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This Program is Captioned Live.The miltary moves in as the siege as a Nairobi shopping mall enters its third day. Millions at risk of starvation in Syria's civil war.Rolf Harris appears in court to face charges of child sexual abuse.And the sun is - son is a gun, Gary Ablett Jr wins a second Brownlow Medal. The siege at a shopping mall in Nairobi has entered its 4th day with an unknown number of gunmen still holding out against Kenya's security forces. 62 people have been killed so far, mostly shoppers gunned down by the Islamic militants. Authorities believe the last of the hostages have been freed. Heavily armed police are systematically final showdown could
securing the building but a final showdown could be looming. The ABC's Martin Cuddihy reports from Nairobi.The final push to save the remaining hostages. GunfireA series of explosions shook the Westgate shopping mall.Troops took cover as the firing intensified. Kenyan authorities blame the attackers for the thick column of smoke that can be seen for kilometres.We have done a search of the building and we can confirm that the hostage s, almost all of them have been evacuated.The explosions and gunshots were part of an operation to rescue more hostages. It's understood two militants were killed during this most recent attack.We also want to confirm that we have identified and killed two criminals, two terrorists.This is criminals, is as close as we've been allowed to get. We've just is as close as we've heard a series of and some automatic gunfire coming from just heard a series of explosions
and some coming from just mind me there. and some automatic gunfire coming from It feels like this is about come to a It feels like this is come to a conclusion.While the smoke billowed crowds come to a conclusion.While smoke billowed crowds of
onlookers smoke billowed crowds onlookers gathered. Among the many faces was a man who told onlookers gathered. Among us the militants tried to kill him.I saw he was aiming directly at me with their machine gun. The bullet passed across my head where I was coming from.Al Shabaab had promised to kill the hostages if the Kenyan troops attacked. As yet no-one knows if that happened.The siege has been going on for close to 3 days now and pressure is mounting on the authorities to resolve it. The Tasmanian Parliament has paid tribute to a locally born architect and his partner who died in the Nairobi shopping centre attack. Ross Langdon died alongside his pregnant girlfriend Elif Yavuz when the shopping centre was stormed by militants. Mr Langdon was working in Africa on cultural projects while Ms Yavuz worked for the Clinton health initiative based in Tanzania.They were both highly regarded and respected as people who had dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world through their work in developing countries. The world has lost 2 remarkable young people who had so much to contribute.The former US president Bill Clinton has also expressed his sympathies to the family. In a statement describing Ms Yavuz as brilliant, dedicated and deeply admired by her colleagues. The couple was expecting their first child in a fortnight. World leaders have descended on New York for the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly. With Australia currently holding the rotating presidency of the Security Council, it's also an early test for the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Jane Cowan reports.The stepping out on the world stage. It was a whirlwind of a first international foray for Australia's newly minted Foreign Minister representing the Abbott Government at the world's single biggest gathering of heads of state.It's been quite a journey to get here but I've journey to get here but now
I've really got the bapttism of back
fire, haven't I?There were back to back meetings including with Iran, China, and Indonesia where the campaign to stop the boat was on the agenda.Our relationship with India is much broader than the un issue of bore border tro text. Julie Bishop spoke as Australia's first female Foreign Minister but as for the cabinet... Not as many women as we would have liked but we have a talented pool from which to draw in the future. As the General Assembly convenes the dilemma of how to force a plan to rid Syria of chemical weapons looms large. All eyes too are on the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani amid signs of a thaw in relations with the US and hopes the moderate new leader might be open to curtailing his country's nuclear program. TRANSLATION: We will introduce the real face of the Iranian nation to the world, a nation that loves culture and we're on
peace.In terms of whether we're on the verge of a breakthrough I would put it like this, that I was struck, as I've said, by the energy and determination that the Foreign Minister demonstrated to me. With so many international issues at a critical juncture, it could well be one of the most pivotal General Assembly meetings in re cent memory. Despite hopes that Syria's chemical weapons will be destroyed, other less publicised threats are growing in the civil war. The international aid agency Save the Children says hunger is becoming a problem as millions of Syrians are plunged into poverty. Matt Brown reports from the Zaatri refugee camp in northern Jordan.The war has gone on so long now Syrians aren't just fleeing the killing, they're also fleeing mounting poverty and even hunger. The conflict's pushed 7 million people into poverty and the UN says 4 million now need food aid.At the Zaatri refugee camp Hamra, a mother of 4, says they weren't starving before they left but they were forced to go out basics like bread.She says family life was hit hard by prices which rose by as much as 500% and her children were sometimes tired due to hunger.The charity Save the Children is coordinating food deliveries for around 110,000 people here. Its Middle East director, Australian Roger Hearn, says children are especially hard hit when nutrition come s an issue.Now to see people making choices, life and death choices, in some situation about whether to stay or whether to go based on issues such as hunger, it's really quite appalling.The UN says that in the past year alone the number of people who need aid inside Syria has shot up from 2.5 to 6.8 million. Despite the recent breakthrough on the vexed issue of chemical weapons, there's still no deal on what aid agencies have long pushed for - a basic agreement to allow aid across Syria's front lines.The Australian Climate Commission axed across Syria's front lines.The
Australian Climate axed by the Federal Government
has Australian Climate Commission has relaunched as a privately funded body. Rebranded as the Climate Council, organisers say it will continue to provide independent and accurate information about climate change and how that change and how that will affect Australians.Now Professor Will Steffen joins me now. Professor, what message do you think the Government is sending by axing the previous body so soon after the election? Well, I think we think we're playing a very important role in providing that authorityive, independent information. So we're keen that we want to continue to do that regardless of which government's in power or which views they have. We think it's important in a democracy that people on such a complex issue as climate change do have access to authorityive, independent, unbiassed information and that's what we aim to provide.The Government has said you're not conducting any new research yourself and that as a result perhaps it's not necessary? Well look, I think it's a very big leap from some of the research we do, which is very complex, full of jargon, full of quantitative information, to information that's accessible to the Australian public and in a modern democracy people are asked to make judgments, they vote, they form opinions on pollty and to do that in a democracy you need to have information that's accessible. So we're providing that bridge between what my colleagues do and what I do when I have a bit of time to the public and what they need to know. So there are already a number of privately funded groups talking about climate change, why did you feel it necessary to add this body into the mix? We're actually different from most of the others because when you look around the landscape most
of them run campaigns, they have some form of them have some form of advocacy, have they're pushing a position and there is obviously roles for that in a democratic country. But we think there's a niche, a role for someone who isn't pushing any position, we don't do campaigns, we don't take positions on government policy or opposition policy. Our role is simply to provide the unbiassed authorityive information and we found that was a gap that needed to be filled. Professor Will Steffen, thank you for coming in today.My pleasure, thanks, Nicole.One of the first tasks of the Climate Council will be to explain the latest international report on climate change due out later this week. In the last 100 years there's been an increase in the global avernl

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