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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. Today on Nine News Now, Melbourne's Tullamarine freeway brought to a standstill which by a dramatic police chase. Stealing an elderly man's car for a criminal spree. Anna Bligh's cancer battle became public. Has Shane Warne managed to patch things up with Liz Hurley? We have new video of the pair together. To Melbourne first - a man is in hospital under police guard this afternoon, after a terrifying car-jacking near the air prt. It's alleged that the man in his 20s stole the hire car before leading police on a chase. The driver fled on foot before he was arrested.It's reckless, a high-traffic area and the manner in which he was driving was dangerous. We had to intervene and manage that he didn't pose a further risk to the community.Traffic was brought to a standstill. The man is being treated for a broken ankle. To Sydney - shocking new details emerged of the group of young people responsible for two armed robberies. Before the crime spree, the the group car-jacked an 83- year-old man in the 2005way of his home. This would have been absolutely terrifying for the victim. Do we know how he is doing? Wendy, terrifying is right. The 87- year-old Phil Brighton was in the driveway of his Lane Cove home yesterday when he was attacked and car-jacked. We spoke to him today, he is doing OK, a little shakey.It could have been rather difficult. Monday evening cinema with families and children is an unusual place for an armed robbery. A brazen attack, something we think is shocking and we will hunt these people down and get them and put them where they belong.Are police any closer this afternoon to catching those people?Wendy, this is an incredibly brazen attack. After the three thieves stole the vehicle, they then went on an incredible crime spree across Sydney, after hitting up Lane Cove they came here to the cinema where theaterrised up to 20 guests and staff. They demanded that patrons hand over mobile phones. Two guests refused to do so. The thieves hit the tills and made off with a small amount of cash and head off in the stolen vehicle. They then went to the Pacific Hotel where they threatened the hotel owner there along with customers in that particular venue. Just an incredibly brazen attack overnight. Fortunately, nobody was harmed overnight. This is not the first time this has happened here at the cinema. Of it happened back in 2007. So police today are asking anybody for information to come forward, Wendy.Thank you very much for that. A man and a woman have faced court on the Gold Coast charged over the death of a baby girl. The 4 month old died yesterday, shortly after being admitted to hospital. Libby Stone has the details.A 26-year- old man and 26-year-old woman have both faced Southport court this morning, following the death of a baby girl yesterday. Now, the infant was taken to the Gold Coast hospital yesterday morning, but died a short time later. Police charged a 26-year-old man, her father with murder. And a 26-year- old woman was charged with cruelty to children. Both appeared in court this morning. The man is due to appear in court again in November. The woman's case is adjourned for two weeks for a bail application. Outside of court, her legal representative declined to comment any further other than to say that it's a shock for the family.To federal politics now - Julie Bishop is our new Foreign Minister and is in New York meeting with world leaders as the United Nations' General Assembly. Kerrie Yaxley is there for us.Wendy, Julie Bishop has been to a meeting chaired by John Kerry, that meeting is talking about encouraging women to get into politics, which is quite timely. As we all know, there's been a lot of controversy at home, Julie Bishop is the only female in the Tony Abbott cabinet. Also Syria is high on the agenda for talks at the United Nations general semablely. Given that Australia is chairing the United Nations at the home, Julie Bishop could play a significant role in the talks. There has been a lot of talks on the terrorist attacks in Nairobi. It's a terrible reminder of the war on terrorism.We condemn it in the strongest possible terms. The fact that an Australian dual national was killed in this attack is tragic reminder that global terrorism is still occurring and that we must do all we can to fight terrorism.And on the sidelines, Julie Bishop has been meeting with a number of her counterparts including the Indonesian Foreign Minister. We are told that there's been no detailed discussion of the Coalition's plan to turn back asylum seekers, which as we know is very controversial in Indonesia.Here at home, Labor is claiming that Indonesia has no reason for witholding the information?We heard Scott Morrison announce that the Coalition won't be turning boats around and telling us and sending them back to Indonesia. Labor's argument is well if the navy is sending boats back, why not tell people about it, because the Coalition wants that to act as a deterrent. Have a listen now to acting Labor leader Chris Bowen on that.All of the advice to the previous Government was when undertaking measures, these should be done in a high-profile way. People in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran know that deterrent measures are under way. There is simply no excuse for not undertaking to be up-front with the Australian people.And the Greens are pretty fired up over this too. They will use their position in the Senate to try to force the Government to disclose all of these details. Plenty more to come on this one.Thank you very much. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have paid tribute to the wife of an Australian architect killed in Nairobi. Ross Langdon and his wife, Elleef Yavuz, were killed in Nairobi at the shopping mall. Elleef Yavuz worked at the Hillary Clinton foundation. Kenyan security forces have taken control of all floors of the shopping complex, bringing to an end the three-day siege. In that moment of terror, parents clutch their children, running as fast as they could. Those small, scared faces, frantic hugs, a Saturdayered by the calculated attack. Explosions rang out. And today, more than 48-hours into the siege, black smoke billowed. Authorities now say as many as 15 members of Al-Shabaab, the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organisation, stormed the building on Saturday afternoon, armed with guns and grenades, some dressed as women. Near the main entrance Arnold was working at a burger bar when the shooting began.I took the blood that I was covered with, and I rubbed it on my face so when they came there they see like I'm dead. American Nick Handler was separated from his pregnant wife who was shopping upstairs when the shooting began. He carried his daughter in his arms.All of a sudden we heard a loud explosion, gunshots and I immediately grabbed her and luckily I was right by the door and was able to sprint out.A few doors down, shoppers in the supermarket took cover among the shelves of food. Searching desperately for loved ones. While some militants hunkered down inside the supermarket, others made their way to upper floors. All of the way to the roof where a children's cooking contest was under way. Trampolines were set up outside. Special Forces descended on the mall, making their way to uper floors, en divaijing in gunfire, evacuating panicked shoppers down escalators with hands in the air. Rescuing people in hiding like this woman in an upstairs restaurant who took cover inside an air vent. We will go to London now where Rolf Harris says he will fight child sex offence charges. During a brief hearing the 83-year-old Australian int entertainer indicated that he would plead not guilty to all 13 offences. Queensland is sweltering through some extreme temperatures with Brisbane heading for a top of 32 degrees. The city woke to a blanket of fog causing city cat services to be delayed. Thursday is the hottest day for the south-east with an expected top of 35 degrees. Ambulance crews reminding all residents particularly the elderly to stay hydrated. Gary Ablett is celebrating being a dual Brownlow Medallist, winning his second League best and fairest award last night beating Joel Selwood by one vote. He has opened up about his dedication to religion.I don't talk about it too much but my faith is important to me. We pick up the Bible and read from the Bible and have a bit of a prayer session at the end of each one of those sessions.He is expected to be joined by his dad, Gary Ablett senior to celebrate his win. Still ahead on Nine News Now - new details in the details for Schapelle Corby's bid for freedom. Who was the best dressed wagon the Brownlow Medal red carpets? Don't miss that. And we have all of the gossip This program is not captioned. Is your vision
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afterparties. Welcome back. It appears that Schapelle Corby's bid for freedom is nearing its final stages. The governor of Kerobokan Prison has received all of the required documents. He is working with several Government departments which need to approve her release. That process could take around two months. Yesterday we showed you all of the winners from the Prime Minister Emmy Award and now we take a look at what the stars got up to after the show. They got their Emmy Awards and now it's time to get the party on. And if anybody knows how to do just that, it's Sofia Vergara, snapped twerking it on the dance floor. And then snugaling up with fiance Nick.We are going to party. Oprah chilling with Mick and posing with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Yes, I'm so thrilled.About to start work on dumb and dumber two. You win the Emmy Award and you start working with Jim Carey on Wednesday. And joining the stars picking their fashion favourites.I thought Sofia Vergara looked a killer, voted one of the best dressed tonight.I don't think she deserves that title. She could put on anything and would be hot in that.Kerrie Washington looked gorgeous.Alright, it's time for the very last Emmy Award, best dressed.I have to break it down to three. Most daring transformation, utter simplicity and beautiful woman. But there can only be one winner and our favourite this year - Sofia Vergara.Very nice indeed. And here to take us through all of the fashion hits and misses from both the Emmy Award and of course the AFL night of nights we're talking of the Brownlow Medal. We have Elle Halliwell joining us from the 'Daily Telegraph'. We saw Sofia Vergara looking sexy in red.Yes, red was certainly one of the more pop already tones on the Emmy Award. We had Kelly Osbourne in red. Michelle Dockry was stunning in a red top and gown, it looked amazing. But it was Anna who really stole the show, Anna Faris was in yellow looking incredible.Yes, she sure does. Nice leg split going on there. Now, there were also other ladies in more demure tones.Pastels were really popular this year on the red carpets. Everybody thought that they would do something different. Claire Danes was one of the most talked about. She was wearing a very beautiful gown but a lot of people said that the bust area wasn't that flattering. The bottom is very beautiful.Yeah but the top, I kind of agree. Not the most flattering gown. 'Modern Family' almost pouring out of the gown. Beautiful colour.One of my favourites though, I think my favourite of the role night was Rose Burn, wearing CK, beautiful, very clean and glamorous with just showing a little bit of skin around the mid riff, which is very sexy. And Kerrie Washington looking almost like a princess. She looked so beautiful in that dress.Whoa! Very nice.Now, back home of course we have some glamorous women as well the wags of the Brownlow Medal. Let's start with your least favourite?Airn Maxwell, wearing an '80s inspired bright pink dress. It was a very brave choice and I kind of see where she was going with it. I think it fail add little bit on the red carpets itself. Another favourite was Belinda Riverso in an electric blue gown, which was very stunning. Alex Davis was looking simple in a white dress, very sleek. But the most talked about dress of the night had to be Rebecca Judd who looked amazing in a red lace number. Look, she never fails to shock and stun on the red carpets. And it did draw a little bit of controversy, some saying that it was a little bit too much.Where is the baby bump? You can't even see T I know, they hid it very well, didn't they.I love it. Very stunning. Thank you very much, we appreciate it. Still to come on Nine News Now - we will hear the closing arguments in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial, after the break. Also ahead - we meet the man who promised to sort out the most messy neighbourhood disputes for you. A luxury half a million dollars sports car tworn in two. And we get a first look at the new 'Fifty Shades of Grey' lingerie that's This program is not captioned. My family's been going to
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The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial is coming to a close in the United States after hearing five months of evidence, the jury received final instructions and heard closing arguments from lawyers for Katherine Jackson and AEG, the promoters of the sold-out tour. AEG is accused of hiring Conray Murray, the doctor convicted of giving Michael Jackson alral overdose.I think we put on the best evidence we could put on. I think we put on an extremely compelling case.The jury will retire tomorrow. Only nine out of the 12 jurors need to agree on a verdict. It seems many of us have a story of a nasty neighbour or two. How do you actually resolve a dispute with those annoying people over the fence? Well, how is this. One American man is offering a new resolution service, getting himself right in the middle of some pretty heated arguments to play peace maker. This is Bob working the phones at the national headquarters of Neighbours from Hell. What has brought them to throw things over into your yard? Don't tell his wife, she thinks it's just their house. He wrote the book on neighbours from hell. What kinds of things qualify somebody to be a neighbour from hell?It starts out with noise. Is that the number one complaint? Yes.Like these noisy neighbours shouting from the rooftops on the local news. Nuts to Sue or some kind of grass killing poisoned spew. Neighbours versus neighbour Miami style. Rock, paper, scissors? This got sell yachted with eggs. Taking us on a guided tour of two fresh neighbour from hell hot spots. The first stop, a subde vision Cam and Tracy. And just across the road their neighbours and sworn enemies Beth and Mike.Noisy.Unneighbourly. Very noisy.They say noisy. She says noisy. Hear that? Beth says it's Mike in a drive by. Assault with a subwofr.Apparently our radio was too loud and she called the police. Who exactly gets ticketed here?Neighbours by chance, enemies by choice.They don't like the fact that I have called the police on them for things that I know are violations.To tell the neighbours a band of suburban outlaws. Billy the Kid, their misdeeds - a car up on blocks. Parking over the side walk and disturbing the peace. Not a hanging crime but it could get you a ticket. This sounds like junior high school. It is to us on the outside rs not to them on the inside, it's serious business.Ken is the lone ranger. She comes to our yard if the grass is so tall with a measuring tape and has called police because our grass has been so many inches high. Denying this and even though there are signs in the garage that they may not be big on compromise, they say that they are not the bad guys. It's all about respecting the law, loud music, speeding up and down the street, loud cars.The families say in spite of everything they are willing to give peace, if not quiet, a chance. Could there be a compromise?If they would communicate with you, would you be willing to communicate with them? Yes.If we could all sit down together?Absolutely not. I respect these people but they will never be on my property or in my home. Meanwhile, etc go to Ohio.This is not home sweet home. It's horrible. Melissa says her neighbour from hell lives right across the street. That's the neighbour's house right across the streech. That's Mitch's houses. She was polite about the vubry.That house reminds me of a haunted house. Zimmerman could overlook the Jack and the bean stalk landscaping if it weren't for all of the other antics documented over the years. She was threatened with a real knife and pretend gun. It's threatening. Our crew were shooting when Mitch himself emerged from behind the bushes.Hi, I'm Bob. I sent you a letter. I wonder maybe if you would just want to talk to me by myself. He complained about Zimmerman's floodlights, loud parties and even the fact that she is a single mother.Why is that his business? He felt it be inappropriate for him to comment. These things can be resolved but only when both sides compromises or one side moves out. It's our single biggest asset - our home. You can't just decide to sell it and uproot the family because the person next door is being a pain in the neck. So it really removes all of your escape options.It's a horrible thing to go through, having a neighbour from hell. Please God protect me.Oh, dear. Cameras capturing the moment a Lamborghini crashed into the wall of a house in Brooklyn New York. The sports car was literally torn in two after that high speed collision. The driver swerved to walk away from the crash. But you can see there his $400,000 car or thereabouts had to be towed. Not so lucky. There's been so much hype about the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy of course and now comes the novel-inspired lingerie. This week Target is releasing the line and we've been given a first look at the pieces before they go on sale this this Thursday. If you liked the book. You are going to love starring in this new line of lingerie.We are targeting Australian women that want to follow on with their fantasy with the novel I guess. And also women that appreciate luxurious lingerie. The new eye- catching inspired line is inspired by 'Fifty Shades of Grey', a book that has sold 60 million copies worldwide and about to become a movie. I've heard part of it and thought...But you won't need the billionaire budget to afford this. Starting at $15, up to $65, the collection includes briefs, bras, suspenders, with sizes changes from 10-22.If this isn't appealing enough, what is.They are beautiful. It's very elegant and pretty. Different to walk into Target and see that today.All of the ladies look beautiful.You may not feel as confident as these lovely ladies to strut your stuff in a department store. It's all aimed at women feeling good about themselves. Allowing women to dress up and feel fantastic about themselves, in the kitchen, under their jeans and T- shirt or in the boardroom.It's perfect. You feel like you are right in there.Beautiful, very soft and silky.Very comfortable. Have you heard of the book 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?Yes, I have.Have you heard it?No.Are you sure?I'm sure.What do you think your husband would think?He would think all of his Christmases have come all at once.It's very stunning, very sexy.I like the blue. I like all of them. For those a bit shy, these pieces are also available online.A great price, I love them. But Target is predicting that the line will be just like the book - a best seller.I think wearing lingerie that you feel beautiful in gives you extra confidence and I'm sure that the Australian women will agree.The more the better.Love it. Get story. Next on Nine News Now - all of the show business for you now. Reunited? Are they or not? We have the video of Liz and Shane together. But have they really managed to patch things up? Also ahead this afternoon - fighting for his woman, Michael Douglas opens up of how he intends to get back Catherine Zeta-Jones. And remember this young energetic man? It turns out that Mick Jagger has just become a proud This program is not captioned.

# I'm going to try.Welcome back to Nine News Now. Long time no speak as we say. Liz Hurley and Shane Watson, is it real, a publicity stunt, what are you thinking?I have no idea. They need to come out and set the record straight. They really are not happy about all of the speculation that's happening in the media. But, you know, if they don't come out and say anything. They were spotted for the first time together since news of the plit happened. They went out for lunch with Shane and his three children. Liz was not wearing her ring and she didn't really look that excited to be photographed as she was walking to lunch with them. She also took to Twitter earlier in the week saying, "Don't believe everything that you have been seeing in the tabloids, probably best to read a good book instead." Now, the latest rumour going around was that the split was because of Shane's refusal to set a wedding date. Who knows. I hope they patch things up and hopefully that lunch went a little better than it looked. They are not holding hands or even walking together. So you do kind of, if it was a stunt, you would think that we would get that part going. I don't know, I don't know. It looks like Shane is in the bad books.He is totally in the bad books.Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, what's the latest with those two?Yes, well, Michael used his Emmy Award speech to get a little bit off his chest I think. There was no thanks to God. It was straight into it. First he gave a shout-out to his son who is actually in prison doing time for drugs charges, which was quite confronting. And then he also thanked his wife Catherine Zeta- Jones. And kind of hinted that they were patching things up after rumours of their split Kim to light. This is what he had to say.Kathryn and I are fine. I mean, the press tries to push it along a little faster. Taking a little break. We talk and I think everything will be great.Do think there's a chance at reconciliation.Certainly.Maybe we should just start believing them. Who knows. A member of the backstreet boys revealed his addiction problem.Nick Cartwright released a book called 'Facing the music and living to talk about it". He talks of his troubled childhood and admits that he had his first drink at the age of two, his family found him raiding a licker cabinet at two years old, yes. Kind of funny at the time apparently. It also was the start of a real alcohol problem for him, especially during his days with the band. Apparently his band mates did whatever they could to try to get him on the straight and narrow. He was pretty far gone at that stage. But he says look that he is alive and great things happened in his life in recent years. You know, he could have missed them he said but he is very glad that he didn't. So we are glad that he is getting back and on the straight and narrow. Absolutely. Speaking of revelations, another Hollywood star who has come forward with her former struggles. Jade Smith revealed on Facebook that she had a few problems and several addictions throughout her life. She didn't go into what they were. She said she strug-year-old, had a difficult time dealing with her problems when she was younger. She is proud to be older and wiser and can deal with problems a little more. She spoke of speculations that she and will Smith are splitting up. She said all that matters is that you love what you see when you look in the mirror. Mick Jagger is going to be a great grandfather?Can you know it. I don't know parents who have the stamina that he does. 70 and still selling out festivals around the world. It's insane. His granddaughter is 21 and just revealed that she's having her first baby with her boyfriend Alex. He says he's very excited to be a great grandfather. But, yeah, I can't believe T I'm still in shock. Me too. My gosh, he still has it though doesn't he. Thank you, we'll speak to you soon. Next on Nine News Now - former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh makes a special public appearance and ops up about her battle with cancer. Also ahead - how a comedian's rant of smartphones is inspiring people to put away their phones. And how Oprah's admission of her nervous breakdown will inspire more people to This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: When you purchase four litres or more of any Dulux paint, Dulux will give you a free vintage calendar to celebrate 80 years of painting Australia together. Worth celebrating - worth Dulux.

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Welcome back to Nine News Now. Anna Bligh won the nation's prize for her strong lead areaship during the Queensland floods. Now she is involved in her own battle. The 53- year-old is fighting cancer and bravely revealed her bald head in the latest issue of women's weekly. Damien, a very brave person to do that.Absolutely, very brave. She said she felt it was necessary for several reasons, to bring out to the public attention that, you know, if you get a lump, go-ahead, call the doctor, do something about it. She also wanted to show what it was really like to fight cancer. And it couldn't be any more explicit than showing yourself looking bald in a magazine like that. She was in a roomful of very powerful women today for the birthday celebrations, the 80th anniversary of the magazine. But she was the centre of attention. And she looked remarkable.She really does.We did say that the wig, did you try and mix it up a bit, go curly, long, blond. She said she preferred to go back to herself. The most important news was that the treatment so far is pretty good. And she should know in about a month's time whether she's in the clear. This is what she had to say.I have just been through a very gruelling experience with chemotherapy and I was invited to be part of the anniversary edition. And I guess I just wanted to be honest about what that's really like. And it was a big decision to be part of it and a very difficult decision for me to do it the way that we did. To get the full story, you have to buy the magazine.A great lady. Buy the magazine, it's out on sale on Thursday. And it's a good read, I've read it.And a beautiful photograph indeed. Damien, you will have more details in the Nine News Now. Speaking of personal battles, Oprah Winfrey is praised for coming forward and admitting that she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Experts say it's a good reminder that anybody out there can get overwhelmed with stress and pressure and must be taken seriously.A surprising revelation from Oprah Winfrey. She says in an exclusive interview airing this week that between filming and running her network, last year she showed signs of a nervous breakdown. It was sort of speeding and numbness and going from one thing to the next thing to the next thing. I realised that I thought if I don't calm down, I'm going to be in serious trouble.She was interviewing the maker of a film who described the famous episode when he ran naked through the streets.I think it's a nervous breakdown, brief reactive psychosis because of the stress.Oprah says she was never ready to run through the streets but his symptoms touched a chord in her. A psychologist says nervous breakdown is not a technical term, it is used to describe symptoms like irregular heart beat to overwhelming sense of anxiety.It's not something that you just snap out of and are done. The solutions - seek professional help, medication is not always the answer. Eat, sleep and meditate. Like Oprah, known for her love of meditation, sometimes the best way to beat the feelings of stress is to slow down and take a deep breath. Stay with us - next on Nine News Now, despite what a comedian thinks in the US right now, we'll have that in chat room. Smartphones are now helping asthma sufferers breathe a lot easier. We'll have new details on that after the break. Also ahead - where and when you can see Prince Harry when he comes to Australia next weekend. And Adelaide goes One Direction mad, as the boy band kicks off their Australian tour. Stay with This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: At GIO, we know that cars mean different
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Australian tour. Stay with us.
Helping asthma sufferers to breathe easier. Launching a new smartphone device to keep the condition under control. We spoke to Emily Rice about the personal toll it's had on her life.Asthma is high in Australian with around 2 million sufferers and among them is Cathy Freeman. Today she launched a new device which turns a mart phone into a portable asthma monitor to detect wheezing, a common asthma symptom. She also spoke briefly of her older sister who died of an attack in 1990.It makes me emotionaly vulnerable when talking of my late sister. She had ailments that caused her to passe way. So, I mean, obviously, it's relative to why I'm here today.The device is placed against your neck to record the sound of breathing. This data is sent via a smartphone app for analysis to allow the sufferer and doctor keep tabs on the effort.I think I put my asthma symptoms under the drug because I thought I was invisible and above everything. I had been training so hard I was so mentally determined and so single minded that I think I transcended the physical elements that I carried that have caught up with me today.New research shows half of children and two-thirds of adults with asthma do not monitor the condition adequately, putting them at risk of attack.This device won't stop an asthma attack but helps sufferers control the condition.Causing a right royal stir around the world with his fun loving antics and cheeky grin. Now it's Australia's turn to show Prince Harry a good time next week. Nine's Lizzie Pearl has all of the details.Well, it's the news that the Royal Australian Navy, the Government and Sydney's single girls have all been waiting for. And now it's official. Prince Harry is coming to Sydney. The 29-year- old and now fourth in line to the thrown will be his grandmother the Queen's representative in Australia for the internationally fleet review marking 100 years since the Royal Australian Navy first entered Sydney Harbour. Now, this isn't the first time Prince Harry has been to Australia. He spent a lot of time here in 2003 during his gap year. However, it is his first official visit. Prince Harry will join the Governor-General and Prime Minister Tony Abbott surveying the fleet on the harbour, which will include 40 warships, 16 tallships and 8,000 sailors from 19 countries. It certainly is a coup for the organisers of the internationally fleet review to host Prince Harry. Having Prince Harry as a guest of the Government is a fantastic thing for the International Fleet Review and country.The harbour will come alive to mark the occasion, with a huge fireworks display, centreed around the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Father the first time, prioroe technics will be launched from the decks of navy warships.We have planes, helicopters, sailors and boats zipping around the harbour. It wasn't hard to come up with something that was drastically different to something done before and we have to believe it will be an amazing show. Prince Harry's itinerary, apart from the fleet review is still pretty sketchy. So I dare say there may be chances to spot the prince out and about in Sydney.A video of a US comedian ranting about smartphones and texting and the loss of human connection has now gone viral, striking a chord with many who identify with what he is saying. This past weekend appal sold 9 million iPhones. One in five people on the planet now owns a smartphone. And grouchy funny man has just said that he has enough.I think these things are toxic, especially for kids. It's this thing and it's bad. They don't look at people when they talk to them and build the empathy. 4 million view s causing a smartphone backlash. 23 million peach washed his new short film - I forgot my phone.We are not staying in the moment anymore because we are locked into our phones. Many people have self-imposed restrictions. No phone after 10pm. Phone in a different room on weekends. Ever heard of phone stack - leave your phone on the table during dinner. If you pick it up you have also to pick up the cheque. I have a new game, I count how many people I spot on sthair cell phones. Lady walking her dog. Guy at the bus stop. I stopped counting at 50. I am not just judging these people. I caught myself looking up soccer scores this morning rather than playing with my kids and I don't even like soccer.You need to build an ability to be yourself a 5 not be doing something. I'm getting sad, I have to get the phone and write hi to 50 people and then somebody cool writes back and somebody not as cool writes after it. The irony of the backlash - most of us probably watched the rant inour smartphones, I did. Tell us your thoughts on Twitter on that story. Next on Nine News Now - the shocking video of a boy riding history cycle down a busy Highway. Can you believe that. Also in chat room, we're talking about Barack Obama who accidentally admitted that he stopped smoking out of fear of his wife. And what do you think of this, one woman's brave and revealing campaign to tell the world that This program is not captioned.

# No matter what they say.
Welcome back. It's time to head into the chat room. Today I'm joined by Tony Jones in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast Emily Jade O'Keefe. First up, good afternoon to you. Let's get straight into it. A woman has spent a month taking photographs of her near naked body in public. And then posted those photographs online to prove she is beautiful. Denise Jolly calls it the be beautiful project. What do you think overall of this campaign? Wendy, I think she is just wonderful. I want to reach out to the internet and give her a big hug and say thank you. If you read her blog, if you go and check it out. She uses really powerful language like, "I dated my body for 30 days and I looked at the house I had been living in for the last 34 years a lot differently." And I think there's something in that for all of us. Look at our body in a more romantic way or as the roof over our soul, we will start to appreciate it and fall in love with it a lot more than if we compare ourselves to the people in the magazines or up on our movie screens. So I think good on her. Would I ever do it? No way ever! I say good on her!What about you? Would you do that?No, I would not. You talk about it being the roof over the soul. A lot of blokes have the roof over the tool shed. Don't worry about the roof over the soul. I think the problem is here is yes it's all sweet and dandyee and I'm sure the blog is beautiful to read in itself. Once her five minutes of