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Just quickly - the clothes from the fashion parade can be found at your local Red Cross store. Tomorrow, when celebrities take dating too far. Minister rivers joint us live. Stay tuned for the 11am news.

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This programme is captioned live. Good morning. An Australian has pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history, leading the United States to a miraculous wind in the America's Cup. Trailing New Zealand by eight races to one, Sydney-born skipper Jimmy Spithill - who last year won an Olympic Gold Medal for Australia - performed the unthinkable as he skippered the super-catamaran, Team USA over the finish line ahead of the Kiwis. Nine's US Correspondent Denham Hitchcock is in San Francisco. Americans had all but given up hope of a wind, how did he pull it off?He tells me it was never in doubt. Even though they were eight points down, that is what he told me. You can probably hear of me on either side parties going off and in town. You did not need to be a yachting fan to enjoy the race today. It was absolutely incredible. More viewers watching this race than all the other Americas cups combined. Considering, the Kiwis were ahead eight races to one. Everybody had written the Americans off. And they came storming back, tying the series and taking it. The race was very close. They changed lead three times during the first half. But the Americans shot away. Or hundreds and 80 metres ahead. The Kiwis did not have an answer. We have four Australians on board that boat. I am claiming it is a little bit for us. The skipper, amazing for him to be at the helm of the boat. He has become an American sporting hero.You have become an American sporting hero and you are an Australian?That is the great thing about sports, it crosses over. It does not matter your background, if you are willing to work hard and never give up and keep fighting.I remember the press conference, people were saying it could not be done and we are people laughing at the press conference? Was there any doubt?The team had faced a lot of adversity. We were not afraid of adversity.I noted as is your birthday today but celebrations are going to run long into the night as a result of the back to read?I think my birthday has been eclipsed by this. The greatest sporting comeback in history. The whole towel -- the whole town is lighting up. This is the oldest sporting event in history. It has been running for 160 years. Only four nations have ever won at. They have had a stranglehold on the America's Cup. Judging by how fast the boats were today and the improving technology, hard to think it will be difficult to get their hands off the handle. There will be a lot of boating shoes on the dance floor tonight. To win the celebrations? -- join the celebrations! A man and his two children are recovering from hypothermia after being rescued from Lake Hume near Albury overnight. The young family were returning to shore at dusk when their boat capsized and sank. They managed to cling to a tree in the dark until they were rescued by SES volunteers just before midnight. A mother and her twin boys have escaped their burning home in Sydney's west overnight. Neighbours alerted the family by banging on their windows, prompting the owner to call police, thinking someone was breaking in! The family eventually noticed the smoke and ran outside to safety, but the house was destroyed. And we'll have more details live from the scene a little later in the bulletin. To South Australia now - and wild winds caused havoc across Adelaide overnight, bringing down dozens of trees and cutting power to thousands of homes. Wind gusts of almost 100 kilometres an hour were recorded across the city. Emergency services responded to more than a hundred calls for help but luckily there are no reports of injury. While all the drugs controversy in the NRL has centred around the sharks, it seems the Roosters have become involved in their own scandal. It comes amid reports players returned elevated readings for the substance, human growth hormone. Fairfax alleges the blood test results were found on the phone of an organised crime figure, after being seized by authorities. Meantime, NRL player Sandor Earl claims he was naive to trust sports scientist Stephen Dank. The 24-year-old, who has admitted to using and trafficking banned peptides, says he was misled.I'd love to sit back and look at how naive I've been, but I can't do that. I've got no reason not to judge myself. There's been times I can mention to you this year I've thought - what have I done? What did I do? What did I do wrong? You know, am I the idiot? But I don't believe that.Viewers in NSW and Queensland can watch the full interview on the NRL Footy Show, tonight at 8:30. Queensland children who repeatedly commit crimes will be named and shamed under controversial legislation passed by the government. The new laws, which come into effect next year, are designed to target habitual offenders, but as Aislin Kriukelis reports, the bold move has been widely condemned. When these new laws come into effect, they will mean Queensland has one of the toughest youth justice systems in the country. They include putting young offenders into detention for up to a year if they breach bail. Times will be taken into account if they face an adult court later in life and they may be moved to adult prisons that they have six months remaining on their sentence when they turn 17. The most significant change is the fact he offenders will now be intensified. Under existing laws, the identity of child criminals is always protected but now, they will only have one chance of reform. If they commit a second reform -- offence they will be publicly named. This is very controversial. A lot of people disagree with the idea of naming and shaming children. A lot of people do not think it is the most effective way to rehabilitate children you get into trouble. But the Queensland Attorney General says this is a tough but difficult step. He says in the past year, 7,000 crimes were committed by young offenders out on parole. And a hard-line approach is the only way. More than 300 people have died in a powerful earth-quake that hit south-west Pakistan. But that toll's expected to top a thousand when salvage crews reach the scene of the damage. The quake also produced a rare phenomenon. It thrust a new island out of the Arabian sea. Astonished locals lined the shore - and watched as the land mass, which is about 9-metres high and 100-metres long, was created. Experts say the island was formed by the same forces that caused the earthquake. Somali extremist group, al-Shabaab, has claimed responsibility for the deadly weekend terror attack on a Nairobi shopping mall. It says the attack was payback for Kenya's assault on Somalia in 2011 and has declared it as a warning to Westerners. The admission comes after the release of new footage showing the full extent of the damage caused by explosions and gun fire. A mother is seen cowering with it two young children and a coffee bar. She is shielding them with her body. The man who was filming this scene can be heard urging them to be quiet. The gun men are outside firing on their dead bodies nearby. Do not make too much noise, he says. Another man it is his way towards the three. Checking for gun men all the while will stop and spending valuable seconds trying to coax them out. But still, the mother is to frightened to move. He talks to them, you can see them cajoling and beckoning them, reaching out for their hands. Go, go, the amateur photography calls to her. Finally, he gently grabs one of the children to her but still, the mothers reluctant to leave. Mamma, the amateur photographer shouts to her, stand up, get out of there. Slowly, finally, grasping her youngster to her, and very hesitant to let go, they run together to safety. The maul massacre has thrown up countless tales of similar selfless hero was.Before we came to these women, as we came out I met with an ex- British army officer, he told me he was an expert to shun the officer, he looked at me, you are racing Gali warrior, let's go and how. The British army helped me put people on our shoulders. We helped people walking down from the top floor to the exit. When we came to the exit, we came under fire and had to run back to get people to help us out. Some people came to rescue us. The troops could not have rescued so many people without the added help of so many civilians and off-duty security personnel.Many of whom are still nameless and unknown heroes. There will be questions in the post- tragedy investigation about what mistakes were made, and whether more could have done earlier to protect people. Incredible stories. ?NEWLINE British boy band One Direction is headed to Perth after playing their last show in Adelaide last night. Proving that persistence pays off, a handful of lucky fans got to meet their idol, Harry Styles, when he stepped out of his hotel in the Barossa Valley yesterday. He happily posed for photos, gave out hugs and waved for the cameras - all under the watchful eyes of security. After Perth, the band will bring their Take Me home tour to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Plenty more to come in Nine's Morning news Hour, including: Chilling new vision of a gunman stalking his victims at a navy yard in the United States. Plus - extreme heat to hit parts of Queensland with western towns set to top 40 degrees. And how's this for a rock - the 59.6 carat pink diamond that's up for auction. You won't believe what it's worth.

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Terrifying CCTV footage of the moment a gunman stormed a US navy base in Washington killing 12 people has been released. The FBI says Aaron Alexis acted alone. It's claimed he believed he was being controlled by electro-magnetic waves. Monday morning, seventh of the 3am, Aaron Alexis drives and the Washington Navy Yard with ease. As valid pass that some calmly breezed through security, only then do his attentions become chillingly clear. A man on the most chilling of missions. Mercilessly stalking the corridors for victims. For the next hour, he went on a shooting rampage. The former Navy reserve is was working as a contractor at the base which was why he was able to drive the rental car straight through the heavily guarded front gates. The FBI he say he acted alone and was mentally unstable.At this point, I can confirm there are multiple indicators that Alexis had a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequencies, Electro magnetic waves.This is the shotgun he used, etched on the words, better off this way and and a reference to the electromagnetic waves he thought he was being controlled by. On the other side, he had written, not what you all say. On the barrel, he wrote comic ends to the torment. It is thought the disassembled gun was hidden in his backpack found hanging on the door of a toilet. The FBI CD had a well-documented history of mental illness which makes the devastation and bloodshed he was able to inflict all the more difficult to comprehend. Queensland is set to swelter through extreme heat today, with parts of the State set to break September records. Brisbane woke to a blanket of fog this morning, with the city expected to hit 33 degrees. Ipswich is set to top 37. The State remains on a high fire danger alert, with western towns including Roma and Longreach expected to hit 40 degrees. If you're looking to impress someone special, you maybe should consider the 'Pink Star'. But only if you've got a spare $60 million. Because that's the price this enormous and rare pink diamond is expected to fetch at auction in November. The current record price of $45 million was set by another pink diamond. It weighed 24 carats. But this beauty is more than double whammy - a whopping 59.6 carats. It'd barely fit on your finger! Still ahead this morning: An alleged rapist extradited from Victoria after a three-year man-hunt. Plus - we catch up with the crew of Australia Two, 30 years after their historic America's Cup win. And the fishermen who encounter some serious competition out on the water - a humpback whale emerged and swallowed an entire school of fish.

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A man will be extradited from Victoria to Queensland today, charged with the rape of a Gold Coast woman three years ago. A 20-year-old woman was jogging Merrimac when she was dragged into bushes and assaulted. The 34-year-old man's arrest follows more than three years of investigation involving international police. It is 30 years ago to the very day since Australia two won its historic victory in the America's Cup. To commemorate the momentous win, the heroic crew of the yacht gathered in sydney yesterday and 'The today Show's' Mike Dalton was with them. The crusty salts of Australia to a religion saltier and crusty 30 years on. These unique community forged at Long Island Sound still carries them together today. This time, mounting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On reaching the summit, was the chance to find out what the men behind one of this nation's greatest shared moments thought of that day 30 years on. You could see the smoke clearly when you got over the line.Did you know Australia was following it so clearly?Not at all. We heard snippets from some of the media. Until got out on a plane coming from San Francisco, I had no idea what was going on.Nobody on the boat thought we would not win. We just wanted to get around them and get in front.I was the first man on the line. What was my reaction, relief.It was the relief. It had been such a hard haul to get there. We finally got over the line. To finally finish was great.It is a very common thread, the relief, the elation came later?Anything can happen. It is not until the gun goes, anything could happen. I could go over the side.He did the lap of honour?At times when things were getting a bit stressful, there was an element of humour throughout the team. That dissolved the pressure.As a kid I dreamt of being there and there was. Realisation of a childhood dream? I had sailed all my life, it was something as a kid, you saw the ships go out.It would be pretty good. And then it happened.Some crew who had been injured before the final race would watch from support vessels or onshore.Vinnie was in a faecal position down below until the mark before the finish. I got up the four we realised we got in front.I was in charge of delivering all the letters to the New York yacht club during the legal process. Quite a dangerous job. You would have been busy?We had to sail for a half miles to the win. There was a lot serious attacking. They tried everything in the book to outfox cars. We did not let them.I'm doing the bridge climb with the boys, it reinforces the spirit and the strength of the team we had. People say what was the most significant memory, the way the organisation, how the team came together. The culture and values were so strong.Australia two!It has been an amazing ride for 30 years.

Incredible to think it is 30 years.

Whale watching is something many Australians are lucky enough to witness regularly from the mainland. But in New York seeing a whale, especially just 200 metres from the coastline, is almost unheard of. Until a group of fishermen caught this amazing encounter on camera. The humpback whales treated them to a spectacular display less than two metres away from their boat. Old-timers say they haven't seen whales in the area for more than 30 years. A brief look at the weather across the country now.

A brief look at the weather across
the country now.

the country now. Sunny

the country now. Sunny in

the country now. Sunny in Brisbane. A Fine day for Sydney. Partly cloudy in Melbourne and Adelaide. Still to come on Nine's Morning news Hour: An Australian skipper leads the US to an incredible come from behind win in the America's Cup. A mother and her twin

from behind win in the America's
Cup. A mother and her twin boys escape their burning home in Sydney's west Sydney 's west, This program is not captioned. Welcome back. If you have just joined us, these are the top stories. America's Cup celebrations. The US pulls off a stunning comeback victory with an Australian skipper leading the way. Neighbours help a young family escaped a ferocious house fire in Sydney 's west. An extreme heat is expected across Queensland today, with the state under a high fire danger alert. Let us get the details now on the top story. It has been described as one of sports greatest comebacks. The United States and rock the hearts of New Zealanders, stunning the world, clinching a come from behind victory over the Kiwis in the America's Cup. Behind the winning team, for Australian crew members. As long as anyone has ever talked about America's Cup, certainly in the 1980s onwards, the Australia when has always been a topic of discussion. It was 1983, and all I remember was that everyone over 18 was drunk for the entire day. It was a massive moment for Australia. The strength up had been held by the Yanks for 132 years. Australia was the first one to take it. It was skippered by John Bertram, the winged keel, he had the makings of an incredible story. Fast forward to today, back then, they had a huge comeback, today's was even better, even bigger, even further from behind. Just a week ago, the Kiwis were eight races ahead, eight to one. The Americans were written. For of the men on the winning American boat are Australians, including the skipper, Jimmy spit Hill, who guided his team. He never had a doubt. He tells us that he knew they could do it. A very tight race at the beginning, the lead changed three times. In the end, the American team shot out in front. The Kiwis, long faces. The biggest comeback in sporting history, they are calling it, for the Americans, it also means it is the biggest loss for the Kiwis. They are taking at stuff. Let us not take it away from the Americans. In particular, our man Jimmy. I remember, people asked you, Canada be done? People were almost laughing in a press conference. Was there a doubt? Never. I have faced a lot of adversity, this team has faced adversity, we were not afraid of the challenge. A fight to the end. We wrote a new chapter in sporting history.Celebrations tonight?It will be a long week.The competition has been running for more than 160 years, only four nations have ever won it. The Australian scum the Kiwis, the Swiss, the Americans, with the iron grip on it. It looks as if they have the iron grip, again. The party in San Francisco is well and truly raging on either side, backup in town as well, the boating shoes will be out and fencing on the council for tonight. No doubt it will be a long night. A family has escaped unscathed after a fire broke out in Sydney 's west overnight, for the details, our correspondent joined us. Let us know what happened.Neighbours are -- rushed onto the present in shock just after 9pm last night. They heard a of loud explosions. They found flames coming from the single-storey brick home. They feared someone was trapped inside, they banged on the Windows to wake of the person. They did wake the sleeping twin boys, but she at least ought they were being robbed. She picked up a phone and called police. When she saw the smoke, realising the house was on fire, that is when she jumped out a bedroom window with her boys. She lept into the safety of a neighbours yard. She watched as the flames ripped through the roof of this home. It has been destroyed by the blaze, by the file or the smoke and water. It is boarded up, danger tape around it. Her husband was at work at the time, he got the call and rushed home, incredibly upset, as you can imagine. I spoke to him a short time ago.I am very thankful for all of my good mate -- and neighbours.How is the family doing?They are doing alright, just a bit of stress. We cannot do much. He says they need some treatment, some of the smoke inhalation. Otherwise, they are OK. He says that they are in short, but he is not sure how or why this started. Police believe it has something to do with a gas cooker which was on the porch.To news just in. A Catholic brother has been sentenced to seven years in prison over child sex crimes, dating back to the 1980s. He pleaded guilty to four counts of indecently ends -- assaulting children in his care, while he was at teacher at patrician cup that -- patrician Brothers College in Sydney 's west was up temperatures are set to soar across Queensland today. A severe fire warning is in place, low humidity and high-temperature 's and gusty winds forecast. Live to the appropriately named area in Roma. What can we expect question mark a beautiful place. Particularly warm. You can see behind me that most people are in cars, not a lot of people brave enough to get into the streets, and that is because the temperature is forecast to reach 40 degrees. It will be a September record. It is not a very long-standing record, it was broken yesterday, when it reached 39.6 directories -- degrees, a record that stood for about 30 years will stop it is not just here, it is other towns in this area, too. They got up to 39 degrees, a record. The heat is predicted to continue right at the Darling Downs and parts of western Queensland. Dolby, Stanford, oaky, all going for record in September to bridges. A very uncomfortable and unseasonable. However, it is not just confined to this area. In the south-east Queensland, they are turning up the heat in Brisbane, today. It is forecast to reach 33 degrees. For Ipswich will suffer through 37 degrees. You would not have known at this morning, when there was a heavy fog that shrouded the city. It has lifted, and people will no doubt be taking to the beaches in the south-east. Any pool, anywhere to get away from the heat will be the heat -- placed to be today.Summer has come early. Two Australian protesters have spent another night under heavy guard at a Russian detention facility. They were arrested earlier this week, after hanging a large banner on a Russian oil rig in the Arctic. Alex Harris and Colin Russell are part of it Greenpeace protest group made up of 30 activists from 18 different countries. Their ship was seized by the Russian coastguard.We are at it -- on a peaceful voyage to protest against the threat against the planet. We are here to make the world a better place.The group should know this morning whether they will be charged. Local authorities have indicated they will want to protest them for piracy. Closing arguments are under way in the lawsuit regarding Michael Jackson 's alleged wrongful death. His family is asking for $1.5 billion from the concert promoter, AEG live. Who is to blame for the King of pop 's death? That billion-dollar question which is played out in this LA court room for five months will finally be in the hands of the jury in a matter of hours. Michael Jackson 's immediate family is now asking a jury to award 1.5 billion in damages. This attorney represents Katherine Jackson, and Michael Jackson 's three children. They argue the concert promoter is liable for hiring Doctor Conrad Murray. He prescribed beef bagel dose that killed Jackson.He swore not to do harm, but he did. Why did he do it question mark --?The company says that Murray was Jackson 's employee, not theirs. But this email is set to prove otherwise.It is AEG, not MJ, who is paying his salary.That incriminating message sent less than two weeks before Jackson 's death. On the witness stand, the executives did their best to disavow it.I do not remember.On Tuesday, the Jackson 's lawyer appealed to the jury 's emotions, showing heartbreaking home videos of Michael Jackson with his children. Today, the AEG lawyer makes his closing at it. -- argument. Parents have accidentally backed over their children are planning to sue the Obama government for failing to act on a Congress recommendation to make reversing camera is mandatory. More than 200 people are killed in low speed reversing accidents every year, advocates say that the only way to reduce the figure is to ensure all new cars have the latest technology. Look back, ready to go. It is a powerful image of how little we can see in our car mirrors. 62 children under scene and vulnerable behind the car. The reason that parents who have run over their own children are demanding backup cameras in every car.You hit me with a car, Wyatt? She is part of a lawsuit against the Obama administration, demanding it do what Congress ordered back in 2007. Come up with a role for backup cameras in cars. Last night, the government announced that it will add to rearview camera is not as a rule, but as a recommended feature in new cars.Too little too late. The sooner we can issue this regulation, the sooner we can stop it from happening.Her daughter survived being run over. Every year, 210 Americans are killed, half of them children. If he doesn't people are injured. Already more than half of new cars have back detection, it works. For people with serious antisocial tendencies, just getting by each day can be a struggle. But, if you are a gorilla, anger therapy can -- management can be a challenge. Patrick, the 430 bound gorilla just loves humans. He is a fun loving big fella. But when it comes to hanging out with his own kind. He has had challenges. His mother abandoned him, he was raised by humans. With hours, he is different. With the other gorillas at the zoo, he is the biggest, he gets very King Kong about it.He did this -- displayed some of that behaviour over the years.He is not a ladies man. Instead of making, he is getting up in a grill, pushing them around. Patrick has no gorilla friends in Dallas. None. They tried therapy. They begged him to play nice. No joy. Patrick is moving, to South Carolina, his last chance to hang out with gorillas his own size. A fresh start.I will miss him. I have known him for 14 years. He is a good man.The keepers are sad, but these guys, I bet they cannot wait to see the back of this sulky silverback. The truth is that he may not like girls, did you think about that? It is Thursday. The movie day. The entertainer that we love, Richard Wilkins, is looking at a new crime thriller. Runner, Runner stars Justin Tim Blake and Ben Affleck, in the murky world of online dating.I want you to make this place proud. You have a gift. You have a school to pay for.Justin plays Richie the first, a uni student who gambles away his tuition fees online. When he learns that he is being cheated, he decides to find the dodgy dude who owns the website, and it is off to Puerto Rican.This is the house. The house always with -- wins.It is the story of a bloke who gets way out of his depth, over his head.The FBI is into kidnapping? Bribing an official. Racketeering. You have no idea what you have got yourself into.Justin is OK, Ben should have known better. The woman is beautiful. It is an interesting set up, a good-looking film. Sadly, that is it. While the notions of online gaming, big money, crime and corruption et cetera provide a great eye candy, sadly, the plot gets bogged down. Overly collocated. The film is coproduced by Leonardo DiCaprio, who probably had the sense to stay behind the camera, whether URA bad guy or a good guy, you'd definitely need a script that is it good one, not a bad one.If your boss says, go out there, take a beating, go out there, take it, go back to work, and ask if I needed done again.It should have been a whole lot better. 2.5 stars.Those are crocodiles.Remind me if anybody was the second piece out of me.We are in with sport. The Hawks faithful. They are into dream, aren't they?They have drawn a huge crowds to the final training session. We will cross live to the windy Waverley Park for the latest. An all Aussie final in France, the women's surfing world title goes

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This program is not captioned. The Newcastle Knights hit the road today, driving to Sydney for their grand final qualifier against the Roosters, who as we saw earlier in the bulletin have been rattled by a new ASADA probe.Tomorrow, the Sea Eagles face South Sydney, who they feel will be under more pressure because they haven't made a grand final since 1971.Try to take every advantage you can. I think they are a more prepared side than last year. They have had the finals experience, they are better for it. It will be a new proposition on Friday night. Like I said, we have a belief that we can win this game, we can go out there and do everything possible.Foran says fatigue won't be a problem for Manly - their patched-up players will go in swinging. Hawthorn is about to hit the training ground for one final time, before Saturday's grand final with Fremantle. Nine's Corey Norris is at Waverley park, Corey how is the atmosphere?You get the idea they are only a couple of days away from the big dams. A look at what is happening behind me. A wet and wild conditions. It has not kept thousands of the faithful away. They have turned out in droves. They will see the players in a fume mistimed hit the training track for the last time before the big game. We are expecting similar conditions, but the fans are confident of they can write the wrong of last season, and taste to the glory.Unbelievable, this weather.They are our team, we are in it.The rain has not stopped you.No way. We will be here.I don't care about the rain.How excited are you?Very!They have one big decision to make, who replaces the injured player. Anderson is the favourite to get the nod. The Dockers, they will touch down at Melbourne at around 9pm. They are not expected to make any changes to the side that defeated Sydney. We are headed for what should be a mouthwatering battle at the MCG. The Wallabies hope they've turned a corner with their narrow win against Argentina. Israel Folau says the team will use the hostile South African crowd as a motivator in Sunday morning's showdown with the Springboks.It has been a good year, so far. In terms of the Wallabies, this is the first international tour with the team. Let us hope we can get off to a good start.The Wallabies admit there's a lot of improvement needed if they are to win in Capetown for the first time since 1993. Brumbies Coach Jake White has walked out on the final two seasons of his contract with the Canberra based club, just months after leading them to the Super Rugby Final. Former Wallaby Stephen Larkham is one of the contenders to take over the role. Sally Fitzgibbons has won the Roxy Pro in France, despite her opponent Tyler Wrights scoring a perfect 10 in the decider. It sets up a winner takes all finale to the world tour. Chasing a dream, Tyler Wright says she doesn't care about scores or judging. She's surfing for fun, and it showed in an all-Aussie final. The 19-year-old scored a perfect 10, trouble is, it wasn't a knock-out blow. Watching over the peaks of four foot waves, Sally Fitzgibbons was determined to break through for the first time this year. And with her combined total of 17.67, she just got the better of Wright.Up she goes. What a feeling that years.Her worst performance so far has been fifth, she's finished second twice, and now at last a win.It was a journey to get to this win. I am very excited. I am stoked to share it with you all. Thank you. Fitzgibbons is now third in the overall standings, with one more stop in Portugal, Wright is set to battle it out for a world title with Hawaii's Carissa Moore. Bence Hamerli Nine News. We have seen the dramatic end to the America's Cup. This morning, the captains steered the team to victory over New Zealand. Incredibly, it is exactly 30 years to the day that Australia family will -- famously won the cup. That anniversary is eating celebrant in Sydney today. You will be joined by all the main players for a real moment in sporting history.Yes. Later on we will be talking to Alan Bond, Bob Hawke, and also with the now, the skipper on the Australian to 30 years ago. It is still spine deeply. Like yesterday. A wonderful moment.I cannot believe that it is 30 years that we were out there, campaigning, winning the America's Cup.The nice thing about it from a larrikin point of view, we love to giving it to the New York yacht club, they were the bluebloods, they seemed to be changing the rules, doing anything to stop you from winning.It was the longest winning streak from -- in sporting history. They held to the cup for more than 100 years. To travel halfway at around the world, to be 12 times as a way, to stick it up them, it was special.You still feel it is today?Absolutely.There is a little bit of joy in this win. There is. It is great to see the Australians do so well on the American team. However, it is not the same, having Australia representing America. There is no Australian team. We would we would love to see Australia challenge, get the talented Australians winning the cup back for Australia. Perhaps you can lead a new challenge?Let us hope so.I cannot say that I can Rembrandt.I can remember it. As thrilling today as it was back then 30 years ago. Still to come, This program is not captioned. Let us look at the National weather.

Let us look at the National

weather. A

weather. A cold

weather. A cold front

weather. A cold front is

weather. A cold front is bringing

weather. A cold front is bringing a burst of storms and strong winds to Victoria and Tasmania. Around the country, a warm and mostly sunny day for Brisbane. High temperatures that. When the conditions expected in Sydney, a top of 30 degrees. Melbourne forecast to hit just 16 degrees. Wendy and 14 in Hobart. 19 is the top in Adelaide. Fine conditions in the NT.


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That is 9's Morning News Hour. We will be back at 3pm with nine use now. Thank you for your company. -- nine News now.

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I appreciate it. Back at you, everybody. Have a seat, everybody. That was one last yelp before you sat down, all at once, ow. Thanks very much for being here. I appreciate all that energy. I send it back to you. How many of you travelled to get here today? (cheering) So no one lives in this studio, OK, all of you travelled. Travel has not changed too much in the last two years. You can drive. You can take a train. You can fly. Someone recently came up with a new way of travel. Have you heard of this hyperloop thing that I'm about to tell you about, anybody, hyperloop? I just heard about it today for the first time. It's a high-speed transportation system that can take you from LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes, and the hyperloop looks like one of those things - those vacuum containers at the bank that you put your money in - instead of putting receipts, you put yourself in there. This is what it looks like. I'll show you a picture of it. Apparently, it just holds three people, and not a lot of room, you kind are of squished in there, and the estimated cost is $6 billion, so that is $2 billion a ticket, I guess, to pay for that. They say it's going to go 760 miles an hour. That is too fast in my opinion. That's the speed of sound. You will get to San Francisco just in time to hear your screams arrive. (laughter) (applause) My question is, why do we need to get to San Francisco in 30 minutes?