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I'm a good cop?

Come on, I never
said you weren't.

I'm just not as good
as my partner, right?

Look, Jamie, I know I talk
a lot about my time on the job,

but that's because,
at my age,

the mouth's about the
only thing that still works.

We finally agree on
something, I guess.

Ooh... Watch your mouth, kid.


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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News - out of time and under attack. We bring you the latest from Kenya, as Government forces storm the shopping mall held hostage for three days. Plus, we cross live to London for the up-to-date news on Rolf Harris in court. We go down to Melbourne to find out who will win the coveted Brownlow. And One Direction takes off. Amazing pictures from their first Australian concert. The Late (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHTER)

This is the best Sunday
dinner in a while.

For sure.

By far.

Thanks a lot, gee-gees.

No offence, Pops.

You can thank Uncle Jamie.

He talked the Salducci kids

down out of their family feud.

All in a day's work.

You should really try
this mu shu pork calzone.

It's amazing.

That's a little
chef-y for my tastes.


Fooling with food
that doesn't need fooling with.

Yeah, I-I don't like that
newfangled stuff.

You can't beat good old
tomato and cheese.

HENRY: Francis, do you remember old
Carmine Salducci and his wife?

Sure. I also remember
paying for my pizza.

Well, I paid for
all this stuff.

Full price?

They tried to give me
a discount, but I said, "No."

That must have hurt.


NICKY: I added
it all up.

All the people at
this table together,

115 years on the job.

Hey, hey!


Just when I didn't think
I could feel any older.

Thanks again.

Don't worry, Gramps.
You wear it well.

I want to be a fireman.

You want to...?

You want...?

Their uniforms are cool.

I'm going to
start to clear.

I'll help.
I will help.

I'll help.
Me, too.
FRANK: Good idea.

Me, too.

Here you go.
HENRY: What's this?

Volunteering to
clear the table?

We should have
pizza every Sunday.


A fireman, huh?


Yeah, you know
anything about this?

Eh, could be worse.

He could have said he wanted
to be an ACLU lawyer.



Don't worry, I'll
straighten him out.

# For he's a jolly good fellow

# For he's a jolly
good fellow

# For he's a jolly good fellow

# Which nobody can deny. #

Sons of guns, sneak attack.

Here, kids, help me blow
out these candles.

ALL: Yay!


Hey, hey.

60 years a cop.

To Henry Reagan.

Top cop at the table.

Hear, hear.

Thank you.

I'll get the plates.

This looks awesome.

I'm ready.
I'll get a knife.

I'll put it out now.

I'll put it out now.

This program is captioned live. From the Ten Network News Centre, this is the Late News. Thick black smoke is bill lowing from a Nairobi shopping Mall after a series of loud explosions, the Kenyan siege continues. Rolf Harris made a brief appearance in a London court facing a series of child sex charges. Plus...Welcome to Australia One Direction.Going wild for One D, the biggest boy band in the world kicked off their tour in Adelaide.

Welcome. Also the Brownlows are on, so we will bring you the results and a bit of a red carpet. Half of all adult Tasmanians cannot read or write properly. You is that Po possible? We can speak to one who can't read or write but is a big success anyway.

The hostage crisis in Kenya is developing by the minute. Let me take you to live pictures from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, that are coming into us. That thick black smoke has been bill lowing for the last hour or so. There have been differing rors about what caused the smoke. Most of the reports indicate it is because the Kenyan military attempted to enter and take control of the building. There has, however, been conflicting reports saying that the militants that have been in control of the building for the last few days have caused that smoke to billow from it. Latest reports indicate that potentially two militants have been killed as the military tries to take back control of that building. Now, of course, among the dead is a young Australian and his pregnant wife. Soon after the blast, there have been four we are told in the last few hours, police reported they had freed some hostages. A scene is unfolding at the Westgate Mall in the Kenyan capital. Smoke billows from the besieged Westgate Shopping Centre after a series of explosions. As Kenyan troops launch their assault against terrorists still inside, on the thid day of terror, security forces are determined the nigt mayor will end. This mobile phone video shows shoppers becoming trapped in a war zone. Some run. Others stay, confused and looking for loved ones. George!Barricadeed in a starewell -- stairwell workers come to a shocking realisation.These are terrorists.Among their victims, Tasmanian-born architect Ross Langdon and his partner, eight months pregnant. They were killed in the country they'd gone to help. His business provided jobs for the locals. He built hope and wanted peace for the people of Kenya. I discovered beauty in unexpected places.Fellow Aussie Heidi Edwards survived the massacre.A few families said, "Run for it". Then we saw a whole lot of people 45 minutes after the first one, we saw a whole lot of people run down the side. We ran for it.So, too, did 23er old Sarah Williamson, after cowering in the back of a shop for six hours.The most terrifying experience of her life, but she heard the grenades go off and then she heard machine gun fire.When the nation's President said he shared their grief, his words were particularly poignant. My nephew and his fiance were amongst those who died in this attack.And throughout it all the Somali militant group al-Shabab kept tweeting the unbearable. More lives would be lost. We will bring you updates of the story if they ewhile we're on air. Rolf Harris has made his first appearance in a London court charged with a string of child sex offences. Ben Lewis is outside. Ben, Rolf Harris didlike pretty frail as he he went into the courtroom. How did things transpire inside?He seemed dazed and confused in the dock. He didn't understand the instructions the magistrate gave him. He showed no reaction when the lights went off, plunging the courtroom into darkness for a brief period. He wasn't asked to enter a plea, but his lawyer indicated the 83er old will plead not gill at the earliest available opportunity. Mr Harris wants to clear his name, but this is just the start of what will be a long legal bat. -- battle.Rolf Harris made the slow walk he and his family have dreaded. He looked frail but managed a smile while choosing not to answer questions. It would only be a bref appearance at the Westminster Magistrates Court his wife sat in the public gallery among reporters and Mr Harris in the dock. The entertainer faces 13 charges, nine counts of indecent assault of a minor, allegedly perpetrated against two teenage girls in the early 90s and four counts of making indecent images of children, alleged to have occurred last year. He was arrested as part of the investigation into deceased paedophile Jimmy Saville. But his offending is not linked to that of the TV star. Prosxueors say he faces a maximum sentence of 12 years in jail and he has strict bail conditions.I would like to thank you all for your support. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) The singer has only discussed the charges in front of fans. His management is telling Ten Eyewitness News that he would love to speak but can't. His exit from court was as frantic as his entrance. Rolf and his family were under siege by media. His future, fame, and possibly his freedom, all under question. The distance from the front door here at the court to the car he was getting into was only 15m, but it took Mr Harris and his wife five or six minutes to get there, such was the press frenzy. They will go through it in a couple of weeks. His next court appearance is for October 7. We will leave it there for now. Coming up - we will have some reaction to Coalition's new asylum seeker anoupblgsments today. First Hermonie. Two people face life in jail over the murder of a Gold Coast dpbgt. Damien Leeding's family say justice has been done after Phillippa Bell and Donna McAvoy were foupbldz guilty of his death. He died in hospital days later. The pair pleaded not guilty. We, the family of Damien Leeding, are so relieved today justice has finally been served. Nothing can bring Damien back, but we are thankful that the offenders have been held responsible for his death. An accomplice has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Former Perth barrister, Lloyd Rayney won't face a retrial over his wife's murder. An appeal against his acquittal was dismissed. Her body was found buried in a park six years ago. Mr Rayney was found not guilty last year. The person responsible is still out there and my family want that person caught.Prosecutors have 21 days to decide if they will appeal in the High Court. Sydney Police dismantled a violent crime gang. 15 people have been charged with a range of offences after raids across the city. Police allege the Middle Eastern syndicate has been involved in a number of shootings and murders in Sydney's south-west. I'm aware of in excess of 8kgs of cannabis located close to $25,000 in cash, four jetskis have been confiscated, a boat has been confiscated.Today's raids were 18 months in the making. Police have not ruled out making more arrests. There's been a shocking discovery at a childcare centre in Perth, where a four-year-old found with a bag of methampheatmine. Staff noticed the child with a bag containing white powder this morning. They called police who had the substance tested. The child's parents are being questioned. A Thai man faced court in Melbourne over the murder of a good Samaritan. A 38-year-old man was extradited from Thailand overnight. It comes four years after Luke Mitchell was stabbed to death trying to break up a fight outside a Brunswick night club.The family is obviously very, very pleased with the result. It's been a plopbg wait. We are pleased that something's finally starting to happen.The man remains in custody. Two of the suspects were arrested in 2010, a third remains on the run. Police are searching for a gunman in Southern Queensland involved in a road rage attack. The incident took place near the Gold Coast hospital at Midday. A driver started a heated exchange when the passenger in the other car opened fire. Obviously it's of great concern to, not only us, of course, but the general public.Luckily the car door took most of the impact, and the victim suffered just a grazeed leg. The shooting is described as being of Middle Eastern appearance. A mobile has saved the life of a shop assistant in an armed robbery in Perth. Dramatic security vision shows the gunman bursting into a Delhi and threatening a staff member before shooting at his leg. The bullet was deflected by the phone in his pocket. The two shop own owners were in shock, serving customers. The guy said that he has got shot in the leg.The gunman fled with a cash register and has yet to be caught by police. It's been confirmed Prince Harry will visit Australia next month. The fourth in line to the throne came to our shores in his gap year in 2003. This will be his first official visit. He will attend the International Fleet Review in Sydney marking the centenary of the first entry of the Royal auztrailian Navy Fleet into Sydney. Broadcaster Derryn Hinch pleaded not guilty to contempt of court. Prosecutors argue an editorial on his website about Jill Meagher's killer and subsequent treats may have prejudiceed the trial. If the 69-year-old is found guilty of breaching a suppression order, he could be sent to jail. The hearing continues tomorrow. The Brownlow awards are being held in Melbourne ahead of the AFL grand final. Jade Vincent joins us from Crown. Do we have a winner yet? It's just been announced the Gold Coast Suns skipper Gary Ablett has taken home his second Brownlow, finishing on 28 votes. It was a close race between him and forplter Geelong team-mate, Joel Sellwood who finished on 27. I'm sure the celebrations are going off inside behind me as we speak. But of course besides the prestigious Bounlow medal, the all important part of the night is the glitz and glamour. All eyes are on the wives and girlfriends and what they are wearing. Tonight we saw a lot of bold and bright colours, hot pink was a stand-out. We saw some beautiful long hand beaded and sequined gowns. The star was classic and elegant. We saw thigh high splits. The women we spoke to said they were particularly nervous about getting it right. Yes. Hopefully I don't cock it up. We've gone for complete elegance. That's all I want to be associated with. So, as which've heard, Gary Ablett has won his second Brownlow and we will have more details on that coming up later in sport. Thank you. And a Sydney fishing crew is gloating over a mega-tuna catch. It was caught on camera. The tuna measured 1.76 metres and it weighed 83.5 kilos.In all my time fishing, 200 days a year, that's the biggest yellow fin off Sydney.Yellow fin have not been seen in that area for a decade.

I will be back later. Still ahead, weeks of negotiations ahead of Germany ate waiting a new government. Thank you. The Abbott Government has held the first briefing on its plans to stop the boats, dubbed Operation Sovereign Borders. The focus is not on what we are being told, but what the government is keeping from us. We know the Coalition wants to... Stop the boats.Stop the boats. Stop the boats.We didn't know they would stop telling us when they arrived. The previous government ran a shipping news service for people smugglers. That's not what we will do.He told us he had a plan to stop is boats. We now know he had one to stop the press releases. What What we're seeing is hide the boats.We won't be told when or if a boat has been turned back to Indonesia, a key plank of the border protection policy.We are not getting into the tactical discussion of things that happen at sea.The secrecy, according to the 3 star general who will run Operation Sovereign Borders is for operational lead -- reasons.There is an absolute respect for the need for the Australian people to be aware of what is occurring. There is a balance struck operationally. That is news to Labor, issuing a media release every time a boat arrived.At no point did the previous government receive advice from the military or from any national security expert that the releases of boat arrives -- arrivals were jeopardising operational integrity.In Opposition Scott Morrison used Labor's data, publicly keeping tally to attack the then government's border protection record.The government previously sets the rules and the Opposition responded in the vierlt the government set.The new government will update arrivals at these weekly briefings.The purpose of this briefing is to provide an operational update on the establishment of Operation Sovereign Borders.Among the first moves - increasing capacity at offshore centres. By 1230 on Manus and 2,000 on Nauru, the Government aiming to transfer all arrivals within 48 hours. Since election day more than 500 asylum seekers have arrived on 8 boats, the most recent yesterday, carrying 33 people. The Government says the debate on how the figures are released will be moot if they achieve their goal and stop them. Now more on the story. We're joined by Labor MP and former Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Richards Miles. There's been talk for a while now about that there's a degree of hysteria around the boat arrivals. Do you accept that?I don't accept the idea of hysteria. As difficult as this issue was, we wanted to make sure the Australian people knew what was happening. What we've seen today is reveversal by the new government to hide behind the military in effect, to make sure that we do not know exactly what is going on. We will not know when boats are coming until potentially a week later. We will not know if there's been an attempt to turn the boats around.If this stops refugees from being the political football that they have been now for almost a decade, perhaps more than a decade, is that not a good thing?I don't think there is any suggestion at all that we are going to see a deep plit cryisation of this issue from the new government. I mean, throughout the entire press conference that Scott Morrison gave, we heard nothing but illegal arrivals. This is a move away from transparency and to talk about stopping the shipping news to the people smugglers is to treat the Australian people with contempt. This was information was which was being provided by the former government to the people of this country. That will now be denied. Nose press alerts that you mentioned, do you think that they fed the hysteria around asylum seekers?Of course, they didn't. All they did was present the facts. We were dealing with a difficult issue, but not trying to hide it existed. We tried our best to deal with the circumstances. We made those circumstances very plain to the Australian people. What you now see from the new government, firstly is a decision to increase the capacity of both Manus and naur ru. If that tells us anything, it says they have absolutely no confidence at all that their policies will stop the boats and secondly they have now put in a new regime about the management of information, hiding behind Australia's military, so that they do not provide us with the facts. So we will find the information out, not in the same fashion as previously, it will be weekly briefings and the information will be provided there.Let's be clear. The then opposition, the now government, went for the last election with the heart of their policy around this issue being turning the boats back. That was the key point they raised. They will not tell us.I want to press you on this point of information. What difference does it make if we get it on the day or a week later? Well, in this day and age, if you hear information a week later, news goes stale within 24 hours. There is no operational reason why we can't know the facts at the time. But important facts about whether or not there's been an attempt to turn a boat around, that won't be revealed at all. We appreciate your time. Thank you.Still to come, we will take you back to those live pictures from Nairobi. There's plenty going on there right now. Also, the death toll is rising after a typhoon causes chaos in Southern China. And - One D fever reaches Adelaide. An update from outside the concert after the break.

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Hi there. You're watching The Late News. I want to take you back to Nairobi. Smoke has been billowing from the shopping Mall for the last hour. We're getting reports in at the moment that at least one of the gunmen involved in that siege has been killed and another potentially arrested by the authorities there in Kenya. The Police Chief in Nairobi has said that some, not all, of the hostages, have been released as a result of a military operation that is ongoing there right now. So, stay with us here on Ten News. Still to come - we will look at Tasmania and some incredible statistics about illiteracy among the adult population. Now to Hermonie. The death toll keeps rising after a typhoon ripped across Southern China. At least 25 people have been killed since the typhoon made landfall, bringing rain and winds up to 165km/h. Homes have been destroyed and schools and businesses shut down and tens of thousands of airline passengers have been stranded in Hong Kong. It's the strongest storm to hit the region this year. German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces several weeks of negotiations as she tries to form a Coalition Government. The Christian Democrats received 42% of the vote in the Federal ke election, but fell short of an absolute majority. She will now attempt to form a government with the Social Democrats or the Greens. Ly be back to update the top stories. Well, let's turn to the markets. The ASX200 closed half a per cent lower.

Now to ComSec. Juliet, a lot of focus over the weekend with the German elections, but attention on China because of some positive signs in the manufacturing sector. What does that mean for us?Well, it is quite encouraging for the Australian economy. We saw data out showing that manufacturing in China reached a 6-month high in September. That was above expectations. It's basically raised hopes of a r broader global economic recovery. It will support demand for commodities and our share market. No such luck on the market. We saw the shapbg thigh Composite up by more than 1%. It seems Wall Street will continue on that positive mood. You at ComSec have found that Australia is one of the cheapest places to buy iPads. Is that because of our dollar?Well, it shows stha the Aussie dollar is not as overvalued as many are saying. We did this research with the dollar where it is now, and it showed out of 46 countries we surveyed, Australia is the fourth cheapest to buy a 16gig iPad when you take it to account exchange rates. What this index does is it means the same goods should be purchased for the same price across the globe in US dollar terribles. Due to taxes and import charges that is not always the case. IPads are cheapest in Malaysia at $473 and the most expensive in Argentina at more than $,000. -- $1,000. Thank you. Well, they're the statistics that seem too bad to be true. Tasmanians are well belepar when it comes to literacy and numeracy. The figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that one in two Tasmanians between 15 and 64 are ill literate. More than one in two are innumerate. It is hardly surprising the state has the lowest level of Year 12 achievement in the country and the highest rate of students leaving school in Year 10.

Brian is an Australian entrepreneur. This statistic is pretty shocking. Yes, I must admit, it comes as quite a shock to hear just how many people are in the, basically the same position that I'm in. Why is the situation worse in Tasmania than anywhere else in the world? -- Anywhere else in the country? It's a hard one to pick to be honest. There is a problem right across Australia as far as that goes.Why did you never learn to read and write properly?It was one of those things that I did struggle with. At the end, I started High School and then it was agreed between my parents and the headmaster at the time that education wasn't for me.It's been a great impediment to you throughout life. What are the things that you have done to hide it, to get yourself through?Well, there is initially, I've got to say, as a youngster, or even a teenager, it was obviously extremely hard, and so you would spend most of your time hideing in a room, or hideing in a toilet rather than have someone put you in a position where you would be embarrassed. I have managed to get my way around it over the years. I suppose to a certain point I'm lucky in as far as the fact that I can talk, and I basically tell myself that I can talk my way in and out of anything, which has helped over the years. You have gone to extreme lengths. I heard you saying you had hidden tape recorders in brief cases to help keep notes, and sent photographs rather than faxes with details of stock orders. I mean, you really had to fight.Well, yes, and I was very fortunate, for instance, the photographs, I was put inthe a position where I was working overseas and yes, I was in charge of the stores and equipment. We sort of, it was a small company, which bloom overnight, and so I was thrown into it like everyone else. And there was a real problem with ordering equipment and where you never got what you wanted when you got there because of the difference in names and what have you between the countries. And I did, I came up with this idea where I would send a photograph over and say that you know, I want six of these, which could be a claw hammer or something, and all of a sudden we found all the stores and equipment we were ordering we were getting all the time. At the end of the day, the management thought that was quite clever. Of course, it was the way that was the easy way for me, because I would spend hours trying to write it up and copy out of books and what have you, to write up an order. It made it easy. You are now this successful businessman. Is the fact you can't read or write properly still a problem for you, or have you managed to cy kum vent that issue? If I could have been able to read and write from the start, the world would have been mine. And I look at it with the average person on the street, if they can read and write, they've got it home and hoseed. Thank you very much for talking to us. We're grateful for your time. Thank you. The red carpet has been rolled away after Prime Time TV's Biggest Night, the 65th Emmys Awards. Claire Danes picked up Best Actress for Homeland. No series swept the board, but Liberace picked up three awards with Elton John performing a tribute. It was a bittersweet night with memorials played to James Gandalfini. If you are anywhere near it tonight, you may have heard something strange t cries of teenage hysteria echoing throughout the city since One Direction arrived. Tonight the boy band have played their first show of their national tour. They've showed it to thousands of surprisingly screaming fans. Jessica Braithwatie is there. Crazy times in Adelaide.Absolutely. It's been mayhem here tonight at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. It's quieter out here now, because all the fans have been in there screaming their lungs out for the band they've been waiting more than a year to see. It's the first night of the national tour tonight. The fans were absolutely not going to be wasting their chance to have One Direction in town. They have been staking out the venue all day and waiting for that glimpse. These are the pictures of the band arriving. They came in convoy, in tinted vans, they didn't stop to meet fans, but, look, for these guys, just having the band in Australia is a big enough thrill. Welcome to Australia, One Direction.I'm really excited. I can't wait.I'm so excited to see the boys, everyone is excited to be here, and I'm really exciteed to have them in our country.I met Liam at the hotel. He was so nice. It was awesome. # Beautiful, oh, oh! # That's what makes you beautiful And Jessica, for those of us less educated on the fine details of One dp direction fandom, what are One D fans called?They are called One Directioners. On one hand they are the biggest band on in the world and if you are over 17 or 18, you may not have heard of them. So we need a little bit of One Direction education. I'm sure as the band makes their way across the country, you will thaer that name a lot and a lot more. By the end of it, there probably won't be anyone left who needs to be told. Thank you. Both of you well informed, I know about One Direction. A busy night for you, though. A lot of people seem to be happy about the Brownlow Medal winner. Very nerve wracking but exciting. We will cross to Melbourne for the wash-up and hear from this year's Brownlow Medallist next. Manly are through to the NRL grand final qualifier. F1 drivers rally beheen Mark Webber after stewards come down hard on the Aussie for hitching a ride back to the pits.

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Welcome back. The 2013 Brownlow Medallist has been announced at a gala event. Nick Butler joins us. The favourite had a handy lead, but it ended up being a nervous finish? Gary Ablett has won his second Brownlow Medal. He had to sweat to get there. It took him to Round 23 for him to snatch back the lead from Joel Sellwood and he did that on the back of a 33 possession best on ground. Hi wasn't the runaway winner. He was short of 1.65 as a bookie, but who could argue with the result. He is the best midfielder and now a worshi dual Brownlow Medallist. Let's listen to the 2013 Brownlow Medallist, Gary Ablett.I knew when I made the decision to move the Gold Coast it would take time. I enjoyed working with everyone at the club. I love my team-mates. I couldn't be up here without you guys. I'm really hoping that we can win a Premiership before my time is up. So, there he is. Gary Ablett. They said when he left Geelong he couldn't get better, but he managed to take his game to a new level at the Gold Coast. He is craving team success now. The second and third place geters are worthy champions. Joel Sellwood, the Cats skipper, but now second, and Dane Swan almost pick up his medal. So the football night of nights is over and now the attention is to the AFL grand final on Saturday. Thank you. There's two weeks to go in the NRL and this weekend's grand final qualifier between Manly and Souths is promising to be spiteful.

John Su trk ton shaping up for spite night.I know this can happen. He may unlaesh after two previous clashes were marred by controversy. Steve Matai waved -- waged war with the Burgess brothers. A knee twist on Watmouuh -- Watmough heightened the hate.We played our game pretty much clean. That's debatable after Sam Burgess went below the belt.I don't know what the talk is about. Sam's just, he just plays the game hard. He's a real competitor.Manly endured who bruising encounters against the Roosters and Sharks. Can they back up?I was happy to sit back and watch. Jamie Lyons ready to rip in after positive results on a knee injury. I thought it was bad, that I broke my leg. I was probably carrying on, but good news and settled down after a little while. So, yeah, feels good now. Brett Stewart's hamstring is Manly's main concern.Not sure. He will be thereabouts. He will play this week or won't.A series of fitness tests will decide Stewart's fate.

F1 drivers are throwing their support behind Mark Webber after he was penalised for hitching a ride back to pit lane. Engine failure saw him come to an end and he hailed down Alonso. The incident, which has since been labelled dangerous by stewards, was captured by a camera in the crowd. If Alonso could see past his knee. And as the incident is Webber's third discretion, it cost him dearly. The stewards slapped him with a ten-place grid penalty for the next race. Americas Cup frustrations continue. The Kiwis are so close they need one more win to secure the trophy. They've again been denied by Team USA, the Americans winning both races to keep the contest alive. The Sunday showdown. What a fantastic day. Good racing under a lot of pressure. And New Zealand leads 8-5. The first to 9 wins the cup. We are off to Western Australia for our play of the day, where two Holden drivers went on a roll literally. Competing in the Australian Safari, their car flipped and just kept going. The tracksuited the car. We were quite happy. We were rolling along. Feeling relaxed. It was a huge stack. They walked away unharmed, which is fabulous. Some good roll bars.We will take you back to Nairobi after the break. Stay with us. There's significant developments.

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Returning to our top story. There's more development in Kenya. Loud gunfire has been heard in the last few minutes outside the shopping Mall. Let's listen in.

GUNFIRE Gun fire has been heard repeatedly over the last few minutes. We understand Kenyan awetys are trying to take back control of the building. There's reports one militant has been killed. These are live pictures right now. You can see in the distance smoke. One of the hostages, we're told, has been arrested. Some of the hostages, but not all have been released according to police there in Kenya. We will keep you up to date on Ten. Hermonie? Rolf Harris has made his first appearance at a London court charged with child sex offences. The 83er old appeared frail as he arrived with his wife to hear charges dating back to the 1980s. His lawyer indicated he is likely to plead not guilty. He was released on conditional bail until his next appearance in October. Taking a look at the weather -

Bedtime Bytes. Normally in an election you see posters of the leader's head. Angela Merkel won the German election, but the campaign posters just showed her hands. They're so synonymous with her. The slogan was, "In good hands". Effective.Hermoine?NASA is looking for volunteers to sit in bed all day for 24 hours, and they will be paid $7,000. The volunteers will have their bones and nervous systems examined. We will keep that in mind.If you arelikeing for something to do. Mine is a new craze that is sweeping the Internet, remarkably. We have pictures of this, naming and shaming your dog if it does something wrong. You wouldn't think it was working, but look at this first one. He looks ashamed. He's killed and buried his stuffed animals. Thank you. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

NICHOLAS: Goodbye, love.

I am not a terrorist.

CARRIE: I have never been so sure
and so wrong.

SAUL: He's a man who put on
a suicide vest, Carrie.

That's who he always will be.
It's crystal clear.

I thought you said
your eyes were open.

CARRIE: What if I told you,
I don't think he did it?

I don't think Brody knew
the bomb was in his car.

He's innocent.

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And it's better than ever.


He's still out there.
We let him get away.

You still have your twisted theories
about me, don't you?

No more secrets.

Fast tracked hours after the US...

..on Ten.

This program is captioned live.
Tonight - bloodbath in Kenya - are we losing the war on terror? Rolf Harris faces court. Why this world famous photographer is pointing her lipbs at a new global campaign. And we cross live to Adelaide as they go One Direction crazy. -- pointing her lens. This is The Project. Good evening. Back with us tonight we have Steve Price. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) And Nicole Livingstone for Carrie and Dave Hughes is back as well. Absolutely. back as well.
Absolutely. (APPLAUSE It will be a great show.In the news today - three loud explosions and sustained gunfire have been heard at the upmarket Nairobi mall where soldiers are trying to end a stand-off with al-Qaeda-linked gunmen. 68 people were killed including Ross Langdon and his partner. Most of the hostages have been freed. A reporter with the South African broadcasting corporation joins us. You have been overlooking the mall on top of an apartment complex this morning. What's the latest?We have seen ambulances going in and out of the area. Because I had quite a bird's- eye view I could look down on the entire street and see a little bit of the mall. And the ambulances came in and out. There were also some army reinforcements, we saw two trucks going in and out, sporadic gunfire throughout the morning. It's what the people woke up, a huge explosion at 6:30 Nairobi time and sporadic gunfire throughout the day. There are eyewitnesses standing at the bottom of the road saying that they heard people screaming from inside the mall and an indication that this crisis is far from over.Are you convinced that the terrorists themselves are contained within the shopping centre? Obviously no way they could make a run for it and get you the of there?That's what the Kenyan Defence Force is saying. They have been pinned down and rescued many of the hostages. The reason they are not saying all is because they don't have an idea how many people these gunmen actually took. There were reports that they haven't been given food or water since Saturday. But the KDF are saying that they have them now pinned to one location and that area where they are pinned is where they are busy launching their final assault.Have the authorities there given any idea of how they think this may end, given what we know of Al-Shabaab and that they are pinned down?The Interior Ministry put out a statement late last night saying that they are not willing to negotiate, as did Al-Shabaab incidentally this morning. The President is taking a very firm stance saying that they will be handed down wherever they go. What the KDF hope for in the next couple of hours they will be able to free as many hostages as they can and kill or imprison the gunmen.Thank you very much for your time.Thank you for talking to me.Staying with the situation in Nairobi - the terror group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for this brutal attack. Who exactly are they and where will they strike next? It's called terrorism for a reason. The people strolling through Nairobi's upmarket shopping mall on Saturday were a long way from any battle field when Al-Shabaab militants opened fire with guns and grenades. It's no accident that westerners including Australians are among the dead and injured.They got the