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This program is captioned live. Waiting for the axe - Telstra workers set to find out who is in the firing line as 1,100 jobs go. NRL drug cheat, Sandor Earl, confesses all in an exclusive interview and now the Roosters are in the frame as questions are asked about the minor premiers. We check out the incredible car that keeps teens safe on the road. Does this woman really need $17,000 worth of plastic surgery to make her lock beautiful? That is what doctors told her. We will find out why. On the run - Justin Timberlake teams up with Ben Affleck for a thriller on the big screen. Looks good. Remember this?Any employee who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum. (CHEERING) We reunite the warring captains live on air. Play it! (Sings) # And he said # Do you come from a land Down Under # Oh yeah # Where women glow and men thunder # Can you hear # Did you hear the thunder #Good morning to everyone across this wonderful nation of ours. It is one of those moments when the hand goes down to the knee.It is a bit.30 years on, happy birthday, Australia. It is a high-slapping day today.30 years since we took the America's Cup and showed the world we were capable of so much more. We will relieve every single second of every single race. Seven hours of sailing is coming at you.We will even tell you where that famous jacket is that 'Big Brother' hawk put on that morning. It is iconic. We will tell u.Do you know where it is?I do. I do.Where?You will have to wait. We have gone looking for it. You sit exactly where you are.We do have the two captains. That is huge.They will be reunited live on TV. As well as the jacket, we have the two skippers A great day.We will find out if New Zealand can do what Australia did all of those years ago. What are the chances?Or Australia can do what we de did all of those years ago. It is D-day if you are into 158 sailing. Wonderful.Good morning to you. After all of that, it is Thursday, 26 September. Let's see what the weather is doing outside of your window right now.

Plenty of ther news going on, too. Now to Deb Knight. Good morning. Good morning. After flagging mass sackings via email yesterday, Telstra will today confirm the worst fears of 1,100 workers. Despite posting a $3p9 billion profit the telco will axe positions across five states and territories. For more, we are joined by Today reporter Christine Ahern in Melbourne. Chris, when will the affected workers know they have been sacked?Well, Telstra bosses will be meeting with staff representatives here at Telstra HQ later today. After that, you would think that worker also have a fairly good idea of just whose job will go as a result of these massive cuts. It would have been a terrible night for hundreds of workers after Telstra announced via email they were shedding 3% of their workforce so 1,100 jobs to go. Most of those job loss also occur in Telstra operations, so fixed line phone technicians in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT. Also hit hard will be those customer support workers and also those in media operations. Now, Telstra says these reductions will help the company expand in other areas and that they are experiencing a reduction in roles as a result of changing technologies. But that simply doesn't wash with the unions who are outraged by this decision. Take a listen.What has been the case in Telstra for probably the last three or four years, there has been a constant bleeding of jobs, particularly out of the technical areas. It is not good enough to be sending jobs offshore and sacking people day in and day out. We want jobs in Australia.These cuts are expected to occur between now and June. Tell yesterday wasn't able to rule out even further cuts down the track.OK, Chris. We will watch for how it unfolds. Thank you. Temperatures are set to soar across South-East Queensland today. A severe fire warning is in place with low humanity, low temperatures and gusty winds forecast. The mercury is expected to hit the high 30s and many areas are on track to record their hottest September day. There is relieve on the way, though, with the heat predicted to shift north from tomorrow. At a total -- and a total fire ban has been declared for Sydney and six of the ther regions in NSW today. An extremely fire danger has been declared for the hunter on the state's mid-north coast. Gusty winds are expected with winds expected to peak up to 95km/h. NRL player Sandor Earl has broken his silence, speaking ex clues sievely to channel -- exclusively to channel nine admitting using and trafficking drugs. He said that he was misled andOverTo trust Jeff Daniels. Danilo took the 24-year- old to a doctor who injected him with a performance-enhancing drugs. I didn't know what to expect, to be independence. I wasn't really told what to -- Dank took the 24-year- old to a doctor who injected him with performance-enhancing drugs. I didn't know what to expect. I describe it like more phone. I felt a bit sick and almost sleepy. Dank told me he was employed there for a supplement program and that he had full reign. He seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot.You would have left there knowing that whatever was being administered to whoever he was treating? The future?You know it is peptides. You would have to say sume he was doing the same thing as Essendon. And viewers in NSW and Queensland can watch the full interview with Karl on the NRL Footy Suit tonight at 8:30. Meantime, the ASADA investigation no rugby league is widening with reports this morning that players at the Sydney Roosters have tested positive for the banned substance Human Growth Hormone. For more, let's cross to Today reporter Natalia Cooper. Natalia, what are these allegations? What do they involve?Deb, the Roosters' finals campaign has definitely been rocked by these front-page allegations. They are preparing for their Preliminary Final in just two days' time. The allegations came on the front page of the Todd Herremans and the -- her her and that the Roosters employed a scientist. They wanted him to put the players through a detox. He did extensive blood profileing on the players and some of this testing, the Roosters say, was unauthorised. They were very unhappy about it so they sacked him. The testing showed high levels of Human Growth Hormone in several players. Now, this could be naturally occurring, but the disTurking thing with this is those results were then found on the phone of an organised crime figure, so the big question today is how and why those results ended up on that phone?A lot more on this story to come. Natalia, thank you. Two Australian protesters have spent another night under heavy guard at a Russian detention facility. They were arrested earlier in the week after hanging a large banner on a Russian oil rig in the Arctic. Alex Harris and Colin Russell were part of a Greenpeace protest group made up of 30 activists from 18 different countries. Their ship was seized by the Russian coastguard. The group filmed the entire ordeal.We are a peaceful voyage in order to protest to stop the threat to the planet. We are here in order to make the world a better place.The group should know this morning When they will be charged. Local authorities have already indicated they want to prosecute them on piracy offences. Jill Meagher's killer, Adrian Bayley, will this morning apply for leave to appeal his life sentence for her brutal rape and murder. The 41-year-old was ordered to spend the rest of his lift behind bars in June with the minimum term of 35 years. He had previously pleaded guilty to attacking and killing the 29-year-old in a Melbourne laneway. Bayley reportedly appeals to -- plans to appeal the length of his sentence. A mother and her two children have been forced to flow their burning home in Sydney' west. The fire broke out at the Glendenning property just after 9:00 last night. Frpbt fortunately, the neighbour had managed to evacuate the residents. Firefightering operations were undertaken, restricting the damage to the rear section of the house. The cause of the blaze is not yet known. Repeat juvnoil offenders in Queensland could soon be nailed and shamed under new legislation set to be introduced in Parliament. Today reporter Aislin Kriukelis joins us now from Brisbane. Aislin, what can you tell us about these new laws? Well, Deb, they are strict. In fact, they are set to make Queensland's youth justice system one of the toughest in the country. The main new law, as you said, is a youth offender will be identified after exiting a second offence. Under existing laws, the identity of child criminals is almost always protected, now they will get one chance at reform before being publicly named. Other new laws include young criminals face up to a year in detention for breaching bail. They will have their crimes taken no account in adult courts and they will be moved to adult prisons if they have six months left on their sentence when they turn 1. Queensland's attorney certainly makes no apologies for how tough these new laws are. He says they are tough but necessary because of the figures. He says that 400 children have committed around 7,000 crimes in the past year while on bail. He says a hardline approach is the only way. Aislin, we will leave it there, thank you. Police will today step up the search for NSW man William Alexander who has gone missing with his one-year-old son on the state's mid-north coast. The 31-year-old left his Newcastle home with baby Eli after having a fight with his partner yesterday morning. It is believed the pair may be travelling in a silver Mitsubishi the Maitland area. Police are surging anyone with information to call 000. Kenyan investigators suspect the terrorists who killed 67 people and took over a Nairobi shopping centre may have rented one the shops to store their weapons. It is also feared that militants packed a change of clothes, allowing some to slip out with the flowing hostages. One hostage says she received a text from her brother with an Islamic prayer, telling her the captors were killing non-Muslims.I was able to memorise it in case they found me.More hostages have been found and more footage has emerged of the day the terrorists stormed the Mall showing a mother and her two young children cowering as others tried to help them escape. Taking a look at the finance figures now.

And he is the joint grumpy gorilla in the US who has plenty of human friends, but is all by himself when it comes to his own kind. After therapy and anger management, it did little to help Patrick the silverback, keepers decided to pack him up and start a new life on the other side of the country. Patrick, the 430lb gorilla just loves us humans. He is a fun-loving big fella.He is quite special.But when it comes to hanging out with his own kind...He has had some challenges.You see, Patrick's mum abandoned him. He was raised by humans. With us, he's all Bernie from 'Zoo Keeper'.MOVIE REEL: You won't know I am there.But with the other gorillas at the zoo - he is the biggest - Patrick gets all King Kong about it.Patrick displayed some of that behaviour over the years.He is not a ladies' man. Instead of mating, he is getting all up in their grill and pushing them around, so Patrick has no gorilla friends in Dallas - none. They tried therapy. They begged him to play nice. No joy. So Patrick is moving to South Carolina, his last chance to hng out with gorillas his own size. A fresh start.I am probably going to cry. I will miss him. I have known him for 14 years. He is a good man.Sure the keepers are sad, but these guys? I bet they can wait to see the back of this ever-so-sulky silverback. That is a bit sad, really. Why can't they all just get along?I think it is pretty obvious, Lisa.What do you think?He is gay. All of the girls are trying to make him do what he doesn't want to do. He wants to come out.He had therapy. That would have come out as an issue.He is still grumpy.He hasn't said anything yet. Just gorilla noises this indicate things are not good. He locks thoughtful, pondering. Into the distance, yes.I hope he has a fresh start. We are thinking of you, Patrick.They have rights, too, gay gorillas.That is true. That is true.Ge thank you Deb and Karl. Now to the weather.

Look at that. Longreach 40. It is terrible, isn't it?Shocker.

It is a country of two halves today, isn't it?

We lost Ben Fordham from the team during the course of the night. He struck ill.Early hours.With something. So Timmy Gilbert has been good enough to come in bright- eyed and bushy-tailed.It is quite appropriate jersey 18 grand final week. Coming up one of the bipgest grudge matches in NRL season. A major boost for the Bunnies. All fun and games yesterday. Will a veteran be at the Cats next year? It is This program is not captioned.

Back to the program. You will be hearing a lot of that song today so suck it up!Enjoy.Let's look at the front pages. 'The Herald Sun' says Telstra's front-line workers endured a sleepless night as the joint telco refused to give details of who would lose their jobs in a mass sacking due today.'The Age' reports that Telstra will cut approximately 1,100 jobs with possibly more still do come despite recording annual profits for the past five years. 'The Sydney Morning Herald' says that the minor premiers in rugby league sacked a company after blood tests returned elevated readings for Human Growth Hormone.The in 'The Australian' the minister responsible for educating the highest number of Indigenous students in Australia says the Aboriginals are being treated like rubbish.Child criminals as young as 10 will be named and shamed for repeat offending under new laws says 'The Courier-Mail'.The 'Daily Telegraph' says the notorious Pacific Highway has claimed more than 850 lives over the past 23 years but now a colony of endangered bats threatens to delay the much-needed upgrade by more than two years.In 'The Adelaide Advertiser' childcare centres are emerging as the next big litigation battleground with parents suing over injuries as they are being distracted by overwhelming paperwork.The 'West Australian' says the state's love of traditional punting has grown with a record $820 million spent on Lotto next year, defying a barrage of teasing for online betting by men in stylish suits.'The Hobart Mercury' says it has been a tense 19-day wait but Jacqui Lambie is Tasmania's newest senator and fourth member of billionaire Clive Palmer's new political Army to be elected to federal parliament.And finally in the 'Northern Territory News' the Territory's quiet achievers who have all won Provide of Australia Awards through their selfless contributions. Congratulations to you and everyone who has won those awards right around the country. They really are very inspiring stories.Great awards. A great initiative. Well done to News Limited for all of that work. Well done to them.Sport time now.Hi, Timmy.I know that everyone is on a knife's edge regarding the America's Cup. We will find out after 6. Fans are expected to pack no Waverley Park to watch the last training session before the grand final. The Hawks will reveal the replacement for Brendan Whitecross who suffered a knee injury againstee gee, meanwhile the team has rubbished reports that the coach will walk out on the side after Saturday's decide tore coach the Eagles.Help me out here there is a football game going on and yet they make up this nonsense.Veteran Paul Chapman has asked the Cats to finalise his future amid growing speculation he could be forced to move on.I need to start preparing as soon as possible whatever the future holds. Hopefully it is here but who knows. It is up in the air. The Cats held their Wacky Wednesday celebrations yesterday which featured a guest appearance from a member of the royal family.Oh, it is Mary.Shush. Apparently Greg Inglis is ready to play against Manly. The Rabbitohs' coach denies there is any element of hate.I don't think so. I think they are two teams that are competitive and obviously out there to perform and that is obviously what Friday will be about again.Yes, they hate each other. Meanwhile cefplt O Dave Smith says he is not too worried about a drop in crowds during his first season in charge.There is a lot to learn, but fundamentally, instruct yuly the game hasn't changed. Both games here on the Nine Network this weekend. Jake White has walked out on the Brumbies after just two years into a 4-year deal. Players are hoping the away trip will help team morale.A trip like this is good for us at the moment. We are spending a lot of time together and hopefully you will see that transfer onto the field.The Wallabies have won just one match so far in the rugby championship. The Perth Scorchers Twenty20' hopes are hanging by a thread after a big loss to the Volts overnight. The Otago side posted a record 242 which proved too - which proved far too much for the Scorchers. Neil Broom blasted the fastest century in Champs Elysees history. An unbeaten 117 from just 56 balls, which included 8 sixes. COMMENTATOR: The fielder is going to watch it go a very long way, indeed.Perth lost a wicket on their first ball and were never in the hunt falling 61 runs short after a wash-out in their first match. The Scorchers will need to win their remaining two games to have a chance of making the group stage. Australia's Sam Stosur has been knocked out in the third round of the Pacific Pines Tavern in Tokyo in a surprise result. She went down in straight sets 6-4, 6-4 to unseeded Czech Lucie Safarova. Caroline Wozniacki and Venus wile yums -- Williams is still in the run.I don't have trouble with some. Petero sieve sieve va is a good one to roll off the tongue.Fui Fui. They are all so good. Next up Hollywood gossip with Richard Reid. Hello, Richard.Hello, guys. Halle Berry gets her revenge on the paparazzi. That's right, the Oscar winner gives the snappers a major snackdown. The scoop and scandal coming up. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER:
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This program is not captioned.

(SONG): # I said to the man # Are you trying to tempt me # Because I come from land of plenty #How good is that Well, Dickie does come from the land Down Under, just not our land.The other one.Way under.The one with the cloud.Let's go to Hollywood. Richard Reid is on top of all of the gos. Richard, Halle Berry 1, paparazzi nil. She's had a big win. Has she ever. It is common knowledge that Halle Berry hates the paparazzi, but now the law that she wants passed that could put the paparazzi in jail, that's right, it is now a law. That's right. This new law here in California says that paparazzi who are overly harassing and menacing to celebrities with children can face $10,000 in fines and up to a year in jail. Halle has long been a target of the paparazzi. They have harassed her, especially when she is with her children, so this is a major victory for Halle and celebrities everywhere, so they better be on their guard.There is always going to be plenty of vision around to see if the paparazzi were in fact crossing the loin. Richard, thank you for. That that is quite a big story. We will check in with you later. You got it.30 Years since you lost the Cup.Nah, nah, nah. Ah-ha?You can tell by the look on his face, care factor - zero.He doesn't know what cup we are talking about? Egg cup?Next up the very special reunion for the America's Cup crew 30 years since coming to victory on 'Australia II'. What a great moment.What a great reunion, yeah. Top of the hour now and the news with Deb.Thank you. Tell staff will learn today which worker also be laid off next June when the telco cuts 1,100 jobs. Now to Christine Ahern. Chris, this is a huge blow for tell workers. Is it a done deal, though?Unions are certainly hoping not. They are calling on Telstra to reverse their decision. Telstra bosses will moat with after the representatives here at Telstra HQ later today. After that, workers will have a pretty good idea of just whose job is in the firing line after Telstra announced yesterday via email it was shedding 3% of it workforce, 1,1 jobs to go. Most of those will be targeted in Telstra operations, so fixed line phone technicians in Victoria, NSW, Queensland the ACT and also Tasmania. Also hit hard will be customer service workers, support workers and also those in media operations. Telstra says these cuts will allow the company to expand in other areas, claiming that they are seeing a reduction in roles due to evolving technologies, but that simply does not wash with the unions, who say it is not good enough to cut yobs in Australia and send them offshore repeatedly, also claiming that it will see - it will have a significant impact on customer service for Telstra customers. These cuts, Deb, are expected to take police between now and next down.Our thoughts are with the Telstra workers affected. Chris, thank you. NRL team the Sydney Roosters are in ASADA's sights with reports that players have reported -- returned elevated readings for the substance Human Growth Hormone. Fairfax Media alleges the blood test results were found on the phone of an organised crime figure after being seized by authorities. Meantime, NRL player Sandor Earl has lashed out at sports scientist Stephen Dank with an interview with Channel 9. The former Canberra winger said that he used and trafficked peptides and said that he was misled by Dank.I take full responsibility of what happened and what is going to happen. There is no problem. Was I a victim of someone who abused his power and trust? Yes, I was. Was the Ed credibility there? Yes, it was.Viewers in NSW and Queensland can watch the full interview on the NRL Footy Suit tonight at 8:30. A Brisbane man has been shot multiple times at a home in the city's east. Emergency crews were called to a street in Carindale just before 7:00 last night. The man suffered bullet wounds to his head, arm and his chest.Scary. I just found out a few minutes ago and it is amazing something like that can happen.I just live up the road and I have never had anything like this before. Something so serious.The alleged gunman is reportedly a member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang. The man was taken to hospital in a critical condition. People in South-East Queensland are preparing for a scorching day today. The temperatures will hit 33 degrees in Brisbane and 37 in Ipswich, west of the city. Charleville yesterday hit 39 degrees, its warmest in 85 years. Records were broken in Roma which nudged 40. Meantime, there is a total fire ban for Sydney and six other regions across NSW today and extreme fire danger has been declared for the hunter on the state's mid-north coast. There are fores for the safety of a taken girl missing in Country Victoria. 16-year-old April Skelton vanished from her Horsham home more than a month ago. Police believe she may now be in the Ballarat area. April was last seen wearing a grey top with black leggings. Taking a look at finance for you now:

And Helsinki has topped the list of the northern hem stper's most honest cities. -- hemisphere's most honest cities. It was tested by Reader's Digest. People dropped wallets toughed with $50 worth of cash and recorded how many of them were returned. 11 of the 12 wallets were returned in Helsinki. The Portuguese capital, though, lis bun was named the most dis -- Lisbon was named the most dishonest city. That is a hard test to put to people. Why is reader's digest doing this test?Because nobody will bow their magazine.Possibly. They are trying to uphold standards. The old throwing the baby at you. The steps in Rome.Barcelona where they take the wallet out of your pocket.Wow you knowing, though. Without you knowing. I have had that happen to me in Barcelonena. That is how those magicians start out.Exactly.They have got to start somewhere, I guess.A misspent youth.Now to Timmy.Thank you. Plenty about. Fremantle will hold training sessions as they finalise preparations for the grand final. McPharlin and Mayne will be put through tests. They are expected to play. The Dockers will fly to Melbourne and try to avoid getting caught up in the hype.The training session, we will get through that and then jump on the plane. It will be exactly the same. Obviously there is the parade but otherwise the same.Newcastle claims an ageing roaster will be an advantage heading into the grand final against the Roosters. Coach Wayne Bennett has refused to guarantee he will stay because rumours are growing that e-could be heading back to North Queensland or even Brisbane. Brendan Whitecross has walked out on his -- Jake White has walked out on his contract with the Brumbies. Larkham is one of the contenders to take over the role. German Tony Martin has taken out his third straight tight million the individual time trial at the Road Cycling World Championships in Italy. Former Tour de France winner Sir Bradley Wiggins finished second. There you are, the sport. One story how did thisest end up on a mobile phone of a leading crime figure. Some of the detail may not be something too dramatic, but that is where the real problem is at this stage.Also the fact they didn't report it to the NRL.That is a thing, too.That will be the biggest thing for the Roosters.A fine, I think.They didn't report it to the integrity commission.The new integrity commission that has been in the spotlight for the last little while as well.That is what they said at the original press conference, "Tell us now."I don't know in the NRL the AFL would be hiding. Everything will be exposed no matter how small.Yes. Thank you, Timmy. Coming up we meet a group entertaining our troops in Afghanistan.Is Stevie in that lot? Look at. ThatOld-school hip-hop. Hey, there, Stevie. That looks gorgeous.Good morning.Oh! No need to swir. (LAUGHS) . (LAUGHTER) Thank you, Karlos. We are in an amazing place. We will tell you a bit about it but let's look at the weather first and tell you what is going on at your place today.

Now the rainfall map. We have rain, light moderate falls for the south- east coast of WA and South Australia and light to moderate falls along the coast of WA and moderate to heavy rain over Victoria and all of Tasmania and embeded thunderstorms as

Victoria and all of Tasmania and
embeded thunderstorms as well.

Victoria and all of Tasmania and
embeded thunderstorms as well. We are at Herberton Historic Town. Back in the 1970s buildings from around the region were brought here to tell the story of thoseen by nears. Buildings like this one, these are the old printers. We have got David here this morning. Here is one of two printers that have 100 years experience in print they tell the story to kids of how life used to be back in the 18 and 1,900s. Some of the kids have, down this morning from Herberton State Primary School and they have printed up some posters this morning. "I wake up with Today". We have got a Wanted poster there. Who is that for?You.For me! We are well wanted up here. This is a great Australian story and we will take you around this historic village today. Good morning, kids! ALL: Good morning, Mr Jacobs.Very nice. Sweet.Very nice. It won't be far away when kids are saying, "What is a newspaper?" They have their iPads. I still love the feel of a newspaper.I am not saying you. You are very young but you are not a kid. I like you just the way you are. Would you like to continue down that track?Wow. Why do we still have paper? Drug cheat Sandor Earl tells us about his drug cheating in an exclusive interview Sing-a-long everyone - our biggest This program is not captioned. SONG:
# Here, there and everywhere # Hip, hip
So hip to be a square... # VOICEOVER: Toyota Camry
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This program is not captioned.

(SONG): # And you said # I come from a land Down Under # Welcome back to the show. You are looking at a live shot there, that is the scene in San Fransisco Bay right now. It is the deciding race in the America's Cup between New Zealand and the US is about the get under way on the 30th anniversary. By the way, of us winning it all of those years ago. We will keep you posted throughout the day on all of the very latest. A big one, Karl.A huge one! The Americans obviously skippered by an Aussie so how good would that be if you are not Richard Wilkins this morning who is very nervous about it all. Despite all of the hoopla at the start of the season, only one player so far has been banned as a result of the drug scandal that has overshadowed the footy season this season. That is Canberra Raiders' winger Sandor Earl. I spoke to him for an exclusive interview with the NRL Footy Suit and he is candid. He said that he was naive to have trusted sports scientist Stephen Dank. This is what he said when Danilo took him to a doctor who injebed him with a banned performance-enhancing drugs.After you had that initial injection, how did your body react? Was Invercagill Stan taken use, did you fell it going?I didn't know what to expect to be honest and I wasn't told what to expect which probably would have been nice. It was a strange feeling. I describe it like morphine. A cold rush going through your body. I felt

morphine. A cold rush going through
your body. I felt quit Sick in my stomach. Straight away?Yes. Almost a bit sleepy. I sat down for 5- 10 minutes or so and it went away. Earl also told me that Stephen Dank introduced him to the AFL's Essendon club and described Danilo's influence with the Bombers' players and management. Did you have any link at all with Essendon during that period?It was quite full-on. A round-table type setting and met the coaching staff. You couldn't rule out a person I didn't meet.Was James Hird and the other coaching staff in the room? Yep.How was the Stephen Dank link with all of that? Did he seem like he was in the position of authority at Essendon with regards to what he was doing?Danilo told me he was employed there for a supplement program and that he had full reign. He seemed to be evenying it quite a lot.You would have left there whatever was being administered to you was being administered with whoever he was treat in the future. In terms of his supplement program, what that end tails and we knew it was peptides you would have to assume he was doing the same thing at Essendon.Meantime, the Roosters have been drag need the affair with Fairfax Media reporting that the club sacked a nutrition company. Today's Natalia Cooper is at Roosters' headquarters for us this morning. It is not necessarily unusual for some of the players, but they didn't report it. What are the allegations?The allegations are that the Roosters used a sports scientist in the offseason last year. They wanted him to put it through a detox so he did extensive blood testing and the Roosters say that some of the extra tests were not authorised and they were unhappy about it, so they sacked him. This testing showed that several players had elevated levels of Human Growth Hormone. This could be naturally occurring, as you said, but the disturbing thin is these results then ended up on the phone of an organised crime figure. So the big question there is how and why they ended up on that phone. Another thing, as you mentioned, was this all happened in the off- season and the Roosters didn't get a report to the NRL's integrity unit until mud year. So all of these allegations, they come at a pretty terrible time. It is right in the middle of the Roosters' finals campaign. They are said to play in a primary final in just two days' time.It will be tough on them, that is for sure. Viewers in NSW and Queensland can watch the interview with Sandor Earl on the NRL not foot tonight at 8:30 on Nine.You don't want to miss it. Thank you, Karl.

Nine.You don't want to miss it.
Thank you, Karl. Every Australian over appear certain age remembers the moment 307 years ago today when we won our historic victory in the America's Cup. To celebrate the momentous win the members of the 'Australia II' gathered in Sydney and Today's Mike Dalton was there. The crusty salts of 'Australia II' are a little salt year and crust year 30 years on, but their unique Esprit decom still is with them today this time mounding the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On reaching the summit was a chance to find out what the men behind one of this nation's best mopes thought about that day.Once we saw the smoke we knew we were over the line.Did you know that Australia was following you so intently over the course of the series?No idea. We were so focused on what we had to de. We heard some snippets but until I got on a plane flying out of San Francisco to come home I had no idea what was going on.No-one on the boat ever doubted we weren't going to win. It was hopefully long enough, the race, to get in front. I was second over the loin.That got a laugh. Righto. Even first over the line. What was my reaction? Just relieve, I think. Relief it had been such a hard haul to get there and we finally got over the line being 3-1 down and to finally finish was great.It is a common thread amongst you all. The relief and the elation came later. Anything can happen. Until the gun goes, when you are over the line, I could go over the side or the rig could go over the Sid.Ewan and did a lap of honour.Yeah, yeah. If there was another 20 minutes we didn't know what happened.Things were getting stressful. We dissolved that pressure. As a kid I dreamed of being there. And there I was.Realisation of a childhood dream?I sailed all of my life and still have done up until today. It was something as a kid you saw the great dals and the Dame Patti and you thought, yeah, that would be pretty good and then it happened.Some crew who had been injured prior to the final race would watch from support vessels oar onshore.Benny Lexon was in a foetal position down below until the mark before the finish and I was one of the -- one of the ones to go down and get him up when I realised we were in front. I delivered the letters to the New York Yacht Club.During the legal process?Yes, quite a dangerous job, actually.You would have been busy. I was. (LAUGHS) .We had to sail 4.5 miles to the finish-up win and there was a lot of serious tacking and they tried everything in the book to try to outfox us, but we didn't let them. Doing this bridge climb with the boys, it just re-enforces the spirit and the strength of the team that we had and I think people say, what was the most significant memory. I think just the organisation, of how our team came together. The culture and the values were so strong.'Australia II'! These blokes, over here!It has been an amazing ride for 30 years. (SONG): # Thunder, thunder # You better run # You better take cover #Great stuff.We hope they have enjoyed every moment of that ride. We will be reuniting the warring skippers John Bertrand and Dennis Conner later live on the show.How cool will that be?Very cool.We are going to give it to him still. This year's America's Cup is under way right now. The US, which has been skippered by an Aussie James Spittle from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and New Zealand battling it out for the trophy. It looks like America has a slender lead at this point. So we will continue to update you through the course of the morning, but this are a number of crews, a number of the American crew are Australian behind the scenes as well.Exactly. I think there are four of them.A couple of navigate stores and let's not forget Ian Murray who is in charge of the whole regatta. So Australians are very much, from that 30 years ago when we won it, have taken over yacht racing around the world.That is right. It wasn't just a one-off.It is fantastic. Looking forward to how that will unfold throughout the morning.In The Buzz, family living with sent tigers? What?! That is not going to end well. This program is not captioned.

It is time to buzz it around. The title battling for the America's Cup. We will bring you that shortly. This is why it is so important to spell check because there have been a few faces left red in Victoria after the unveiling for a plaque in the new police station in the country town of Mooroopna. It reads Moore. It has been sent back to be fixed. That would impress 4 to 6- year-olds. They love that word.Oh, yeah. Moor poop-na.I want to introduce you to Mr Incredi-Beard and his famous beard.This is how you make a bowl of beard ramin.I have got my chopsticks and ramin. What do I put it in? That is disgusting.That is really wrong. Oh, don't! He's become a viral hit --Viral alright. Yes. Boom-tish. He chains it every fort night into various sculptures. There you go. Finally, an animal lover in Brazil, nice segway, is sharing his family home with not one, we thought the 'Life of Pi' was big, but seven tigers. Several were rescued from circus. They are allowed to eat at the dinner table, roam around and swim in the pool. He lets his kids and grandkids play with them. He hopes to build a wildlife reserve for his pet. News, sport and weather are next. There you go. That is a pretty wild old yarn. (SONG): # I've got the eye of the target # Dancing to the fire This program is not captioned. Get into Coles and double your fuel discount! Simply spend $30 in store in one transaction and get 8c per litre off fuel at Shell Coles Express. That's a double discount of 8c per litre off fuel! But hurry. Offer ends soon.

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(SONG): # I said to the man # Are you trying to tempt me #Live pictures from San Francisco right there of the mrk Merc 307 years on from when we won it. Another Australian James Skittle is skippering the American to what looks like one of the great sporting comebacks through the American vessel 'Oracle' against the Kiwi crew. We will go back as soon as we can. We have commiserations to offer. Richard Wilkins, the Kiwis are being brave. Some have said the C word but we are not going to mention it.That is a live shot of grumpy cat that you saw there.We will have more from the America's Cup as well as the 30th anniversary later on. There is always next time, Dickie. At least the Kiwis gave it a pretty good shot.At least you are there. We weren't even there in our own boat. Let's get some news with Deb. Karl and Lisa, we begin with breaking news and police have charged a man over a brutal sexual assault and home invasion in Sydney' west. The 21-year-old is accused of forcing his way into the Oakhurst property last Tuesday. He allegedly threatened a woman inside with a knife before sexually assaulting her. Police say the accused then fled in the woman's car and ran down a neighbour. He was arrested yesterday and will appear in court this morning.After a group email warning staff of impending sackings, Telstra workers today will learn which of them are to be axed. Union representatives will meet Telstra bosss that morning to find out which 1,100 jobs will go. Unions fear that the positions are being sent to an Indian base which the telco denies. There are reports that players returned elevated readings of the substance Human Growth Hormone. Fairfax Media alleges the blood test results were found on the phone of an organised crime figure after being seized by authorities. Meantime, NRL player Sandor Earl claims he was naive to trust sports scientist Stephen Dank. The 24- year-old who has admitted to using and trafficking banned peptides says he was misled.I would love to sit back and look at Howie Neve I have been, but I can't do that. I have no reason not to judge myself. There have been times when I thought, "What did I do wrong? What have I done? Am I the idiot?" But I don't believe that.Viewers in NSW and Queensland can watch the full interview on the NRL Larry Foot. That is tonight at 78frplt fplt 30. Two Australian activists are tonight waiting the find if they will face charges over a protest on a Russian oil rig. They were detained by the Russian coastguard for fur days before being brought to shore. Alex Harris and Colin Russell were part of a dwp group. The group film -- Greenpeace group. The group filmed their ordeal.This is a peaceful voyage in order to protest against the threat to the planet. We are here in order to make the world a better place. Local authorities have already indicate they'd want to prosecute them on piracy offences. The Queensland Government will soon introduce radical new laws to name and shame juvenile offenders. Under the election, children between the ages of 10 and 16, who are convicted of repeat offending could be publicly identified. The state's Attorney-General says the laws are tough but necessary. The new laws are set to be introduced into Parliament before the end of the year. Only three child offenders have ever been publicly named under the current system. More than 200 people are reported to have died in Tuesday' powerful earthquake in south-west Pakistan. The toll is expected to top 1,000 when salvage crews reach the scene of the quake. The tremor has reached a rare phenomenon pushing an island out into the Arabian Sea. Astonished locals lined the shore to see the new land mass that is about 9m high and 100m long. Experts say that the island was created by the tectofics that caused the plate in the first place. Looking at finance for you now:

What is happening with the New Zealanders and the Americans, Timmy?It is an extraordinary story. Everyone thought it was a fait accompli New Zealand would win they were so far in front. Now it has got down to winner takes all in this race and Denham Hitchcock is at San Francisco on the bay. Den, what an amazing story. This is one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history.It is. As you said, this is one of the most amazing races, certainly the biggest comeback that this race has ever seen. The comeback is even bigger than the Australians in '83. An incredible defeatment a week ago these guys were 8:1 N the early stages the lead changed three times but now the persons shot off. There are scenes of them out there and people are waiting see if there will be a mistake. I tell you what as they cross that fin UK line, the crowds I am standing with here on the edge of San Francisco Bay are going to go absolutely mental if 'Oracle' closes crosses the line. It looks like the Americans will take it. There are four Aussies onboard.A big Australian contingent this. Denham, we will leave it there and watch the race with interest as the Americans get an amazing, amazing result.Both Hawthorn and Fremantle will have their final training sessions today ahead the AFL grand final. Around 10,000 people will whack into Waverley Park to watch the Hawks get put through their paces. The Dockers will train. Let's get back and have a look at the race and as they go over the American flag. Is Denham still there in is he still on the line there? It looks like they are about to cross the line. He is again, but this looks like the moment where they are going win with the Australian skipper with three Australians on board and there they R they punch the air. An extraordinaryry win for the USA. New Zealand were ahead by such a long way. They wouldn't race. They didn't race because of the winds and everyone thought this is just going to happen. Team USA win the 34th America's Cup in the most extraordinary fashion on San Francisco Bay, jumping in the air and we can't stress enough it is an amazing Australian skipper. Three Australians onboard. I know Richard is not happy, as we watch the New Zealand boat come across the line because they've had such an amazing campaign to get to this stage and lose. It must be ripping the heart out of them.Yes, tough for them, but it is one of those things. They were eight up and there were a couple of big mistakes during some of those races. It is great for the mens. The timing of this can't be ignored. James Spittle 30 years to the day John Bertrand skippered 'Australia II' over the line. He's won the America's Cup, the second time he's won it. He skippered them across. There is a guy on there with a remarkable story. All of the hardships that he went through.It is just an incredible crew. Karl, you were making the point, maybe having that mix of the mens and the Australia take some of that pressure off the all-US crew. This is the greatest sporting trophy on the planet, the longest-running one and one that has come and gone over the last 30 years sin Australia furs took it from them 30 years today.He took the first gold for Australia in Weymouth and he almost give it away. The whole idea of sailing, he had his heartbroken and he had spent so much money and lost out in World Championships and all of these things go wrong. There is a fairytale finish to however you look at this story and an extraordinary finish. Richard, anything?Congratulationsment they did a great job. Disappointing for the Kiwis. I spare a thought for my friends in New Zealand. It will be a very black day in New Zealand, that is for sure.As much as we make light of their situation, if it was us, we would be devastated. It would have been great to see New Zealand host an America's Cup.They got so close to it.It is not to be and America wins it. We hopefully will be chatting to some of the Aussie on board the 'Oracle' in the next couple of hours too. We have John Bertrand and Dennis Conner live on the show later as well. Fantastic. A big moment for everyone. Now let's get a look at your best local forecast. Here is Stevie. G'day, everyone. We are up in the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland. A great place to bring the kids. This is Herberton Historical Village. Builds have been brought here and restored and filled with memorabilia from the late 1800s and early 1,900s. We are going to take you inside the old themist after we look at the weather and show you how they would court everything back in the day. Good morning, Queensland!

You will find all sorts of lotions and potions and cure-alls for every illness and every disease in the old-fashioned chemist here at Herberton Historical Village. Some of the claims they made were unbelievable. Life was so much simpler in the old days, Karl and Lisa. Like, bathoids, which would just wash away unwanted fat. You could eat, eat, eat and lose fat by eating tape worms. Even chocolate tape worms. Dr William's pink pills for pale people. We don't know what that does. One from my ancestors. St Jacob's oil. That claims to cure every ache except heartache. Look at this one. This is the syrup of figs. We all know what that would do. Better than a trip to Bali, that one. And this one, Mrs Bishop's Over Fatness Tablets, totally, politically incorrect and would do absolutely nothing. You can never be too sure.Exactly. Hedge your bets, Stevie. Great stuff.Mr Coming your way.Looking forward to it. Entertainment time now. It is, Lisa. Ben Affleck's last big movie Argos-Shimano won the Oscar. Will his new one do the same. It is big and flashy and has Justin Timberlake in it. It is coming up next. 'Runner Runner'.MOVIE REEL: I am sending a message. This program is not captioned. We trust Woolworths
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This program is not captioned.

Mark Burnett.

Good morning again. Well, it is movie day, amongst other thingss, and with One Direction's 'This Is Us', 'Turbo' and 'Planes' taking care of the kids, there is some more adult fare hitting the cinemas of the nation this week. First up, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck star in the crim thriller that takes us into the murky world of online betting. It is call 'Runner Runner'.MOVIE REEL: I want you to make this place. You have a real gift but you have a school to pay for.So Justin plays Ritchie First, the uni student who gambles away his tuition fees online and when he learns that he's actually been cheated he decides to find the dodgy dude who owns the website and it is off to Puerto Rico.MOVIE REEL: Ricky First.This is the house.The house always wins.One thing leads to another. It is basically the story of a bloke who gets way out of his depth and over his head.MOVIE REEL: Call me Agent Shavers. The FBI is into the kidnapping business now.Bringing an official. Racketeering. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself in.Justin is OK. Ben should have known better. It is an interesting set-up and good-looking film, but, sadly, that is about it. While the notions of online gaming, big money, crime and corruption, et cetera, provide great eye candy, sadly the plot gets bogged down and overly complicated. The film is co- produced by Leonardo decapris yes who probably had the sense to stay behind the camera. Whether you are a goody or a baddie, you definitely need a script that is a goody and not a baddie. MOVIE REEL: If you want your own island and your boss says go and take a beating. You go out and take it and say, do you need me to do it again?It is called 'Runner Runner'. It should have been a whole lot better, better. 2.5 stars.MOVIE REEL: It reminds me that everyone wants to take a piece out of me. One of those movies that starts out really well and then just sort of drifts off. Disappointing. (LAUGHS) .A bit like the Kiwis at the America's Cup. .Also out today, the big-screen adaption of acclaimed author Tim Winton's clegtion of 17 short stories. The common themes are the turning points in people's lives with a who's who of Aussie talent in front of and behind the camera for the various chapters. Hugo Weaving, Manolo Blahnik, Miranda Otto and Rose Byrne, who is extraordinary, a stand-out. This will go down in history Australians or otherwise. Whether this translates to the mass market, I am not sure, but it is great. Tim Winton is a agree author, as we all know and these 17 chapters are pretty amazing. It is called 'The Turning'. It gets four stars from me. Take a cut lunch. It runs for three hours.Sounds like three hours well spent.You get a book to take home and there is an intimation in it.Brilliant.Very creative. Great creative forces behind it. Thank you, Dickie. Coming up an Aussie has skippered a crew to victory in the America's Cup 30 years after our own triumph. Let's listen to 'Down Under' that was the anthem to the 'Australia II' victory in '83. Take it away, boys. (SONG): # Do you come from a land Down Under # Where women glow # And men thunder # Request you hear # Can you hear # The thunder This program is not captioned. Get ready to win in today's 'Millionaire Hot Seat' giveaway.

You could be $5,000 richer.

Remember to watch 'Millionaire Hot Seat' it late at 5:30pm to get the answers to the final question.We are making our first court on Monday. Make sure you are watching 'Millionaire Hot Seat' this Friday.

Good morning. There is a raw change in 2007. More people can buy a super fund. You can buy a property with borrowed money in your super fund name. You cannot buy a holiday house for personal use. You can however buy an office. You can pay rent to your super fund. The Reserve Bank's law changed 6pm -- six years ago says the money can overheat the property market. At the moment, those who brought -- bought property in the last six years are seeing changes.

The playing field is legal. There is risk in return for something supposed to provide a retirement income. Watch out for those with dubious skills and dubious ethics.

Let us have a quick hit from Hollywood. Liam Hemsworth is picking up fans all over the place, including the odd rock star?There is a domain that Liam Hemsworth is a handsome gentleman. Even Elton John has noticed that. OK. He was on the Ellen show today. He said, Miley Cyrus's loss can be his game. He is married and a father of two. Elton John is keeping his options open. Goodness me.You are married. You just said. What? What happened to that commitment then you are talking about?As a friend would say, it is a bit on the site. He is gorgeous.I do not think Liam Hemsworth should be worried about Elton John. He should just stick to his day job.Both of them are good. We will check in a bit later. We need a whiteboard to explain that one. A bit on the side.You can't blame him. He is gorgeous. He is Australian to. Waiting for the axe. Telstra workers are finding out who is in the firing line as 1100 jobs go. Sandor Earl confesses all in an exclusive interview. The Roosters are in the frame. Questions asked about the minor premiership. Making it possible to speed. Does this woman need plastic surgery to make a beautiful? That is what doctors told her. Justin Timberlake teams up with Ben Affleck for a thriller on the big screen. Do you remember this? Anyone not turning up today is a bomb.30 years on from the America's Cup triumph.

Great songs, great memories. Good morning. It is Thursday. In other news - Kenya USA have beaten New Zealand to win the America's Cup in one of sports greatest Avoch comebacks. -- team USA. Even better news, the skipper is an Aussie.

Warnings in place across Queensland. Temperatures will soar once again. The family sharing them with seven tigers.

It is all smiles this morning. 30 years after Australia won the stunning victory in the America's Cup. An Aussie has skippered the boat to victory. Team USA has beaten New Zealand nine - eight in one of the most stunning comebacks ever seen. Coming from 8-1 down. There are some of this mad celebrations. An Aussie was in charge. This is what he said just a few moments ago. It really is about the team. On your own, you are nothing.Many have a team around you like this, it is great. They did all of that today in the series. I am proud of the boys. These guys do not flinch. It is a fantastic team effort. They were clinical. Well done to them. Our correspondent has more. What a race. Unbelievable.We see pictures of them celebrating. There was champagne. There are thinking about what was happening at the foreshore. The party is on. The music is playing. The bars are open. There are celebrations. It is an amazing comeback. They came back from 8-1. They were pretty much dead and buried a week ago. They came back. Four Australians onboard. That includes the most important man, the skipper.That includes Tom Slingsby. He is a great story. No doubt his family will be celebrating this morning as well as the sailing community. They did a terrific job. In terms of the skipper, he was interviewed, 8-1 down. The journalists asked him, you sure you have not written it off? He was resolute. He believed he would win it. Journalists laughed at him. He has so much to celebrate now with the campaign. The victory is so much sweeter for him because of that.They thought it was a foregone conclusion. Think about the amount of pressure on those guys. They're almost caught it off. This is a new version of the America's Cup. Setting up of the water.

They decide what class of boat they are racing. The cameras are all over the America's Cup. It has basically taken a whole new life. The sailing community would want to see it go back to a more traditional race. It was magnificent, regardless. You are pursuing the Australians onboard. Congratulations to the Americans. Commiserations for the Kiwis. It was a great campaign, unfortunately falling short. We celebrate the 30th anniversary of our great win. We will catch up to the crew of 'Australia II', reuniting the warring skippers, live on the show. Telstra workers are waiting to hear he will be losing their jobs with the Telco announcing they will shed 1100 posts. Our correspondent has more. When will the workers find out who exactly has been affected? Workers will know whose jobs are in the firing line.Telstra bosses will be meeting with union representatives at Telstra headquarters. There will also be informed of the breakdown of the job losses among the states. It would have been a sleepless nights for those of Telstra workers, after the company announced yesterday, by email, it was shedding 3% of its workforce. 1100 jobs. Was theirs be in Telstra operations. The technicians in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, the ACT, Tasmania. Also, customer service workers. And those in media operations. Telstra is blaming the job cuts on changing technology, a reduction in jobs, the need to streamline jobs. The unions rejected this. They think it is a disgrace. They think jobs will go to India where Telstra has a base there. They say customer service will be impacted by these cuts. They are calling for Telstra to reverse its decision. It is expected because we take days between now and next June. Large areas of south-east Queensland are preparing for scorching temperatures today. Temperatures will hit 33 degrees in Brisbane. And 37 degrees at Ipswich. That is hot. Yesterday, colourful hit 39 degrees. The warmest in 85 years. In Broome, 40 degrees. There is a total fire ban in Sydney and six regions across South Wales. In Melbourne, the city copped a drenching. Southern suburbs received 25mm of rain. A country of contrast. A man will appear in court after being charged with an invasion and sexual assault in Sydney's west. He threatened a woman with a knife before attacking the last Tuesday. The accused then fled in the victim's car, knocking over a neighbour. Only one player has been banned as a result of the drug scandal that has overshadowed football. Sandal oil. I to him in an exclusive interview. He was very candid. He said he was neither have trusted sport scientist Stephen Dank. He took into a doctor who injected him with a band drug. After you had the initial injection, how did your body react?I do not know what to expect. I was not told what to expect. That would have been nice. It was a strange feeling. I describe it as morphine. A cold rush going through your body. I felt sick in the stomach. Straightaway?Yes. Almost a bit sleepy. I sat down for 10 minutes and it went away. He said Stephen Dank introduced into the Essendon club and described Stephen Dank's influence.Did he have any links with Essendon during the period?It was full on. It was a round table setting. I met the star. Was James Hird the only coaching staff in the room? Yes.It Stephen Dank seem like he was in a position of authority at Essendon? He said he was employed there for a supplement program.He had full rein. He enjoyed it quite a lot.Whatever was being administered to do was being administered to whoever in the future?You have to assume that he was doing the same thing at Essendon.The Roosters have been dragged into an affair with Fairfax. Players were found to have elevated levels of human growth hormone. Our correspondent has more. It is not unusual with some players. They could not report it to the NRL.The Roosters had a sport nutritionist last off-season. They wanted him to put the players through a detox. As part of that, he did extensive blood testing on the players. Some of these extra testings, the Roosters tables on authorised. They were not wanted. They were unhappy. They sacked him. The testing showed many players had high level of him grief or mince in their blood. That is not necessarily a bad thing. -- hGH. The key question is, how and why did the end of on the phone? This happens in the off-season. The Roosters did not report it to the NRL integrity unit until midway through the season. All of this has come at a very bad timing. They are in the middle of their finals campaign. They will play their preliminary final in two days. Their preparation would be rocked by these allegations. People in NSW and Queensland can watch the full interview with Janet L tonight at 8:30pm. Juvenile offenders as as 10 can be named and shamed under new laws in Queensland. Our correspondent has more. Normally, the identities of young offenders are kept secret. Who will be named under these laws?This is a controversial one. People disagree with this idea of naming and shaming children. Some people feel it will not work. They think some teenagers will be liking the idea associated with crime. Repeat youth offenders can be identified. Under existing laws, the identity of child criminals will be protected but this means they have one as a reformer. If they commit a second time, they can be publicly named. New laws seek children being spent in detention if they breach bail. They could be moved to the adult prisons is to have six months left on their sentence when they are 17. There is no doubt the measures are tough. It will make Queensland's Youth Justice Act and one of the toughest in the country. The Queensland Attorney General says it is necessary. He says a hardline approach is the only way. 30 years ago today, Bob Hawke cancelled cabinet, wore a questionable jacket, and all but declared a national holiday. Australia had just won the America's Cup. Today, he will celebrate with the crew of 'Australia II'. He spoke about that unforgettable day. He is the Prime Minister who gave Aussies the day off to celebrate the historic victory.Any boss who sacked anyone not an up-to-date is a bomb. Bob Hawke made the declaration life on the nine network from Perth. All of the brilliant things are to out of my life, that is one thing that sticks with most people. It was fantastic. Captured the mood of the nation.He gave permission for the country to celebrate. Australia's America is cut when sparked the greatest of the party of 1983.Bob Hawke joined the celebrations at the Royal Perth Yacht Club.It was the night before I was to hold a Cabinet meeting. There was in Perth. I told the cabinet we would not have a meeting. Indescribable. I am drowned in Champaign. Of course it is a national holiday. We will all be zombies today anyway. Champagne was flying everywhere. I was saturated in Champaign.The Australian jacket worn by Bob Hawke has its own story. It belongs to a Perth architect who was at the Perth the club for celebrations. He learned the jacket to the Maritime Museum. If you look closely, you can see the champagne stains from 1983. After 30 years, it is a lasting memory of the victory which left a mark on our nation.

Great memories.Fabulous memories. In the next hour, will be reunited the skippers of the Australia II and liberty. 30 years on, an Aussie skipper on American boat. A few other people will be feeling butterflies. The freo express is making its way to the MCG. Hello fans. How much sleep have you had? We've just lost them. I think they just fallen asleep. My phone took off when this happened, when Fremantle one.

Good morning. We are cranked up and ready to go. We are Herberton Historical Village this morning, where they have a collection of amazing memorabilia from the 18 and 1900, including this old 1935 tractor. There are only three of these in existence in Australia. This one is in mint condition. These were made before they had rubber tyres on tractors, C can see the metal tyres that would dig into the earth. These would be great for ploughing the fields. Will show you more around this great historic village in the Atherton Tablelands.

Coming up from the Herberton Historical Village, we are going to show you some of the amazing collection of coaches and cars from the 18 and 1900s and we are going to take you back to school old-style we would still get six of the best. Coming up in The Buzz, Joseph Gordon Levitt takes on a Nicki Minaj classic.

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What a morning. A huge morning on The Buzz. First up, this is wait is so important to spellcheck. There have been a few faces left red in Victo