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America's Cup will stay in America! Today - Team USA completes one of sport's greatest comebacks.

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Also today - Adrian Bayley loses his appeal for a reduced sentence for the murder of Jill Meagher. A spectacular missing link. Scientists in awe at the discovery of a 400 million-year-old fish face. And if the shoe fits. The image makeover aimed at attracting more women into the force.Gender, race, any religion will be treated with equal respect. Everything that's expected in a work place.

The United States is Cup
celebrating a famous America's Cup victory over Team New Zealand. They came down from 8-1 win the 34th edition of the great race. After capturing the attention of the global sporting public the America's Cup was down to the final race. Sailing and spectacular are words not often used in tandem. But that's what competition for one of the grandest trophies produced. Team New Zealand and Team USA head-to-head in the sport's new age of technology and professionalism. Team USA was on a roll and late was race their lead had strung out was on a roll and for all to see. With race their lead Australians on for all to see. Australians on board, including gold medallist Tom Slingsby, it was a win for many nations.America's Cup will stay in America!

Sporting folklore for sure, with an unthinkable comeback that would take time to sink in.On your own you're nothing but when you have a team like this around you, they can make you look great and they did all of that today. And the whole series, just so proud of the boys. To be facing the barrel of the gun at 8-1 and what do these guys do, they didn't even flinch.The harbour was ablaze with support as Team New Zealand's crew reflected on a loss they will now shoulder for life.Really done an amazing job to sort their out boat out and probably a good thing for The
us they didn't do it earlier. The race prides it sef on being contested in good spirit and as much as a win for Team USA, this was a win for the sport of sailing itself.What did you guys think? Did you guys enjoy that? New fans drawn to an inspirational chapter and one that will be read over and over to anybody who will listen.

Team USA's amazing feat has left our neighbours across the ditch despondent. New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz has more. For the past eight days, shed 10 here on Auckland's water front has been packed with hundreds of expectant Kiwi fans, each day that that would be the
day where their team would score that elusive final win to bring home the America's Cup. But it wasn't to be.America's Cup will stay in America! Team USA under Australian skipper Jimmy Spithill proved to be too strong, their boat too fast. They've staged one of the most remarkable comebacks in sporting history, winning the last eight straight races, turning what appeared a week ago to be a cakewalk for the New Zealanders into a glorious victory for Team USA. Now, fans here obviously were very despondent at that news.I'm proud of my country.I really wanted them to win. 'Cause it was - I'm still proud of them. It was amazing. They were all amazing. Prime Minister John Key probably summed up the mood when when he Tweeted just one word, bugger. Adrian Bayley will serve a minimum 35 years in jail for the rape and murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher. The Victorian Court of Appeal has rejected defence lawyer arguments that the original sentence was too severe. What were Adrian Bayley's lawyers actually arguing today?They took issue today with the judge's reasoning behind giving Adrian Bayley a lengthy non-parole period of 35 years. They argued that too much weight was placed by the sentencing judge on the need to protect the community from Adrian Bayley. They also argued that the judge was wrong when he decided that Bayley had derived some form of pleasure, some form of perverted pleasure, from killing Jill Meagher in a lane way last year. Also put to the appeal judges today was that Bayley's crimes, whilst described by his own counsel as awful and extraordinary, were not among the worst that have taken place here in Victoria. They were the reasons they were saying he has received too harsh a sentence or minimum term. They decided or argued that the range of between 28 and 32 years would've been appropriate. That would've reduced the sentence by seven years K the prosecution argue nad it was an appropriate sentence and pointed out that had Bayley's case gone to trial and had he been found guilty by a jury, it was unlikely that he would've been given a non-parole period at all. He would've just been sentenced to life in jail. As a turned out none of the appeal judges were convinced by Bayley's lawyers' arguments today T took them less than 10 minutes to reject his appeal bid and so that case has now been thrown out of the court. The only option open to Bayley now is to take his case to the High Court.Thanks for brings us up to date. The Prime Minister has scotched expectations his government might move to abolish compulsory fees for university students. His Education Minister put the idea back on the agenda, but Tony Abbott says more important things must come first.Compulsory student fees were once compulsory, they weren't, fees were once compulsory, then they weren't, then the Labor Government once again restored them. When Christopher Pyne the them. Education Minister put them them. When Christopher Pyne back on Education Minister put them back on the agenda yesterday it set the back on the agenda yesterday set the heirs running again. He did say abolishing them was not a prior or the. Tblth has said also it's not even close to getting attention among the government's current plans.When the former government moved to reimpose compulsory Student Unionism we obviously opposed it. I have to say there is a lot on our plate. We are going to be a very busy and active government over the next few years. This is not a priority for us and with very no plans for change in this area at this time.And Greg, it's early days yet, but these prime ministerial media conferences appear to be fairly rare. How's the Prime Minister explaining that strategy?It is a different pace, and it is as you say early days. The Prime Minister says when he has something to say, he will in general say it. Now his appearance in Melbourne in the electorate of Aston was something of a first today. His first electorate visit in Melbourne as Prime Minister. It came with that media doorstop opportunity. Not only has the Prime Minister been sparing his appearances but it's also
becoming clear that other frontbenchers need to go through a process to make some of their own appearances and that's through a process to make that's an approval process that does run through the leader's office. That's something Mr Abbott confirmed said. He said he he wants to be a consultative and collegial government. That's why it's important we continue in government the sort of processes we had in opposition, he said. Next time you see a minister fronting for media conferences you can be asewered they have gone through a process of approval to get there. Thank you. In Nairobi a team of international forensic experts is trying to piece together exactly what happened in the final moment of the siege inside the Westgate Shopping Centre. It comes as the victims of the terrorist attack are being laid to rest, leaders
and the country's religious leaders condemn the attacks. Martin Cuddihy reports from Nairobi. Every nun in east Africa who's a member of the Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph is in Nairobi. Not content with watching on television, they're offering support and religious counselling.You are just helpless. You are just looking at the pictures which are transmitted and you can't do much. In this deeply religious country, paying leaders are showing solidarity.We would like to put it out very clearly that Islam is not terrorism and neither is terrorism Islam.They're trying to come to terms with the worst terrorist attack in Kenya since 1998. Forensic experts from across the world are helping piece together the final moments.We have begun the forensic
exercise of addressing the forensic effort to determine whether there are still any bodies holed up there. Part of the building collapsed during the final assault. It's believed some hostages were buried with their attackers.We have also been asked, how did the car park cave in? Again, that is a matter to be determined by structural engineers. Scores of people were killed when Al Shebaab militants attacked the upmarket mall. The funerals of the dead are now being held. At a Sikh crematorium, a family gathers for the last and hardest goodbye. 17-year-old Parvaz Singh stayed with his grandmother inside the Westgate Shopping Centre. He was shot in the back seven times. Just as they died together, they were farewelled together. As Kenyans come to terms with their answers. They want to know how they're also looking this attack could've answers. They want to this attack could've been
planned, and carried out with such deadly efficiency.

More than 300 people are dead after a powerful earthquake in south-west Pakistan. The tremor flattened entire villages in remote areas, making it difficult for doctors and aid workers to care for survivors. Villages of brick and mud homes were shaken to ruins within seconds. Hundreds of people died, survivors camped in the open and local hospitals kept patients outside for fear of aftershocks. Earthquakes in this remote region of Pakistan are not unusual, but this one was major, 7.7 on the Richter scale.The house collapsed when the earthquake struck. I was in my room and my children were in another room. I don't know where my wife and children are. If they are alive or dead. I don't know where they are.

The epicentre was in the district of Awaran in Pakistan's largest and emptyiest province. The earthquake to create a brand new island just earthquake was powerful enough
to create just off the coast. People flocked to see it, a rare but not unknown flocked to see it, not unknown phenomenon, the product of one of hundreds of undersea mud volcanoes along this coast but the island will quickly erode. Seismologists suggest that could happen within months. Back inland, troops to help
Pakistan's army drafted in troops to help with the rescue. But a local insurgency could make that operation harder. Officials are appealing for more tents, medicines and food. Local hospitals have been overwhelmed and the scale of the disaster is still emerging.

The FBI's released chilling video footage. Gunmen who killed 12 people during a shooting rampage at a Washington DC navy base. The footage shows 34-year-old Aaron Alexis calmly entering the complex using the security issued to him as an IT contractor: Images show him stalking the corridors armed with a shotgun. The FBI's also released pictures of the weapon Alexis used during the shooting which they say shows evidence of his mental health issues.Handwritten etchings were present on various parts of the shots gun. Etched into the barrel of the shotgun were the words "end to the torment". The shooting has led to questions about how Alexis was granted a special security clearance and has prompted calls to review the government's vetting process. The Russian President Vladimir Putin's played down the threat of piracy charges proposed for 30 Greenpeace activists arresteded for trying to board a Russian oil platform in the said their
arc ticks. However, Mr Putin said their open-sea protest still violated international law. Prosecutors previously accused them of piracy, a charge that carries a prison term of up to 15 years. Greenpeace denies any wrongdoing and says the accusations are a fantasy. Those detained include a Tasmanian man and a British-born Australian resident. A treaty to control the global trade in conventional weapons has received a boost with the United States signing the agreement at the United Nations. The US Secretary of State says the treaty will keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. But it faces domestic opposition, with the American gun lobby saying it could restrict the right to bear arms.This treaty will not dimension anyone's freedom. In fact the treaty recognises the freedom of both individuals and States to obtain, possess and use arms for legitimate It's very for legitimate purposes. It's very significant that the United States, the It's very significant that United States, the world's largest exporter of arms, signed the treaty this morning here in New York. Australia was one of the first countries to sign the treat which but participating nations also need to give it legislative backing so it to give it legislative so it will need to be ratified by the US Senate before it has full effect. Children who fled the misery of Syria have been put to work in neighbouring Lebanon. Some as young as 4 are pending their days in fields to help feed their families. Just after dawn, it's time to go. But these children aren't hoarding a school bugs. The truck is taking them to the fields to work. They're not dressed for it. They're far too young. Basha is 10. She is one of the oldest. Her family fled Syria's war five months ago.

But now this child is doing an adult's job. These children cost less. So now they're being employed across the fertile fields of the Bekaa valley. This is the new face of Syria's humanitarian crisis. Child labour. They're harvesting grape, potatoes. Today it's courgettes. A Syrian middle man keeps them in line. He also keeps a share of their wages. It's hard work. 13-year-old Ahmed showed me how his hands hurt. Children shouldn't be doing this. But if they don't, their families don't eat. Tarek Mazloum is from a local charity. He says he can't bear to see this.The children have no to see this.The children no choice?No. Their only choice is to work. Charities like his ensure children also get some education. Even if it's just informal classes. Nothing about these Syrian children's lives is as it should be. Working in the fields at such a young age, going to makeshift classes in the open air. But it's an Syrian
impossible task to get all the Syrian children into the Lebanese school system. But here at least they're safe. They've escaped the war and that's something. For Russia and her five siblings this tent is now home. It's bet arer here, she tells me. There are no bombs. But it pains her widowed mother to send her children to the fields. "I feel like my heart is being rip #d out, but what can I do? If they don't work, we can't live." There are no easy moral choices in war. And this war is destroying Syria and the future of its children.

Time now for a check of the markets. Here's Alicia Barry. The market's drawing back some earlier losss?That's right. tracking losses
The market did start the day tracking losses on Wall Street but there has been a slight rebound with miners leading the way.

The treatment of women in the Defence Force has been a hot topic in recent years after several scandals and multiple reviews. The ADF's trying to recruit more women, and improve the way they're treated. And that includes getting more girls to consider a defence career by showing them what life is like in the military. girls are being measured Eric Tlozek reports. see girls are being measured up to
see if they'll fit into a new life. The Defence Force wants to encourage female high school students to consider a military career by to encourage female high students career students to consider a military
career by offering them a taste of life on base.Our research
indicates that a lot of life on base.Our research indicates that a lot of girls
don't indicates that a lot don't generally consider Air Force and certainly careers don't generally consider Force like air crew Force and certainly like air crew in Air Force as a possibility 'cause they don't believe they can do possibility 'cause young women are attending the RAAF's first flight camp at the Amberley Air Force Base in south-east Queensland as part of a push to break down gender barriers.You cannot go over, around or under the obstacles. You must go through.The young women have been told they will be supported throughout their careers.I think gender, race, any religion will be treated with equal respect of the everything that's expected in a workplace. Year 12 students Ting Ting Luo is still making up her mind about a Defence Force career but recent scandals haven't damaged her trust in the military about how it trites women.I embrace it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. 17-year-old Syenne Young has already joined. After spending time as an air cadet. She will begin officer training in Canberra next year, unfazed by the negative publicity.In a squadron back at home there's only like five or so girls, for 20 guys, but you're not treated any differently and a lot of the time it's actually the girls that do better in the the review of
activities. A government review of women in the Defence Force found there was a lack of women in leadership roles. But the RAAF says there positions that women are yet to occupy. positions that women are occupy. The most netable is that of fast jet occupy. The most netable that of fast jet pilot.We are providing more opportunity, we're encouraging providing we're encouraging more women to give it a go providing more opportunity,
we're give it a go but we're we're encouraging more women to
certainly not dropping any standarded to try give it a go but standarded to try increase our numbers. The army and navy are also running camps for young women and the Air also running camps for women and the Air Force is running a vait camp for its technical roles A new way to get women on board. get

Scientists have uncovered a fossil that could be the earliest known creature with a face. The discovery in earliest known creature with face. The discovery in China of a fish that's 419 million years old has been published in a fish that's 419 old has been published in the journal 'Nature' and Professor John Long from Flinders University has more.Yes, to me it's one of the most exciting discoveries of the century because it fills in a gap between an ancient extinct group of fishes called placoderm that dominated the seas, rivers and lakes frtd world for 70 million years and the entire modern fish fauna of boney fish and sharks. This is an intermediate form that has a complete lower jaw, exactly the same as the jaw that was in the boney fishes alive today.What does that mean in terms of human evolution?Well, we humans have a long pedigree and we look at the origin of different an tommal systems like legislation and they first Amir in placoderms as Hinds fins. Similarly with the jaw with these bones, the dentry bone that first appeared in in fish from China. So it links these ancient armoured fishes with the beginning of the building of the human body plan. What else is special about these particular ancient fish? I understand that in addition to the hind limbs, there are issues in terms of balance and even mating habits.That's right. The placoderms were the very first backbone creatures on earth to reproduce using population that was the didz covery my team made back in 2008 by discover an embryo inside one ever these fish. They also had the most advanced inner ears with three canals which all other primitive fish have two. And many of these innovations are now starting to be tracked back to the placoderms as the originators, the innovate fors of much of the human body plan.It seems extra hoard that this particular fossil was unearthed in an urban area of China. Could there be more fantastic discoveries to come?I think so. Both China and also are really frontier countries for paleontology. Big countries where there's lots of new ground to explore and already the oldest fossil fish in the world come from Central Australia, but these sites have only been scratched, and these sites in China were only discovered in the last couple of years and there's many years of digging to be had in future years. I think there will be many big commiting discoveries like these sort of fossils coming out of both China and Australia in the next decade.Professor John Long, thank you so much for joining usMy leisure. In the AFL, Hawthorn is making final preparations ahead of its grand final match against Fremantle this weekend. The Dockers are vying for a slice of history hoping to take home the premiership for the first time. And today is the last chance for Hawks fans to see the team train before the game. Kelli Underwood is out amongst the crowd.They are looking pretty good. They are the minor premiers. They've lost just the three games. As a result, this is their time training session Waverley park precinct in no, great surprise that Melbourne's south-east Waverley park Melbourne's south-east has been Melbourne's absolutely Melbourne's south-east has absolutely engulfed with brown'n'gold Hawthorn fans. Well they've braved the wet and Well we've in some wind had some rain and now the sun's out had some rain and out so they pretty much got everything you can expect on your average Melbourne day. They're here just desperate to get a last-minute caught graph and also to wish their heroes all the very best of luck ahead of Saturday's grand final. This is their second grand final within the last two years. So they've become familiar with soaking up all the atmosphere. And the players wandered out of the rooms pretty casually just a few moments ago, and the theme of the - the Hawthorn theme song was blaring out from the speakers. They're having just a light run at the moment behind me. Nothing too strenuous. It's all about preparing themselves for Saturday's big game.What's the mood like? Clearly locals will be pretty keen to keep the sill vaer ware in Melbourne?There is a real party atmosphere here, but there's also this sense of anxiety, sense of nervousness, some would say a sense of dread because they have been here before. We need to rewind only 12 months ago and theyent into a grand ghinl as the hot favourites. They were up upstaged on that day by the Swans and so certainly among this thousands of fans here there's a feeling of let's hope this happens again, but Hawthorn go in the overwhelming favourites against Fremantle. The Dockers players arrive in Melbourne later tonight, they will touch down on a plane around 8.30pm. And of course we're also awaiting the final teams. So the final 22 for each side will be made public later this evening. Fremantle expected to name an unchanged line-up. There's always a hard-luck story in the lead-up to grand final week this year is belongs to Brendan Whitecross, the Hawthorn player who seriously injured his knee in the preliminary final win over Geelong. So it opens up at least one space for Hawthorn, so pat least one layer here today will be tapped on shoulder and will be included in the final 22 team to be announced later this evening.Kelly Underwood in Melbourne, thank you. Tasmanians are mourning one of the State's most popular personalities. Marjorie Bligh epitomised the Australian pursuit of an ideal suburban home life and may have been the inspiration behind a world famous Australian character. Born in rural Tasmania, Marjorie Bligh was a force of nature.Just look these people and think oh they're real old people and yet I'm old myself but I can't make myself believe I'm old. I'm a person that can't waste time. After working as a cook, she became a newspaper correspondent in the 19 50s.It was pouring with rain. I'm writing. That's my other life. I have written six books. The books included hints on how to remove possums how to use beetroot as rouge and recycling everyday items.That's a duster. You know how these venetian blinds gets on your nerves? Wee she was married three times and her books included marriage tips on staying slim, never nagging and being honest, never prutal. She became known as the superstar.I earned these when I was at Campbelltown I can tell you. 150 en drees I put in, I win about 1 2 20 prizes.Her sharp wit led many to believe she was the inspiration for Barry Humphries' alter ego Dame Edna Everage.People ask me to write a vegetarian one.Are you going to?I don't know. I like meat. Ha ha! Marjorie Bligh will be remembered as one of Tasmania's most enduring personalities.

Let's take a look at the national weather now with von. For the eastern States, a trough and through at the moment with strong, hot, gusty through at the strong, hot, Queensland and parts of New
South strong, hot, gusty winds for
Queensland South Wales. Severe to fire South Wales. Severe to extreme and a total fire ban for the northern parts of New South northern parts Wales down to Sydney. We are expecting that trough to move through with a frontal system behind it and a westerly change reaching up into the north eastern parts of New South Wales late this afternoon. With the deepening low we're seeing some pretty decent rainfalls around parts of Tasmania and Victoria, and nor cold front Western
heading over the south coast of Western Australia. Not as strong as the ones we've had earlier this week, but it will continue to make its way over on Friday, and Saturday, expecting a few showers for the grand final in Melbourne. Tomorrow we can see that band of rain moving through the bight, affecting the south eastern parts of South Australia and then late tomorrow night into Victoria and Tasmania.

That's the news for now. Our next full bulletin on ABC1 is at 5.30. I'm Nicole Chettle. Have a great day.

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