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Good morning. Thieves armed with a shotgun and a machete have terrorised patrons of two Sydney businesses overnight. They stormed a cinema in Roseville before holding up a hotel in Revesby later in the evening. We're live to our correspondent in Revesby. Was anyone hurt in the attacks? Fortunately, no. But what a terrifying night for the 20 moviegoers and staff who were threatened with a shotgun and a machete here last night at the Roseville cinema. Some moviegoers said to police that they thought it was a Halloween joke when four men stormed in to the cinema here on the Pacific Highway with their faces part nationaly covered just as the patrons were preparing to watch a couple of films. They've described to police that these thieves demanded they hand over cash, wallets and also mobile phones. They then fled in a stolen vehicle with a large sum of cash. It almost reads like a Hollywood script. One woman, who was walking by a short time later, said how she saw $20 notes fluttering down the street. She then went in to the cinema to see what was going on. Take a listen.Yeah, there was a guy in there. And yeah, it was a terrible thing to happen.Now, of course, the story doesn't end here. It's absolutely unbelievable. The same group of men have then held up another hotel, this is a hotel in Revesby, the Pacific Hotel. There, they threatened the hotel manager along with staff and managed to make off with cash and cigarettes as well. So quite a terrifying tale. Very disturbing. Do police have any leads yet?Well, unfortunately not as yet. The stolen vehicle, which the thieves from making their rounds in last night, was found torched and dumped at a reserve in Westmead. It's understood that the car was stolen from a residence a short time earlier in the evening in Lane Cove. People were back at the Roseville cinema today questioning residents and local business owners trying to find any leads in this case. We did speak to the Roseville cinema earlier today and the managers and staff here. Unnor thatly, they've said that they're not going to make any comment at this time. It's not the first time that this cinema has been held up. Back in 2007, the historic family-owned movie theatre was held up then. But today, police are still hunting the four thieves, and they're asking anyone with information to get in touch. Alright, thank you. Meantime, Queensland Police are investigating two armed robberies in the south-east overnight. The first was at Jamboree Heights Hotel where two men of Pacific Islander appearance threatened employees and customers with a knife and a rifle. They were wearing balaclavas and dark jackets and escaped with cash. A few hours later, a man armed with a hammer stormed in to a convenience store at Coolangatta. He threatened two employees and forced his way behind the counter before running off with money and cigarettes. One of Melbourne's main freeways was brought to a standstill by a dramatic car chase during this morning's rush hour. Tullamarine Freeway had to be partially closed as police pursued a car stolen from a McDonalds in the city's north- west. The 20-year-old driver tried to escape after crashing the vehicle but was eventually caught by officers on foot. We'll be live to our reporter, Seb Costello, for more on the story later in hour. A couple have been charged over the death of an infant girl on the Gold Coast. The child was taken to the Gold Coast Hospital yesterday but died a short time later. A 26-year- old man has been charged with murder and a 26-year-old woman charged with cruelty to children. Both will appear in Southport Magistrates Court later today. Veteran Australian entertainer Rolf Harris has vowed to fight child sex offence charges after fronting a London court last night. During a brief hearing, the 83-year-old indicated he will plead not guilty to all 13 offences. He's facing nine counts of indecently assaulting two girls back in the 1980s and four counts of making indecent images of a child. Later, we'll have more details from our Europe correspondent. Former US president Bill Clinton has paid tribute to the wife of an Australian architect killed in the Kenya terrorist siege. Tasmanian Ross Langdon and his pregnant, Dutch-born wife, Elif Yavuz, were aamong the victims. She worked at the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton says she's shocked and terribly saddened to hear of her death. It comes as Kenyan special forces are now clearing the Nairobi shopping centre where terrorist gunmen executed at least 62 people. A huge explosion... And an eruption of gunfire outgoing and incoming. The operation to end the shopping complex siege took a new and dramatic turn and the volleys of fire. Kenyan soldiers withdrew from the complex. Scampering to take cover in roadside ditches. Within minutes of the first blast, a huge column of smoke rose from the upper floors of the complex. The military say they breached the roof, but that al-Shabaab fighters set it ablaze. The government says it's clearing the building, releasing hostages and controlling the situation.Our gallant forces are in control. Our resolve to defend our country has never been higher. And we want to say that we will take the war to the criminal's doorsteps. This is our country. We are in control of the security situation.But the ferocity of the fighting from the very start of this always indicated a negotiated ending was unlikely. These pictures show the security forces entering the complex on Saturday. An initial engagement after the attack had started. Al-Shabaab says it will fight for as long as possible there and will wage terror on Kenya from now on. The government has indicated it is in control, but so far, it isn't. Fighting erupted again from two locations of the centre. People were running for cover. Others crouching behind walls as the exchange of fire intensified. Clearing this place was always going to be difficult, but fighting terrorists prepared to die makes it even harder. The operation to end this is under way, but there's no timeline. There can't be. Still overseas and it's the burning question in US politics - will Hillary Clinton make a run for the White House? The former Secretary of State has finally opened up revealing her plan. Ever since she stepped down from the State Department in January, it has been the question hanging over Hillary Clinton. And now, she is publicly admitting the blazingly obvious. In an interview with 'New York' magazine and asking whether she may run for president, she says, "I do, but I'm both pragmatic and realistic. I will continue to weigh the factors that would influence me to making a decision one way or another." If she runs, the polls show she's in a strong position to win her party's nomination, and even the general election, although it is ridiculously early in the game, of course.I only think that she will run if she thinks there is a high likelihood that she will win. If she thinks it will be a tough race, she won't run.In the meantime, Clinton says she's enjoying her new role - taking paid speaking gigs and joining the Clinton Global Initiative, which is now the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation. And providing a glimpse in to her power marriage, she says she's enjoying down time with her husband. She says:

Speaking of her husband, he spoke about his wife's potential candidacy on CNN this weekend.I think she would be the first to tell you that there's no such thing as a done deal, ever, by anybody. But I don't know what she's going to do.If you take her at her word, even Hillary doesn't know what she's going to do.

Plenty more to come on the Nine Morning News Hour. Including the hunt for two attackers who stabbed a man on the Gold Coast. Plus, the most powerful woman in our new Government arrives in New York for meetings with world leaders. And not one, not two, but 14 panda cubs steal the spotlight for their first public viewing in China.

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A on the cold coast says he was stabbed by two men when walking in a suburban street in Benowa this morning. The man was found outside a school this morning by a passerby. A section of the road was turned in to a crime scene. The victim was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital. Australia's new Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, is in New York for a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. Kenya and Syria are high on the agenda. Robert fend fold is there. On -- Penfold is there. On so many levels in the last few weeks, Julie Bishop has come a long way. From everyday politician in Australia to this morning as Foreign Minister on the streets of New York heading for the United Nations. Over five days, she'll have more than 35 meetings. She'll address the General Assembly and likely get a quick hello with President Obama and then chair all the all-important United Nations Security Council. The main topic at the UN was always going to be what the eventual role will be in containing the chemical weapons in Syria. Though now, that terrorist attack in Kenya has taken centre stage. Another issue for our new Foreign Minister to deal with.The fact that an Australian dual national was killed in this attack is a tragic reminder that global terrorism is still occurring and that we must do all we can to fight terrorism, and we extend our sympathy and our prayers to the family.There's a certain irony now, because when in Opposition, Bishop's party was critical of the amount of money and time the Labor government tried to spend to get a seat on the Security Council. Now as it turns out, this month is Australia's turn to chair the Council meaning that Julie Bishop will get a seat at the very top of the table.So we had an issue about the timing. And the amount of money that was spent on the bid, but, of course, we've always said that should Australia serve on the Security Council, we should do so with distinction, and that's what I aim to do.And then she was off to a UN-organised gathering of mainly twim. Timely, as she noted, that this group was trying to encourage more women to involve themselves in politics, while the same controversy boiled back in Australia. Royal watchers are in for a treat with news that Prince Harry is set to make his first official visit to Australia. The prince will be in Sydney next month. Natalia Cooper has more. If you want to catch a glimpse of the prince, you have to be by the harbour on Saturday, October 5. Prince Harry is a guest of honour at the Navy's International Fleet Review. There will be more than 40 warships and around 19 tallships, plus around 8,000 Navy personnel from around 20 countries. All on Sydney Harbour on Saturday, October 5. And Prince Harry will be there. He'll be onboard the HMSA -- HMAS 'Lewin'. The prince is expected to attend a reception at Kiribilli House with the Prime Minister. And on the visit to Australia, he will make a stop in Perth. This is Prince Harry's first official visit to Australia. He did come here on his gap year back in 2003, but this time, the 29-year-old prince will be representing the Queen. So royal watchers - get ready! Now, possibly the ultimate definition of cute - a collection of panda cubs have been shown to the cameras together for the first time since they were born. All 14 were artificially bred in China and entered the world between July and September. They're now being raised in a special breeding room at a research base. And while their keepers can't keep their eyes off them, it will be a while before the cubs get a glimpse of their new world. They won't open their eyes until around 100 days old, which makes them even cuter. Still ahead - the latest from court on the case against bund aburg surgeon Jayant Patel. Plus, fine out who the captain of the doomed 'Costa Concordia' is now blaming for the disaster. And all the frocks and the shocks from the red carpet at the This program is not captioned. Some people like strong tastes -
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Tomorrow - the man who skippered 'Australia two' to victory 30 years ago.And how to win three lux ruery apartments worth more than $1.5 million. Two high profile Queensland cases will be heard at a Brisbane court today. That of serial rapist Robert Fardon and Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel. Tessa Scott is at court. This morning, we're expecting to hear from one of Queensland's most notorious serial rapists, Robert Fardon, as to why he should be let out of prison. He took to the stand late yesterday and began giving his evidence. That will continue this morning. His promise to comply with the terms and conditions of a supervision order. We've also heard from a treating psychologist and psychiatrist who have given an insight in to Robert Fardon's mental state. One said while he's classed as a psychopath by Australian standards, his risk of committing rape is reduced because of his age. Another said that the risk is low to moderate. In court today, we're expecting to hear opening statements in the case of Jayant Patel - a former bun aberg doctor charged with the grievous bod ym -- former Bundaberg doctor charged with the grievous bodily harm of a patient. The trial began yesterday but the defence team were given special permission to pre- poll jurors because of the special events around the case in 2004 and 2005. That case took all day yesterday. Now the jury has been impannelled. We're expecting to hear more details of the case. The captain of the 'Costa Concordia' chuezship blamed his Indonesian helmsman for the accident that killed 32 people. He said that the crew member had failed to carry out his orders. The 52-year-old is also charged with abandoning ship, and, if convicted, could face up to 20 years in prison. Gary Ablett reaffirmed his status as one of the AFL's all-time greats by claiming his second Brownlow Medal. But the Gold Coast skipper says there's one more goal to achieve in his illustrious career - arguably the most ambitious. A Premiership with the Suns. Well, the morning after the night before and despite having only a few hours sleep, Gary Ablett Jr was still beaming in the wake of the second Brownlow Medal victory. Only moments ago, he was here at AFL Headquarters facing the media. Believe me - this is not an honour that he takes in his stride. Charlie is in the pocket tucked away. There we go, we'll put it on! In his victory speech last night, he made mention of two important people in his life. One of those is his father, Gary Ablett Sr.He sent me a text last night congratulating me and said, if we don't get a chance to talk tonight, I'm sure we'll chat today.And the other person that he made mention of was God. And this morning, he spoke openly about his deep faith.My dad's faith is important to him as well so I grew up going to church as a kid. And it is something that's been important to me for my whole life.So Gary Ablett will be heading back to the Gold Coast with the second Brownlow Medal safe in his keeping. But I've got to say, the other big winner was our own Rebecca Judd. She scored a ten out of ten with the experts for the red dress on the red carpet. There was plenty of competition out there, but Bec came up trumps with a ten out of ten. As Tony was saying, Gary Ablett may have walked away with the Brownlow, but as always, the night belonged to the wives and girlfriends. Christine Ahern has all of the details from the red carpet. Move over boys - it's your wives and girlfriends in the spotlight tonight as they show off their glamorous frocks here on the red carpet.I was a little bit nervous, but no, primarily, I'm here for G. So I'm all good.There's a bit of bling there?Blue sapphires and diamond and opal.I tried it on earlier so Jordan decided to go with that.I thought it was about time to wear read again.You're always a show stopper in red.It's a baby bump there! I heard there was going to be a lot of white there. It's nice to have fun.If you're going to be on the red carpet, you may as well stand out.A little bit risquee when I heard it was going to be punk, but it came up well.How long did it take you to get ready?Me, about two minutes. You can't do much with me.This is our seventh time coming along, so I just wanted something white and modern and comfortable. I'm really happy.When I rocked up, she came down the stairs and looked amazing.There is a little bit of pressure but you need to be relaxed with it and we're just here to support the boys.A bit daring?It is bold and bright and I love the blue. Love it.I thought we would have one component that was a feature.Why not, you can show it off.It's pretty good.Don't you love it?It was a secret almost like the wedding dress.Just a little bit daring but it is black, so I hope classic enough.How does she look?I've been asked this quite a few times. She looks perfect!We had it flown in from New York and I just love it.You like stealing the show a little bit on the red carpet, don't you?I don't mean to. It's different!As long as she's happy, I'm happy. What was with the traffic jam?It was like a cattle house or something!I thought that I knew the bouncer at the front, but unfortunately I didn't.Where are you from?Canada.What do you know about the Brownlow Medal?I Googled it about a week ago. He invited me to a party on a Monday night and I thought - sounds fun!

That's it until next year. Still to come - we're live to Melbourne after a dramatic car chase causes peak hour chaos. Plus, police hunt for a gang of armed men after a series of robberies in Sydney. And are they on again or off again? Shane Warne and Liz Hurley spotted together in London.

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Welcome back to the morning news hour. Aamong the top storys this hour - a man has been arrested after a dramatic police chase closed the Melbourne freeway at peak hour. A Gold Coast couple have been remanded in custody over the death of a 4-month-old baby girl. And cinemagoers have been threatened with a machete and a gun after a terrifying robbery in Sydney. No I will A dramatic car chase has caused hafbg -- a dramatic car chase has caused havoc on the Tullamarine Freeway. Seb Costello joins us now. Take us through what happened.Yes, a man has been arrested and traffic was stopped after a short and frantic police chase around 6am this morning. But it's the sequence of events that led up to that chase that's particularly concerning. Police are investigating two separate car thefts. The first at a McDonalds in nearby Essendon. It's then thought that the man involved in that car theft was involved in a second one. This time closer to Melbourne Airport. He's then used that car to drive back towards the city police have caught up with him on the Tullamarine Freeway around Matthews Avenue where the tyres of his car had been punctured. He was forced to abandon the car and continued to flee police. He was eventually arrested by police around the corner from that scene outside a bed store. Police say they're very, very concerned by this sort of behaviour given just how many drivers were on the road at this time.It's obviously very reckless and a high-traffic area. And the manner that he was driving was dangerous. It's something that we've had to intervene and manage to make sure that he didn't wros any wresings to anyone else in the community. -- didn't cause any accidents to anyone else in the community.By the time that officers caught up to him, the man was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he's recovering from ankle injuries as we speak.A man and a woman have faced court today after the sudden death of a baby girl on the Gold Coast. For those details, we're joined live by Libby Stone. What happened there?A 26- year-old man and a 26-year-old woman have both appeared here at Southport Magistrates Court this morning following the death of a baby girl yesterday. Now, the baby girl was taken to Gold Coast Hospital yesterday morning but died a short time later. Police charged the infant's father, a 26-year-old man, with murder. And a 26-year-old woman was charged with cruelty to children. Now, both appeared here in the Southport court this morning. It was a brief mention for the accused. Both were wearing handcuffs in the dock. The man is due to appear in court in November, while the woman's case was adjourned for two weeks for a bail application. Now, her legal representative declined to comment any further outside of court other than to say it is a shock for the family.Thank you for that. Police are searching for a group of men responsible for two separate armed robberies in Sydney overnight. A cinema and hotel were targeted less than two hours apart with the thieves making off with cash, cigarettes and personal items. We're live now to Airlie Walsh. And a stolen car has become a focal point of the investigation.That's right. The stolen car was found dumped and torched at a reserve in Westmead last night. It's understood that it was stomen from a home in Lane Cove earlier in the evening. Today, police will be forensically testing that for clues and evidence. But this really is a case that sounds like it is a horrifying and scary Hollywood film. Over 20 moviegoers were herorised with a shotgun and a machete last night when four armed robberies burst in to the Roseville Cinema at 8pm here on the Pacific highway brandishing the weapons. They demanded that the patrons and staff hand over mobile phones and wallets before they fled in that stolen vehicle with a large sum of cash. Now, the story doesn't end there. About 10pm, so a short time later, the same group of men then held up the Pacific Hotel in Revesby. There, they threatened the hotel manager along with customers of that particular venue. And they managed to flee once again with cash and cigarettes from that venue. Now, today, police returned to the Roseville cinema where they've been questioning residents, along with local business owners and asking anyone with any information to come forward. But we did speak to the cinema manager earlier today, and unfortunately, they're not going to be making any comment at this stage. But we understand that this is not the first time this this historic family-owned cinema has been held up. Back in 2007, they did undergo another horrifying and scary armed robbery back then. But at this stage, police are asking anyone with any information to come forward, especially anyone who may have seen the stolen blue Nissan Pulsar to get in touch.Thank you. The deadly and terrifying terrorist attack in the upscale mall in Kenya is finally coming to an end. Soldiers say they've cleared most of the Nairobi shopping centre and rescued the remaining hostages. At least 62 people were murdered in the siege. A moment of terror - parents clutch their children, running as fast as they could. Those small and scared faces, the frantic hugs. A Saturday shattered by the calculated attack. Explosions rang out. And today, more than 48 hours in to the siege, black smoke billowed. Authorities now say as many as 15 members of al-Shabaab, the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Somali terrorist organisation stormed the building on Saturday afternoon armed with guns and grenades. Some dressed as women. Near the main entrance, this man was working at a gourmet burger bar when the shooting began.I took the blood that I was covered with and I rubbed it on my face so that when they came there, they would see that I was dead.American Nick Handler was separated from his pregnant wife, who was shopping upstairs, when the shooting began. He rushed to find an exit, carrying his daughter, Julia, in his arms. All of a sudden, I heard a loud explosion followed by a few gunshots. I just immediately grabbed her and luckily was right by the door, and was able to sprint out.A few doors down, shoppers in the supermarket took cover among the shelves of food. Searching desperately for loved ones.It was inconsisant shooting. It was shooting on target. Because it was five times, and then, there was a silence for ten minutes. Then people were waking up - and then you continually heard shooting. While some militants hunkered down inside the supermarket, others made their way to upper floors. All the way to the roof where a children's cooking contest was under way. Tramp open leans were set up outside. Special forces descended on the mall, making their way to upper floors and engaging in gunfire with the terrorists and evacuating panicked shoppers down escalators with their arms in the air. Rescuing people in hiding, like this woman in an upstairs restaurant, who took cover inside an air vent. This American, Elaine Dang, was rushed to a local hospital.I just got out of surgery. I'm OK. I'm very grateful to be alive. Australia's new Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has joined world leaders in condemning the terrorist attack. She's currently in New York for talks at the United Nations. Kerrie Yaxley joins us now from Canberra. What has Julie Bishop had to say?Well, she said that although it seems unlikely that there are any more Australian victims of the attack, she said that she can't rule it out 100% at this stage. She also offered her sympathys and her prayers to the families of Ross Langdon and his wife, who was shot dead in the attack. Julie Bishop has warned that the fight against terrorism is still ongoing, especially given the fact that the group who claimed responsibility for it is linked to Al-Qaeda.We condemn it in the strongest possible terms - the fact that an Australian dual national was killed in the attack is a tragic reminder that global terrorism is still occurring and that we must do all we can to fight terrorism. Of course, the situation in Syria is high on the agenda for the UN General Assembly, and Australia is actually currently chairing the Security Council, which means that Julie Bishop could be playing a significant role in those talks on Syria. And she certainly hit the ground running since she arrived in New York. She's already held several meetings with some of her counterparts, including the Indonesian Foreign Minister, and it would have been great to be a fly on the wall for that meeting given that the Coalition's policy to turn back asylum seeker boats is very controversial there.And on that, the Greens are trying to put press Europe on the Coalition to reveal details about asylum seeker boats? That's right. So yesterday, the Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, revealed that the Coalition won't be telling us when or if the Navy turns a boat around at sea. He say it is is an operational matter. But the Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson -Young said that she'll use her party's position in the Senate to force the Coalition to reveal the details and more.We will force Tony Abbott to reveal information about turn arounds and other operations in relation to interceptions, because the Australian public have a right to know.Labor has a similar position, so this could end up being a showdown a senate committee in the future.Kerrie Yaxley in the Canberra Bureau, thank you. Rolf Harris has been granted bail and will plead not guilty to all 13 charges of indecent assault. Our Europe correspondent was at the court in London. A short walk to a waiting car made much slower by a media frenzy. Dozens of cameras fighting to take pictures of Rolf Harris, his wife and his family, as they left court. During a short hearing, the 83- year-old indicated that he was not guilty of the nine counts of indecent assault of two girls aged 14 and 15 dating back 30 years. And another four counts of making indecent images of children. The judge granted him bail, but with conditions. That he has no contact with any of the named witnesses, that he stays at home at nights, and that he is not left alone with children under 18. For so long, Rolf Harris has been one of the most popular entertainers, not just in Australia, but also in the United Kingdom. So whatever court he appears in in the future, it will be met with a similar media turnout. Rolf Harris faces ten years in jail if convicted of downloading child sex abuse images and the indecent' sault charges. He reappear at London's Southark court in two weeks. Angela Merkel has swept to victory in the German election. Her Conservative Party won 41.5% of the vote but finished five seats sort of an absolute majority in the lower house. She's now in negotiations with the social Democrats to form a coalition government. How is this for a lucky escape - a Lambourghini driver cashed in to the wall of a house in Brooklyn in New York. The sports car was literally torn in two after the high-speed collision when the driver swerved to avoid another vehicle. Yet, the driver was able to walk away. I hope he was insured! Queensland is bracing itself for more extreme weather with the hottest day of the year expected later this week. Our reporter, Sophie Walsh, is at Mount Cootha. Extreme heat on the way, but the city woke to a foggy start this morning?It is hard to believe given the blue skies behind me. But yeah, we did. It looked a lot like winter this morning. The thick fog swept in from the west settling across the city as well as the airport. Now, it stuck around until around 8am. It did disrupt some ferry services, but now it has burn off and we're faced with the beautiful day here in Brisbane. The temperatures are expected to hit 32 here in Brisbane. 30 on the coast. But firies are really focusing their attention on the Granite Belt and Darling Downs areas. Extreme temperatures expected there, 41 degrees expected and extreme fire warning there. The conditions here are perfect to start a fire - dry, gusty and very hot winds. Having said that, today isn't going to be the hottest day. Thursday is. 35 is expected here in Brisbane. 38 in Ipswich, which is 13 degrees above the average. Atment moment, there are five bushfires burning across the State, but the firies say they're bracing themselves for a very couple of months ahead.Look, it is a bit early I have to say. These type of conditions with the hot westerlies and high temperatures is early in the season. So you know, unless we get some rain later on t is going to be a long and hard season.Also a timely warning - if anyone feels heat- related illness, they should call Triple 0 immediately.The warm weather is expected to continue through to the weekend. Saturday, we may see a possible shower, but it won't be until Monday that we see the cool weather come. Days of extreme weather to come. Thank you. Warn and Liz Hurley have been spotted together for the first time since it emerged their relationship was on the rocks. The couple were seen heading home from a lunch in London with Warne's three children. The pair admit they're working on private issues and the latest outing suggests there's plenty of work to be done with Hurling still not sporting her engagement ring. I know that's been keeping you awake at night, Rob Canning, but sports issues now. Gary Ablett joins an elite club?Just the 14th player to win the prestigious Brownlow Medal more than once. Also - ASADA plays a visit to the Roosters this morning. We'll cross live to Danny Weidler. And Australia's newest cycling world chachion. This program is not captioned. When we go to Macca's,
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An emotional Gary Ablett has paid tribute to his controversial father after winning his second Brownlow Medal last night. It was a thrilling count. The 29-year-old edged out Joel Selwood and Dane Swan.Gary Ablett, three votes. I declare the winner of the 2013 Brownlow Medal - Gary Ablett, Gold Coast Suns. That's the result of one of the closest Brownlow races in recent history. Gary Ablett winning by a single vote after clinching all three in the final round.It was always a dream of mine to play AFL football, and here I am standing on a stage winning a second Brownlow Medal. I can't believe it.It is a fantastic reward for him, and the three years he's had at the football club, it certainly shows that the Gold Coast Suns are starting to grow.But Gary Ablett didn't really want to win - not outright anyway. He would have preferred to tie with former team- mate Joel Selwood.I really wanted to get the two because that guy deserves a Brownlow Medal.It's been a stunning season for the Suns captain highlighted by a game against Collingwood in July and being named the Players' Association MVP for a fifth time. The latest win drawing inevitable comparisons with his father, gabt Sr.In my opinion, my old man is the best player to have played the game. Should have won a Brownlow. And now that I've got two, I guess I can give him one. Confidence is high at haup thorn heading in to Saturday's Grand Final against Fremantle. They train for the second last time before the decider this morning and Clint Stanaway was there. Hawthorn is finetuning ahead of Saturday's showdown has continued here this morning. The media allowed in for just the first ten minutes of the session. Not long, but long enough to illustrate the fact that they seem relaxed ahead of the big Grand Final against the Dockers. Earlier, Brad Sewel and Lewis shared their thoughts.It's a special time of year to be playing in the last week, it's a privilege to be involved regardless of what's happened in months or years gone by. I think our list is in a good spot and the emergency is -- energy is up.Both players say that they feel more pressure mentally and physically than last year. And against the Dockers in the first Grand Final, that could be telling in terms of who comes in for braen Dan Whitecross -- Brendan Whitecross.We have a team of about 35, so an extra 13 guys who will train with us today and Thursday. So there will be a handful of guys who played well in the Grand Final. Over in the west, a huge day for Fremantle. Because 15,000 fans have turned out for the open training session. And we'll have the latest from the Dockers training camp in the afternoon news. OK. The NRL's Grand Finalists will be decided this weekend and Premiership favourites the Roosters trained this morning. Danny Weidler is there. They had some unexpected visitors this morning?Well, the Roosters are supposed to be the latest club to come under ASADA's watchful eye, and today, whether it was coincidence or not, they turned up when the media was there, and ASADA were doing the thing with the Roosters. The Roosters say it was just business as usual day for ASADA, nothing specific to worry about for the club. I guess we'll never know whether it is anything more than that. But the Roosters players aren't letting anything get to them at the moment. They're feeling fantastic after having a week off last weekend.Yeah, I think it is definitely good for your body. You know, the teams that play on the weekend will take a few days to recover and are probably still in recovery mode that.'s definitely a bonus. But they also get the momentum and the confidence coming off a win. So it works in both teams' favourites. But for us, we've been preparing well and we're confident in that.Danny, conversely, Manly haven't had the week off, and they are battered and bruised ahead of Friday's clash with Souths?Well, you were at the recovery session yesterday and they trained today. Clearly the concern is over Brett Stewart and whether he will be fit. Some good news, they're saying that Anthony Watmough will be able to play and Jamie Lyon will be able to play this weekend. So that is some good news for the Eagles.Thank you. Thank you. Australia coach Darren Lehmann has described the English cricket team as dour because of its slow over rate. England has named the squad for the upcoming Ashes Tour Down Under that includes controversial spinner Monty Panesar who was sacked from the county's side for urinating on a bouncer.He's a proven international bowler and showed what he's capable of doing on many occasions for us.The squad includes three debutants and will arrive in Australia late next month. Australian hours House has won the under-23 individual time trial world crown at the Road Cycling Championships in Italy. He covered the 43km course in just under 50 minutes finishing 57 seconds ahead of the nearest rival. 21-year-old from Adelaide will soon begin riding for Aussie Team ORICA GreenEDGE. Team USA is closing in on the Kiwis securing their fifth straight victory over Team New Zealand. The 33-second win bridges the gap between the two teams in the best of 17 series. The Kiwis still lead 8-6. And the lengths some people go to for some fun - organisers in Switzerland have trucked in 270 tonnes of snow for the 2013 freestyle championship. The extreme sports event attracting 33,000 people to Lake Zurich. Good times there! That is sport. Still to come - finance and the latest weather. This program is not captioned.

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Brisbane set for extreme spring highs with 35 on Thursday.

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In news that will delight Australian royal watchers, Kensington Palace has confirmed Prince Harry is heading down under next month. The Fourth-in-line to the throne will be at Sydney's International Fleet Review and is expected to attend the Epsom Cup at Royal Randwick.'S standing in for his grandmother, the Queen, and is expected to stay for eight days. Wendy Kingston is here at 3:00 with Nine News Now. Ail be back with the Afternoon News just after 4:00. Thank you for your company. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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