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Live.New life for the axed Climate Council, relaunched as the community funded climate council.The overwhelming volume of support from the public was what really made us decide on this.Kenya's security forces close in on a group of terrorists holed up in a Nairobi shopping mall. Rolf Harris appears in court to face charges of child sexual abuse. Brownlow
And Gary Ablett wins his second Brownlow medal by just one vote.Good afternoon, you're watching News 24. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Let's take a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation for tomorrow -

Lesses are continuing on the local share market with declines across the board. Both the All Ordinaries and the ASX 200 are down half a percent. Less than a week ago the new Government axed the Climate Commission with immediate effect. Today its former Chief Commissioner Tim Flannery has relaunched the advisory body with a new name and a new funding model. The Climate Council as that's now called will be funded by public
donation, Professor will be funded donation, Professor Flannery
says the will be funded by public
donation, Professor says the new body is already enjoying strong enjoying strong support.We're well known to the public, so we are going to continue on in a new organisation which will be funded by donation. We went live at midnight and we had our first donation from James from Perth of $15 at midnight. We've been raising about $1,000 an hour since then and that's through night. I can assure people that we will not allow our independence to be