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The stock market closed higher today, led by stock notice energy and consumer goods sector.

The advice is - fill up soon. Here's Amber. It was a hot and sunny day in Sydney, with moderate to fresh north-easterly winds, gusting up to 50km/h at the airport. It reached a top of 33 degrees across most of our west, which is 10 degrees above average. We saw a top of 32 degrees in Campbelltown.

Tomorrow - northern NSW and Queensland will see some very warm north-westerly winds, while a low and front will bring some very strong winds, showers and a cool change to southern NSW, as well as Victoria and Tasmania. Taking a look around the country:

Northern NSW will be sunny and hot tomorrow. Grafton reaching a staggering 37 degrees.

We can expect a warmer-than-average night tonight, only dropping to 14 degrees in the west and 17 degrees in the city. That's six above average. Then tomorrow another hot and sunny day is on the way, but it will become very windy, with a strong and gusty westerly change moving through around midday.

A cool change will move through tomorrow night, which will drop temps back down to the early 20s on Friday. The weekend is looking great - blue skies and sunshine.

The weekend is looking fantastic, Georgie.It most certainly is, Amber. Thank you very much. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. Tracy is up next with 'A Current Affair' and Nine's 'National News' is at 7:00 on GEM. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks for being quust with us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Kerryn Tonight ... University staff wo
threaten to stop work over pay and Hen
workloads, It' s official - Peter w
Hendy claims Eden Monaro And a warm wor
welcome home for Canberra' s dual Kerryn
world champ Good evening, I' m Educati
Kerryn Johnston, The Tertiary
Education Union is seeking an urgen Vice-Chancellor
meeting with the ANU ultima
Vice-Chancellor to give him an OR
ultimatum - negotiate on pay deals o
OR face industrial action. A ballot suppor
of members showed overwhelming actio
support to proceed with serious the
action. After a year of talks - neg
the tertiary education union says dow
negotiations with ANU have broken dece
down. We' re simply asking for
decent salary, decent work loads an The
job security at this university. The university has refused to liste hav
to that request, therefore staff have been forced into this position scrutineer
A ballot closed today - members
scrutineers for the union say
members have "overwhelming endorsed l
action... The NTEU is confident of campaign
launching a major industrial something
campaign. Now this is not some
something the union wants, it' s i
something the union has been forced urgen
into. The union is seeking an Chancell
urgent meeting with the Vice Vic
Chancellor. So we' re saying to is
Vice Chancellor Ian Young today it
is time to negotiate, let' s avoid dis
messy and unnecessary industrial s
dispute at ANU and lets have decent salaries and decent workloads on th offered
table . The University has increase
offered staff a two per cent increase this year and next. In a spokeswoman
statement to WIN News, an awaiting
spokeswoman said the ANU was on
awaiting confirmation of a meeting negoti
on Friday - and would continue
negotiations in good faith. She sai disappoin
industrial action would be disappointing and she hoped the NTW stude
would not seek to disadvantage open
students. The union says it' s We
open to a last minute agreement. cont
We are not going to have the uni low
continue it' s line of saying the g
lowest salary offer in Australia is an
good enough. It' s not good enough and the VC needs to recognise that.

Meanwhile, the University of u
Canberra Vice Chancellor says he' s ed
unphased by a review into tertiary Governmen
education under the Liberal conce
Government. There' s widespread wi
concern the new Education Minister re
will cap university placements and unionis
reintroduce voluntary student ha
unionism. The Liberal Government promises
has been accused of breaking tertiar
promises when it comes to the Educati
tertiary education sector.New h
Education Minister Christopher Pyne unive
has said he will review capping complete
university places. This is Liber
completely contrary to what the recent
Liberal candidates said in the Seselja
recent election campaign. Zed who
Seselja, other Liberal candidates AC
who assured the ACT community that the
ACT universities would not suffer th
these sorts of changes. Now we see lo
this is a broken promise. Well kno
look it' s simply not true and we Unio
know that the Tertiary Education fi
Union backed the Greens with large electio
financial backing at the last n
election. As it stands university in
numbers are not capped, meaning an many
institution is free to accept as Capping
many students as it sees fit. o
Capping could derail the University funding
of Canberra' s plan to combat po
funding cuts by increasing student i
population. But the Vice Chancellor no
is unphased by the review. It' s mini
not unreasonable for an incoming a
minister to want to review a system
and it underscores the importance o do
higher education that he wants to do this straight away. Labor cu university funding drastically hel Wit
fund the better schools program. Terti
With possible caps in place the raising
Tertiary Education Union says studen
raising revenue with increased im
student numbers would be virtually impossible.

A report into the insider attack three
which resulted in the deaths of Afghanis
three Australian soldiers in ha
Afghanistan in two thousand and 12 Privat
has been finalised. Canberran, those
Private Robert Poate was one of wounde
those killed - two others were Mar
wounded. AIR Force Chief Marshall minimum
Mark Binskin says there was a protectio
minimum authorised level of fo
protection but it was not adequate situatio
for the situation. in this wa
situation refers to the fact there the
wasn' t segregation and therefore of
there should have been other areas i
of force protection that were taken result
into account The inquiry has
resulted in twenty two findings wit protec
around half relating to force b
protection. Two soldiers have since Eden
been disciplined. The race for for
Eden Monaro has been all but over o
for weeks, but today the electorate of
officially welcomed its new Member
of Parliament. The bell-weather sea Liber
staying true to form, with the an
Liberals Peter Hendy finally being announced winner. Mike Kelly ma again
have conceded defeat two weeks again, but today the result for Ede declar
Monaro was made official. I t
declare Peter Hendy duly elected as the member to serves in the house o formalit
representatives After the f
formalities and some parting advice s
from the outgoing member... Start ..
scheduling some therapy sessions an was down to talk of policies and the future of the region under busines
an Abbott government. Small
business is very, very important an regi
it is the largest employer in a So
regional economy like Eden Monaro. So we have some polices that we wan business.
to implement to help small to
business. Mr Hendy says he plans brea
to have travelled the length and th
breadth of Eden Monaro by the time h
the new parliament sits. The former Com
head of the Australian Chamber of o
Commerce saying he' ll be focussing pursuin
on his electorate rather than governm
pursuing any higher duties in ver
government. At this stage, I' m backbencher,
very, very happy to be a honourabl
backbencher, that is a very But
honourable and hard to do job. +w se
But Mr Hendy comes to the job with regi
seventeen major projects for the
region in limbo following the chang spe
of government. Unless they' ve the
specifically been committed to by th
the coalition during the course of the election campaign, they will al include
need to be reviewed. These dollars
included thirty eight million C
dollars for the controversial Dunns Goo
Creek Road project to connect the H
Googong development with the Monaro
Highway, However, Mr Hendy has vowe roo
to use his position in the party Ellert
room find more funding for the Ellerton Drive extension.

A 23-year-old Deakin man who too on
a three hundred tonne Road Scaper t
on a joy ride has been sent back to he
the Canberra Hospital for a mental captured
health assessment. A witness minute
captured this vision of the 20 Maju
minute joy ride which started in busy
Majura - it was then driven down police
busy Northbourne Avenue before off
police caught up with the alleged f
offender in Deakin. Nathanial Paton faced the ACT Magistrates Court thi charg
morning - he' s likely to face danger
charges including reckless and
dangerous driving, property and dru worker
possession. Community service ca
workers walked off the job today - pass
calling on the ACT Government to th
pass on an equal pay increase. But HAS
the Treasurer says the government uni
HAS passed on the funds - and the T
union' s campaign is plain wrong. community
These people look after the tha
community' s most vulnerable. Yet b
that' s not reflected in their bank
balance. they' re the people ther highly
when no one else is. They' re uni
highly skilled, most of them have average
university degrees, and their F
average wage is only $48,000. The per
Fair Work Commission ordered a 30 t
per cent wage increase for those in the
the sector - to be phased in over claim
the next eight years. The union juristicti
claims the ACT is the only incre
juristiction not passing on the govern
increase. The problem is the th
government is refusing to increase
these wages, they' re saying you ca wor
wait there until the lowest paid yo
worker sin the country catch up to you. Treasurer Andrew Barr didn' gover
attend the rally, but said the con
government HAS already - and will funding
continue - to pass additional year
funding of $32 million dollars a fl
year to the sector. Frankly I' m
flabergasted at this campaign. An h
he says community sector employers go
have assured him the pay rises are going through. the only disconnec uni
in all of this is the union. The s
union must be wrong. The union is seeking a meeting with the Treasure ca
and claims it will escalate it' s o
campaign. They aren' t passing it a
on because they' ve basically found
a technicality to get out of it. depa
I see wastage in ACT government people
departments. I hear stories of goi
people on duty just going off and g
going shopping and stuff. I work my guts out and it' s just not fair. i
A rep from ASU came and explained team
it to us last week and the whole b
team thought it was a great idea to be here.

Next on WIN News ... Is the cost
pension enough to cover the high
cost of living in Canberra? And, .. And Commonwealth Park lights up fo Nightfest This program is not captioned. MAN: (SINGS) # I...I got it # I got it made # I got it made # I got it made fresh at Subway # Subs made just the way I say # I got it made # I got it made... # VOICEOVER: Want low-fat
great taste? At Subway, you got it made. Nine subs with six grams of fat
or less made just the way you say. Like chicken teriyaki. Want red onion? Cucumber? Done. Whatever salads you want.
You so got it made. # At Subway. #

This program is not captioned. snif
Nightfest There' ll be a lot of ex
sniffing, swilling and spitting at day
exhibition park over the next few
days at the Canberra and Region Win t
Show. There are plenty of wines to 25%
taste. Entrants are actually up s
25% this year on previous years it' enco
s actually a pretty exciting and producers
encouraging sign from local and
producers Tasting started today and will continue through to the en cons
of the week. International wine the
consultant Matt Skinner is one of h
the judges going through around two
hundred and 30 entries -in search o win
the region' s best. Yeah great well
wine i think has to be clean and per
well made but it also has to have its'
personality and most importantly dri
its' & got to be drinkable really look
drinkability that' s what we' re week.
looking for in great wines this announc
week. Award winners will be Ca
announced on Friday. Meantime, a Winemaker
Canberra man has been named event
Winemaker of the Year at a gala
event in Sydney overnight - Tim Kir tastin
from Clonakilla impressed the flag
tasting panel with the winery' s flagship Shiraz Viognier a standout fina
Tim was named the best of eight acros
finalists from leading wineries Margare
across the country, including conf
Margaret River and Clare Valley, Austral
confirming Canberra as one of Livi
Australia' s great wine regions. t
Living on a pension can be tough at costs
the best of times, but the high ma
costs of living in the Capital can
make it even harder. With the chang agenci
of government, social service of
agencies are calling for a rethink citiz
of the way we support our older p
citizens. Around forty thousand retire
people in the capital are past gr
retirement age, and that number is w
growing by six per cent a year, But
with superannuation funds predictin a
a comfortable retirement will cost y
about fifty five thousand dollars a those
year, life is far from easy for pensio
those getting by on an old age it
pension. If you' re paying rent, it doesn' t go far at and there are parti
an increasing number of people, reli
particularly older women who are own
reliant on the pension who don' t a
own their own home. This week the
aged pension increased to twenty on year
thousand five hundred dollars a f
year for singles, that works out to w
four hundred and thirteen dollars a last
week, according to data released Canb
last month, the median rent on a ten
Canberra unit is four hundred and dolla
ten dollars a week - just three Canber
dollars less than the pension. addi
Canberra' s high property prices growi
adding to the likelihood that a
growing number of people will retir without owning their own home It minimum
s much harder for someone on t
minimum wage to afford a house when than is the case with someone livin c
in Newcastle, Wollongong or even a Denn
capital like Adelaide. Richard think-tan
Denniss from Canberra-based sa
think-tank the Australia Institute incr
says if the government wanted to opt
increase pensions, it has an easy tax
option lying at its feet. He says earne
tax concessions for high income their
earners making contributions to go
their superannuation will cost the dolla
government around forty billion
dollars next financial year, That s almost almost as much as we spen both
on the aged pension. But with cha
both parties promising to make no n
changes to superannuation, there' s LRW
no change expected any time soon. LRWN

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery is T
celebrating it' s 30th anniversary. s
To mark the milestone, the gallery' Jennife
s two directors Jane Cush and
Jennifer Lamb curated an exhibition featur
titled Divide and Context. It nati
features works from regional and invol
national artists that have been pa
involved with the gallery over the num
past thirty years. We' ve had a a
number of high profile artists have Regi
an association with the Goulburn Qu
Regional Art Gallery including Ben Warren.
Quilty, Jasper Knight and Guy S
Warren. The exhibition runs until
Saturday. Pharmasists do more tha Phar
just dispense medicines, so the i
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia wh
is letting Canberrans know exactly what they do. Pharmacy students fro C
the University of Canberra hit the pas
Canberra Bus interchange today to pass on the information on self Car ex
fact Cards. Floriade' s moonlight tonight.
extravaganza Nightfest opens at
tonight. WIN News was given a look
at the lights show ... and found th flowerbeds get interesting when th co
sun goes down. Floriade looks Nigh
completely different at night. Canber
Nightfest is lit up for all of guest
Canberra and all our interstate real
guests to come in and enjoy this expe
really great weather that we' re experiencing this week. Organiser us
estimate around 10,000 lights are blo
used to light up around 1 million colou
blooms. Everything can change have
colour everything can move so we
have a lot of options and fun we ca col
have with different patterns and reall
colours and movement to keep it Som
really interesting and dynamic. Something completely new this year Innov
and fitting with the Beautiful in
Innovation theme - is a laser show las
in the Rhododendren Garden. The
lasers was something that we came u and
with that was really interesting being
and we really liked the idea of technol
being a new unnatural sort of environm
technology in such a natural environment. Images just don' t d display.
justice to the breathtaking more
display. And there' ll be plenty to
more going on around the park from the
tonight. drumming. Along with m
the roving performers - an array of s
music, comedy and fashion. There' so
s something here for everybody too
so whether you' ve got small kids o yo
you' re out for a good night with your boyfriend or girlfriend come o goin
down to Nightfest because it' s sa
going to be a good night. Ticket b
sales have been steady. Crowds will be largely dependent on the weather n
I' d expect we' ll probably have near sell out crowds on Fri and Sat have
night certainly our sales so far yea
have been very strong on previous Sunday.
years. Nightfest runs until Sunday.

More than one thousand three
hundred students are graduating fro and
the University of Canberra today ceremon
and tomorrow - four September Grea
ceremonies are being held in the Degre
Great Hall at Parliament House. f
Degrees were handed out to students from the Faculty of Arts and Design Faculty of Business, Government an Education
Law today - tomorrow it' s Ma
Education, Science, Technology and wi
Mathematics as well as Health. Amy with sport is next, and a big day a wa
Manuka Oval? Yes Kerryn, new turf surpris
was laid on the wicket, And a Bu
surprise welcome home for Caroline This program is not captioned. Caroline
Buchanan.Dual World Champion in
Caroline Buchanan has arrived back o
in the Capital. The twenty two year her
old is still coming to terms with s
her success on the world stage. A Famil
surprise for Caroline Buchanan. Canberr
Family and friends waiting at Australia
Canberra Airport to welcome ho
Australia' s newest World Champion D
home. Cheering. +w First in line, an
Diesel the French Bulldog. Her mum welc
and dad not far behind. Sweety
welcome home, well done well done. t
The twenty two year old shocked by the reception. Quite overwhelming My parents normally always surpris embarr
me when I get home and try to o
embarrass me but this one topped it f
off for sure. It' s been a hectic few months for Buchanan, who' s bee wante
on the go since July. Well I wanted a challenge after the Olympi my
Games and basically wanted to set goal,
my sights high and that was the myself
goal, see if I could challenge
myself, do three World Championship her
in 56 days. She definitely got i
her wish. Racing all over the World rewar
in the space of two months. The a
reward, two World Championships and su
a place in history. I was pretty the
surprised definitely to win 2 and m
then afterwards to find out that i' histor
m the I think second female in spo
history to ever win in 2 separate hono
sports in 1 year, so kind of big hist
honour to write that down in the her
history books for sure. Despite b
her crazy schedule, Buchanan won' t just
be slowing down. In Canberra for aga
just two weeks before jetting off definite
again. Next two weeks will
definitely be a little more chilled fe
2 weeks in the space of this year onl
feels like a long time when I' ve only had a few weeks between most o these events.

Manuka Oval is starting to loo tu
like a cricket ground again, with to
turf laid on the new wicket square of
today. The ground is in the middle redev
of a major multi million dollar drainage
redevelopment to install new surf
drainage and replace the playing pit
surface. Laying down turf for the pitch, the most important step. W gave ourselves until mid October t w
have the turf down and laid on the wicket square so we' re a couple of caref
weeks ahead. The turf will be few
carefully monitored over the next establishes.
few days to make sure it is
establishes. In the meantime there ar
is plenty of other work to be done
around the ground. They' re in th and
midst of putting in the drainage and irrigation and putting the wall b
around the outside for the seating o
bowl to finish off so everything' s on track. The ground will be read f
to go in time for the PM' s Eleven Canber
fixture on January fourteen. s
Canberra Capitals Coach Carrie Graf
says younger players will learn mor will
on the training court then they junio
will in the WNBL. Graf says the a
junior players in the squad must be Na
able to match it with the likes of training
Nat Hurst and Abby Bishop at training, before they will be hande minutes. Not holding back. Carri rushin
Graf clear that she won' t be Ca
rushing any young players into the Everyone
Capitals game day line-up. k
Everyone' s impatient for the young Natt
kids to get their shot, you know t
Natty Hurst had to wait a long long like
time you don' t rock into a team and
like ours and train and play hard
and get 20 mins a game. There isn' room. While Graf' s stance won' pl
change any time soon, her younger Shi
players got a taste at the Spring solidl
Shield. The Capitals performed reig
solidly, recording a win against l
reigning WNBL premiers Bendigo with
limited help from big name players. positives
There were certainly more the
positives then negatives. I think the chemistry was even stronger tha pla
we thought, you know all our new r
players and young players performed ga
really well. The tournament also gave Graf a chance to run three big Mi
at once. With Alex Bunton, Carley ple
Mijovic and Abby Bishop providing cour
plenty of size. Yeah makes the big
court seem a lot smaller having 3 ther
bigs on the court but I like it,
there' s a big on the outside, a bi som
on the inside and there' s a big t
somewhere else so it' s pretty good mixing
to play with. +w Yeah I love j
mixing it up and playing around not just inside cause I haven' t got th strength or body to stay inside th pl
whole time so I love mixing it up of
playing a bit of forward and a bit of point guard sometimes. Canberr preparat
will continue its preseason E
preparation' s with a trial against tomorrow
Erindale College Men' s side tomorrow night.

Canberra Raiders Under Twenties wil
player Patrick Mago says the side P
will need to be at its best to beat Preliminar
Penrith in this weekend' s t
Preliminary Final. Penrith finished position
the regular season in second Mag
position just behind the Raiders. Panth
Mago says the team is wary of a B
Panthers side packed with talent.
Bryce Cartwright their second row h does a lot of damage for them so i we just get on him and make sure w be
just plug at him over time we' ll confid
be good. The second rower is boo
confident the Raiders can win and st
book a spot in the decider. Just ma
sticking to our game structure and y
marking their key players and stuff th
you know if we just play as a team out
then surely we can get a good win wi
out of it. The Preliminary Final is
will be played on Saturday. That A
is Wednesday sport - Kerryn. Thanks da
Amy - after another perfect Spring
day - I' ll have tomorrow' s weathe details - after the break. This program is not captioned. MALE VOICEOVER:
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great taste? At Subway, you got it made. Nine subs with six grams of fat
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You so got it made. # At Subway. #

This program is not captioned.

details - after the break. A warm t
and sunny day around the region. It aft
topped twenty five in the Capital currently
after a low of seven. It' s T
currently seventeen degrees. On the al
Tablelands. Twenty five the top in Thirt
all centres Sunny on the Coast, Twent
Thirty for Nowra and Ulladulla, Ba
Twenty eight degrees in Bateman' s H
Bay. Twenty nine the top for Moruya Sno
Heads and Bega. A warm day on the degrees
Snowies as well. Twenty three Eleven
degrees for Cooma and Bombala, to
Eleven in Perisher and fifteen the Ski
top in Thredbo. On the satellite,
Skies are generally clear across NS an
due to a weak high pressure ridge and dry winds. These clear skies ar leading to hot days and fairly war parts
nights in northern and central C
parts. While on the Synoptic Chart, ahea
Cloud forming over the far south sho
ahead of a front is causing light showers to develop overnight. To th
forecast, Sunny on the South Coast a
Twenty five for Bega, Moruya Heads Ulla
and Batemans Bay. Twenty four in Ulladulla, Twenty seven the expecte the
high in Nowra. Windy and wet for Goulbur
the Tablelands, Braidwood and Goulburn looking at a top of twenty nineteen in Queanbeyan,one less fo Mountains
Yass. Snow Showers for the Mountains, Sixteen for Bombala, jus predicted
six for Thredbo, eight the predicted top for Perisher, ten mor for Cooma. The chance of showers i degre
the Capital tomorrow. Nineteen
degrees the top after a low of seve d
overnight. And looking at the five i
day forecast, Partly cloudy heading te
into the weekend. Tops in the high W
teens and low twenties. And that' s us
WIN News for Wednesday night. Join bes
us again tomorrow at six, for the best hour of news in the country. I m Kerryn Johnston...thanks for you company - good night.

This program is not captioned.