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ABC news 24. Hello, I'm Kim Landers. Authorities in Kenya say they believe the remaining hostages from the siege at a Nairobi shopping centre have been freed. The Kenyan Government says some of the terrorists were from the US and Britain. Back home tributes are being paid to an Australian man and his partner who were killed in the Nairobi massacre. Ross Langdon died alongside his pregnant partner Elif Yavuz
when the complex was stormed by the militants. Mr Langdon was working in Africa on cultural projects while Ms Yavuz worked for the Clinton health initiative in Tanzania.Mr Ange - Langdon and Ms Yavuz were highly regarded people working in developed countries. The world has lost two remarkable young people who had so much to contribute. The former US President Bill Clinton has also expressed his sympathies to the Namly in a statement describing Ms Yavuz and dedicated and deeply admired by their colleagues. The couple was expecting their first child in a fortnight. A man and woman have appeared in court charged with the death of a baby girl on the Gold Coast. The infant was pronounce ed dead shortly after being taken to hospital yesterday. A man was been charged with murder and a woman charged with cruelty to children. Both have been remanded in custody.A new Australian body has been launched to monitor climate change. Less than a week after the axing of the federally funded Climate Commission, former chief commissioner Professor Tim Flannery has relaunched the body with a new name and funding model. The Climate Council will be funded by public donations. The first Australian trial of a phone jab jamming technology is under way in Lithgow in NSW. The maximum security prison is when convicted killer Bassam Hamzy was being held when security camera captured a mobile phone being passed between cells. He was ordering brutal kidnappingings from inside his cell making more than 400 call asday. Mobile phones being smuggled into jails is a major problem police have warned problem around the world. police have warned they will police have warned they will be targeting ticket scalpers police have warned they the lead up to targeting the lead up to Saturday's AFL grand final. Tickets for the Fremantle Hawthorn showdown range in price from $130 to $400. Scalpers are likely to face an on the spot fine of more than $700 or a summons to appear in court. Victoria's Sports Minister says the crackdown on scalping makes the event fairer for everyone.And now Lyndal Curtis joins us with Capital Hill live from Canberra.Thanks, Kim. Tonight - the possibly bad news, possibly good news on the Government's broadband plans and one of those who lost his job at the election contemplates getting back into politics.

Welcome to Capital Hill, I'm Lyndal Curtis. The Federal Government has delivered to the national broadband network company its statement of expectations. Construction will keep going until a 60-day strategic review is completed. The Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has flagged whose
that after then some of those whose homes may be on the list for roll out of the NBN in the next 12 months may miss out on fibre to the home. But he also says he's agnostic about technology, leaving the door open to having fibre to the home as one of a number of possibilities where it best meets the needs of both taxpayers and consumers. He wants more transparency in a network roll out he says latest figures show is well behind schedule. There will be a weekly update of progress. The letter to the NBN Co board is process. A new board needs to be appointed just the start of the change
process. A be appointed followed by the strategic review, a cost be appointed followed by benefit analysis and negotiations with Telstra. We'll discuss the news on broadband with our political panel. But first, to one of the election losers. Mike Kelly was a Labor front bencher tipped to be the new Defence Minister a Labor front bencher tipped be the new Defence Minister if
the ALP won the election. It did the ALP did not and he lost his seat of did not and he lost his Eden-Monaro as well, confirming the seat's status since 1972 as a bellwether. A seat that goes to the party which forms government. But the loss doesn't seem to have quelled Mr Kelly's appetite for politics. He's considering seeking a spot in the Senate should that arise. That would be Bob Carr's spot. It's not vacant but there's plenty of speculation in Labor ranks that it might become so. I spoke to Mr Kelly welcome
a short time ago.Mike Kelly,