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Recapping our top story - 50 fires are burning across the state including one at Taree. At least one juvenile has been arrested on suspicion that some of the fires were deliberately lit. The stock market closed higher today. The All Ordinaries up by 18 points. Our dollar:

The average petrol price in Sydney is:

The price cycle is son its way up. It will be a week or so before petrol starts getting cheaper. Now for the weather.It was a hot and windy day with gale-force north- westerly winds peaking around lunchtime. It reached 34 in Gosford. A total fire ban remains in place until midnight tonight for much of NSW, including Sydney. Tomorrow a trough will generate more very warm weather with a few showers and storms for Queensland and northern NSW. Brisbane will be sunny and 27.

NSW will be sunny tomorrow but it will be much cooler than today. Still a few warm temperatures in northern NSW with a top of 27 in Grafton and 30 degrees in tphar pwraoeu. -- tpharra pwraoeu. -- tpharrapwreu.

Sydney will be tpupb sunny tomorrow but it will be up to 10 degrees cooler and the winds will die right down. Dropping to eight degrees overnight in Penrith before warming up to 25. A top of 24 for Campbelltown and Liverpool.

Looking ahead we are looking at high- -- high fire danger on Saturday. It will warm up to 29 degrees with strong winds. Sunday will cool down to 23, staying fine on Monday with a top of 27. For a very hot day on Tuesday with a chance of a late shower and some very warm nights ahead, too. Our west will look forward to a warm and sunny weekend but it will be windy on Saturday. A top of 29 and 25 on Sunday. Next week will really start to warm up again, hitting the 30s on Monday.

Thank you very much. That is nine news for this Thursday. Tracey is up next with 'A Current Affair'. Nine's national news is at seven o'clock on GEM. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

AFL names in the Capital. Tonight Tr
... The future of ACTTAB in limbo. And
Trees fall as winds lash the ACT. Capit
And some Giant AFL names in the Jo
Capital. Good evening, I' m Kerryn
Johnston, Also tonight, an exclusiv St
interview with Brumbies assistant Go
Steven Larkham. But first, the ACT Government will consider privatisin ACTTAB, as revenue from the bettin Tre
agency continues to decline. The inject
Treasurer says a large capital l
injection is needed to maintain its t
long term viability - an investment
the government is unwilling to make fut
A feasibility study into the compe
future of ACTTAB puts forward a compelling case for privatisation. Anyone who reads it will understan some of the challenges ACTTAB face if remains in government ownership oth
I think there' s probably no other option if it' s to continue a Coopers
a TAB. The Pricewaterhouse in
Coopers study found in the face of intense competition and with limite contin
ability to grow - ACTTAB will del
continue to lose market share and loo
deliver minimal revenue. If you the
look at what' s been happening to changed
the dividend as the market' s consider
changed, it' s been reducing st
considerably. ACTTAB employs 115 says
staff. The United Services Union governmen
says it wants it to stay in ACTT
government hands. They believe
ACTTAB could increase it' s viabilt t
with a complete restructure. But the Treasurer says the Government i unwilling to make the investment. And
Tens of millions of dollars. And then you' ve got to ask yoursel b
the fundamental question is that a in.
business the government should be jur
in. The ACT and WA are the only governm
jurisdictions that still have government-owned betting agencies. over
The industry itself has changed s
over the past decade and we' re the effectiv
second last cab off the rank why
effectively. you have to question inter
why has the government not been be
interested in the future of ACTTAB decisi
before this point in time. A t
decision on whether to proceed with Th
the sale will be made in November. consu
The Treasurer is confident with consultation and the right approach outc
to the market, there can be good
outcome for all parties. That wil e
ensure the future of the business, indus
ensure the future of the racing
industry in the territory and ensur that we keep jobs in Canberra.

The Labor leadership campaign wit
made its way into local politics, an
with Chief Minister Katy Gallagher the
and Treasurer Andrew Barr finding c
themselves on opposite sides of the
contest. It came as the race for th clos
final ACT senate spot drew to a Sh
close, with Greens candidate Simon a
Sheikh conceding defeat. It was o
a Senate race that was anything but ordinary, Both candidates attractin d
controversy from the start. "You
deserve much bloody better than thi out
Gary." Today Simon Sheik bowed f
out while definitely looking to the se
future. The Greens will win this done
seat here in the ACT. It will be if
done its just a matter of when not b
if. Zed Seselja is still slightly below a quota, With preferences fro o
the Animal Justice Party being one of the decisive factors. An early Tuggera
focus will be what happens in departm
Tuggeranong in particular the FACHSIA.
department formally known as
FACHSIA. I want a strong presence i declared
Tuggeranong. The AEC also declared an unsurprising victory fo Le
Labor' s Gai Brodtmann and Andrew Leigh. Now the only question is: wh Albane
will be their leader? Anthony Canberr
Albanese has spent the day it Canberra and is currently addressin Club
the party faithful in Belconnen Club, after receiving a warm welcom and
this morning from Chief Minister Gallagher.
and Left faction ally Katy g
Gallagher. We need someone who is groups
going to bring these different i
groups together and I think Anthony Alban
is the person for the job. Mr
Albanese won' t be getting quite th M
same hospitality from Deputy Chief su
Minister, Andrew Barr throwing his r
support behind his companion on the right Bill Shorten. Bill brings a range of other strengths to the rol but I think the great thing here i have
that we have the opportunity to Brodtmann
have this discussion. Gai suppor
Brodtmann has also pledged her Lu
support of Bill Shorten While Kate th
Lundy and Andrew Leigh are keeping
their choices to themselves ahead o next months ballot. LRWN

Full results of the NTEU ballo hav
for industrial action at the ANU C
have been released by the Electoral u
Commission. sixty three per cent of ballot
union members took part in the cent
ballot, of which eighty-four per stoppage
cent voted in favour of work tertia
stoppages. The ANU is the 16th Aus
tertiary education institution in -
Australia to face industrial action meet
- Vice-Chancellor Ian Young will tomorr
meet with NTEU representatives
tomorrow. It' s been a day of wil gal
weather across the capital, with an
gale forces wind ripping out trees luc
and causing havoc. A driver had a lucky escape when a tree fell acros a busy Canberra road. A spli enormou
second away from tragedy. An o
enormous eucalypt falling into path of traffic on Wentworth avenue, Thi i
car couldn' t stop in time and hit co
it head on, a moment later, and it driver.
could have been on top of the
driver. It was a little bit windy nowhe
all of a sudden it came out of cre
nowhere. Chainsaw Emergency Whi
crews scrambled to clear the road While others rushed off to a growin pea
number of call-outs. The winds peaked a about eighty two kilometre se
this afternoon and anything above seventy kilometres...that' s when w start seeing property damage. Th Duntr
wind sent trees onto houses in ce
Duntroon and brought a dampener to do
celebrations at Floriade, shutting a
down the iconic ferris wheel. While photos
at Parliament House graduation th
photos proving to be memorable for and
the all the wrong reasons. Wind fa
and Laughter. The threat of more Recrea
falling trees forced Parks and na
Recreation to shut the Tidbinbilla nature reserve. While agencies from to
across the Territory came together
to deal with the extreme conditions teams
We' ve had twelve to fifteen si
teams with each team about five or th
six people and they' re teams from R
the SES and they' re teams from the Ser
Rural Fire Services, Country Fire S
Service and Territory and Municipal w
Services. There have already been
well over one hundred calls for hel ass
across the region Anyone seeking one
assistance should call the SES on Chil
one three two five hundred. LRWN be
Child care centres in the ACT will
be carefully looked at as part of a It
audit by the Fair Work Ombudsman. complaint
It follows a high number of I
complaints from child care workers. tw
In the last financial year a total d
two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars in wages had to be repaid t a hundred and twenty three workers acro
Three hundred and fifty centres wit
across Australia will be audited, Ca
with up to thirty five of those in encour
Canberra - employers are being ensu
encouraged to do a self-audit to law
ensure they comply with workplace wages.The
law, especially in terms of Australia
wages.The CEO of Alzheimers you
Australia ACT says a facility for needed
young sufferers of dementia is o
needed in the ACT. She' s demand is calling
only going to increase and is f
calling on all levels of government dif
for funding. Respite can be the home
difference between continuing at a
home care - or moving patients into t
a full time facility. That' s where the Cottage can help. The cottage pr
this home from home cottage really p
provides a lot more than respite.It wi
provides an opportunity for people lo
with dementia to be at home for as jo
long as possible in their dementia
journey. The facility opened it' doors for Dementia Awareness Week. period
People come here for a short give
period maybe a few days and just us
give their carers a break and just sk
use this opportunity to learn some Arou
skills to relearn some skills. and
Around eight people come per day, T
and up to three can stay overnight.
The CEO of Alzheimers Australia say futur
the facility is the way of the future. But there' s only one in th fo
ACT and there' s a desperate need suffe
for something similar for young sufferers. Here in the ACT we hav you
a high prevalence of people with cli
young onset dementia our youngest National
client is 41 years of age.
Nationally there are more than thre hundred thousand people living wit dementia - of that 14,000 are unde t
65. I would like a facility like f
this and for funding to be extended c
for a facility like this so that it a
caters for younger people. +w There suffere
are three and a half thousand numbe
sufferers in the ACT - and that b
number is growing. It' s going to g
be a real burden for the ACT we' ve everyth
got to make sure we' re doing
everything we can to raise awarenes peo
and do what we can to look after dementi
people who are suffering from dementia.

Coming up next on WIN News ... A
More beds for the Canberra Hospital ste
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This program is not captioned. polic
new arrival. ACT' s hardworking recognised
police officers were today th
recognised for their commitment to Serv
the force - Police and Emergency prese
Services Minister Simon Corbell
presenting the medals to fifty seve d
police officers - to recognise the serving
dedication of AFP officers in serving the capital. twenty six of twen
those were awarded for more than commun
twenty years of service to the into
community. An injection of funds expecte
into the ACT Health system is
expected to help alleviate emergenc t
department waiting times. Unveiled cr
today - the three storey extension Em
creates extra bed capacity for the Ca
Emergency Department and Intensive Room
Care Unit. Alarms: Emergency s
Room Inside Canberra Hospital it' gov
s go go go. The local and federal of
governments are coming together to officially open the seven and a hal buil
million dollar extension to the partnersh
building. This is a great fu
partnership. The Commonwealth have funded half of the project. We' ve all
funded the other half and that' s re
allowed us to, I think, get double federa
reward for the hospital. The joi
federal government today used the t
joint announcement to hint at plans Austra
to move focus towards regional hu
Australian hospitals. There is a of
huge inequity between the delivery cit
of health services in our capital
cities compared to our region and I regional
ll be very focused on those we
regional areas and looking at ways we can improve the delivery of thos health services The new extensio will see bed space in the Emergenc more
Department rise to eight. Seven t
more beds will also be available to the Intensive Care Unit. Those extr beds may be needed. As parents kno the weekends can be busy. I spen afternoons
a lot of time on Saturday he
afternoons after Saturday football with
here in the Emergency Department te
with my two boys. So I know what a Wai
terrific job the staff do here. no
Waiting times in ACT Hospitals are t
not where the government would like th
them. The average wait longer than hour
the government' s target of four renov
hours. While not a solution the forward.
renovation is seen as a step
forward. It' s not all about extr h
bed capacity. It' s actually about depar
how you organise your emergency it
department and this will help. But it won' t be the only thing.

Canberra is the bush capital, an sur
the ACT Government wants to make natu
sure locals make the most of the a
natural environment. Canberra has a wonderful network of nature parks T
and reserves right on our doorstep. e
They' re close to suburbs, they' re t
easy to access but many people don' gu
t know how to get in. An updated guide to the ACT' s parks, reserves laun
and recreational areas has been w
launched to share information about what' s out there. Explore, include faciliti
maps and information on the Canberra'
facilities you will find at ei
Canberra' s one hundred and thirty w
eight parks and open spaces. What
we' re doing here today is launchin de
Explore a magazine that' s really Canb
designed to whet the appetite of resour
Canberrans in terms of natural Pa
resources available out in the ACT arti
Parks Service It also features custodian
articles on the traditional bu
custodians of the land, as well as l
bush safety. With school holidays dreadin
looming, some may be secretly mo
dreading long days of entertaining fortu
mobs of energetic children. But Canberra
fortunately for parents, the o
Canberra zoo is getting set to show marsupia
off some of its hard working childr
marsupial mothers, and letting wi
children get up close and personal Be
with their adorable offspring. hard
Being a mother can be hard work, B
harder still for the mother of baby who'
Banjo the Northern Swap wallaby, carrying
who' s stuck with the job of to
carrying around the newest edition going
to the National Zoo. Banjo is ano
going to stay in mum' s pouch for continue
another couple of months and he'
continue to suckle from her until
he' s about fifteen months of age. s
Banjo' s new home will be the zoo' arrival
s walk-through enclosure, His so
arrival causing quite a stir among hun
some of this larger, and possibly at
hungrier neighbours. Banjo arrived v
at the same time as Buster, Another rai
very cuddly swamp wallaby who was b
raised by hand after being rejected
by his mother, Kids especially an p
also adults can actually go up and l
pat him, he loves the attention and loves a scratch under the belly.
and the new edition will be in som very good company living among som Austra
very friendly and very hungry some
Australian natives. Along with some very curious emus and some ver scho
lazy kangaroos, It' s hoped the so
school holidays will also bring in encount
some children to enjoy a rare encounter with these usually elusiv qu
nocturnal marsupials. These are w
quite a secretive animal out in the and
wild, so here at the National Zoo a
and Aquarium they can come up close and see them during the day.

Bound to bring delight to local sta
children ' Elohgulp' takes centre in
stage at The Canberra Theatre just th
in time for the school holidays. k
theatre rehearsal +w The show takes plugho
kids on an adventure. Down the bottom
plughole into the world at the
bottom of the drains. Elgohgulp is st
world of puppetry, and music in a envi
story about friendship, courage, faci
environmental responsibility and sto
facing up to your fears - But the C
storyline isn' t just for children. directe
Chris Thompson, who wrote and th
directed the play says he tailored per
the script with parents in mind - Sa
performances run through from this October
Saturday until the twelfth of Am
October at The Courtyard Studio. AFL
Amy Duggan is next with sport and Canberra?
AFL royalty pays a visit to gam
Canberra? Yes Kerryn, some of the
games biggest names were on hand fo the GWS Grand Final lunch. and Jak Brumbi
White calls it quits with the Brumbies. This program is not captioned. We parked our
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This program is not captioned. return
Brumbies. Jake White won' t be sensatio
returning to Canberra, after
sensationally quitting as Head Coac r
of the Brumbies. White asked for a in
release while over in South Africa th
in between seasons. Missing out on catal
the Wallabies coaching job, the bombsh
catalyst for his decision. A Whit
bombshell for the Brumbies. Jake year
White quitting as head coach two gues
years into a four year deal. I while
guess we' ve known for a little i
while, we knew on Friday last week,
it was a bit of a shock to everyone h
Word broke last night that White club
had asked for a release from the players.
club. Surprising a number of bo
players. Larkham says the Brumbies W
board did its best to hold onto the finall
World Cup Winning Coach before finally agreeing to his request las an
night. A few people rang him up a
and the Wallaby boys are over there
at the moment so Ben Mowen had a bi ye
of a chat to him I believe it was th
yesterday morning their time. In Wallabies
the end, missing out on the take
Wallabies job proved too hard to for
take. I think the biggest thing h
for him is not making the Wallabies head coach and I think that' s what he saw this opportunity in Australi Internati
as, a stepping stone to an International career for him again. Bru
White' s departure has left the wee
Brumbies without a coach just two assist
weeks out from pre season. The hundred
assistant coach still not one direction
hundred percent sure on the
direction the board will take. No d
at this stage, the board are still we'
deciding as to the direction that h
we' re going to go in, the latest I heard was that it was going to be a e
Internal succession still so it' s te
either Laurie or myself taking the b
team forward from here. There has depart
been speculation that White' s playe
departure could see a number of La
players also walk out on the club. I
Larkham says it won' t happen. No t
I don' t think there' s any concern
that the players will leave. I thin bi
the public perception is a little an
bit concerning at the moment. An expect
announcement on a new coach is expected in the coming days.

AFL royalty was in Canberra Fin
today for the inaugural GWS Grand most
Final Lunch. Some of the game' s th
most famous names were on hand for South
the announcement of the ACT and
Southern New South Wales Team of th rig
Century. The who' s who of AFL g
right here in Canberra. Some of the Great
games biggest names on hand for G
Greater Western Sydney' s first AFL Grand Final Lunch. The highligh awaite
of the afternoon was the long t
awaited announcement of the team of
the century. The calibre of the lin up surprising a great of the game. didn
Some of the players up there I N
didn' t realise that they were from headlines
NSW. Hayden Bunton Senior as
headlines the star studded line up a
as captain. Wayne Carey got the nod repr
as his deputy. Canberra had five Cra
representatives. Alex Jesaulenko, Con
Craig Bolton, James Hird, Michael
Conlan and Brett Allison all part o legend
the side. These players are shou
legendary over many many decades hist
should never be forgotten in AFL becaus
history and they won' t be now +
because we' ve put it on the table. Hawtho
+w The AFL Grand Final between da
Hawthorn and Fremantle is just two t
days away. No surprises as to which I
team Dermott Brereton is backing. I do think Hawthorn will win, it' l hon
be a pretty tight struggle but I p
honestly believe that Hawthorn will
probably win by 20 points or maybe tow
bit more. Kevin Sheedy leaning towards a similar result. Hawthor cl
have been there, they' re a great ve
club improved over time, but they' last
ve only won 1 premiership in the h
last 22 years so you' ve got 2 very hungry clubs. Both agree it won' be long before GWS is pushing for place in the finals.

Former Canberra Raiders winger to
Sandor Earl will break his silence ha
tonight over the peptide saga that
has shocked the NRL. Earl became th first player to be charged with th last
use and trafficking of peptides last month. Since then he has kept ol
low profile. The twenty four year i
old will reveal all in a one on one interview on the Footy Show tonight much
Women' s sport is set to have a this
much bigger presence in Canberra partners
this summer, thanks to a new clubs
partnership linking a number of incr
clubs. It' s hoped the move will t
increase spectator numbers and lift Comb
the profile of women' s sport.
Combining to promote women' s sport Unit
The Canberra Capitals, Canberra Heat
United, ACT Meteors and Canberra tw
Heat joining together ahead of the Ob
twenty thirteen fourteen season. muc
Obviously the women don' t get as much support as the men so for all an
teams to come together and to try absolute
and work together I think is partnersh
absolutely great. The new t
partnership will see all four teams promot
take part in a number of cross combine
promotional activities. Their at
combined presence set to hopefully c
attract more interest. I guess we th
can share the love around. I guess
there' s four different codes so it s very different athletes that you th
re looking for so if we can share hopeful
the media and hype around and hopefully 4 titles come the end of excit
the season. The athletes also oth
excited to get out and watch some h
other sports. I' m quite happy to
head along to the Volleyball, I mea cours
I' ll go to the cricket and of bun
course the basketball. Got a good bunch of mates within the Capitals. The Women' s Summer of Sport kick off in two weeks, when the Capital team
take on Sydney. The other three fo
teams begin their campaigns in the following weeks.

And that is Thursday sport -
Kerryn Thanks Amy - a very windy da in the Capital today - stay with u weat
after the break for tomorrow' s weather details. This program is not captioned. Are you ready?
Bring it on!

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This program is not captioned.

weather details. A windy day around on
the region, It reached nineteen at i
one stage in the Capital. Right now
it' s still gusty, but mostly clear twelve degrees.Similar conditions on the Tablelands, Nineteen the top to
in Goulburn, Yass seventeen, Seven Braidwo
to nineteen in Queanbeyan and No
Braidwood.Much nicer on the coast, Nowra and Ulladulla hit twenty-eigh and
degrees, Twenty-seven in the Bay w
and Bega. Cooler in Moruya Heads. A wooly day on the Mountains, Eightee mo
in Cooma, The temperature didn' t
move all day in Perisher or Thredbo Sat
Bombala eighteen. Looking at the southe
Satellite: Speckled cloud over change
southern NSW with a gusty cool thunderst
change is bringing showers, the
thunderstorms and alpine snow. On potenti
the Synoptic Chart: winds are o
potentially damaging with and ahead els
of the change. It is mostly clear elsewhere due to a ridge, although causing
trough over the northeast is to
causing a very hot day. Turning to th
tomorrow' s temperatures, Sunny on Moruya
the coast, Twenty-two in Bega, Ba
Moruya nineteen, Twenty-one in the Tab
Bay, Twenty-two for Nowra. On the reg
Tablelands, A fine day around the an
region nineteen in Braidwood, Yass t
and Goulburn, Queanbeyan twenty. On Minu
the Mountains, Bombala eighteen, Thredbo,Climbing
Minus-four to six in Perisher,
Thredbo,Climbing to nine in
Perisher, Cooma nineteen. A fine da lo
forecast for Canberra tomorrow, a low of one overnight ahead of a hig becom
of twenty. Northwesterly winds becoming light late morning. Lookin Saturday
ahead, another windy day on sun
Saturday seventeen, Sunday mostly sunny nineteen, Monday twenty-three Tuesday
isolated showers on windy on Tuesday, Wednesday nineteen And tha Join
is WIN News for Thursday night. th
Join us again tomorrow at six, for country.
the best hour of news in the Johnston...thank
country. I' m Kerryn
Johnston...thanks for your company Good night.

This program is not captioned.