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The Iranian and US Presidents edge closer to a diplomatic solution to the nuclear stale mai.We should be able to achieve a resolution that respects the rights of the Iranian people might giving the world confidence confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful.

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A bloody four-day siege by Islamist rebels ends in Ken ya, scores are dead and several are still missing.The new Education Minister to review uncapped university places, raising quality concerns.American levels New Zealand, setting up a nail biting America's New Zealand, setting up biting America's Cup finish.And China experiences a baby boom of the baby boom of

Good morning. You're watching ABC News 24. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Taking a quick look at the weather first.

A widely anticipated meeting between the Presidents of the United States and Iran has failed to materialise. However, both men have address ed the United Nations, raising hopes of a better relationship between their respective nations in the future.A handshake between the Presidents of Iran and America outside the UN. Not in real life, not yet. But a reminder that ending more than three dysfunctional decades in US-Iranian relations could make the rest of the Middle East a less dangerous place.Two certainties in UN general assembly week are that the US tt Presidential motorcade will have a disastrous impact on New York's traffic and that this afternoonual gathering of president, prime ministers and I think kings will be condemned as a talking shop. But this year there's a chance of a breakthrough on two big world crises - Syria's chemical weapons and the nuclear plans of its main ally Iran. It tells everyone who comes here to listen that its plans are peaceful but the West suspects they could produce a nuclear bomb.Barack Obama, President of the United States of America.We should be able to achieve a resolution that respects the rights of the Iranian people while giving the world confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful. But to succeed, conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable.The Americans and the Iranians are for once being polite about talking to each other. President Obama also majored on the region's other crises.The convulsions in the Middle East and North Africa have laid bare deep divisions within societies. As an old ort order is up-end ed and people grapple with what oms next.Building in Tehran, Iran's capitalStill have the old messages about an evil America but the open is hope a is that the election of a new President might make dealing with what comes next in the Middle East a little bit difficult. Iran's President, Hassan Rouhani, has made clever appeals to the West, arriving in New York then tweeting the new, presenting himself as pragmatic and modern. TRANSLATION: Iran pose s absolutely no threat to the world or the region in fact in ideals as well as in actual practice my country has been a harbinger of just peace and comprehensive security.In the end he met the French President, not the American one. But a real dialogue when America and Iran, if it ever happened, could change a lot. The Middle East is full of crises, some smoulder, some blazing and all of them connected in different ways. The one about Iran's nuclear program is smoldering but it has the potential to be the most dangerous of them all which is why they're pursuing a diplomatic opening here at the UN this week. But to make it work, both the Iranians and the Americans are going to have to show much more flexibility than they have in the past.Plenty of people, not just demonstrators at the UN, will never trust the Islamic ruck of Iran. In recent year, a fundamental split in the Middle East has been friends of America versus friends of Iran. But bridging that gap is the diplomatic link the Middle East needs most right now. The ABC's Washington correspondent Jane Cowan watched the speeches at the United Nations.Effectively reechedz back out. He says that the United States is encouraged by the science it's seen coming out of Iran recently. He says that he welcome s cautiously, albeit kuciously the the indications that Hassan Rouhani is willing toebtser into discussion about the count's nuclear program but he is acknowledging at the same time that the suspicion s wean the to two countries run deep and is this will not be solved overnight. He is, though, cracking open the door even further now. He is explicitly saying he has direct hz Secretary of State John Kerry to pursue these talks on Iran's nuclear program and John Kerry will come in contact with his I rain yain counterpart later this week in New York. As for that hope that Barack Obama Andrew Rouhani might actually come into contact here on the sidelines of the meeting given both of them were making their speeches today of the general assembly, that hasn't actually come to fruition. The White House has revealed that it made the offer, that it was actually offering to orchestrate a casual encounter perhaps in a corridor but that it was actually the Iranians who declined. Now, a senior Obama Administration official is actually being quoted as saying that ultimately it proved too complicate ed for the Iranians. The other thing that caused some consternation here today is the Iranian leader unexpectedly didn't turn up to a luncheon that was arranged for all the worlds leader as they gather and the general assembly gets properly under way today, it's been reported now on Iranian TV that was because alcohol was being served. But no official explanation was given here initially. So that caused some furrowed brows.For more on this, we will cross to Joe Siracusa, who is the Professor of global studies at RMIT. Thank you for your time.Fog ve. ManyWhat is the significance of Hassan Rouhani addressing the United Nations?Gifts them a chance to declare his position, to talk about the new issues or the old issues. I mean, it's a wonderful opportunity for worlds leaders to go to one place and sort of just tell their story. Presidents had never much appreciated going to the UN. They regard that as sort of homework. Other worlds leaders sort of enjoy it as sort of a great outing as a matter of fact. I listened very carefully to both speeches this morning and I can tell you two or three things that I picked up.One is that there's been - this is the culmination of a lot of Book door channels in diplomacy. There may not have been any meetings between the Secretary of State and the Foreign Minister but there have been a lot of back channels that have been opened because people don't come to this point other side is going to unless they're pretty sure the other side is going to accept. other side is going The other thing is too is I got
the impression other side is going to accept.
The other thing the impression today from the
President of The other thing is too is I got the impression President of the United States
that the sanction the impression today from the President of that the that the sanction and that is
the sanctions that are being pursued by the Security Council plus the European Union have probably gone as far as they can go in hurting the Iranians and of course the Iranians have suggested the sanctions hurt them. By the way it's the same thing that Hitler said when he took Germany out of the league, he said his reparations are killing us and they're wrong! But I also get the sense that the Iranians already have a nuclear bomb. They have mastered the three compossibilities you need for a nuclear weapon - enrichment, miniaturisation and the ability to dlifrmt they have done all these things in serious tests. Now they haven't had a nuclear explosion but you don't really need that. You can do that with computers. But I think the Iranians pretty much what they have got what they want. So now they're going to go to the negotiate table and I think Barack Obama is desperate to get a ceremonial solution solution to the second biggest problem on his place plait.So those three pointous mentioned you would say there's a bit of optimism for the relationship which hant hasn't had much of a progress in the last there's or four decadesUS President Barack Obama saying he wants to see evidence, he wants to see transparency, should he have taken a more positive sign towards the Iranian President?I think he did take a positive line in the sense that he engaged him. Diplomacy is not about cutting the apple in half, it's about neltsing from your strength to the other person's strength. There are the other There are both kinds of feeling each other about where they want to go on this. The President in this last couple of weeks is involved in Syrian diplomacy and now involved in Iranian dip loep loemsy and he's decided to turn the problem over to mon military, non-violent solution and he wants to be remembered as an anti-war President. He want doesn't want to be remembered as war amongerer. I think Rouhani is playing right into his hands.Hassan Rouhani has been in office for less than two months. This is his first real advent on to the global stage there. Is this setting up a sense for the Western worlds of how he wishes to be viewed and perhaps separating him from his predecessor?Well, anybody who attain s office, whether it's the Liberals or Labor or Republicans over the Democrats, they spend a great deal of time in the first six months distance ing themselves from the previous positions. So they look better, normal, I don't know, in a position to solve problems. He's distanced himself from what's gone before and what's gone before is the subtext that goes on in Iranian soe. He has to deal with religious factor a as well as the wild cards. Keep in minds the Iran yabs are bank rolling Hezbollah, bank rolling Syria, probably bank rolling the All
chemical weapons deal there. All the rockets that are dropped on the Israelis are provided by Iran and the Sunnis hate the Shias. This guy has got a lot of problems on his horizon and he would like to get the American problem off his plate.Professor Siracusa, let's project forward then six progress
months. Do you anticipate any progress in the relations, any progress on the negotiating table?Well, six months is a good time. You can only look about six months ahead in life, the rest of is just nonsense. I think in six months you will have a diplomatic deal. It will be
be ceremonial deal, there won't be any Americans there except for the international atomic energy agency checking things and keep in minds that Iran belonged to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, they tried to get divorced but it didn't work. I think there will be a ceremonial solution. I don't think there would be any guarantee that Iran will take nuclear weapons off their table. I think they have already acquired the operational capability and they can put those together by Monday morning. So what they will be is a pause in American and Iranian relations and this really is not about weapons. This is about the Iranians taking all those hostages and humiliating America for over a year. America's got to get this thing out of its float, this is about payback time. Just watch this space.Speaking of that, US President Barack Obama talked a lot about trust and saying that mistrust has deep roots and it would take time to really essentially build that trust. Would these ceremonial evvenltss - is this something that might build that trust at least for the US and what else has to happen for that trust to be re built? Can it be done diplomatically?I think it can be done diplomatically. The mistrust the President is talking about is theern manies removing a legitimate leader in the 1950s and bank rolling or backing the Shah in the 1970s who was helped out as a pillar of stability in those just had money on the wrong
horse just had horse there .The American

current mistrust that the Iranians mistrust is historical. The
current mistrust Iranians are experiencing is Iranians are experiencing real terms. This anti- Iranian real terms. This thing and keep in real terms. This anti- thing and keep in mind Iran is a great successor to a great Persian kind Dom. These guys they define civilisation once and their Persian view of the and their Persian view of world may differ a little bit from the Arab view of the world. So they're fighting for their own turf and their own place. I think there is a lot of traction here. I can assure you that a lot of negotiations have gone on behind the scenes because these people would not say at this time in New York and in an open place that we're prepared to look into this further, unless they know damn sure what the answers are.Professor Joe Siracusa from RMIT University, thank you for your insights frmsleThank you.Kenya's President says the country has staerds down evil and defeated the depunmen from centre
the Nairobi Westgate shopping centre siege. Uhuru Kenyatta says five of the attackers have been kill and another 11 arrested. Al-Shabab attacked the shopping centre on Saturdayment 61 civilians and six soldiers died during the ordeal, including a Tasmanian man and his pregnant spouse. Mr Ken en says three floors of the shopping mall collapsed during the operation and there are several bodies buried under 2 rubble. He has declared three days of national v national mourningWith have ashamed and defeated our attackers.That part of our task has been completed by our multi agency security team.Five terrorists were killed with gun fire.11 suspects are in custody in connection with the attack.Intelligence reports had suggested that a British woman and two or three American citizens may have been involved in the attack.We cannot confirm the details at present.But forensic experiments are working to ascertain the nationalities of the terrorists. I promise that we shall have a full accountability for the mindless destruction, deaths, pain, loss and suffering we have all undergone as a national family.Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Federal Government will review Labor's decision to remove caps on university places. But the Education Minister Christopher Pyne says he doesn't plan on reintroducing limits. For more details we will cross live now to Melissa Clarke in Canberra. Mel, why is the Coalition reviewing this?The Coalition is concerned that the late's decision to remove caps on university place s in order to allow more people to go through university system has led to a reduction in quality in terms of the graduates that it's producing. Now, the late sought to remove all caps from university places so that it was a demand-driven process and so it could reach ambitious targets in getting more people graduating with bachelor degree, having more people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds as well. That's seen some universities expand rapidly as they've been able to take on significantly more students. Now, the Coalition says that although it's not wanting to reinstate the caps, it does want to review the system because it has concerns based around the quality rather than the issue of quantd: At least that is how Christopher Pyne was explaining it on ABC local radio in Adelaide this morning.We will put quality in tertiary education as our number one priority and that means we needs to re review the demand-driven system of
university places because there is some evidence and the university places because previous government had is some evidence and similar previous government had a
similar view, there evidence that quality is similar view, there is some suffering in evidence that quality suffering in terms - to achieve quantity.Christopher Pyne. There one of the Labor leadership candidates Bill Shorten has been the first to jump to a staunch defence of Labor's decision to uncap university places when he as out today.We don't think universities should be the preserve of elites. We believe that everyone who aspires to two to university should have that opportunity and we will certainly reinforce our credentials as the party of further education in this country because an Australia that doesn't educate people is seeking the second place and competition with the rest of the worlds. No nation ever dumbed its way to greatness.Are there any other changes the Coalition Government is put ing forward for the education sector?The Government does plan on scrapping compulsory amenity the
fees in universities in what is the latest in a long running to and fro on this issue with the Howard Government controversially at the time scrapping compulsory student union ism with which this amenities fee was wrapped u in. When the Labor Party came to power they did reintroduce the ability for universities to charge compulsory amenity fees to help bay for student services. The Coalition is determined to re that compulsory fee as well and it's matter of when, not if. But we that to take place. The other area that the Coalition Government wants to focus is on is boosting the number of international studentses studies in Australia which has taken a bit of a fall in recent years thanks to the high Australian dollar and due to some adverse publicity around - the treatment of Indian studentings a couple of years as well. So the Federal Government says increasing international student numbers an getting that export market of education services back up to higher levels is a key prioritingly the higher education sector.Melissa Clarke, thank you.Authorities in Russia say they will prosecute Greenpeace act activist including two Australian force trying to climb on to an oil platform in the Arctic. The protesters could face more than a decade in jail.Almost a week since the Greenpeace ship was first raided by Russian coast guards, the vessel has now been towed to a fiord in northern Russia. Meantime fate of the 30-strong view of act activists now defends on Russian prosecutors. The initial protest last wns was launched with determined speed, intend intended to catch the security staff and the Russian authorities by surprise. Using a fast boat launched from the Greenpeace ship Arctic sun rise, two activists were able to get up the oil platform on ropes. The protesters were quickly capture and the Russians were not tending to be Reenent.I terrorism?I suspect you.Hours after that radio exchange, armed Russian men abseiled from helicopters on to the Arctic sun rise and took control of the ship and its multinational crew. Five days in the custody of the Russian coastguard is unlikely to be the end of the matter for the Greenpeace activists. Here in Moscow, prosecutors are already indicating that they may pursue piracy charge against the group. The spokesman went on to describe the protest as an attempt to seize a drilling platform by storm. And said it raised ly jet mate doubts about their intentionsTransinvestigators have already launched a participates of this criminal case against participates of this reckless
storming. According to participates of this storming. According to article
227 of participates of this reckless
storming. According 227 of the criminal code, 227 of the criminal piracy. Investigators plan to question participants and detain the most active amongst them.The ship he said was loaded with electronics whose purpose was not clear. But Greenpeace has insisted its protest was peaceful and at no time was the intention to seize property in the way the piracy is legally defined. TRANSLATION: I have no sensible explanation as to to why there criminal case has been launched. They're being unlawfully held by the Russian short authorities. They settle have no mean of communication with us, their relatives or lawyers. They're under armed they've been
guard which effectively means they've been held unlawfully for five days.Campaign owners to ship are from 18 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Russia and the UK and the US.If prosecuted, each could be facing up to 15 years in prison.The cruise of eight tall ships docked in Hobart for the past five days are getting rid Ready to set sail for Sydney. They will get to Sydney in time for the Royal Australian Navy's centenary celebrations in early October. For more we will cross to our reportser Lauren Day who was out on the water, it's looking a little bit rain you. How are conditions at the moment?Absolutely. Thankfully the sun has finally made an appearance after the last time. drenched this time
So hopefully I don't get too drenched this time around. We have had pretty pleasant weather for entire five days of the festival but now the tall ship, the eight tall ships which have been docked here in Hobart, they and they're about to salute the governor. They will turn around and they're about to salute and give a salute before heading out onwards to Sydney. They've been heading out onwards to They've been joined on the
water today by around 15 heritage and vintage vessels all of about 100 years old and plenty of spectator crafts and spectators lining the shores.So very excited atmosphere down here and thankfully the wet weather has come through for us.Do you know if the vessel and speculator craft will be travelling out with the crew?, no they will only follow them a short way out. Just to see them off has they set say. But those eight tall ships which have been here will be joined by a further 10 from around the world. They've come from place Canada, New Zealand
such as Argentina, Colombia, Canada, New Zealand and a few local else haves as well. They will make their way up the coast, it will take them around a week, they will I AIF Ree next week for the centenary of the royal Australian glaif Selwood braetion. This journey chance
started in July. Have you had a chance to speak to any of the crew? How are they feeling knowing there are only two major stops yet?They're still very excited, the crew s on these ships. This big voyage to go and the culmination of celebrations. Play May settle add that wonderful time in Hobart. Hobart is build on the water. As an-year-old, Tasmanians love sea fairing and need to to be connect and overcome that tyranny of distance. So people have really turned out in droves for all of these nautical activity, maritime games, there's been fireworks, there have been parades and public performances, and around 35,000 people have enjoyed these celebration and many more here on the shore s today to watch them leave.Lauren Day, thank you and have a great morning.Now for more sport with Adam Steven. A the America's Cup, what a comeback by the Americans decide irtomorrow , a nail biting decider.Couldn't have scripted by
it better if you try. Two wince by Team USA on San Francisco Bay has set up a sudden death finish. Sailing's greatest prize will be decided tomorrow with both taex USA and Team New Zealand on 8 points all. Today the Americans did extend their winning straight to seven, Team USA won the 17th race after the Kiwis were given two penalties on the start line for causing contact between the boats. In the 18th race, Team New Zealand got off to the better start but the Americans dominated the rest of the race and they do go into tomorrow's decider full confidence.It was all into tomorrow's decider full of confidence.It was all in the confidence.It was team. This team just doesn't matter. team. This team just matter. I've been telling you how big the challenge. The guys just stuck their heads down and very impressive. Gives a lot of confidence going into tomorrow.The NR. Will says it has no plans to the Cronulla Sharks to Queensland despite speculation the club could be re located north. Front page stories this morning from News Limited papers in Queensland and NSW report that the NRL is considering the move, the report say the Sharks shrks could come under financial stress if it's fined by ASADA next month for the supplements scandal. A spokes person for the NRL says the story is speculative and the club is yet to receive any fine and Cronulla CEO Steven Noyce says there is absolutely no prospect of his club re locating to central or southern Queensland.But the group pushing for a new NRL team in Rock Hampton says it would welcome a relocation of Cronulla to central Queensland if that ever does come about:Relocations have orked. They worked in the AFL as we all know. They worked with the Swans and they worked with the Lions.It can work so it is an alternative package and certainly we would look at that and be interested nit. I suppose if you gave Australia choice initially we would say we would probably prefer to develop our own team but having said that we're more than happy and we think we could make it work and we think that relocation is very viable. We interested.November moving to the AFL and the Brisbane Lion s have unrailed Justin Leppitsch as the new coach. He played over 220 games for the club and began his coaching career there. Leppitsch has replaced Michael Voss who was sacked last movement he is not promising a premiership in his first year in charge of the Lions but says he can promise the player s will be giving 100%.So my goal really is to create an enjoyable working environment that create s and expects hard work.If I can get that from my players, I know the players will give them everything they've got and throughout the week they will come to work motivated to listen and learn. From there the detail takes over. If I don't get those two things it's hard to teach the detail.And Hawthorn mid-fielder Jordan Lewis se he is ready to stop Aaron Sandilands if need be in Saturday's Grand Final. Lewis has gathered 65 hit-outs this season which is 17 more than any other plild fielder but Sandilands collected 33 hit-outs on his own in the Dockers preliminary final win against the Swans.Lewis says his side will do whatever is needed to Pty Ltd the impact of the 211cm Sandilands.Might need a step lad tore get over Aaron but I suppose if we need help in that area whether it be me or someone else clear ly he has got the height over our ruck man but we will back them in first and foremost.That is the late nest sport.Now here latest
is Vanessa O'Hanlon with the latest weather. We have a cold front that is crossing Tasmania this morning with an associated low. The cold fronts keep lining up to batter WA. This morning we have another one that is rapidly moving over the southern part of the south-west. It should reach Esperance around sun viez. Another will follow tomorrow, the head of a ridge on Friday. The re severe winds will push through SA late er and to the low will deepen tomorrow, effecting Victoria and Tasmania. For everyone else hot winds ahead of a trough.

Iran says it's prepared to engage in results oriented talks on the country's nuclear program. President Hassan Rouhani has promised a more transparent approach in international affairs. The US President Barack Obama says he's encouraged by his counterpart's more moderate course. Iran is under pow powerful sanction over its controversial nuclear ambition.The Kenyan Government has declared an end of a bloody four-day siege by Islamist militants at shopping centre in Nairobi. Five astrae, kill and 11 suspects have been taken into custody. More than 60 people died in the massacre and authorities expect the final death toll will be much higher. President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced three days of mourning.Australian Federal Police have broken an organised crime syndicate with the dis kfr discovery of 274 kilo glafs
of ephedrine. A biosecurity officer officer at the port of in
Melbourne found the drug hidden in more than 3,000 bags of rice from in more than from India.It's Australia's third largest seizure of the drug which could be used to make up to 200 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine.Two wins by Team USA today in the America's Cup on San Francisco Bay has set up a nail biting sudden death finish in the quest for sailing's greatest prize. New Zealand looked like they were going to win the series of storming to an early lead. However, the US are back in contention after consecutive race wins with the next rounds to decide who will take the Cup.As you heard, two Canadian nationals an one Australian have been charged over one of the largest single seizures of the drug ephedrine. Australian authorities seized 270 kill grow grams of ephedrine. It could have been used to movie up to 200 dill kill dwroe kill grow grams of meth fet. The estimated potential street value would have been up to 200 million dollars.This is a really great result for law enforcement the job we're going to tell you about today. The AFP working with its partners has been able to intersuperintendent 274 kill grow grams of ephedrine. We have arrested three people in Australia and one person in India.This is one of the largest seizures that we have seen in Australia. For the joint effort of law enforcement and working with our partner agencies, we've been able to prevent the manufacture of what we believe to be 200 kill grow grams of - kilograms of crystal meth fet. We estimate the dollar figure for these drugs had they have hit the streets of Australia was $200 million.The AFP will allege on 16 July the consignment entered into Australia in a shipping contain er via the port of Melbourne.The contain ment bags
contained an estimated 3,600 bags of rice and were subject to physical examination by the Department of Agriculture, fisheries and forestry.And through this examination they were able to identify suspicious material in some of the bags of rice.On 24 July the AFP commence add controlled operation in relation to its con signment and identified the containment being delivered to a storage facility in the Melbourne suburb of Springfield.On 5 August, the consignment was transported to a storage facility in the Sydney suburb of Fairfield.Over the last two days the AFP have aest & arrested a number of people in relation to this investigation. We've arrested one Australian and one Canadian in Melbourne - and one correction, one Australian and one Canadian in Sydney, correction, one Australian one Canadian in Sydney, and one Canadian national in Melbourne.Through our international network we've been working with our koushts parts in India and we've just been advised that inds yaven authorities is arrested one of the others this consignment in India most recently.Inquiry s in relation to this investigation in Australia, India and other countries around the world are ongoing and we expect further arrests. This is another great example of the AFP working with its partner agencies to effect an impact on the drug trade in Australia. I want to clear message that if you are thinking about importing drugs into this country you will be faced with the combined effort of all law enforcement in Australia working with our international partners. What I might do now is pass to my partner agencies. Tim.The department of agriculture really stepped into this at the very beginning of the process. We have biosecurity officers who inspect a wide range of products when they come into this country and we do it on the basis of the potential risk to our agricultural industries and the environment. So we are really inspecting for potential pests and diseases. We inspected this consignment of race and the officer who did the inspection was the ball. He realised that the powder that was in the bags of rice powder that was in the rice that were tested wasn't just residue from the rice, there was something different about it. He had it tested by some of our scientists, who realised that it was not an organic substance and at that stage we referred it to Customs and from then on the law enforce ft enforce lt agencies took over.Karen haarfield, national director compliance and enforcement for Customs.We were involved in the operation obviously once the Department of Agriculture had identified the spread sort of crystal yien substance of a powder within the rice itself. If you can imagine the contain er full of rice some 3,600 bags of price within the container, and then to do some initial testing to see whether it was in fact an illicit drug commodity and tested positively for ephedrine and at that point we contacted our partners, the AFP, began the process of extracting all of the ephedrine from the bags of rice itself, and the AFP then continued on with some support from customs in relation to the operational arrests and
activity that's led to the arrests and the outoms that we are telling you about today.The US President Barack Obama has focussed on Iran and Syria in his address to the United Nations general assembly. Mr Obama responded to recent overtures from Iran's new President that he's open toe a new deal. The President says recent moves by Iran offer the basis for a meaningful agreement on the country's nuclear program.But to succeed, conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable. The road blocks may prove to be too great but I zerm firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested.From while the status quo will only deepen Iran's isolation, Iran's genuine commitment to go down a different path will good for the region and the world.Now some more on the end of the deadly four-day siege in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The group responsible for the attacks, al-Shabab, is no stranger to armed conflict. The movement still rule s vast areas of southern smol Smalla where it controls trade and rise razes finances for operations such as the attack in Kenya.These soldiers don't take al-Shabab lightly. But a patrol into their area has to be carefully plan. African nations including Kenya have for years been fighting have made the Islamist militants. have made some Medway but
al-Shabab have made some Medway al-Shabab control vast areas of al-Shabab control vast areas Somalia.This is the front line. A derelict building that is regularly used as cover for fire on the African Union troop s is thoroughly checked.If the joint African force had more soldiers, it would try to take this position permanently.It's stretched.They normally attack you at night or what?At night, all the attacks have been at night. They will come, they will be at this particular location, so the only thing that is patrols with the military ear and try to push them back to their common place.Just up this road there will trenches used by al-Shabab at night to shoot at the African Union soldiers and the armoured vehicle has just gone a head to clear the road. These trenches with sand bags show that al-Shabab uses some of the methods of a regular Army as well as mounting terror attacks.The soldiers go into their territory.No enemy ever over.This is the place from where attacks are over.This is the place where attacks are launched
against the where attacks are against the fighters against the African forces.But the fighters have left. I spoke to some of the people who live here. These soldiers say this village is full of al-Shabab. Is that true? TRANSLATION: Al-Shabab are everywhere. They're here. They are in Mogadishu, I in Nairobi, see what is happening there now.And that is the danger. Unless the war in Somalia is resolved, it could continue to be a cause of chaos and terror around the world.The Indonesian Government siz it's still keen to buy Australian land so that it can breed beef cattle and security their country's supply. Both sides of Australia's political speth rm put fears of foreign investment back on the agenda during the election campaign, but Indonesia insist s both sides will benefit.Indonesia's huge market and appetite for beef became an issue between the neighbours in 2011 when Australia banned battle export s among scenes of slaughter house cruelty.We have the experience when you shut down your - shut your gates.It drove the price of beef in Indonesia through the roof and prices still haven't returned to pre-2011 levels. As new issues of foreign investment arose during Australia's 2013 election campaign.For Indonesia, a nation of 17,000 islands, the issue is simple -It require huge area of land, if you want to create or produce good quality of cattle or beef.And the land in Indonesia is probably limited.Indonesia is eager to achieve self-sufficiency Cy nits food production, a situation that l will allay the dramatic price fluctuations of recent times.Why don't we invest in Australia the Indonesian company owned by Indonesian joint venture and if we need to import cattle we can import from the Indonesian company.It doesn't mean that we should produce this cattle com domestically we but we should ensure supply of this Katter.Mr Basri compare ed the advantages to China's overseas investors in raw resource an chrj, just like China's economies of scale, Indonesia's Ministers say it's about each nation's strengthsBecause of freed preeding in Australia is one-third compared to Indonesia, but the cost of fattening in fourth. Compared to Australia. So we have fourth. Compared to So we have our own competitive So we advantage.The Finance Minister says discussions with the Australian Government should focus on a global supply chain and that protectionist measures should be dismissed.The death toll from ethnic violence between Muslims and Hindus in northern India has reached more than 45. Tens of thousands of Muslims have been forced to flee from their home, most are vowing never to return.This mosque has become a relief camp for some of the estimated 41,000 Muslims who have been driven out of their homes since violence flared in the state of ulta Pradesh. This woman says attacker s beseedgedz her village mosque for three hours. They started ut cutting people down. Further tension has been stoked by claims that local politicians and the police have failed to deal with the situation effectively. The PM, Manmohan Singh, and congress party leader Sonia Gandhi have been to visit the refugees to hear their stories and offer some re assurance. TRANSLATION: It is the thut duety of the government done sure the safety of life and property so that people are able to return to their homes.But the degree of fear is souch such that many of the refugees say they will never go home. 'We can beg and stay in shantd y on the road side, rather than going back.' This woman says. With the res lijous festivals approach tllg is real concern there will be more violenceIn the coming months there will be the season of all st festival s. There is the Eid, Diwali officials in about 147 officials in about 147 village s where hind use and Muslims had peacefully co existed for decades say all had peacefully co decades say all the Muslims have now gone.China has been largely unsuccessful in its attempt to reduce dangerously high pollution levels in the capital. Now, though, Beijing has come up with a new plan, it's targeting motorists and factory owners.China's smoggy capital is has tried everything from shutting factories to a massive subway building program as it battle s a severe air pollution problem but with little appearance effect.,000 the city Government is taking the steps to limit the number of cars on the roads while some 1,200 complaence efrm besked to upgrade or face the consequences. TRANSLATION: We have made a resolution in the state of a warrior who cut off his arm to save his life. We intend to do our best to carry out the pollution plan with firm measures.But it will take time for the new plan to take effect. So there are also contingencies to protect children in particular from the worst effects of pollution. TRANSLATION: I think we will limit cars based on the large indigenousit of their licence plate. We will shut down companies who are polluters. Some elementary and primary schools may be closed.In the long-term, the Beijing Government is aim ing to reduce the harmful particles in the air by at least 25% over the next four years.Cambodia's Parliament has reappointed Premier Han Sen for another five year term following weeks of political turmoil over his sis puted election rithry. But Opposition MPs continue their boycott of Parliament allege ing widespread cheating in the July elections.It was a mere formality. Cambodia's ruling party politicians vote ed to extend PM Hun Zen's rule. He's been in power for near ly three decades and he is vowing to run for ooh at least another until he is 74. But the Opposition Cambodia national rescue party is adamant that won't happen and its 55 MPings again refuse ed to take their seats in the national assembly. TRANSLATION: The door of the national assembly was not closed to them led Yesterday but they didn't come. Don't say this national assembly is formed from a single party and is against the constitution.The Opposition is promising to stage more mass demonstrations. But the PM is urging the opposition to come to the negotiation table instead. TRANSLATION: The door is not closed yet for negotiations with the Opposition party. But they have to accept the election results and swear in first before continuing with further talks with the ruling Cambodia people's accusations the Government had partith.Meanwhile, an I a hand partith.Meanwhile, there are
accusations the Government an I a hand in an attack on journalists at the weekend. Theyed had Theyed had been covering a protest when they were attacked by police and men this plain clothe, brandsishing a sling shots an stun guns. Seven reportsers sustained minor injuries and two protests were taken to hospital.It was extremely organised at a high tlefl. The fact there were Shows that
uniformed people involved voes Shows that the Government were involved.But the military says it's hard to tell who was responsible because it was dark at the time.More than 50 people arrest Asia have been killed by a typhoon u saggy. Heavy rains have caused flash flooding and kill ing 36 people. In the Philippines land slides killed 20 people in areas battling to recover of the region's most powerful typhoon passed through. Officials say soldiers and villages are still searching for several people piss missing. And two people drowned when a passengers boat cap Syed in north eastern au roara province. In China, 25 people rr killed in the southern province of Guangdong, 13 of them in the say of shang way when u saggy struck the struck. when u Now for an update from the markets.

The Reserve Bank has again warned banks not to relax send lending standards or take unnecessary riffects. In its 68-page financial stability review, the RBA says the country's financial system remains in a relatively strong position, it says the pick-up in house prices is not surprising given the level of the official cash rate but it did highlight the increased risk taking by self- managed pension funds as an area of concern. The RBA says households are focus on savings with around half of the households ahead on mortgage payments by creating mortgage buffers.The Australian share market has jumped despite losses on Wall Street overnight. The All Ordinaries Index is up two-thirds of a per cent as is the ASX 200 index. Wall Street gave up earlier gains overnight to close mostly down for the fourth day in a row, after mixed data weighed on trade. And taking a look at commodity, spot gold is giving back some overnight losses, and West Texas intermediate crude oil is down a little. The Australian dollar fell against the greenback overnight and is now worth 93.9 US cents. David Jones has reports add dlied in slide in its full year profit. The department store reported a 6% fall to $95 million. That figure takes into account charges associated with the dick Smith transaction. Shareholders will receive a fully franked dividend of 7 cents a share.Insurance premiums in Queensland's flood prone town of Roma are set to drop with construction beginning on a flood levy. The multimillion-dollar protection bank is set to withstand a one in 1,000-year flood event but not everyone will be within the safety zone.Laurie Hoffman's house in Roma was swamped by two major floods in three years at the same time her influence premium in-Reeced six-foe.One of the things we really lost in the flood was a seps of security in our own home.But she hoepsz it won't happen again thanks to the construction of a flood levy. The nearby rivers an creeks have seen four extreme floods events since 2010. A 5km levy standing about 3m will soon protection 500 homes but leave some exports.A lot are for and a lot against. It depends on whether you live on the high or the low side of town.It will work for me.Council is considering compensation for those outside the protection zone.We're look at different dependsing on where they want to go circumstances for each to go and do and we will dependsing on where they it from there.At to go and do and we will it from there.At least one major insurer is accepting major insurer is accepting new policies for homes and businesses after lifting a 16-month embargo. It's also agreed to reduce the average premium by about 30%.If premiums go one bay because of vulnerability they must go the other when when they're profectsed.The $15 million bill has been largely covered by the State and Federal Government s with plans under way for a second protection bank. While it might not be completed until next April, the local council hopes enough will be built before the summer rainfall. For now, this region remains desperately dry. Tasmania's controversial fox eradication program has again been slammed with a government commissioned report calling for an overhaul. The independent review found the program has failed to meet key objectives and is plagued by internal communication problems an is broadly opposed by the community.Former Parks and Wildlife chief Max kitchen finished his report in March. The Government has taken six months to make it public. The report call force a the fox eradication program, soing there are large holes in the baiting coverage.I've been told a number of times there was good support from the public, from the farming fraternity. That doesn't turn out fob the case at all.The long running program is yet to uncover a live fox. It's unpopularity has been blamed on poor communation withs with the commune and within the force taskforce. The report says if a system exists to promote information flow across the program it is clearly deficient. It recommends rampling up monitoring with sniffer dogs an scaling back the baiting back.They need to establish the fact they did have foxes in these areas when you would bait. To do it the other way to me was always an absolute nonsense.¼cyan→I think the recommendation is just wrong. The current strategy that's been applied over the last few years of attempting to bait all fox habitat with a view of trying to eradicate them is the best strategy.The Tasmanian Government says it's likely to adopt the low paiting strategy. Currently no bait s are being laid because of uncertainty about $2 million in funds wig was allocated by the previous Federal Government Government
last movementThe Australian Government has yet to sort of indicate solidly whether they're going to continue funding the Tasmanian fox eradication program.Probably what will happen is they will resort to this second-best strategy, simply because they don't have the funding.It's now touch the new Environment Minister to decide on how the fox hunt continues.Time now for the laits weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.

We have a cold front that is crossing Tasmania this morning with an associated low. The cold fronts keep lining up to batter WA this morning we have another one that is rapidly moving over the southern parts of the south-west. It should reach Esperance around sun rise another will follow form ahead of a ridge of high pressure on Friday. The severe winds will push through SA later on tide and the low will deepen tomorrow, affecting Victoria and Tasmania. For everyone else hot winds ahead of a trough, so a hot, dry and windy day across Queensland. Severe fire warnings across the central interior. Some towns are looking at temperatures. If Longreach gets up looking at record breaking temperatures. up to 41 degrees it will be temperatures. If Longreach up to 41 degrees it will be the
hottest sept day up to 41 degrees it will be hottest sept day on record,
they date up to 41 degrees it will be the
hottest sept day they date back to 1966.

they date back to 1966.

Interim Labor leader Chris Bowen is due to speak with the media shortly. We will bring that to you when that happens live. But stay with us now for the stop yr I. company. Taguchi. Thanks for your Captions by CSI Australia company.

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higher education shakeup, the Government considers Today,
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Massive haul - police 270kgs of rise shipment. The siege of a Nairobi shopping mall ends with at least 67 dead. As they come to the line, the comeback is complete.And Team USA's record winning streak sets up a thrilling finale on Auckland Harbour tomorrow.

The Coalition Government's flagging a shakeup of the university sector. Labor abolished caps on admissions to give more students access to higher education. The new Minister says he has no plans to reintroduce caps, but does