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(generated from captions) . Hello, I'm James McHale. Thanks for joining me for this National Edition of ABC News. Today, the report on a fatal shooting in Afghanistan. This Program is Captioned Live. The army searches for oanswers to an insider attack that left three Australian soldiers dead. Officers stated the patrol had a sufficient number of people to provide security for the Australians, however, there was a short-fall in decisions made on the ground about how they were Government flags
allocated.The Federal Government flags a shakeup of the university sector. Police bust an international smuggling ring with a seizure of a massive quantity of the drug ephedrine. And the tall ships leave Hobart bound for the Sydney.
international fleet review in Defence has released a highly critical report into the circumstances surrounding the shooting deaths of three Australian soldiers in an attack in Afghanistan last year. Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin shot
and Private Robert Poate were shot dead by an Afghan Army Sergeant. Two other Australians were wounded in the attack. For more, political reporter Andrew Greene joins us from Canberra. Andrew, what did this Defence investigation conclude?It's a fairly comprehensive report, James, and in all there were 22 findings. The Chief of the Defence Force said that half of those related to force protection and what were the shortfalls that happened on this Australian base in the Uruzgan province in Afghanistan last year. And there was also some discipline reaction, it was revealed today, given to two Australian soldiers with the possibility of further administrative action to be taken perhaps against three other members of the Defence Defence
Force. Now, the chief of this Defence Force, Air Marshal Mark Binskin, addressed reporters in Canberra this afternoon and outlined some of the main findings from this inquiry. The inquiry officer found the establishing
decisions and actions in establishing and maintaining the force protection arrangements were at the minimum level authorised - of authorised force protection to provide security for the soldiers. However, they did not adequately address the specific situation at the patrol base and potentially placed personnel at significant risk to the threat of fire, and other environmental hazards, enemy action or insider attack.Is there any further update about the whereabouts of the man who carried out this attack?The person who carried out this attack, of course, was an Afghan National Army soldier and his whereabouts since this attack has been unknown. There was a brief mention from him earlier this year in an online video, but what is puzzling about this attack is it appears that there is no real link to the Taliban. The Taliban certainly haven't claimed responsibility, but there is a suggestion that the person behind this attack did have The
family links to the Taliban. The CDF says there was no information that should have been provided that would have heightened suspicions about this ANA soldier but, in any case, he has again today vowed that the Australian Defence bring him
Force will do all it can to bring him to justice. I prefer to stay out of the operational space, but as I have promised and said one year ago, we will not let this rest. We will him to justice.
hunt him down and we will bring him to justice. ToTo this point there is no sign of this rogue Afghan National Army soldier but the so-called green on blue attacks remain a concern for forces in Afghanistan. The Coalition Government's flagging a shakeup of the University sector. Labor abolish ed caps on admissions to give more students access to higher education. The new Minister says he has no plans to reintroduce caps, but he does have concerns about the current system. We need to review the demand-driven system there is
of University places, because previous
there is some evidence, and the previous Government had a similar view, that quality is suffering in terms to achieve quantity. We have everyone who aspires to go to university, should have that opportunity and we will certainly reinforce our credentials as the party of further education in this country.The Government's planning to abolish the compulsory student services and amenities fee. It's worth about $270 a year. Kenya has declared three days of mourning after the deadly siege in Nairobi finally came to an end. 67 people were killed in the four-day assault by Islamist gunmen on an up market shopping centre. The death toll is expected to climb as authorities begin sifting through rubble for more victims. From Nairobi, here's the ABC's Martin Cuddihy.After a long and bloody stand-off, victory has been claimed. Five terrorists were killed with gunfire. 11 suspects are in custody in connection with the attack.Uhuru Kenyatta made the announcement 80 hours after the attack began. These cowards will meet justice, as will their accomplices and patrons, wherever they are.The assault to free the hostages was made with help from international advisers. 11 Kenyan soldiers were taken to hospital,three of those men later died. Part of the building collapsed and rubble.
there are more bodies in the rubble. Panic rained when Al Westgate
Shabab militants attacked the Westgate mall during the lunchtime rush on Saturday. The terrorists used assault rifles and grenades, scores of people were killed. Their families have now started claiming the dead. they are burying loved ones and lamenting the loss. I have seen my father being the first man to die - I've never seen a father.
dead man, but I've seen my father. Three days of national mourning has been declared, conclusion
with the - declared, with the conclusion of this deadly and brazen attack, shock is starting to subside, with outrage taking its place. Already, some Kenyan politicians are calling for revenge. Iran's new moderate President, Hassan Rouhani, has used his first speech to the UN General Assembly to declare that nuclear weapons have no place in his country's Arsenal. The Iranian leader's comments Barrack
came hours after US President Barrack Obama expressed cautious optimism. From New York, North America correspondent Jane Cowan reports. Iran's friendly overtures aren't convincing everyone. 220 people were executed from Iran since his inauguration. I think the fact that he is coming to speak at the UN with a moderate label is absolutely absurd.With his country suffering under Hassan
crippling economic sanctions, Hassan Rouhani says he's ready to talk about Iran's Newcastle program. TRANSLATION: The Islamic republic of Iran is prepared to engage immediately in result-oriented talks to build mutual confidence and transparency.
remove uncertainties with full transparency. But, a hoped-for face to face encounter with the US President, Barrack Obama, never materialised. American officials say the Iranians declined their offer. We should be able to achieve a resolution, but respects the rights of the Iranian people, while giving the world confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful. But to will have
succeed, conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent, declaring
and verifiable. While declaring nuclear weapons will Hassan Rouhani
never be part of Iran's future, Hassan Rouhani is insisting on the right to enrich uranium and many observers remain sceptical. There is no chance that the regime is going to give up its quest for nuclear weapons. They have been at it for more than 20 years. They have lied to the international atomic energy agency about what they are doing.Whether or not the nuclear diplomacy can succeed is a question that won't be answered this week. But, America and Iran have at least begun to thaw a relationship that's been frozen for more than three decades.

The Foreign Minister's brushed off reports that not
Indonesia directly warned her not to implement parts of the Coalition's border protection plan. Julie Bishop held talks with her Indonesian counterpart in New York. An Indonesian news agency reported Marty Natalegawa had conveyed the message loud and clear his country won't accept a policy that violates sovereignty. We had a very productive discussion. We talked about the issue generally, specifically, but I'm not going into the details of what essentially are operational issues. But we had a very cordial meeting, I can assure you.Ms Bishop says the Tony
discussion will continue when Tony Abbott travels to Jakarta later this month. The former New
PM, Julia Gillard, is also in New York attending a Clinton global initiative forum. Looking back on her Prime Ministership, Ms Gillard has of the highlights.
nominated carbon pricing as one of the highlights. We put a price on carbon as our contribution to tackling climate change, an enormously controversial policy, pricing carbon so we could reduce the carbon emissions of our economy, and it was very hotly contested at the recent election. But I think, as a model for the world, a market-based approach to reducing carbon, it will stand the test of time. I will be working with the university in my home town of Adelaide, Adelaide university, I'm looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to doing some international travel and pursuing internationally the causes I have been so passionate about locally in Australia, particularly education and empowerment for women and girls.Officials in Pakistan say over 200 people have been killed and around 370 wounded in a major earthquake which hit the country's south-west. Most of the damage is in the province where many victims were killed when their homes collapsed. The shock wave from the magnitude 7.8 quake was so strong it was felt as far away as the Indian capital, New Delhi. The quake is said to have shifted the seabed and created a small island off Pakistan's coastline in the Arabian sea. The trials for the Cambodia's Khmer Rouge are at risk of collapsing due to lack of money - key donors like Australia are again being asked to help bail the court out. Southeast Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel reports. Since 2006, the court's been investigating crimes that killed more than 1.7 million people more than three decades ago, and piecing together that horror story is slow work. The Cambodia Government is struggling to find the funds to pay for local staff. If the financial problem continues, it means that we can prolong the term and we also expand spending the money.Only one case has so far been completed, and four elderly Khmer Rouge leaders being tried in the second case, one has died, another has been dismissed due to dementia. Australian Bill Smith who was worked here for seven years says it would be a tragedy if the court can't at least complete the trial of the remaining two defendants. It's very, very important that that process goes to completion, and then an appeal process be allowed.To complete case two, and investigations into potential third and fourth cases, will take another two years and cost around $60 million.The UN has secured a loan from donors to pay the national staff what they are owed but that has to be paid back by the Cambodian Government, in theory, and another $1.8 million is needed to pay them through to the end of December. Mao Eng Chun lost two brothers under the regime. She's grateful for what the court has done so far to mend the damage done. TRANSLATION: Before, I felt so much regret. Now at least there is justice, not enough, but it's made things better. Australia's Government says it firmly supports the court's work and an extra $3.25 million was granted earlier this year.

Australian Federal Police say they have dismantled a multi-national drug syndicate in an operation involving three Government agencies. Anna Morozow reports from AFP headquarters. Multi agency operation, police seized 274kgs of ephedrine, a drug used to make crystal meth. It was found in a shipment of rice from India to Melbourne. largest
Police say it's one of the largest ever seizures of ephedrine in Australian history, and would have had a significant street value.We have been able to prevent the manufacturer of what we believe to be 200kgs of crystal methamphetamine. We estimate the dollar figure for these drugs had they hit the streets of Australia was $200 million. The operation began in July, when the Department of Agriculturery culture was conducting a biosecurity search of bags labelled as Basmati rice, which had arrived at the Port of Melbourne. The officer noticed a crystal yien substance and alerted customs. The AFP then launched an investigation. On Monday, police executed nine search warrants across Melbourne and Sydney and seized a quarter of a million dollars in cash as evidence. Two Canadian Nationals and an Australian were arrested and charged. Indian authorities subsequently arrested an Indian national. Police say investigations are continuing and expect to make further arrests. Two teenagers have pleaded guilty to numerous counts of sexual intercourse without consent in relation to an assault on two tourists in Alice Springs in May 2012. The court heard that a woman from Finland and from Germany decided to camp overnight in their vehicle. The Crown prosecutor said the offenders came across the women's car in the early hours after consuming alcohol and stealing a car and rifle. The court heard the men smashed the windows to the car, held the women at gun point and proceeded to sexually assault them. Suppression orders issued in the NT Supreme Court prevent the teenagers' identities from being revealed.

After three days of losses, the Australian share market rose as investors chased bargain stocks.

Telstra will slash 1,100 jobs from its operations team by mid next year in a major restructure. The job cuts represent about 3% of the company's total workforce of 30,000 staff. Reporter, Alicia Barry, Alicia, what's behind this restructure?Telstra announced back in May jobs would likely go as part of a major overhaul of its operations team. Today it's put a figure on the losses, it says the jobs must go as it shifts its focus to providing online services for businesses. As you say, the cuts represent about 3% of Telstra's 30,000 strong workforce. None of the positions are being sent offshore, but fixed techniqueses in the Eastern States and Tasmania, as well as the media and customer services teams, will be hit. Telstra, though, says 400 jobs will be created in its network services team, and it's committed to finding other opportunities for affected staff. But unions aren't happy today. The communications union says the job cuts are premature and will double the workload of remaining employees. Alicia, the RBA issued a warning about speculative investment in the housing market?James, it's directing that warning specifically at the self-managed super fund sector. The Reserve Bank's half yearly financial stability review focuses on the rapid growth in property investment by the 1.6 trillion dollar sector. It says the super funds are responsible for around 40% of all new loans in NSW alone. It is also monitoring the return of the rapid growth of non-bank lending and warns banks against lowering their lending standards. At the same time, the RBS says around half of households are ahead on mortgage repayments and NAB's senior economist says households are using their money to pay down debt and save, rather than spend, and that's hurting retailers. Retail sales growth is only runs at around 2 or 3%, when the unploit rates, you would expect it to be growing at 6 or 7%. So certainly the very cautious, prudent behaviour from households out there as they continue to pay off their debt means they are spending less and hampering growth in the retail sector and the broader economy.

A small Flotilla of tall ships has set sale for Sydney after a five-day festival in Hobart. Lauren Day followed the fleet up the River Derwent.For five days of festivities, fun, fire works and public performances, they are coming to an end as the eight tall ships docked in Hobart are finally setting sail, and seeing them off on their journey they have been joined by 15 heritage and vintage craft, all about 100 years old, as well as dozens of private yats and hundreds of spectators have turned out to catch a final glimpse of these ma jest particular ships - majestic ships. Hobart is a city with salt water through its veins, so it is not surprising that around 40,000 people turned out to join in the festivities. It took about five and a half years to get this festival to Hobart and 15 years since the last time the city hosted a similar event. So organisers and enthusiast s and the thousands of people down here are hoping it is not another 15 years until we see a similar event.To sport, Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire is refusing to let his players look ahead to next week's NRL decider. The souths are just 80 minutes away on Friday from qualifying for their first Grand Final since 1971. They take on maply in the - Manly in the first of two sudden death semi-finals. Maguire says it's dangerous to think about anything but this week's match. You get all sorts of motivations but we are a different group this year, we have a number of different players and the development throughout this season has hopefully given us some great experiences. So, it's really about this team going out and playing.Meanwhile, Newcastle is enjoying the underdog status going into Saturday's Preliminary Final against the Roosters. The Knights are long odds with bookmakers but the coach says that suits them just fine. I've been in situations on many occasions, different teams, different places, different - whether it's been coaching Queensland, Australia, even with the NZ team, you know, so there is a huge difference between both positions and I don't think anybody that's ever played sport doesn't appreciate the underdog tag.It says his side has the momentum it needs to beat the minor premiers. The nrm says it has no plans to move the Cronulla Sharks to Queensland. Frontpage stories in News Limited papers in NSW and Queensland report the NRL is considering the move. The reports says the Sharks could face financial pressures if it is fined by ASADA next month, over the supplements scandal. A spokesman for the NRL says the story is speculative, and the club's yet to receive any fine. Cronulla CEO Stephen Noyce says there is no prospect of his club relocating to central or Southern Queensland. But the group pushing for a new NRL team in Rockhampton says it would welcome a relocation of Cronulla to Central Queensland, if it ever comes to that. The relocations have worked. They worked in the AFL, as we all know. They worked with the Swans and they worked with the Lions. So it can work. So it is an alternative package, and certainly we'd look at that and we'd be interested in it. I suppose if you gave us a choice, initially, we'd say we would probably prefer to develop our own team, but, vk said that, - having said that, we are more than happy and we think we could make it work and relocation is very viable and we'd be certainly interested.In the AFL, the Fremantle Dockers say Luke McPharlin, Michael Johnson and Chris Mayne are in no doubt for Saturday's AFL final against Hawthorn. All three failed to take part in yesterday's open training session. Dockers football manager Chris Bond says there is no cause for concern, and all three will take to the field on Saturday. The Brisbane Lions new head coach isn't make any outlandish promises about future success at the troubled club. Justin Leppitsch was unveiled as the club's new coach. The triple Premiership winning defender played over 220 games for the club and began his coaching career there. He won't promise a top eight finish next year, and says he has a simple philosophy on how to build a winning culture at a struggling club. My goal really is to create a an enjoyable working environment that creates and expects hard work. If I can get that from my players, on Saturdays they can give everything they got and throughout the week they are going to come to work motivated to listen and learn. Then from there obviously the detail takes over, but if I don't get those two things, it's very hard to teach the detail if you don't have motivated players.The America's Cup is going down to the wire with Team USA coming back to level the series at 8 all against Team NZ. This morning the Americans won back-to-back races to push the competition to one final day. In the second race of the day NZ led at the first mark but some superior tactics from Team USA saw them run down Team NZ and capture a momentous win. It was all on the team. I mean, this team, it just doesn't matter, I've been telling you guys all along, it doesn't matter how challenged - in the second race there we got behind, they just dug their heads down and out ground the other team. Very impressive. Gives us a lot of confidence going into tomorrow.Team NZ has to pick itself up for one final race. If they go down tomorrow, their defeat could go down in sporting folklore. You are watching ABC News early edition right across the country on ABC1 and news 24. We'll take you to

Thanks James and good evening, I'm Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in the Canberra news The liberal's Peter Hendy has been formally declared the member for Eden-Monaro. Labor's Mike Kelly conceded defeat almost two weeks ago But Mr Hendy didn't want weeks ago But Mr Hendy didn't want to claim the seat until the counting claim the seat until the counting was finalised. The Former head of the australian chamber of commerce and industry says he wants Eden-Monaro industry says he wants Eden-Monaro to be a place where small business can prosper. The ACT government has rejected suggestions its underpaying charity and community service workers. Today workers presented the government with a petition claiming the ACT government isn't passing on pay increases ordered last year by Fair Work Australia. But the government says the money's been provded to community organisations. World champion b-m-x rider caroline buchanan returned home to canberra today. Fresh from yet another world title, she got a warm welcome. But will only have two weeks at home before heading to the Carribean for her next event. Last weekend, Buchanan won the world four-cross title in Austria. Just two months after claiming the b-m-x title in after claiming the b-m-x title in new zealand... And this year's Canberra film festival was launched today It'll showcase 63 films from more than 30 countries... Including Australian premieres. And oscar contenders. Along with lesser known films. The festival kicks off on october the 30th. We'll have the details on those stories and the details on those stories and the rest of the days news. In the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock Clear skies and northerly winds have pushed record temperatures into Queensland today. In fact, much of the interior of the state, even heading in towards the eastern ranges, we have seen records broken. Some centres actually broke the record yesterday and then today's temperatures were even hotter so they have set new records once again. There is a cool change developing. Now, sitting here to the south of WA and as this moves through during Thursday and into Friday, will introduce some milder air to the southern and central parts of Queensland, but another day of record or expected
near record temperatures are expected tomorrow. That's as this trough system moves further east and is going to push that heat towards the coast. In fact, some coastal centres could also break record temperatures tomorrow - it's also leading to severe fire dangers across much of Queensland. Total fire bans of
across the North-east quarter of NSW, including Sydney. A little bit further south, snow about the alpine areas, looking at potential of snow to 1,000 metres in Victoria and 900 metres in Tasmania. As that change moves through, it's severe
triggering severe winds. So severe weather warnings for damaging winds through Victoria and NSW. We'll see those strong winds through SA tonight but this ridge of high pressure will see those conditions ease fairly quickly. We also have flood watches out for parts of Victoria and also Tasmania. The potential of heavy falls overnight, but we'll also start to see that rain begin to ease once the winds shift south westerly. We have very strong and gusty conditions right across that south eastern tomorrow.
corner as we move into

Thank you, Graham. That is all for this bulletin. The next edition of ABC News will be up in an hour. You can also visit the website or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

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