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This Program is Captioned Live.New life for the axed Climate Commission, community-funded Climate
relaunched as the

Council.The overwhelming volume of support from the public was what made us decide on this.

Kenya's security close in on a group of
terrorists holed close in terrorists holed up in a Nairobi shopping mall.A

shot dead at 6-year-old girl among 10 shot dead at a Mexican city near the shot dead near the US border and near the US border and Gary Ablett wins near the US border Ablett wins his second Brownlow Medal Ablett Medal by just one vote.

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Less than a week ago the Government axed the Climate Commission with immediate effect. Today, its former chief Commissioner Tim Flannery has relaunched the advisory body with a new name and funding body. The Climate Council, as it is now called, will be funded by public donation. Professor Flannery says the new body is already enjoying support.We are well-known to the public. They know what we do. We will continue on in a new organisation which will be funded by donation.We went live at midnight and we had our first donation from James of Perth at $15 at midnight. We have raised $1,000 an hour since then and that is through the night. We will not allow our independence to be comp miesd by anyone on this. We were the same in Government, we were a political and we understand our independence is central to our credibility.If people do donate, don't try to influence what we do. The overwhelming volume of support from the public was what really made us decide on this, particularly over the last five days or so. We have had people from across the political spectrum just saying that - informed public in this area is essential and we informed public in essential and we want you to continue. We use your reports and we need a clear, credible and independent voice in this area. There has really never been a more critical time for that voice than now. Under the Government model we cost about $5.4 million over a 4-year period and we think we can work leaner than that as a private group. There is no doubt that there is a big challenge there, gaining the money to make sure we get out. We held 27 public forums around the country and published the same number of reports and developed a web site and that costs money. There is a challenge there. We are confident with the support we have had expressed and delivered that we will achieve that. We have simply one goal and one objective and we always have which is to take the science, the economics of climate change and what is happening internationally in terms of action, and present it in a clear and understandable and auth or tef way to the Australian public.The latest international report on climate change later this week is expected to confirm that human activity is primarily responsible for global warming. In the last 100 years there has been an increase in the global average temperature of 0.8 degrees celsius and further rises are projected. What is baffling scientists is that for the last 15 years temperatures haven't gone above the level recorded in 1998. The air we breathe is changing. It now holds more of the warming gas carbon dioxide than at any time in human history. New records of temperature keep being set. Crops burned last year in America's hottest month ever. In China this summer, people were desperate to keep cool in heat that no-one had experienced. How much is the planet warming? In this graph the red area shows computer simulations of the global average temperature. The white line is what is actually being recorded. Temperatures rising recently, until 15 years ago, for some reason, they paused.Decade on decade global warming is proceeding as expected. That said, within the past 15 years, we have seen little warming at the surface and that in itself is enough to tell us that the most extreme projections of warming over the next 20 or 30 years are looking less likely. That is good news.One explanation is that the sun is giving off less heat. Another is industrial pollution is
reflecting the sun's raise. A third reflecting third idea is reflecting the sun's raise. third idea is that the oceans are warming. Scientists have a network of devices that are warming. Scientists have network of devices that are
measuring a rise network of devices measuring a rise in water
temperatures.The deep ocean has without doubt warmed up since the 1980s but the ocean is so vast that even a 1 hund rth of a degree temperature change is significant in terms of the impact that will have on the atmosphere.There are several theories to why the warming of the planet has paused. The most plausible answer does lie in the oceans with all of the different currents but so far the evidence from the deep is still pretty sparse. At this stage no-one can be really sure.One blogger read by thousands every day has long raised questions about the pause. Andrew Montford accepts man kind is affecting the climate but says there is so much the scientists don't know.If they can't explain it, they should say so and people will learn from that that there is a lot about the climate system that scientists don't understand. That is the truth and that is what the public needs to know.A major report on climate change is due on Friday. The scientists will try to explain why temperatures have paused while insisting that global warming in the long term remains a dangerous threat.Kenya's security forces are still laying siege to a shopping mall in Nairobi where an unknown number of Islamist gunmen have killed 62 people. Sporadic gun fire and explosions have been heard and thick black smoke is billowing from the centre. Authorities say three of the gunmen have been killed and they are now at the tail-end of the operation. The death toll from the siege stands at 62. More than 170 people have been injured. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the attack is a reminder of the continuing threat of terrorism..The Australian Government condemns this absolutely brutal attack on innocent civilians. We condemn it in the strongest possible terms. The fact that an Australian, a dual national was killed in this attack is a tragic reminder that global and
terrorism is still occurring and that we must do all we can to fight terrorism. An al-Qaeda-linked group has clamentd responsibility. The matter is still underway and so we don't know whether there are any more Australian victims. We can't rule that out. At this stage we believe there has only been one Australian killed and we extend our sympathies and prayers to the family, not only of the Australian who has been killed but also all other nationalities including the many Kenyans - claimed.The BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardener says the people who carried out the attack are from the most dangerous militant group in East Africa.They are based in southern Somalia. Only about 8,000 strong at most but they have been able to cross over into Kenya and also to attack Uganda. Their members are mostly Somalia Jihadists but they have attracted a number of foreigners including from Britain and the US. They have been using online social media to publicise their attacks. One of their tweets reads "The message we are sending to the Kenyan Government and public is and always has been just one - remove all your forces from our country". Notice the way in which this is written - English is clearly the first language. Another Tweet says "Our press officers just made contact inside Westgate mall. They are still fighting and strong, stay tuned". All of this presents Kenya with a major security problem.This is this country's biggest security headache. When this siege is over, difficult questions will be asked. The authorities will have to make difficult decisions about this country's security system. Across the border in Somalia, they will also have to concede what is the fate of the Kenyan troops in that country. They won't be easy decisions.Given the international aspect of all of this, are any Britons involved? Among the ranks of al-Shabaab's volunteers, up to 50 are believed to have come from Britain. The Government here fears that some may eventually return to this country. Separately, a Briton, germane possession
Grant faces trial in Kenya for possession of explosives, another Samantha Luthwaite has been on the run from authorities. What do al-Shabaab want? They want a strict Islamic state in Somalia and they all want foreign forces out. Three years ago, they carried out a double suicide bombing in Campala to punish Uganda for sending UN-backed troops into Somalia.Al-Shabaab has always had a tension since it rose up in 2006/07, it has had a tension within those see
within the movement who want to see a Jihad being Somalia. see a Jihad being fought inside
Somalia. There would like to create ties to al-Qaeda and would like to create ties al-Qaeda and to other terrorist networks throughout networks Eastern and Africa and want to be more of Eastern and Africa and to be more of an international Jihad.Despite those divisions, with this with this attack in Nairobi, al-Shabaab has hit the most powerful country in East Africa where it hurts. It may well end up uniting Kenyans but it has also exposed just how vulnerable the country is to hit and run attacks from a ruthless enemy.Former US President Bill Clinton has paid tribute to one of the victims killed in the Kenyan shopping centre siege. Elif Yavuz died alongside her partner, Tasmanian architect Ross Langdon when the centre was stormed by militants on Saturday. She was eight months pregnant. She had originally worked for the Clinton foundation's health access initiative. In a statement the Clinton family described her as a brilliant, dedicated and deeply admired by her colleagues.At least 10 people have been killed after gunmen stormed a private party on the US Mexico border. A 7-year-old girl was among those shot dead at a home in the eastern city of Juarez. The gunmen opened fire with assault rifles on about 30 people who were celebrating a baseball game victory. Prosecutors are trying to determine the motive of the marred by violence between rival drug cartels marred by violence rival drug cartels fighting for rival drug control of border smuggling routes. Rolf Harris' lawyers say he will plead routes. Rolf say he will plead not guilty say he will plead not guilty to child sex offence charges. He has faced court child sex offence has faced court for the first time in Britain after first being interviewed by police last year. It was to be just a brief appearance but guaranteed to make the headlines.Rolf Harris faced court and dozens of cameras.The 83-year-old walked slowly, flanked by his wife and supporters, making no comment.In the dock, the veteran entertainer addressed the court only to confirm his name, address and date of birth. He faces nine charges of indecently assaulting two girls, one 14, the other aged between 15 and 16 relating to alleged events dating back to the 80s. Rolf Harris also faces four charges of making indecent images of a child last year.His lawyer indicated he will plead not guilty. Rolf Harris emerged again to face the media pack freed on bail under strict conditions, including an order not to approach 10 specific people who can't be named for legal reasons, nor can he meet with anyone under the age of 18 unchaperoned. Since the allegations have come to light the entertainer has been replaced in a children's cartoon and his TV show has been removed from British screens. Now the cameras follow these legal proceedings.The case has now been referred to a higher court. Rolf Harris is due to appear for a Crown Court hearing on October 7.

NSW police are trying to find a group they believe is responsible for two armed hold-ups in Sydney overnight, including one at a cinema on the North Shore. Four men stormed the complex shortly after 8 p.m. Movie-goers got more drama than what he expected here at Roseville cinema last night. At around 8 o'clock four people, one armed with a machete and one with a shotgun stormed the cinema, demanding cash from staff and terrorising the patrons. Luckily no-one was injured. The four people did get away in a 2003 blue Nissan Pulsar which was stolen from a neighbouring suburb a couple of hours earlier. This morning we spoke to one witness who was walking past last night and found a $20 bill which one of the robbers had left behind on the pavement. She handed it in to cinema staff to find that the cinemas was robbed. I thought someone had - when they cinemas was robbed. I someone had - when they were
cleaning out someone had - when they cleaning out their wallet, it was right next to the cleaning out their was right next to the rubbish
bin so I was right next to bin so I took it inside and put bin so I took it inside and it on the counter. it on the counter. They said they had been it on the they had been robbed and they
are it on the counter. They said
they had been investigating how that blue Nissan Pulsar was again used in a second robbery in Sydney last night, this time at Revesby in Sydney's south-west where a Sydney's south-west where hotel was held up and cash and cigarettes were demanded. That car has been found this morning in Sydney's west at Westmead where it has been burnt out. forensic
That that's been taken in for forensic examination and police will use that evidence and CCTV footage to try and track down the robbers.Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten will go head to head tonight. The pair will debate each other in Sydney. Labor's 40,000 members are being gin a chance to vote on who should lead the party. A second debate will be held in Melbourne on Friday. We will bring you the leaders debate live and in full this evening. It is known aspiration operation and the new Government wants the world to know how tough the policy is. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has given his first briefing on his plan to stop the boats. But the information flow about boat arrivals will be restricted as the Government seeks to control the message. It was the Coalition's signature talking point in Opposition but now in Government, it is time to deliver. The new regime wants less discussion and more deportations. We will be doing things dustily as a new Government. This is a border security a security operation. It will be
a tougher approach.Our resolve a tougher resolve to implement what we have promised the resolve to implement what have promised the Australian
people resolve to implement what we
have people to stop the boats is absolute. Those seeking to come on boats will not be getting what they have come for.Operation Sovereign Borders is officially five days old.Congratulations on your efforts.This is the military general who is now in charge of making the Government's plan stick.Having been appointed to this role only last Thursday, I am now turning my mind to the development of a campaign plan approach to realise a border security operation.The tactic appears to be moving swiftly. Half of the 500 or so asylum seekers to arrive since the election have already been shipped off to Nauru or Manus Island. For future arrivals, a 48-hour turn around is the goal.The key message is this - you won't be settling in on a
Christmas Island if you come on a boat. You will find yourself very quickly and rapidly transferred by air to one of the offshore processing centres.The bottom line is the more speed the more risk.But how fast is too fast? Long time refugee supporters are adjusting to the new era.What we see here is very much a military approach to a humanitarian issue. The fundamental problem is that the predicament of people fleeing from harm could well be caught up in a military approach where they are subject to policies which cause further harm to them.To accommodate the quick transfers, detention centres at Nauru and Manus Island will be expanded. Scott Morrison has also encountered his first Budgetary dilemma for which he blames his predecessors.The Government that said previously that they had this big solution in Papua New Guinea had not funded its operations for offshore processing from the 1 January.For the new minister, most of the criticism is directed at his new communications strategy.No longer will boat arrivals be announced by individual press release, instead, there will be a once a week briefing.If the previous Government had attempted something like this, Mr Morrison would have jumped up and down and claimed all sorts of conspiracies. Having reached Government he finds it convenient not to be up front and truthful with the Australian people about boat arrivals. He told us he had a plan to stop the boats. We now know he had a plan to stop the press releases.It is policy
fundamental that we not have a policy where there is a culture of secrecy and a practice of secrecy.It is not the Government's job to run a shipping news service for the people smugglers.It is our job to deal with the issue of people to come to Australia. We will announce that on a timely regular basis in the calm and measured way we are going about this issue and we will confirm the numbers very confident those the numbers of people and will be very confident will be dropping.The General too says he will be dropping.The too says he backs the
idea.There idea.There is an absolute respect for the need for the Australian people to be aware of what is occurring. There is also a balance that is struck operationally to ensure the protection of the conduct of current and anticipated activity operationally which might otherwise message to people smugglers how we intend conduct our business.There is one controversial policy that the public may never hear about, that is if or when a boat is towed back to where it came from.I am not getting into those issues one way or the other.The new minister will head to Manus Island and Nauru during the next fortnight. Many of these asylum seekers who arrived on Sunday will beat him there. It is the first boat to test the new Australian chain of command. Now for sport with Sacha Mirzabegian. What a great night for Gary Ablett. Two in a row.Best on ground performance in the final round of the season has helped Ablett win his second Brownlow Medal. He polled 28 votes in the best and fairest count to win the highest individual honour. He received three votes in the last round to leapfrog runners Collingwood's
up, Geelong's Joel Selwood and Collingwood's Dane Swan. Ablett says nerves set in by the end of the night.They did actually. I walked into the
night relaxed and actually. I walked night relaxed and I wasn't night nervous. I didn't have expectations. I thought if I walk away with it, it expectations. I thought walk away with it, it is great, if I walk away with if I don't, I will still walk if out with a smile. Towards the end, I was nervous and I thought I am in with a chance. It depended on how well some other guys polled and luckily - I was lucky enough to get up by a vote at the end. It has been different. I am sure it will be never the next couple of days. I haven't got a game to prepare for which will give me an opportunity to catch up with family and celebrate with them which I am looking forward to. I am sure - I am looking forward - dad will drive up today and it will be great to catch up with him.Brad Sewell thinks the side's new found versatility has been the key to making to the Grand Final. The Hawks have rotated more players en route to Saturday's decider at the MCG. He says it doesn't happen all the time.It is situational. You only do it in certain parts of the ground and if you're free. It also creates the Opposition to probably mind you carefully and creates another dimension to our stoppages. Every finals game you play the pressure is up. I think because the media have hung onto a little bit, it they
tends to grow legs. No doubt they are a great pressure If you look at the statistics, so are we. Not internally. That is probably our No.1 focus internal ly. We have a heavy focus on the defensive side of our game and our offensive side takes care of itself.In the NRL, Souths forward Roy says his side is refusing to look beyond Friday night's qualifier against Manly.Jamie Lyon has been declared fit to play after suffering an injury in last week's win. Greg Inglis is also under an injury cloud also. The Rabbitohs fell short in the prelim final last year and it is that experience that is helping the team focus this week.Last year we fell short of the Grand Final. That is why we're not getting too far ahead. All it takes is going to be 80 minutes, it could be all over and for us it is day by day and making sure that preparation is everything and what we need to work on, the week off did us a whole lot of good for a lot of guys.Retiring North Queensland veteran player Matt Bowen has signed a 1-year deal with a UK-based team in the super league. Bowen retired last month from the NRL after he was told by the Cowboys his contract wouldn't be renewed. Wigan says Bowen will play in the 2014 season with a further option for that the opportunity provides a whole option for 2015. Bowen said that whole new chapter of whole new playing career.Team USA has been yet team New playing career.Team USA been yet team New Zealand for
the been yet the fifth America's Cup race in a Rodin yieg the Kiwis victory they need to a Rodin yieg the victory they need to take the trophy. The win trophy. The win evened the score on the water with both team winning eight races. Team USA are two points behind on the scoreboard due to penalties imposed.England has announced their 17-man squad for the upcoming Ashes series in Australia. Alastair Cook will captain the team which includes newcomers Gary Ballance, he is one of the surprise inclusions. England has won the last three Ashes series, including a 3-0 win over Australia in this year's series in England.That is the latest in sport.All I want to know is our team better be able to match that.We will just have to wait and see. Darren Lehmann was quoted in the UK media recently as saying they picked out members of the top order of the batting for England and they know them back to front. Talking big, it is a risky proposition in sport.Exciting, thank you.If you're a fan of Wallis and Grom yt, you will love this next story. What started as a simple idea to raise money for a Bristol children's hospital has surpassed all expectations.He went walkies for the summer. 80 giant grommits dotted all over Bristol. The challenge was to try and find them all.Now before they are auctioned off for charity, there is one final dog show. Celebrity artists like Zane Malice and people have been queueing for up to eight hours to get inside.This is great. He is just funny.Everyone is smiling and laughing and every way you look, there is smiling faces.You have come hundreds of miles for this, I hope it is worth it? It will be. I have cleared my camera album off me phone.Joe found almost all of them during the summer but now wants to see the last one.Has it become an obsession for you this? No. Yes, it has. I have taken by little brothers and nephews around. They absolutely love it.Who loves it more, them or you? Me.The Wallace and Gromit films are made in Bristol and their Oscar-winning creator can't believe the public response.I have to pinch myself and say do I have something to do with this? 8,000 people have already registered to buy one in next month's auction. Joe is just glad to have found her last one.Yes.Now for the latest weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon. In WA, we have a cold front moving along the south coast. Further fronts will arrive tomorrow and Thursday and finally a ridge of high pressure by Friday. Another front is causing showers, mainly in Tasmania. A vigorous low pressure trough is driving strong and gusty north to north-westerly winds across NSW and Queensland. In its wake, we have west to south-westerlies.

The top stories from ABC News - the axed Climate Commission is being revived. Sacked Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery has relaunched it as a privately-funded Climate Council. The Abbott Government scrapped the advisory body last week in one of its first policy changes. But Professor Flannery says he has received overwhelming public support to keep it going.The siege at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi continues. Three days after it was attacked by Islamist militants sporadic gun fire and explosions have been heard and black smoke is billowing from the centre. Authorities say three of the gunmen have been killed. The death toll stands at 62, more than 170 have been injured. At least 10 people have been killed after gunmen stormed a private party on the US Mexico border. A 6-year-old girl was among those shot dead at a home in the eastern city of Juarez. The gunmen opened fire with assault weapons on about 30 people celebrating a baseball game victory. And Gary Ablett has won his second Brownlow Medal in a nail biter. The Gold Coast captain was trailing his former Geelong team-mate Joel Selwood until the final round. Ablett won the medal by just one vote. A new Australian body has been launched to monitor climate than a week after the axing of
the Federally funded Climate Commission, former Chief Commissioner Professor Tim Flannery has relaunched the advisory body with a new name and funding model. The Climate Council will and Council will be funded by public donation.Last week when I responded to the sacking of the Climate Commission by the incoming Abbott Government, I mentioned in response to questions that the commissioners were keen to continue our work of informing the Australian public will the facts of climate change.Over the last week, we have really been blown away by offers of support and donations. Most people told us to keep going. They really appreciate our reports and information, many found our work vital to what they do.Federal Labor's two leadership hopefuls, Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten will go head to head tonight. The pair will debate each other in Sydney. Labor's 40,000 members are being given a Chance to vote on who should lead the party. A second debate will be held in Melbourne on Friday. We will bring you that leaders debate live and in full this debate
evening. That is the leaders debate between Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese live tonight News
from 7.30 eastern here on ABC News 24. Kenya's security forces are still laying siege to a shopping mall in Nairobi where an unknown number of Islamist gunmen are still holed three gunmen
up. Kenyan authorities say three gunmen have now been killed. Martin Cuddihy reports. We have heard a series of explosions and gunshots coming from inside the Westgate mall today. That is when the smoke you can see started. When it happened, a lot of people panicked. There were troops on their way into the Westgate mall and they dived to the ground to take cover. The Kenyan interior ministry says this was part of a push to rescue the hostages and that is what happened today.We have done such of the building and we can confirm that the hostages, almost all of them have been evacuated.It is now three days since the siege began. Scores of people have been killed, including the Tasmanian born architect Ross Langdon and his heavily pregnant wife. There are still more than 150 - close to 200 people in Ken why as hospitals. The al-Shabaab militant group say it is a revenge attack against Kenya and that is because Kenya's troops were part of an African union push to rid the Somalian capital of al-Shabaab. Despite that, the President is addiments he won't be giving in to the demands of the terrorist organisation. He says the requests to withdraw troops from Somalia won't happen.The US President Barack Obama says Washington is happy to provide Kenya with the law enforcement support it needs.I have had the opportunity to speak with the President directly about the terrible tragedy that has happened in Nairobi. We are providing all the cooperation that we can as we deal with the situation that has captivated the world. I want to express personally condolences to not only want to express personally my
President who lost family condolences to not members in the attack but condolences to not only the
President who lost family members in the attack the Kenyan people. We stand with them against this terrible outrage that has occurred and we will provide them with whatever law enforcement and support that is necessary and we are confident that Kenya, which has been a pillar of stability in eastern Africa, will rebuild.There were thousands of shoppers in the Westgate mall when the gunmen struck. They were from all walks of life and many different nationalities. A terrifying experience for those who escaped and those still trapped. Over the weekend, as the death toll rose, it became clear that the victims of this attack were from all corners of the globe. This is a place where foreigners and Kenya's elite come to relax and to shop.The thick insulated roof protects from the sun.Among those confirmed dead was Ross Langdon.We use nature for our work.A prize winning architect with joint citizenship, he was working on projects in Africa. His company today described him as "Profoundly talented and full of life. Ross enriched the lives of those around him. Ross's leadership on projects through East affair ya was
through East affair ya inspirational and he will be very sorely missed by us very sorely missed by all".Ross's fiancie, pregnant with the couple's first child was killed alongside him.Elif Yavuz had recently met with Bill Clinton through her work for the Clinton health action initiative. Others confirmed to have died include a poet Professor Kofi and regarded as a literary royalty in his home nation. The Canadian Government has confirmed one of its diplomats was also among the dead. Her husband Robert was injured. With a number of casualties expected to rise, Kenya's continued to queue in numbers donating blood. This incident has pulled Kenyans together.We are a multiethnic...Kenya's President announced at the weekend that his nephew was with
among the dead. He perished with his fiancie Rosemary. This is an atrocity that has united in grief the whole of Kenya, as well as hundreds of families who have been affected around the world. As we heard in that report, one of the victims of the attack was Elif Yavuz who died alongside her partner, Tasmanian architect Ross Langdon. She had originally worked for the Clinton foundation's Health Access Initiative. Bill Clinton has paid tribute to her.In a statement, the Clinton family said...

The Muslim Brotherhood says that it will appeal a decision by an Egyptian court to suspend its activities and seize all its assets. The ruling also allows police to arrest anyone taking part in protests organised by the group.This is the first major verdict against the Muslim Brotherhood. The group wasn't represented in court. Most of its senior leaders are either in hiding or in jail. The judge ruled the Muslim Brotherhood shouldn't be involved in political activities and that it has damaged national security and public safety.The case was brought forward by lawyers for a left wing secular party called Tagamo. The ruling bans the group from activities like charity work, transferring money and dealing in real estate.Their bank accounts will be suspended and assets frozen.TRANSLATION: The court yield to the peoples' didn't have any choice but to yield to the peoples' demands.
The group yield to the peoples' The group as alienated all political powers in The group as alienated political powers in Egypt. They have tried to be the absolute power.The Muslim Brotherhood
says it

says it will appeal the decision and claims it was politically motivated.It is a continuation of what is the leaders, what they are doing now in Egypt.The ruling says Muslim
protests organised by the Muslim Brotherhood will be banned. The demonstrations by the anti-coup alliance, an umbrella organisation that includes the Muslim Brotherhood will be allowed to continue, as long as they're peaceful. On the street reaction to the decision was mixed.TRANSLATION: This is the least they can do to them because their leaders went on the stage and predicted terrorism, bombs and gang war. This is what is happening in Egypt now.TRANSLATION: I am against today's verdict. The people have seen a lot of violence in recent days. We shouldn't point fingers at the Muslim Brotherhood for everything. They are used as scapegoats.In November another court is expected to consider dissolving the group. There is a separate case against its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party.With its leaders on the run, and a major court decision against it, the Muslim Brotherhood is under pressure Minister Julie
from all sides.The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is among world leaders gathering in New York ahead of the UN general assembly this week. She says the crisis of her top priorities during the crisis in Syria will be her visit.This morning I will meet with my counterpart ministers from New Zealand and Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, also Japan, China and South Korea and likewise throughout the week. In terms of priorities, obviously Syria will be upper most in many peoples' minds and there will be a significant debate around Syria, the three elements. First, the use of chemical weapons and what we can do to secure and eliminate those weapons. Secondly, the humanitarian effort in Syria. Australia is taking a lead in finding a resolution hopefully for some further humanitarian aid for the conflict in Syria. But also the overall political solution and urging other nations to come together for a Geneva conference. Syria will be a priority. As Australia is chairing the UN Security Council, I imagine that much of our time will be spent on that issue. Australia also has its own priorities. We will be presenting some submissions on disarmament and arms control and Australia actually is leading a debate on the illicit trade in small arms. There are a number of issues we will push here.Rolf Harris has appeared in a court in London. He faces charges of indecently assaulting teenage girls an making indecent images of a child. He is pleading not guilty.Rolf Harris has been entertaining British audiences since the 50s. He is now 83 and facing a criminal trial. He entered court with his wife and daughter, surrounded by photographers and reporters. Some from Australia.He walked slowly into the dock and at one point put out a hand to steady himself. The court heard the charges were of a serious nature and the case would be transferred to the Crown Court.He is charged with a series of indecent assaults against two girls - one aged 15 in 1980 and 81, the other 14 in 1986. He is also charged with making indecent images of a child last year. His lawyers say he will plead not guilty.His arrest interrupted a career that has continued to flourish. On TV, as an artist who once painted The Queen. And as an entertainer.At a music festival in May, he thanked the audience for their support.For these charges now bring him public attention of a very different nature. He has been given conditional bail and the legal process continues with an appearance at Southwark Crown Court on 7 October. Typhoon Usagi has killed at least 25 people since land fall in Sunday. Winds of up land fall in southern China on Sunday. Winds of up to Sunday. Winds of up to 165km/h grounded flights and forced the grounded flights and forced closure of roads. It grew as a city because of its port closure of roads. It grew as was its closest to the city because of its was its closest to the sea that
made it vulnerable to Typhoon Usagi. A deadly combination of the massive storm and high tide because of a full moon.It saw the worse flooding from this typhoon, parts of the old city a day later are still flooded. This is China's deadliest typhoon of the year and as the city tries to clean up, tens of thousands still don't have power.Wind ripped trees from their roots but it was the water that was the most devastating.TRANSLATION: This is the worst flood in 30 years. I have never seen such a big Government
flood.TRANSLATION: The Government gave us early warning of the typhoon. A lot of people evacuated and they cleared the water quickly.Across Guangdong province hundreds of thousands were evacuated to higher ground keeping the death toll down but not the destruction.The massive clean-up got underway on Monday. There was little sight of relief organisations or the Government. A local mobile phone company set up a free charge station.Markets and shops were open, mainly those with power, allowing people to start off the new week, the first after China's festival in mid-autumn. It was because of thousands of cancelled disrupted for this cancelled flights and closed rail because of thousands of rail lines.But for people of this city, it rail lines.But for the people of this city, it left
scars that will remain until next year.The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to form a new Coalition Government after winning her third successive term in office. Her conservative grouping took 41.5% of the vote, that is just short of a clear majority. She is expected to seek an agreement with the social Democrats who won just over 25%.The celebrations of Angela Merkel and her supporters had almost seen the Germany
Chancellor dancing. Soon after, Germany woke to headlines that declared this the age of Merkel.TRANSLATION: She brought us out of the crisis, prosperity, there are jobs, she has done well.I was disappointed but I didn't expect it totally different.This morning, Europe's most powerful politician had a message for Europe.TRANSLATION: Our course on Europe will not change but we cannot foresee what discussions there may be.Some European leaders had been hoping that she might soften austerity in her third term.But she is five votes short of a governing majority in parliament and so needs to build a Coalition.The most likely outcome is a grand Coalition with the centre left social Democrats but they are wary of the Merkel embrace and it was clear today negotiations will be long and tough.TRANSLATION: There is nothing automatic about a grand Coalition. No-one should Angela Merkel
believe that. It is up to Angela Merkel to say what she wants and how she intends to govern in Germany.Angela Merkel is at the zenith of her power and is in a position to shape the future of Europe. Gary Ablett has won his second Brownlow Medal in a nail-biter. The Gold Coast captain was trailing his former Geelong team-mate Joel Selwood until the final round. Ablett picked up three votes giving him the best and fairest medal by just one vote.No doubt, it is an honour. It has been a challenging three years up there. I knew when I made the decision to move to the Gold Coast it would take time. I have really enjoyed working with everyone at the club. I love all my team-mates. I couldn't be up here without you guys. I am really hoping that we can win a premiership before my time is up. I love it up there.We are crossing live to premantle oval where the Dockers are training in the lead-up to Saturday's Grand Final. Clint Thomas is there. - Fremantle. It and Fremantle. It looks blustery people have turned up to and chilly there. How many the Dockers train this people have turned up to watch the Dockers train Probably 6,000 here. They are expecting Probably 6,000 here. They expecting anywhere between up expecting anywhere between to 10-15,000 but the conditions aren't perfect for football training and for a big crowd. Plenty of fans have turned out. Yesterday, up to about 4,000 members missed out on tickets to the Grand Final but we are still expecting a 14-000 strong across
Fremantle contingent to head across the Nullarbor this weekend.Have you had a chance to speak to some of the fans about how they feel about Fremantle's chances on Saturday? It has been a 19-year wait for Fremantle. There is a sense of excitement. You can see the purple everywhere here. The streets of Fremantle on Saturday were full of people. There is an overwhelming sense of excitement here and the fans are looking forward to see them team play in a Grand Final.Who is going to win do you think? I think it will be close. Fremantle are peaking at the right time of year. Hawthorn obviously have been the best team in the - over the premiership season. They were the minor premiers but Fremantle's pressure, if they can bring that into the Grand Final, they will be tough to beat.Thanks Clint. Now for the latest look at the markets, here is Kathryn Stolarchuk. Local stocks are lower today off the back of poor leads from overseas markets overnight. The All Ordinaries index is currently down 25 points.

Kathmandu Holdings has lifted its full year profit by almost 27 %. The company made a net profit of $39.79 million in the 12 months to the end of yun. The New Zealand and Australian listed retailer increased its number of stores by 16 during the year, which helped lift revenue by 10% compared to the same period last year. The company shares have spiked on the result. They are currently up around 9%. And struggling phone maker BlackBerry has agreed to a $4.8 billion buy-out by a consortium of investors. The group, led by Canadian insurance firm Fairfax Financial Holdings is offering $9 per share in cash and it plans to take the company private. BlackBerry has been struggling for years with falling sales and is forecasting a billion dollar loss this financial year.Meanwhile, Apple has sold nine million of its new iPhone models in the three days since it was officially released. The company says sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C have beaten those of previous new phones. It says demand for Apple
the 5S has outstripped supply. Apple shares rose almost 6% before falling back to 4% higher. The sp says it expects its fourth quarter sales to be close to $37 billion.Business activity in the Eurozone has grown at its fastest pace in more than two years. The market purchasing manager's index showed strong growth in September. The pace was stronger than many analyst predicted. It provides further evidence that the Eurozone is coming out of recession. The region's GDP grew in the second quarter.And European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has opened the door to expanding the ECB's lending lifeline to banks. Mr drag says the ECB is ready to offer banks more long term loans to keep short-term market interest rates in check and safeguard the Eurozone's fragile recovery. Since late 2011 the ECB has pumped $1.35 trillion into three-year loans to hundreds of banks easing demands on traditional interbank funding markets. Meanwhile the EU's chief policy maker Olli Rehn has reiterated the need for reform to spur growth .We are supporting members in terms their active labour members in terms of advancing their active labour market
policies their active labour policies and for the employment services but the fundamental issue that we need stronger growth in Europe and that is where our policies are aimed at for sustainable growth and employment.And the ECB backed up the growth agenda, confirming there will be no short-term change to its policy of keeping interest rates at current record low levels. A 4-year-old boy has died in the southern US city of New Orleans after becoming infected with a rare amoeba. The brain eating organism may have entered the local water supply. It is the third case of its kind in Louisiana in two years.In St Bernard parish residents are loading up on bottled water. Concerns about contaminated tap water here are still a worry.I don't trust it. I don't think I need to risk by young ones getting it. They like to play in the water. It is a shame they can't play in their tub while taking their bath.We have opted to not go swimming for a while until it is cleared up. They seem to not be sure about that. If they're not sure, I am not sure.The fears stem from the death of 4-year-old Drac Smith junior, he died in July after becoming infected with a brain amoeba. According to Government tests it has been found in the area's water supply but locals say water water supply but locals say the
water system has been flushed with chlorine and it is water system has safe.We have to with chlorine safe.We have to take it serious. Do I believe it is my water system? No, I do not believe it.They are normally found in areas of open untreated water and they only cause a problem when it enters a person's nasal passage. Local authorities are telling residents to take sensible precautions and are stressing that the drinking water is completely safe. Scientists say the chances of becoming affected by this amoeba are extremely rare. This doctor is an expert in parasitic diseases and says parents in New Orleans shouldn't be overly concerned.If you want your child not to die a horrible death, then you buckle them into the car every single time, you put a helmet on their head every time they get on a bike, you lock up your guns, because the likelihood of disaster from nigleria is so much smaller than these other things we accept as daily risks, that it is amazing.Investigators may never know how the amoeba got into the water supply but insist it is now safe to drink, but it may be some time before the residents feel secure about their water.A precious ring once owned by the novelist Jane Austen is to to remain in the UK following a highly publicised campaign. The ring was bought by the American singer Kelly Clarkson but she has agreed to give it up.One ring, two women, three centuries of history.It first belonged to Jane Austen and was passed down through her family. Last year, the American pop singer Kelly Clarkson, who liked it so much she wore a replica paid £150,000 for the original at auction. About but fearing a major work of art would be lost to Britain, an export ban was imposed. The Austen mute yum in Hampshire campaigned to match the funds to keep it and now they have succeeded.Amazing. Very grateful to everyone who has donated large or small and grateful until to Kelly Clarkson. Without the publicity of it belonging to that young lady, I don't think we would have ever been able to raise that money so quickly.It is in the final eight years of her life that Jane Austen wrote or revised all her major novels. It is also where the ring will finally be returned in time for Valentine's Day of next year.But saving art through
export bans year.But export bans can be export controversial. These two pieces controversial. were kept but this pair were kept but this pair by George Stubs were kept but this George Stubs are still being challenged by foreign
buyers.If we stop worrying about whether works like that drifted off abroad, it would drifted off abroad, it would be about
the same as stopping worrying about our culture itself. Yes, it does matter.We don't know what Jane Austen thought of her ring as she wrote here but Kelly Clarkson is set to be happy it is staying in Briton, a little bit of pride, sense and persuasion combining to keep it here.Time for the latest weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.

In WA we have a cold front moving along the south coast. Further fronts will arrive tomorrow and Thursday and finally a ridge of high pressure by Friday. Another front is causing showers, mainly in Tasmania. A vigorous low pressure trough is driving strong and gusty north to north-westerly winds across NSW and Queensland. In its wake, we have west to south-westerlies.

We are expecting a news conference from Labor's Chris Bowen sometime in the coming hour but stand by now from the latest from the markets and more coverage of the day's top stories. I'm Kumi Taguchi, you're watching ABC News 24.

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This Program is Captioned Live.The miltary moves in as the siege as a Nairobi shopping mall enters its third day. Millions at risk of starvation in Syria's civil war.Rolf Harris appears in court to face charges of child sexual abuse.And the sun is - son is a gun, Gary Ablett Jr wins a second Brownlow Medal. The siege at a shopping mall in Nairobi has entered its 4th day with an unknown number of gunmen still holding out against Kenya's security forces. 62 people have been killed so far, mostly shoppers gunned down by the Islamic militants. Authorities believe the last of the hostages have been freed. Heavily armed police are systematically final showdown could
securing the building but a