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This morning - Kenya's shopping centre siege ends. Scores are dead and several are still Scores still missing buried under the rubble.We shall have a full accountability for the mindless destruction, deaths, pain loss and suffering we have all undergone as a national family.

The Iranian and US Presidents move closer to a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear program. The new edition minister to review uncapped university places, raising quality concerns. America levels with New Zealand setting up a nail-biting America's Cup finish. And - China experiences a baby boom of the panda variety.

Good morning. You're watching ABC News 24. Across the Australia Network, across Asia and at south pacific. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Let's take a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation today:

Kenya's President says the country has stared down evil and defeated the gunmen from the Nairobi Westgate Shopping Centre siege. Uhuru Kenyatta says five of the attackers have been killed and another 11 have been arrested. Al Shebaab attacked the shopping centre on Saturday. 61 civilians and six soldiers died during the man
ordeal, including a Tasmanian man and his pregnant spouse. Three floors of the shopping mall collapsed under the operation and there are bodies buried under the rubble. He has declared three days of national mourning.We have ashame and defeated our attackers that part of our task has been completed by our multiagency security team. Five terrorists were killed with gun fire. 11 suspects are in custody in connection with the attack. Intelligence reports had suggested that a British woman and two or three American citizens may have been involved in the attack. We cannot confirm the details at present. But forensic experts are working to ascertain the nationalities of the terrorists. I promise that we shall have a full accountability for the mindless destruction, deaths, pain, loss and suffering we have all undergone as a national family.Our reporter Martin Cuddihy says the fate of some of the hostages after the latest assault is unclear.Al Shebaab which has been very prominent on social media during this past four days said that it had been in Quon tact with its militants or Mujaheddin as they were being called, and said that if in fact there was a final assault or another assault then it had given the authority to those militants inside to either harm or kill those hostages, so as yet we don't know their fate. Wrp on the scene at - well just a couple of hundred metres from the entrance to the Westgate Shopping Centre yesterday when this attack was launched there was a series of perhaps seven
or eight was a series of or eight huge explosions, they were really or eight huge were really enormous, loud,
they sent everyone were really they sent everyone running for cover and then probably about 20, cover 20, maybe 30 seconds after that we heard an exchange, a 20, maybe 30 seconds after we heard an exchange, a lengthy
exchange we heard an exchange, exchange of automatic weapons exchange of fire. We understand during process, this is when fire. We understand process, this is when the
Kenyan authorities gained access by a number of different entry points. They entry points. They blasted their way in and we understand that 11 of the Kenyan soldiers were hospitalise ed during that process and three subsequently died nomt. We've heard different reports about how this attack was planned, the strategy. We understand that the militant ace tacked from both the front and rear intrance, acting in a pincer movement to try to trap everyone inside. We also understand that there are reports that the minimum tajtss in fact hired a shop inside the Westgate Shopping Centre and used that as a base for the plan of this operations. We also heard reports that they hired or rented an apartment not far from Westgate in the suburb of Westlands. They did a lot of reconnaissance perhaps over as long as a year before planing this attack.A widely anticipated meeting between the Presidents of the the United States and Iran has failed to materialise. However, both men have addressed the United Nations, raising hopes ach better relationship between their respective nations in the future. A and shake between the Presidents of Iran and America outside the UN. Not in real life, not yet. But a reminder that ending more than three dysfunctional decades Iranian relations could make the rest of the Middle East a less dangerous place. Two certaintys in UN General Assembly week is that the US presidential motorcade will have a disastrous impact on New York's traffic and this this annual gathering will be condemned as a talking shop. But this year, there's a chance of a break through on two big world crises, Syria's chemical weapons and the nuclear plans ever its main ally Iran. It tells everyone who comes here to listen that its plans are peaceful but the west suspects they could produce a nuclear bomb.Barack Obama, President of the United States of America.(Applause)We should be able to achieve a resolution. That respects the rights of the Iranian people while giving the world confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful. But to succeed, conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable. The Americans and Iranian s are for once being polite about talking to each other. President Obama also majored on the region's other crises.The con vujss in the meempt and north of a kra have laid bare deep divisions within societies. As people grapple with what comes next. Building in Tehran Iran's cap still have the old messages about an evil America. But the hope is that the election of a new President there might make dealing with what comes next in the Middle East a little less difficult. Sir ran's President has made clever appeals to the west, arriving in New York, then Tweeting the news, presenting himself as pragmatic and #340ed dern.

Iran poses absolutely no threat to the world or the region, in fact, in ideals as well as in actual practice, my country has been a harbouring of peace and security. A real dialogue between Iraq and America, if it ever happened, could change a lot. The Middle East is full of crises, some smouldering, some blazing and all of them connected in different ways. The one about Iran's nuclear program is smouldering but it has the potential to be the most dangerous of them all which is why they're pursuing a diplomatic opening here at the U. In this week. But to make it work, both the Iranians and the Americans are going to have to show much more flexibility than they have in the past. Plenty of people, not just demonstrators at the UN, will never trust the Islamic republic of Iran. In recent years, a fundamental split in the Middle East has been friends of America versus friends of Iran. But bridging that gap is the diplomatic link the Middle East needs most right now. The ABC's Washington correspondent Jane Cowan watched those two speeches at the United Nations.Effectively, reached back out. He says United States is back out. He says that the United States is encouraged by
the signs United States is the signs it's coming out of the signs it's coming out Iran recently. He says that Iran recently. He says that he welcomes cautiously albeit cautiously the indications that
the new Iranian

the new Iranian moderate leader Hassan Rouhani is willing to enter into discussion business the future of that country's nuclear program but he is acknowledging at the same time that the suspicions between the two countries run deep and this isn't something that will be solved overnight. He is solved overnight. He is though cracking open the door even further now. He is ex application itly saying he has directed his Secretary of State John Kerry to pursue these talks on Iran's nuclear program and John Kerry will actually come in contact with his Iranian counterpart here later this week in New York. As for the hope that Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani might come into contacts on the shied lines mpt meemthsing given both of them were making their speeches to the General Assembly, that hasn't actually come to fruition. The White House has revealed that it made the offer, that it was actually offering to orchestrate a casual encounter perhaps in a corridor, but that it was actually the Iranian who is declined and now a senior Obama administration official is being quolthed as saying that ultimately is proved too complicated for the Iranians of the the other thing that caused some consternation here today was that the Iranian leader unexpectedly didn't turn up to a luncheon that was arranged for all the world leaders as they gather and the General Assembly gets properly under way today. It's being reported now on Iranian TV that that was because alcohol was being served but no official was given officially so that caused given officially some furrowed brows.Bill Shorten some Shorten and Anthony Albanese
have faced off in Shorten
some furrowed brows.Bill have faced off in the first of three leadership debates. The gave opening statements before being questioned by an audience of more than 300 party members last night. Both men reit righted the need for party unity and pledged to serve under the other if he did not win the vote. For the first time, party members are being given a say on who should be the
the Labor Leader.We should be the party which is brave, we should be patient of the future. We also need to be a party which works together. If elected leader, you will hear less about I and more about we. The ear of the the mess shy ya - the ear rafr the messiah is over . No more messiahs! The Federal Government will review Labor's decision to review caps on university maces but the Education Minister Christopher Pyne says he doesn't plan on reintroducing limits. For more details we cross live now to Melissa Clarke in Canberra. Why is the coalition reviewing this?The coalition is concerned there might be a decrease in the quality of graduates that are being produced under this uncapped system that Labor brought in. number of
So under Julia Gillard the number of place, university places available, all limits on those were removed, so that the number of positions offered, the number of seats available in lecture halls for degrees basically, was left unlimited to be determined by demand from potential students. This has seen a huge growth at some umplths who every sought to take advantage of this and get a lot more graduates in. Labor's rationale was this was a way of increasing the number of university studentss that are coming from lower socioeconomic backgrounds making university more act sensible for them. Now the dols is reviewing that system, but Christopher Pyne the new pains
Education Minister has been at pains to point out that they're not looking pat bringing back the cap but nonetheless he is still saying that it's something that they need to look at because it could be having adverse consequences on the quality. So it's not clear what he would be proposing to being
do if they did find quality was being affected, but nonetheless, the Labor Party is launching a staunch defence of their decision to remove caps on university places. And one of the Labor Leadership candidates Bill Shorten was out defending the move earlier on this morning in Melbourne.We believe that everyone who aspires to go to university should have that opportunity, and we will certainly further education
our credentials and we will certainly reinforce country. Because an Australia that doesn't educate people is seeking the second place in competition with the rest of the world. No nation ever dumbed its way to greatness. And what other changes can we expect to the expect to the education system under the coalition government?Well, the coalition has made it clear that it wants to remove any compulsory amenity fees charged by tertiary institutions. This is a long and ongoing battle between the two sides of politics with the Howard Government scrapping compulsory Student Union fees which fund amenities. And we saw that to some extent reintroduced under the Labor Party, once they got back into government. And now the coalition says it will again abolish compulsory amenities fees, which has some universities concerned about what that will mean for their ability to provide services to students along the lines of counselling and health services and those sorts of things that are available on campus. Now we don't know the time frame for that. So we will wait to hear more from the Education Minister Christopher Pyne on that one. The other area that the coalition is looking at in tertiary education is international students. Now, it was previously one of Australia's biggest services export sectors in terms of the number of places and the number of international students wanting to come to study in Australia, but behalf hit with the high Australian dollar and of course controversy around concerns about abuse towards Indian students in Melbourne a few years ago. So the coalition government is also looking pat how it can boost international student how student numbers. Political
reporter Melissa Clarke in Canberra, thank you. Authorities in Russia say they will prosecute Greenpeace activists, including two Australians, for trying to climb onto an oil platform in the Arctic. The protesters could face more than a decade in jail. Almost a week since the Green peace ship was first raided by Russian Coastguards, the vessel has now been towed to a fjord outside the port of Namansk in northern Russian. Their fate now depends on Russian prosecutors. The initial pro test. Was launchd with determined speed, intended to catch the security staffer and Russian authorities by surprise. Using a fast boat launched from the Greenpeace ship, the demonstrators were able to send two activists up the side of the oil platform on ropes. The protesters were quickly intercepted by armed Coastguard officers and it quickly became E that the Russians were nopt tending to be lenient

I suspect you in terrorism. Hours after that radio abseiled
exchange, armed Russian men abseiled from helicopters onto the Arctic Sunrise and took control of the ship and its multinational crew. Five days in the custody of the Russian Coastguard is unlikely to be the end of the matter for the Greenpeace activists. Here, in Moscow, Ross cuters are already indicating that they may pursue piracy charges against the group. The spokesman went on to describe the protest as an platform
attempt to seize a drilling platform by storm and said it raised legitimate doubts about their intentions.Investigators have already launched a criminal case against participants of this reckless storming. According to article it it 7 of the Criminal Code. - 227 of the crim kal code, piracy. Investigators plan to question participatants and detain the most active amongst them.The ship he said was loaded with electronics whose purpose was not clear but Greenpeace insisted its purpose was peaceful and at no time was the attention to seize property in the way that piracy is legally defined.I have no sensible explanation as to what this criminal case has been launch the. They're being unlawfully held by the Russian authorities of the they have no means of communication with us, with their relatives or with lawyers. They're under armed guard, which effectively means they've been held unlawfully for knife days. Campaigners on the ship are from 18 countries, including Australia, brz ill, Canada, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Russia and the UK and the US - Brazil. If prosecuted, each could be facing up to 15 years in in prison. The crews of eight tall ships docked in Hobart for the past five days are getting ready to set sail for Sydney. They will get to Sydney in time for the Royal Australian Navy's centenary celebrations in early October. For more lets ee cross now to our reporter Lauren Day quhees out on the water with the boats looking pretty chilly and windy there. Thanks for joining us. Tell us the festival there is actually wrapping up today?Yeah, absolutely. The weather has the
unfortunately taken a turn for the worse. It was looking good there for a while but the skies have just opened up and it started raining. Not a bit of water should worry the seafarers I'm sure. These eight tall ships will gather before moving in pro towards the Tasman Bridge where they will be voined by about 15 heritage an vintage vessels, all around 100 years old, as well as private yachtness or craft. private yachtness an spectate or craft. They'll then turn and do a salute to the governor before do before heading out and do a salute to the sail from Hobart.How before heading out successful has the festival sail from been? Hobart successful has been? Hobart is such a seafaring port. Has the community really got involved? (Horn tooting)Sorry, you can hear some of the ships now. It's very exciting out here on the water. But absolutely. Hobart is a city with saltwater coursing through its veins. This festival has been incredibly well received. Organisers say around 35,000 people who attended the five days of festivities. There've been fireworks, performances, the old carousel has been down here at Salamanca. It's been a really festive atmosphere. The last time Hobart hosted something like this was around 15 years ago. So these things come around once in a generation and I organisers and the people here will be hoping it's not another 15 years till the next time.And Lauren, what is it about tall ships that really attracts people? Is it the history?I think it's a real romance of the sea and we've seen hundreds of people just coming through and doing tours of these ships to see how they work and learn the stories. There's a lot of stories attached to some of these ships and there are some incredible ships that have been down here, including the Lord Nelson, which is designed for people with disabilities to be able to take to the water. So people really do love all things maritime, all things thought cam and it's in the blood of Hobartians. One more question before you go and drown there. The cameraman is desperately trying to wipe some drops off the lens. Lauren, these ships have been going from July, going from Fremantle, now Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney then on to Auckland. now Hobart, now heading Have some. Crews been doing the entire time or the crews have entire been swapping around?I'm afraid I can't hear a word that you're saying. But I will just have you're saying. But have a guess and say that after the ships leave Hobart, they will meet up with another 10 tall ships from around the world, including New Zealand, Columbia, Argentina and Canada. And they'll head up north to Sydney. They'll arrive there next week, in time for the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy, which 100 years ago formed. Before that, there were only smaller colonial navy. So it's a big moment.Lauren, I will let you get inside. Thank the cameraman too for wiping the lengths. Have a great day. Police have detonated a small home-made bomb found at a Gold Coast property. Overnight, officers also seized a Taser, a dismantled air rifrl and ammunition. A 22-year-old man has been charged with weapons offences. He is due to face court next month. The former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has gone pub hick about her battle with cancer. Ms Bligh has been photographed with no hair for the 80th birthday issue of the Australian Women's Weekly. She told the magazine that her cancer diagnosis came as a shock. Ms Bligh says she has finished four months of chemotherapy, and her prognosis is good. China is in the grip of a panda baby boom. 14 little cubs have been born at a special breeding base in the south of the country. Tiny and clinging to survival. Just being born is a triumph for niece pandas. 14 new arrivals in the past three months. China's giant panda breeding centre in Chung due, this year has been the most successful from in two decades. They were all conceived artificially. Pandas are notoriously bad at reproducing naturally. It's one reason their species is threatened with ex tips. Another their habitat is shrinking. Even here in the high mountains of Sichuan, you can't escape the everybody pressures of China's vast still growing population so the tourists who come by the million to this park don't see any pandas. The last bears have left. All that remains are the souvenirs they snap up instead. 1,500 pandas survive in the wild. But today, you will only really see the animals in zoos. And only one panda born in captivity has ever been taken to the wild and reintroduced successfully. So China's breeding program isn't going to repopulate its parks with pandas. What it does do is keep the species alive and earn China a lot of money. To hire a pair of grown pandas a zoo like Edinburgh pays China around half a million pounds a year. So these new arrivals are extremely valuable. No wonder they're handled with care. And now for a look at the major sports stories of the day, Paul Kennedy joins us. Good morning, Paul. Let's start with the America's Cup. A massive comeback from the US?Yes, massive comeback. Massive choke on the other end. This is some of the commentary around this morning. Team USA has won two races this morning, to make it 8-8. And tomorrow, the - if the weather permits, - if they'll race tomorrow and it will be a one will be a one race, winner takes all for the America's Cup. New Zealand has passed up that lead. 8-1, they were leading, and now it's 8-8. So it was a bit windier this morning, and Team USA made the most of the conditions and a better start in the first one, the two boats actually bumped that it
into each other, it was deemed that it was New Zealand's fault, a penalty was issued, and US ampt went away to win that one. In the second one, it wasn't as straightforward. New Zealand actually won the start and looked like it was on its way, but USA had slightly better tactics throughout the race, and better speed, it seemed, as well on a couple of those straighter runs. And there it is. When team US A wins, it sort of lifts up its hull on the way past to all the fans. It's been a great spectator series this one on the banks of San Francisco. The Americans are lined up. Those in America who care about the America's Cup and would be a small population compared to the other sports, but this one's capture ed everyone's imagination because it's been such a big comeback.And another big game coming up, three days away, AFL grand finals, how the preparations going?Both teams at the moment are just trying to get their stars, their regular senior players to be fit enough to get to training. And training willing (e) be held over the next two days just to put the finishing touches on those preparations. Physically, it's just about rehabilitation and getting rested well enough no play your best on the big day. At Fremantle, we're sort of keeping an eye on the backmen. Michael Johnson and Luke McPharlin didn't train yesterday but they are going to be OK, Sandilands the ruckman has a light load but we know that with 211 cm frame he doesn't need to overtrain this week and need to the Hawthorn team, it seems like business as usual. Just got to work out who plays where on the field and how they're going to work in all those different towards. Jordan Lewis will be a key man around the middle. There's Cyril Rioli and Lance Franklin who got all the big news, all the headlines last week coming into the team, they didn't play at their best over four quarters, so Hawthorn's got the job of trying to work out its best line-up, I guess, in the next two days.It's as simple as that. The other big news in AFL is that Justin Leppitsch will today be announced the coach of the Brisbane Lions. The star of three premierships for the Lions last decade, he's been sitting at Richmond and learning the trade as an assistant under Damien Hardwick and he's ready to take the jump into the big seat at Brisbane. Which has been a little bit all over the shop off field but he hopes to move into a role that's got some consistency there. NRL, Cronulla Sharks, are they moving north?We won't know that for sure for at least another maybe 12 months. But the big story in the News Corp papers this morning were that the NRL at the highest level has chatted about maybe moving Cronulla to Queensland. That being central Queensland, maybe Rockhampton or south-east Queensland. The story basically suggests this the ASADA investigations if there was a fine to be issued against Cronulla and Cronulla was out of money then it would be in a position where the NRL would any about it as in reshaping the league in the future couple of years. So that's where that comes from. Manly and the Roosters are getting ready for their preliminary final as well. Manly's got to overcome some injury concerns and Brett Stewart's hamstring is the top. Agenda for those two teams, but yeah n short we're not sure where Cronulla's going at the moment. That ASADA investigation will be handed down in a couple of weeks, we'll know more about their future then. Paul Kennedy, thank you.Thanks Kumi. Vanessa O'Hanlon is here now to take a look at the weather. Good morning. What's happening around the country?Good morning. We every got very, very rapid-moving troughs and fronts all this week. One moving over Western Australia this morning that will bring a wind change to South Australia and also deepen over Tasmania and Victoria tomorrow. Today we're seeing some pretty heavy rainfalls and windy conditions in Tasmania particularly over in the west, 25 to 50 mm today, but that rain will extend up to the southern parts of New South Wales, and with that trough still dominating Queensland and New South Wales, still very hot winds, particularly in Queensland, where Longreach is expected to get up to 41 degrees today, we do have a severe fire warning for the western, the central and also the southern parts of Queensland. 32 degrees in Brisbane and Toowoomba. Sunny conditions.

The Kenyan Government has declared an ends of a bloody four-day siege by Islam ist militants at a shopping centre in Nairobi. Five attackers have been killed and 11 suspects taken into custody. More than 60 people died in the massacre and authorities expect the final death toll will be higher. Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced three days of mourning.Iran says it's prepared to engage in results or yaented talks on the country's nuclear program. The President has promised a nor transparent approach in international affairs. The US President Barack Obama says he's encouraged by his counter part's more moderate course. Police have detonateded a small home made bomb found at a Gold Coast house. A 22-year-old man has been charged with weapon s offences and is due to face court next month. Two wins by Team USA today in the America's Cup on San Francisco Bay has set up a nail biting sudden death finish. New Zealand looks like they were going to win the series of storming to an early lead:

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