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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live.The miltary moves in as the siege as a Nairobi shopping mall enters its third day. Millions at risk of starvation in Syria's civil war.Rolf Harris appears in court to face charges of child sexual abuse.And the sun is - son is a gun, Gary Ablett Jr wins a second Brownlow Medal. The siege at a shopping mall in Nairobi has entered its 4th day with an unknown number of gunmen still holding out against Kenya's security forces. 62 people have been killed so far, mostly shoppers gunned down by the Islamic militants. Authorities believe the last of the hostages have been freed. Heavily armed police are systematically securing the building but a final showdown could be looming. The ABC's Martin Cuddihy reports from Nairobi.The final push to save the remaining hostages. GunfireA series of explosions shook the Westgate shopping mall.Troops took cover as the firing intensified. Kenyan authorities blame the attackers for the thick column of smoke that can be seen for kilometres.We have done a search of the building and we can confirm that the hostage s, almost all of them have been evacuated.The explosions and gunshots were part of an operation to rescue more hostages. It's understood two militants were killed during this most recent attack.We also want to confirm that we have identified and killed two criminals, two terrorists.This is as close as we've been allowed to get. We've just heard a series of explosions and some automatic gunfire coming from just mind me there. It feels like this is about to come to a conclusion.While the smoke billowed crowds of onlookers gathered. Among the many faces was a man who told us the militants tried to kill him.I saw he was aiming directly at me with their machine gun. The bullet passed across my head where I was coming from.Al Shabaab had promised to kill the hostages if the Kenyan troops attacked. As yet no-one knows if that happened.The siege has been going on for close to 3 days now and pressure is mounting on the authorities to resolve it. The Tasmanian Parliament has paid tribute to a locally born architect and his partner who died in the Nairobi shopping centre attack. Ross Langdon died alongside his pregnant girlfriend Elif Yavuz when the shopping centre was stormed by militants. Mr Langdon was working in Africa on cultural projects while Ms Yavuz worked for the Clinton health initiative based in Tanzania.They were both highly regarded and respected as people who had dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world through their work in developing countries. The world has lost 2 remarkable young people who had so much to contribute.The former US president Bill Clinton has also expressed his sympathies to the family. In a statement describing Ms Yavuz as brilliant, dedicated and deeply admired by her colleagues. The couple was expecting their first child in a fortnight. World leaders have descended on New York for the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly. With Australia currently holding the rotating presidency of the Security Council, it's also an early test for the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Jane Cowan reports.The stepping out on the world stage. It was a whirlwind of a first international foray for Australia's newly minted Foreign Minister representing the Abbott Government at the world's single biggest gathering of heads of state.It's been quite a journey to get here but now I've really got the bapttism of fire, haven't I?There were back to back meetings including with Iran, China, and Indonesia where the campaign to stop the boat was on the agenda.Our relationship with India is much broader than the un issue of bore border tro text. Julie Bishop spoke as Australia's first female Foreign Minister but as for the cabinet... Not as many women as we would have liked but we have a talented pool from which to draw in the future. As the General Assembly convenes the dilemma of how to force a plan to rid Syria of chemical weapons looms large. All eyes too are on the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani amid signs of a thaw in relations with the US and hopes the moderate new leader might be open to curtailing his country's nuclear program. TRANSLATION: We will introduce the real face of the Iranian nation to the world, a nation that loves culture and peace.In terms of whether we're on the verge of a breakthrough I would put it like this, that I was struck, as I've said, by the energy and determination that the Foreign Minister demonstrated to me. With so many international issues at a critical juncture, it could well be one of the most pivotal General Assembly meetings in re cent memory. Despite hopes that Syria's chemical weapons will be destroyed, other less publicised threats are growing in the civil war. The international aid agency Save the Children says hunger is becoming a problem as millions of Syrians are plunged into poverty. Matt Brown reports from the Zaatri refugee camp in northern Jordan.The war has gone on so long now Syrians aren't just fleeing the killing, they're also fleeing mounting poverty and even hunger. The conflict's pushed 7 million people into poverty and the UN says 4 million now need food aid.At the Zaatri refugee camp Hamra, a mother of 4, says they weren't starving before they left but they were forced to go out basics like bread.She says family life was hit hard by prices which rose by as much as 500% and her children were sometimes tired due to hunger.The charity Save the Children is coordinating food deliveries for around 110,000 people here. Its Middle East director, Australian Roger Hearn, says children are especially hard hit when nutrition come s an issue.Now to see people making choices, life and death choices, in some situation about whether to stay or whether to go based on issues such as hunger, it's really quite appalling.The UN says that in the past year alone the number of people who need aid inside Syria has shot up from 2.5 to 6.8 million. Despite the recent breakthrough on the vexed issue of chemical weapons, there's still no deal on what aid agencies have long pushed for - a basic agreement to allow aid across Syria's front lines.The Australian Climate Commission axed by the Federal Government has relaunched as a privately funded body. Rebranded as the Climate Council, organisers say it will continue to provide independent and accurate information about climate change and how that will affect Australians.Now Professor Will Steffen joins me now. Professor, what message do you think the Government is sending by axing the previous body so soon after the election? Well, I think we think we're playing a very important role in providing that authorityive, independent information. So we're keen that we want to continue to do that regardless of which government's in power or which views they have. We think it's important in a democracy that people on such a complex issue as climate change do have access to authorityive, independent, unbiassed information and that's what we aim to provide.The Government has said you're not conducting any new research yourself and that as a result perhaps it's not necessary? Well look, I think it's a very big leap from some of the research we do, which is very complex, full of jargon, full of quantitative information, to information that's accessible to the Australian public and in a modern democracy people are asked to make judgments, they vote, they form opinions on pollty and to do that in a democracy you need to have information that's accessible. So we're providing that bridge between what my colleagues do and what I do when I have a bit of time to the public and what they need to know. So there are already a number of privately funded groups talking about climate change, why did you feel it necessary to add this body into the mix? We're actually different from most of the others because when you look around the landscape most of them run campaigns, they have some form of advocacy, they're pushing a position and there is obviously roles for that in a democratic country. But we think there's a niche, a role for someone who isn't pushing any position, we don't do campaigns, we don't take positions on government policy or opposition policy. Our role is simply to provide the unbiassed authorityive information and we found that was a gap that needed to be filled. Professor Will Steffen, thank you for coming in today.My pleasure, thanks, Nicole.One of the first tasks of the Climate Council will be to explain the latest international report on climate change due out later this week. In the last 100 years there's been an increase in the global avernl temperature of 0.8 degrees Celsius and further rises are projected but what's baffling scientists is for the last 15 years temperatures haven't risen above 1998 levels.The air we breathe is changing. It now holds more of the warming gas carbon dioxide than at any time in human history. And new records of temperature keep being set.Crops burned last year in America's hottest month ever.In China this summer, people were desperate to keep cool in heat that no-one had experienced.So how much is the planet warming? Well in this graph the red area shows computer simulations of the global average temperature. The white line is what's actually been recorded. Temperatures rising recently until 15 years ago for some reason they paused.Decade on declade global warming is proceeding as expected. That said, within the past 15 years we've seen little warming at the surface and that in itself is enough to tell us that the most extreme projections of warming over the next 20 or 30 years are looking less likely and that's clearly good news.One explanation is that the sun is giving off less heat. Another is that industrial pollution is reflecting the sun's rays. A third idea is that the oceans are warming. Scientists have a network of devices that are measuring a rise in water temperatures.The deep ocean has, without doubt, warmed up since the 1980s but the ocean is so vast that even a hundredth of a degree temperature change is significant in terms of the impact that that will have on the atmosphere above it.So there are several theories for why the warming of the planet as paused. The most plausible answer for many scientists does lie in the oceans with all of the different currents. But so far the evidence from the deep is still pretty sparse. So at this stage no-one can be really sure.One blogger read by thousands every day has long raised questions about the pause. An - Andrew Montford accepts mankind is affecting the climate but there's so much the scientists don't know.If they can't explain it then they should say so and people will learn from that there's a lot about the climate system that scientists don't understand. That's the truth and that's what the public needs to know.A major report on climate change is due on Friday. The scientists will try to explain why temperatures have paused while insisting that global warming in the long-term remains a dangerous threat. Well there's no doubt that it's been a much hotter than usual start to spring in NSW and a very early start to the fire season. A total fire ban is in place across much of northeastern NSW where a number of grassfire s are under control. RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers joins me now. Your crews have already tackled bushfires this season. What's the situation across the State today? Well, look, at the moment there's a lot of cloud cover that's starting to burn off in the northern part of the State and particularly in the Hunter and now we're starting to see the winds increase as predicted. The Bureau of Meteorology are still predicting high temperatures and strong winds this afternoon until late afternoon and that will start to affect obviously western Sydney, the Hunter and northern parts of the State. So I guess for a few hours this afternoon we're going to get quite a severe fire danger and obviously that's where we need people to be very vigilant for the remainder of this day and make sure they use this opportunity to do a bushfire survival plan and take this as a forewarning of the summer to come.We've had some quite hot weather recently as well as some rain, is that a dangerous combination in the lead up to summer? Well, certainly into those grassland areas, areas particularly west of the divide or even east in some of those more rural areas where you've got the grass growth that's been fueled by that rain. Certainly that's not good for summer. But of course we need to remember that farmers need this rain as well so obviously we welcome the rain for them but it obviously brings with it an enhanced fire danger.Last year was particularly devastating in some parts of NSW, can we expect more of the same this year? Well, I guess what we do as a fire agency and a collection of fire agencies is we prepare for the worst and obviously hope for the best. So we we're hoping that we don't get that level of devastation but we're preparing obviously ourselves for a very difficult and long fire season and we will be most welcome though if that does change and it rains.Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers best of luck and thanks for joining us.Thank you.Rolf Harris has indicated he will plead not guilty to child sex offence charges. The internationally renowned artist and singer faced court for the first time after being interviewed by British police last year.Europe correspondent Mary Gearin reports from London.It was to be just a brief appearance but guaranteed to make the headlines.Rolf Harris faced court and dozens of cameras.The 83-year-old walked slowly flanked by his wife and supporters making no comment.In the dock the veteran entertainer addressed the court only to confirm his name, address and date of birth.He faces nine charges of indecently assaulting 2 girls. One 14, the other aged between 15 and 16, relating to alleged events dating back to the '80s. Rolf Harris also faces 4 charges of making indecent images of a child last year.His lawyer indicated he will plead not guilty.Rolf Harris emerged again to face the media pack freed on bail under strict conditions, including an order not to approach 10 specific people who can't be named for legal reasons, nor can he meet with anyone under the age of 18 unchaperoned.Since the allegations have come to light, the entertainer has been replaced in a children's cartoon and his TV show has been removed from British screens.Now the cameras follow these legal reedings.The case has now been referred to a higher court. Rolf Harris is due to appear for a Crown Court hearing on October 7.10 people including a 6-year-old girl are dead after gunmen opened fire on a party in a house in northern Mexico. The victims were celebrating a win for their local baseball team when the gunmen armed with assault rifles stormed the home. Authorities say they have no motive for the attack which is one of the worst massacres in the region in re cent years. Ciudad Juarez was once considered the world's murder cappal and has been plagued by bloody turf wars between drug cartels. The captain of the 'Costa Concordia' has blamed his Indonesian hels helmsman for running the ship into the rocks. Francesco Schettino has told a court that his junior officer steered right when he was told to turn left. Schettino's argument was rejected by an expert witness who said the ship would have hit the rocks anyway. The man dubbed Captain Coward in the Italian media is facing multiple charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. Underwater robots have resumed the search for two people still missing in the tragedy.

The man accused of being the ringleader in the Victorian soccer match fixing scandal has been denied bail.He's been charged with fixing 5 matches involving the Southern Stars club. Danny Morgan is at court. Danny, why was bail refused today? Well, Nicole, police opposed bail on the grounds that Subramaniam was a flight risk and he might interfere with witnesses in the case but the reason he was refused bail was his legal team couldn't find suitable accommodation. They gave police several addresses to check out and one of them turned out to be a place in the seaside town of Torquay, not far from Melbourne, and apparently police allege today that that place was being arranged by a Malaysian national running under - who goes under the alias Kumar who they believe is a senior figure in this match fixing syndicate that they're investigating. So in the end the magistrate refused bail but she did say that Subramaniam could reapply if his legal team could find some suitable accommodation. And interestingly she was critical of the prosecution case against Subramaniam describing it at one point as vague. So what happens now? Well, Subramaniam returns to court on December 6. Also alongside him will be 5 coaccused, 4 players and the coach of the Southern Stars football club and that's the club that's at the centre of this match fix ing scandal in the Victorian Premier League. In the meantime police are continuing to investigate and they've raised the possibility of more arrests to come.Danny Morgan in Melbourne, thank you. Thanks, Nicole.A 20-year-old learner pilot has died in a plane crash in western Victoria. The NSW man was taking part in a night circuit class when he crashed about 6 kilometres north of the Hamilton airport. His fellow students witnessed the accident but the flying school says it's too early to determine the cause of the crash. The investigation in relation to the cause of the accident has commenced and details of this will be released in due course. I say again we're very upset as his family would be and his family is at the company. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will investigate the crash.Police are searching for a group responsible for two armed hold ups in Sydney overnight including one at a North Shore cinema. Four men stormed the complex shortly after 8pm. Moviegoers got a little more drama than what they expected here at Roseville cinema on Sydney's North Shore last night when around 8, four people stormed the cinema demanding cash from staff and terrorising the patrons. Luckily no-one was injured but the four people did get away in a 2003 blue Nissan Pulsar which had been stolen from a neighbouring suburb just a couple of hours earlier. This morning we spoke to one witness who was actually walking past the cinemas last night and found a $20 bill which one of the robbers had left behind on the pavement. Now she's handed it in to cinema staff to find that the cinema had been robbed. Here's a little of what she had to say.I thought someone had, you know, when they're cleaning out their wallet, it was right next to the rubbish bin so I took it inside and put it on the counter and that's when they said they'd been robbed. So the poor people in there are very shaken up.Now police are investigating how that blue Nissan Pulsar was again used in a second robbery in Sydney last night, this time Revesby in Sydney's south-west where a hotel was held up and cash and cigarettes were demanded. That car has been found this morning in Sydney's west at Westmead where it's been burnt out. That's been taken in for forensic examination and police will use CC TV footage as well as the forensic evidence to try to track down these robbers.Let's take a check now of the markets and here's Kathryn Stolarchuk and the struggling smart phone maker Blackberry has agreed to a buy out? That's right. Blackberry has agreed to sell itself for $4.7 billion to a consortium of investors. The group is led by a Canadian insurance firm called Fairfax Financial Holdings. It's offering $9 per share in cash and plans to take the company private. Blackberry has been struggling for years with falling sales and it's forecasting a $1 billion loss this financial year.And how is the broader market looking? Not too good. Local stocks are lower again today dragged down by poor leads from overseas markets overnight.

Federal Reserve officials threw more doubt on when it would cut stimulus.

The Brownlow Medal favourite Gold Coast Gary Ablett has won the AFL's best and fairest award for the second time. Ablett finished on 28 votes to claim the medal. Geelong captain Joel Selwood was the leader until the final round, one point ahead of Collingwood's Dane Swan. But Ablett picked up 3 votes for his game against GWS to clinch the prize. And Team USA continues to up stage Team New Zealand in the race for the America's ku. The Kiwis held an 8-1 lead but their opponents have fought back and they're now well within sight of an unlikely win.It's been days since Team New Zealand moved one race win from victory and with conditions favourable the latest day of America's Cup racing got under way. The start is always critical and the sailing gods were again with Team USA who positioned themselves nicely.So the Kiwis got lower, looked to be in the prime position and just like that Jimmy Spithill and company accelerated the line and they are the first ones to mark number 1.The Kiwis have been tactically outmanoeuvred over the last few days despite winning the first 6 of 7 races and the trend continued in this race as Team New Zealand turned the first mark trailing their opponent, just. What a shock, we have a really close sailboat race.These boats are 72 feet long and are the world's fastest and they're providing action packed racing and a contest worthy of this great race.Look at the speeds. They're travelling at about 30 knots, the Kiwis close behind. Clear your schedule, we will be racing on Tuesday. Oracle team USA gets the win. It's the American's 5th win in a row and they themselves are now 3 away from hoisting one of sport's oldest trophies.This is a comeback that not a single person in the world, never mind die-hard fans in the US could even have predicted.We're here to race so that's what it's all about and we can't wait. We want to get into it. Spithill's never say die Aussie attitude could be talked about more in the days to come.Now to sport and in cricket, England has announced their 17-man squad for the upcoming Ashes series that's going to be held in Australia. Alastair Cook will captain the touring team which includes newcomers Boyd Rankin and Ben Stokes. Gary Balance the Zimbabwean-born batsman is one of the surprise conclusions with Monty Panesar and Chris Tremlett also named. England has won the last 3 Ashes series including a 3-0 win over Australia in this year's series in England.The latest attempt to breed Adelaide Zoo's giant pandas has ended in disappointment. The panda's short breeding season is now over and keepers are considering whether the female needs a more mature sperm donor.It was the news everyone was waiting for, just not the outcome.This year's breeding season hasn't been successful.After 2 years of unsuccessful mating, the 72-hour window of opportunity for Wang Wang and Funi opened late last week. They tried but it didn't work and Funi was art officially inseminate ed. However that too failed.It was certainly very disheartening. We felt we'd done everything we could to get her to that sort of stage. Indications are that Wang Wang's sperm count is too low.The quality of the semen in volume, density, just wasn't quite good enough this year. But Wang Wang shouldn't feel emasculated. A low sperm count is common for young pandas. At 8 years old he's still relatively young and there's still hope future attempts will be more fruitful.There's been quite a few cases where pandas aren't really fully mature until they're about 14.But the zoo has a back up plan. It's entered discussions with its Chinese counterparts about importing another panda's sperm.It wouldn't be an easy journey because it required the Commonwealth Government's approval for importation. If it's not approved the zoo will attempt art official insemination with Wang Wang again next season.So let's hope we hear the pitter-patter of tiny panda feet very soon. For now let's take a look at the national weather and here's Vanessa.Cold fronts continue to batter the southwestern parts of the country. Another one crossing through WA and further ones tomorrow and again on Thursday. A weakening front passing over Tasmania. We'll have another front tomorrow, this will increase rain right across Tasmania and then a deep front with associated lows will pass Victoria and Tasmania on Thursday and this is due to bring some heavy rains to both Tasmania and Victoria. But for the rest of the country it has been a very hot September, particularly in parts of Queensland and NSW. A trough is continuing to draw that very hot weather from central Australia over into those two States. For Queensland today:

the risk of fires has moved up to extreme for the channel country, the southern interior and across to the granite belt and an entire fire ban for NSW from the north-east down through to Sydney.

A band of showers moving over the south coast of WA and those winds also strengthening throughout SA as the rain heads over towards Victoria and Tasmania and then on Thursday we'll have that deepening low pressure season.For Brisbane tomorrow:

And that's the news for now. We will of course have more on the Kenyan shopping mall siege that claimed the life of a Tasmanian and his pregnant partner in our next full bulletin. That's on ABC 1 at 5:30 this afternoon and don't forget there's news whenever you want it on ABC News 24 or you can go online and that address is'm Nicole Chettle, have a good afternoon.

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