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(generated from captions) if they didn't hand over cash. They only got away with a small amount of cash. Police believe that may be why they committed the second robbery, 30km across the other side of town, at the Revesby Pacific Hotel. When they'd finished there with a small amount of cash and one packet of cigarettes, they went onto Westmead, where they torched the car. A police strike force has been set up to investigate this. Have a listen.On Monday evening, at a cinema where there can be children, is a brazen aplace for a robbery. We will hunt them down and put them where they belong.Police repealing to the public and anyone who saw this. They're looking for three young men aged around 19 or 20, and an even younger woman. They had Australian accents. Their faces were covered with T-shirts. They were in that getaway car, the blue Nissan Pulsar. Police believe they may have done this before. Even worse, they fear this group may strike again if they're not caught soon.Jayne Azzopardi in Sydney, thank you. A man is under armed guard in hospital, after being arrested following a terrifying car-jacking near Melbourne Airport. The man in his 20s was caught after allegedly stealing the vehicle from a woman at knife point, then leading police along a chase along the city's busiest freeways. He's being treated for a broken ankle after trying to escape on foot. We'll have the latest from Seb Costello after 5:00. Bill and Hillary Clinton have paid tribute to the partner of an Australian architect murdered in a shopping small attack in Kenya. Elif Yavuz was shot dead, along with Tasmanian Ross Langdon. She worked for the Clintons' foundation. We lost one of our foundation's people there at one of our health access workers - she was a wonderful Dutch nurse who was in Nairobi because she was about to have a baby and she and the baby's father were just strolling through the mall.This comes as Kenyan authorities reveal some of the attackers who stormed the complex were from America and Britain. Billowing smoke from inside the shopping centre pours out of a hole in a roof in the building that has been a battlefield since Saturday lunchtime. The Kenyan military say they're sanitising the interior, that will have been all but destroyed in the fighting. They're hunting down any surviving al- Shabaab gunmen and looking for booby traps and anyone else still trap underside. This difficult operation is ending. The terror group is finished. The group, according to authorities, with a core of foreign fighters.The victims and the perpetrators came from Kenya, the United Kingdom and the United States.So both British and American citizens were among the perpetrators?Yes. From the information that we have, two or three Americans and I think, so far, I've heard of one Brit.That British female could be Samantha Lewthwaite, wife of -- 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay, who has been chased for terrorism offences.On Saturday, the hostage-takers stormed the Westgate building's main supermarket, sending shoppers running for cover. The security services responded. (GUNFIRE) They were clearly unprepared for the terror attack, but it allowed survivors to escape. This woman emerging from an air vent and dropping to safety, being carried away. Despite this attack, the Kenyans and Western governments say action against terror groups will not end.Al-Shabaab has been operating in Somalia for quite a long time. That is why, of course, we and other countries - including Kenya - have worked together on bringing stability to Somalia.The clean-up operation in such a huge building could take many hours, and days before the rebuilding can start. But what happened here will stay with the Kenyans for years to come. Former Queensland premier and cancer patient Anna Bligh has taken the brave step of posing without her wig in the current issue of the Australian 'Women's Weekly' magazine. The 53-year-old is fighting cancer and has just finished her course of chemotherapy. Nine's Damian Ryan caught up with Anna Bligh today, and joins us now. How's she doing?Looking from that photo, she is amazing. We saw her today at the launch of the birthday celebration of 'Women's Weekly'. She had a wig on today. We actually asked her whether she'd liked to change her look - long, curly, brown, blonde? She said she would be the old Anna Bligh, so she returned to the look that she had in the past, but a very brave decision to come out and put yourself out there as a bald person saying, "I'm dealing with the stigma of chemo, cancer," and she looked remarkable. The good news is that she's getting stronger by the day, she says. The chemo treatment has finished and she will know in a month how she's going against knowledge Hodgkin's lymphoma. That's a big test for her. As I said, a very brave move to go public lie like this. She did it for a reason. This is what she had to say.I've just been through a very gruelling experience with chemotherapy, and I was invited to be part of the anniversary edition, and I guess I just wanted to be honest about what that's really like. It was a big decision to be part of it, and very difficult decision for me to do it the way that we did, but to get the full story, you'll have to buy the magazine.She's not bad - get the magazine. That comes out on Thursday. Of course, we remember Anna Bligh in 2011, when she made that rallying cry to the state to bounce back. Well, today she had another one - that was, if you've got a lump or a bump, go and see your doctor.Highly commendable, what she did. Fantastic. Thank you. To London now - Rolf Harris says he'll fight child sex offence charges after fronting court last night. During a brief hearing, the 83-year-old Australian entertainer indicated he will plead not guilty to all 13 offences. He's facing 9 counts of indecently assaulting 2 girls back in the 1980s, and 4 counts of making indecent images of a child. The trial of former Bundaberg surgeon charged with grievous bodily harm is under way in a Brisbane court. Jayant Patel operated on patient Ian Rodney Vowles in 2004, removing his bowel and rectum. Prosecutors allege the surgery was unnecessary. Patel has pleaded not guilty. Julie Bishop has arrived on the international stage for the first time as Australia's Foreign Minister. She's in New York for the UN General Assembly's leaders' week. For more, let's cross to Kerrie Yaxley. Ms Bishop has met with her Indonesian counterpart. Did they discuss the Coalition's plans to turn back asylum seeker boats? Brett, they spoke about ways that the two country could work together to combat people-smuggling. But we're told that they didn't have any detailed discussion on the Coalition's plans to turn back asylum seeker boats which, of course, is very controversial in Indonesia. Julie Bishop, like Tony Abbott, says that she believes the relationship with Indonesia is about a lot more than that issue. This issue is causing a bit of a stir back home. Yesterday, the new Immigration Minister revealed that the Coalition won't be telling us when or if the navy turns around a boat and tries to send it back to Indonesia. Today, both Labor and the Greens have slammed that approach. Acting Labor leader Chris Bowen says, if the Coalition sees turning back the boats as a deterrent to would-be asylum seekers, then why don't they get that message out there and let asylum seekers who might be waiting in camps in Indonesia know that they are acting on their word? Here's Chris Bowen.All the previous advice to the previous government was that, when undertaking deterrence measures, these should be done in a high- profile way show that people, whether they be in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran, know that deterrence measures are under way. There is simply no excuse for not undertaking to be upfront with the Australian people.When Parliament resumes, the Greens are planning to move in the Senate to force the Coalition to reveal those details. Brett.Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra, thank you. Coming up next - the battle to flood-proof the Queensland town of Roma. Also - the moment a Lamborghini is sliced in two. But what happened to the driver? And are they or aren't they? Liz and Shane put their troubles aside for a family lunch.

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For years, the western Queensland town of Roma has been losing the battle against devastating floods. But finally, the weary residents are fighting back - work has now begun on a new defence line to protect hundreds of homes against future disasters. Today, Laurie Hoffman waters her parched garden. Just last year, it was a vastly different scene. Her house was ground zero for the record-breaking Roma flood - the fourth in four years.You don't believe it's going to happen to you again. I guess after the first time, you tell yourself it's a 1 in a 100-year flood.With the devastation still fresh, the turning of this now-dustly land brings great relief. It's the start of a new $15 million, 5km flood levee, jointly funded by Government and council - it would have saved 500 homes from ruin.We're guarding against the very worst-case scenario. We don't want to be sitting here in 20 years saying it's topped the very worst floods. Roma can't be flood-proofed, but the levee will provide peace of mind.There will be those who do better out of it than others. There will be those that win and those that lose. If you do nothing, everybody loses.The protection this new levee provides extends beyond simply halting rising water. The security it will bring has convinced insurance companies to return to the area and once again cover desperate new residents against floods. Those fortunately still covered can also expect premium reductions of up to 80%.I hope so! Yeah, it'd be nice.The levee will be completed by April, ready for when this brown land floods once again. Blink and you'll miss it - watch as this speeding Lamborghini gets hit by another car, then goes straight into a wall in New York. The super car breaks in two - it's apparently designed to do so for safety reasons to keep the driver's compartment intact. No doubt a nasty shock for the driver, but at least he survived. See if you can spot the mood here - pictures of Shane Warne and Liz Hurley together in London. The couple didn't crack a smile while returning home from lunch, with the spin king's three kids. An anxious nation asks, are they still together? They say they're still working on some private issues. There's apparently a bit of work to do - Liz still not wearing her engagement ring. Still to come this afternoon - how smartphones are being used to help asthmatics. Also - beware the open microphone - Obama's unguarded moment caught on tape. And the little cubs causing panda- monium. Right now,

Brett, thank you. Tonight on Nine News - movie-goers terrorised by robbers armed with a gun and machete at Roseville. Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh talks exclusively to Nine News about her battle with cancer. League bad boy Blake Ferguson fronts the NRL integrity commission. The government rebate no-one seems to know about - how you can get cash to pay your power bill. And a full rundown of Prince Harry's Sydney itinerary. Stay up to date through the afternoon on our Nine News, Twitter and Facebook pages. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is among world leaders gathering in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. She addressed the UN, condemning the attacks in Kenya before meeting with US President Barack Obama. Nine's US bureau chief Robert Penfold reports. It's a dramatic change of face for Australia in New York, where newly minted Foreign Minister Julie Bishop headed for the United Nations. In many ways, she's done her apprenticeship, serving five years as shadow foreign minister. But now, she's a player in prime- time. With the Prime Minister staying in Canberra, Bishop is rubbing shoulders with world leaders, including Barack Obama. She'll attend more than 35 meetings and address the General Assembly, where the terrorist attack in Kenya was today the topic of conversation. One Australian is among those killed, and I extend my sympathies to the nations who have lost citizens and the families who have lost loved ones.Ironically, Julie Bishop is benefiting in a bush way from Kevin Rudd's long-term plan to win a seat here on the Security Council - it cost $24 million. As it turns out, this month, Australia has the presidency of the council, meaning our new Liberal foreign -- Foreign Minister will sit in the seat that would have been Kevin Rudd's. Then she was off to a UN- organised gathering of mainly women - timely, as see noted, that this group group was trying to engage more women in politics, while the same controversy boils in Australia. This has been particularly so after the recent Australian elections with the announcement of the new ministerial line-up - not as many women as we would have liked, but we have a talented pool from which to draw in the future.

Still at the UN - not even the US President can escape the dangers of a live microphone. A quiet, unguarded chat between Barack Obama and a United Nations official revealing a little more than he was expecting.

That's right - Obama quit because he's scared of his wife - possibly not the first man to admit that. She won Olympic gold, but now Cathy Freeman has revealed her struggle with chronic asthma. Three years before she wowed the world at the Sydney Olympics, the athlete says she was fighting for air. Now, she's launched a new smartphone app for other sufferers. Cathy spoke to Nine's Emily Rice, who joins us from our Melbourne studio. Did she say whether asthma affected her performance?She certainly did, Brett. She said that, at the peak of her career, even when she was close to winning gold, she was struggling to catch her breath. She was wheezeing and coughing. She ignored the symptoms of asthma, instead focused on winning, which she did extremely well. She made the revelations at the launch of a new digital device to help asthmatics monitor their condition. She also spoke briefly, sadly, about the death of her sister from an asthma attack in 1990. Despite the family history of asthma, Cathy Freeman was only diagnosed with the disease once she retired from athletics.Now I understand that it was asthma and now I'm managing it to the best of my ability. Sure, if I had known what I know now, I would have - who knows? - run faster than what I actually did?As an asthmatic, she's also encouraging other sufferers to get behind any technology, like the technology she launched today - anything type too keep them safe from this potentially fatal disease. Absolutelyment Emily Rice in Melbourne, thank you. In a giant crib, life's laid-back and a little black and white for these tiny panda cubs. Some having a snooze and ignore all the fuss, the 14 little wonders were put on show for the cameras in China for the first time since they were born. It'll be a while before a few of the cubs take in their surrounds. They won't even open their eyes until they're 100 days old. That's about as cute as it gets. There's no doubt there'll be plenty of women flocking to Sydney next week, after news the UK's cheekiest royal is set to visit. Prince Harry will make his first official trip Down Under, touching down for the International Fleet Review. Nine's Lizzie Pearl has the details. Well, it's the news the Royal Australian Navy, the NSW Government and Sydney's single girls have all been waiting for. Now, it's official - his roy highness Prince Harry is coming to Sydney. The 29- year-old, and now fourth in line to the throne, will be his grandmother, the Queen's representative in Australia for the International Fleet Review, marking 100 years since the Royal Australian Navy first entered Sydney Harbour. This isn't the first time Prince Harry has been to Australia - he spent a lot of time here in 2003 during his gap year. However, it is his first official visit. Prince Harry will join the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, as well as the Prime Minister Tony Abbott, surveying the fleet on the harbour, which will include 40 warships, 16 tall ships, and 8,000 sailors from 19 countries. It certainly is a coup for the organisers of the International Fleet Review to host Prince Harry, or Captain Wales, as he's known in the military - an operational Apache helicopter pilot in the British Army.Having Prince Harry here as a guest of the Government is a fantastic this for the fleet review indeed, and for the country. The harbour will come alive to mark the occasion, with a huge fireworks display centred around the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and, for the first time, pyrotechnics will be launched from the decks of navy warships.We've got warships, we have planes and helicopters and sailors and boats zipping around the harbour. It wasn't hard to come up with something that's drastically different to anything that's been done before, and we think it's going to be an amazing show.So ladies, it's official - the countden is on. Prince Harry's itinerary, apart from the International Fleet Review, is still pretty sketchy. I dare say there may be some chances to spot the Prince out and about here in Sydney. Apart from Gary Ablett, she was the other star of the show at the Brownlow last night, and tonight, Rebecca Judd joins us from the Royal Melbourne Show. How's the day been there, Bec?Oh, you are too kind, Brett! Today, there were a series of fronts sweeping across the south of the country, and the high over the Bight meant most of the weather activity was pushed offshore.

the weather activity was pushed
offshore. Top Winds were strong across the affected coastal areas, with an early warning for damaging winds in WA along the south-east coast. In the past 24 hours, WA has also seen the most rain from those systems. While not as heavy as previous days, to 45mm has been recorded in areas in the south-west. Winds and rain eased in Perth today - just 1mm recorded. Areas in the south-west are still feeling the effects, as wind gusts up to 98km/h add to the impact of yesterday's power outages. Tomorrow, the strong winds will continue in WA and across the south, as another front treads east towards South Australia and Victoria. A few showers for Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. Dry and above-average temperatures elsewhere. There'll be a

elsewhere. There'll be a full
forecast later. Coming up in this bulletin - car- jacking at knife point, and a police pursuit, bring chaos to a major Melbourne freeway. Also - Nine News has an exclusive look at the evidence that helped convict two people of murdering a Gold Coast policeman. And Oprah Winfrey on edge - the star opens up about her near- nervous breakdown.

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And in sport, The new Canberra jo
United coach preparing for the top news
job. Details in the best hour of news in the country from 6.

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She's one of the most powerful women in the entertainment world but, this afternoon, we're hearing for the first time from Oprah Winfrey about her near-nervous breakdown. The media star has revealed, at the height of success, she was on edge and struggling to cope. A surprising revelation from Oprah Winfrey - she says, in an exclusive interview airing this week with Access Hollywood, that between filming 'The Butler' and running the OWN network, last year she showed signs of a nervous breakdown. It was just sort of speeding and a kind of numbness, going from one thing to the next to the next. I will tell you when I realised that I thought, "If I don't calm down, I'm going to be in serious troublement"Oprah was interviewing the maker of the film about war lord Joseph coney, who described that famous episode when he ran naked through the streets.I think it's a nervous breakdown, a brief reactive psychosis because of the stress.Oprah says she was never ready to run through the streets, but his symptoms touched a chord in her. This psychologist says, although nervous breakdown is technically not a medical term, it's used all the time to describe symptoms that are different for everyone, from physical - like an irregular heartbeat and insomnia - to an overwhelming sense of anxiety. Nervous breakdown is not something to take lightly, that you snap out of and you're done.The solutions - seek professional help. Medication is not always the answer. Eat, sleep and meditate. Like Oprah, known for her love of meditation, sometimes the best way to beat the paralysing feelings of stress is to slow down and take a deep breath. Welcome back. Making headlines this hour - police have now charged a man who is under armed guard in hospital following a chase in Melbourne. It's emerged an 87-year- old pensioner was car-jacked by a group of youths before they went on a crime spree across Sydney. Nine News has obtained evidence shown to the jury during the trial of two people convicted of murdering policeman Damian Leeding.

To the details - a man has been charged and at least two others remain at large following a violent car-jacking near Melbourne Airport. The 26-year-old was arrested following a police chase through Essendon thorge. We're live now to Nine's Seb Costello. You're at hospital, where the man has just been charged?That's right, Brett. It's just come through in the past hour or so - the man charged in relation to this violent crime spree that's left a Melbourne mother shaking after she was a victim of one of the incidents - the man who has been charged in relation to this, and of course courts will prove what his role was, if any, is 26-year-old Peter Sherry. He's been charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of breaching parole. It relates to two car-jackings. The first in a car park at McDonald's in Essendon. The second out near Melbourne Airport. It's this second incident in which a melmother had her car taken that's really left her in a bad way. She says she was shaken but she's chosen to share her story with Nine News to send a strong message that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable, as she recounted what happened to her at 5:00am this morning. She recalled specifically the voice of the man who forced her from her vehicle.

The man who took her car abandoned it, as you mentioned, in the middle of peak-hour traffic on the Tullamarine Freeway. There's been a dramatic chase in which he's covered four lanes of traffic on foot, tried to scale a foot, in the -- a fence, in the process breaking his ankle. That's when people were able to make the arrest, and we'll have full details in Nine News at 6:00 in Melbourne. Police are closing in on a group of youths who went on a crime spree spanning four Sydney suburbs last night. For those details, we're joined live by Nine's Jayne Azzopardi. Jayne, where did it start?Brett, it started in the suburb of Lane Cove. The youths targeted a vulnerable 87-year-old man who was just heading home after dinner with his son-in-law. In fact, he had driven into his own driveway and was about to get out when he was surrounded by three men dressed in dark clothing. I caught up with 87-year-old Phil Brighton earlier today. This is what he told me. "Give me the keys." I gave him the keys. "Right, go. We're not gonna hurt you." So I went. That really is the summing up of the whole thing.It must have been terrifying. It was irritating, I'll say that for it. But I was just glad they didn't rap me across the knuckles. What happened after that, Jayne? After that, the youths took his blue 2003 Nissan Pulsar and brought it here to the Roseville cinema complex. They marched inside with a sawn-off shotgun and an axe and threatened to kill anyone who didn't hand over cash. Remarkably, two people refused, but others did hand over their wallets. Police believe it's because they only got a small amount of cash here that they then drove 30km to the other side of Sydney and the Revesby Pacific Hotel. They threatened staff and patrons good and again made off with a small amount of money and one packed of cigarettes before they then torched the vehicle at Westmead. This is what police had to say about that.I would suggest, when they've gone and done a car-jacking and taken a car and then gone to the movie theatre, I would suggest that part is planned. The Revesby Hotel - we'll find out as we investigate further.Police have set up Strike Force Madura to investigate this. They're looking for four people - three of them men. They had their faces hidden, so we don't have a great description, but we believe they're aged around 19 or 20, and there's also a woman who may even be younger than that. Police believe this isn't the first time they've done something like this. I suppose the scariest part about this, Brett, is they believe this might happen again if these people aren't caught. So they want anyone with any information who saw anything in any of these suburbs to come forward.That story will be in Nine News at 6:00 in Sydney. Thank you. Nine News has successfully applied to Queensland's Supreme Court for access to evidence a jury saw in the trial of two people found guilty of murdering Gold Coast police officer Damian Leeding. Nine's Tessa Scott has the details. Nine News has obtained CCTV from here at the Pacific Pines Tavern of the botched armed robbery that eventually led to the death of Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding. We successfully applied to the Supreme Court, so now we can show you what the jury saw. It shows the two murderers storming the tavern, threatening staff with the shotgun. You don't see the moment Detective Leeding was shot, but you can see the moments after, when the gunman, Phillip Graeme Abell, along with Donna Lee McAvoy, drag away their bag full of stolen money - around $16,000 - while just out of shot, Damian Leeding lied bleeding. These images have never been publicly seen before outside a courtroom. Yesterday, a jury found them both guilty of murder, and then approved the release of the CCTV. We also obtained this walk- through that McAvoy did with police in the days after the murder. Both murderers, along with Benjamin Power, who was the getaway driver and who pleaded guilty to manslaughter, will be sentenced on Friday. We'll have more of what the jury saw coming up at 6:00. Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh, who's battling cancer, is being praised for her bravery after revealing her bald head in the latest edition of the Australian 'Women's Weekly'. In a candid interview highlighting the harsh reality of chemotherapy that many patients have to undertake.I've just been through a very gruelling experience with chemotherapy. I was invited to be part of the anniversary edition, and I guess I just wanted to be honest about what that's really like. It was a big decision to be part of it, and very difficult decision for me to do it the way that we did. To get the full story, you'll have to buy the magazine.Anna Bligh hopes her interview will highlight how important it is for women to go to their doctor if they note as change in their body. -- notice a change in their body. A service-station worker has been threatened with a knife during an armed robbery in Mount Barker in South Australia last night. Jack Berketa, what does the CCTV vision show?The young victim has spoken of his terrifying ordeal today after he was attacked by two men, one of them armed with a knife. CCTV shows the 20-year-old restocking chocolates at the Mount Barker BP when the young offenders stormed the service station just before 1:00am. One of the men lunged at him with a knife, slashing the attendant on the wrist. After being knocked to the ground, the offenders then kicked the injured employee, who is forced to open the cash register. A third man keeps watch by the door while the other two gather cash and cigarettes. The robbers then fled on foot in different directions. From start to finish, the horrifying attack lasted less than a minute. Today, the shaken and shocked employee returned to work and relived the moment the knife came at him.Knife was straight out - straight out like that. Whole time. "Where is it? Where is it?" When he's gone at me, he's lunged straight forward with his hand. That's when I put my hand up.The three offenders are all aged in their early 20s and are all around 6 foot tall. Two of their faces are clearly visible from one of the CCTV cameras. The owner of the service station is angered by the crime, and is even offering a reward out of his own pocket. Here's what he said.Anyone out for who can assist in this would make it worthwhile for them to come forward and give us some evidence. Brett, the shaken victim will have the next couple of days off before he returns to Thank you. Jack Berketa in Adelaide. Gold Coast Suns captain Gary Ablett has edged out former Geelong team- mate Joel Selwood to win his second Brownlow Medal. The AFL star claimed the league best and fairest award by a solitary vote and credited his religion for keeping him focused.I don't want about it too much, about my faith is important to me. We can sit down and talk about things we might be struggling with in our life. We pick up the Bible, we read from the Bible, and have a prayer session at the end of each one of those sessions.His dad and former Cats star Gary Ablett Snr is expected to join his son to celebrate the win. Sport is next with Rob Canning. Positive signs for the Manly seegals?That's right. We will have the latest on Brett Stewart's injury. Also - thousands of Dockers fans show their support ahead of the AFL grand final. And - the world's best extreme athletes are going off in Zurich.

This program is not captioned. A major boost for Manly's NRL title campaign today. Fullback Brett Stewart trained strongly and is on track to return from injury for Friday night's grand final qualifier against Souths. Hot stepping through training drills, Brett Stewart looked free from the hamstring injury which has sidelined him for three weeks.I can't predict how he will pull up at the end of the week after a couple of training sessions but, on the advice of the medical staff and himself, he'll be fine. We are sure, the quality player he is, that he'll bounce straight back and fit straight in.Anthony Watmough gave his troublesome knee a rest today, while Jamie Lyon also took it easy after a bruising win over Cronulla. Coach Toovey has declared both fit for Friday, although admits it will be a battle facing the biggest pack in the game.There are a few bombs and bruises but they will pick themselves up. -- bumps and bruises. Physically they could be a bit flat but emotionally they will cannon that lack of energy.I don't think we will be physically flat. We only have two games left. We will give it everything we have got. There is no excuse for being physically flat. Boyd Cordner was on light duties training with the Roosters, as he continues his recover from a broken ankle. Refreshed after a week off, they are planning on roughing up a Knights side, who have their own injury problems after a tight escape against the Storm.The teams that play on the weekend will take a few days to recovery. With the Fremantle Dockers just one win away from the clubs maiden premiership, their loyal supporters flocked to training today. Our reporter was there. There's plenty of history in Fremantle. No doubt the Dockers will be hoping to add another chapter on Saturday. Today, fans came and showed their support. There were probably a few cities today. Over 5000 people were here. -- few sickes. There will be a final training session on Thursday. Exciting times for the city. This is what some of the players had to say.It's a huge challenge but one we are really looking forward to. Ross Edgar can go in there as well. It's a solid combination. -- Roughead.We have to prepare physically and mentally. Across the forequarter, it will be crucial for all of the crew to get onboard and make sure it focus.The Dockers say they are up the challenge at the MCG. A much smaller crowd was on hand in Melbourne for Hawthorn's main training session at Waverley Park. Competition is heating up, as the Hawks look to find a replacement for the injured Brendan Whitecross. Vying for a recall, Jed Anderson, Jonathan Simpkin and Shane Savage. As for the club's leaders, last year's grand final loss to Sydney is still at the back of their minds.The memory and the emotional side of it, I think, players will draw on this week and try to repeat that feeling.Up to 10,000 fans are expected to attend the Hawks' final training session on Thursday afternoon. Australian coach Darren Lehmann has given England some motivation, describing their side as dour. England has named its squad for the upcoming Ashes tour Down Under. It includes controversial spinner Monty Panesar, who was sacked by his county side for urinating on a bouncer.He is a proven international bowler. He has shown what he's capable of doing many an occasion.The squad includes three debutants and will arrive in Australia late next month. The cycling world is in awe of Australia's Damien Howson, after the Adelaide rider won the under23 individual time trial world crown at the Road Cycling Championships in Italy. Howson covered the 43km course in just under 50 minutes. The 21-year-old will soon begin riding for Aussie team Orica-GreenEDGE.

Team USA is closing in on the Kiwis in the America's Cup, securing their fifth straight victory over team New Zealand. The 33 second win bridges the gap between the two teams in the best of 17 series. The Kiwis still lead 8-6. The next race is scheduled for tomorrow morning. And how's this for some high flying action? Organisers in Switzerland trucked in 270 tonnes of snow for the 20-13 Freestyle Championship. -- 2013. And it's paid off. The adrenaline junkies attracted 33,000 people to Lake Zurich. Some great action there. I understand you are a Bombers supporter. Who are you tipping? I am going to go for Hawthorn to make up for last year. I'll go to Fremantle.One of us will be right! Still to come, the finance and the latest weather with Rebecca Judd, who's at the Melbourne Royal Show. That looks a lot like the studio! I'm joining you from the Nine News experience, where aspiring newsreaders can try their hand presenting from the news desk. It comes complete with camera crew, lights and of course, today, the weather. I'll have all the weather after the break.

Tonight on WIN News: Mike Kelly l
considers a senate position A claim
lodged with the Fair Work Commissio s
for wage increases for Canberra' s 20
security industry. And The Raiders Fi
20s side named for the Preliminary Final When we go to Macca's,
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it's just something that we do. This is my family
and this is our Macca's.

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Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. There

Good afternoon. There were

Good afternoon. There were a

Good afternoon. There were a number


of fronts across

of fronts across the

of fronts across the south

of fronts across the south today causing strong and gale force winds, with Garth of up to 19km/h in WA.-- costs. Tomorrow, the strong winds will continue across the south of the country, with gale force warnings tracking from WA across to SA. A front approaching Tasmania will also produce a strong winds. Up to 40mm of rain expected in the west. Sydney will have clear sunny skies, light winds increasing in the afternoon, then easing again later. A sunny morning in Melbourne. Clouds increasing in the afternoon. A chance of isolated showers in evening. Hot again in Brisbane. That's eight degrees above the September average. That continues across Queensland:

And increased fire danger across the entire state, except for the north. The heat also moving into NSW:

Strong winds in Adelaide is behind the front. Afternoon showers developing. Early morning

developing. Early morning showers
easing in Perth.

easing I'll

easing I'll see

easing I'll see you

easing I'll see you again

easing I'll see you again tomorrow. Thanks.

easing I'll see you again tomorrow.

Thanks. If

Thanks. If we

Thanks. If we go,

Thanks. If we go, finance,

Thanks. If we go, finance, the

Thanks. If we go, finance, the All Ords finished lower mark down 18 points. -- before we go.

-- before we go.

-- before we go. That's

-- before we go. That's all

-- before we go. That's all we

-- before we go. That's all we have time for this afternoon. Our next major bulletin is at 6pm. Thanks for your company. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hello, everybody and welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat. We have got a very special week,
this week, haven't we, gang? AUDIENCE: Yes! I'll tell you exactly why
it's so special. Because this week,
we are acknowledging those who selflessly contribute to
others in need. That's a round of applause,
I reckon. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Yep. From those who choose a career
helping others in the community to everyday people who find themselves
unexpected heroes, tonight we have a group of people
who raise funds or volunteer their time
to support various charities. Give them a big round of applause,
I love that. Good on you, guys. Let's hear it.
(APPLAUSE) So, let's meet them tonight,
and we have, in seat number 1, Lyn Freeland,
who wants everyone to know that Lifeline is there for you
24 hours a day. CFA firefighter Grace Graham-Edney volunteered in Cambodia,
building a school. 'Cate' Burge looks after
the Oxfam Trailwalkers by keeping them warm
and popping their blisters. Oh, no! Whyalla Sea Rescue Commodore
Bruce Coulter helps when boats get into trouble. After needing
the Royal Flying Doctors, Rebecca Green fund-raised for them
for two years. And Marine Rescue volunteer
Geoff Lind spent eight hours in 3-metre swell
for a rescue operation. Wow! Great stuff, guys. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) That's it. Great stuff.
Lyn, you ready to go? I'm ready, Eddie.
Let's play Hot Seat. Come on. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Hi, Lyn.
Hi. Welcome. Lyn Freeland is 52,
from Northwood in NSW. A volunteer telephone crisis
supporter on Lifeline. And the number for Lifeline,
of course, is:

Tell me about Lifeline. It is so important these days,
we have so much youth suicide. So many people just think that
there's nothing to turn to. Lifeline's there, and we all know that
when the sun rises the next day, there's another chance
in life for everyone. Isn't there?
Yep, that's right. So, Lifeline's a crisis support
and suicide prevention line. As you said, we're available
365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We take about 1,400 calls every day,
Australia-wide. And I've been doing it
for four years. Good on you, Lyn.
What a great job you do. And congratulations
to everybody involved in Lifeline, and the number's on the screen. For anybody who is feeling that way, just a bit isolated
and not feeling right, just speak to Lifeline. There's people out there, plenty of
people to give you a bit of a cuddle and get you back on your feet. Lyn, Caitlin is
your wonderful daughter. Hi, Caitlin.
Hi. How are you? You must be proud of
mum doing all that stuff. Very proud.
She's fantastic, isn't she? Yep.
That's the way. Alright, you ready to go?
Yes. Let's play Hot Seat, everybody. Go! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)



Lock in B, hair. Hair is locked in.
Correct for $100. (APPLAUSE) $200.


Lock in C, Kiev, Eddie. Chicken Kiev is locked in
and correct for $200. (APPLAUSE)


She was B, a dancer. I'll lock that in, Eddie.
Lock it in. Sonia Kruger was
an absolute ripping dancer, for $300. (APPLAUSE)

She was the Australian
ballroom dance champion, and a dance instructor, and, of course, was in
'Strictly Ballroom' as the champion dancer,
Tina Sparkle. That's right.


I think that's pocket knives, Eddie.
Lock in C. Lock in pocket knives. It's correct, for $500. (APPLAUSE)

The old Swiss Army Knife. That's right.
That's them. $1,000, first safe level.


Uh, lock in B, plant, Eddie. Lock in plant. Plant is correct for $1,000. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Great stuff, Lyn. Once upon a time, we used to have
lifelines on the show. We don't have them anymore -
just the one, you get a pass. What are you gonna do with the money
when you win $1 million? Well, I'd like to make
a donation to Lifeline, but the other thing
that I would really... ..I've always wanted to do
was to go to Antarctica. So, I'd like take
the whole family on... There's a cruise that I think leaves
from Tasmania, that goes down to...