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This morning, 30 years on and another Australian claims victory in the America's Cup.On your own, you're nothing. But when you have a team like this around you, they can make you look great. They did all of that today, the whole series. Just so proud of the boys. This Program is Captioned Live. Pakistan's worst earthquake in almost a decade with over 300 dead. An international team investigating the Kenyan mall siege as terrifying scenes from inside the centre emerge. And finals first - Fremantle prepare to fly east for its AFL Grand Final debut. Good morning. You are watching ABC News 24. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Taking a quick look at the weather

Team USA has come from an almost impossible position to retain the America's Cup against New Zealand. The Americans were skippered by Australia's Jimmy Spithill and they crossed the line first in the deciding race on San Francisco Bay in the Francisco Bay to clinch the series 9-8. To get there, they won the last eight races in a row. Spithill was one of the four Australians on row. Spithill was one of four Australians on board Team USA. On your own you're nothing but when you have a team like this around you, they can make you look great. They did all of that today and the whole series. Just so proud of the boys. To be facing the barrel of the gun at 8-1 and what do these guys do? They didn't even flinch. A fantastic team effort.An emotional New Zealand skipper Dean Barker has paid tribute to his team.Really very frustrating. You think back two weeks, the opposite was true. The gains they have made is phenomenal. Credit to those guys. They have done an amazing job to sort their boat out and probably a good thing for us they didn't do it earlier. I'm incredibly proud of our team and what they've achieved. I'm gutted we didn't get the last one we needed to take this Cup back to New Zealand. It's just very hard to swallow.Today's excitement just happens to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Australia's win in the America's Cup. Here are the final wins of the race that nation.COMMENTATOR:
stopped the nation.COMMENTATOR: Shoot up into the wind here. That's what she's doing. She is shooting up into the wind. She has won the Cup!One of the most iconic quotes from the day 30 years ago was from then Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke.Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum! (Cheering)You have to work a bit harder the next day to make up.John Bertrand was the skipper of 'Australia II' in that famous victory back in 1983. He says this morning's victory by Team USA was an incredible fightback.It was huge. From 8-1 down they, phew, I was concerned last night the New Zealanders are sailing against a US juggernaut now, with the technology being ramped up, the boat was going faster and faster after each day. The powerhouse on decision-making on the American boat with Australians in terms of James Spithill, and the strategy Tom Slingsby current Olympic gold medallist out of London, current Olympic gold out of London, and then Ben Easley with a silver and four gold medals in consecutive Olympic Games, so the Kiwis were racing against that as well as the technological might of the USA. We have seen history yet again. The progress of mankind. We were at the leading edge of technology on an international basis with 'Australia II', the way things were developed with the materials we had in those days - we didn't have carbon fibre. These boats sail three times ahead of the wind. They are sailing 30 knots. It doesn't defy physics, it actually happens. In 20 years' time, anything goes. It is the relationship of time with development and I'm not surprised but we have seen incredible racing machines on San Francisco Bay over the last 10 days. It has been an extraordinary demonstration of sailing skills and technology.Liv Casben caught up with some of the 'Australia II' crew who are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their win. I'm here with Peter Costeller. 30 years on, is the It is
victory just as sweet? It is. It is even sweeter to get back with the rest of the must be a lovely time of year
to reminisce. Were you part of the San to the San Francisco celebrations recently too? I was. I was in San Francisco with most - most of the sailing crew were there and quite a few of the rest of the team. That was great.You were below deck at the time. Explain to us your job on the boat.I was called the sewer man because I spent a lot of sails,
time below decks managing the sails, getting them up and down, re-packing them. Pretty dank, wet, not pleasant place, hence the name the sewer.In terms of jubilation, though, you experienced and shared, it didn't matter what function you played, you all played an important role.The whole team was a mosaic, any one part missing would ruin the team. Everything was important. This is a classic case of where the whole was greater than multiple times the sum of the parts.What was it like to come back to Australia and this sense of national pride? Well, everyone was still pretty euphoric about it. I came back maybe three weeks after the event, so a lot of the euphoria had died down. But people wanted your attention. So I spent a lot of time going to events, talking to people about the event itself and almost reliving the America's Cup for about two or three months afterwards. After that I left, went back to the US and basically the whole thing eraprated for - evaporate ed for me.Each year, you savour it? Not each year, I live a long way from the team. We had 2001, the recent reunion in San Francisco, they happen far too infrequently. I'd like to see us get together at least every five years, not every 10 or so years.The celebrations happening around this event are nice to reminisce, but does it show you just how importantly Australians took the event at the time? We weren't at the time. We were when we got back. It was inkrege lus to most of us the whole country embraced the event and when you think about it and a lot of people have commented on it since then, so it is a little bit of rewriting history but Australia was at a place in time where they needed an event like that to really lift the country spirits.It did.And it did. The celebrations were fantastic. My mother and father who live in Ipswich, Queensland, were getting called by the press for interviews. Nothing like that happened before. That gave you an idea of the extent to which there was interest in the event and the people involved in the event.Alan Bond and former join
Prime Minister Bob Hawke will join a discussion panel in Sydney today. We will bring it to you live and in full from 2:30 Eastern here on ABC News 24.

Greens leader Christine Milne says her leadership is not in doubt after six of her senior staff quit. One of them is chief of staff Ben Oquist who blamed fundamental differences of opinion over strategy. But Senator Milne says their differences were only about office matters. A few days ago, Senator Milne and deputy Greens leader Adam Bandt were re-instated unopposed mandatory leadership re-instated unopposed during a panic or nothing to be concerned about. This is pretty normal concerned about. normal for political officers. If you have a look in the Labor Party and the Coalition, you would be seeing people restructuring their offices all around. I think the differences were more about how we ran the office. I have a view about a fairly flat administrative structure. I think Ben had a view it should be more hierarchal.Lawyers for Jill Meagher's killer Adrian Ernest Bayley will face the Victorian Court of Appeal today in a bid to reduce his sentence. 41-year-old Bayley is krfing a min - serving a minimum 35 years in jail for the rape and murder of the 29-year-old woman in Melbourne last year. In sentencing, Justice Jeffrey Nettle said he had committed one of the worst crimes conceivable. Reporter Sarah Farnsworth has more from outside the court. All we know for sure is his lawyers, his defence counsel, have made submissions to the Court of appeal to reduce his 35-year minimum term he received in June. We have some indication as to what points they will be making out in court today. It has been reported they are going to focus on what they believe were errors in law made by the judge when he sentenced Bayley. In particular it was the statement you just read out there, that the killing of Jill Meagher was one of the worst kinds conceivable. The judge also stated to Bayley that believed he killed Jill Meagher because she would have gone to police about the rape and, as the judge said, and/or because he derived some kind of he derived some perverted pleasure from hurting women. These we believe are some of the points that his lawyers are going to focus on today. They are going to argue before a three-judge bench that the judge wasn't open to drawing those conclusions. We ground
have heard also that a further ground of appeal has been lodged with the court and we are likely to hear details of that later on this morning. A soldier has been speaking out about the attack by a Taliban insider that killed three of his colleagues in Afghanistan last year. A Defence report has found serious mistakes were made that day which left the diggers unprotected.We kind of - bit unsure of like - I wasn't sure where it was coming from. It was too close, just felt like crazy fireworks next to your head kind of thing. So that's happened and we've all kind of taken cover, trying to find our feet, trying to find where it is coming from. Then he has opened up again, you get your grounding and find out where he has fired from and he has taken off. We have come to and the boys - couple of boys pretty hurt we jumped to it and tried to help them out. We were switching off, we were ready to sleep, we were in PT gear ready for bed basically, get a good night's sleep the next day, not going to sleep in body armour and helmet. That close, your helmet will not stop a round, you know what I mean? Pretty frustrating they knew more than what they are telling us, we shouldn't have been there. We do what we are told. The threat is there obviously. You never really think that's going to happen to you.Survivors of an earthquake in Pakistan are struggling to find shelter and food as they wait for help. More than 300 people have lost their lives, hundreds of others have been injured. This is what a 7.7 magnitude earthquake will do to a village. Flatten houses and kill hundreds of people. The earthquake hit the largest but least populated province in Pakistan Baluchistan. For survivors, the horror is not over yet.TRANSLATION: house with three beds. The
house collapsed when the yet.TRANSLATION: I had a
house with three earthquake struck. I house collapsed earthquake struck. I was in my room and my children were in another room and my children were another room. Now I don't know where my wife and children are, whether they are alive or dead, I don't know where they are.More than 300,000 people have been affected over a total of six districts. Officials say 90% of houses have been destroyed.TRANSLATION: It all happened within a minute. Everything was destroyed. When we went back, even the little place where we kept water was gone.TRANSLATION: We took out some bodies and some injured but there are no facilities here.A state of emergency has been declared in Awaran and nearby areas. The military has launched a massive relief operation but the mountainous terrain and loss of communications is hampering rescue efforts.TRANSLATION: We have started relief work and some of our teams have already reached the affected areas. More health centres have been established.The province of Baluchistan is extremely poor. Most people live in mud homes and officials are worried many more people are still trapped under the rubble.Troops in Kenya are working their way through the wreckage of the Westgate mall looking for more bodies. An international team of experts is searching the mall for clues but it is expected to be some time before answers are given to the public. 67 people are known to have died in this week's massacre but dozens more are still missing.Startle ing new footage from the first day of the attack. Lying in the centre, a plain clothed policeman. On the left, a mother and her two children. They are only playing dead. They are scared to move an inch. The policeman crawls over and persuades the traumatised family to run while they still can. Today Nairobi's Westgate Mall remains sealed off. Inside the ruins, soldiers have finished checking for booby traps, allowing forensic experts in to try to identify the bodies left there.Among the things going on now are fingerprinting, DNA identification, ballistic examinations. We expect that the exercise of forensic audit will take not less than seven days.Meanwhile, many people are still searching the mortuaries here for relatives. There is still confusion and uncertainty, fuelled by Somalia's militants Al Shabaab who claim today more than 100 civilians had died. More footage of the attack has now emerged. Civilians being rescued here. Six Britons are known to have died but there are unconfirmed reports more may have been trapped inside.This is not only an atrocity that threatens Kenya, it is for all of us. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Kenyans. We are here to work closely with Kenyan authorities as well as our efforts to support British nationals involved.Today Kenya is starting three days of national mourning, some marking it by donating blood for the injured. The mood here pencive.We have a lot of questions. We have not been able to get answers really.What the President said is this is a global problem, it is not just a Kenyan problem and it is up to everybody to remain vigilant.There are still some fundamental questions to be answered here. What is the final death toll? What happened to all the hostages? How many gunmen were there? Why did it take so long to end this siege? In the meantime, another funeral this afternoon. This for a boy and his afternoon. This for his grandmother. As afternoon. This for a boy his grandmother. As Kenya
mourns, his grandmother. As mourns, the investigations move slowly forward here.Telstra is axing more than 1,000 jobs across the country as part of a major restructure. The telco is cutting staff from its operations team including fixed network technicians, customer service workers and media relations staff. Telstra says it is shifting its focus to online services for businesses and the NBN. It says no jobs are being sent offshore. Australian researchers have made a major breakthrough in the understanding of motor neurone disease. They have now discovered how toxins contained in blue-green algae damaged the central nervous system leading to the devastating condition. Dr Rachel Dunlop is from the University of Technology in Sydney. She explained that clinical trials have started using the research to help find a treatment for the condition.It is a terrible disorder. It comes on quickly. Mostly in men and at the peak of their lives, when around their 40s. From the time of diagnosis to death is about three years. of diagnosis to death is three years. It doesn't affect your brain function. People may be aware Stephen Hawking has motor neurone disease. It affects your ability to move, breathe, swallow, speak, effectively you are watching yourself die which is a horrible thing for someone to see. I have spoken to patients, I have been with people who have this disease and my overwhelming aim with this work is to find a cure or at least something that can slow disorder because it is such a horrible thing for people to have.The Australian Defence Force is trying to recruit more women and improve the way they are treated. That includes getting more girls to consider a Defence career by showing them exactly what life in the military is like. These girls are being measured up to see if they'll fit into a new life. The Defence Force wants to students
encourage female high school students to consider a military career by offering them a taste of life on base.Our research indicates that a lot of girls don't generally care Air Force and - consider air Force as a possibility because they don't believe they can do it.The young women are attending the RAAF's first flight camp at the have
a.m. berl base.The young women have been told they will be supported throughout their careers.I think gender, race, any religion will be treated with equal respect. Everything is expected in a workplace.Ting Ting Luo is still making up her mind about a Defence Force career but recent scandals haven't damaged her trust in the military about how it treats women. I don't see it as an issue, I embrace it as an opportunity rather than hindrance to what I am doing in the military. 17-year-old Syenne Young has already joined after spending time as an air cadet. She will begin officer training in Canberra next year, unfazed by the negative publicity.In the squadron back at home, there is five or so girls for 20 guys but you are not treated differently. A lot of the time it is the girls who do better in the activity.A government review found there was a lack of women in leadership roles but the RAAF says there are few positions women occupy. The most notable is positions women are yet to occupy. The most notable that of fast-jet pilot.We are providing more opportunity, we are encouraging providing more are encouraging more women to give it a go but not give standards to try to increase give it a go but the numbers.The Army and Navy are also running camps for young women and the Air Force is running a separate camp for its technical roles. A new way to get women on Time for sport with Adam Stephen. Team USA a seemingly impossible win in the America's Cup? I reckon there is a Hollywood movie in this Miracle worker and Lazarus are two terms being used to describe the Australian skipper of the victorious team. The Americans came back from a seemingly unassailable position of 8 to 1 to retain the Cup earlier this morning. Skipper Jimmy Spithill and three other Aussie crew members were part of the team that dashed New Zealand's hopes. Spithill put the win down to unflinching determination.On your own you're nothing but when you have a team like this around you, they can make you look great. They did all of that today and the whole series. Just so proud of the boys. To be facing a barrel of a gun at 8-1, what do these guys do? They didn't even flin flinch. Just a fantastic team effort.The Sydney Roosters have been implicated in the drugs in sports saga after a newspaper report claims six players tested positive for human growth hor main. A Fairfax Media story claims the Roosters sacked a sports nutrition company after learning returned tests with el brated level - elevated levels of the substance. level - elevated levels of substance. The firm was hired last year to help substance. The firm was last year to help with detox levels. During this period tests were taken. According to the Roosters, these tests happened without consent. A trio was re-tested by the Roosters and levels back to normal. The report also claims the players' blood test results were found on the phone of an organised crime figure after it was seized by law enforcement officers.To the AFL, the Fremantle Dockers are expected to name an unchanged team for this afternoon when they head to Melbourne for Saturday's AFL Grand Final against Hawthorn. The Dockers say they are likely to take a 25-man squad to Melbourne. Chris Maine, Luke McPharlin and Michael Johnson will play de spate missing - despite missing training earlier in the week. Hawthorn has been forced to deny rumours Alistair Clarkson is considering a move to West Coast. It is an unwelcome distraction for the Hawks with Clarkson preparing for the club's big one on Saturday. The Eagles are searching for a new coach after John Worsfold quit this month. Clarkson is the lead's longest serving coach and led the Hawks to the 2008 premiership. Thousands of Hawthorn fans will head to today's final training session. In rugby, Steve Larkham has emerged as front runner to take over the Brumbies as Jake White walked out. White told the miss
Brumbies he was disappointed to miss oubt out on the Wallabies job and wanted to spend more time with his family in South Africa. White sought the release on Friday and it was granted last night. A new Brumbies coach will be named soon. In cycling, Tony Martin continues to dominate the world road race championships in Italy. - we are going to leave sport to go to a news conference with Tony Abbott who is speaking in Melbourne.... and his team for making me and Alan Tudge my Parliamentary Secretary and local member so welcome. It is great to be in the electorate of Astin. In the recent election there was a swing of some 7% to Alan Tudge and the Coalition and that obviously is a credit to his work as a local member as well as obviously a strong endorsement of the policies that the Coalition did take to the recent election.Australia is under new management. We are open for business. There is confidence returning to our economy as the government calmly, steadily, purposefully implements the policies took to the election implements the policies that we took to the election and that
we believe will took to the election we believe will build we believe will build a stronger economy for a safe and secure Australia. In particular, we are moving swiftly to abolish the carbon tax to get the budget back under control, to stop the boats and to build the roads of the 21st century and for a business like this here in outer metropolitan Melbourne, the carbon tax will go which will reduce power bills and gas bills. The company tax will come down. Red tape will come down and the East-West Link will be built. So all this is good news for the businesses, for the workers and for the families of outer metropolitan Melbourne who will be very much at the heart of the new government's concerns. I do want to assure the people of Melbourne, Victoria and Australia that the new government is hard at work for them. We are not rushing things, but we are getting things done. Very soon people will start to notice more and more differences thanks to the on
work of this government. Later on today I will be making official the appointment of Maurice Newman as chairman of the Prime Minister's business advisory council because the new government understands, in a way that our predecessor did not, that you cannot have a cohesive society without a strong economy and you cannot have a strong economy without strong and profitable private businesses. That's why it is very important that I am constantly alerted to issues with business and that is what the Prime Minister's advisory council will do. I will ask Alan Tudge to say a few words and then I will take some questions.Thank you very much Prime Minister and, firstly, can I thank you for visiting the electorate Astin as your first visit to Victoria since becoming Prime Astin as your Minister. Can I also thank Greg Minister. Pearce for generously hosting us here today and letting us see your terrific business here. Prime Minister, as I have been going around my electorate over the last two or three week, you notice there is an uptake in business confidence and businesses are telling me that. They are doing so because they know the carbon tax will be coming offer, company tax will be lower. Furthermore they know money will not be wasted in the future under this government. That is very pleasing to hear and it is very pleasing you have been here to visit this business and this electorate today, so thank you for that.REPORTER: You have summit in
referenced gas price, the summit in Sydney today looking at gas, what do you should be done by the States to bring on supply of gas? It is important we respect our environment, it is important that we represent the rights of farmers to have reasonable control over who accesses their properties but it is also very important we get the gas we need to keep our economy strong. I'm pleased this gas summit is taking place in Sydney today. I am confident that we will move forward in a way which respects the rights of farmers which protects our magnificent environment, but which does give Australians, particularly people in NSW, the gas they need in order to keep manufacturing strong in this country of ours.Are they getting the balance right at the moment? There is little doubt that we have done better in Queensland. The Newman government seems to have been very good at ensuring that land-holders are reasonably content with the arrangements that have been entered into for gas extraction on their property. The important thing is to get the balance right and I am confident that that's exactly why the O'Farrell government is having this conference in Sydney today. I have a strong relationship with Barry O'Farrell. I think he is doing an excellent job and I think this conference on gas supplies for NSW and our country more generally is an important part of that.How are you going force Indonesia to comply with your boats policy? Well, it is not a question of forcing anyone. It is a question of working very cooperatively and constructively with our neighbours to ensure that this terrible problem, not just for us but for our region, is addressed and stopped. The important thing to remember is that Australia has a very good relationship with Indonesia. We have in the past worked very constructively together to this constructively together to stop
this problem. We are, even now, working very well together with working very the Indonesian s working very well together the Indonesian s but we can do better in the future ...They have already said no to your policies though.... we absolutely respect Indonesia's sovereignty and would never do or propose anything contrary to that.They say you have by saying you will tow back boats and buy back boats in Indonesia, you are threatening their sovereignty? I'm not sure that's the case.REPORTER: Prime Minister, do you trust your own ministry? If so, why do they have to clear themselves through your office before they speak publicly? I am very proud of my team. I have an excellent team. This is a very strong government. It was a strong and effective Opposition. It's already moving decisively to be a strong and effective government. We will be a consultative and collegial government. We will be consultative and collegial internally as well as externally. That's why it is important we continue in government the sorts of arrangements we had in Opposition.Consultative, does that mean they have to consult you before they speak publicly? It is very important that the Government speaks with a united
voice. It is very important that voice. It is very that the government responds coheesively and consistently to the various coheesively the various issues of the day and, in Opposition, before my senior colleagues did media, they normally called in with my office. It was a very good arrangement in Opposition, it is a very good arrangement in government and it is one my colleagues have always been happy to comply with.Are you concerned money flowing out of self-managed super funds into bubble?
property will be some sort of bubble? I am always concerned we try to ensure we have a strong superannuation system. I believe we have a good superannuation system. That's not to say it can't be further improved and the assurance that I give the super anents and the superannuation savers of Australia is there has been no adverse changes to their superannuation arrangements under this government.Is this Reserve Bank warning you action potentially needs to be taken to take the heat out of the housing sector? Will you not heed the warning? It is not a bad thing to see reasonable buoyancy in our economy. It is not a bad thing at all. It is a good thing to see reasonable buoyancy in our economy but I don't think anyone should rush to the conclusion that there is too much ex ub rans in our economy at this time. If anything, we could see more ex ub rans in many sectors of the economy, particularly manufacturing, but the good thing about a business like this, is this particular business notwithstanding all of the difficulties of foreign competition, notwithstanding all of the costs which have been associated with doing business in this country, it is confident, it is looking to the future to expand and I think it is that can-do, have a go spirit which is going to stand Australian manufacturing in good stead in the years to come.Do you reconcile change comments (Inaudible).The important
thing is we try to

thing superannuation system working as well as thing is we try to ensure the
superannuation system working as well as it can, that there working as well as it can, there is no discrimination between different forms of
superannuation but we gave that
clear pre-election commitment that there would be no adverse changes to people's superannuations and that's a commitment obviously we stand by.(Inaudible Question) - does against
a centralised approach go against the public's right to know ...I'm very keen to see ministers in the new government active in their portfolios. I'm very pleased to see my ministers have been active in their portfolios from day one. Scott Morrison has moved swiftly to establish Operation Operation Sovereign Borders. Malcolm Turnbull has moved National Broadband
swiftly to put our stamp on the National Broadband Network. Greg Hunt has moved swiftly to wind down the bloated climate change brok brok racy we inherited from the former government. All of my ministers are moving swiftly to put the new Government's stamp on the affairs of the nation. That's a very, very good thing and obviously when there is something to be said, it will be said. I don't think a day has gone by since the election, certainly since the swearing in, when there haven't been ministers making important announcements.Six of Christine Milne's senior staff have walked out on her, do you think her leadership is in crisis? I'm going to try to make it a rule to be very sparing in my comments on other political parties. Obviously where another political party is making a commitment or embracing a policy which is bad for the country, I might have something to say about that policy but I'm certainly not going to offer commentary on staff developments inside the office of a minor party leader.Have you had any briefing on the IPCC's report? If so, do you think it shows rising temperatures may slow? Obviously I have read a great deal of media Obviously I have deal of media speculation about this report. As I understand it, the this report. As I it, the report is yet to it, the report is yet to be made public. Obvious I will when the report is made public, it will be appropriately studied by the Australian government and there will be appropriate briefings to appropriate briefings people.Is the Coalition considering bringing back a cap on university places? It is interesting that pre-election we had people like Senator Carr, the then minister, question whether the ab bigs of the cap - abolition of the cap hadn't compromised quality at some of our universities. We are looking at this issue. The important thing is to ensure we maximise access to universities while at the same time maintaining and, wherever possible, improving their quality. That's why we are looking at this issue but what we aren't going to do is compromise the commitments that we took to the people at the recent election.Will you scrap the student services fee? When the former government moved to re-impose compulsory student unionism, we obviously opposed it. I have to say that there is a lot on our plate. We are going to be a very busy and active government over the next few years and this is not a priority for us and we have no plans for change in this area at this time.On superannuation, would you consider removing ability of self-managed super funds to borrow to buy property ....I'm not going to speculate on these subjects. What we said was there would be no adverse changes to superannuation under an incoming Coalition government. That is a commitment we stand by as we do stand by all of our pre-election commitments. What we are doing now is calmly, steadily, purposefully moving to implement our commitments and obviously, as situations develop, we will respond as best we can to them but, in keeping with the values, the principles and the commitments which we took to the Australian people before the election.Have you set a date for the first Parliamentary sitting? The date will be announced shortly. As I have said before, it is important that there be a very full legislative agenda for the Parliament to consider. The last thing I want to do is bring the Parliament back prematurely for a photo opportunity. That was the style of our predecessors. It certainly won't be the style of the incoming government. When there is something to say, we will say it. When there is something to do, we will do it. But we certainly won't engaging But we certainly won't be
engaging in grandstanding. We engaging in certainly won't be practising spin over certainly won't one of the things that got the one of former government diabolical trouble and that's one of the diabolical trouble and one of the lessons my
colleagues and I have well and truly learned.What is your relationship like with Clive Palmer? Look, he is a significant figure in a minor political party and again I'm not going to run a commentary on minor political parties.You will have to negotiate with him to get things through the Senate, how do you get on? I will treat all members of Parliament with courtesy and respect. I dare say some of them will be easier to work with than others but I'm certainly going to give every one of them the benefit of the doubt and I'm going to give every one of them the opportunity to work constructivity with the new - constructively with the new government.If Mr Palmer wants more staff, will you give them to him? I am not going to conduct discussions with anyone through the media. If he has a request to make, he is welcome to make it and it will be dealt with in an orderly, sensible, prudent and frugal way by the incoming government because this is the approach we want to take to everything. I want the Australian people to understand that the new government is quite different from the government that it's replaced. We will be an orderly, prudent, responsible government which deals with the Australian people in a candid, collegial and consultative way. That's how we intend to go on. That's how I believe we have started. Thank you.Will you continue with photo opportunities ....That was the Prime Minister Tony Abbott in his first visit to Victoria since becoming Prime Minister. We will cross to Melissa Clarke in Canberra. Obviously a lot there in the Prime Minister's first press conference in Victoria but what were the main points? It was a short press conference. We are not hearing a great volume from Tony Abbott but he had a couple of key points. He was wanting to point to the Coalition's continuing work when it comes to efforts to repeal the carbon tax, that's why he was at this detergent and cleaning products factory in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs to talk about the benefits that would have for companies like that. A couple of things to note from this press conference. He was keen to point out the difference in approach he is taking as Prime Minister and with his ministers saying the Government is certainly hard at work but they are waiting until they have say the legislation in place before recalling Parliament, they are waiting until they have something to say before appearances. He made reference to wanting to have a cohee yernt approach across the government, that's why his ministers have to check in with his office before they do any media interviews or holding press conferences. Tony Abbott trying to explain why this has been a government with not a great deal to say in the first two weeks of existence, despite promises of urgent action in the aftermath of the election we heard from the Coalition during the election campaign. A couple of other things we saw from Tony Abbott in that press conference worth noting. He ruled out a lot of changes that have come up in speculation in the last week or so when it comes to tertiary education. He was quick to say although they don't like the student amentities fees, it is not a priority, they are not looking to change it. Likewise superannuation changes although there are warnings about the treatment of property changes and property assets in super and concerns, that he had promised not to make changes and they won't be. Tony Abbott looking to dampen down some of the queries that have come about in those areas. Interestingly in part because the ministers haven't given - haven't been able to have perhaps as much wide-ranging brief to speak on those topics as we might have expected.On the other side of politics, the focus still on the leadership of the Labor Party and also on party reform? That's right. We still have the two leadership candidates, Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese, out meetings with Labor members around Anthony Albanese, out having
meetings with around the country so meetings with Labor members around the country so we have seen Bill Shorten around the country seen Bill Shorten in Melbourne recently, he is still there today giving radio interviews recently, he is still there. We have had Anthony Albanese who will Albanese who will be addressing Labor members in the ACT this evening. They are still trying to get as much of the rank and file vote as possible. But we have seen an internal focus just on the leadership but also party reform. It is not just new processes that they are exploring with this new method of selecting Parliamentary Labor leader with a joint caucus and rank and file vote but Bill Shorten is also suggesting that there needs to be reform to the way people are appointed to Senate vacancies about which there has been much speculation - the speculation is rife that Bob Carr, the Senator for NSW and Foreign Affairs Minister, might not want to see out his term. Bill Shorten was saying on local radio in Melbourne this morning he wants to see reform in this electoral area too.If you live in the bush, or if you are a small business person, you mightn't have the time to work up a large block of central votes and yet, really,
we need that diversity in our we need Parliament. I don't have the answer on how to resolve how we expand our constituencies and candidates in terms of the Senate but I am prepared to say working with the party, we need to find a way people who would like to make a contribution to Parliamentary Labor life don't feel excluded because of where they live or the occupation they have.That has largely come about because there has already been two Labor MPs who weren't successful in re-election earlier this month, Mike Kelly and Deb O'Neill who have both said they would be interested in filling in a Senate vacancy if Bob Carr does stand aside but that hasn't happened yet.Thank you.

Celebrations are continuing in San Francisco. It is nearly 7 in the evening there now. After James Spithill sailed Team USA to victory in the America's Cup. New Zealand had been enjoying an 8-1 lead before Spithill's team won the next eight races in an extraordinary sporting comeback to retain the Cup. James Spithill says his team showed a lot of heart to come from behind. Tom Spithill is Jimmy Spithill's brother and he told us earlier how special this moment is.Mate, words cannot express. Today just getting here and seeing it - I missed out on the moment in Valencia, it is a pretty special moment, and yeah, mate, the way he handled all the pressure, you know, and the media at times and the come back - it is great to be here, part of history.REPORTER: We know can
James Spithill as a fighter, can you tell us from a family perspective growing up with him, how competitive is this guy? Absolutely. He will race you anywhere. We were racing to the car to get to the front seat. He never switches off in that sort of department. You can't play a family game with him because he goes too far. He is super, super competitive.We is super, are going to cross live are going to cross live to waiverly Park in Melbourne where the Hawks are in their last training session before Saturday's AFL Grand Final. We are joined from there by Kelli Underwood. Good morning, what's going on behind you? Well, Melbourne has turned on some typical footy weather. It is cold, wet and windy but it hasn't stopped thousands of footy fans making the most of the Victorian school holidays and heading out here to wish the players the best of luck ahead of Saturday's Grand Final. This will be the players' final training run. There is a real sense of excitement. As you can see, a party atmosphere behind me already. A stage set up, a couple of players might be introduced and have a chat to the supporters shortly. The players are due out at midday for their final training session. They will have a light run and then, after that of course, it is all about resting up and preparing for Saturday's Grand Final. The coaches will get together, have their final team meeting, selection team meeting of the year where they will pick the team which is released later tonight. Hawthorn will be forced to make at least change with Brendan White and Partners suffering a serious knee injury. One lucky Hawthorn player will be tapped on the shoulder at some stage today and told they will be included into the final 22 for this Grand Final.You mentioned the weather there, the Dockers Obviously
are flying in from Fremantle. Obviously used to warmer weather. Are fans thinking you will have it in the bag because you are essentially on home turf? You are right, there is a purple haze wafting from the west as we speak and thousands of fans jumping off planes and buses. We know the players arrive at 8:30 tonight. That's arrive when it will sink in this game is not too far away. Having said that, Hawthorn is not a great wet weather side. They played Richmond earlier this year, led at half time, then the rain came and they lost. The wet weather conditions will suit the Dockers' style of play, they have the strong defensive style, play almost with a frenzied pressure they apply. That will suit Ross Lyon's game plan heading in. A maximum of 16 has been forecast, some showers, although the Weather Bureau says it will feel like 9 weather
degrees. Typical Melbourne weather for the 2013 Grand Final.Only 10 minutes before they run out for the final training session. Overseas now and more than 300 people are dead after a powerful earthquake in south-western Pakistan. The tremor flattened entire villages if remote areas, making it difficult for doctors and aid workers to care for survivors. Villages of brick and mud homes were shaken to ruins within seconds. Hundreds of people died, survivors camped in the open and local hospitals kept patients outside for fear of this
aftershocks. Earthquakes in this remote region of Pakistan are not unusual but this one was major, 7.7 on the Richter scale.TRANSLATION: The house collapsed when the earthquake struck. I was in my room, and my children were in another room. Now I don't know where my wife and children are. If they are alive or dead, I don't know where they are.The epicentre was in the district of Awaran in Pakistan's largest and emptiest province. The earthquake was powerful enough to create a brand new island just off the coast. People flocked to see it, a rare but not unknown phenomenon, the product of one of hundreds of undersea mud voon volcanos along this coast. The island will quickly erode. Seismologyists suggest that could happen within months. Inland, Pakistan's army drafted in troops to help with the rescue but a local insurgency could make the operation harder rm officials are appealing for more tents, medicines and food. Local hospitals have been overwhelmed and the scale of the disaster is still emerging.Kenya has declared three days of mourning after the deadly siege in Nairobi finally came to an people have been killed during that four-day assault by Islamist gunmen on a shopping centre. The Kenyan interior minister says while there are reports a woman was involved in the terrorist act, forensic teams will ultimately establish the facts. We have begun the exercise of addressing the forensic effort to determine whether there is still any bodies holed up there. We are convinced that there will be significant, if any, bodies still holed up there except for has
the terrorists.Typhoon Usagi has wreaked havoc in southern China killing at least 29 people and destroying thousands of homes and crops. Around 300,000 people have been relocated since the typhoon made landfall in Guangdong province on Sunday. The typhoon was the strongest to hit the Western Pacific this year. Before it hit China, Usagi lash ed Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines where it killed around 30 people, brought down powerlines and triggered massive land slides. It killed 24 people in central Vietnam and at least 30 people in the northern Philippines have been killed by floods and land slides which were triggered by

in the US a tropical storm. in the US say the man responsible for the Washington navy yard massacre believed he was being controlled was being controlled by electro magnetic waves. The FBI magnetic waves. The FBI has released security vision of Aaron Alexis prowling the halls of the complex with a shotgun in hands as he hunts for victims. Investigators don't believe Alexis was targeting specific individuals during his rampage which left 12 people dead. Agents also say the shooter's gun had an etched reference to extremely low frequency or ELF electro magnetic waves and they recovered electronic evidence where the 34-year-old had written ultra low frequency attack is what I have been subject to for the last three months and that is what has driven me. Lawyers acting for will
the man who killed Jill Meagher will reduce return to court to reduce his sentence. Adrian Ernest Bayley was given a non-parole period of 35 years. The sentencing judge said he had committed one of the worst crimes conceivable. Alicia Barry joins us with an update from the The Australian share market has been tracking losses on Wall Street today. The All Ordinaries Index is currently down around a 10th of a per cent as is the ASX 200 index. Most of the mining stocks are rising. Rio Tinto up around 1.7%. The Commonwealth Bank is the best of the big four banks.

The association representing The self-managed super funds the funds are distorting property markets. The assistant treasurer Arthur Sinodinos is being reported as saying the funds are creating an unlevel playing field in the sector and the RBA and APRA have both raised concerns the super funds are investing too heavily in housing and inflating housing. The professional association says the concerns are overblown as the proportion of property loans taken out by the sector is actually quite low. Now for a look at the weather across the country - More than 1500 homes in Adelaide's eastern suburbs remain without power after near gale force winds hit the State overnight. Emergency services have responded to about 100 calls for mainly tree-related storm damage. The highest wind gust of 100 km/h was recorded at Edinburgh airport. The State Emergency Service State duty officer Bob Stevenson says trees are still blocking the roads. Stand by for the latest from the markets and more coverage of the day's top stories. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Thanks foryour company. Captions by CSI Australia

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America's Cup will stay in America! America's Cup will stay America! Dd - Team USA completes one of sport's greatest comebacks.

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Lawyers for Adrian Bayley fight to reduce the sentence Meagher.
imposed for the murder of Jill Meagher. A spectacular missing link . Scientists in awe at the discovery of a 400 million-year-old fish face. And - if the shoe fits. The image makeover aimed at attracting more women into the force.Gender, race, any religion will be treated with equal respect. Everything that's expected in a work place.

The United States is celebrating a famous America's Cup victory over Team New