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(generated from captions) Sugar.
Is correct. Pushing the Chaser back.
Your time start again now. Which capital is the 'Eternal City?' Rome.
Correct. Who designed the Queen's wedding
dress? Hartnell.
Correct. What colour is the cross
on the Swiss flag? White.
Correct. Who painted The Creation Of Adam? Michaelangelo.
Correct. Hillsborough is the stadium -
Sheffield Wednesday.Yes. Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded
at what castle?Fotheringhay.Yes. A pedicure treats what part
of the body? Feet or toes.
Correct. Which Bronte
wrote Wuthering Heights? Emily.
Correct. What's the capital
of the country Georgia? Tbilisi.
Correct. Who played Spencer Moon
in Eastenders? Erm...pass. Stop the clock. Shane Richie. Wrong, it is Chris Parker. Chaser, your time starts again... now. Howard Carter discovered the tomb -
Tutankhamen.Yes. Who was the mother
of Viscount Linley? Princess Margaret.
Correct. Who wrote Girl With A Pearl Earring? Stieg Larsson.
Stop the clock. No.

We're going to go
for 'Tracy Chevalier.' Absolutely correct!
Pushing the Chaser back. Chaser, six steps required to catch
the team. 18 seconds remaining. Your time starts again now. What sun god was supreme
in Egyptian mythology? Ra.
Correct. Who played Edward Scissorhands? Johnny Depp.
Correct. What type of vehicle was Airwolf? Helicopter.
Correct. What's the symbol for iron? 'Fe.'
Correct. What political party name means
'the party of Wales?'Plaid Cymru. Correct. What was Russian
President's Yeltsin's - Oh! Oh, man! How close was that!
They've done it! They have done it! Congratulations, Angela and Neil! 16 grand, eight grand each!
Wonderful. Are you happy?
Ecstatic. I bet you are.
Have a wonderful time in Australia. Thank you.
Enjoy your new family.Will do. What about that, Chaser? Fair play. They deserve
every penny. Bravo. Yeah, bravo indeed.

Well, congratulations to today's
team, Angela and Neil. But it means the Chaser
will be back with a vengeance to crush their opponents next time
on The Chase. Phew! That was close.
We're all happy. Except for the Chaser. Goodbye. itfc Subtitles

This program is captioned live. VOICEOVER:
This is Seven's Afternoon News with Matt White and Melissa Doyle. Good afternoon.

We've got breaking news
on wild weather across Australia. We'll take you live to where
it's happening in just a moment. But first let's bring you up to date
with our headlines. Fires, gale-force winds
and record heat have led to emergencies
in four states. An Australian Olympian leads the way
in a devastating America's Cup upset for New Zealand.

Jill Meagher's killer appeals
against his 35-year jail sentence. And the Hawks hold
their final training session as the Dockers leave for Melbourne. We begin with a bushfire emergency on the New South Wales
Mid North Coast. Two fires are burning
out of control near Taree. One is threatening 10 properties

People are being told to protect themselves from the heat and the flames. If they have not got away from the area, it is too late to return. They will need to get word from authorities on when they can go back. There is another fire near Called Bar Roads and Rose Ness Road. People are being told to seek shelter. That is people who have not already got out of the area. They are being told it is not safe to come back. Let's hear more about the weather conditions.There has been a significant cold front moving through the States. It has pushed through Sydney and into the Hunter Valley. Some hot temperatures ahead of the change. The wind has kept the SCS busy as well. 380 calls for help were received. 50 % came from western Sydney. Electricity has been cut off to thousands of homes around Sydney, particularly around the Balnain area.

Damaging winds
have swept through Victoria, tearing roofs off buildings
and uprooting trees. Live to Emily Angwin in Melbourne. Emily, are conditions easing
this afternoon. Hi, Mel and Matt. The good news is,
the wind is subsiding, but it won't be completely gone
until later this evening. Melbourne hasn't seen gusts
this strong since March earlier this year, when that wall collapsed in Carlton. Widespread gusts of 100km/h
have been recorded throughout the city
and nearby suburbs. In Avalon, it reached 102km/h, but Hogan Island, near Wilson's Prom
has had the windiest weather - they measured 159km/h which is equivalent
to a category 3 cyclone. As you mentioned, the wind has torn roofs
off buildings and uprooted trees. One family in Monbulk,
in Melbourne's east, had a lucky escape but their house has been
severely damaged when a tree crashed through their
lounge room, a bedroom and crushed their car. The tree was approximately
a metre from where I was sleeping. If the wind had changed,
or if it was any other direction, it would have crushed me easily and I wouldn't be standing here
right now. And it's not just the wind
causing havoc, there's been torrential rain
in some parts of the state and even hail. The heaviest downpours were in Melbourne
and the state's south-east overnight. 31mm fell in the city, and we're heading towards
the wettest September in 20 years.

In Queensland, temperature records
are expected to fall as the state sweats through
the hottest day in a week-long spell. Live to Emmy Kubainski
at Southbank in Brisbane. Emmy, where are the hot spots?

It is actually pretty cool right now. A lot of towns have sweltered through one of their hottest September days on record. Longridge was a hot spot. It was hot there yesterday. It brought the September record. 40 degrees today. Some pretty hot towns. It only reach 30 degrees. Some relief coming through. The bureau did expect temperatures to get up there. It looks like we have got a sea breeze coming through. Temperatures will hit 33 degrees. 27.5 right now. It does not look like we will break 30. Firefighters are grateful. The closest to Brisbane is one on the sunshine Coast. It is not threatening homes. Temperatures will be back in the high twenties over the weekend and will stay that way.

Storm-hit residents in Adelaide
have spent the day cleaning up. Strong winds lashed the city
overnight, toppling trees and cutting power
to thousands of homes. Live to Andrea Nicolas at
Montefiore Hill in North Adelaide. Andrea, has the worst of the weather
now passed. Mel, it has but emergency service crews have had
their work cut out for them today after winds of up to 100km/h
lashed the city overnight. after trees came down on houses,
cars and powerlines. Around 4,000 lightning strikes
hit the state too. The damage was particularly bad
in Adelaide's east where electricity was
cut to thousands of homes. We arrived to find, as you can see,
a significant amount of powerlines. A reasonable size branch has brought
down a Stobie pole as well. We were driving and, all of a sudden,
the sky lit up with lightning. It was scary -
very loud, very windy. Across the city,
8,000 homes lost power. That's been restored
to most properties. We were even affected at Channel 7 - our transmission tower
at Mount Lofty lost power at 5:30 this morning. Fortunately, our back-up generator
kicked in for people at home. Three local radio stations
weren't so lucky - they were off air
for around an hour. The weather bureau says
the worst is over - another cold front's due
to cross the state on Friday but it shouldn't pack
as much of a punch. Mel and Matt.

Live to Seven meteorologist
David Brown. Brownie, when will it end?

It's been a wild and windy 12 hours
across three states. The SES is flat out

but the strongest winds
were recorded in Victoria. Hogan Island in Bass Strait
posted 159km/h followed by Wilson's Prom
and Mount Buller with 128km/h, the strongest winds we've seen
since early March. This intense front
and associated low is responsible for the damaging winds, rain
and thunderstorms as it raced through.

On the radar,

we can see the thunderstorms
were particularly strong across Victoria.

The worst of the weather
is slowly clearing out to sea. At the moment, a pool of cold air with embedded heavy showers
and thunderstorms with hail are pushing through but the cold west to south-westerly
winds are gradually easing. In fact,
the winds will drop out overnight and the fire danger will fall
across New South Wales as well. And the some cooler air
will eventually make its way over southern Queensland too, Mel and Matt.

Our Kiwi cousins
are feeling the pain today after their demoralising loss
in the America's Cup. The Oracle Team USA,
led by an Australian skipper, produced sailing's greatest comeback
to retain the Auld Mug. Here's how it's being reported
in New Zealand.

Oracle Team USA when the 34th America's Cup.So scenes of joy as the American team cross the line, 44 seconds ahead of Team New Zealand. The Kiwis were no match for the American team. They came back from an 8-1 deficit which seemed impossible at one stage. The race began well for a team New Zealand and they cross the start line in first. They held on to the lead around the first mark. Fans around the country cheered them on. They were still narrowly ahead after the second leg but it was the third leg up wind that went against them.What a heartbreaker for Team New Zealand.The team became huge. James Spithill, the skipper, was grinning from ear to ear.It was bad for them. They had rotten people on their boat.James Spithill took to the stage to claim the cup and attributed the victory to his crew.This team never gives up. We fight till the end. Every day we were winning races, you guys came out and supported us. Good energy, good messages. It got through.We have not left anything out there. All we can do is thank you for the belief. Thank you.It has been an incredible series. This year's regatta
was the fastest in history, largely because of those
revolutionary catamarans you've just seen. Seven's Angela Cox
is in San Francisco where the Australians
behind the USA's win have been celebrating
their remarkable victory.

The US may have retained the America's Cup but they have a few Aussie to thank for it, including James Spithill, the skipper. Not for 30 years has the event had such a dramatic finish.The America's Cup will stay in America.The billionaire owner Larry Ellison was that the finish line. 60,000 people were standing, expected to speak at a function. We were on shore with the wives and families of the Australian crew members. One of the most remarkable comebacks in world sport.A what a fight back. The biggest fight back in sports history.Questions are being asked about countries competing in the event. The price-tag is just too much.We will be hard to stop in an Australian board.All of America is celebrating, with a few Ossie's among them.

it was 30 years ago today that Australia celebrated
a record-breaking America's Cup win. In 1983, the 'Australia II' syndicate
won the Auld Mug, ending a 132-year stronghold
by the New York Yacht Club. The Aussie underdogs had a thrilling
come-from-behind win, finishing 41 seconds ahead of
the Americans. The win sparked wild parties and this famous declaration
from Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

I tell you what, any boss who sacks anyone
for not turning up to work today is a bum. (LAUGHS) The boat's skipper John Bertrand
and owner Alan Bond returned to the water today, aboard a replica 'Australia II'
on Sydney Harbour. It's 13 years since Australia
last contested the America's Cup, but Bertrand believes
we can win again. Yeah I think, yeah it's there. We've got the technology,
we've got the people, we've got the management expertise. The question is the dollars and it really requires
a multi-billionaire entrepreneur who wants to move from
being a regional trader to a global trader. And that's the exposure that the
America's Cup can give those people, in the world.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - what happened in court when Jill Meagher's killer
appealed his life sentence. And later, the proof that doing
the dishes is bad for you health.

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott
has defended his new rule that no minister speaks to the media
unless cleared first by his office. The instructions were in an email, which, ironically, was leaked
to the media yesterday. It was a very good arrangement
in Opposition, it's a very good arrangement
in government The order follows criticism of his government's media strategy
on asylum seekers which involves weekly briefings.

Melbourne killer Adrian Bayley has
lost an appeal against his sentence for the rape and murder
of Jill Meagher. His lawyers had argued the 35-year non-parole period
is excessive. Kate Osborn was at
the Victorian Court of Appeal. Adrian

Adrian Bayley was not a court today, neither were members of Jill Meagher's family. It meant there was a calm and measured at this year, in stark contrast to the extreme emotion at previous hearings, particularly when Adrian Bayley was sentenced earlier this year to life in jail with 35 years minimum, having pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Jill Meagher and runs with one year ago. His QC had argued that 35 years as a minimum was too high and that 18th 28 and 32 years would have been more appropriate. He said the sentencing judge was placing too much emphasis on community protection and was wrong to compare it to other gang murders, arguing their crimes were worse. Three judges at the Court of Appeal were far from convinced a needed less than 10 minutes to decide to refuse the application. That means that he can now still have the option of seeking leave to appeal to the High Court but, if not, that would be the end of the matter. Then, Jill Meagher's family can put this part of the grieving process behind them. Despite Melbourne's howling winds
and rain, thousands of Hawthorn fans
have packed Waverley Park for the team's final
open training session before Saturday's Grand Final. Seven's Nick McCallum joined them.

When they played here in the 1980s, it was called Artic Park. It has been cold and windy and miserable. Still, around 10,000 Hawthorn fans turned up to watch the final session before the grand final. Despite the inclement weather, fans have been passionate and enthusiastic. They can't wait until Saturday.Even though I am freezing, I am happy.Overwhelming. It is sinking in. We beat Geelong and we can do it again on Saturday.

The AFL expects 15,000 Freemantle fans to come over in the next couple of days. This fanatical group will be among them. 12 men got in a bus on Monday in Perth. It was painted purple. They have travelled all the way to Melbourne. The arrived at the MCG this morning. The bowed out the great stadium. Tired but happy.They are going to do it. Fantastic.It is great.They are expecting the same weather conditions for the grand final parade tomorrow.

Still to come - your money with
our Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape. Also the amazing survival story
of a father and his children after a boat accident. And chilling security video
of the Washington gunman.

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A father and his two young children
have been rescued after their boat capsized and sunk
near Albury last night. The family was forced to cling
to a tree for six hours as they waited for help to arrive. Mel and Matt, fortunately these
very windy conditions have only arrived at
Lake Hume today. this would have been a very
different story. The 38-year-old was out
on his aluminium runabout but with his 11-year-old daughter
and 9-year-old son. They were fishing on the lake when
they ran into problems around dusk. The boat sank beneath them. They were left to swim in the water. They tried to swim to the shore but
they only made it as far as a tree. They were hanging onto that tree when family at home realised
they were at home yet and raised the alarm with police, who alerted the SES and
Volunteer Rescue Association who launched
a number of rescue boats. The SES rescuers managed to
put them back in the boat. They were largely uninjured, only
suffering some mild hypothermia. They didn't need to be
taken to hospital. A pretty incredible survival story. The SES says if they were out in
the conditions today at Lake Hume they may not have fared
all that well. They were prepared to launch
a major rescue operation. Mel and Matt.

America's FBI
has released security video of last week's massacre
at the Washington navy yard. Gunman Aaron Alexis is seen carrying the shotgun he used
to kill 12 people. Others are seen trying to flee. Investigators have also solved
the mystery of why Alexis had "My ELF weapon"
etched onto his gun. Alexis held a delusional belief
that he was controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency,
or ELF, electro-magnetic waves. ELF was once used
to communicate with navy submarines. The number of deaths from yesterday's earthquake
in south-west Pakistan has risen to 328. But it could climb higher as rescuers search
flattened villages for survivors. And local people have been exploring
the new 200m-long island that rose out of the Arabian Sea
during the quake. Experts believe it will soon
sink back into the water. And this would've been
riveting television - an American senator has given
a 21-hour-long speech Ted Cruz lived up to his promise of speaking
until he could no longer stand. His children watched, though,
as he read them a bedtime story. I would not eat green eggs and ham. I do not like them,
Sam I am. Apart from making himself
headline news, the marathon speech
achieved nothing. Obama's healthcare reform funding
was passed.

Up next, Scott Pape, with how much Australian
household wealth has fallen. Also, the plan to name and shame
juvenile offenders. And the city
that's warning its residents about dangerous backyard visitors.


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Finance news now - live to Seven's Barefoot Investor,
Scott Pape, in Melbourne. Scott, Australian households
are worth a little less. Matt, new figures today
from the Bureau of Statistics show that our household wealth
dipped this quarter but just ever so slightly. But it's not all bad news when you
think of my number of the day - 12.4%.

That's how much wealth has grown
since this time last year, mainly as a result of stronger house
prices and a booming share market. And our market was slightly
higher today. Telstra added to its gains
of yesterday after it announced
yet another restructure. It's shed about a third of its
local workforce over the past decade and it'll continue cutting. Now, our wealth may be increasing but we're still stashing our money
under the bed - or at least in cash,
as this chart shows, But it may not stay there. With property prices growing at
their fastest rate in three years, there's a lot of talk at the moment about whether we're setting the
stage for a property bubble. Historical low interest rates
are one major driving factor. But the other is this -
self managed super funds. As the name suggest, these funds allow you to invest
your super yourself but there's another
important difference. Unlike traditional super funds, the DIY option is able to
borrow and invest in property and they're the fastest growing part
of the super industry. And you can see here that people are opening them up
in record numbers - there's close to one million members
in these funds. The Reserve Bank this week
warned about the dangers - pointing to the risks
of booming property prices. burned into their brains - will use their self managed funds
to borrow and push up house prices. And I'll have a full wrap
of the day's finance on Seven News at Seven, over on 7TWO, Mel and Matt.

It's 4:30,
time to recap our headlines. And a bushfire emergency
is under way north of Sydney where residents told
not to return to their homes at Shallow Bay. A live update in just a moment. Damaging 100km/h winds
have swept through Victoria, tearing roofs from buildings
and uprooting trees. Emergency crews in Adelaide
have been working overtime to restore power
to thousands of homes cut off during a huge storm. And an Australian skipper
has led the USA to its greatest comeback
in the history of the America's Cup, defeating New Zealand. Returning now to our top story - around a dozen homes are
under threat in a bushfire emergency on the New South Wales
Mid North Coast. Live to Chris Reason
at fire headquarters in Sydney. Chris, where are
the areas of concern?

Good afternoon. Three emergencies in NSW. Two are under way. The major is around Taree. The fire is not under control yet. It is burning around the road. These pictures have just come in. Weather conditions are about to change in the next hour and start pushing it from an easterly direction to a northerly direction. Homes will be in the line of fire. There is a warning to take shelter. Do not try to return to the area. It has cut off the Pacific Highway. It is school holidays and has caused disturbances. A chalet by a fire is burning, 10 homes under -- Shallow Bay. 450 firefighters in NSW and the wind is playing havoc - dry, hot and dusty, reports of up to 117 kilometres out in Goulburn at one point. 96 at Sydney airport. Not helping. Extreme danger in Sydney and severe danger in Sydney, sorry, and in the Hunter Valley, the second highest level.

Children as young as 10 who commit
repeat offences in Queensland will be named and shamed under tough new laws
targeting juvenile crime. Changes to bail conditions
are also being considered. Seven's Geoff Breusch
has the details.

The court here south of Brisbane sees a lot of juvenile offenders. They face charges from burglary, driving offences and assault. Legally they cannot be named and they generally get to walk free even if they reoffend straightaway. The Attorney General says he has community support to change that. People introduce laws that says any child that commits a second offence can be named and he hopes, shamed by the community. He will lessen the presumption of bail. Any juvenile that we're friends' faces the prospect of being locked up. The Queensland Roar Society says it will ruin the lives of children who make a couple of mistakes. -- Law Society. The laws are likely to come into effect early next year. In Sydney, a mother
and her young twins have been saved from their burning home
by neighbours. The fire broke out
in the Glendenning house around 11:30 last night. Neighbours heard several explosions. They banged on windows
to alert the sleeping family.

Bangin', bangin', bangin' and Dimity here was bangin'
on the window, hoping we wake somebody up,
which we did. She called the police,
thinking we were trying to break in. A mother and 4-year-old twins
escaped unharmed. In

In Melbourne police have seized more than $1 million worth of cannabis in a raid on a home at Point Cook. A hydroponic set-up had plans set up in rooms and the bathroom. The property is being rented and the owners had no idea. No arrests have yet been In Adelaide, experts are warning residents
to be on the lookout for snakes following South Australia's
hottest 12 months on record. Brown snakes are already being found
in suburban backyards. Mount Lofty Ranges residents
are being warned to watch for
red bellied black snakes. The advice is to trim low-lying
bushes and clean up backyards.

People with chicken coops
should be extra vigilant. Brisbane City Council
has unveiled a 10-year plan to make the Brisbane River
more user friendly. Millions will be spent
creating a cross-river flying fox, a downtown marina
and more bridges and walkways. The 'River's Edge Strategy'
is expected to draw more tourists to the precinct. In Perth, One Direction fans
were given a hostile reception from the band's security guards, after the British supergroup
touched down early this morning. They arrived by private jet
and were whisked away, fans say they ran red lights
on the way to their hotel. I personally have a problem with security guards
who behave like thugs. One Direction will perform
at Perth Arena this weekend.

On the Seven News Health Report
this afternoon, Australian researchers have found
exposure to algae could be a cause of
motor neurone disease. Scientists at the University
of Technology Sydney helped discover a toxin
in common blue-green algae can contaminate food and cause problems
in the central nervous system. It's one of the only known links
to motor neurone disease. 90% of all cases remain a mystery. Scientists have begun studies
on patients and hope this breakthrough
will lead to new treatment.

And here's proof that a dishwasher
can save your time and your health. Food hygienists say dishwashers
are 99.9% better than hand washing when it comes to killing bacteria and therefore preventing
food poisoning. bacteria thrive in temperatures
up to 44 degrees celsius, which is hotter than the water
in our kitchen sinks. Most dishwashes operate
at around 65 degrees. Then there are the dishcloths,
brushes and tea towels which hang onto germs. We're told there's more bacteria in
the average kitchen than bathroom. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - whale watchers delighted,
as a super pod stops to play. And in sport with Jim Wilson,

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How's this for a girl's best friend? This diamond is called a pink star and it's expected to fetch
a record $60 million when it goes under the hammer
in Switzerland. Sotheby's auction house says
the 59.6 carat rock is the most expensive diamond
ever to be offered for auction. That will happen in November.

It is my wedding anniversary in November. I thought I would mention that.

We have some spectacular pictures
of a rare whale super pod off the Gold Coast. The crew onboard
'Gold Coast Adventures' says they've never seen
so many humpbacks at one time. Josh Adsett has more. What the passengers and crew aboard
the vessel 'Gold Coast Adventures' witnessed this morning something few have ever seen before. The 180 people on board the vessel were following a mother humpback
and her calf off Surfers Paradise when four other pods of
humpback whales joined them. The whales swimming together
are known as a super pod. It's not often seen
and it's a spectacular sight. Our camera operator was on board and captured the moment
with these incredible pictures and the sound of the super pod
as they surfaced to breathe.


Keep in mind, too, that some of
these animals are over 12m long. Adult males can weigh
up to 40 tonnes and there were more than
six of them in this super pod. Those giants of the sea
were met with cheers from the crowded charter boat every time they surfaced.

We saw about four, five pods of Wales and it doesn't get better than that.

The super pod stayed with the
whale boat for more than an hour, during which time some of the
younger humpbacks began breaching. All this taking place just a few kilometres off the sand
at Surfers Paradise. The super pod was last spotted
nearing Point Danger on its journey south. The whales should be in
New South Wales waters by tonight.

Sport now with Jim Wilson. Jim, it's building a huge weekend with preliminary finals
in rugby league and the big one in the AFL. Matt, let's get straight into it, and we are counting down
to Saturday's AFL Grand Final between Hawthorn and Fremantle. Live to Melbourne
and Freo tragic Basil Zempilas. Baz, we'll talk the Dockers shortly but first a big crowd
at Hawks training today. Yes. Good afternoon. I

Yes. Good afternoon. I have got the purple colours on. I am a bit tragic. Hawthorn's training session, the final open for stump all eyes on 'Buddy' Franklin. Some suggestion it may be his last as a member of Hawthorn before he goes to GWS. White Cross is out after suffering an ACL injuries. Hawthorn are pumped. And so are the other mob. You were fantastic against the Sydney Swans. The pressure in the second quarter, very good at Geelong at the cattery a couple of weeks earlier. You must be confident and the diehard fans have gone to extraordinary lengths to get to Melbourne? Both Paul Faulkner and Fremantle have played the same two teams - Geelong and Sydney. If you look at the results side by side, Fremantle had been comprehensive against both of them. People in Perth I have to think a Fremantle win. They are confident. How about the bus that came across the Nullarbor? We just saw pictures of that. Fantastic. There was a toilet built in there as well because I am not sure they wanted to make any pit stops. Every flight over the last week has been well doubt, people paying up to $1,100. They are determined to be here. Bring on the opening bounce, thanks for your time. The Roosters say
they have nothing to hide despite reports blood tests
for six players revealed elevated levels
of human growth hormone. The results were found by police on the phone
of an organised crime figure. The club says
it has not been contacted by ASADA. The Roosters play Newcastle
in a grand final qualifier on Saturday night. Owner Nathan Tinkler was
a surprise guest at training today.

Just a friendly chat to show
his support, so good to see him. The Rabbitohs face Manly
in the first Preliminary Final tomorrow night.

Aussie teenager Tyler Wright
will surf for her first world title Wright missed a chance to take the rankings lead off
Hawaiian Carissa Moore, losing the Roxy Pro final
to Sally Fitzgibbons in France. It's the most incredible feeling. You work so hard
for victories like these and throw everything at them. It's Sally's first win of the year.

The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, moves as well off the track
as he does on it, singing some tunes
and busting out some dance moves at Oktoberfest celebrations
in Munich.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) The crowd obviously enjoyed
every minute of it. I am going to

I am going to enjoy being live from South Sydney and Manly tomorrow. And the countdown in Melbourne, the grand final parade to miner and the

Hello... making Prime7 headlines...
Thousands of homes have been left without power...
and cars and houses damaged by been left without power...
and cars and houses damaged by fallen trees... as wild winds wreak havoc
across the region. A driver also escaped injury after
crashing into a tree that had also escaped injury after
crashing into a tree that had fallen across Wentworth
Avenue in Barton. The Green's Simon Sheikh
has conceded defeat in the race for an ACT senate seat.
Liberal Zed Seselja has been declared the winner. The ACT Government's
considering selling betting agency ACT-TAB. It
follows a PriceWaterHou se Coopers report.. released
earlier this year... outlining future options
for the business. A computer programmer will
spend at least four years behind bars... after being caught
running a child pornography website... from inside
Canberra's jail. Navin Edwin will also serve
time for child sex charges. 2 million dollars will be spent
upgrading the old Kingston 2 million dollars will be spent
upgrading the old Kingston Bus Depot.. after asbestos
was found in the roof. And a shock for the Brumbies
as coach Jake White ends his And a shock for the Brumbies
as coach Jake White ends his contract two years early...
after he missed out on the

I'll have those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6pm, but now back to the Afternoon News
with Mel and Matt.

Sally Bowrey is in the newsroom
keeping watch on social media. Sal, there's been a big reaction to
New Zealand's Amercia's Cup defeat? Yes, there has been plenty of tweets
after the surprise Team USA win 1. None summing up how New Zealand
feels right now -

US Democrat Nancy Pelosi
shared a twit pic of herself glued to the finish
with the caption "USA"! And Aussie skipper Jimmy Spithill, who was at the helm
of Team Oracle teeted this pic with the caption
"best part of the day".

Madeleine Albright has used her biography to talk about her hobbies?
She has revealed she is a bit of a rock star who likes to play drums in her down time. Hick and she is on stage at a concert. Let's have a listen.

She is very talented. Hillary Clinton has tweeted and a thumbs-up to her skills on the drum kit. She probably wasn't as impressed with her husband, Bill Clinton's acting skills when he tried to impersonate U2's Bono. He does a pretty good job at being Bill Clinton.When I first met Bono he walked into the Oval Office and I thought he was a member of his own road crew.How good is that? That is why he is a performer and Bill Clinton is an ex-president.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the national weather forecast
for tonight and tomorrow

DOG: Stop! Crispello time! ('U CAN'T TOUCH THIS'
Come on! Crispello. That's what I'm talkin' about. VOICEOVER: New Cadbury Crispello. Delicious, light little pillows.
Full chocolate flavour. Whoo!

Welcome back
to the Afternoon News. Let's get the forecast
for tonight and tomorrow. David Brown joins us again
from our Melbourne weather centre. How's it shaping up, Brownie?

It has been an unusual day. Mel, the wild spring storm that ripped across
the south-east corner of the nation is clearing out to sea, and the winds in its wake
continue to moderate. Let's take a look
at our weather wall. First of all, we head to Hobart

as rain continues to sweep in
from the south-west, improving tomorrow. In Melbourne, the showers are few
and far between as the cold-and-gusty
west-to-south-westerly winds continue to moderate,

sunny tomorrow. In Sydney, the cool change arrived
at lunchtime and the cooler winds will continue
to ease this evening.

It just pushed through Kempsey
on the Mid North Coast a short time ago. This intense low is responsible for the spring storm that ripped
across the south-east corner.

Just this is the wind change, heading towards the Queensland border. Cooler air is on the way. There is not much puff as it heads to SA but it will bring light showers and a for weak change to Victoria and Tasmania but the wind will drop out in Eastern Australia and it will be frosty in inland areas of NSW first thing tomorrow. In Brisbane tomorrow -
fine and sunny, cooler south-easterly winds. Sydney, fine and sunny,
light-to-moderate winds. Canberra, a frosty morning,
then sunny.

That's the latest weather. More at 6pm, Mel and Matt. And on Seven News at 7pm,
over on 7TWO. I'll have live coverage
of the bushfire emergency in New South Wales. Plus, the latest from Brisbane,
Melbourne and Adelaide on their extreme weather. But that's it for this Thursday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Matt White. And I'm Melissa Doyle -
we'll see you back here tomorrow. Have a good night.

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Red Bee Media -

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases... ..150 contenders... ..$200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block 1. Congratulations, Ron Price! Your battle with the bank begins
now on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host,
Andrew O'Keefe! Hello, people of Australia! How do you do?
And people of America. How do you do, Ron?
I'm doing good. Good to meet you.
Thank you. Welcome, everyone! We've got Ron Price
doing the deals with us today. Originally from Houston, Texas, now from Mount Eliza, Victoria,
right? Mount Eliza, Victoria.
Welcome, man. Nice to have you here.
Thank you. What are you doing with yourself? Right now I'm working... I just got a job
at the US consulate. Terrific. So I'm working in
visa administration. And you're enjoying it?
I'm enjoying it, I love it. How did you get into the consulate? Well, I applied online
and with my military experience, my U.S. Navy experience... He's got the lot. Yeah? That sort of went into
getting the role. So, you come out of the U.S. Navy
with an unblemished record - there's no doubt you did - then that makes it so much easier to
get into the consular biz, I guess. That's it, that's that. 'Cause you've got all your security
clearances done and all that jazz. Yeah.
And what do you hope to do? You want to stay in the consular biz or move into the more sort of
diplomatic side of things? Well, I think I'm going to stay
in the US Embassy side of it and work my way through there. Great. I love that atmosphere
working with the US government and working alongside
the Australian public and residents. For sure. If anyone's planning a trip
to the States, Ron's your man, OK? (CHEERING) Yeah, fantastic.
There you go. I can't guarantee
he'll waiver the visa for you but he might be able
to fast-track it, you never know. So, what are we
playing for today, Ron? Today we're playing for 200 grand. Yes, we are.
That's what I want. That's what we play for every day. Yeah!
That's why we keep coming back. That's it.
Shall we go get the money? Let's go get the money. Ron Price,
let's hope the price is right. Monnie, Katie and Odna
waiting for you. Which case?

Lucky number 13.
13 it is. Miss Katie Mac,
would you do the honours, please? Frequent traveller, our Katie Mac.

Frequent traveller. Might be seeing her down at
the consulate, you never know. Thank you, Ron. Thank you, Kate. Deal time.

ANNOUNCER: Does this case contain
the bank's biggest prize of $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin!

So, great to have you with us, Ron. And he brought his wife,
Jodie, on briefcase 21. Yo, Jodie. How are you?
Good, thank you. How are you? Terrific, thanks. How did you and Jodie hook up, Ron? Well, at the time
I was living in Japan. Oh, yes? I was with the US Navy
and I came here on vacation for maybe about two weeks. I see. So, it was a holiday fling
in a sense, was it? Sort of, sort of.
(LAUGHS) Yeah. Was Ron in uniform at the time,
Jodie? No. Did you have any idea
he was a naval man? I had no idea. Just liked the look of him?
Yes. Got chatting, etc.
The rest is history. And you've got a little one now? Yeah, we've got a little
five-year-old now. Yeah, great.
Yeah. So, where did you get married?
Here or in Houston? We got married in Guam, actually. Oh, in Guam?
Yeah, I was living there. Famous wedding spot, Guam. Yeah, a real big island.
Terrific. So, the plan with the money when we
walk out of here with $200,000? When we walk out of here
with $200,000, I plan to take to my son and my wife
back to the States to see the family,
go to Disney World. (CHEERING)
Yeah, terrific. And then bring some of them back.
Yeah, OK. So they can see Australia.
Fantastic. Alright. So, improve the bilateral relations
with the relations. There you go.
Alright, let's go do it, Ron. Best of luck to you! Six cases.

Where do we start?
Where do I start? I'm going to go with... number 19. 19. Hey, Molly. Hi, Andrew. Good luck. I think I've got $3,000. Thank you, Molly. It's...hey! Not a bad place to start at all. 50 cents.

Number 5.
What do you think you have? I think I have...$150. Good on you, Rhys. Nice and blue. The car, it is. That's alright, that's alright. You all hip with that, all good? I'm OK.
Four cases. Four cases. Number 10. I think I've got $10,000. Thank you, Jason. $4,000. $4,000, $4,000.
Not bad at all. Cruising along. Babe, what have you got in mind? Which case? Ooh, lucky number 3. Number three. Why not? Cain. Good luck, Ron.
I think I've got $150. Good on you, Cain. It's $750. Cain not quite able. But almost. That's not too bad.
Right neck of the roads. Where to next, Ron?

What do you think, babe?
What case shall we go with? Let's try your birthday. Number 1. Why not? Happy? Let's go with number 1. You look like you're... Let's go with number 1.
Right, OK. Sonia. Good luck, Ron.
I think I've got $10. Thank you, Sonia. It's... ..$200! Whoo! Nice pick, Jodie.

One to come, Ron.

Case number...6. I'll go case number 6.
Hi, Jake. How's it going? Good luck, Ron. I think I've got...

..three grand. Good one, Jake. Let's see it. On the money?

Oh, $15,000 to bring out the round, which was a good round on the whole. Not too bad, not too bad.
The car is worth $30,000.