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You're watching ABC News 24, hello, I'm Kim land ers. An inquiry has found a weakness in tactics, techniques and procedures which led to an inadequate level of protection for Australian forces at a remote patrol base in Afghanistan last year. Lance Corporal Rick Milosevic, Sapper James Martin and Private Robert Poate were shot dead by an Afghani army sergeant. Two other Australians were wounded in the attack. The Australians should have provided better security. Air Marshall Binskin says the report highlights a number of issues that need attention.22 findings were made which half related to force protection. The inquiry officer found the decisions and actions in establishing and maintaining the force protection arrangements were at the minimum level of authorised force protection to provide security for the soldiers.However, they did not adequately address the specific situation that the patrol base had potentially placed personnel at significant risk to the threat of fire and other environmental hazards, enemy action or insider attack.Telstra will slash more than 1,000 jobs from operations team by mid next
year. than 1,000 jobs from its
operations team by year. It's part of a sweeping year. It's part restructure announced by the company in May. The job represent about 3% company in May. The represent about 3% of Telstra's represent about total work force of 30,000 staff. The changes total work force of staff. The changes will affect fixed network technicians fixed network technicians in the eastern States and Tasmania, its media operations team and the customer service delivery team. The communications union will meet with management tomorrow to Police have
discuss the cuts. Federal Police have broken an organised crime syndicate with the discovery of 274 kg of ephedrine . A biosecurity officer at the port of Melbourne found the drug hidden in more than 3,000 bags of price from India. It's Australia's third large est seizure of the drug which could be used to make up to 250 kgs of methamphetamine. Indian authorities also arrested a man they believe sent the ephedrine to Australia.A powerful earthquake in southwestern Pakistan has killed more than 200 people with the death toll set to Ryde rise. The mag - magnitude 7.8 quake was felt as far as way as New Delhi.And a small flotilla of ships has set sale after a 5-day tall ships festival in Hobart. The 8 tall ships left port this morning bound for Sydney after a parade and a salute to the Governor, the tall ships headed out of the River navy's centenary the River Derwent to join the celebrations.And Lyndal Curtis joins us now with Capital Hill live from Canberra.Thanks, Kim. Tonight - driven by demand, the new Education Minister flags a review of uncapped university places as the sector defends the fee for student services. Welcome to Capital Hill, I'm Lyndal Curtis. First thing this morning it seemed the new Education Minister , Christopher Pyne, was leaving the door open to reintroducing caps on university places and moving to scrap the student services fee which replaced voluntary student union payments.The ABC confirmed the reports he was considering bringing back the cap, something he had previously promised not to do. But by the time Mr Pyne spoke himself it was a more cautious approach. He wants to review the new demand-driven system to ensure it hasn't led to a drop in quality but says there are no plans to bring back the cap on places. The Coalition does oppose the student amenities fee but Mr Pyne says it's not his priority to deal with.The groups represent ing universities, Universities Australia, isn't opposed to a review of the uncapped system although warns removing the fee for student amenities would mean having to find other ways to fund the services the fee pays for. I spoke to Belinda Robinson earlier today. The new Education Minister Christopher Pyne says he wants a review of the demand-driven system in universities to ensure it's not impacting on quality. He says he has no plans to put a cap on student numbers back on. From your point of view in the sector there are different views on whether the increased number of students has affected quality, aren't there? Look, I think