the lads.A terrific morning. We are live outside Crown this morning in Melbourne. Right now it is news time. Let's go back to the studio. Good morning, Alicia.Good morning to you. Queensland Police are questioning two people after a Gold Coast officer was shot in the neck early this morning. Today reporter Aislin Kriukelis joins us now with the details. Aislin, what can you tell us about this shooting?Alicia, this all started just after 1:00 this morning. It started with an armed hold-up at the arun demTavern, which is about a kilometre down the road from where I am. Some offenders broke in, they've threatened a number of employees there with weapons and taken a number of them hostage. They've then fled and police have called in the dog squad to help find them. It took them a couple of hours to do so, but when they found them, they were in the parkland just behind me. That's when a shoot-out has occurred. A number of residents living on the street say they were woken by the sound of screams and a number of gunshots. As a result, three people are now in hospital. Two of them are the offenders involved in this armed robbery. They received minor injuries, and the third is a veteran police officer here on the Gold Coast. He received a gunshot wound in his neck. Thankfully, though, it's not life-threatening. Now, the timing of this is really quite incredible. Today, the killers of Detective Damian Leeding are being sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court. He, of course, sadly died after being shot while responding to an armed robbery at a tavern on the Gold Coast a bit over two years ago. It's also the day today when we're seeing a number of marches held around the country for Police Remembrance Day. So, it's likely a number of people taking part in those marches, especially here in Queensland, will be thinking about both Detective Leeding and also this incident too, Alicia.They certainly will be. Our thoughts with that officer this morning. Thank you very much. Police have charged a 16-year-old boy for lighting a bushfire in Newcastle on the NSW Mid North Coast. The flare- up at Glenrock forced the evacuation of 60 Scouts from a camp. Meantime, the RFS says, of the 60 fires burning across the state, 17 remain uncontained, mainly around Taree.The winds tomorrow are forecast to get up again, the actual strengthline determined later on this afternoon. But we run that risk of seeing embers blow past the containment lines and actually spreading the fires further. We're racing that weather. A high fire danger remains in place across the region today. A waste of public money - that's how the husband of murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has described Victoria's Legal Aid system. Tom Meagher has slammed the taxpayer-funded operation for blowing its budget on costly appeals for killers. Adrian Ernest Bayley, the man who raped and murdered Jill Meagher last year, yesterday tried to appeal the length of his non-parole period. That failed bid was bankrolled by Legal Aid, sparking widespread criticism. Another asylum seeker boat has arrived in Australian waters - the 10th since the Coalition won the election. About 80 people were taken to Christmas Island. Meantime, Indonesia's Foreign Minister has spoken about his meeting with his Australian counterpart, Julie Bishop. Diplomacy in Asia in particular is marked by considered understatement and private discussions. And for the minister to feel forced to release his version of his discussions with Minister Bishop, her first bilateral meeting at Foreign Affairs Minister, or close to it, is quite an extraordinary development.He told reporters Indonesia could withdraw cooperation because of the 'turn back the boats' policy. Victoria's population has had its biggest growth in four years. The Bureau of Statistics estimates the state's population has surged by 102,000 over 12 months A boost in overseas migration is said to be behind the jump. The number of permanent and long-term migrates arriving in Australia rising to more than 500,000. In that same period, Australia's population grew by 397,000 people, to pass the 23 million mark. To the finance figures now:

And thrillseekers have found a new way to get their kicks - it's called flat-hatting. Pilots fly their planes close to the ground at high speed, just metres above the heads of daredevils. Hair-raising stunts like these have gone viral and are enough to take your breath away. But experts say, while it's exciting, it's also remarkably dangerous. Karl, thank goodness a lot of people don't have access to planes, I say.I agree with you, Alicia. It was a bit hairy flying down here yesterday too. I think they were down to one runway. It's because all the fans are coming into town for the big game at the 'G. Nathan Brown joins me for Drop Kicks, as well as the handsome Darryl Brohman, in my seat in the studio. He's looking comfortable. Look at him.(LAUGHS)There could be something happening here. I will get you... (LAUGHTER) I will get to you in a second, Big Marn. Nathan, obviously the Hawks and the Dockers, tomorrow it's gonna be an absolute cracker. And most people you speak to, apart from obviously the Hawks fans around town, reckon the Dockers will give it a great chase? Everybody saw that game last week where Fremantle exposed Sydney and put a heap of pressure on them. It's gonna be a tough game, one of the hardest Grand Finals in many years. It will be a low-scoring game. It's gonna be a cracking game. Hawthorn need their big forwards like Buddy Franklin and Roughead and Cyril Rioli to stand up. They haven't played so well in finals. It's gonna be one to remember.It's amazing to see the transition they've made. It's a blueprint for young club, when they got a whole lot of young players in 2008 and they start a campaign. I know the fans have gotta be patient. Now it's coming to fruition, underneath the great tutelage?Certainly has. This footy club for 15 years has been thought of as the weak side of Western Australia, and they faded out of games. They couldn't get the job done over here in Melbourne. But that's all changed. They have a steely resolve now and a defensive game, probably the best in the game's history. Tasmania massive statement.The most important thing for them is to be able to calm those nerves you will get when you go into your first Grand Final. The Hawks have been there. Do you think they will be able to do that? Will they be able to block it out? They have been so good at block ck the distractions out so far?I think they will have a game plan. Hawthorn's game plan will be to put distance between us and then in the first quarter. Fremantle will keep coming. If Fremantle can be there or in front at quarter-time t will be game on. Ross Lyon will be saying, "We have gotta fight hard to stay with them."The Hawks getting...?Well, they could be. Say, "OK, last year we ran out of steam." There's been a couple of things said that has told me they might be getting the yips.They're a very good side, but they rely on superstars and the forward line. They can't get the job done like they did last week. Burgoyne kicked three goals. Gunston kicked four. They need their big guys to stand up.Your tip?Fremantle. It's gonna be a really close game. I think Fremantle to win their first Grand Final. Great for football, great for Ross Lyon. He deserves it. He got so close with St Kilda a couple of times. They're a beautiful defensive unit.Thank you. You're gonna be hanging around, keeping me warm! Thank you. Big Marn, for the NRL, obviously a very big encounter tonight as well. Bunnies and Manly. Who do you see coming out on top and why?Well, I like the Bunnies tonight. I'll tell ya why. Normally I don't like having the week off in rugby league in semifinal time. I think it will help the Bunnies. Greg Inglis has a knee injury. John Sutton hasn't been well, with an injury as well. Last week against the Sharks, Manly copped a couple of injuries. Watmough is clearly not 100%. Jamie Lyon hurt his leg in that game. Brett Stewart is listed to play. He probably will play. There's so much - well, depending on what Souths does here, because they are 42 years without being in a Grand Final, they are under enormous pressure, the Bunnies. And if they do happen to get behind early in the game, it's gonna be difficult. There's probably gonna be 50,000 there tonight and I reckon 45,000 of them are gonna be Bunnies supporters. They're under great pressure, the Bunnies, but I think they'll stand up and win.That's a great point. Talking about Hawks in their home town being under similar pressure and getting the yips, will they be able to overcome that?I think so J the boys, the Burgess boys, they have been playing well. They deserve to play in the Final. I think we're gonna get the Grand Final the Sydney people want.I'm not sure. I reckon Newcastle are a very good chance against the Roosters. The boss will hate me for saying it, but Wayne Bennett has them all fired up. They're an older team. I reckon they're gonna go alright.They've got momentum, Karl. It's very important this time of year. I think the Roosters are too good for them. I think the youth and the speed of the Roosters will get the Newcastle Knights in the end. I like the way Wayne Bennett's taken a bit of pressure away by basically getting the spotlight on himself leading up to this game, by not guaranteeing he's going to be there for the last two years of his contract. I suspect he will be there. Once again, he's just playing mind games and taking pressure off the Knights. I think the two favourites will win there, Karl. I think Rabbits tonight and the Roosters tomorrow.Alright, and for the Grand Final?Well, now that my Sharkies are out, I'm hoping the Bunnies win. I really do hope the Bunnies win. I think they can win. For mine, the Bunnies.Big Marn, thank you very much, mate. You look very comfortable in that chair. You stay there all morning, alright?I shall not be doing that, Karl, but thanks for your sentiments. (LAUGHS) Love that. Browny, good to see you. It's gonna be a massive day tomorrow. Steve, they're talking about a few showers around. I wonder if that's going to affect the game tomorrow, Stevie? Karlos that, could well affect the game. In fact, there's going to be a big drop in temperature tomorrow, down to 16 degrees and some clearing showers. Not only that, but some pretty strong winds, starting off at westerly at 9am at 38km/h. And by 3pm in the afternoon, we'll have west-south-west at 38km/h. So, could be a wet, windy game. But I don't think it's gonna put these guys off! These are the Hawthorn cheer squad. Some of the people you'll see behind the goals, and when a goal is scored, which is what you will see! ALL: Go, Hawks! Alright. Big Hawks supporters. Over here we've got the Hawthorn Amateur Football Club. They have snags. Come down and have a sausage sanga here. How amateur are you, boys?Very!That's what we like to hear. They're good at making a barbie. Come and meet us. We're at Gate 2 at the MCG this morning. Let's take a look at the weather right around the country today, starting in Queensland, where it has been very, very hot.

We all love the AFL, particularly when there is a speccy mark, when the big men get up over the other players, fly high in the sky and take the ball. Now, that does take many, many years of training. It all starts when they're kids, maybe in Auskick. And this is what they use to learn how to take a mark. This piece of equipment, which is called the speccy mark bag. What a great naifplt that enables players to get up high -- name. That enables players to get up high, practise, and we are gonna have some of the Auskick kids coming down very shortly. Come on down to Gate 2 of the MCG right now. It is the eve of the Grand Final - Hawks or Dockers?Thank you, Stevie. Lisa...I'm gonna give it a go. Because it's sort of been 'Have a go at Karl Week' this week. What am I doing?Put your knee up there and go...That's as far as I can go. I have killer boots on today. I could really do some damage, actually! Dig the heel in.Star jumps would be good this morning. That would keep us warm.Dickie is warm too. He certainly S there's a whole bunch happening in entertainment? There is. It might be about the footy, but it is also about music. Some of the world's biggest acts touring Australia at the moment, or headed our way. We'll update you shortly - including, Rihanna's here and the fans are not happy. I'll tell you all about it, and give you the reason y next in entertainment news. This program is not captioned. I don't mind sharing Andy
with Colorbond. I'm constantly thinking of
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which is sort of the Mayans here, but it's also very street. They go to the movies, they get back
and there's a basketball court.

I work with my hands. I'm a tool. It's basically the same as the
house, but we've brought it down. Like a big doll's house.
Not like a doll's house! It's fun. It's art.

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Good morning again. And greetings from Crown in Melbourne. We're on the banks of the Yarra and it's awesome, on the eve of the Grand Final. Plenty of big names touring Australia at the moment, and a couple of them in trouble overnight. First up, Rihanna - now, you might recall she had problems with her first show in Perth, where people accused her of possibly being a little drunk on stage. She was slurring the words and all that. And she was 40 minutes' late. Well, she outdid herself last night. Last night she was booed on stage after turning up 90 minutes' late. Have a listen to this.I'm finally here. You know, it takes me forever to get back to Australia every time. (CHEERING) I know, right? I can't do that (BLEEP) no more, Adelaide. (CHEERING) But I'm finally here. And I finally remember how crazy my Aussie fans are. That is not the sort of reaction that you want. Rihanna is, of course, one of the world's great performers. She's got a magnificent voice. She's a terrific artist. But have a listen to what the fans said after the show.Rihanna's about an hour and 20 minutes late. She hasn't shown up.It's a bit disappointing. There's young children that have come to see her and I think she's their role model. She hasn't appeared. No-one's explained what's going on. Disappointing, really.I am going to bed. Rihanna, you've lost a fan. Very upset. Everyone's getting really angry. My daughter's first concert. She's about to fall asleep. We're just over it. Absolutely over it.Rihanna, we love you, but I don't love you anymore. I'm sorry, Rihanna.That is so, so disappointing. And our thoughts are with the fans who really did feel let down wi Rihanna. It's not what she should be doing and not what should be happening. Let's hope things change. Her next concert is in Brisbane tomorrow night. A far cry from the reaction we witnessed on Monday night at that same venue, where One Direction were playing. Boy, oh, boy, they tore the place apart, giving the fans everything they wanted and deserved. This morning, their tour buses apparently went through three red lights in Perth. So, the fans might be happy but the coppers aren't. I'm sure Harry wasn't driving. Or maybe he was! But apparently the paparazzi and the fans were involved. You have gotta cut them a bit of slack for this, if the guys - not condoning going through red lights, but they're obviously trying to get the boys out of harm's way and to the hotel. I'm sure the people in Perth will be sorting that one out. And maybe a few autographs going down as well. Alan Jackson - we love him. He is just an awesome artist. He kicked off his Australian tour in Brisbane, at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night, at Boondall. And he has shows right around the country until October 5. Eminem is tipped to tour the country, set to announce an Australian tour in a mere matter of weeks. If the rumour mill is true, we will be able to catch him here in February, which will be fantastic. Eminem arguably hotter than he's ever been. He's on fire at the moment. Also, a hot new tour announced. One Republic will be here in November. Those tickets go on sale on October 3. How good is this song? SONG: # Baby, I've been... # Yeah, great. A great act, One Republic. And, listen, Alicia Keys, she is just an awesome artist. That was a terrific interup recently with Alison Langdon on '60 Minutes'. She's here later this year. She's added a show as the events centre at the Star in Sydney. Those tickets go on sale today. Her tour looks like it's going from strength to strength. Last night, here in Melbourne, 'The Footy Show' was like a rock concert, Karl. You and I were there. It was terrific, wasn't it?Sensational night. Bernard Fanning on stage, wishing everybody well. Let's have a listen. (SINGS) # I just want to wish you well # Welcome, sip and swing # Take the cue from the slightest thing # Rolling fog into my room # Why did you give up on me so soon? # Yeah, Bernard Fanning on fire at the Entertainment Centre here in Melbourne last night. And a big, big 'Footy Show' congratulations to all our colleagues from the Nine Network who put on an awesome production last niefplt wasn't it terrific, Karl?Great --Last night. Wasn't it terrific, Karl?Great show.I was sitting between up and Timomatic. Best seat in the house. He's fit, isn't he? Thank you very much for that, Dickie. Coming up - Matthew Pavlich's dad joins us live on the show. Looking forward to that.And to take us to the break - the AFL anthem - we all love Mike Brady. Performing tomorrow, 'Up There Cazaly', we will be here with us shortly. SONG: # Show us your might # Thrup, Cazaly -- up there, Cazaly... # This program is not captioned. At ahm Health Insurance, we've combined your
separate extras limits into a single annual limit for you to use however you want on the included extras. Use 100%, waste nothing. We are ahm. Switch today.

This program is not captioned. At ahm Health Insurance, we've combined your
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Welcome back to the program. When the teams run out for the grand final tomorrow. Stop and look at the logos on the players' jerseys. A gas company versus the state of Tasmania. Neither of these is a major football sponsor. Each has their reasons. Take the Fremantle Dockers Mac and this company. The deal is worth $1 million per year. Woodside sells most of its gas to Japan, Korea and China, not Australia. But it is one of WA's biggest company. Community relations is important. The Dockers have a high number of indigenous Mac players. It is about producing a indigenous Mac leadership program. Tasmania has always wanted its own AFL team. Tasmania plays Hawthorn $3 million per season. The Hawks play four games each year in Launceston. Tasmania claims it boosts tourism each year because of the sponsorship. It will pay the Hawks a bonus if they win the flag tomorrow. There is a lot more at stake than just a name on a jumper. That is very true. Thank you for pointing that out. I would be wanting -- I would love to be sponsored by a state.Or a stake.A steakhouse.

We are about to get excited. Robert Pattinson has got himself a new girl, with Oscar-winning connections.I hate to be there when the Robert Pattinson meets the parents. He is going out with Sean Penn's 22-year-old daughter. That is right. He and the would-be model have been spotted around town. It was the other night, holding hands and canoodling. I do not know what Sean Penn has to say about this. I would not want to be there when he does.Exactly. You have the engagement news as well.We love Kaley Cuoco. She is engaged. That is right. After three months of dating, she is actually engaged in a tennis player. They were on the red carpet for the enemies of the other night. Earlier last year, she was dating the Superman actor. It might be a rebound thing. Either way, good luck to you, Kaley Cuoco.Either way, you will sort it out and get to the bottom of it. We next -- we look forward to your next bulletin. Here are the top stories. Shot in the line of duty. A police officer injured trying to stop an armed robbery on the Gold Coast. Stopping the firebox. Four teenagers arrested and one charged over NSW bushfires. All the latest from the teams and fans as the Dockers and Hawks prepare for the moment of destiny. Hamish and Andy will tell us how to throw the best grand final party over. You could be invited. Shane Crawford better than up this morning. He might be dusted. Mike Brady, live on the show.

Good morning. It is good to have your company. We have previous four the grand final. In Queensland, a police officer was shot during an armed hold-up. Our correspondent has more. Good morning. Can you take us through what happened?Just after 1am, some offenders broke into a tavern, just about 1km down the road from where I am. They took a number of people inside hostage. They fled. The police called in the squads to find them. When they found them, they were into parkland behind me. The dogs tracked them down. There was a shootout. Some residents woke to the sounds of screens. A number of shots were fired. Three people were injured and taken to hospital. Two of the offenders, the third was sadly and veteran police officer. He was a family man.That will send shockwaves through the Gold Coast police force. How is he going?He is receiving surgery right now. He has received a gunshot injury to his neck and face. Thankfully, his injuries are not life-threatening. As terrible as this is, there is a certain amount of relief expressed by the officers that has as survived the incident.This is a stark reminder of the dangers police put themselves in every when they go to work. It is a reminder of what happened to Damian Leeding. Striking similarities to what happened. It is all, siding with the sentencing of his killers.Exactly right. Over two years ago, Damian Leeding responded to an armed robbery, also at a tavern on the Gold Coast. He died after he was shot. Earlier this week, his killers were convicted. They are being sentenced today. Today, police officers are marching around the country for Police Remembrance Day. These are on the minds of everyone here. We had a chat is at President of the police union. With those things on his mind, when he received a call at 3am this morning that a police officer was shot, it was the worst news he could hear. A police officer here was called to the same robbery where Damian Leeding died. There is to things are on the minds of everyone here today.Thank you. The husband of murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has slammed Victoria's legal aid system as a waste of public money. Tom Meagher says the tax funded operation needs to stop blowing its budget on costly appeals for killers. Adrian Ernest Bayley's failed bid to slash the length of his non-parole period for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher was bankrolled by legal aid. Police believe a man who died in Sydney's west overnight was assaulted. The 60-year-old was found unconscious on Parramatta street. He was taken to Westmead Hospital where he died a short time later. The investigating a stabbing nearby. A 23-year-old man was injured during a fight at around 2am this morning. He is in a serious but stable condition. The government will launch a crime crackdown in some of the country 's most dangerous suburbs. Many Tory 5-year far arms -- mandatory sentences will be introduced. It is hoped the move will help stamp out crimes.

The Government is keeping its promise to stay silent on asylum seekers are the boatload arrived in Australian waters late yesterday. It is believed to be the 10th to arrive under Tony Abbott's watch. Downer has criticised in an easier's negative reaction to the Coalition's turn back the boats policy. He said Indonesia should not be taking potshots at a new government. Four teenagers have been arrested after yesterday 's bushfires in NSW. Our correspondent has more. Have any charges being laid yet? Yes. A 16-year-old Wei has been charged with two counts of setting fire to property. Three other teenagers were arrested at her released without charge. That is to do with a fire near Newcastle yesterday. Many children had to be evacuated from a scout camp. There are 60 fires still burning. 17 of those are out of control. A blaze south of Taree has burnt through 100 hectares. It is be contained. A number of homes were saved last night. No properties have been destroyed. Residents are able to turn -- to return home. In the shallow bay area, a blaze has threatened properties. Firefighters have done great work to protect homes there. Some sheds may have been destroyed. Yesterday, we saw extreme temperatures and very strong gusty winds. Today, more favourable weather conditions are expect to do. Firefighters are hoping to gain the upper hand.The winds are forecast to get up again. We want the risk of seeing endless blow past the containment line and spread further. We have a lot of firefighters out there.The RSS hoping for some rain very soon. Until we get some rain, there is likely to be flare-ups. Fingers crossed we will get some showers soon. Thank you. It is all happening in Melbourne this morning. It sure is. Grand final fever is certainly building. Hawthorn and Fremantle fans are doing everything they can to make sure their particular team has the edge. Our correspondent has more.

1st-time fever. How are the purple army feeling this morning?As you can see, are in Perth's northern suburbs. It is nowhere near Fremantle. But people are dressed in purple. This man's make half turned out this morning to show off the purple. You have gone cr