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Live.New life for the axed Climate Council, relaunched as the community funded climate council.The overwhelming volume of support from the public was what really made us decide on this.Kenya's security forces close in on a group of terrorists holed up in a Nairobi shopping mall. Rolf Harris appears in court to face charges of child sexual abuse. Brownlow
And Gary Ablett wins his second Brownlow medal by just one vote.Good afternoon, you're watching News 24. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Let's take a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation for tomorrow -

Lesses are continuing on the local share market with declines across the board. Both the All Ordinaries and the ASX 200 are down half a percent. Less than a week ago the new Government axed the Climate Commission with immediate effect. Today its former Chief Commissioner Tim Flannery has relaunched the advisory body with a new name and a new funding model. The Climate Council as that's now called will be funded by public
donation, Professor will be funded donation, Professor Flannery
says the will be funded by public
donation, Professor says the new body is already enjoying strong enjoying strong support.We're well known to the public, so we are going to continue on in a new organisation which will be funded by donation. We went live at midnight and we had our first donation from James from Perth of $15 at midnight. We've been raising about $1,000 an hour since then and that's through night. I can assure people that we will not allow our independence to be compromised by anyone on this, we were the same in Government. We were absolutely apolitical and we understand that our sins central to our credibility. So if people do donate don't try to influence what we do. The overwhelming volume of support from the public was what really made us decide on this, particularly over the last five days or so. We have had people from across the political spectrum just saying that an informed public in this area is absolutely saedges and we want you to continue, we use your report, we need a clear, credible and authoritative and independent voice in this area credible and and that there's really never been independent voice in been a more critical time for that voice than been a more critical that voice than now. Under the Government model we cost about $5.4 million over a full year period, we think we can work leaner than that as a private group, but there's doubt that there is a big challenge there, gain diagnose money to make sure that we get out. We held 27 public forums around the country publish the same number of reports and developed a website and all of that does cost money but we're confident with the support that we've hat expressed and delivered that we'll be able to achieve that. We have simply one goal and one objective and we always have which is to take the science, the economic of climate change and what's happening internationally in terms of action and present it in a clear and understandable way an authoritative way to the Australian public.The Federal Opposition has called on the Government to tell the public its intentions for the board of the company running the nobody NBN Co. Malcolm asked for the board's resignation although it's urngs two have been asked to stay and the former Telstra boss Ziggy Switkowski is expected to be named as the head of NBN Co. A minimum of three people are needed in ordertor board to function. Labor frontbencher Ed Husic who serveded as parliamentary Secretary for broadband in Government has told political editor Lyndal Curtis that the Government need to explain its plans for the NBN.Welcome to News 24. Is this decision that the majority of the NBN Co board won't be staying on a surprising one given that the Coalition's policy has never been to do what NBN was set up to do?The fact that the bulk of board don't want to stay is a shocking reflection on where things are headed with broadband. The last time the Coalition was in Government they made a mess of broadband and it looks like they'll make the same mistakes all over again. This board knows that what the Coalition's proposing is going to put Bendigo policy back and why would they be handing around for that but we're getting conflicting messages because on the one hand we hear the board's put forward the resignation, Malcolm Turnbull hasn't said anything in relation to it and then in ter othere's selective leaking that he's asked for the resignations, we have no clear idea, we have a Communications Minister that's refusing to communicate, or he's just adopting scoption approach and will just tell us every so often what he's doing .It's not even a week since's been sworn in, as a new Communications Minister, doesn't he need to spend some time getting things right, he doesn't necessarily need to do everything on day one does he?Well, it's not my job to Minister's intent on communicate the communication Minister's intent on policy but what Minister's intent what we did say was that he would review what we did say was would review where things were at. We had a process of doing that, we had a number of layers of accountability for NBN Co, but he hasn't by all accounts from whatever we can draw together in what's in the news at the moment, he hasn't even taken the time to see what's going on before he's made a decision, there are a lot of people that are there that can add value but it appears that they're not willing to stick around because the big difference between us and them on broadband is we wanted one network across the country, now what's going to happen is that there are rival networks that will be set up and what they'll do is pick the most profitability markets of the country and they'll build their networks there and what we'll see in regional Australia is instead of a uniform standard network with uniform price, well see cheaper prices for some, why would an Nobel Peace Prize board want to sign up for something or stay on deck when they esee that the NBN will Malcolm Turnbull is pulled apart in the way that proposing.There's speculation that former Telstra boss Ziggy Switkowski - is stip tipped to head NBN Co. He's a man of experience in this head NBN Co. experience in this area isn't

people are making a broad reflection on his time as the Telstra CEO and before that he was with aptus but he's not really been involved in a roll out of in nature before so that there will be question marks about how that will pan out.This is a first for Australia so really there are very few people apart from those people involved now who have been involved in a rollout of this nature?I'm taking what the Coalition said before hand, they said that they wanted to see someone with infrastructure expertise in these roles, and if they're going now to Mr Switkowski again, with all due respect to him, I don't know knowsly what his background is in necessarily rolling out frock network of this kind, but the thing is they made a mess of broadband when they were in Government last time, it seems like they're going to make a mess of it again and the first job of the incoming CEO is now apparently renegotiating a deal with Telstra, where Telstra are saying that they're not going to take or accept anything lower than what they got for the price already and they're not willing to keep renegotiating these type of complex arrangements where it does take a lot of time and a lot of resources do it and they're not just going to keep chop Argentina changing the agreements.There will have to be renegotiation with Telstra won't there because Labor had negotiated in to get access to Telstra's pits and duct, the Coalition wants to take over Telstra's copper to make the connection from the node to the home so there will have to be changes to that deal?Spot only. This is a critical thing, that under the arrangements we made , one of the biggest deals around that took some time, we had to be very tough with Telstra and Telstra are not an organisation that you just walk over in negotiations, they're equally hard headed and understandably so, they have share holders to report to, under our deal we only evergate of course cress to the duct. We never ever leased or bought copper. Telstra has basically a desperate copper. Telstra desperate customer in the
Coalition copper. Telstra has basically a Coalition and the Coalition has never said how much it will cost to lease or buy that copper off Telstra and that's what they'll have to do. There have been have been all sorts of reports about how much that copper network cost. Within report suggested it was $40 billion for the copper network. Either the Coalition is going to buy it or lease it. We don't know because the Coalition has never been upfront about it and we have a Communications Minister who won't communicate.The Labor leadership ballot opens today. Caucus won't vote until act but have you made up your mind who you'd like to see as leader?I think that people have been excited rank and file members out in western Sydney that I talk to do reallile look forward to the opportunity of being involved and I think it's been a great process. So they're going through making their mind up as to who they'd vote for. I've indicated that ill be supporting Bill Shorten pause I think Bill is a generational change for us, he will bring a fresh outlook to the leadership. He's got a very solid portfolio or policy track record, particularly in term of what he did with disability care and being the key architect behind that and I think that he will be someone that can bring the party together, that can also focus on policy, he's a fresh outlook and him, it takes nothing and I'll be casting my vote for him, it takes nothing away from Anthony Albanese who is a fantastic - has been a fantastic contributor to the Rudd-Gillard Governments and will be an important player either if he's elected as leader or as the senior Opposition player as well.Ed Husic thank you very much for your time.Thank youFederal Labor's two leadership hopefuls Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten will go head-to-head tonight. The pair will debate each other in Sydney. Labor's 40,000 members are being given a chance to vote on who should lead the party . A second debate will be held in Melbourne on Friday. And we will bring the leader's debate live a and in full this evening on News 24, that's the leader's debate between Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese live tonight from 3:30 eastern. The siege at a shopping mall in Nairobi has entered its fourth day with an unknown number of gunmen still holding out against Kenya's security forces. 62 people have been killed so far, mostly shoppers gunned down by the Islamic militants. Authorities believe the last of the hostages has been been freed. Heavily armed police are systemically securing the building but a final showdown could be looming.The final push to save the remaining hostages. A series of explosions shook the Westgate shopping mall. Troops took cover as the firing intensified. Tennian authorities blamed the attackers for the thick column of smoke that can be seen four kilometres.We have done such of the building and we can confirm that the hostage s almost all of them have been evacuatedExplosion and gun shots were parent of an operation to es cue more hostage, it's understood two militants were killed during this most recent attack.We also want to confirm that we have identified and killed two criminals. Two terrorists.This is as close as we've been allowed to get. We've just heard a series of explosions and some automatic gunfire cog from just behind me. There it feel loose thrik this significant to come to a conclusion. Crowds of onlookingers gathered. Among the many faces was a man who told us the militants try to kill him.I saw he was aiming directly at me with the machine gun. The bullet pass across my head where I was coming from.Al-Shabaab had promised to kill the hostages if the Kenyan troops attacked. As yet the no-one knows if that happened. The siege has been going on for close to three days now and the pressure is mounting on the authorities to resolve parliament has paid tribute to a locally born architect and his partner who died in the Nairobi shopping centre attack . Ross Langdon died along his pregnant girlfriend Yavuz when the shopping centre in nobody yes was stormed by militants on Saturday. He was working in South Africa on cultural projects while Ms Yavuz worked for the Clinton health initiative.They were both highly regarded and respected as people who had dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world through their work in developing countries. The world has lost two remarkable young people who had so much to contribute.The former US President Bill Clinton has also expressed his sympathies to the family N a statement describes Ms Yavuz was a deeply admireded by her colleagues the couple was expecting their first child in a north night. World leaders have descend on New York for the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. With Australia currently holding the rotating presidency of the Security Council, it's also an early test for the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.Stepping out on to the world stage. It was a whirlwind of a first international foray for Australia's in uly minted Foreign Minister, representing the Abbott Government at the world's I thinkle biggest gathering of heads of State.It's been quite a journey to get here but now really...There were back-to-back meetings with the Foreign Minister of nine countries including Iran, China, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia where Australia's campaign to stop the boats was on the agenda.But our relationship with Indonesia is much broader than that one issue of border protection.At a women's round table Julie Bishop spoke as Australia's first female morn Minister but as for the Cabinet...Not as many women as he would have liked but we have a talented pool from which to draw in the future.As the general assembly convenes the dilemma of how to enforce a plan to rid Syria of chemical weapons looms large. All eyes too are on the Iranian President Hassan Rowhani amid signs of a thaw in relations with the US and hopes the moderate new leader might be open to curtailing his country's nuclear program. TRANSLATION: We will introduce the real face of the rainian nation to the world, a nation that loves kurltd and peace.In terl of whether we're on the verge of a breakthrough I would put it like this, that I was struck as I said by the energy and determination that the Foreign Minister demonstrated to me.With so many international issue at a critical juncture, it could well be one of the most pivotal general assembly meetings in recent memory.Rolf Harris has indicated he'll plead not guilty to child sex offence charges. The internationally renowned artist and singer faced court for the first time after being interviewed by British police last year.It was to be just a brief appearance, but guaranteed to make a headlines. Rolf Harris faced court and dozens of cameras. The 83-year-old walked slowly flanked by his wife and supporters making no comment. In the dock, the veteran entertainer addressed the court only to confirm his name, address and date of birth. He faces nine charges of indecently assaulting two girl, one 14, the other aged between 15 and 16 relating to alleged events dating back to the 80s. charges of manging Rolf Harris also faces four charges of manging indecent
images of charges of images of a child images of a child last year. images of a His lawyer indicated he'd plead not His not guilty. Rolf Harris emerged again to face not guilty. Rolf Harris again to face the media pack again to face the media freed on bail under strict conditions including an order not to approach ten specific people who can't be named for legal reasons, nor can he meet with anyone under the age of 18 unchaperoned. Since the allegations have come to light the entertainer has been replaced in a children's replaced in a cartoon and his TV show has been removed from British screens. Now the cameras follow these legal proceedings. The case has now been referred to a higher court. Rolf Harris is due to harp or a Crown court hearing on October 7.Ten people including a 6-year-old girl are dead after gunmen opened fire on a party at a house in northern mompl. The victims were celebrating a win for their local Barcelona team when two gunmen armed with assault rifles stormed the home. Authorities say they have no motive for the attack which is one of the worst massacres in the region in recent years. The city which is on the boarder with Texas was once considered the world's murder capital and has been plagued by bloody off the wars between Mexico's drug cartels. The captain of the 'Costa Concordia' has blamed his Indonesian helmsmen for running the ship into rocks and killing 32 people last year. Francesco Schettino has told a court set up in theatre in Tuscany that his juniorer this officers steered right when he was told to turn left. Schettino's argument was rejected by an expert witness who said the ship would have hit the rocks anyway. The man has been dubbed captain coward in the Italian media. He is facing multiple charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. robots have resumed the search
for two people robots have resumed for two people still missing in the tragedy. A total fire ban is in place across much of north-eastern NSW today is in place north-eastern NSW today where a number of grass fires are under control. For more I'm joined now control. now by Inspector Ben Shepherd from the Rural Fire Service. Thank you for your time this afternoon. Could you tell us what are conditions like at the moment?We are now starting to see those weather conditions that were predicted come to fruition. Temperatures are starting to rise, that cloud cover that we've seen across many areas is starting to break up and that's actually leading to winds starting to increase, in some areas in western Sydney over the past hour or so we've seen temperatures rise by 2 or 3 degrees so we're now moving into that time of the afternoon where we are expecting conditions to be at their worst.Particularly with so much of these grass fire, could you explain for us that combination of the heat and the wind and how that can be such a dangerous combination when grass fires are involved?Grass fires can start is quickly and spread rapidly. They can move up to 20 or 30km/h in the worst of conditions and can catch people offguard so that's why it's important if anyone is travelling around the State today and they do see an unattended fire they need to call 000 immediately because in these conditions they can escalate quickly. We need to get crews on to those fires before they escalate and impact on homes or roads.This is such a widespread area under a total fire ban today, is this unusual at this time of year?No, it's not unusual to see these total fire bans at this time of year, we are only now a week oi way from the statutory bushfire danger eerd but it's not unusual especially in September to see these warm westerly winds move through. It is a timely reminder if you haven't done your bushfire survival plan you need to do that planning and preparation now before we head into those hot months of summer.What do you expect over the next couple of days? Do you expect conditions to ease at all?Over the next 24-48 hours there is the chance that temperatures may come down a bit but looking further into the week there is the possibility of some stromg winds again. Ifl tonight forecast there is no real amount of money so that's what we're looking forward to, when that rain can move through and givis a bit of a break so meanwhile we're asking the public's assistance here, remain vigilant, remain prepared until we see the worst of this fire weather through.Inspector Ben Shepherd from the Rural Fire Service, thank you for your time afternoon.Thank you.Time now for sport with Sacha Mirzabegian and big change for Socceroos?It's timely one though, Socceroos coach Holger Osieck has dumped goalkeeper #2345sh8 squad, the Australian Mark Schwarzer from the #2345sh8 team will take on Canada and team France next month in two team will take on Canada international France next month international friendlies, now, 20-year-old international friendlies, 20-year-old Jackson Irvine a surprise inclusion after showing form a surprise showing form for the young Socceroos and a Scottish Holger Osieck Socceroos and a Holger Osieck has named two keepers to replace Mark Schwarzer. A best on ground performance in the final round of the AFL season has helped Ablett win his second Brownlow medal. The Gold Coast captain polled 28 votes in the best and fairest count to win the league's highest individual honour. He received three votes in the last round to leap frog Joel sell wod and Dane Swan.I walked into the night pretty relaled. I didn't really have any expectations, I thought if I walk away with its it's great if I don't I'll St still walk out with a smile on my face but I thought I was in with a chance and it depended on how well some of the guys polled and lucky enough to get up my vote in the end.It has been very different. I'm sure it's going to be over the next couple of days as well but I guess I haven't got a game to prepare for which is going to give me an opportunity to catch up with family and celebrate with them which I'm really looking forward to and I'm sure - I think my dad is going to drive up today. When it comes to individual awards you'd say yes but it's very hard to compare yearsment we won eight games this year compared to three in the previous two years, and I think as a team we're playing a lot better so that makes it easy to play well as an individual when your team-mates are so I've really enjoyed the year, superproud of the boys' efforts this year.Team US continues to upstage Team New Zealand in the race for the America's Cup. The Kiwis held an 8-1 lead but their opponents have fought back and are now within their opponents have back and are now within an unlikely back and are now unlikely win.It's been days since team New Zealand moved one race win from victory and one race with conditions favourable the latest day of America's Cup racing got under way. The start's always critical and the sailing gods were start's always critical sailing gods were again with
the US who positioned themselves nicely on the approach.So the Kiwis got lower, look to be in the prime position and just like that, Jimmy Spithill and company accelerate at the line and they are the first ones to mark number one.The Kiwis have been tactically outmanoeuvred over the last few days despite winning the first six of seven races and the trend continued in the race as Team New Zealand turned the first mark trailing their opponent, just.What a shot. We have a really close sail boat race.These boats are 72 feet long and are the world's fastest and they're providing action packed racing and a contest worthy of this great race.Look at the speed. The Americans travelling at about 30 knots, the Kiwis schedule,
behind.Down under clear your schedule, we will be racing on Tuesday. Oracle team USA get the win.It's the American's fifth win in a row and they themselves are three away from hoisting one of sport's oldest trophies. This a comeback that note a single person in the world, never mind di hard fans in the United States could even have predicted.We're here to race, that's what it's all about and we can't wait, we want to get into it.Spithill's never say die Aussie attitude could be talked about more in the days to come.Matt Bowen has signed a one year deal with Wigan Warriors in the Super League. Meantime Souths forward Roy Asotasi says his side is refusing to look ahead of the grand final qualifier against Manly this Friday. Sea Eagles centre Jamie Lyon was te after suffering
declared he'll be fit to play after suffering a leg injury last week. Greg Inglis is also under an injury cloud despite having the week off. The Rabbitohs fell short in the preliminary final last year and Roy Asotasi says it's that experience that's helping the team focus this week.Last year we fell short of the grand final, so that's whier with not going too far ahead and all it takes is going to be 80 minutes, it could be all over and for us it's just day by day and making sure that preparations, everything and what we need to work on, the week off did us a whole lot of good for a lot of guys that were trying to get over nigglesIn cricket England has announced their squad for the upcoming Ashes series N Australia Alistair Cook will captain the touring team which includes Boyd Rankin and Ben Stokes, Gary Ballance the Zimbabwean born batsmen is one of the surprising inclusions with Michael Carberry, Monty Panesar and Chris Tremlett also named. England has won the last three Ashes serieses clue a 3-nil win over Australia in this year's series in England and that's the late necessary sport.How does this work, will Australia now build their team according to the team that England's now...Look, that is a good point because you can only prepare your team in comparison to the opponents but then again they'll have to got to stick with the stick to a got to stick with the same
team, they still got to team, they still haven't done
that. got to stick with the same
team, they that. Consistency.They're
going to win it 3-nil, the Aussies,y is know it.A precious ring once owned by Jane Austen is to remain in the UK following a highly publicised campaign. The ring was boigts by a American singer Kelly Clarkson but she has agreed to give it up.One ring, two women, three centuries of history. It first belonged to Jane Austen and was passed down through her family. #Last year the American pop singer Kelly Clarkson who liked it so much she wore a replica paid £150,000 for the original at auction. But fearing a major work of art would be lost to Britain, an export ban was imposed. The Austen museum in Hampshire then campaigned to match the funds to keep it and now they've succeeded.Amazing and very grateful to everyone who has donated large or small Clarkon
and grateful also to Kelly Clarkon because without the publicity of it belonging to that young lady I don't think we would have ever been able to raise that much so
quickly.It's here at chorton in the final eight years of her life that Jane Austen wrote life that Jane Austen wrote or revised all her major novels. It's also where the ring will finally be returned in time for Valentine's Day of next year. But saving art through export bans can be controversial. These two pieces were kept, but this pair by George Stubbs are still being challenged by foreign buyers.If we stop worries about whether works like that are drifted off aboard it would be the same as stopping worries about our culture itself so yes it does matter.We don't know what Jane Austen thought of her ring as she wrote here, but Kelly Clarkson is set to be happy it's staying in Britain. A little bit of pride, sense and persuasion combining to keep it here.And let's check tomorrow's weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon.The two main weather systems at the moment, a cold front moving through the south-west with showers and gusty winds, it's making its way into the Bight and also a trough that's taking that very hot ware over towards Queensland and NSW. There is a slight change behind that with sors expected to move mainly along the NSW south coast a weak front to cross Tasmania and deepening fronts over the next couple of days, weth and Thursday we are expecting heavy rains over Tasmania. A high is also contributing to the extreme bushfire risk throughout Queensland from the channel council across the southern interior and to the granite belt and also a total fire ban for NSW from the north-east down to Sydney.

The top stories from ABC News - The top - the axed Climate Commission is being revived, sacked Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery has relaunched its as Flannery has relaunched its a privately funded Climate Council. The Abbott Government scrapped the body last week and one of its first policy changes, but Professor Flannery says he has received overwhelming public support to keep it going. Kenya's Foreign Minister has confirmed reports that theern Ms And Britons are among those who attacked the shopping mall in Nairobi I one man says two or three young American men and a British The
woman were among the attackers. The siege is still going on, at least 62 people have been killed. Rolf refusal is due to face a London court again in two weeks after a preliminary hearing on charges of indecent assault of under-age girls. The veteran entertainer faces nine counts of indecent assault dating back to the 308s, his lawyer has indicated that the 83-year-old will plead not guilty. And Gary Ablett has won his second Brownlow medal in a nail-biter. The Gold Coast captain was trailing his former Geelong team-mate Joel Selwood until the final round, Ablett picked up three votes giving him the best and fairest medal by just one vote. A new launched
Australian body has been launched to monitor climate change. Less than a week after the axing of the Federally funded Climate Commission, former Chief Commissioner Professor Flannery hasry launched the advisory body with a new name and a new funding model. The Climate Council as it's now called will be funded by public donations. One of the first tasks of Council will be to explain the
latest international report on climate change which is due out latest international report later this week. In the climate change which is due later this week. In the last 100 years there's been later this week. 100 years there's been an
increase in the global average temperatures of 0.8 degrees Celsius and further rises are project bid what is baffling scientists is that for the last 15 years, temperatures have not risen above 1998 levels. The air we breathe is changing, it now holds more warm of the warming gas carbon dioxide than it at any time in human history. And new records of temperature keep being set. Cop crops burned last year in America's hottest month every ever. In China, this summer people were desperate to keep cool in heat nah no-one had experienced. So how much is the planet warming? In this graph, the red area shows computer simulations of the global average temperature. The white line is what's actually been recorded. Temperatures rising recently until 15 years ago, for some reason, they paused,Decade on decade global warming is proceedings as expected. That said within the past 15 years we've seen little warming at the surface and that in itself is enough to tell us that the most extreme projections of warming over the next 20 or 30 years are looking less likely and that's clearly good news.One explanation is that the sun is giving off less heat. Another is that industrial pollution is reflecting the sun's rays. A third idea is that the oceans are warming, scientists have a network of devices that are measuring a rise in water temperatures .The deep ocean has without doubt warmed up since the 19 80s but the ocean is so vast that even a 100th of a degree temperature change is significant in terms of the impact that will have on the atmosphere above it.So there are several theories for why the warming of the planet has paused. The most plausible answer for many scientists does lie in the oceans with all of the different currents. But so farer the evidence from the deep is still pretty sparse, so at this stage no-one can be really sure. One blogger read by thousands every day has long raised questions about the man kind
pause. Andrew montford sense man kind is affecting the climate but says there's oso much the stiepts don't know.If they can't explain it they should say so and people will learn from that that there's a lot about the climate system that scientists don't understand, that's the truth and what's the public needs to know.A major report on climate change is due on Friday, the scientists will try to explain why temperatures have paused, while insisting that global warming in the long-term remains a dangerous threat.Kenya's security forces are still laying siege to a shopping mall in Nairobi where an unknown number of gunmen have killed 62 people. They're still holed up there. Sporadic gunfire and explosions have been heard and thick black smoke is billowing from the centre. 62 people have been killed and another 19 70 have been injured. There were thound of shoppers in the Westgate shopping mall when the gunmen struck, they were from all walks of life andhead many different nationalities. A terrifying experience for those who escaped and those still who trapped. Over the weekend as the death toll rose, it became clear that the victims of the attack were from all corners of the globe. This is a place where foreigners and Kenya's elite come to relax and to shop.The thick insulated roof protects from the equatorial sunAmong those found dead was Langbroek.We use nature as an ineration for our workA prize winning architect with joint British-Australian citizenship. The 33-year-old was partial to working on projects in Africa. His company today described him as -

Ross's Fay ONCE, pregnant with the couple's first child was killed alongside him. Elif Yavuz has recently met with Bill Clinton, through her work for the clienton health action initiative. Others confirmed have died include the ga anywayian have died include the anywayian poet, regarded as a literary royalty in his home nation. The Canadian Government has confirmed that one of its diplomats Anne marry Delauge was also aye among the dead, her husband Robert Monk was injured. With a number of casualties expected to rise, Kenyans continue to cue in their numbers donating blood. Tragic as it is, this incident has pulled Kenyans together.We are a multi-ethnic...President's President Uhuru Kenyatta announced on the weekend that his nephew was among the dead. He perished with his fiance. This is an atrocity that has united in grief the whole of Kenya as well as hundreds of families who have been affected around the world.As which heard in that report, one of the victims of the attack was Elif Yavuz who died alongside her partner Tasmanian architect Ross Langdon. Ms Yavuz had originally worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
former US President Bill Clinton has paid tribute to her, in a statement the Clinton family said, "We were shocked and terribly saddened to learn of the death of Elif Yavuz in a sensely attacks in Nairobi.

Gunmen have shot dead ten people including a 6-year-old girl in Mexico. The gunmen pulled up in a carror opened fire on a group of people in the city of Ciudad Juarez near the US border. The victims has been celebrating a baseball game and they weren't armed. The city has been the focus of intense violence in Mexico's drug wars. Despite hopes that Syria's chemical weapons will be destroyed, other less in
publicised threats are growing in the civil war. The international aid agency Save the Children says hunger is becoming a real problem as millions of Syrians are plunged into poverty.The war has gone on so long now Syrians aren't just fleeing the killing, they're also fleeing mounting poverty and even conflict's pushed 7 million poverty and even hunger. The people into poverty conflict's pushed 7 people into poverty and the UN says 4 million now need food aid. At the Zaatri refugee camp, ham ra a mother of four says they want starving before they left but they were forced to go without bakes like bread. She says family life was hit hard by prices which rose by as much as 500%. And her children were sometimes tired due to hunger. The chartive Save the Children is coordinating food deliveries for around 110,000 people here. Its Middle East director Australian Roger Hearn says children are especially hard hit when nutrition becomes an issue.Now to see people making choices life and death choices in some situation, about whether to stay or whether to go, based on issues such as hunger, it's really quite appalling.The UN says that in the past year alone the number of people who need aid inside Syria has shot up from 2.5 to 6.8 million. Despite the recent brur on the vexed issue of chemical weapons, there's still no deal on what aid agencies are long pushed for, a across
basic agreement to allow aid across Syria's frontlines.The muzly brotherhood appeal a decision to suspend its activities and seize appeal a decision its activities and seize all
its assets the ruling also allows police to arrest anyone taking part in protests organised by the group.This is the first major verdict against the Muslim Brotherhood. But the group wasn't represented in court. Most of its senior leaders are either in hiding or in jail. The judge ruled the Muslim Brotherhood shouldn't be involved in political activities and that it has danged national security and public safety. The case was brought forward by lawyers for a left wing secular party called Tagemo, the ruling bans the group from activities like charity work, transferring money and dealing in real estate. Their bank accounts will be suspended and assets frozen. TRANSLATION: The court didn't have any choice but to yield to people's demands, the group has alienated all political powers in Egypt.The Muslim Brotherhood says it will appeal the decision and claims it was politically motivated.It is a conare continuation of what is a military coup, leaders are doing now in Egypt. Any real Opposition...The ruling says protests organised by the Muslim Brotherhood will be banned. But demonstrations by the anti-coup alliance an umbrella organisation that includes the Muslim Brotherhood will be allowed to continue as lodge as they're peaceful. On the street, reaction to the decision was mixed.. TRANSLATION: This is the least they can do to them because their leaders went on the stage and predicted terrorism, bombs and gang war and this is what is happening in Egypt now.I'm against today's verdict. The people have seen a lot of violence in recent days but we shouldn't point fingers at the Muslim Brotherhood for everything. They're used as scapegoatsIn November another court is expected to consider dissofing the group. And there a separate case against its political arm, the freedom and Justice party. So with its leader on the run, and a major court decision against it, the Muslim Brotherhood is under pressure from all sides.Typhoon Usagi has killed at least 25 people since making Sunday.
landfall in southern China on Sunday. Winds of up to 1865km/h grounded flights and forced the closure of roads.It grew as a city because of its port and it was closest to the sea that made it vulnerable to Typhoon Usagi.A deadly combination of because of the massive storm and high because of a full moon. It saw the because of a full moon. the worst flooding from the because of a full moon. It saw typhoon, storm surge and rainfall, parts of the old city a day later are still flooded. This was China's deadliest typhoon of the year and as this city tries to clean up tens of thousands still don't have power. Wind ripped trees from their roots but it was water that was the most devastating. TRANSLATION: This is the worst flood in 30 years. I have never seen such a big flood.The Government gave us early warning of the typhoon, a lot of people were evacuated and they cleared the water very quickly.A cross the province hundreds were evacuated. The massive clean-up got under way on Monday. There was little sight of relief organisations or the Government, a local mobile phone company set up a free charge station. Some markets and shop were open mainly those with power allowing people to start off the new week the first after China's moon cake festival in mid-autumn. The end of which was disruchted for this province of 100 million because of thousands of cancelled flights and closed raillines. But for the people of this city, a hole day that left scars that will remain until next year. Rolf Harris has faced court in London on child sex offences. The Australian entertainer arrived with his wife and was flanked by a large media contingent. Mr Harris is accused of indecently assaulting two teenager girls in the 80s, he also faces four charges images of children. His lawyer has indicated the 38-year-old will plead not guilty. A 20-year-old learner pilot has died in a plane crash in western Victoria. The NSW man was taking part in a night circuit class when he crashed about 6 kilometre north of Hamilton airport. His fellow students witnessed the accident but the flying school says it's too early to determine the cause.The investigation in accident
relation to the cause of the accident has commenced and details will be released in due course. We're very upset as his family would be and as our family is at the company.The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will investigate the crash. Police are searching for a group responsible for two armed holdups in Sydney overnight including one at a North shore cinema. Four men stormed the complex shortly after 8pm.Movie I goers got a little more drama than what they expected here on Sydney's north shore last night when around 8 o'clock four people one armed with a machete and one with a shotgun stormed the cinema demanding cash from staff and terrorising the patrons. Luckily no-one was injured but the four people did get away in a 2003 blue Nissan pulsar which has been stolen from a neighbouring suburb just a couple of hours earlier. Torj we spoke to one witness who was walking past the cinemas last night and found a $20 bill left
which one of the robbers had left behind on the pave. She's handed it ointo cinema staff to find that it has been Ronned.I thought someone has when they're cleaning out their wallet, it was right next to the rubbish bin so I just took counter
it inis sad and put it on the counter and that's when they said they'd been robbed so the poor people in there are very shaken up.Police are investigating how that blue Nissan pulsar was again used in a second robbery in Sydney last night, in this time at Revesby in Sydney's south-west where a motel was held up and cash and cigarettes were demanded that car has been found in Sydney's west where it's been burnt out. That's been taken in for forensic examination and police will use CCTV footage as well as the forensic evidence to try and track down these robbers.Let's take a look now at the business news with Kathryn Stolarchuk and markets in the red this afternoon?It sure is. The share market is down and losses are prey much across the board. The All Ordinaries is currently down around half a percent and the ASX 200 has lost roughly the same mount.

Kathmandu Holding has lifted its full year profit by almost 27%. The New Zealand and Australian listed retailer made a net profit of $39.79 million in the 12 months to the end of June. The company increased its number of soror stores by 16 during the year which helped lift revenue by 10% compared to the same period last year. Kathmandu shares have shot up since the announcement, they're currently 11% higher. Struggling smartphone Maccer Blackberry has agreed to a buy out by a consortium of invests. The group is led by Canadian insurance firm Fairfax Financial Holdings, and it's offering $9 per share in cash, that's a 3.1% premium on Blackberry's closing price at the end of last week.From market leader to also ran, Blackberry has all but conceded defeat in the race to mount a comeback in the smartphone stakes. The company that launched the hand-held revolution has struggled to claw back market share from the likes of the Apple iPhone and sams you know Galaxy. Its shares were sent into a tail spin last Friday when Blackberry warned of a massive quarterly operating loss of around a billion dollars. It announced 4500 more job cuts, in a bid to third of its global in a bid to stem the losses . But the results left Blackberry with no choice. The buyer to emerge is its potential savour is Fairfax Financial Holdings limited, a Canadian firm headed by billionaire Water is. Also the deal is not final and the... Analysts say taking Blackberry private would allow the company to reorganise without being under the glare of Wall Street investors. Following its is disastrous earnings warning on Friday they said tafts deal that had to happen and probably the only way out for investors.The Blackberry 10 series launched in January fell flat, failing to rez regulate the company's flat flagging fortunes.The I think the channel just fold, people are obviously aren't selling as manied a they would like to say took a huge inventory rightdown too, they took an upper $t00 million writedown on inventoryThe Fairfax deal will at least but
provide some breathing space but analysts say that could be the end game for Blackberry to see if it can be reinvented as a niche supplier of phones to Governmentses and customers.Apple has sold 9 million of its new iPhone millions in the three days since it was officially released. The company says sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C have beaten those of previous new phones, it says demand for the 5 S has outstripped supply. Apple shares rose almost 6% before falling back to h% higher. The company says it expects its fourth quarter sale b to be close to $37 billion. Business activity in the Eurozone has grown at its fastest pace in more than two years. The market composite mur Christmasing manager's index showed strong growth in September. The pace of growth was greater than many had predicted. The data provides is coming out
further the evidence Eurozone is coming out of recession. The ream's GDP grew by 0.3% in the second quarter. And European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has opened the door to expanding the ECB's lending lifeline to banks. Mr Draghi says the ECB is ready to offer bank morse long term loans to keep short-term market interest rates in check and safe guard the Eurozone's fragile recovery. Since late 2011, the ECB has pumped $1.thief trillion in three year loans to00 of banks, easing demands on traditional interbank funding marks. Meanwhile the EU's chief policimaker Olli Rehn has reiterated the need for a firm to spur are supporting member States for a firm to spur growth.They are supporting member States in
terms terms of advancing their active labour terms of advancing labour market policies, the employment labour market policies, employment services, the fundamental issue is that oak we need to have a stronger growth in Europe and that's where our policies are aimed at for sustainable growth and bigger employment.And the ECB backed up the growth agenda confirming there will be no short-term change to its followsy of keeping interest rates at current record low leaves. And I'll be back with another another look at the market later this afternoon.If you're a fan of Wallace and Gromit you will love this story. What starteded a a simple idea to raise money for a Bristol cleerp's hospital has surpassed all expectations.He went walkies for is the summer, 80 giant Greg Combetitingst dotted all over brirsial, the challenge was to try to find them all. Now, before their auctioned off for charity, there's one final dog show. Gromits and people have been queuingtor up to eight hours to get inside.His clooeky smile, he's just funny.Each's smiling and laughling and everywhere you look is smiling faces.You've come hundreds of miles for this?I know.I hope it's worth it?It will be. I've paid cleared me camera album off me phone.Joe found almost all of them during the summer but now wants to see the last for
one. Has it become an obsession for you, this?No. Yes, it has. I've taken my little brothers and my nephews around, they love it.Who love us it more, them or you?Me.The Wallace and Gromit films are made in Bristol and their Oscar winning creator can't believe the public response.I have to pinch myself and think did I have something to do with this, at
this plastacine dog that I made at college has come to this.8,000 people have already registered to buy a Gromit in next month's action. Joe last one.And here's Vanessa O'Hanlon with the tomorrow's weather. The two O'Hanlon with the weather. The two main weather systems at the moment a cold weather. The front moving through systems at the moment front moving through the
south-west with showers and fusy winds, south-west with fusy winds, its making its way into the Bight and also a trough that's taking that very hot air over towards Queensland and NSW, there is a straight change behind that with southerlies expected to move painly along the NSW coast coast a weak front to cross Tasmania and deepening fronts over the next couple of day, Wednesday and Thursday we are expecting heavy rains over Tasmania, a high is also contributing to the extreme bushfire risk throughout Queensland from the channel country across the southern interior and to the granite belt and also a total fire ban for NSW from the north-east down to Sydney. In if Queensland today -

Weir scppting a news conference from the Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull sometime in the next hour. We will bring it to you when it happens but stay with News 24 now we bring you the latest on the day's top stories with Nicole Chettle. Captions by CSI Australia

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Live.The military moves in as the siege at a Nairobi shopping mall enters its fourth day. Millioning at risk of starvation in Syria's civil war. Rolf Harris appears in court to face charges of child sexual abuse. And the son is a gun, Gary ablow junior wins a second Brownlow Medal.The siege at a shopping mall in nie fourth day with
- Nairobi has entered its fourth day with a number of unknown gunmen holding out against security forces. 62 people have been killed so far, mostly shoppers gunned down by the Islamic militants. the
Authorities believe the last of the hostages has