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(generated from captions) Welcome back. Good afternoon. First up, a serious want to start off. A sales manager has been slapped on her bottom by her boss in front of her colleagues. She was told she has the best legs in the company. The 21-year-old says the harassment went on for five months. When it was clear she was not going to give in, her boss sacked her. How do people get away with this behaviour?Part of it you can put it down as ignorance. There are plenty of guys who do not get it. They make comments that are bit offensive and inappropriate. But five months is a different scenario. Many guys have not realised time has moved on. My daughter had hope for more this year. She said it was gatecrashed by boys from another high school who harassed other girls.How do we make this end?That is the problem. Men are getting away with it. It is less frequent than in the 50s. But it is still happening. Women are still getting sexually harassed. But they do not want to lose their jobs so they're too scared to speak out. But when they do, the public opinion turned completely against our. -- against her. It is partly about not knowing to believe her story or not. She only got £30,000 and the sexual harassment was severe. I do not think that is a lot of money.Given how long it went for. We have role models. Apparently Victoria Beckham is right up there when it comes to inspirational working parents. She has beaten it like Angelina Jolie and the Queen for that title. According to the survey, she is it. Do you think she is a good role model?I am sure she is a good war model for any working mother who pulled in $300 million last year. -- working mother. She says, I do not know how I do it. It is a juggling act. No different for me than any other mother. Is that right? She would have the nannies, private chef. At an see her as a role model. My mother raised three kids on her own. She was a widow. That is a role model. What do you think? Not that we want to slam Victoria Beckham. She is a mother, she is working hard. She has had a tough personal life as well. She is a pretty good example.In many respects, she has had a lot to do with. She had to go out every single day at the time when David Beckham was cheating on her. She has so much money. It is easy to have a worklife balance when you have that amount of money. The really inspiring people are the everyday mothers and fathers across Australia who are trying to battle the extreme expense of childcare and holding down a job. That is tough and inspiring.I agree with you. A great article about the subtle ways we men and sometimes even men are asked to change their looks. This is a story written by a Sky News reporter. She talks about what it is really like in TV land. They think men are immune to this? Is it just women?Women get more pressure in TV to look good van man. I made a sacrifice when I started in TV. I had to shave off my ear. -- yet. A handful about 15 years. There is pressure on women. I do not know if it is because people have said it to them or if it is self-imposed. Is because of the culture are working in TV? Or is it the culture of women today because of magazines like yours?I do not know they can blame a magazine like mine. What I have noticed is that the women were immaculately groomed, perfectly a size eight. The men could have a beer gut and a one would care. They could put on weight and Norman would care. The pressure is there. We have an exclusive interview with a legendary TV boss in our current issue. He says the times are changing. If you are too good on TV, it alienates viewers. It is better to have a TV presenter who is older and slightly less good-looking. We will see if he does hire ordinary looking women. When you go overseas, and especially America, there are a lot more older women on camera. In the DK as well. That is a good thing. When you look around our newsroom, we are definitely, I am the first to put my hand, I am not a size eight. We're not all either. -- blondes either. That is the stereotype, says aid, the bust, blonde hair. -- size eight. There is definitely a lot of pressure.Or from viewers. If you have bad hair, I am sure viewers will comment. Twitter is the worst thing in the world. When you have a bad hair day, that is.I had someone complain about my time. I was devastated.What sort of tie?I cannot remember. A few it out. I would think years.Had we get a girl or a guide to propose? One woman said she has the answer. She made her boyfriend 300 sandwiches. That sounds like a lot of effort. Is food the secret? Food is a very good way. My wife is an excellent cook. I am not just saying that. In terms of getting me to propose, there should be some violence playing in the background. -- violence. Will break in bed. I just came back from the bathroom with a little indicator that she used about 10 minutes before. She was feeling there was something going on. I said, it is blue. I think we are having a baby, get to better get married.That is not romantic. Surprisingly she said yes.300 sandwiches, or indicator. What do you think? What about all the women who are really pushy and they forced their partners with deadlines and things like that.The more you push a man, as you know, the more he will retreat. Sandwiches is quite clever. In my relationships, boys love it when you cook the meals. Acting savages is a clever idea. Of there has been a strong reaction on Facebook to this story. A lot of people think it is taking women back to the 50s where they have to cook for a man. It is funny. It is hilarious. Acting she is up to 176 sandwiches. She still has a long way to go.You need to get into the kitchen, is that what we are saying? Is that the moral of the story.You can always warm and man's heart by cooking him through.A good hot apple pie, I am their.A simple man.I think men like to see some level, as this woman is doing, some commitment to full we make the ultimate commitment. 300 sandwiches is a massive task.The things I learn about myself. I am a terrible cook. I was with my partner were 10 years before we got engaged. If I started cooking earlier, I could have been engaged earlier. See you a bit later.

Let's have a look at the weather.

And Sherlock joins me now. More on the wild winds we are seeing in Melbourne. Northern states are switching to a heat wave but Victoria have some unseasonable weather. Went up to 160km/h, bringing down trees and lifting moves off buildings. Heavy rain is also fully with more than 30mm recorded in Melbourne today. It has been the wettest Victorian September since 1993. Cabbage recorders are expected to be broken before the month is out. -- temperature records. Scott Morrison prepares to fly to Manus Island tomorrow. What is the navy scene? -- seeing. He is warning that the government has turned -- policy is too risky. The navy major says it could lead to lives being lost at sea. This is the latest criticism to come from Indonesia. Early this week, the Foreign Minister is said to have said that Julie Bishop that it threatens the country's sovereignty. Scott Morrison is also going to be their. He is off to Manus Island to inspect its processing centre, which will be expanded. Take a listen to Tony Abbott, who has been asked about how they will get Indonesia on board.Even now, we are working really well with the Indonesians. We can do better in the future. What about your policies?We respect Indonesia's sovereignty. We would never do all propose anything that is contrary to that.He has been in Victoria today. It is the first we have seen of him since last Thursday. He and his ministry had been keeping a low profile. It is something we have to get used to. He also confirmed his ministers have to get the green light from his office before they can do any interviews. He says when something is to be set, it will be. But it is a very controlled approach. Thank you. Quick thinking neighbours have saved a mother and her sons from their burning chrome in Sydney's West. They did not realise the property was on fire. And orange glow feels the sky are bulk this house. -- but this house. Just minutes earlier, this woman and her children were sleeping. They were awakened by neighbours. Banging, banging. We were banging on the window. We hope we could wake someone up.Apparently we did. The woman thought they were being robbed. But then she realised the house was on fire. She grabs the boys and then jumped out a window. Her husband had been at work. He returned home this morning. They're doing alright at the moment. It is believed the blaze was sparked by a gas cooker on the porch. The flames when street into the roof. The family home did not stand a chance. This man knows he is lucky he still has his family.Eight am producing for. -- I am thankful.

If you want to impress someone special, perhaps consider the "Pink Star" but only if you've got a spare $60 million. That's the price. This enormous and rare pink diamond is expected to fetch at auction in November. The current record price of $45 million was set by another pink diamond, which weighed 24 carats. But this beauty is more than double that, a whopping 59.6 carats.

Here is a bit of a strange one. This gorilla is sorting through some relationship issues. He gets along with humans but not so much with his fellow guerrillas. His keepers are taking more extreme measures. He just loves humans. He is a fun loving big fellow. But when it comes to hanging out with his own kind... He has had some challenges. His mother are bound in him. He was raised by humans.

But with the other gorillas at the zoo, he is the biggest. He gets all King, about that.He displayed some of that behaviour over the years. He is not a ladies man. Instead of meeting, he is pushing them around. He has no real friends in Dallas. They tried therapy. They begged him to play nice. He is moving to South Carolina, his last chance. He will hang out with gorillas own size.I will probably cry. I have known him for 14 years.The keepers are sad. But these guys? I bet they cannot wait to see him leave. Still to come - thrilling victory. The team that came from behind to win the America's Cup. The new phone at market getting the beach safety message out just in This program is not captioned. MAN: (SINGS) # I...I got it # I got it made # I got it made # I got it made fresh at Subway # Subs made just the way I say # I got it made # I got it made... # VOICEOVER: Want low-fat
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This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Hayfever allergies -
every year it's the same thing. The typical hayfever symptoms -
runny nose, sneezing, the feeling that your eyes
swallowed a swarm of angry bees. But still we dismiss it
as just hayfever? Your co-workers avoid you
like the plague, you're actually scared of cats, you wish you didn't hate trees
so much and you've seriously considered
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than just hayfever. (ANGELIC MUSIC) Thankfully, there's Zyrtec. It starts to work fast and provides 24-hour relief. Zyrtec:

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An Australian has been hailed as a sporting hero. The miraculous victory is made all the more special for the Sydney born skipper, claiming the trophy extract the 30 years on from the incredible 'Australia II' when in 1983. As long as anyone has ever talked about the America's Cup, certainly in the 1980s and onwards, the Australian win has always been the topic of discussion. I was about seven years old. Everyone over 18 was drunk throughout the day. It was a massive moment for our nation. It was held by the Americans by 132 years. 'Australia II' was the first one to take it. It had all the makings of an incredible story. Fast forward to today. Back then, they had a huge comeback. Today's was even better. Just one week ago, the Kiwis were eight races are head. 8-1. The Americans were all but written off. Australia has a hand in the history because four of the men on the winning boat are Australian, including the skipper. James Spithill guided his team. He says he never had any doubt that they could do it. An incredible race. The lead changed three times. The Kiwis had some long faces. The biggest comeback in sporting history. It also means it is the biggest loss for the Kiwis. They're taking it pretty tough. But let's not taken away from the Americans, our man at Jimmy. People were asking if it could be done. And you said yes. We were not afraid of a challenge. Can reclaim a little of this for Australia?Of course we can.There is a lot of 'Australia II' to it. We were 8-1 down. What an incredible team effort.We rewrote a new chapter in sporting history. Celebrations tonight? Not only denied.The oldest sporting competition in history has been running for more than 160 years. Only four nations have ever wondered. It looks like the Americans have the iron grip again. But the party in San Francisco is raging on either side of me. The boating shoes will be out and dancing tonight. And the 30th anniversary of Australia's they must win was celebrated in Sydney today. A little later. Beach-goers right across the nation will now be able to use their smartphones to stay safe in the surf. Surf Life Saving Australia has launched a beach safe app that provides information on conditions and safety in 72 languages.Not everyone has come from the beach environment. It is important that users get on the application before they make the decision.The app is free and now available to download. It is Thursday so it is movie day. Get Wilkins is looking at a new crime thriller. Runner Runner stars Justin Timberlake and then Affleck in the murky world of online betting.I want you to make his place proud. You have a real gift. But you have a school to pay for. Justin Timberlake plays a university student who gambles away his tuition fees online. When he learns he has been cheated, he decides to find the dodgy guy that owns the website. It is off to put a Ricoh. -- Puerto Rico. And of course, one thing leads to another. It is the story of a man who gets way out of his depth and over his head.The FBI is in the kidnapping business?You have no idea what you have got yourself into.Justin is OK. Ben Affleck audibly should have known better. It is an interesting set up. But sadly, that is about it. While the notions of online gaming, corruption, big money, provide great eye candy, the plot gets bogged down. And overly complicated. The film is coproduced rate United Rio. He had the sense to stay behind the camera. -- Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you when your own island, you go out there and take a beating.It is called Runner Runner. Should have been a whole lot better bets. To .5 stars.

Still ahead - wild weather lashing three states. We will have the details live. We will tell you the State planning to name and shame young criminals. A breakthrough for police investigating the daily shopping centre attack in Kenya. This program is not captioned.

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Here is what is making news right now. Extreme weather is wreaking havoc. More than 50 fires are burning. 23 of them out of control. Pars emergency warnings have been issued. Melbourne has been lashed by violent winds. Some as strong as 160km/h. September records have been broken across Queensland with the mercury soaring. Toowoomba reached 43 degrees.

Strong winds and high temperatures are causing chaos for fire authority throughout NSW with a number of properties under threat at three major bushfires burn out of control. What is the situation at the moment? The headquarters is on a knife's edge. It has been a tense afternoon. Strong winds and high temperatures have made tough conditions. You'll see two red lines. They're both major fires. They're the two fires they're talking about. One fire declares the Pacific by us Pacific Highway. -- one fire did close the Pacific Highway. At Lake Macquarie, 60 scouts had to be evacuated because of a fire that broke out near their. They're all OK. Police believe it may be asked in. Conditions are expected to ease. It may not be over yet. There is a change in the weather coming through Sydney as we speak. It has drop in temperatures. While the fires are out of control, changing weather makes the fire behaviour very erratic. It could send them off to different directions. Saturday, we are expecting more hot weather and more strong winds. Could see it happening again on Saturday. We will go to Victoria now. Winds up to 160km/h have torn roos from buildings. Which areas were worst hit? The kits land area is feeling the worst of it. The south-east suburbs copped a real caning from the strong winds. Rain up to 30mm fell overnight. You can see the sort of damage caused by flying debris.

These are historic and expensive pieces of real estate. Emergency services, about 1250 cause of help. That is just since midnight. The weather bureau says we are on course for a couple of interesting records. We are running way above average on temperature, despite today's cooler blustery conditions. We are averaging 20 degrees, which could set an all-time record.When will this ease?It is quite clear in the skies right now. That is moving out towards gets loan. -- Gippsland. Another front will be moving in tomorrow. Fortunately, we hope it will be all clear before the first bounce on Saturday afternoon at the MCG. Queenslanders are going to a record-breaking heatwave. Ipswich was heading for a top of 37 today. What is it like at the moment? Thankfully I can say we did not reach 37. But we still have 33 at Ipswich. Many records were broken. Toowoomba is not known for extreme temperatures. The previous record was 32.The coldest town in use -- the coldest town in Queensland smash the September record with 31. Further to the west, 40 degrees. It did not seem to worry the locals at all. Stinking hot. Just came off a worksite.We were all asleep on the sand. We work up and we were sunburnt.Get an ice cream or something.Brisbane has the heat wave coming to an end. Little bit of relief tomorrow. Temperatures will remain a couple of degrees above average for the next week. This is coming off the hottest winter on record. Thank you. A debate is brewing in Queensland on whether young offenders should you named and shamed for repeat offences. The State Government was into juicy laws for children as young as 10. But civil libertarians warned the move will backfire.It is a populist stunt. It will not work.The Attorney General says the naming of juveniles will aim as a deterrent. The extremist group responsible for Saturday's deadly attack in Nairobi has declared it was payback for Kenya's assault on Somalia in 2011. Most of the members involved in the attack were either killed or arrested. But the group maintains it is as -- it is stronger than ever and has warned of more tax. Incredible stories of Brett Lee are emerging from the rubble. -- stories of bravery. A mother is seen hiding with her children. She is shielding them with her body. The man who is filming the scene is urging them to be quiet. The dead bodies nearby. Do not make too much noise, he says. Another man edges his way towards them. He is checking for gunman or the wire. -- checking for the gunman. The mother is too frightened to move. He talks to them. He is beckoning, reaching out with his hand.

Finally, he gently grabs one of the children. The mother is still reluctant to leave. If a double pressure to her, get out of their! -- the photographer shouts at her. Slowly, and very hesitant to let go, they run together. The massacre has thrown up countless tales of similar selfless heralds. -- selfless heroism.They met with an ex- edition army officer. -- British. He says, let's go help people. He helped me put people on my shoulders. We carried people from the top floor. We did come under fire from the exit. We had to run back to get people to help us was to -- help us.The troops could not have rescued so many people without the added help of so many civilians and off duty security personnel. There will be questions in the press charged investigation about what mistakes were made and whether more could have been done earlier to protect people. Still to come - plans for a cross river flying fox. Brisbane as you have never seen it before. Extreme blizzard conditions, we will cross live to Perisher for the latest. And why you may seem spot a pink pumpkin at the supermarket. This program is not captioned.

Thank you. A bold new plan for the Brisbane River could see people travelling to the inner city via Flying Fox. Live now Ebony for the details. How realistic is this plan?Well, Brisbane City Council tells me is certainly is realistic and it could even occur within the next five years. Brisbane City Council has today released the new River's Edge strategy. A plan to improve livibility around Brisbane's river and make people just enjoy that beautiful river a little bit more. Now, this plan for a Flying Fox could certainly go ahead but council said it would only happen if private investors come to the party. They would need to fund and make it more like a tourism venture and something novel to do for residents. Of course there, would have to be a lot of stringent safety requirement, one would imagine and travel between Kangaroo Point and the CBD. While that is far-fetched, council does have some more other realistic ideas that would include more bikeways, more pedestrian walkways and a few more river crossings that would certainly be helpful in the Brisbane area. People I've spoken to have said a lot of the ideas would be welcome including a lap pool by the river and also a sports complex. But the counsellor who we spoke to earlier said that all of the ideas are on the table and the strategy will be implemented in the next ten years. Have a listen. There are certain projects that council would not contemplate doing. We're not in the business of creating tourism opportunities, necessarily, specific one-offs. What we're in the business of is facilitation. Our job is to try to support opportunities. It's to try to promote opportunities and to work with people to make them happen. What she's saying there is that basically a lot of the projects sound fantastic but they need private funders to come on in and build the projects. Council can't afford to do it themselves and want private investors to do them and look at strategies, including getting the Federal and State Government to come in and fund some of the projects, including dining precincts. The plan does have some critics, though. Council Opposition has called it nothing but a glossy brochure - something that might not get off the ground. But you never know - you could see me on the Flying Fox one day. For the Queensland viewers, Nine News will have the full details of the story coming up at 6:00. Well, it's time now to check the snow report and we cross live to Perisher where Alice Joyce is standing by. Alice - some crazy weather there today?Good afternoon, yes, that's right. It is hard to believe that it is the end of September here in Perisher with 5cm to 10cm falling in the resort since this morning and a very strong wind has been blowing that snow around. Blizzard-like conditions have been seen. The slopes have been looking white but it is just the way we like it - very wintry indeed. Now, today, due to conditions, many of the lifts did go on hold. We have about 14 running across the valley getting you to the groomed runs with the nice, fresh, soft layer on top. Now, towers and Wielies were the picks today. We have three parks still open and the good news is that it will be sunny tomorrow which is great if you're heading down because we have the new fresh snow on the ground so riders can get out there, explore, get those end of season turns in and some nice powdery stashes too.Sounds great. Thank you. Well, here's something that's sure to make you look twice when doing the groceries - pink pumpkins. Queensland farmers have come up with the McGrath Foundation- inspired pumpkins. They'll soon hit the shelves in Coles with every 10 cents going towards breast cancer nurses. Coming up - the man who raped and killed Jill Meagher appeals his sentence. Plus, a medical discovery offering new hope to cancer sufferers. And what is the weather doing in your city? We'll have a look at the forecast, next. - fire threatens property north of Sydney, one blaze has jumped the Pacific Highway at Taree, and fire crews are working to contain flames at Yarramundi near Richmond. Strong winds are causing problems across Sydney, with trees down and power outages. Also tonight, the St George cancer surgeon who claims patients are dying waiting for their urgent operations. The Roosters hit back at claims of drugs at the club. A first look at Sydney's fleet review fireworks. And the Australian sailor behind one of the biggest sporting comebacks ever. Stay up to date through the afternoon on our Nine News Twitter and Facebook pages. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Hayfever allergies -
every year it's the same thing. The typical hayfever symptoms -
runny nose, sneezing, the feeling that your eyes
swallowed a swarm of angry bees. But still we dismiss it
as just hayfever? Your co-workers avoid you
like the plague, you're actually scared of cats, you wish you didn't hate trees
so much and you've seriously considered
paving the backyard. Seems like more
than just hayfever. (ANGELIC MUSIC) Thankfully, there's Zyrtec. It starts to work fast and provides 24-hour relief. Zyrtec:

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Man who raped and murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has failed in his bid to appeal his jail term. It took the Court of Appeal just ten minutes to deliberate and refuse Adrian Ernest Bayley's application. He wasn't appealing the maximum life term. The 42-year-old was instead hoping to appeal his 35-year minimum sentence that was handed to him in June. A woman has been airlifted off a cliff face in Adelaide after falling three metres while walking through the Morialta Conservation Park. Rescuers were about to start training in the park and assisted in the retrieval. She's been taken to hospital suffering back pain. Scientists have discovered a breakthrough link between diabetes and ovarian cancer that could lead to developing a lifesaving treatment. They found compounds existing in a drug that's commonly used to treat Type 2 diabetes had the same positive effect on ovarian cancer cells.We think that using the drugs will actually be effective, at least in boosting anti-tumour immunity and helping patients.The treatment will undergo clinical trials before being used. Let's get a quick check of the weather now with Rebecca Judd who joins us from the royal Melbourne show. How is it looking?Hi, there. I'm luckily undercover now with the Country Women's

I'm luckily undercover now with the
Country Women's Association because a strong frontal system dominated the country today and weather warnings for damaging winds were issued for Victoria and parts of Tasmania and NSW as gusts peaked over 100km/h. Another front crossed WA, and while not as strong as the first front, it still produced damaging wind gusts. In the past 24 hours, there were some heavy burs of rainfall across the south-east, such as 5km in ten minutes over Mortgagelake which has caused ice - - Mortlake. In Melbourne, gusts of 200km/h were recorded at Avalon and 31mm of rain. Tomorrow, mostly dry across the country and the front crossing South Australia will produce strong winds. But only 1mm expected in Adelaide and showers won't reach Melbourne or Hobart until evening. There will be a full forecast later.

until evening. There will be a full
forecast later. OK, thank you. Well, we have some pictures just in to the newsroom of one of three major bushfires burning across NSW. The uncontained blaze is burning near Lake McQuarry near Newcastle. It's forced the evacuation of 60 scout members and a watch and act alert are in place and we will be crossing to our reporter for an update on the situation across NSW shortly after 5:00. And plenty more to come in the news including trees ripped down, properties damaged and as we mentioned, firefighters containing blazes across NSW. We will get the latest from our reporter. Plus, winds of up to 160km/h lashing parts of Victoria. And what celebs get up to after dark - we'll bring you the late night talk show gags.

I' m Natassia Apolloni with a WIN h
Newsbreak Anthony Albanese to pitch Canberra
his leadership to members in Chief
Canberra, he has the support of seve
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. A
seven - point - five million dollar three storey extension opened toda spo
at the Canberra Hospital. And in sport, Another contract broken, thi Whit
time at the Brumbies, with Jake Deta
White leaving his post as coach. t
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Twinings - enjoy every day.

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We're normally used to celebrities being super cool but, what happens when they're allowed to do whatever they want? Late night talk shows allow the stars to do just that.

# When you come up # Like you're saving up. # The actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt like you've never seen him before. # Yes, I did The 'Inception' took part in aly syncing contest and nailing it! Celebrities love letting their hair down on late night TV.Hey, what's up.Here's Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake showing us how weird a conversation is in real life from Twitter.Check it out, I brought you cookies. Hashtag, homemade # Tag show me the cookie.Hashtag, don't mind if I don't. Hashtag, get my cookie. Hashtag I'm the real cookie monster.Delicious, right. Hashtag, I did it all for the cookie. Hashtag, LOL, LOL, LOL:The gags go vieveal and it is easy to see why.Hashtag, dental care, hashtag, cavity care. Hashtag, that's how we are. # Tag, we can't stop.Hashtag and we won stop.Hashtag, shut the (bleep) up. Peppered among the support people get

get on social media, there's some nasty criticism. So what happens when they're forced to read out messages from the Twitter trols. Zooey Deschanel is overrated. I think I'm underrated.Did you know if you skinned Larry King and ironed out his leather, you could make enough coats to give one to every poor child in America.I liked Kristen Stewart more when she was a boy.Matt LeBlanc looks so old - what happened. Why don't you go (bleep) yourself. Hashtag, awkward. The comedy circuit turned Brian Williams in to a rap star.She says, LOL... You are # Over there # Without a second to lose # And what comes next # Boston move. # Even the US President couldn't resist getting involved.And the President know his stuff, y'all. That's why they call him the podus - which means, person of top... What is it?Jimmy, POTUS. It stands for President of the United States. He's the POTUS with the most. All famous - all having a whole lot of fun in the crazy world of late night TV.

You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's making news right now. Strong winds and high temperatures are causing chaos for firefighters in NSW, while heavy rain and gale-force winds are causing destruction across much of Melbourne. And Queensland is on high fire danger alert as a record- breaking heatwave hits the State.

An early burst of summer has wreaked havoc in NSW today with three major bushfires burning across the State fuelled by above- average temperatures and gale-force winds. Matt Snelson joins us now with the details. A very tough day for firefighters. What is the latest on the ground there?Well, more than 50 fires across the State and three of them have emergency warnings in the place. There is a fire near Taree which has closed the Pacific highway. One near Newcastle. And one near Tamworth. And a watch and act in place for a blaze at Lake Macquarie with incredible scenes as 60 Scouts were evacuated from a camp there. Thankfully, all were safe. Firefighters have been doing it tough in these conditions of the mid-30s and very strong winds gusting at about 80km/h. But so far, no property losses. The disappointing thing for them is that most of these blazes have been started through arson or through cigarette butts. There were also crews out there today trying to have power connected back to about 4,000 homes and businesses which lost it in the wild winds. Dozens of trees coming down on homes and cars. We saw one incredible escape after a massive tree came crashing down on a car at Canberra. Very lucky that the driver there wasn't injured. But just a wild day across the State and the ACT as well.It sure has been. Now, when are authorities expecting some relief from the conditions?There's already slight relief so far. Temperatures are down just under 30 and the wind is starting to back off. Cooler conditions tomorrow so firefighters are really hoping to get control of these 50 or so blazes before another blast of warm weather this Saturday - very similar to today. High temperatures and strong winds as well. They were able to stamp out the blazes on Sydney's outskirts around Yarramundi. But certainly, the threat is still there today and in to the early evening with warm weather still. So an anxious evening ahead.Sure is, thank you very much for the update. And for the Sydney viewers, Nine News will have the latest on the bushfire situation coming up at 6:00. Well, Victoria has endured the wettest September in two decades with more than 30mm of rain falling in Melbourne today alone. Live now to Brett McLeod. It wasn't just the rain that hit Melbourne today, was it?It was the incredible winds as well. Up to 160km/h as the deep trough moves across the State. It brought a lot of rain overnight, particularly in Melbourne. And it was the wind that caused the great damage, particularly in the south- east of Melbourne. There was a roof ripped off of a factory. There's also the famous beach bathing boxes in the Mornington Peninsula. Each of the boxes are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And also some trouble out on the bay. Surfers took advantage of it, despite the extreme danger of the waves you can see in front of you but a man went out in to the bay. He was in his 80s and suffered from hypothermia after the boat capsized in the conditions. Police were not impressed.Why you would go out on a day like today with the forecast and severe weather warning is beyond anything I've ever seen. Brett, the skies appear to be clearing over Melbourne. Where is the wild weather headed to next? The live shot behind me shows it is clear right now. The strong winds are going out to the east to Gippsland and hit by winds of about 160km/h as well. So be prepared for that. There will be a lull overnight and then some more winds coming in from the west through Friday. But come Saturday in time for the Grand Final, things, fingers crossed, should be clear. Thank you. And firefighters across Queensland are on high alert today with much of the State sweltering through record-breaking temperatures. The spring heatwave has seen western towns like Roma reach a high of 40, while Longreach had the hottest September day in 100 years. Brisbane hasn't escaped the heat either with residents heading to the beach for some welcome relief. Now to the incredible story of survival for a father and his two children who were forced to cling to a treep for five hours after their boat cap sized in a lake near Albury. Live now to Seb Costello. You've spoken exclusively to the family. What have they had to say? These are two brave little kids just eight and 11 years old. Last night, they survived a school holiday test unlike anything they'd ever see in the classroom. They were out on a fishing trip with dad on Lake Hume on the NSW and Victoria border when the boat capsized sending all three of them in to the drink. In dark conditions, they swam around 100 metres to a tree where they clung for their lives for hours waiting for SES and search squad teams to come and find them. It was incredibly dark and the SES had a lot of problems locating the family. It was very stressful for the young people involved.It did seem to take a long time. The kids said, "We're going to be out here all night." I said, "They will find us eventually and if we have to stay out all night, we'll be OK and get through this."Dad thought it was a nice, cool adventure.And was it?No, it wasn't!So the sequence of events leading up to it is that the father had actually called his partner around 5:30 last night to say they were heading home. No sooner had he done that but the boat capsized. When they didn't show up, an hour later, the partner contacted police so a joint operation and a successful one between the police, the SES and the search and rescue squad. But given that it was very still last night, the voices of the search and rescue squad was bouncing around and swooping bats didn't make it any easier either. They located a jacket belonging to the father and minutes later came across the relieved family. They had actually stuck together incredibly well and sung songs throughout the night to keep the spirits up. And despite the treatment for a light case of hypothermia last night, they were in very good spirits when we caught up with them this afternoon despite surviving a hell of an evening with dad out on Lake Hume. But we'll hear more from the family who spoke exclusively to Nine News in the 6pm bulletin. But hats off to the kids for hanging in there, and of course, to the search and rescue operators who pulled off a terrific rescue. Absolutely, one big adventure, indeed. Thank you. Today's Aussie-inspired Team USA win in the America's Cup isn't the only reason we're celebrating here at home. It is also 30 years since the famous 'Australia II' victory, still considered one of the most memorable wins. Several crew from the 1983 victory were in Sydney celebrating their own victory at a special lunch in their honour.And coming from 3-1 down, perhaps the fight back represented, to some degree, what this country is proud of. And that is when the backs are to the wall, how we can fight against seemingly impossible odds. The skipper of Team USA add bitting after today's victory that the win 30 years ago was the reason inspiring to join the sport as a child.The 'Australia II' crew are my heroes and partly why I believed - I thought if they can come back, then we can do it. And man, we just rewrote a new chapter in sporting history.His team crossed the finish line just 44 seconds ahead of race leaders New Zealand. Sport is next and the Knights are confident of making the NRL Grand Final.Yeah, they've already taken two huge final series and given a pep talk by the high profile owner ahead of the clash with the Roosters. And Hawthorn fans show true commitment as the team trains for the Grand Final. And an all-Aussie surfing final in France.

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He's just stoked that millions
of people come every year to see it. (SPORTS COMMENTATOR SPEAKS ON TV) At NAB, we see the businesses
behind Australian sport. (CHEERING)

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NRL first and the Sydney Roosters say they have nothing to hide following reports six of the players recorded increased levels of human growth hormone in tests conducted by a sports nutrition company at the start of the season. The club say they have not been contacted by ASADA over the allegations and the players had normal level of the growth hormone in their own tests. The Newcastle Knights owner, Nathan Tinkler, has helped to see off the team ahead of Saturday's Grand Final qualifier against the Roosters. The Knights drove down to Sydney this afternoon confident of causing another upset. We've knocked off the Premiers and the grand finalists from last year in the last two weeks, so it gives a lot of confidence to the boys at this time of year. And we have to take that in to Saturday night. Tomorrow, South Sydney takes on Manly. The Sea Eagles hoping the Rabbitohs Grand Final drought, stretching back to 1971, plays on their minds. We'll take every advantage that you can at this time of year. But look, I think they're a much more prepared side than they were last year. You know, they've had that finals experience now and I think they're a lot better off for it. And yeah, it's going to be a whole new proposition come Friday night. But like I said, you know, we've got a belief that we can win this game and we'll be going out there doing everything possible. He says fatigue won't be a problem for the Sea Eagles. Their patched up players will go in swinging. Hawthorn fans proved today that no matter how bad the weather, they will turn out in force for their team. Corrie Norris was at the final training session for Saturday's Grand Final against Freeman. Well, it was wet, wild and windy conditions here but it certainly didn't stop nearly 10,000 Hawks faithful from getting a look at the Hawk as they went through the final paces here this morning. We're expecting similar conditions on Saturday, but Hawthorn insists that they're not too concerned by that despite suggestions that the wet weather works in Freeman's favour. You know, we play in wet, dry, windy, so it doesn't matter. But the form has been good throughout the season so it won't change really the way that we want to play. We do have the ability to change the way that we play in games, which is a real strength of ours. So we'll just combat whatever conditions are thrown at us.Now, fresh on Hawthorn's minds will be last year's devastating loss to Sydney in the Grand Final, and they say they'll use that pain to help motivate them to get the job done on Saturday.There is just a little bit of a steely resolve and a look in the eye, because after last year, you know what a defeat feels like. But of course, just like last year, they have another fierce opponent, this time in Freeman, who had their final training run over in the west this morning before touching down in Melbourne around about 9:00 tonight. The Dockers are expected to bring an unchanged line-up to the one that defeated Sydney last Saturday night. There will be a change in Hawthorn with Jett Anderson expected to get the nod to replate Whitecross. Dockers fans will have to prove their loyalty with a cross-country flight and in some cases, bus rides. Well, the purple haze continues to descend on Melbourne as thousands of Dockers fans pour in to the city here at Melbourne Airport. Freo supporters have been flying in from all over the country to fly their colours for the country, and despite the fact that it is the club's first ever final, all fans are still brimming with confidence. All of the planets are in alignment, so Hawthorn, no chance.I go for the eagles but we don't like the Dockers so we're running the Hawks. Is that how deep it runs?Sure does - we hate them.Supporters have been taking whatever mode of transport necessary to arrive in time for the Grand Final. The purple army even commissioning its own bus to take a load of fans across and this morning, 11 die- hard Dockers pulled up at the grounds of the MCG after three days of non-stop travel. They say the trip has already been worth it. Now all they need is a good wash. 3,441km from Freeman to the MCG. It's pretty good to drive. It's a bit bouncy with the old suspension, but other than that, it's smooth to drive.I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about Saturday.Tourism is expected to be the big winner at this year's grand final. The State of Victoria is expected to top last year's total of $19 million in a cash injection in to the economy. The Wallabies hope they've turned a corner with the narrow win over Argentina. Israel Folau says the team will use the hostile South African crowd as a motivator in Sunday morning's shopdown with the Springboks.It's been a good year so far in terms of playing the Wallabies. But obviously, there's the first international tour with the team and hopefully they'll get off to a good start with it.The Wallabies admit there's a lot of improvement need fd they're to win in Cape Town for the first time since 1993. Sally Fitzgibbons has won the Roxy Pro in France despite her opponent scoring a perfect ten in the decider. It sets up a take-all finale for the world tour. Chasing a dream - Tyler Write says she doesn't care about scores or judging. She is surfing for fun and it showed in the all-Aussie final. The 19-year-old scored a perfect ten. The trouble is - it wasn't a knock-out blow. Watching over the peaks of the waves, Sally Fitzgibbons was determined to breakthrough for the first time this year, and with her combined total of 17.67, she just got the better of her.Up she goes. What a feeling that is. The worst performance this year has been fifth. She's finished second twice, and now at last, the win.It was a bit of a journey to get to the win, but I'm really excited and I'm stoked to share it with you all. So thank you.She moves to third in the overall standings. Not all is lost for Wright. With one more stop in Portugal, she's set to battle it out with Hawaii's Carissa Moore. The news not so good for Samantha Stosur who was knocked out in Tokyo in a surprise result. She went down in straight sets to Safarova. Big names through to the quarterfinals included Caroline Wozniacki and Venus Williams. And a huge night on the NRL Footy Show. Sandor Earl speaks exclusively about the ASADA stuff. Very exciting.Big night ahead. We look forward to it. Still to come - finance and the latest weather with Rebecca Judd who joins us from the Royal Melbourne Show. It looks like you found yourself a few treats there? It has literally been blowing a gale outside, so I found some comfort with the ladies of the CWA here and their famous scones. The windy conditions will continue across South Australia tomorrow. I'll have all of the details, next.

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Good afternoon. Today, frontal systems either side of the country caused strong and damaging winds with gusts over 100km/h. Tomorrow, a high will have a clearing effect on the south-east with a mostly dry day. The next front will track over South Australia towards Victoria and Tasmania. It will weaken a bit as it progresses but it still cause strong to gale-force winds in areas. Due to the offshore positioning of the system, it won't produce much in the way of rainfall - up to 10mm is the most expected for the west of Tasmania. A sunny but cooler day in Sydney with a low of 12 and a milder top of 23. 21 degrees in Melbourne and mostly sunny, but showers re-developing at night. A low of 8 degrees. And a cooler change for Brisbane too but staying dry and sunny. Mild overnight with 19 and nen a stop of 27.

Little, if any rainfall is expected.

I'll Joan up again tomorrow from the MCG. -- I'll join you again tomorrow from the MCG. If finance:


We have some more pictures of the bushfires threatening NSW coming in to the newsroom right now. This blaze is burning out of control at White Bridge south of Newcastle. It's one of 50 bushfires currently burning across the State and one of 23 that are uncontained. Nine News Sydney will have all of the latest developments on the bushfire crisis gripping the State coming up at 6:00. And that is the Afternoon News for this Thursday. Our next bulletin is at 6:00. Thank you for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. (COUGHS) Excuse me.
Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat. Are we all pumped up for $1 million? (CHEERING) Yes. Of course we are. It is a special week at
Millionaire Hot Seat this week. And all this week we are going to
pay tribute to people who selflessly contribute to others
in our society. How about that? Yeah!

From those who choose a job
that involves helping others or just a need to help
regular people get through
difficult circumstances. We've got these people here who are
going to just stand up tonight and be acknowledged as
great people in our lives. That's it. Alright?

But you don't have to be
a volunteer. Some people do it for a living and
that's what this group is all about. They are a group of professionals
who are heroes every day. So let's meet them tonight,
everyone. Give them a big round of applause
before we do.

In seat number 1,
we have paramedic Louise Wareham who helped policemen
deliver babies one time on the bathroom floor. Is that correct? In seat number 2, Dr Tess McClure travelled to Laos,
India and Tanzania. Fireman Nick Randles
rushed to an emergency still wearing his pyjama pants. Smiling nurse Renarta Azzopardi is the person people love to
go to for help. Retired New South Wales policeman
Jamie Hughes spent three months at
the Thredbo disaster. And physio Jess Riggall feels
privileged to be able to help people overcome accidents and injuries. Well done, Jess. Good stuff, guys. Yeah!

There we go. I think we're in for
a big night tonight. What do you reckon, gang?
AUDIENCE: Yeah! First up, it's Louise Wareham.
Let's go, Louise.

Hello, Louise.
Hello. How are you? Are you well?
I'm very good. Louise Wareham is from Milton in
the south coast of New South Wales. 49 years of age.
An intensive-care paramedic. That's right. I am. That's a full-time job and
that is a full-time job, isn't it? There's no doubt about it. Tell me about a nasty car accident. The local police officer Chris
looked out for while she was focused
on the tapped injured patient. A few weeks later, she thanked him by delivering a baby
at home on the floor. Is that right?
I did. One of our local policemen.
looked after me while we were inside a vehicle on the edge of an embankment. Watched my back
and made sure I was safe. Never got to thank him
'cause we were pretty busy. And about two weeks later,
we got called to his house and, um, we had a... well, his wife
had a little baby girl on the bathroom floor. Well done.
All was good. Yeah. Returned the favour. Gaye is your friend. G'day, Gaye.
Hello, Eddie. How are you?
I'm well, thanks. That's the way. Welcome to the show. Good luck to everybody
here tonight, OK, because everyone here doing
something in the community. Your turn to get something back. Alright, Louise.
You know the routine here. You want to play
Millionaire Hot Seat? I do!
Let's go.

100 bucks. (READS QUESTION)

(LAUGHS) I should say kidney. You like 'Harry Potter
and the Kidney Stone'? Yes. Oh, I was made to read some
of these books, but I did enjoy them and I would like to lock in A,
Eddie. It's locked in, Louise.
'Philosopher's Stone'. Thank you!
You're a bit excited, aren't you? Very excited!
That's it! Correct, for $100. Thank you. $200.



Now, it's not The Incredible Hulk.
10 seconds. I'm not sure. Um...I think I'll lock in, um... No. I'll pass.
I'll pass, thanks, Eddie. See you, Louise. Catch you later.

Hi, Tess.
Hey, Eddie. How are you?
I'm good, thanks. Lovely to have you on board. Tess McClure is 24 years of age
from Kew in Victoria. First-year doctor.
That's right. Great stuff.
Yeah. Tell me what you're doing. You... It says here at you feel
absolutely humbled being a doctor. It's a huge privilege. Extremely humbling to work with
and care for people. That's wonderful.
Yeah. Well, um, it's my first year and I'm working at
St Vincent's Hospital. I'm rotating through
lots of different areas and everywhere I go I work with
wonderful healthcare staff and my patients. Good on you.
They really make my day. Peter is your brother. G'day, Peter.
G'day, Eddie. How you going? How are you, mate? What you do? Um, I do science
at Monash University. Good on you, mate. That's the way. Alright, Tess. We are 14 questions away
from $1 million. So got a bit of work to do here, OK? (REPEATS QUESTION)

So, again,
this is not The Incredible Hulk, so I'd like to lock in C, jealousy. Jealousy is locked in. It's a curse as well, for $200.

The term 'green-eyed monster' was originally coined by
William Shakespeare. $300. (READS QUESTION)

Um... Look, I'm not 100% sure on this one, but having made
a few international calls, I think I'd like to lock in A. A, international calls locked in. And correct, for $300.



My boyfriend dragged me
to one of these shops once. Um...and from what I can remember it was a camping and adventure
store, so lock in B. Lock in B, camping and adventure. Correct, for $500.

$1,000. First safe level. If you get this right, somebody
goes home with a grand tonight. Good luck, Tess.


OK, so I did gymnastics as a child,
but not rhythmic. I know it's not A or B -
or C, rather, from watching the Olympics.