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This program is captioned live. Tonight - did the army fail to protect three of our fallen diggers? Are we heading towards on early summer? With 10,000 lawsuits in the US and Canada - could this popular contraceptive pill have women at risk From sports star to fallen boy - Wendell Sailor shares his story. And 30 years since this...'Australia II' has won the America's Cup.This is The Project. Welcome to The Project. Back with us tonight is the wust Kerri Anne Kennerley. nne (CHEERIey. Kennerley.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) .-- wonderful Kerri Anne Kennerley. (CHEERING .For a second there I couldn't remember where I was.You've been doing it for five years.I thought I might have been talking about 'Your Generation'.It's the jetlag. He hasn't been on a plane.But we have a big show.We do.To use your line we have two sailors.We do Wendell Sailor and John Bertrand. If you can't work out why that is a joke. Google.It's Wednesday, 25 September. An internal Defence Force report on three Australian soldiers murdered by the Taleban called into question the decision- making process that left the diggers exposed. Does the inquiry raise more questions than answers? This is news so truly shocking that it will feel for many Australians like a physical blow.It's over a year since three diggers were murdered in cold blood by a Taleban sleeper from within their own ranks. Any soldier's death is a tragedy. Today's finding compounds the heartbreak. It's possible Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin and Private Robert Poate might still be alive if their superiors had done more to respond to an increased risk of insider attacks.The inquiry officer found the decisions and actions in establishing and maintaining the force protection arrangements were at the minimum level authorised. However, they did not adequately address the specific situation at the patrol base, that placed personnel at the risk of a threat of fire.Instead of boosting constitutey at the Patrol Base Wahab, senior officers allowed troops to swap their combat gear for shorts and T-shirts. A single guard was on patrol. Most of the Platt on was playing poker or watching -- Platt on was playing poker or movies on their laptops. He found a decision to adopt a relaxed level of security meant the Australians was not in a sufficient state of readiness or in accordance with the standard orders at the time.Half of the findings related to force protection. The report stopped short in assigning blame. The inquiry officer was not able to prove or disprove whether the arrangements directly or indirectly gave Hekmatullah the opportunity to attack Australian soldiers.As the soldiers were based in Queensland the family are believed to have asked the Queensland Coroner for an inquest. The decision is yet to be made. Now the details came to light the fams are not the only ones -- families are not the only one demanding answers.Defence writer Ian McPhedran joins us. The Defence Force has not been blamed in the report. You believe it was army incompetence that led to the deaths; is that right?I think they are never going to take the blame straight up in these sorts of situations. When you look at the totality of the report there's a lot of elements that point to incompetence on some level and an intelligence failing on other lev else. The wider issue of systematic problems are ones that only an independent inquiry will nut out. How did the lack of intelligence cost the boys their lives?The risk from stal Dan insiders was high at this -- Taleban insiders was high at the type of. There'd been aspike in these type of attacks during the period but the boys were not aware of the rick.The original report in the paper was heavily edited. Was anything in the paper that came out that surprised you.The fact that they talk about redaction for security, intelligence and privacy is fine. When you look at the reports with the blacked out areas they are impossible to get a narrative. Hopefully the Queensland Coroner will be able to make judgments based on all the information. He has a full copy of an unredacted report, unlike the families. They are very, very angry about the fact that this report is not n their view, complete. They are asking the Coroner to do an independent inquiry where all the facts might become available.We appreciate your time. Thanks for coming on. To the other headlines - more than 1,000 Telstra jobs across the country are being ached as part of a restructure. 1100 -- axed as parts of a restrurbgture. 11 positions will be -- restructure. 1100 positions will be axed reducing the work force by 3%.I understand the impact on these changes with people. We have been working with the management teams, with the staff.Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke publicly for the first time since leaving office during an interview at the New York conference. She revealed her plans for the future and shed light on life as Australia's first female leader. It's an experience that is mixed, I'd have to say. Endless focus on hair and clothes and shoes and things that men don't have to put up with. But we have a way to go before it is routine for women to have those positions.It was revealed she plans to set the record straight in her own words with memoirs to be published in October next year. Three people in Australia and one in India have been charged over a massive haul of ephidrine in raids in Melbourne and Sydney. Enough to make up to 200 kilos were found in a shipment from India, worth $200 million.This is one of the largesest seizures in Australia. This is a coveist kaited organised crime syndicate.Very, -- is a sophisticated organised crime syndicate. Very serious journey. One of the journalists I don't think respected it.How did you separate the drugs from the rice - is it a giant sieve?Unfortunately no.It's not just a giant sieve. It's a good question.She wouldn't let it go. A funny question didn't get her too far.I mean, it is methodology, but more sophisticated than you would do in the kitchen with your sieve.Is that rice now on the shelves then?No.You cannot have it cold.What about the victims that ordered the big sack of rice - are they sitting at home waiting. Now they may have a massive rice habit.Move onI need more answers, Dave.Two people have been charged with two armed robbies in Sydney including the hold up of a cinema at Roseville. A 22-year- old man and 20-year-old woman fought arrest. Queensland are sweltering through some of its hottest September days on record with the beach the best option for relief. Temperatures are above the average. Severe fire warns have been I should. It soared close to 41 out west. Magdalena Roze has the low down on the National weather forecast. Will summer be a bad one all around, Mags?Absolutely. The latest climate models are saying all of Australia are likely to see warmer than average nights and days. Eastern Australia is set to receive drier than average conditions.The bureau had to invent a new colour to show a temperature above 50. Will we need more colours?It's possible. The thing is the weather setup we have at the moment in terms of warm sea surface temp and hot air masses across central Australia - this is virtually a mirror image of what we had last year. I wouldn't be surprised if we see massive records broken during this summer. It's possible we may need new colours.What about the fire season. This doesn't auger well for that, does it?Not at all. Tomorrow it's going to be a bad fire day across Queensland and NSW. Warnings are out for that. It will be hot and dry. We have pretty powerful winds there too. Looking at the season ahead in general. Many parts of Australia are set to see an above average fire season. It's not good news for that.On the bright side it should be a great beach season. Should I rock a one or two piece on the sand this summer? (LAUGr?
(LAUGHS) . Definitely the one piece. And I'm talking about budgie smugglers. I've talked about serious stuff, but the take-home message out of this conversation is buy shares in budgie smugglers.ONCEcy for you Dave, go the full suit.No.No mankini.Quick everyone. Everyone thinking.Let's not begin. Bye. (APPLAUSE) .Joe Hockey is getting person with his plan to send out itemised receipts thanking us for hard- earned tax dollars. Next year it will show in dollar terms how much was spent on health, Ware fair and education.Do I get to claim that. I want to see how much I spend on pensions, so I can cut in line at the post office and a'Back of the line". Is that what you want to do, push in front of pensioners at the post office. Is that genuinely what you want to do?I'm an ideas man. I'd love to know how much you pay for police. I'd like to show police. I know they do a great job. They are trying to sort out protesters in Melbourne protesting about the east-west tunnel. One policeman is not only a policeman, he's a commentator.Obviously these people have been employed to do the job. They can do it if you stand behind the barriers. And they can't if you are in here. You worked that out that's why you are on this side of the barrier.His name is Captain obvious. You know what you don't do. You don't do deals with protesters. We'd be happy to move there if we get commitment that the workers will not work.Obviously the goal of the workers is to come here and work.You'll not get past him making a deal. Workers want to work. This is by far the most informative news service on television. We'll take a break, back in a tick.The Government plans to overhaul the higher education system. Is it closing the door on the disadvantaged. Where were you when 'Australia II' crossed the finish line. And chicken and let us and blain old Vegimite -

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Welcome back to The Project. Nairobi's Westgate Mall is being searched for booby traps as three days of official mourning begins for the victims of Kenya's terrorist attack. Fears remain for a number of missing. But the President declared the situation over.The criminals are ashamed, and we cannot be scared.People can head to Stenes Corner where you can sample San Fran Chicken Triple Decker, the best sandwich in Australia, and you can try the Burberry Beef Brisket Wrap. I didn't know there was an Australian championship.I had a cheese and tomato toasty.Nothing beats cheese and Vegimite.Do you think the sandwich got the heart tick of approval.The best tick mean you will get heart disease quicker from eating it, quick as possible.They enjoy sandwiches around the world. Julia Bishop...Really. Tell us about family history of folder. Julia Bishop can tell us. She's the Foreign Minister and was speaking at a UN round table. I love the woman beside her and the love of mint. "I love the mint, I'll sniff it", I'll sniff it again. I'll twist it and I'll put is back. A real mint lover there. The 34th America's Cup will be decided in a winner-take-all race on Mohamed Sanoussi bay. After Team USA's comwhack. Aussie skipper James Spithill and his crew managed to draw even with Team New Zealand with eight wins apiece. Time to chat with a skipper on the boat that wrote Australia into the America's Cup history books.The work day kicked off slow on September 251983. The reason - Australians were at home glued to their TV watching in disbelief as 'Australia II' sailed through the finish line to take the Cup.Proud skipper John Bertrand steering it to victory. The win ended the New York yacht club's 132-year winning streak. The longest in sporting history. Tomorrow marks 30 years to the day since John elevated Australia on to the world sporting staple. We never looked back. Now a force to be reckoned with in all sorts of sporting endeafors. No other triUms yeed yielded a work wagging OK.-- triumphs yielded a work wagging OK.Any boss that sacks someone for not turning up today is a bum.Please welcome John Bertrand. We have been talking all day about how everyone stopped what they were doing, and got up early to watch you cross the line. Is there another amazing moment in history you remember sitting down watching the way the Australians watched you win the America's Cup. I think Kathy freemon at the Olympics winning the gold medal. A big day for the country.We remember the winged keel, Ben Lexon's wing's keelt. How did you put it under wraps.We put a skirt around it in WA. We didn't realise how big a deal it would be. In - as time wore on and we started to beat the nations we had 55 races leading in to the America's Cup. We had to win the right to win the America's Cup against the Brits and the Canadians and French and Italians. It was a bigger deal from a psychological point of view. We kept the skirt on the boat.It was huge. I was 12 when you crossed the line. Is this a true story, when 'Australia II' crossed the line was your wife holding hands with Rupert Murdoch, did one of them cry and was that person not your wife?That must be Dave, is that right?Yes.I figured that out.Is that a true story?Rupert was a keen follower of the America's Cup and was in recently every day. He was in the compound when he tried to get through the gates and the security told him to nick off with hundreds of thousands of others. At any rate I'm not sure if they were holding hans. I'm have to check.At the 20 -- hands. I'm have to check. The 2013 race will be decided tomorrow. New Zealand were up 8:1 and it's now back to 8-8. How nervous would the guys be about sailing tomorrow? It's huge. Form is the 30th anniversary of the Australia Hotel win. The America's Cup in Mohamed Sanoussi will -- 'Australia II' win. The America's Cup in San Francisco will be decided. America came from 8-1 down to 8-8. The winner wins the America's Cup. The Kiwis have not been able to close it off over a week and a half of racing. Are they frustrated and under pressure - absolutely they are.You are the President of swimming Australia and you called on young Aussies to chase the dream of sporting glory. What do you think is missing at the moment?A sense of leadership and strong cultural values. And that - we want people to be - we want people to be aligned and marching in the same direction. That's part and parcel of our responsibility, and have a vision that people can get excited about.It's been a pleasure chatting to you tonight. All the best with everything. The updated edition of your performance is available from 1 Ok. Thank John Bertrand. (APPLAUSE) . USE) .We'll take a break. Back soon. Coming up - Wendell Sailor drops by to share the ups and down of a rollercoaster career.Bono does his best Bill Clinton. Music in the workplace. A distraction or a source of creativity. This is The Project. Chief Hygiene is important to you, but grease and germs build up
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Welcome back. Time to see what is making news around the globe.More than 230 people have been killed in Pakistan by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It was strong enough to rattle buildings in Karachi, 250 kilometres from its epicentre and pushed up a new island off the southern coast of Pakistan.Hasan Rouhani told the United Nations General Assembly his nation is ready to negotiate over its disputed nuclear program. Outside the UN protesters, including former noork Mayor Rudy Juliani aagainst talks claiming row is a murderous criminal. Lawyers from one of the three teenagers being tried for the murder of craze lain has filed a motion to be heard as a child. Michael Jones faces up to 90 years in prison if found guilty as an adult. When Clinton was late to the staiN, Bono entertained delegates. He offered an impromptu impersonation of the President. When I first met, he walked into the Oval Office and I thought it was a member of his own road crew. I'm really easy to make fun of. Bono is back on the talent.If you think that is good, you should ear the edge to his Christopher Walken. Did you see him.In Sydney when he was speaking here.How many times did he hit on you?Gees, noun, what does that mean.He's losing it.He has - he honestly has magnetIsm. I only sensed it with two or three people in my life and it's an aura. I could see his nose hair.Were you turned on by it?We are sitting at the table. He's speaking and his security is there facing the other way which I didn't get for a minute. That's a gun in his pocket.I'm doing news here.Take over the show. I'll go by what is on the sheet. You read it. Foreign affairs Minister Julia Bishop met Barack Obama and Michelle Obama during a trip to a dinner in New York. The President told her he was looking forward to Tony Abbott's first official visit to the US. Julia Bishop I believe is confuseing foreigners with the way she goes to shake hands. It's how she goes about it. They are confused. I think they think she wants them to kiss her hand. Watch this. No. Should I - no, I shouldn't.I think he was sniffing it.She has to learn to extent her arm as they approach. That's what you have to do. It's like when you work the Oscars carpet. You say hi, I'm from Australia.They stop.Yell out. We're shaking. And it's the Aussie workplaces missing a beat by banning music in the office. A nationwide study found three- quarters of us believe listening to music reduces stress. It's never cool to bring your own saxaphone. A man that has an affect on our mood is 'This Week Live''s Tom Gleeson. What music helps your office?I have about 15 comedy writers working beneath me. I don't let them listen to music. I make them listen to my comedy albums to give them something to aspire to.Who do you have on the show?We have Tom Balad coming in, MiffWarhurst and this guy.Just downloading Tom's latest album. Hilarious.I can see his nose hairs.He'll be on.We have to have him.I'm going to get him pregnant. I'm on a roll.You are looking shotgun.Are you doing the hilarious thing where Tom stands on a box.Sadly, no.'This Week Live' is on tonight at 9:30 straight after 'Wonderland'. Thank Tom Gleeson, and the little fella next to him. That's a quick recap of the headlines. An inquiry into the death of three Aussie diggers at the hands of an Afghan soldier has been critical of shortfalls in force protection. 240 kilos of ephidrine smuggled into Melbourne has been seized by Federal Police in one of the largest drug hauls of its kind in Australia. A restructure by Telstra sees more than 1,000 jobs across the country axed by June next year. A Queensland couple has been winched to safety after their boat ran aGround near Fraser Island during a fishing trip. Youth adolescence ends at the age of 25, to let childhood experts work with them longer and stop teenagers feeling they are being rushed through their childhood.That means I had a kid when I was an ado lesset.I thought hormones meant that it happened earlier.For some.When do you think you moved from a child to adult.Is it a man or woman?I was talking about you. This is an entirely different conversation, Kerri Anne Kennerley, I think we dropped a bombshell.Not much different to the one last time. When did you feel like you are a grown up.I don't think I have grown up yet. Certainly not according to my husband.That is good news. Guys, there's a burst water main in Adelaide. It's been hag a bit.We've covered at least one other burst water main in Adelaide on this program.This is a freshy, so back off. This witness described it well.There was an enormous plume of water going up into the air. It's like a fountain which was - but it was a fountain of water forced up into the air. Like an amazing water fountain. Where the hell can you ever see one of those.To the top stories over the last few years university attendance has soared around the country. As the new government is looking for ways to save money Big Pine Key announced a review into higher education.In 201 -- Christopher Pyne announced a review into higher education. In 2010 universities moved to a different system - the goal to get 40% of Aussies holding a university degree by 2025. If the numbers are anything to go by it seems to be working with 190,000 more student at uni today than four years ago. Thousands of more students are getting into universities in the first place. It meant more are getting into the first preference field of study, doing the degrees that they want to do.Strong signals from the Education Minister that he is about to shake things up. There's some evidence that quality suffers achieve quantity.It could be mad to throw away the international reputation by lessening quality. Demand driven is expensive. With no cap on student numbers annual costs to taxpayers is expected to rise from $3.5 billion to $11 billion in 2017. Faces the axe is the altruistic target to have 20% of places filled by student of disadvantaged backgrounds by 2020. Then there's a matter of something called student services and amenities fees. A compulsory charge for students to pay for services.The student tax is student unionism through the backdoor. It's not surprising it's championed by UNS.How will this impact people that feel it most - Aussie students. Russ Tyrie is the -- Jade Tyrrell is the President of the National Union of Students. Since caps were removed higher education has gone up. Do we need caps to keep the costs managable? There's something - something has to give. We say there should be more public funding going for universities. We don't want to see access removed, we don't want to see a backwards step taken. We have seen over 190,000 extra students come through the system, creating a diversity in the student body.Do you think we are sacrificing quality for quantity. That's how the Coalition would like you to think about it. We have quality concerns. We are not talking about the student when we talk about quality. We are talking about the size of our glasses, -- classes, the courses available to us. That's what we talk about. Talk to us about the compulsory student feesle all up students spend $350 million a year. Where does the money go. The money has gone back into campus life and culture. We are seeing new legal services, student media. Crop arts, club and societies. It's benefitted students across the country. Particularly rural and university -- and regional universities. Do you think students without children should be able to have naps?Why not.There's talk about having a targets of 20% of tertiary students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Any tertiary entrants should be based on merit. Why is that not enough? These days it should be available to all. Regardless of background or circumstance. What Chris Pine would have the system do is lock those out who can't afford it.Did you hear Chris Pyne say that?Well, he has very much voiced a resistance - sorry, he's been very resistent to the idea.Is this your interpretation?Well, Chris Pyme said that the SAF is compulsory unionism through the backdoor. We know the government is considering putting caps on the system because they think it's broken somehow. We do think while quality is a concern we need to keep the system uncapped but find a way to invest in it, through public investment.If you don't finish your course, should you be able to onsell credits you earned to other students?I am not sure that's an option that the government will consider under this. It's interesting.Lots of personal questions, Dave?I'm still interested in not finishing my degree.Thank you for your time and taking Dave seriously. (APPLAUSE) Thank you.Whelm take a break. More 'The Project' come -- we'll take a break. More The Project coming up after this.After the break - are some contraceptive pills putting women at risk.I had blood clots in my left and

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Welcome back.Heads could role at Queensland Health after the corruption watchdog found they helped pull off a fraud. A number of employees didn't follow proceedings, allowing Barlow to steal items.Some have been tricked into believing some Apple products were waterproofed. Those that fell for it took to social media to complain about a waterlogged phone. If you thought Twitter was unforgiving. They are delighted that people screwed up their phone. You drop it in the toilet, it won't work.Why do you dream of it?I drop it in the toilet all the time. Really. You should get a pocket. Where are you putting it.In my pocket.Kerri Anne Kennerley. Behave. It's 7:00 at night. Speaking of phones, last night was the ALP leaders debate. The President of NSW Labor did the housekeeping, making sure everyone had their phones off during the debate. Check it out. A little bit of housekeeping. If you could turn your phones off or put them on silence. We don't want the night with phones going off or messages - lots of messages will be sent and received. If you could have them on silent that'll be a big help. We are grateful others of the media - that's mine. Thank you. Michael. Now to our feature story on the eve of World Contraception Day, we looked into a birth control pill leading to lawsuits in the United States. Aussie women are following suits. Following side effects doctors say could put their lives at risk. This woman took the pill six months ago. A decision that nearly cost the 29-year-old her life.It tore my life upside down. I had chest pain. They found blood clots in my stomach, multiple clots in my left and right lungs and spleen.The mother of two was flown to Sydney a week later for specialist treatment.It was life- threatening. I had a lot of blood clots in my body moving around. The potential to have a stroke was high. They did a lot of depend etic testing which was negative. They put it down to the eight weeks on the contraceptive pill.Erin was on Yaz, a newer form of cav sentive pill that some studies suggested make women likely to develop blood clots than older pills. Doctors say the potential side effects of combination pills that use two types of horm owns have been known for years.All combined pills carry a risk of blood clots. The risk for the newer pills by me higher. That risk is very small.Family planning NSW says women are more likely to develop a blood clot during pregnancy or after birth than by taking the pill.Risks associated with the pill are there. Women should be advise of of this when they are prescribed the pill. They have to weigh it up against a benefit.Erin claims he was never told been side affects. Bayer says it is outlined in information books for doctors and consumers.I didn't read the information in the packet. I trusted what I was taking.In the US the contraceptive pillia. Az and Yasmin are the subject of lawsuits, many settled by Bayer without an admission of liability. An Adelaide law firm is investigating a potential class action here.Women we talked with had significant complications like DVT, pulmonary embollism, strokes and heart attacks. What the women are seeking is compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses incured. Lost income.Small business owner Leah is one of them.My health started to deteriorate about six weeks after taking the pill. They found after scans it was a deep vein thrombofs in my vein, so my liver was not getting enough blood. The sports-loving single mum was off work for six weeks.No other cause was found after testing for everything. It was put down to taking the pill.Like Erin, she is calling for legal action similar to the US.I do not care about money at all. I think it needs to be off the shelf. It needs to be off the market.The laws in the US are different to the laws that apply in Australia. You would have to presume that the company involved thought that they had some liability in the United States and that was why they were prepared to pay settlement money to resolve the matters.With lawyers here looking into individual cases and talking with medical experts, potential action is a fair way off. In the meantime doctors say women shouldn't panic.They shouldn't stop taking the pill because they here with about a concern of risk. They should talk to their doctor. If I had of known blood cloting was a risk, without a doubt I would not have taken Yaz or any contraceptive pill - it's too dangerous.I have to say, I'm on Yaz, and that story makes me feel anxious and I went to the doctor and said "What do I meantime to do", the doctors say every pill comes with risks, and it is slightly higher. I don't know. Still makes me feel uncomfortable knowing that.When a doctor says this is a risk or a percentage, do you think anyone thinks it through when they are given a pill?If you read medication packets, you take the leaflet out. If you read anything, it's scary. Doesn't matter what medication. If you read the packet, you wouldn't want to go near it even though it will potentially save your life.It's a lot of pay outs. $1.4 billion. Gives indication how much money there is in pharmaceuticals.For details on where to get more info about Ya z and a copy of the Bayer company's response head to the website. Back after the break. Coming up - Wendell Sailor joins us live in the studio and what the Cabies really think of their passengerers.You are here to say most people that get in your cab are rude?Yes.This is The

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It's time for our next guest. At 18 Wendell Sailor exploded on to the NRL competition playing for the Brisbane Broncos. The store player went from a superstar to finding out how unforgiving sports fans could be, geking to union in 2001. -- defecting to union in 2001. He was a gun at that and became the first Australian to represent his country in both codes. In 2006 it all fell apart. A routine drug test came back positive for cocaine and he copped a 2-year ban from the game.It was a stuff time.Not dwelling on the decision Sailor got involved with charity work alongside mentoring young people in drug and alcohol awareness programs. He made a comeback to league before retiring in 2010.

retiring in 2010. Keeping himself busy Wendell wrote a book covering the ups andn't covering the downs of being watched by the entire country. Please welcome big Dell, Wendell Sailor. (LAUGHS) . (APPLAUSE) .How are you going?There's a bit of football you played. I know you from playing golf. How is the golf. I haven't had much time to play lately, because the book and other things - it's been busy. Bit of time for the family and at the end of this book tour. It's been good. Great book it is. Many things I love about it - I love you a bet each way. Broncos fans, buy the book. Droction fans, buy the book. -- Dragons buy the book.I have to pay respect for Runeon. I had a good time. -- Rugby Union.I started with the Broncos, finished with the Dragons. I prorbtd playing sport for a living then hi to -- appreciate playing sport for a living, then I had to get a real job.One of the big things in your career was testing positive to cocaine. You feel the punishment didn't match the crime.I wouldn't say the punish the didn't match the crime. I knew the rules. People test positive these days, there's steroids and illicit drugs. It was a silly error from me, I copped the punishment. I didn't whinge about that, I knew the rules and broke them. I paid a heavy price. More so my family paid a heavy price because of my selfishness.In the AFL there's three strokes.I would have loved one strike.You learnt your lesson. For all the kids watching sport and follow us. I had a big following. They got me back through the community stuff and knowing that kids watch everything we do.The other thing that you mentioned in the book is how your birth mum gave you up for adoption after two days. You didn't find out for years that you were adopted. How did finding that out change your perspective or attitude.When you are younger it doesn't tear you up. As I god older, there's things you want answered. My parents, Alison and Daniel did a wonderful job. You never use it as an excuse, but sometimes you like to know. I'm 39, played on the big stage in football but haven't been strong enough to ask the question "Why did you give me away?" and I haven't seen her. It's a thing where you think you'd ask the question and working with kids. I think I was being so honest because I see what some of the kids have gone through. Not an excuse for my behaviour. In footy. Hopefully kids and people feel brave enough to ask me. Catch Dell in 'A League of Their Own' a pleasure to have you there.Don't forget the book. Goodness me, the book.We'll take a break, back in a tick.




Welcome back, Bill Shorten denies he was dismissive, elitist or rude to a cabbie. The driver claimed he didn't get a tip. Dave hit the streets.Bill Shorten, the politican was rude to a cab driver, can you believe that?From what I read about him, possibly,y yes. They are all the same. Politicians or cab drivers? Both.Bill Shorten, do you know him?Wouldn't have a clue. A Kakhi accused Bill Shorten being rude. Do you believe that? Totally. I had him in mine.Have you been rude to a cab driver.No, only if they go the wrong way.Most people in your cabbie are not rude? He told me Mark Latham would be a better Prime Minister than John Howard.They were rude to you in They have attitude.You get annoyed when people don't tip you. Bill did not tip?Most peep don't tip.You want a tip.How much.Couple of sent.You give a couple of bucks. Yes.You must be rich. How many mops have you got at home.Have you said anything in the cab that you didn't want repeated.Have you got randy in a cab?No, never. We are on camera, may as well go on Big Brother.Would you tell tales on anyone that's been in your tab.No. You just did about bill.That's Bill.Bill Shorten claims it was a misunderstanding.Good on Will. That's all we had time for. We had the wonderful Kerri Anne Kennerley, thank you for joining us. 'The Bachelor' is up next. See you tomorrow.

ANNOUNCER: Tonight, on The Bachelor,

it's anchors away...

Let's go. Drop it.

..for a group date on the high seas.

WOMAN: He can row my boat any day.

And the clock is ticking...

The fairytale ends at midnight. two Bachelorettes
are singled out...

WOMAN: It sounds like a doom card,

..for a diabolical double date...

WOMAN: At the end of the day,
there will just be one person.

..which will leave
just one holding a rose...

WOMAN: Anxiety levels
are through the roof.

I desperately don't want to leave.

..while the other
goes straight home.

This will have to be goodbye.

TIM: My intention
in being the Bachelor

is ultimately to find someone
to fall in love with

and someone who can love me
the same way back.

So this week, I really want to spend

more time together
with a few of the girls

just to see who's up for
a bit of fun and adventure.

You know, someone that is energetic

and someone here to find love.

ROCHELLE: Every girl at the house
is ready for a bit of a mix-up,

a bit of a change.

The one-on-ones are so hard to get
and they happen so rarely.

I thought maybe the first date
would be a group date.

I don't feel that Tim actually knows
that I have a personality.

We're here to find love.

But you can't find love
with somebody you don't see

or that you don't know.

Good evening, ladies.

I'm sorry to disturb your night

but I have something that I think
you'll be rather interested in.


ALL: Yeah!


I'll leave that right there.

And I will see some of you
in the morning.

The group dates are so challenging,
to sort of get that attention

and that time with him.

I just hope that he wants to see
a little bit more

and that I still am able
to have that opportunity

to, you know,
give a little bit more of myself.

Ooh, let's do this.

Read that out.

Alright. Ladies, are we ready?

ALL: Yes.


(READS) "Love for sale, Tim."


We're going to be auctioning
ourselves or Tim or something.

The auction - we're auctioning Tim
off to a bunch of cougars in a room

or something like that.

Shall we find out who's going?
ALL: Yes.


Oh, well.


I'm definitely on the back foot at
the moment in terms of quality time.

And hopefully he's going to have
that instant connection with me.



And finally...


DANI: Being on all the group dates,

I think Tim definitely knows me
pretty well now,

far more than
some of the other girls.

I've been on every group date. Whoa!

PENNY: Dani seems like
she feels entitled

to everything that's happened.

And, "I deserve this
and now I deserve a one-on-one."

And that attitude
only gets you so far in life.

You're a beautiful girl.

Where's the beauty in here? Come on.

You know, it could mean that Tim
gets to know who she really is.

But then, on the other hand,

it could be the moment
where Dani makes a move

and that they do have that moment.

And that will be...


WOMAN: We've just arrived
at the wharf

and we see
this huge old pirate-looking ship.

That is awesome.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I've always wanted
to go on a tall ship.

The boat is beautiful. It's sort
of really old-fashioned. It's huge.

It's a lot bigger
than anything I could have expected.

Where's Captain Jack Sparrow?

That's hysterical.

So incredible.

Good morning, ladies.
ALL: Good morning.

Tim has a dream

that one day he'd like to take
his family on an ocean odyssey.

So, he'd like to see
who's got their sea legs,

who would make a worthy companion
on an offshore adventure.

The sun, the water
and looking at Tim all day -

I'd be a very happy lady.

Today, you will be sailing this ship

through the heads, out to sea...

..and then all the way back
down Sydney Harbour.

ALL: Wow!

My first impressions of this date
is, "Wow. Blown away."

It's going to be very active
and very fun.

And I know that we're going to
have to get our hands dirty

and get in there
and really work and impress Tim

so he knows we're not prissy
or anything.

It's going to be rocky.
It's going to be rough.

Does anyone get seasick?

No, I hope not.

I was really excited
to be on a group date this week.

was a bit of a disappointment

because the game lasted
three minutes

and didn't really get any time
to talk to Tim.

So, for me, this is a perfect date.

Where is that handsome devil?

My God.

He looks so handsome.

I'd be happy for Tim
to be my Captain Jack Sparrow.

ALL: Morning.