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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. Today on Nine News Now, her tell all book. Julia Gillard, our first female prime minister, breaks her silence. Also ahead, details on one of the biggest drug busts in Australia. How police uncovered a $200 million stash hidden in a shipment of rice. A warning for all parents these school holidays after a 13-year-old boy is it by a car while riding his bike. And cheating controversy, why Gwyneth Paltrow says there husbands should be forgiven if they have an affair. But we begin this afternoon with news just in, there are reports that Telstra is axing 1100 jobs. Fairfax newspapers are reporting the positions will be shared as part of a restructure of the Australian operations. Tim Mack three is reporting that it will come from the design and operations -- 'Grown Ups 2'. We will have more on that later. The nation's first female prime minister has broken her silence to begin writing her memoirs. Three months after Julia Gillard was replaced by Kevin Rudd she says it is time to tell her story. Good afternoon. Is Julia Gillard actually going to write it herself?She is. She says she wants to reflect on her legacy in her own words and in her own way. It hasn't been long until Julia Gillard bowed out from politics, but she says it is still a and intellectually fresh in her mind, that's why now is the right time to do it. The memoirs will cover her personal life and political life, and in particular answering questions she couldn't when she was in the top job, and that's something I will be really keen to read. It's the first time we have heard from her and listen to what she has had to say.I want to draw on my personal experiences as to how they informed what I did in politics. I want to try to answer those questions which were so often put to me, how do you do it, how do you get up and do it every day, and also why do you do it, what was important for you to get done as prime Minister?She is aware that she has a mammoth task ahead in doing this, but she has credited her mother for teaching her how to touch type when she was a teenager and her mum told her that was the only wage she could get a job. It's not going to be out until next October but I really can't wait to read it -- only wage she.I'm -- only way she. We're not going to know until next week the asylum seeker boat suspected to have arrived in Darwin?Our darling newsroom captured these pictures last night in the harbour. A customs boat dropped off 20 suspected male asylum seekers -- Darwin. They were then taken away on a bus. The immigration office isn't giving away any details on this one so we will have to wait until next week 's border protection update for more information.Thanks very much. A couple in Sydney is due in court this afternoon accused of assaulting seven police officers at a McDonald's in the city's south. They are also facing charges over Monday Zambrotta reads at Roseville and read speeds. -- Revesby. They are now facing a range of charges dating back to that crime spree that began on Monday night where a man was allegedly carjacked, a cinema at Roseville was held up and a hotel was also held up. Late last night police were called to McDonald's at Giroud we were the man and woman were acting suspiciously, when police confronted them, they reacted violently.Yellow the officers were on the ground trying to apprehend and handcuffed the man.She decided she would let fly with her slipper and she kicked both of the officers substantially in the head. I think one of the offices got about 10 or 12 kicks to be honest.They were brought here to Sutherland police station where they remained overnight and were questioned this morning and they are now facing all those charges. Other charges include possession of firearms, resisting arrest and assaulting seven police opposite is. They are now facing court this afternoon and will no doubt be remanded in cough -- custody -- please officers. Australian Federal Police have smashed a drug ring after a series of raids in Melbourne, Sydney. -- police officers. Police say this is the third largest seizure of ephedrine in Australian history and it's fascinating, the links that these international crime gangs are going to do get it in the country -- the lengths. It was uncovered by an alert inspector from the Department of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, who was expecting a shipment of rice from India for bio security hazards. He noticed the powder inside the bags didn't appear to come from the rice, he alerted Customs officials who ran tests and discovered it was ephedrine, and not just a small amount, 274kg worth of ephedrine, which is the major ingredient used to make methamphetamine or ice. Police say it could have had a street value of up to $200 million. They have been keeping an eye on this shipment for a while, it arrived in Melbourne in July and was taken down to storage in Springvale in the south-east before being taken up to Fairfield in Western Sydney last month. Police made their move this week, they conducted a series of raids in Melbourne and Sydney. They have arrested four men, two Canadians, one Australian and an Indian national who was picked up by police in India. They say the operation is ongoing and they expect to make more arrests. A Sydney teenager has undergone emergency surgery after being hit by a car while riding his motorcyclist -- motorised bicycle. What is the latest on his condition?He is in an induced coma in hospital after emergency surgery to reduce the swelling on his brain. He suffered those massive head injuries last night when he was riding his motorised bicycle through a T intersection, he was hit by one, possibly two cars, two vehicles, one of the drivers stopped and ran across the road to the bleeding 13-year-old. He screamed for help and then stayed with a neighbour who helped him until paramedics arrived. I spoke to his family this morning, and his grandfather, let's have a listen. We can only pray and hope that he comes out of it. We hope he will, strong enough, young enough.Now, neighbours say these bikes are becoming an increasing problem with teenagers riding them at high speed and often without a helmet, as in this case. Police say there's not a lot they can do but they have issued a warning to teenagers to read the right protection and to install lights on these bikes, and to take care because this is an example of what can go so horribly wrong.Thanks very much. We will go overseas now and Kenyon 's president has announced three days of mourning for the 67 victims of the Nairobi shopping centre attack -- tenure. The siege came to an end this morning after soldiers killed five of the attackers and took another 11 suspects into custody. This was the endgame, the explosive conclusion to the 4-day siege. As troops swept through the mall looking for remaining terrorists, one soldier tossed a grenade, then took cover, waiting for the blast. The president of Kenya told the country the terrorists were defeated.Intelligence reports had suggested that a British woman and two or three American citizens may have been involved in the attack. We cannot confirm the details at present.Today we saw the first image is believed to show the attackers. A tweet, allegedly posted by the terrorist group Al-Shabab, :

My instinct was it was a woman throwing a grenade. Tonight and there are reports that some of the attackers may have slipped out in the confusion on Saturday.

There are unforgettable stories and images of survival. This picture of a woman and two children taking cover. Then the rescue caught on tape. A man also lying on the floor crawls slowly to reach them. He picks up the little girl, and then takes the young boy in his arms, crouching down as they run between kiosks towards safety. Across the atrium in the supermarket, as shots rang out, this 19-year-old kid for four hours under a pile of suitcases. Her brother texted heard that the attackers were killing non- Muslims, and sent her an Islamic prayer to memorise.I was able to arise it in case found me. A doctor giving evidence at the trial of former Bundaberg Surgeon Jayant Patel has told the court in his opinion that the correct surgical option was carried out on the patient. Jayant Patel is facing a charge of grievous bodily harm. General Surgeon Doctor William Kingston told the court the procedure was the patient's best option to reduce the risk of colon cancer. But the prosecutors allege the surgery was unnecessary. Melbourne police are hunting a brazen bandit who targeted a jewellery store. He used a hammer to smash open a glass showcase, grabbing $12,000 worth of jewels. He then fled, getting into a white Mitsubishi Magna. Police say he is in his mid-20s and are urging anyone with any information to contact crimestoppers. After five months and more than 50 witnesses, the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial is wrapping up in the US. The late pop star's mother, Catherine, is suing AEG, claiming the promoter hired the doctor that gave Jackson the fatal overdose. At stake is a staggering $1 billion. Denham Hitchcock has more. There are some very nervous lawyers on the half of that company, AEG, at the moment. It has been five long months and this is coming down to the crunch point now, now they are hearing the closing arguments and part of the reason they are worried is because they don't need a unanimous decision from the jury, they only need nine out of 12 of those jurors to rule in favour of the family. It will cost that company a lot of money. Be one question they have to answer is the only one that counts, did AEG hire doctor Conrad Murray, the same doctor that was convicted of administering that lethal dose to Michael Jackson, the same doctor serving four years in prison. What the summation was about today was all these television interviews and emails from those inside AEG, even the CEO of AEG, saying that we are paying the doctor, we need to get him to do this and that, making sure they are drawing a link that AEG was not only in control of the payments and the salary but the directions of the doctor talking to Jackson. This is the lawyer .We put on the best evidence we could put on and we put on an extremely compelling case. I'm confident the jury will do the right thing. Tomorrow we will hear the defence, but you can't have an American court case without a twist and that is that the jury can award damages in a percentage to the family if they find Michael Jackson was liable, partly liable, for his own death. They might say only 50% of the damages can go to the family, it could be 20%, it could be 10%. But when you're talking about a figure of $1 billion, even 10% is going to be a huge blow for AEG. Still ahead on Nine News Now, we have breaking news from the defence Force. It has just handed down its report into the deaths of three Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Also ahead, the people paying big bucks to get designer big cats. And we're going to catch up with the stars of This program is not captioned. It's the new me! (SLURPS) (HUFFS AND PUFFS) It's the new me! (ELECTRONIC RUMBLING) It's the new me! (SIGHS) Forget fad diets. On the more balanced
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welcome back. When you hear the words design, you may picture the feline version of maybe a labrador doodle, but there's a growing for custom cat lovers who want more king of The Jungle than kid on the couch. But who out there would actually pay tens of thousands of dollars for such a pet, and are they even said to have at home? There is a new session clawing its way into American life. Exotic cats. From designer breeds like the tiger, teddy bear soft, and increasingly popular with pet owners across the country, to these Wildcats descended from cheaters and Lions. But these exotic cats can be controversial. Some say the aggressive ones can kill. Kiddies that can grow to do three times larger than house cats. Carol is the founder of big cat rescue in Tampa, Florida, a century for cats big and small. Those abandoned or abuse, or retired from breeding. How bad is a cat like this?It could take down a gear, it could take down your child, your pets, your neighbours pets and children, and they spray bucketloads of year in all over everything.Hybrid cats designed to display a tiger's distinct stripes, all in a cute little package. Some of the cats make designs here in California fetch as much as a car -- Nick. This is a little girl.In fact design cats like this are so popular there are waiting lists to get them. Sometimes dozens of people wait for months. Among the cats most in vogue these days are the Savannah, a cross breed like this one, and a regular house. They will grow about 2.5 times larger than a regular house cat. And so the tiger and the Lions are OK together?It's only because they have been raised together. They were purposefully bred and put together to create like is.A liger? There's that as well, the king of the crossbreeds. -- ligers. We thought we would have to go to the exotic jungle to find one, but we found one here in South Carolina. You are ready, you must be very hungry. Stretch it out. A fitting name for a kid whose father is a lion and mother a tiger. Hercules kiss kiss trainer points out he has got the stripes and spots of young lions, but doesn't have a main -- Hercules'. At 922 lb, he has just been named the world 's largest living. These mixes happen naturally, and he doesn't use artificial insemination. But they almost never happen in the wild. Even so he defends his creation from those who think this might not fit the natural order of things.Hybrids have a place in present day, their real place is wonder, which I hope leads to an interest in the natural world.Those who produce these hybrids consider their creations perfect. We have some news just in, the Defence Force has released its final report into the shooting murders of three Australian soldiers in Afghanistan last year. They were gunned down by a rogue Afghani soldier at a military base near Tarin Kot. An internal investigation into the killings has found they could and should have been prevented.Insured the report is highly critical in places, and highlights a number of serious issues that require action -- in short.Mark Burrows will have all the details about that inquiry and the subsequent report later in the afternoon news. A change of pace and movie time now, and out tomorrow is the sequel that sees Adam Sandler and Salma Hayek back for more fun. The movie is called 'Grown Ups 2', here's Richard Wilkins. The first film saw five friends and former team-mates reunite after their coach passed away. This time Lenny, played by Adam Sandler, moves his family back to their hometown, reuniting the old team-mates and kids. I can't believe we used to jump off that.Hey, this is our property. Easy there, Abercrombie.It was a great opportunity for a tight team of comedic actors to reunite.We don't even know if we are funny. We like each other. We make each other laugh. We have no idea if the world likes us. You can hate us if you like.They didn't hate 'Grown Ups 1'. We could see the next instalment here in Australia.Sydney was the best.The greatest time we had. I think we should do it Down Under. There, I vote for it. Would love to see him catch a beating in Australia.I have been to Melbourne and Sydney.Adding a touch of glamour to the cast, Salma Hayek returns to played a dam Sandler's wife.MOVIE REEL: I think your mother is here and she looks angry. -- Adam Sandler's wife. I am not afraid to be reckless and silly. It is actually quite liberating. Even if you don't do a good job, it is liberating to do that.

I'm next!Still to come, the frightening number of the pool owners who don't know how to perform CPR. Also ahead, the Church minister whose big idea is turning around the lives of some very desperate women. And TV's scandalous villains. We're going to check out the naughtiest female characters to This program is not captioned. ..something beginning with... M!
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Frightening research has revealed two thirds of Australian pool owners wouldn't know how to resuscitate someone. Former Australians were me coach Laurie Lawrence has been working for 25 years to reduce the risk of preschool drownings -- Australian swimming coach. He has formed a new partnership with Poolwerx to spread the message.There are 300 franchise owners across Australia that go into the backyards across Australia, they are going to do the kids alive five message, which is so important.On average one child drowns every week in Australia. Now to a woman who is making a huge difference in her local community. The Tennessee Church Reverend Becca Stevens is encouraging women to leave the streets, offering them not only a place to live but also a job and hope for the future. This is the red light district. They are out every night, riding through the rough side of Nashville.You can come with us and spend the night at my house.Trying their hardest to talk women in the sex trade off the streets.When you already let me know.They are former prostitutes themselves.I was really tired and done.Booked and jailed hundreds of times before Becca Stevens showed them the way out. Is ordained Nashville Minister promises women who leave the streets I hold two years in their residential program, and meaningful work with the company she started. They make soaps, oils and lip balm is, almost $1 million in sales this year. Today I am going to get custody of my son -- lip balms.She figured out that you can't break the cycle without a place to live and a place to work. She offers these women security and sanctuary.Sleep is so unsafe for women who have slept under bridges, and for women that have slept in trailer parks.She says she too survived sexual abuse at a young age.What I didn't know is that that period would link me to the women on the streets for ever.Within two years 75% of the women Becca Stevens and her team have helped are still living in the light. As far as TV villains go, Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby in 'Dynasty' was at the top of her game. And, as you're about to find out, she wasn't alone. Here's a look at the women in TV who had a whole lot of fun being very bad. There's no one more scheming or manipulative than these ladies of the small screen. In the 80s, Queen Bea Smith terrorised prisoners in cell Block H.

cell Block H. -- Prisoner cell Block H. She was famous for keeping her fellow prisoners under her thumb, but getting under the skin of the guards was an added bonus.

of the guards was an added bonus.
At the 'Sons Daughters' character or the -- Pat the rat was the 'Sons & Daughters' character that Aussie audiences love to hate, and this led to the ultimate battle of the super bitches.Perhaps there's a chance that I could be right.The only thing going through my mind is what I'm going to do with you if you don't get off my back.In the US Alexis Carrington Colby made 'Dynasty' a worldwide smash.If I hear that she has breathed a word about his paternity I will attach tiny hand grenades to each of the wheels on her roller skates, watch her do one hope her pirouettes and applaud as she explodes into 1000 smithereens.Her ongoing feud with Krystle Carrington was legendary. As was her hate for her son 's wife.In words that you will understand, one syllable, I want you out of this family.In the 90s Heather Locklear moved from Dynasty to Melrose Place, and a new breed of TV bitches was born.It's payback time, I promise to make your life a living hell, and I always keep my promises.There was no shortage of malice at Melrose. Julie, what the hell are you doing? Love hurts, Michael, remember that.And on another sound stage in Hollywood, 'Desperate Housewives' 'sEdie Britt became the ultimate enemy.What happens to you?I had two children.What, for breakfast? Her sharp tongue upset any of her neighbours.Hi, I'm the prostitute that lives down the street, can I borrow a cup of condom is?Are you sure that will be enough?But like all super bitches, karma eventually caught up with her -- condoms. Next on Nine News Now we have more showbiz for you, Miley Cyrus is at it again. She's topless in a new magazine. But does she regret her controversial twerking performance? Also ahead this afternoon, why Simon Cowell wants to make an honest woman out of his baby 's mother. Bonneau's hilarious impression of former US President Bill Clinton. -- Bonneau's. And was re- and This program is not captioned. (BELL DINGS)

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Welcome back. Let's get all of the showbiz news now with Elle Halliwell with the 'Sunday Telegraph'. Good afternoon to you, Elle.Hi, Wendy.We're talking first up about Miley Cyrus. She's in the news again. What's she done now?She certainly is. This time, she's decided to star on the cover of 'Rolling Stone's magazine with her top off.Not a flattering shot. No. With mascara running down her face, it doesn't scream classy, does it?No.This is the new Miley. We have to get used to it. She's also spoken about the never-ending discussion relating to her VMAs performance, where she twerked with Robin Thicke, saying she wasn't trying to be sexy. If she wanted to dance well, she would have. She was really just trying to put on a good performance. She's never gonna live that down, I don't think. This is what she had to say.Miley's taken it all off for 'Rolling Stone' in a new woe-is-me interview, saying she's getting all the VMA blame. Elton John is talking about Miley tomorrow on 'Ellen'.This is the thing that made me go... Oh! That watts thing - it wasn't the dancing or anything, or touching Robin Thicke's what's-it.Miley, how you doing?Good.After bearing her soul, in tears, performing 'Wrecking Ball' for the first time since her split with Liam. Cyrus, sexed up for the new single '23'. Smoking in the girls' room, stripped down in the locker room, performing with her producer, and after this eye- spy sin city pic, a rumour he denies. The video leaking on to the web just as Miley tweets these bizarre pics in Vegas. Miley, Miley, Miley! She's also revealed that she's besties with Kanye West. Apparently she turns to him for advice for everything from her music to what she's going to wear, which is really strange. I didn't know they were that close. Apparently he also gave her a bit of a pep talk before the famous VMA performance, saying that he didn't believe in her - he believed in her more than any other artist around at the time.Bizarre. I don't think I would be going to Kanye for a pep talk at all! Speaking of him, he has spoken about Kim in a new interview. What did he say?Yes. In an interview with BBC radio, he says the reason his relationship to Kim Kardashian works so well is that she never asks him for any cash because she's got enough herself. Of course! He also talked about Michael Jackson, saying that he really paved the way for black artists in music. But then, of course, the conversation turned back to him. Here's what he said. People are gonna look at this interview and say, "Hey, I understand what he's talking about." People are gonna look at this interview and say, "I don't like Kanye. He looks mad." We the real rock stars and I'm the biggest of all of them. I'm the number one rock star on the planet.Yeah, like I said, if I was Miley Cyrus, I wouldn't be talking to him! Rihanna had her first show in Australia last night in Perth. A bit controversial, though. What are people saying about that?Yeah, there are a few issues that fans had with the concert. First of all, she came on stage 40 minutes after she was scheduled to start the concert, which didn't go down very well. She also...Understandable too. That's a long time to wait.It really is, especially when there are a few young kids there too. And it's a school night!(LAUGHS)She also spent most of the first half of the concert singing songs that weren't really familiar with her fans. And it wasn't until the second half that she actually started to perform her hits. There was also discussion that she was slurring her words at times, with some people tweeting, "Wondering whether she has been drinking." At least she looked the part. She looked gorges in Givenchy hot pants and knee-high boots. I'm not sure about that mullet. What was going on with the hair?I do not know. She is gorgeous, as you say. Father-to-be Simon Cowell, he's spoken about his relationship. Is he making an honest woman of Lauren Silverman?Yes. Well, apparently he's hinted he does want to marry her. He said he didn't want her to be a single mother. That's, I guess, one good thing. He's also revealed that he's going to have a son. But poor Simon Cowell Junior, he's also said that he doesn't plan to give his children his millions. He wants to give it away to charity, saying he doesn't believe in passing money down from generation to generation. He wants to teach them things instead.OK.How unlucky is that?! It's unlucky, but he raises an interesting point. Now, something so funny this afternoon - U2 frontman Bono, he's a man of many talents, isn't he?He certainly is. Who knew he could do impersonations? He was at the Clinton Global Initiative. He was waiting for Bill Clinton to come on stage. In the meantime, he decided to do an impersonation of him. And he was really good. Take a look. When I first met Bono... (LAUGHTER) ..he walked into the Oval Office. Actually, I thought it was a member of his own road crew. Uh... (LAUGHTER) Wasn't really dressed right. Actually, I felt like the rock star on that occasion. (APPLAUSE) No, no, no! I must be really easy to make fun of!That is a classic! He sounds so similar, doesn't he? Who would have thought? Awesome. Now, there seems to be a bit of a feud brewing between Britney Spears and her ex, Kevin Federline, and it's all over their sons. What's happening there? Who knew that K-Fed would be the responsible parent of these two. Who would have thunk it?!Britney said she planned to get Sean Preston, her eldest son, to come on stage when she started her residency at Planet Hollywood in Vegas in December. He's having none of that. TMZ asked him and he said, "Uh-huh. Ain't gonna happen, at least until he's 25 years old." He's gonna have to wait a little while to get his 15 minutes of fame. Interesting. Elle, plenty of gossip, as always. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. Speak to you next time. Next on Nine News Now - the big stoush over whether policemen in jirk should be allowed to have beards -- Victoria should be allowed to have beards. That stoush heads to court. Plus - the Scientologist Church hits back after one of its most high-profile former members criticises it on American television. This program is not captioned. (MAKES SHARP BREATHING NOISES) Wonderguyman! (IMITATES DEFLECTING BULLETS) Got Mum and Dad...and you've got
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We'll head to Melbourne now, where 16 bearded police members are fighting changes to grooming standards that would see them forced to shave off their whiskers. The state's highest-ranking officer has ordered a ban on long hair and facial hair, and is standing by his call as well.I love beards, just not when people are wearing police uniforms. And uniform - it had become scruffy. There was 83 different ways to wear our uniform. Police members looked more like bikies than they did police members. It's an interesting one. Tell us what you think - should police officers be able to have beards or not? You can join the conversation on our Facebook page or you can use the hashtag on Twitter. Thousands of people have flocked to the Royal Melbourne Show today for one of the highlights of the 12-day festival. It's the equestrian event and it's a result of months of training for horses and their riders. Nine's Chloe Bugelly is there for us. If the Royal Melbourne Show, it's about so much more than just rides and show bags. It also hosts, arguably, the most seasoned equestrian event in Australia, called the Gary Owen. The event began in 1934. It's actually named after a very famous horse, whose owner died while trying to save it in a stable fire. The event really does celebrate the connection between horse and human, and the women who were competing today trained for months and months. They also spent thousands of dollars on outfits that are very carefully scrutinised by the judges. For many, who have been riding since they were little girls, just qualifying for today's event was a dream of a lifetime.It's very prestigious. You know, I was happy... It's probably the one event that we all want to win at least once.It's unbelievable. It's just unbelievable! (LAUGHS) I didn't think I would ever be standing here. Now, if you haven't gotten down to the show yet, there's still seven days left. They're expecting something like 500,000 people through the turnstiles until gates close on Wednesday night. According to many of the parents here today, it is the perfect remedy for school holiday boredom. Well, he's the newest heart-throb on the acting scene at the moment. Now Clint Eastwood's son, Scott, is following in his famous dad's footsteps, with some even pegging him to be the next pin-up boy of the silver screen. But Scott says that despite his father's fame and fortune he hasn't had his career handed to him on a platter. Scott Eastwood's become an instant Hollywood heart-throb with these recently released, sizzling images in 'Town & Country' magazine.It was a great day on a boat. I couldn't ask for more. I grew up as a waterman, so fishing and surfing and diving is my forte. So, I was happy.Eastwood is a young actor and son of Hollywood screen legend and director Clint Eastwood.You definitely have his eyes. Do you hear that quite a lot?Oh, that I'm better-looking?(LAUGHS)(LAUGHS) No. No.Tell me!I'm kidding. No, he's... He gave me some nice genes, so I thank him for that.He's slowly making a name for himself. You got that look in your eye again. Playing small parts in movies with his father.Just outside.Mm-hm. When was the last time you saw them? What was that like, working with him?It's a treat. It's unbelievable. I think every father is a little harder on their son. He's gotta want to be here... I don't blame him.He wants to make sure you earn it. So, I have auditioned for every one of his films.Are you quite close to your father?I am. I am close to my father. I think as he gets older too, I think I become closer to him. My father is in his 80s, so I have to come to grips with the fact that he won't be around as long as, say, most of my friends' fathers.We've got a couple of questions - you know, it's called a lightning round. Favourite cocktail?Whisky sowed yafpltFavourite movie? 'Unforgiven'.Why?It's my Dad's. Naturally. Blonde or brunette?Both. Diplomatic! Very good. And for all you ladies out there wondering...I am single.You are?I am. I am single.So, watch out, ladies - single Scott will soon be coming to a movie theatre near you, acting alongside Brad Pitt in World War II movie 'Fury'. Aye karumba! Coming up - we are talking about a battle all mothers out there face. When there's a family emergency, who exactly do we let down? Is it your child, is it your work, is it your parents? We will be discussing that in the chat room. Also - the Church of Scientology hits back after a leading actress criticises the church on American television. And I love this story - one drerks 19 countries. We're going to meet the runaway bride who's proved you can get more than This program is not captioned. (GASPS) Rhonda!
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Well, the Church of Scientology is in the spotlight again today, with one of its former high-profile members speaking out. TV actress Leah Remini criticised their ways while on America's 'Dancing with the Stars' and now the church is firing back. There she was, in her sweat pants. Leah Remini in this behind-the- scenes footage that aired Monday night on 'Dancing with the Stars'. OK. Going through a personal, um, big change for me and my family. Firing a shot across the bow of the controversial Church of Scientology. Yeah!The church is looking for me to fail, so they can say to their parishioners, "You see?" They're waitling for me to fail.Remini, famous or her role in 'The King of Queens'...But I chose you J that's gotta sting...was just a child when she joined Scientology, a church founded by science fiction writer Elle ron had you beenard, and now known for its -- Elron Hubbard, and now known for its famous celebrities, including Tom cuds. She said after years of growing questions and concern, some of which spilled out on prime-time TV last night.I was always scared to be myself. Everything that happens to us is our fault, you're used to taking a lot of negativity on yourself.As for the church, for the most part, they have publicly handled Remini's departure quite gingerly. But in response to her most recent comments, they issued a statement saying, "We know this may come as a surprise to someone as self-absorbed as Ms Remini, but we could care less if she wins or loses on 'Dancing with the Stars'." Well, who ever said wedding dresses were only to be worn once on your special day? Well, a woman in the US is putting an end to that theory, making sure she gets value for money out of wur gon. The wedding dress -- out of her gown. The wedding dress, usually only worn once. Not this Jennifer. We may tire out. We'll see.We took really extravagant wedding dress pictures during the wedding and really loving the idea of not letting the wedding die.Jennifer and jeff tied the knot in 2008. But Jennifer has donned her $400 white lace gown 147 times in 19 different countries. Egypt, France, Italy...China, Hungary, Iceland.Whose idea was it?I think we started to joke about it after we came back from the wedding I think I said, "Why don't we bring the dress along for the summer and keep taking really fun, iconic wedding photos?"What elements have this dress endured? Under water, salt water, the sludge thaw pull up from the lobster traps J volcanoes.But, wait, there's more. So, you had something that you are yet to do. What would you want to do and what would you want do?The zero gravity.I want to see her sliding into the home plate at the Phillies.This brave bride has her limits.Bungee-jumping. I thought I could do it if it was harnessed at the waist, but it wasn't photographic.Have there ever been tense foments?Yeah.I have learned a few things, like don't say, "We're done," and then say, "One more photo." When it's over, I'm done.And we weren't quite done either. Our blushing bride proved once again the old adage, there's no place like home. Make that 148. What a great idea. I love it OK, joining me on the chat room this afternoon is psychologist Sandy Rae. And we have Nine's Melissa Downes. Good afternoon to you both. Stick around, because we have lots to talk about. This morbidly obese 2- year-old is one of our topics. He's actually the world's youngest-ever person to undergo weight-loss surgery. We're asking how on earth did this situation get so bad for this toddler? Plus - would you forgive your cheating partner? Well, Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed she would, and she expects her rock husband, This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. It's time now to head into the Chat Room. Today I'm joined by psychologist Sandy Rae in Melbourne, and in Brisbane we have Nine's Melissa Downes. Good afternoon to you both. Now, first up, a big question - juggling work and children. Of course, it is never easy all of the time. We all know that. And today there's a great article - it's asking, do women have to decide on who to let down? So, for example, when a child is sick or an elderly parent gets sick, when you have to cancel work because of it, there are so many scenarios. We'll start with you, Sandy. Why are we left feeling guilty?Well, guilt is actually a very powerful emotion. And it's referred to as a thinking emotion. So, what it does is it actually sets up an internal alarm that makes us question, is what we're doing right? Is it meeting our own expectations? And I think the other day, Wendy, you were talking about when you're at the playground on a mobile phone, and you had a sense of guilt - I shouldn't keep quietly looking at that mobile phone. That's a beautiful example of guilt, of the usefulness of guilt. It's not actually all bad. It gives us a chance to reassess what we're doing with our relationships. And the reason we often feel guilty is because it's a really powerful emotion of empathising with other people, empathising with our children, with our parents, empathising with our teenagers and what's going on in our day-to-day world.Melissa, what do you think? Girls, I want your opinion on this - I have got a situation where, tomorrow - so, if you don't see me at work tomorrow, I have now told everybody exactly why! Smart move. But I'm gonna tell you anyway. So, tomorrow, the wonderful lady who looks after my son, she's got tonsilitis. My mother-in-law can't do it, as my backup, my husband's aunt can't do it. I have called