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Hello, I'm James McHale. And thanks for joining me for this National Edition of ABC News. Today, day four of the shopping centre siege.

This Program is Captioned Live.

After a major assault, Kenyan authorities say they are in control of the mall. The NBN company told to continue the fibre rollout while the Government conducts a strategic review. We expect this period of review will lead to revisions to the timing of the rollout and to updated forecasts.The Climate Commission is rebranded and reborn in a surge of public support. And a look on board a hi-tech British warship docked in Melbourne.

The axed Climate Commission head has launched a new Australian body to monitor climate change. Less than a week after the closure of the federally-funded Climate Commission, former chief commission, Tim Flannery, has relaunched the advisory body with a new name and a new funding model. The climate council, as it is now called, will be funded by public donations. Last week, when I responded to the sacking of the by
Australian Climate Commission by the incoming Abbott Government, I mentioned in response to questions that the Commissioners were keen to continue our work of informing the Australian public about the facts of climate change. Over the last week, we have really been blown away by offers of support and donations. Most people told us to keep going. And they really appreciated our reports and information - in fact, many of them found our work vital to what they do. The communications Minister, National Broadband
Malcolm Turnbull, says the National Broadband Network is well behind the targeted set just four months ago for rolling out high speed fibre. Speaking at his first major press conference on the NBN, Mr Turnbull says he asked the board of the NBN Co to resign, to give the new Government more flexibility.He also ordered a strategic review of the National Broadband Network. It is our goal, following the completion of the review, and a NBN
new corporate plan, to see the NBN Co set realistic rollout targets and then consistently deliver on them.The review will decide how construction will proceed for more than 900,000 premises, where only preliminary design work has been done. There will also be changes to the board and an independent audit of the project. Two people have faced court over the death of an infant girl on the Gold Coast. A man has been charged with murder, while a woman has been charged with cruelty to children. Tom Forbes reports. The man and woman appeared Magistrates
separately in the Southport Magistrates Court this morning. Yesterday, police say an infant girl was taken from a home in Surfers Paradise to the Gold pronounced
Coast hospital, and she was pronounced bed a short time later - dead a short time later. The 26-year-old man was the first to appear in court, charged with murder and remanded in custody until woman
November. The 26-year-old woman was ex in. She's charged with cruelty to children. Her matter was adjourned for two weeks when she may apply for bail. Emotions ran high in the court with distressed family and friends refusing to comment as they left the precinct. No details about the infant's death were discussed during the brief court appearances. More will be known if the woman applies for bail in a fortnight. Authorities in Kenya say they have control of the shopping centre that's been besieged by militants for nearly four days. But there is still no sign of the hostages that were beel held by the mill tans or the militants themselves, either dead or alive. Martin Cuddihy reports from Nairobi. The final push to save the remaining hostages. A series of explosions shook the Westgate shopping mall. Troops took cover as the firing intensified. Kenyan authorities blame the attackers for the thick column of smoke that can be seen for kilometres. We have done search of the building and we can confirm that the hostage s almost all of them have been evacuated.The explosions and gun shots were part of an operation to rest crew more - rescue more hostages. It is understood several militants have been killed during the assault. The fate of the other attackers isn't known, although the Government has identified some of them as westerners. From the information that we have, two or three Americans, and I think so far one Brit.The Brit was a British-born woman?A woman, a woman. She's I think done this close
militants before.This is as close as we have been allowed to get. We have just heard a series of explosions and some automatic gunfire coming from just behind me there. It feels like this is about to come to a conclusion. While the smoke bill lowed crowds of on lookers guard erred, among the many faces was a man who told us the militants tried to kill him. He was aiming directly at me with the machine gun. The bullets passed across my head, where I was coming from.Al Shabaab had promised to kill the hostages if the Kenyan troops attacked. As yet, no-one knows if that happened. The siege has been going on for close to three days now. The pressure is mounting on the authorities to resolve it. The Tasmanian Parliament has paid tribute to a locally born architect and his partner who died in the Nairobi shopping centre attack. Ross Langdon died alongside his pregnant girlfriend, Elif Yavuz, when the shopping centre in Nairobi was stormed by militants on Saturday. Mr Langdon was working in Africa on cultural projects while Ms Yavuz worked for the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Tanzania. Mr Langdon and Ms Yavuz were both highly regarded and respected as people dedicating their lives to making a difference in the world through their work in developing countries. The world has lost two remarkable people who had so much to contribute.The former US President, Bill Clinton, has also expressed his sympathies to the family. In a statement describing Ms Yavuz as a brilliant, dedicated and deeply admired. The couple was expecting their first child in a fortnight.A 20-year-old learner pilot has died in a plane crash in western Victoria. The NSW man was taking part in a night circuit class when he crashed about 6km North of Hamilton Airport. His fellow students witnessed the accident, but the flying school says it's too early to investigation in
determine the cause. The investigation in relation to the cause of the accident has commenced and details of this will be released in due course. I say again, we are very upset, as his family would be, and as our family is at the Transport Safety Bureau
company.The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will investigate the crash. Police are trying to find a group they believe is responsible for two armed hold ups in says overnight, including one at a cinema on the North Shore. Three men and a woman stormed into the Roseville cinema, demanding crash and property. One man was holding a shotgun while another had a machete. Police say they fled with cash in a blue Nissan. Two hours later at Revesby near Bankstown, three men charged into a hotel and threatened the manager with a shotgun. They stole cash and cigarettes before fleeing in the same car. It was later found burnt out at a reserve in Sydney's west. Obviously it's a very brazen attack and we are urging staff members not to confront people. Obviously to go with their demands, give them what they want and not put themselves in danger, special litre for small amounts - especially for small amounts of cash. So we obviously commend the staff members on this occasion. Males, we would say, between 19 and 20 years of age, and one female, who is possibly a little bit younger. Hopefully forensic examination has been conducted at all these premise and of the car and will give us a good indication.Australia's first trial of technology to stop prisoners from using mobile phones begins in NSW today. The State Government has begun a trial at Lithgow gaol, two hours west of Sydney. The maximum security prison is where convicted killer, Bassam Hamzy was being held in 2008, when security cameras captured a mobile phone being passed between cells on a line of dental floss. Hamzy was ordering brutal kidnapping s more
from inside his cell, making more than 400 calls a day. The NSW Government says mobile phones being smuggled into gaols is a major problem across the world. It's hoping the technology will stop mobile phones from working inside the gaol, preventing inmates acting as criminals from the inside.World leaders have descended on New York for the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly. With Australia currently holding the rotating Presidency of the Security Council, it's also an early test for the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop. From New York, North America correspondent Jane Cowan reports.Stepping out on the world stage. It was a whirlwind of a first international forray for Australia's new Foreign Minister, representing the Abbott Government at the single biggest gathering of heads of state. It's been quite a journey to get here, but now I'm really...There were back to back meetings with the Foreign Ministers of nine countries, including Iran, China, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, where Australia's campaign to stop the boats was on the agenda. But our relationship with Indonesia is much broader than the one issue of border protection.At a women's round table, Julie Bishop spoke as Australia's first female Foreign Minister, but as for the Cabinet...Not as many women as we would have liked but we have a talented pool from which to draw in the future. As the general assembly convenes, the dilemma of how to enforce a plan to rid Syria of chemical weapons looms large. All eyes, too, are on the Iranian present, Hassan Rouhani, amid signs of a thank you thaw of relations and hopes the moderate new leader might be open to curtailing his country's nuclear program. TRANSLATION: We will introduce the real face of the Iranian nation to the world, a nation that loves culture and peace. In terms of whether we are on would
the verge of a breakthrough, I would put it like this - I was struck, as I said, by the energy and determination that demonstrated to me.
the Foreign Minister demonstrated to me. With so many international issues at a critical juncture, it could well be one of the most pivotal recent memory.
general assembly meetings in

Rolf Harris has indicated he will plead not guilty to child sex offence charges. The internationally renowned artist and singer faced court for the first time after being interviewed by British Police last year. Europe correspondent Mary Gearin reports from London.It was to be just a brief appearance, but guaranteed to make the headlines. Rolf Harris faced court, and dozens of cameras. The 83-year-old walked slowly, flanked by his wife and In
supporters, making no comment. In the dock, the veteran entertainer addressed the court only to confirm his name, address and date of birth. He faces nine charges of indecently assaulting two girls, one 14, the other aged between 15 and 16, relating to alleged events dating back to the 80s. Rolf Harris also faces four charges of making year.
indecent images of a child last year. His lawyer indicated he will plead not guilty. Rolf Harris emerged again to face the media pack freed on bail under strict conditions, including an order not to approach ten specific people who can't be named for legal reasons, nor can he meet with anyone under the age of 18 by himself. Since the allegations have come to light, the entertainer has been replaced in a children's cartoon and his TV show has been removed from British screens. Now the cameras follow these legal proceedings. The case has now been referred to a higher court. Rolf Harris is due to appear for a Crown court hearing on October 7.

Ten people, including a 6-year-old girl, are dead after gunmen opened fire in a party at a house in northern Mexico. The victims were celebrating a win for their baseball team. Authorities say they have no motive for the attack, which is one of the worst massacres in the region in recent years. Ciudad Juarez on the border with Texas was countries considered the world's murder capital and has been plagued by bloody turf wars between Mexico's drug cartels. The Captain of the Costa Concordia has blamed his Indonesian hello for run Hemo Rage into rocks. Francesco Schettino told a court set up in Tuscany that his junior officer steered right when he was told to turn left. Schettino's argument was rejected by an expert witness who said the ship would have hit the rocks anyway. The man is facing multiple charges, including manslaughter and abandoning ship. Under water robots have resumed a search for two people still missing in the strategic difficult.

One of the world's most advanced warships has docked in Melbourne. The 1.6 billion dollar HMAS darg is one of the jewels in the crown of the British Royal Navy fleet. ABC's Ashlynne McGhee was invited on board for a tour.The HMAS darg is by all accounts a pocket rocket. It's just 150 metres long, and weighs 7.5,000 tonnes, but it's the technology inside that matters. Lieutenant Rebecca Brown gave ABC News a tour. This is the upper deck. As you can see, this is the missiles - basically where they are launched from. So this goes straight down into the magazine where we hold all of the ammunition. And they get launched straight from there, straight out and straight up and away. This is our naval gunfire support.Does someone go in there to actually fire it?Again, it's all remote. They can go in there, and it's brilliantly named job, the Captain of the Turret. So this is the operations complex, where we fight the ship from and if we ever go to war - that is actually for the 30 millimetre guns on the upper deck, so they can aim the gun on the upper deck using this joystick, which is incredible, really. This is the ship's control centre. It's where all of the machinery is run from. This is quite a big step-up in technology, on board here, because everything's monitored remotely.The warship also has a helicopter, but it's main role is providing support inform larger ships in the fleet.It's the first time one of these ships has visited Australia. It will travel to Jervis Bay, then Sydney for the international fleet review, Perth and Adelaide before heading home. Ashlynne McGhee, ABC news. Melbourne.

The local share market finished the day in the red, but managed to recoup some of its earlier losses.

Blackberry was the original smartphone and dominated the market in the early 2000s. But dogged by production delays and billion dollar losses, it now accounts for just 3% of smartphone sales. Overnight, it's received a take over offer of 4.7 billion dollars from a private consortium. The business's Emily Stewart has been following the story and joins us from Melbourne. What does this offer entail?The offer was made by a consortium led by Fairfax financial holdings, a Canadian group led by a man dubbed the . The they already own 10% of Blackberry, but Blackberry, of course, has been dogged by product delays and it's lost market share, and led a lot of people to wonder why would they even make this offer? It's all down to patents. Blackberry owns around 9,000 patents in software, mainly messaging and email and they are worth a lot of money, they think around $3 billion. So, Fairfax could come in and either use the licences or sell the patents off, and recoup their money that way. The Blackberry also has around 2.5 billion just sitting there in cash. So when you add the patents up with the cash that's sitting there, it's quite a good deal for Fairfax.It doesn't seem that long ago since Blackberry was synonymous with work phone and they were called crack berries because people were so addicted to them. What went wrong?That's right. Blackberry revolutionedised the smartphone. They brought it out in 1999. They had the business market covered but they really failed to inovate and underestimated Apple. They are famous for saying that no-one would want a camera in their phone and also for saying that the touchscreen was just going to be a fad that passed. I'm sure those words have come back to haunt them now. So they failed to push on but they also failed because they had two CEOs, a co-CEO, which is quite unusual and it sort of meant that no-one was really overall responsible for leading the team or for innovation. So it's been an interesting tale and the future's going to be interesting with Fairfax likely to take them on.Cheaper, faster and better, is the mantra driving medicine these days. But economists say precious dollars are being wasted as more expensive surgical procedures are being done when cheaper less invasive options are available. Here is Sophie Scott, medical reporter.The business of medicine comes with a high cost. One of the major challenges we face in health services today is doing more for less.Amanda renton's challenge was an attempt to save her own life. With breast and ovarian cancer killing her mother and sister, she turned to a preventive solution. I made a decision to go and have genetic tests done. It came back positive.Hysterectomy was her only option. And she chose a non-invasive keyhole operation. It was really good, to be honest - better than I could have expected. It's been three weeks today since my operation, and I feel really good.While 30,000 Australian women need a hysterectomy each year, thousands are still undergoing a full or open procedure. Pain is an issue. General recovery is an issue.But the cheaper keyhole procedure isn't routinely offered in part because of a lack of surgical training. I guess there needs tosh a new generation of gynaecologists and surgeons coming through, who are more proficient in a new and less invasive procedure for patients.Health experts say if all women had the keyhole procedure, the savings to the health system would be enormous. We did the numbers, and we calculated that Australia could save straightaway $50 million every year, straightaway.With health care resources under so much pressure we should really be adopting these smart and useful innovations as quickly as possible. But innovation costs money and this is just one of hundreds of potential procedures that could be done better, quicker and faster, the trouble is finding the dollars to do it.

To sport, Mark Schwarzer has been dropped from the Socceroos squad to play two international friendlies in October. The veteran goalkeeper had an outing to forget earlier this month, letting in six goals against Brazil. But Australian coach Holger Osieck says it's not a decision based on form. I know what he can do and his status in the team. He is our number one goalkeeper, but if I keep playing him, what about the othersThe Socceroos will play France in Paris on Saturday, October 12 before taking on Canada in London five days later. Fremantle oval was a wash in purple as fans turned out in force to cheer the Dockers at their only public Grand
training session ahead of the Grand Final in Melbourne. Thousands of fans lined the gates as the players took to the field to the sounds of AC/DC. It's been a 19-year wait for the Dockers fans and about 6,000 turned here for the final open training session before Saturday's Grand Final.

About 4,000 members missed out on tickets to the grand final yesterday, but are still expecting a big contingent to head across the Nullarbor for Saturday's Grand Final.

There is Aaron Sandilands, Johnson or McFarlane here today, expected to be a low key session with the main session to be held later in the week behind closed doors.

A best on ground performance in the final round of the AFL season has helped Gary Ablett win his second Brownlow Medal. The Gold Coast Captain polled 28 votes in the count to win the league's highest individual honour. He received three votes in the last round to leap frog Geelong's Joel Selwood and Collingwood's Dane Swan. I walked into the night pretty relaxed, I wasn't that nervous and didn't really have an expectation, I thought if I walk away with it, that's great, if I don't, I'll still have a smile on my face. Towards the end I was nervous, I thought I'm in with a chance here and it depended on, you know, how well some other guys polled and I was lucky enough to get up by a vote in the end. As a team we are playing better, so it makes it easier to play as an individual. I'm super proud of the boy's efforts SGeoff Toovey says Ricky Stuart is on track - Brett Stewart is on track to play. After injuring his Hamzy in round 25, he trained today with a team at three-quarter pace and Toovey says he'll be given until game day to prove his fitness. England has announced their squad for the up coming Ashes series in Australia. Alistair Cook will Captain the touring team, which includes new comers Boyd Rankin and Ben Stokes, Gary Ballance, the Zimbabwean born batsman one of the surprising inclusions with Michael Carberry, Monty Panesar and Chris Tremlett also named. You are watching ABC News 24 early edition. We will cross to your local news room for a look at what's coming

Thanks, James, and good evening. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in the Canberra news, former Eden-Monaro MP Mike Kelly is interested taking Bob Carr's seat in the Senate. The Carr's seat in the Senate. The former Foreign Minister is tipped to quit. Dr Kelly lost Eden-Monaro by fewer than 1,000 votes at the election. He says he might re-contest the seat at a future election and remaining in Parliament as a senator for three years could be beneficial. Canberra Airport wants the city's proposed light rail network extended. The government plans to first build a line between Gungahlin and the city but the airport wants an extension but the airport wants an extension to its terminal and eventually thinks the parliamentary triangle and inner Fyshwick should be included. A 26-year-old Macquarie man has 26-year-old Macquarie man has pleaded guilty to his part in a gang's four-month-long crime spree across Canberra. The gang repeatedly Canberra. The gang repeatedly smashed their way into the Weston Club and used power tools to break open pokie machines. They also broke into pay parking machines at the Belconnen mall. Canberra drivers got a suprise this afternoon when a road scraper stolen from Majura parkway was stolen from Majura parkway was driven through the city. It was recovered through the city. It was recovered in Deakin after being driven Deakin after being driven erratically along Northbourne Avenue and across Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. The 23-year-old driver has been taken to Canberra Hospital for tests. We'll have the details on those stories have the details on those stories and the rest of the day's news in the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock.

Very clear skies across most of the continent. That is leading to some very warm temperatures. Queensland pushing up in excess of 40 degrees through parts of the inland today, particularly around Birdsville, it reached 40.4 during the afternoon. Now, there is no cold air set to be drawn up into the eastern State, so we are still looking at well-above average temperatures to continue through much of the continent expected to record well above average maximum terms all the way through to the end of the month, even as we move into the early part of October. Rainfall pretty much confined to the southern areas. At this stage rainfall tomorrow is expected to be relatively light. It will start to redevelop through the south-west of WA, Victoria and Tasmania. That's as this frontal system begins to move through. As it moves through the south-west of WA overnight, it's going to bring the potential damaging winds. So there is a severe weather warning out for that region. As far as the rainfall totals go, very light and patchy falls, particularly south of the ranges in Victoria, isolated showers contracting back to the West Coast of Tasmania. Just a few showers about the south east, but increasing or spreading further North through SA as we head through the afternoon. But you can still see those clear dry and mostly sunny skies.

Thank you, that is all for this bulletin. The next edition will be up in an hour. We leave you with our cutest closer in history, the public debut of 14 panda cubs in China. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

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Historic houses,
both humble and grand, have all played their part in the
story of our nation, but today many are at risk, and some in danger
of being lost forever. I'm going to be following
the fortunes of six properties, all facing their own struggle
for survival.

Oh, look, you can see the round!
MAN: Yeah. Wow!

IT's like walking into a kind of
Tudor fantasy. This is not quite
what I was expecting. And they all have new owners committed to turning them
into their dream home.

WOMAN: Bit like a little old lady
waiting for her facelift, and we're coming in
to make her better. I never, ever thought I would do
a project like this in my life before.

I have spent years restoring
derelict old properties, and having poured everything into trying to create
my perfect family home, I know what a challenge it is
to rescue a precious old building.

There's a lot riding on it
and it's scary times. WOMAN: You know, we love it,
we want to finish it, but sometimes
it just feels like too much.

It's Restoration Home.