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Tonight on l world world, not good enough, a damning report into the insider attack, which killed three Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. There was no intelligence available to Australia, or coalition to suggest there was a insider threat at Patrol Base Wahir.Now suggest there was a specific Wahir.Now the families of the dead soldiers Wahir.Now the dead soldiers press for a coronial inquiry.

This Program is Captioned dead soldiers press for a
coronial inquiry. Also ahead, another day of diplomacy begins at the UN with hopes high Iran and the US will begin talks about Tehran's nuclear ambitions. Polite words between Australia and Indonesia, but in Jakarta there is different language over the Coalition's turn back the boat policy and Kenya begins three days of national mourning for the victims of the anybody shopping centre siege.

Hello, I'm Jane Hutcheon. It's 9pm in Canberra where a damning Defence report found inadequate security was one of the factors in the deaths of three Australian soldiers killed in an insider attack in Afghanistan of the three ADF members are facing disciplinary action. The families of the dead men say the report isn't is the good enough - they want a coronial inquiry. Here is Defence correspondent Michael Brissenden.On 29 August last year, three Australians joined the growing list of Coalition soldiers killed by so-called green-on-blue attacks, where an Afghan local turns on his foreign military mentors. We were playing cards, and then before we knew it, one of the ANA soldiers came up and fired a few rounds at us.On that day, Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin, and Private Robert Poate were shot dead by Afghan Sergeant Hekmatullah. By August 2012, insider attacks had become a frighteningly regular occurrence. In that month alone there had been 11 other insider attacks on coalition forces. The Australian troops knew this, the patrol commander knew it, but it wasn't considered the primary threat. There was no intelligence available to Australia or a
coalition to suggest there was Patrol Base
a specific insider threat at Patrol Base Wahir.However, the report did identify significant shortfalls in force protection. There was only one roving guard, and, as a result of the relaxed security level, many of the soldiers were wearing gym gear and were limited in their ability to react. No level of force protection can comprehensively guard against a person who is intending to commit a crime such as murder.The report says a commission of inquiry is not warranted. However, the Brisbane coroner is considering an inquiry after a direct appeal from the families of the dead soldiers. The families believe all the facts been believe all the facts have not lack of leadership has not been revealed, and they say the lack of leadership has not been adequately addressed. adequately former military adequately addressed. Dan, a former military lawyer, says
the former military the families have every reason
to be concerned. If you get an external agency to investigate something, there is going more
something, there is going to be more Trans parency and confidence in results.Defence says it will cooperate with any inquiry and have pledged to hunt down Hekmatullah and bring him to justice. Iran's new moderate used
President, Hassan Rouhani, has used his first speech to the UN's general assembly to declare that nuclear weapons have no place in his country's arsenal. The Iran leader's comments came hours after US President, Barrack Obama, expressed cautious optimism about improving relations. Here is North America correspondent Jane Cowan. Iran's friendly overtours aren't convincing everyone. 220 people were executed in think
Iran since his inauguration. I think the fact that he is coming to speak at the UN with a moderate label is absolutely absurd.With his country suffering under crippling economic sanctions, Hassan Rouhani says he is ready to talk about Iran's nuclear program. TRANSLATION: The Islamic republic of Iran is prepared to engage immediately in result-oriented talks to build mutual confidence and remove mutual uncertainties with full transparency. But, a encounter with the US President, Barrack Obama, never materialise ed. American officials say the Iranians declined their offer. We should be able to achieve a resolution, that respects the rights of the Iranian people, while giving the world confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful, but to succeed, conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable. While declaring nuclear weapons will Hassan
never be part of Iran's future, Hassan Rouhani is insisting on the right to enrich uranium and many observers remain sceptical. There is no chance that the regime is going to give up it's quest for nuclear weapons. They have been at it for more than 20 years. They have lied to the international they
atomic energy agency about what the
they are doingWhether or not the nuclear diplomacy can succeed is a question that won't be answered this week. America and Iran have at least begun to thaw a relationship that's been frozen for more than three decades.

And the director of the non-proliferation and disarmament program at the international institute for strategic studies is Mark Fitzpatrick. Before that, he had a 26-year career with the State department in the US. He joins us now from London. Mark Fitzpatrick, welcome to 'The World'. Thank you for being with us. President Barrack Obama wants a breakthrough in relations with Iran. How new
realistic is this with Iran's new President, in your view?I'm not optimistic, because the gulf is to wide, the difference that Iran wants to have a nuclear weapons capability, not necessarily nuclear weapons right away, and the US in its allies don't want them to have it, and want Iran to accept limits that would prevent them from doing quickly acquiring Newcastle weapons. - nuclear weapons. He is willing necessarily
to accept transparency, but not necessarily the limits that would be required.Do you read there is a different dynamic in leaders?
the relationship between the leaders? Well, there is a new dynamic. There is certainly better mood music. Hassan Rouhani ace speech to the UN didn't say too much new, but he wasn't insulting or cause anybody to stand up and walk out. President Obama, for his part, said something very respectful. He twice talks about Iran's rights, he acknowledged that there is a religious prohibition against development of nuclear weapons, even though many Americans don't believe that. He acknowledged President Rouhani's statement of no intent to produce nuclear weapons. So I think the US is bending over as far as it can. Whether Iran will be able to accept the limits that would be required to strike a deal - strike a deal, we'll see when they get together tomorrow.I guess the basis red line is over the issue of enriching uranium. Can you see any way Iran will not give up enrichment all together. somehow around this? Well,
Iran will not enrichment all together. I
think Iran will not give up think that's pretty clear. US position so far shared by Britain and US position so far other party is that it has to suspend other party is that suspend all enrichment. But I suspend all enrichment. think they could offer that at the end of the think they could offer at the end of the day, when Iran satisfies international concerns, that they're right to concerns, that they're enrichment would not be tur tailed - curtailed, as long as they accept limits. That will have to be negotiated. US can't grant that right up front without seeing what Iran has to offer.Is this discussion going too far, given the state of relations, at least for the buildup
past decade? Well, I think the buildup to these meetings was over-hyped. There was a great deal of anticipation that there would be a handshake, a meeting between President Obama and President Rouhani, and, as your correspondent noted, Iran wasn't able to do that. And I think it's an indication of the difficulty that Rouhani has back home. He doesn't have the consensus to really move forward with the US. He doesn't even have the consensus to be able to shake Obama's hand. So I think expectation s probably have to be lowered.These are the internal dynamics that I think one member of the US admin concentration was talking about - administration was talking about. Before I let you go, where does Israel stand in all of this? What is Israel's point of view on the thaw that we have recently seen?Israel is very concerned that the US might agree to a deal that wouldn't be a good deal, and that would be to not only Israel's disadvantage but the disadvantage of Arab states in the region. I think, though, that Israel is planning a certain role here, you know, the role of the bad cop, resisting any change, any concessions, knowing that Obama has to give some concessions, Obama playing more the role of the good cop. I'm not saying they are coordinating these role
measures, it's not strictly role playing, but there is a certain amount of PR in what Israel is saying.Could we see the positive start to this new relationship thawing very quickly? I think we could quickly see some progress, depending on how much depending on how much authority Foreign Minister Zarif has. I Foreign think he has Foreign Minister Zarif think he has authority to make concessions in the field of transparency, to grant more inspection rights. I doubt that he has much authority to actually limit Iran's program. But we'll see. If he does, then something could happen soon. It won't be a breakthrough, but some confidence building measures could be established soon.Mark Fitzpatrick, speaking to 'The World' from London, many thanks. You're welcome. The Indonesian Government has told Australia's Foreign Minister it won't accept any policy that violates its sovereignty. At a meeting in New York, Indonesia depressed Opposition - expressed Opposition to the Coalition's plan to turn around asylum boats heading for Australia. According to Julie Bishop, the meeting went well. Indonesia correspondent George Roberts reports.The Government here in Jakarta has already made it clear it doesn't like key aspects of the asylum seeker policy. Now it Marty
appears the Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa has delivered that message in person. He's met his new Australian counter party, Julie Bishop, in New York. The Indonesian Government news was reporting he's warned her by saying...

It's the same language Marty Natalegawa has used in the past in opposing Mr Abbott's proposals like turning boats around around buying others from Indonesian fishermen.

Ms Bishop thinks the meeting went well. There can be some misunderstanding as to what our policy is, and it is certainly not to in any way show disrespect for Indonesian sovereignty. And for anyone to think that that was our policy, that would be a mistake. Our policy respects Indonesia's sovereignty, their territorial borders just as Indonesia respects ours.Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop arrive here in Jakarta next week for key meetings with the President the Foreign Minister. But President Yudhoyono's office has already indicated that Dr Natalegawa's rejection of some of Mr Abbott's policies clearly represents the Indonesian Government 's position.

Historic talks are under way in Sydney to improve the security of North Asia. Government officials from Russia, South Korea, Japan and Mongolia are taking part, but China is absent. Catherine McGrath has more.North Asia remains as tense as ever. Essentially, even in 2013, with all the benefits of modern diplomacy and economic growth, China, South Korea and Japan don't trust each other. Flash points remain over North Korea, territorial disputes and historic wounds from past wars. I think the relations between Japan and China are as tense as they have been generation. they have been for a unexpected ly also rather poor relations between South Korea unexpected ly also rather relations between South and Japan.Opportunities to
build confidence are few. The threat of catastrophic conflict threat of catastrophic remains. This region is on a knife-edge. In this meeting, tensions between South Korea and Japan were displayed through some frank discussions. These issues are complex and heart-felt. Japanese delegates were not keen on media interviews. The Korean side explained their position. Koreans have perceived some provocative remarks by the political leaders in Japan, whether intentionally or not, of reminding Koreans of the past suffering atrocities that we experienced during the period
imperial Japanese colonisation period and also during the Pacific war. I think that Japan should exercise a self-restraint and not to give misunderstanding.When it comes to North Asian security, there is a lot to talk about. First of all, there is North Korea, but there are also real and significant tensions between all of the countries of recently, the controversial US pivot towards the Asia Pacific. China did not send an official, but leading China did not send an but leading Government aligned foreign affairs think tank was represented. We hope that the US plays more constructive role for the region.In the post-Cold War world, China and Russia post-Cold War Russia are developing strategic partnerships. I learnt a lot during these discussions, of course, it's a collection of , a meeting together of the prominent scholars and politicians and officials and the different points of view, different knowledges.Emerging mining powerhouse Mongolia is here as well. We are surrounded by two giant neighbours, the two members of the permanent five of the UN Security Council, rush why and China, with both of whom we have historically close ties and developing strategic partnership relations.In the near term all these nations are watching North Korea.

A team of UN chemical weapons experts has arrived in Damascus. The visit comes ahead of new investigations into Syria's use of the banned arms. The team has already confirmed the use of sarin in an August 21 attack, and western opponents of the Assad regime say that leaves little doubt that the President's forces were to blame. Syrian authorities deny the accusation, while Russia says irrefutable
the report failed to provide irrefutable proof that Assad's forces were responsible. The UN team is now expected to examine additional alleged attacks during the 30-month conflict. Officials in Pakistan say more than 230 people have been killed in a major earthquake which hit the country's south-west. Most of the damage was in the Baluchistan Province, where many victim s were killed when their homes collapsed. The shock wave from the magnitude 7.8 quake was so strong it was felt as far away as the Indian capital, New Delhi. The quake is said to have shifted the seabed and created a small coastline
island off Pakistan's Gwadar coastline in the Arabian sea. Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken about the Greenpeace activists who were arrested last week, saying they are not pilots, but Mr Putin said they did break international law, when they tried to seize an Arctic oil platform. The group of 30 Australian
protestors includes two on dry land arriving Australian residents, finally on dry land arriving at Murrell in northern Russia. in Authorities intend to them Authorities intend to prosecute
them on charges, including piracy, them on serious criminal which carries a sentence to 15 years gaol. which carries a to 15 which carries a sentence of up activistses say they to 15 years gaol. staging a peaceful protest. Their jest staging a Their jest yell Arctic
Their jest yell vessel, the Arctic Sunrise, is anchored off the coast. The deadly shopping centre siege in Nairobi has finally come to an end, but the fate of the hostages is still unclear. The Kenyan President addressed the nation on television, but didn't reveal any information about civilians captured by the terrorists. The Government said 67 people were killed, but the terrorists claim they killed 137 hostages. In a moment, we'll cross live to Nairobi, with Martin Cuddihy,

During the last battle in the mall, Kenyan troops search every room. Through the window, a soldier can be seen throwing a grenade. He then dives for cover. Three storeys of the building collapsed and there are bodies in the rubble. On its own, Twitter feed, terrorist organisation Al Shabab today released the first photos of militants during the siege and said they murdered 137 hostages. But after a long and Government is claiming victory, but not mentioning the cap captives. We have ashamed and defeated our attackers - five terrorists were killed with gunfire. 11 suspects are in attack.
custody in connection with the attack. Panic rained when gunmen attacked the Westgate mall during the lunch time rush on Saturday. Militants used assault rifles and grenades. Scores of people were killed. Their families have started claiming the dead, they are burying loved ones and lamenting the loss. I have seen my father being the first man to die, I've never seen a dead man, but I have seen my father. As the nation begins three days of mourning, reality is setting in. We thought that he's hiding somewhere, he'll be found alive. Today we decided to come to the city mortuary, and that's where he is lying now. With the deadly and brazen attack finally over, shock is giving way to outrage, and already some Kenyan politicians are calling for revenge.

Our correspondent Martin Cuddihy joins us live now from for
Nairobi. Martin, many thanks for speaking to us on 'The World'. How would you describe the national mood in Kenya at the moment? Well, as I mentioned in the piece, there is a real feeling here that shock is giving way to outrage. A lot of Kenyans are starting to express their anger. This is even while funerals are going on. The mourning process, we have just started the first of three days of mourning, and still it feels like the outrage is building about this deadly and braze enattack.There have been a lot of contradictory stories about the number of dead from the siege. Has everyone been accounted for and how do you explain the differential in the has
numbers? Well, not everyone has been accounted for, that's for sure. We know that inside the Westgate mall, which is just a couple of hundred metres behind me, bodies are still being pulled from the rubble. Three floors collapsed during the final assault on the complex, so there is still a lot of work to be done to retrieve those bodies. There is a centre not far from here that is set up to cater for the families who are still searching for loved ones and there is a real sense of uncertainty there. As those who have died as I
minuted, those who have died as minuted, those burials are starting today, Jane.Have investigations into how the siege happened, how investigations into siege happened, how it
unfolded, have they started siege happened, how yet? Yes, they have. Of just up the road a short time ago we saw a convoy of cars with British diplomatic plates heading in towards the Westgage Centre. That's a forensic team from Britain, we understand. There are also teams from Israel and from the US that are here to help their Kenyan counterparts. This is going on all the while Kenyan troops are still searching through the Westgate mall. We understand that they are searching for improper advised explosive devices. They could be rigged up anywhere, so it is going to be a long process before the mall is opened and we can go in there and have a look.We are actually seeing as you are actually live shots of the Westgate mall now. There seems to be some kind of smouldering or a fire to the rear of the building. Do you know what that's about?Not precisely, Jane. The information that we have been getting has been sporadic and contradictory, as you mentioned at best. I went to a press conference a short time ago with the Kenyan interior ministry and was asking questions about hostages, but was simply getting monocy bannic responses - they are not keen to point it out. Uhuru Kenyatta, President, addressed Kenya for
more than 15 minutes last night and not once did he mentioned the hostages. and not once the hostages. That is the big question that needs to be answered. What has happened to we were
those people. The last update we were given is that there were fewer than ten remaining inside but their fate is unknown. We do know inside but their unknown. We do know that Al Shabab had promised to harm or even kill these hostages if an assault was launched. So we don't know if that happened, if the hostages were dead already when the assault was launched. But we do know now that bodies are being pulled from the rubble. Of What has been said about Al Shabab today? Well, that's a very good question. A lot of people are wondering about how this attack could have happened, particularly at the Westgate mall where it is a shopping centre for more upmarket clientele. So there is a tourist clientele, there are wealthy Kenyans, foreigners who come here to shop at boutique stores. is good because of that. I was here a week before this attack happened and there are checks at the gate. You go through a boomgate to get in, they use mirrors to search under car, there are metal detectors on doors, bags are searched as you go in. So the security measures are quite good here. That means that questions are being asked. The national mood is, as I mentioned, turning to outrage and we are seeing scenes that we hadn't seen before in Kenya. We are seeing offices - police officers on the streets carrying fully automatic weapons. Now, we hadn't seen a lot of that prior to this attack. So things have definitely changed here. One of the other things we have heard is that the militants perhaps rented a shop inside Westgate mall for as long as the past year, so they have been doing recognisance or intelligence work over that time. We have also heard reports they have had a flat nearby here in the suburb of westLands. That is how they may have been able to plan this attack so methodically and carry it out so tragically.Martin, in terms of your coverage of this event of the last few days, how close were you actually able to get to the scene of the mall and to speak with some of the people who had fled? What's it been like for you as a correspondent covering this? Well, the first day was very disorganised. We were having lunch, the two ABC producers and I were having lunch when we received a text message from a colleague that was saying stay away from Westgate, something bad is happening. It wasn't long before we worked out this was some sort of deadly attack. We made our way here. It was very disorganised on the first day. We were probably 100 from the front entrance of Westgate and we saw awful scenes, people coming out ferried
wounded, we saw the dead being ferried out, people who were clearly distressed and had just seen horrendous scenes. They were in shock, walk. were in shock, struggling to were able to get very walk. So it really was - As people were coming were able to As people were coming out, we
did manage to As people did manage to question a few of did them about what they had seen and a Brit that we spoke to, Andrew shields, he told us he had seen people of Somalia appearance wearing a appearance wearing a head Scarfe, draped in ammunition, and that's when we first realised that this was more than what the Kenyan authorities were telling us. At that stage, they were saying that this was nothing more than an armed robbery that had gone wrong and a few hostages had been taken. When we heard that account of the ammunition and the attire and the fact that these appeared to be Somalia attackers we realised that there was something else amiss here. But since that first day, Kenyan authorities have media
responded rather well. The media have been pushed back to this point, which is several hundred metres away. We have heard very loud gunfire, some quite close. We have heard a series of explosions after the last couple of days coming from inside. As a correspondent, the first access was tremendous, but very, very risky. Since then it's been a bit more coordinated and a little less risky.We thank you for your coverage. The provincial council on Vanuatu largest island, Espiritu, wants to create an unusual tourist attraction. It's seeking an investor who can help transform an area where the US dumped millions of dollars worth of War
military equipment after World War II. The Australia Network Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney visited the site, which is now known as million Dollar Point. The entrance fee to million dollar point on the island of Espiritu is now 5 US dollars. I was the only visitor at the time I went, but the council would like it turned into a Monday spin - money spinner. it turned into a Monday spin money spinner. During the Second World War the Americans established a major base here. it at the end of the war, a huge amount of surplus material was just dumped here and there has long been a concern that the rusting melts could be a - metal could be a health hazard. You think maybe because of the rusting metal, it is went into the eco system and the people consume it along the food chain. But the provincial the material
council Secretary-General says the material has now been there so long, it's probably part of the eco system itself. And he believes the biggest benefit for the people of Santo would come from million dollar point being converted into a major tourist attraction with structures built over the sea so visitors could see what is below. People can walk over and see going below water, or some submarine, I don't know, but it should be a tourist attraction.The hope is that finally
million Dollar Point could finally be worth a million dollars to this northern province of Vanstone. Stay with us on 'The World', coming up after the Graham
international weather, with Graham Creed, reports of harassment by the military during an election in Sri Lanka's north, we speak with the High Commissioner to Australia. Southeast Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel reports on the funding threat to Cambodia's ongoing rouge rouge rouge trial and later, East Timor's first international theatre production makes it to Sydney.

We had record September temperatures across many parts association
of Queensland today. All in association with a very hot air mass sitting through the state. There is relief on the way, in association with this frontal system. Before that pushes some cooler air into Queensland, damaging winds and Victoria.
possible through parts of NSW and Victoria.

You are watching 'The World' on ABC News 24. I'm Jane Hutcheon. A reminder now of our top stories. A Defence inquiry into the deaths of three Australian soldiers at the hands of a man posing as a member of the Afghan National measures at
Army, has criticised security measures at the remote Afghan patrol base. Two soldiers have been disciplined as a result of the findings. But the report says the security failures don't mean the deaths could have been avoided. Iran's President has used his first speech to the UN General Assembly to reach out to world leaders over his country's nuclear program. Hassan Rouhani said there was no place for nuclear weapons in Iran, but criticised western sanctions against his country. More than 230 people have been killed in Pakistan after a powerful earthquake cause hundreds of houses to collapse in a remote mountainous area. The 7.8 magnitude quake struck close to the border with Iran, felt as far away as New Delhi. As they come to the line, the comeback is complete.And coming up later, the America's Cup set for a thrilling finish, with the scored level and one race to go. Election monitors have accused Sri Lanka's army of aha lastment in what was a landmark election for the country's North. Saturday's regional polls saw a land slide win for the Tamil national alliance, according to reports from the AFP newsagency, foreign observers say Sri Lanka's military harassed and intimidated Tamil candidates. These claims have been backed by a separate four-member monitoring team from the Commonwealth. A Sri Lanka military spokesman has denied this. Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya says the larger vote turnout is evidence that the military was not considered an obstacle or a threat. The election was held amid international pressure for the Government to share power with Tamils four years after the end of Sri Lanka's 26-year civil war. Joining us now is Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Australia, Admiral Thisara
Samarasinghe. He joins us from Canberra. Thank you very much for joining us on 'The World'. As we have been hearing, the main Tamil party won the council elections in the provincial elections. What does this victory give to the Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka?Thank you, Jane, for allowing me to be on your program tonight. The sense of the outcome of this democratic process of election is that the people, after long years of conflict, death and destruction, through the separatist terrorist moment, people of the northern province had the opportunity of expressing their will to pro vintionly govern them. So will be political - empowerment of will be political umm - empowerment of people, after
bringing peace - empowerment of bringing peace to the country, and this will definitely lead to reconciliation and make the growth people centric. This is the purpose of the elections and is considered the very free and fair election, where the election monitors from people of the caliber of former chief election commission of India. The election votes counting and polling has been above board and the Commonwealth election monitors has said the administration of the polling booths, the polling and the counting, have been very impressive.That's a selective view of the voting process. It is.But nonetheless...It is not a selective view.Nonetheless, the Tamil national alliance won 30 out of 38 seats. Can you tell me, are they going to have some kind of say in the Government of the North now? Is this self-determination within a united Sri Lanka?Absolutely, they will have a say. Jane, it is not only the northern province of Sri Lanka, there are 8 other provinces, which are functioning smoothly within the framework of the constitution, which has been given certain autonomy provinces. So this is nothing new to Sri Lanka. The new people...It's new for the North, though, isn't it, because they haven't had a regional council election before?Yes, there has always got to be a first time, because that was prevented by the terrorists, who were supporting separatism. It is the President who brought peace to the country. For four years there had been no death, destruction, due to terrorism. You tell me any country which has eradicated terrorism, had such a peatful four - peace full four years. Given the people empowerment, the Government decided to have the elections in the northern province not because of international pressure.Do you see the elections as a turning point for the Tamils? Yes. It is a turning point for the country - the northern province, not just Tamils. Every citizen has equal rights in my country, and population is distributed and people have the right to be in any place of the country. At the moment, the terrorist s wiped away the sing lease and Muslims from the northern - Singalese.The what was your part in the 26-year career
long civilian war. During my career as a naval officer from 1974 to 2011, Januariry, I was in the Navy, and I was the commander, the North and east, naval command during the 2008, and 2007. So in those contexts, I was visible in the eradication of terrorism, mainly at sea. The very Rossty, the chilling - very Rossty, the chilling experience of suicide bombers and death and destruction when people, the terrorists chopped to I
slices innocent civilians...If I could also put to you that the UN High Commissioner for human rights has said that many human rights atrocities were committed against the Tamil minority as well. I wonder, do you accept that despite the huge physical reconstruction in the North of Sri Lanka, this will not bring about reconciliation lasting peace in Navi Pillay's words, because lasting peace words, because the people's hearts and minds are not with hearts and minds the central Government. This statement is the central statement is absolutely unfair. What do you mean statement is absolutely What do you mean by What do construction? The infrastructure What do you mean by physical
construction? The infrastructure is...The
reconstruction that your Government has put into the North. Yes, that is a sense of our development. The President's vision is to empower the people, see that the infrastructure is available for health, education and communication. You mean to say that building of roads, giving electricity, giving water, giving education, giving health, is physical construction? This is absolutely baseless.What about justice?SorryWhat about justice and the commissions that will bring justice to the people who have committed war You
crimes? Justice will be there. You will bring evidence of any particular incident orange of incidents, bringing evidence of name, location, place...When will the Government look into these incidents. The Government is looking, the Government has already identified certain wrong doition, and any organisation will - wrong doition and any organisation will punish them. The number of people who have been punished has been Baseless speculation is absolute detrimental to any progress that is being made. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka Government has progressed
tremendously, bringing Government has progressed tremendously, bringing tourism
to the country. 1.5 million tourist s have come last year. This year, halfway through that target has been surpassed. Investor confidence has come to our country. Is that a sign of a country which is doing wrongdoings, or not addressing the complaints? Yes, we have had areas where the presidential commission has establish ed a commission to find out the places, people who are reported disappeared, people who have done atrocities.Okay. So these things are happening in the country. We are transparent. We are addressing the UN concerns. Every periodic events are taking place.So you think the criticisms that have been made by various human rights groups and Governments, including the former Government in this country are all somehow wrong, are being unfair to your country? I don't think any former Government of this country has said - they have said to look into this aspect, so our investigations are transparent. This Government has realised that the country's progressing in the correct direction. Visits by the former Foreign Minister and the current Foreign Minister in the Opposition to northern province has given the true picture to this countriment . Australia has worked very closely with the Sri Lanka Government and we are all geared up, and most of the countries, the 54 countries, expect to participate with the head of State. Australia has agreed.Canada has boycotted. Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, thank you very much for joining us. Thank you for the opportunity. All the very best. The trials of surviving leaders of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge are at risk of collapsing because nobody will pay for them. Key donors like Australia again being asked to help bail out the court. Southeast Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel reports.Since 2006, the court's been investigating crimes that killed more than 1.7 million people more than three decades ago, and piecing together that horror story is slow work. The Cambodian Government is struggling to find the funds to pay for local staff. If the financial problem continues, it means that we can prolong the term, and we also - expand spending the money.Only one case has so far been completed and of four elderly Khmer Rouge leaders being tried in the second case, one has died and another has been dismissed due to dementia. Australian, Bill Smith, who was worked here for seven years would be a strategic difficult if the court can't complete the defendants.
trial of the remaining two defendants. It is very important that that process goes to completion and then an appeal process be allowed.To complete case two, and investigations into potential third and fourth cases will take another two years and cost around $60 million.The UN has secured a loan from donors to pay the national staff what they are owed. But that has to be paid back they are owed. But in theory, that has to be paid back by the Cambodian Government. And another Cambodian another Cambodian Government. And
another $1.8 million is needed even to another $1.8 million even to pay them through until
the end of December. Mao Eng Chun lost two brothers under the regime. She's grateful for what the court has done so far, to mend the damage done. TRANSLATION: Before, I felt so much regret. Now at least there is justice - not enough, but it's made things better. Australia's Government says it firmly supports the court's work, and an extra 3.25 million was granted earlier this year.

A fleet of tall ships which has been in Hobart for most of the week has now set sail for Sydney. Their visit attract ed thousands to the Tasmanian's historic waterfront.It was time for the tall ships to set sale after five days of festivities. Hobart offered a farewell as warm as its welcome. I think they are beautiful. We came down yesterday and had a look. It was such a beautiful day and we are lucky today, so far. I think they fit in magically, given Hobart's history, it is exceptional they can come back and sail here.Some made sacrifices of sorts to see them on their way. I thought it would be good to come and have a look at the boats and be a good educational experience.So you didn't go to school today?No.They left hand in hand, joined by the six other tall ships and dozens of well-dressed well wishers. The ships have been travelling along the coast on their way to Sydney for next week's centenary of the Royal Australian Navy. The crews say Hobart has been a highlight. The welcome from Hobart generally and the warntth and interest has really been very heartening. to be here.It seems to be here.It seems the feeling is mutual. Hobart loves a maritime event. We do the Sydney to Hobart, the wooden boat festival. It's a maritime town.Hobart is a city with salt water coarsing through its veins and sea fairing and its heritage and history. It's not surprising that around 40,000 people turned out to enjoy the festives.Smooth sailing for a festival five and a half years Now to sport. Australia's best female surfers are going head to head. Sally Fitzgibbons is contesting an all Aussie final at the event in France. She bet Stephanie Gillmore and currently world the
ranking leader on her way to the final. Of the she can move to the top of the World Championship standings with a win. There are around 10 minutes left in the decider and Fitzgibbons currently has the lead. The America's Cup is set for a thrilling conclusion after Team USA continued its extraordinary fight-back to draw level with Team NZ. The score now stands at eight all with one race to go. A week ago the champagne was on ice, for Team NZ, as it took an 8-1 lead, day by day that advantage has been whittled away by Team USA. I have been telling you guys all along, it doesn't matter how big the challenge, in the second race we got behind, one of the boys - they just stuck their heads down and ground the other team.The Team NZ crew may not sleep as well continues.
tonight. The nightmare continues. I know, it was just an absolute shocker.American Team USA.
accents are hard to hear on Team USA. The boat is skipper ed by Sydney's Kimmy Spithill, joined by... The rest of the crew features sailors from England, Italy, Netherlands, NZ, with one American. The boat is going fantastic.Team NZ was penalised at the start of race 17 for crowding the cup holder. A bit of contact here right now.Team USA went on to win by 27 seconds. After trailing the challenger early in race 18, the American boat surged to the finish line 54 seconds in front for an unprecedented 7th straight victory. With one race left to determine the winner of the Auld Mug. It's the most exciting day of all of our lives and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else.Another golden day of sailing beckons at San Francisco comes to America's Cup wins,
there are at San Francisco Bay.When it comes to America's there are none bigger than there - in there are none bigger - in 1983, Australia rested the - in 1983, Australia prestigious prize from the long dominant US team. 30 years on the winning crew has a bit the winning crew has a bit of advice on how to claim the cup again. It was the race that captivated the nation. Australians everywhere let out an allmighty cheer. And then PM Bob Hawke made this now famous declaration. Any boss turning
who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a American
bum.After 132 years of winning
American dominance, the longest winning streak in sporting history, Australia claims do
sailing's greatest trophy. To do it, Australia came from two races down and from nearly one minute behind more than halfway through the final race. The Alan bond led syndicate and a keel accomplished what no other sailing team could. We had every innovation of the day, except a winged keel, of course.30 years on and victory is still sweet, for the man who skip perked Australia II. Being part of this country's
history is something that's - we are very proud of as an organisation, as a team.Members of that team gathered today to remember the momentous occasion. I don't think at any stage on the boat America's Cup
did we talk about winning the America's Cup until we crossed the line and saw the puff of smoke.I'm surprised how many people still remember where they were 30 years ago on that day. What would it take for Australia to get that winning feeling again. Someone with the fortitude of Alan Bond, get up and make it happen.Even so, it's unlikely these scenes will ever be repeated in an event that rewrote the history books. Liv Casben ABC News.Hawthorn President Andrew Newbold says he won't be pressured into despite
resigning Alastair Clarkson, despite a report linking the coach to the vacant West Coast job. Newbold has scoffed at the speculation preferring to Final against Fremantle.
focus on Saturday's AFL Grand Final against Fremantle. Three days to go, and the Hawks' the
heavy-hitters came together, the new President taking a leaf out of the old President's book. I think we probably have the best forward line in the about
competition, so let them worry about a few of our blokes as well.The last thing they need is a distraction. But it's been reported Alastair Clarkson is considering a shock move to West Coast. The coach, who is would
contracted next year, says he would never walk away from a commitment. If you understand the nature of the bloke and I think it's evident in the statement he's put out, that's the end of the matter. You know, certainly in terms of my rictor scale it wasn't showing up.The excitement surrounding the Dockers will be off the scale by Saturday. Fremantle is set to name an unchanged lineup with Michael Johnson, Luke McPharlin and Chris Mayne expected to play. A couple of them pulled up a little bit sore from the game, got through the week really well, doctors are under no doubt that they will play.Andrew Demetriou couldn't resist a kick to kick as the final preparations were being applied to the MCG, the entertainment will be an all-Aussie affair. It's very important to get the entertainment right, because we are still recovering from Meatloaf.Paul Chapman was heavily disguised at Geelong's whacky Wednesday but hopes his on-field efforts will be recognised with a contract extension. Newcastle coach Wayne Bennett refused to guarantee he'll see out his four year deal at the Knights days out from the preliminary final. Bennett has failed to play down speculation he is considering a move to North Queensland, despite having two years his contract. Seven-time Premiership winning coach Bennett should be focusing on the Grand Final qualifier. Instead he was fielding Instead he was questions about his future with the Knights. I can't give you an ironclad guarantee about anything in this game. So right now, I'm the coach here and when that changes I'll let you know.The coach is happy to hand favouritism to the Roosters, for Saturday night's preliminary ly final. The Rabbitohs enjoyed a day off ahead of their match against Manly. Some players turned up to Redfern. The Burgess brothers took time out on a different playing field. This is a perfect thing to get your mind off things for a while. You know, everyone's feeling good. It's going to be a tough game, every game's tough. Every game is going to be a tough encounter. Friday night is going to be no just
different.The Rabbitohs are just 80 minutes away from appearing in the club's first Grand Final since 1971. The last time they won the Premiership. But the coach is refusing to let his players even contemplate next week. I know it's the old cliche, but that's what we do. Our focus is about this week. If you don't perform this week, you don't get to do it the following week.Cronulla ensured its fans the club isn't going anywhere after reports the NRL is considering relocating them to Queensland. No, none whatsoever. We proudly been part of the Sutherland Shire community for proudly been part of 47 years and we plan to be here for at least another 100 years.The club is due to learn the outcome of the ongoing anti-doping investigations next month after the Grand Final.

And in some breaking news, Brumbies coach has been granted a release from the final two years of his Super Rugby contact. An unlikely friendship between an Australian actor and a former fighter has spawned East Timor's first international theatre production. Devised on a remote island, Doku Rai explores the complex nature of the relationship between the mythology, Doku
two nations.A tale steeped in mythology, Doku Rai is a occurs against
often used by East Timor against their colonial enemies. This production tells the story of two brothers locked in a violent struggle for identity, power and ultimately redemption. Before they start the Doku Rai, the old man ask, why do you want this man to diePerformed in English, dialects, it is a cultural clash coming out of a unique collaboration. I was intent on trying to work with them. We don't know how we would be able to do it.Actor Thomas met this performer, a former gery la,We got into the car, people were let rally yelling in the car. So you are aware you are in the presence of someone unique.The group spent three months in a remote island, collaborating in what was for the performer as creative experience. We had no running water a lot of the time, we had no power. It was very, very intense process.It is not only a place that we have conflict, we do have artists. We do have our own story to tell.The work incorporates a traditional western play with contemporary East Timor rock music. In Timor people do art, but they don't know what it is. We do music on the street, we tell the stories on the street.The production finishes its Australian season in Sydney with hopes to tour the work internationally. Of You've been watching the world on a night when two Australian soldiers have been discipline ed for actions after an Afghanistan soldier killed three Australians last year. And, UN inspectors have returned to Damascus to continue their investigation into the possible use of chemical weapons during the Syrian civil war. For more details you can log on to our website at website keep up to date on Twitter, keep up to date follow us at ABC News 24. I'll be back with be back with national headlines shortly. For

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