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Tonight - bloodbath in Kenya - are we losing the war on terror? Rolf Harris faces court. Why this world famous photographer is pointing her lipbs at a new global campaign. And we cross live to Adelaide as they go One Direction crazy. -- pointing her lens. This is The Project. Good evening. Back with us tonight we have Steve Price. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) And Nicole Livingstone for Carrie and Dave Hughes is back as well. Absolutely. back as well.
Absolutely. (APPLAUSE It will be a great show.In the news today - three loud explosions and sustained gunfire have been heard at the upmarket Nairobi mall where soldiers are trying to end a stand-off with al-Qaeda-linked gunmen. 68 people were killed including Ross Langdon and his partner. Most of the hostages have been freed. A reporter with the South African broadcasting corporation joins us. You have been overlooking the mall on top of an apartment complex this morning. What's the latest?We have seen ambulances going in and out of the area. Because I had quite a bird's- eye view I could look down on the entire street and see a little bit of the mall. And the ambulances came in and out. There were also some army reinforcements, we saw two trucks going in and out, sporadic gunfire throughout the morning. It's what the people woke up, a huge explosion at 6:30 Nairobi time and sporadic gunfire throughout the day. There are eyewitnesses standing at the bottom of the road saying that they heard people screaming from inside the mall and an indication that this crisis is far from over.Are you convinced that the terrorists themselves are contained within the shopping centre? Obviously no way they could make a run for it and get you the of there?That's what the Kenyan Defence Force is saying. They have been pinned down and rescued many of the hostages. The reason they are not saying all is because they don't have an idea how many people these gunmen actually took. There were reports that they haven't been given food or water since Saturday. But the KDF are saying that they have them now pinned to one location and that area where they are pinned is where they are busy launching their final assault.Have the authorities there given any idea of how they think this may end, given what we know of Al-Shabaab and that they are pinned down?The Interior Ministry put out a statement late last night saying that they are not willing to negotiate, as did Al-Shabaab incidentally this morning. The President is taking a very firm stance saying that they will be handed down wherever they go. What the KDF hope for in the next couple of hours they will be able to free as many hostages as they can and kill or imprison the gunmen.Thank you very much for your time.Thank you for talking to me.Staying with the situation in Nairobi - the terror group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for this brutal attack. Who exactly are they and where will they strike next? It's called terrorism for a reason. The people strolling through Nairobi's upmarket shopping mall on Saturday were a long way from any battle field when Al-Shabaab militants opened fire with guns and grenades. It's no accident that westerners including Australians are among the dead and injured.They got the 24/.7 in the media and they will be heartened by this.The atrocity is a reprisal for involvement in Somalia but also a statement to the world that Al-Shabaab is a force to be reckoned with. The Islamic group whose name is Arabic for youth is after emerging in 2006. After US- backed invasion of Somalia. In 2010 Al-Shabaab carried out a double suicide bombing in Uganda and in 2012 announced an aliens with al- Qaeda, sparking internal divisions in the group. But the layest attack is a clear signal sha Habberfield is united against the world. The declared enemy's list includes United Nations, Kenya and surprise, surprise, USA. The group has had remarkable success recruiting westerners including Americans and Australians to their cause.They are able to reach audiences which they haven't been able to reach before. This has extended their ability to be able to capture foreign recruits.Australia shouldn't panic. It has to be totally vigilant. Any attack overseas could easily be replicated here.A terrorist force with links to al-Qaeda, significant international membership and willingness to hit Western targets. Just how worried should we be? For more on this we turn to Lydia Khalil, security expert. Attacking civilians, especially westerners is attention grabbing. Surely they won't win many supporters?That's not the aim. Rather, the aim is to say to the world that they are here, pay attention to us frplt our issues matter.What may be repercussions that we feel back in Australia as a result of this?I think the big fear with regard to Al-Shabaab in Western countries is a number of Al-Shabaab fighters recruited from Western countries like Australia, like in the US and Europe as well. The concern is that they will possibly conduct attacks here with the knowledge of gaining fighting in that particular theatre. It's a small number of people and it's a number of people that the security services and intelligence services are looking at quite closely. So it is a concern and it's one that I think security sectors here is watchful and mindful of.The world watches Kenya and we hope it ends soon. Thank you for bringing us up-to-date.Thank you.Now to the day's other headlines. Staying overseas and Rolf Harris just arrived at London court to face 13 child sectional gations. The entertainer has been charged over the indecent assault of two teenagers girls in the 19 80s. -- sexual allegations. Rolf Harris has just arrived. What else can we expect from today's hearing? Charlie, essentially very little. It's the first hearing despite the fact that the case has been dragging on since November last year. There is a huge amount of media interest in the story. Rolf Harris arrived three or four minutes ago. The car pulled up in front of the London court. His wife got out first, looking reasonably frail followed by Rolf Harris. He had a little smile on his face. People yelled questions at him, as you would expect. He didn't have anything to say in response. He slowly made his way through to make his way through security into court. They generally go for 15-20 minutes, matters of bail reasons will be raised. So far he hasn't had to surrender his passport. It's not clear if he will have to enter a plea, it's up to him at this stage, he may well not.We have to leave it there. Thank you very much Ben Lewis in London. A man and woman have been convicted of murdering Damian Leeding during a 2011 armed robbery on the Gold Coast. The 35- year-old police officer died in hospital three days after being shot in the face. Phillip Able and Donna McAvoy pleaded not guilty to the murder. Justice has finally been served. Nothing can bring Damian Leeding back. We are thankful that the offenders have been held responsible for his death. The Tony Abbott Government is defending its decision to keep a tight reign on information on asylum seeker boat arrivals. There will be a weekly briefing but operational details will be kept under wraps.Australians will know how many boats arrived and it's our intention that those numbers will fall. And three will know about that and know when the boats stopped because the reports will Denham strait that.In Government you can make your own rules, they changed the way of operation. We used to have in the past if three bets arrived on a Sunday you get a media release the next day of three different media releases from the Government.Then the opposition would shout it from the rooftops. That's the thing. Scott Morrison in defending this decision over the weekend said announcing boats as they arrive plays into the hands of the asylum seekers and it's used to promote within Indonesian. If that helps asylum seekers this was during the election.Isn't that working for the asylum seekers during that logic?That was for the whole time. They had those billboards running in opposition. Obviously when in opposition you do things different when you are in Government.You don't want to help Australia. (LAUGHS) You want to deliver on the promise. Turning back the boats was to be a promise.I'm sure the former Government wish they had thought of this.I'll call time on this.Prime Minister Tony Abbott has copped plenty of flack for naming only one woman in cabinet. Now Twitter went crazy that saw Michaelia Cash as the Prime Minister assisting the Prime Minister for woman. It was supposed to read women, plural on her door.It was meant to read Minister in charge of sex appeal and hot daughters.Which daughters are you going to pick?I don't know, it's such a tough call.I'm sure his favourite song is 'Woman hear my roar' (LAUGHS) Come on, mate. Let's go to some happy news. One direction guys are in Adelaide as we speak. It's very exciting. They are on tonight. These girls couldn't wait for them being on tonight. They bought dolls and are at a concert pre-show.This is winter, this is winter Niall and shimmy Niall.Pelvic trust. (LAUGHS) There's nothing sad about that at all, alright.Completely obsessive. I'll tell you something funny - my daughters in March bought tickets to One Direction in Melbourne. They now don't want to go. They have grown out of One Direction and that period between March and now, One Direction is so last year. They couldn't give a stuff about any of them.No refunds. We'll take a break and be back in a tick.Coming up - iPhone fail. It seems that the new safety features aren't all they are cracked up to be. The world's greatest mum Geraldine Cox joins us live. We have all of the winners, losers, (CHECKOUT BEEPS) (PANTS HEAVILY)

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The Project.
Welcome back to The Project. One of three men accused of stabbing and kicking a good Samaritan to death in Melbourne four years ago finally faced court in Australia, having been extradited from Thailand. Luke Mitchell's loss is still keenly felt.It's the family events that are probably the hardest, birthdays, Christmases and that kind of thing. We are happy that we are getting somewhere.And the iPhone five has only been on sale for a few days. Hackers have already cracked the finger print system. Phones can be unlocked by pet paws to gain access or nippals or even toes.You have got one.I got one and it's great. Very happy with it. Although, you know previously when the new iPhone came out, it was a bit of a big deal. Nobody cared. This is the first time I've ever had it first, nobody cared.I downloaded the technology for it, the IOS. Now when ever I tweet it tells my exact GPS location which is dangerous.It would be dangerous if I was a member of One Direction. (LAUGHS) As it is nobody cares.You know what, let's get back to One Direction.Thank God there hasn't been enough of them in the The Project.No, it's good fun, Steve. You know what, some girls used their iPhones to capture one direction this morning. Not all of them got to do it -- One Direction.

them got to do it -- One Direction.
She could possibly get the recording off the other girl's iPhone and pretend it was her's. Well, let's turn our attention to football now. Suns captain Gary Ablett remains a favourite to win tonight's Brownlow Medal despite Sam Mitchell also being a contender. The wags have been working it on the red carpets in Melbourne's Crown Casino. Sam, you chose an interesting outfit there yourself. Who were you dressed by this evening? Charlie, this is grand final's cheek. This is a new line of electrical tape. It's a style that you are looking for heading into the grand final. Purposal, brown and yellow together at last this Saturday. It will be amazing at the MCG. The new favourite for tonight's Brownlow Medal is a soccer player which is bizarre. The Malaysias are interested in the Brownlow Medal now.Sam, you have been keeping an eye on the ladies, it's a big night for the players. Now, in your expert opinion, even though you are wearing those colours, how have they frocked up tonight?They look fantastic. Some of the trends that I noticed tonight, a lot of splits in the dresses, some intentional, one happened as a girl got out of the cab. A lot of pink and plunging netlines. Imagine a classy catalogue and a lot of guys walked down here. A lot of guys looked stressed. I had a chat with a few of them. This is the only night of the year they don't get to show off their sleeve tattoos, they are hating that.I believe your soccer player wasn't the only exclusive you have got for us. What else have you got?Yeah, guys, I managed to shoot something on my iPhone, because that's how I roll. And it is with Gary Ablett himself. And listen carefully, I tried to trick him. This is what happened a few minutes ago. Gary Ablett, thanks for having a chat. Congratulations on the 2013 Brownlow Medal? Well, look, you know, we are he out of time. Sorry, we have to go. It's on the iPhone, we have no more time. Let's just run with that rumour and say that it's leaked online and you heard it here first.Thank you very much, Sam. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Now, the Brownlow Medal is the talk in AFL circles today. No doubt about that, we have some advice for a young woman who was popped about the subject today.Who do you reckon will win the Brownlow Medal tonight?Goodness, can can I have a different question please.Do you think Gary Ablett will win the Brownlow Medal?I don't know much about football to be honest, sorry, I have nothing. (LAUGHS) You can say, "I don't want to answer any questions" and just move on. Well done anyway. Thank you. Time to reacquaint ourselves with a friend of the The Project, who has dedicated her life to caring for over 600 children. In 2010 we met Geraldine Cox or as she's known to the kids in Cambodia Big mum. She cofounded this village and has spent the last 18 years devoting herself to the children of Cambodia. It's one of the most emotional and powerful shows this show ever produced.Before we came along to run this orphanage it was mind- numbing. The children were naked in fishing nets, sitting sometimes for 16 hours a day because the Government staff didn't have money to take care of them.Last year we caught up with her in Adelaide and the kids when they performed at the festival.She is a fantastic woman to help us, a big heart.Showing no signs of slowing down, 200 kids born with HIV now have a chance at life as Geraldeen created yet another orphanage or as she prefers to call them, a family. Please welcome back to the The Project, Geraldine Cox. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) As we just heard.Thanks so much for the make-up, I've never looked so good.You always look pretty good to us in the stories. This is a new orphanage that you just opened up. How long that has been in the making?It was opened in December on the first international HIV day. And we realised that there was an opening for a specialist police for children with HIV. They are rejected from schools, employment and we only have 70 in it now. By the end of the year we'll have 200. You can't get anybody more innocent than the kids born with HIV. So we are hoping to attract more sponsors through this program, who will become $40 per month sponsors to cover the kids coming in every day.You look after over 600 kids. Can I say, I have three at home and I forget their names. I mean, how do you go with 600?Well, I live in the main orphanage where we only have 135 kids. I'm struggling with that. I aim every day to have some kind of contact with each one. When they get off the bus from school, before lunch I'm at the bus. I'm touching, kissing, patting a kid as they get off the bus, so that every kid knows that mum has had some kind of contact with them that day. In the other orphanages I only get to see them two or three times a year, I don't know their names, but the 135 I do.These kids have seen terrible tragedy in their lives. Do you know when you are making a real change? Do you see something in their eyes? Yes, when new kids come to me that have been trafficed, raped and abused a abandoned in hospitals. When they come through the gate they have a terrible look of fear and distrust, it's because I'm an adult. Every adult in their life harmed them. And when they realise that it could be weeks before they realise that I'm a good guy. I sleep for a nap at lunchtime and every now and then a new kid that has been trafficed and abused, not let me pick them up or anything has decided that today I'm OK and I'll wake up and a new kid has kudaled in next to me and I know I've got through to them. The worst is over and everything will be alright I say to them. I need money.We will give details, everybody should be generous, particularly millionaires watching, dig deep. We featured your stories on the show before. The stories stuck with us. We always noticed your red hair. And I believe there's a story behind it? Yes, during the coup, the scarest time in my life. I had soldiers and tanks trying to shoot us off the land because it had been a previous military barriacs and they are pointing AK-47s at the kids. The kids are wetting themselves, I'm screaming and it was very scary. And then suddenly one of the main soldiers look add me closely and put his gun down and nudged the soldier next to him and the next looked at me. Within a couple of minutes they got on their tank and we were fine. We all went back in and some kids wet themselves and were crying and the older boys started to laugh and I asked why. And they said that it was my hair that saved us. In Cambodia the whole country are soup cityious, they believe in ghosts and witches and goblins and apparently there is a witch that women go to, and this witch turns their husband's peniss to the size of a pea (LAUGHS) She has bright red hair. The children are convinced that it was my red hair that the soldiers didn't want to take a chance.We joke about that story. But the work that you do is just amazing. We want to thank you for the work and encourage people to get involved. If you would like to find out how to help Geraldine Cox and her children in Cambodia, please head to our website.We'll head to break now. Coming up - Adelaide's panda's having problems getting gigy with it. Truth lies in climate change. Farewell to the VW combi. Get your lungs ready, girls. One Direction are about to take to the stage. This is The Project. # And we dance all night # To the best song When the world makes your eyes
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# To the best song everYou are watching The Project. If you just joined us, here is a recap of headlines. Ross Langdon who holds UK citizenship is among 68 people killed when terror stormed a Kenyan shopping mall at the weekend. Phillip Able and Donna McAvoy accused of killing Damian Leeding during a 2011 armed robbery have been convicted of his murder. Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney won't face a retrial over his wife's murder after an appeal by prosecutors against his acquittal was dismissed. Police in Sydney say they have smashed a violent crime sindiate in the south-west after a series of raids that saw 13 people arrested. No luck for Adelaide zoo as it tries to get Wung and Funi to mate. Zoo keepers pulled out all stops at the weekend including artificial insemination. Just 48 hours of the fertility window.Wung was much more ready for action this year. But got quite an aggressive response back from Funi, not a successful mating this year.I know how Wung feels.I'm sure pandas were purchased by the John Howard Government.Have we thought about trying to cross breed them with a bear that is better at sex?Let's not have too much of a go at them. You don't have to be good at it to have a good time. (LAUGHS) Can we move subjects to Mark Webber? At the Singapore Grand Prix overnight. His car caught fire, in his last season, bad luck. He didn't get to finish the race. He got a lift back. Is this safe? Is this a good example for the kids? Put your foot between another man's legs and you'll get back safely. I don't know about that. It's just as well it wasn't Sebastian Vettel or it wouldn't have been too safe for either of them.No, the foot would have been up his own backside.Tony Abbott has made winding back our recent efforts to combat global warming his top priority. Is he taking our country down the right path? Just a day after Tony Abbott was officially sworn in as the 28th Prime Minister of our fair nation, bang. He brought the hammer down on the Independent Commission Against Corruption and sacked its boss.The Independent Commission Against Corruption really just provided information to the public. So I think it's a loss Australia as a whole that we don't have that.But the Prime Minister's not stopping there. The authority tasked with managing our carbon tax targets and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation $10 billion fund for investment in renewable energy sources are do you meaned. Should we really be surprised? After all, just last week Tony Abbott's chief business adviser called man-made warming a myth and despite claiming to believe one the key election policy pillars was ending climate change costs for taxpayers.

change costs for taxpayers. But has the Prime Minister been a bit hasty? This Friday the United Nations will put out the first part of what is arguably the most important climate change document ever released. The six years collaboration between hundreds of scientists around the globe has the clear message - now 95% certain that human activity caused more than half the global warming felt since 1951. And it is ongoing. It leaves only a tiny 5% margin for uncertainty. Just as the Prime Minister turns his attention to scrapping the carbon tax, one policy that has worked. But even if there is a chance that humans aren't causing climate change, in an arid country considered one of the most vulnerable to global warming is doing nothing a risk we can afford to take?One man who believes we are risking a great deal is renowned environmental activist David Suzuki. There's been a move by Governments around the world from trying to move away from combating climate change. Do you feel like the message has been lost a little?I don't know what you mean by countries try to move away from it. We certainly had internationally conferences where countries come to some kind of agreement about it. We know that China is moving full speed ahead with its green economy. The United States is certainly bringing on renewable energy like mad. The problem is not the countries deviating from that thrust but that there is a very powerful lobby from the fosal fuel industry creating a lot of confusion on the part of the general public.And our new Prime Minister Tony Abbott made it his top priority removing the measures that we had in place what are your concerns about that?Well, my concerns are on what basis are we going to make decisions? In a very, very unsettling time. Human activity is causing enormous changes on the planet, not just the chemistry of the atmosphere but the oceans, the land of forests and spreading pollutants all over the world. We are changing the properties of the planet. How do we guide ourselves into a very uncertain future if we don't have science, what are we going to rely on? The Bible? Advertising agencies? Fossil fuel industry to tell us where to go? I would have thought at this time of uncertainty, one of the most important sources of information would be science. And I thought Tim and the Commission that he was running was the absolutely best thing that we have going, that is a body that is hands-off organisation to try to provide, not tell you what strategy or policies should be. But trying to inform you about this. What is known, as far as science goes, to say we're not interested in that is to say we will cut ourselves off and let me tell you, this is exactly what the Canadian Government is doing too. Just because Canada and Australia are doing this, don't think that the rest of the world is following this path. Not by any means at all. But Canada is trying to shut down any source of information about climate. David, you mentioned Tim being hands-off. He wasn't actually that hands-off and he famously said in the middle of our big drought that we would never have natural rain to fill our dams and governments and many rushed out and before the built desalination plants. Are you convinced that you have this right? It's a very expensive mistake if you haven't?Well who says? I mean, how long ago did he actually say this and how long have these plants been built?Five years ago in the middle of a drought and they sit their there vacant.And when were the plants built? I would say give it a little time. It's kind of quick, you know. You've had a very prolonged drought. You seem to have some relief from that and do you think it's all over and you don't have to worry about it. I think it's a bit too early to start saying how expensive that was.Mate, what sort of catastrophic events have to happen before every type of Government take this is seriously? That's the big question. I would have thought Australia would be at the rampant yart saying that we have to do something. You have had a prolonged drought, which I would have thought would worry you. You have issues of fires, the season getting longer and the intensity of fires getting greater and the Great Barrier Reef is suffering immensely. When I came in 1988 and dived for the first time it was radically different from what it is more recently when I dived. I was shocked to see the state of the Great Barrier Reef. Now, I would have thought if you were paying any attention at all that those are warnings that we must begin to do something. And if Australia is not warning the world, I don't know what it will take.David, thank you very much for your insights tonight. We'll have to have you back to talk more about this some time.Thank you.We'll take a quick break and be back with plenty

be back with plenty more after this.
(APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Welcome back to The Project.The Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating NSW SES service amid allegations that it has m misused funds. Wollongong HQ has been raided. One Direction has taken it easy on the golf course today before hitting the stage in Adelaide tonight for the band's first Australian show. The city has come down with a terrible case of teenager hysteria as fans madly scramble for a glimpse of their idols. Haley, how is it down there - is it madness?I can't really hear you but this is absolute madness. I presume this is the kind of reaction that happens when the boys come to town. So they are staying at the Novotel apparently. This morning there were photographs of Liam shirtless in the pool. That's only because I'm Team lieu y. He has been on Twitter two minutes later 55km away. So he is time travelling. Harry is the favourite, he has been golfing yesterday and again today with Niall. I have their number one fan with me. Rebecca, how much do you spend on merchandise?All of my pay goes to them, thousands.Settle down. I have the most exciting thing. I have Harry's shoe.Oh, my goodness. Oh, my God. It starts in 30 minutes, I'll keep you updated.Thank you very much, Haley. Please, stay safe. (LAUGHS) Honestly, what does it mean? You don't know what it means to some people when One Direction just look in their direction (LAUGHS) Check these girls out at Adelaide airport

airport yesterday. Great! (LAUGHS) Away from One Direction and it's time to see what's making news around the globe. Chancellor Angela Merkel has been returned to power in Germany's elections. But her party fell short of an absolute majority. The third postwar leader to win three successive terms. At a memorial for the victims of the Washington navy yard massacre Barack Obama called on Americans to push for gun reform.We Americans are not more violent people than folks in other countries. What's different in America is that it's easy to get your hands on a gun.

easy to get your hands on a gun.
Hundreds of flights cancelled and the weather has improved enough for airports to reopen. Brazil is the last place in the world with the combi van still being produced. How many other vehicles have an oven in them. Honestly. We'll be back in a tick. Hello.


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(APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Welcome back to The Project. A soldier blinded by a roadside bomb while serving in Iraq walked from Sydney to Canberra. After two weeks on the road Liam Haven and his guide dog completed their 350km trek today raising more than $50,000.Nothing compares to something like this. The satisfaction that you get from it is amazing.Breaking bad has finally broken the drought winning the Emmy Award for the best drama on its fourth nomination. 'Modern Family' and 'Homeland' also won an Emmy Award. Social media went into meltdown and the short acceptance speech for the award for best supporting actress.Thanks so much. Thank you so much. I got to go, goodbye. (LAUGHS) I think she went a fair way to explaining the acceptance speech in her media interview afterwards. She was asked how she was feeling.I'm scared. I'm scared because it was unexpected so I don't know how to feel yet. I mean, I have therapy next week. (LAUGHS) Her therapist will tell her how to feel I believe. Tyler was glued to the proceedings. This is the 65th Emmy Awards. How did this year hold up for you?Is it over? Is the show over? Did I miss anything? Oh, my God! Listen, award shows are a tough thing to please everybody, right. It's always easy to critique them, especially the host. It's a thankless job. But honestly, genuinely, this year was one of the worst shows I have ever seen. This is really, really bad.Now, there was one highlight. Michael Douglas who won an award opposite Matt Damon his acceptance speech, this moment. Just watch this.This was two-handier and you are only as good... You are only as good as your other hand. So you really deserve half of this. Do you want the bottom or the top?Mate, how did that go down for the want of a better phrase?Absolutely. It was definitely, I think for me, highlight of the night. Of course, he went on and talked of his son who we know has been having some trouble with the law and drugs and also reached out to Kathryn a little bit in his speech. It was enlightening, funny, everything that you wanted in an Emmy Award speech.Anything that stood out for you on the red carpets?Well, you know me, I'm definitely the fashion expert here on this show. But it doesn't take a fashion expert to look at what Denim was wearing. I love her as a writer and actress. I don't know what the heck that was that she was wearing tonight on the red carpets. It goes along with the show - the whole thing was disappointing.Yeah but you know she's never been known for her dress sense or style as you say. Anyway, great to chat as always. We'll chat again soon.Thank you, guys.We'll take another break and be back with plenty more The Project after this. Tomorrow - how wearable devices are set to change the way we live. Could E cigarettes create just as many health problems as the real ones?I hope it's the case that they are safer cigarettes, we don't know and really won't know that until we see many, many years of use.It's news but not as you know it - The Project 6:30 week nights here on Ten Eyewitness News.

got me this dud for cross
promotional purposes. Luckily he's still someone I don't 2 of The Bachelor and if so, would they consider a bald married man. I'm asking for a friend. You are a vegan, which is a virgin vegetarian. Why don't you eat animals or have sex?Look at me, I will look at you. You're six months younger than I am.

Welcome back to The Project. Kensington Palace has confirmed that Prince Harry will be here in two weeks in Sydney. And he will also visit Perth. Look out, ladies. Some people may find it hard to believe. Weekly contact with your mother-in-law may actually be good for you. Victorian health experts believe people who speak with their mother and mother-in-law once per week benefit from two sources of mat yerpbl support.These experts weren't mothers.I have had three mother-in-laws. The current one is a ripper. I wouldn't know about talking weekly.I wouldn't say current mother-in-law, as if there is going to be another future one. You have a mother-in-law perspective. My mother-in-law once said to me, the difference between my wife and her sister is that my wife's sister only goes out with good-looking guys. Thank you.? Nicole, I've had two mother-in-laws too, as have you. They're OK.My mother-in-law is great.We are still playing a survival game. Here's your top five. The Australian man killed in the Nairobi shopping centre attack has been named as Ross Langdon, from Tasmania. 83-year-old entertainer Rolf Harris has appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court, to face 13 child sex allegations. At the Emmys, Breaking Bad has finally won best drama. Modern Family and Homeland's Claire Danes also got gongs. As the Abbott government winds back the fight against global warming, we spoke to David Suzuki about the threat we still face. And despite plenty of help, Adelaide Zoo's lady panda Funi has failed to fall pregnant this year. That's it, Funi. You had your chance. You're on your own now.

on your own now. Seriously, we have tried. I don't know what we're supposed to do. (LAUGHS) Just to hand - Rolf Harris will plead not guilty to 13 charges. He remains on bail and his trial is referred another court. That's it for the show tonight. A big thanks to Steve Price and Nicole Livingstone. Dave, you are about to continue on TV? You are one of the stars of tonight's episode. This is you behind-the-scenes getting ready for it right now I presume.Alright, it was prerecorded but I nearly die in tonight's episode. If you don't like me, stay tuned.We'll be back

VOICEOVER: Meet Tim and Tom -

two Aussie guys
who seem to have it all.

They have everything, except love.

TIM: As long as
I can be true to myself,

hopefully I'll find someone
that I can fall in love with,

then they can love me back.

VOICEOVER: The Bachelor wants love
but hasn't found it.


Do I have to?

Tom feels love but is scared of it.

WOMAN: I really think that you
should tell Miranda the truth, Tom.

Is this the night
our boys finally find love?

TIM: From the first night
that we met you really captured me

with your eyes and your smile.


One night - two huge shows.

On my team tonight, I've got

multiple Olympic gold medallist,
Libby Trickett...

Libby Trickett,
the world record holder!

What can I tell you about Eamon?
He has excellent legs for a man.

..and comedian Joel Creasey.

I've been listening to
a lot of 'Eye of the Tiger'

to really get in the zone.

And my team, Veronica Milsom...

I'm looking forward to getting
involved in challenges.

..Dave Hughes.

I feel like, you know, we're in
the doubles final of the Davis Cup.

Come on!

JOEL: My nemesis
is definitely Veronica Milsom.

VERONICA: He's such
a little pocket rocket, isn't he?

PAT: We've got a really
great bunch of people.

Hey, star of the show.

DAVE: This is more competitive
than the Olympics.

ANNOUNCER: Please put your
hands together for Tommy Little!


Hi, I'm Tommy Little.

Welcome to A League of Their Own,

the show that proves that
sport stars are just like you -

except way, way better.

On the Red Team tonight

it's the team captain,
and the rock star of tennis,

ladies and gentlemen, it's Pat Cash!


Also on that team,
we've got another tennis legend,

a 12-time Wimbledon champion...

..on the Nintendo Wii -

it's comedian Veronica Milsom!


And rounding out the team

is the ugliest woman
to ever play professional tennis,

it's comedy legend Dave Hughes!


Opposing them
in the blue corner tonight,

team captain, and king of the pool,
Eamon Sullivan.


Alongside him is comedian and
Marco Polo champion Joel Creasey.


Plus, we have
the woman who did this...

She's three-parts of a body length
in front of world record time.

Is she going to make it tonight?

She was robbed of it
in the Duel in the Pool,

but not tonight.

Not tonight, ladies and gentlemen!

Ladies and gentlemen, please go wild

for a four-time gold medallist,
Libby Trickett!


Hey, Libby, I know you had
such a decorated career.

Do you have one highlight?


I think it was the moment
we first met.


You wish it was.
Why are you laughing?

I know, between you two, you've got
four gold medals, don't you?


Silver's very good.

Yeah, it's OK.


I think the biggest highlight for me
was the 2007 World Championships.

I won five gold medals there
and got married a week later,

so it was pretty cool.

Joel laughed 'cause, like,
"I won five gold medals."

A good day for me is if I, like, get
in a good few hours of daytime TV.

You're like, "A couple
of gold medals, got married."

I can't do that either. So, uh...


Libby, is there any low-lights?
Like, maybe this photo?

Oh, my God!

I just want to know,

what was it actually like
to swim with Bart Simpson?


That's Leisel Jones there
next to you...

..on a bad hair day,

which is actually Joel Creasey
on a good hair day.

Um, yeah, that's horrifying,
absolutely horrifying,

but there's probably
worse than that out there.

Oh, there's worse photos.
I've got 'em.

Hughesy, any young comedian
growing up idolises you, basically.

But I want to know who was your
sport star as a kid growing up?

You know, to be honest,
it was the man to my left, Pat Cash.

This is cute.

I remember when he won
the 1987 Wimbledon...

1988, mate.

No, you're right.

I was right, mate, it was '87.

Don't tell me about your career,
Pat. I know it, alright?

You fancy yourself
as a bit of a tennis player.

I do, absolutely.

I've taken one game
off Alicia Molik once.


Yeah, true story. Yep.

A proper match?

Well, it was a radio stunt thing and
she probably let me have the game.

But whatever!

My only tournament match
was when I was 15,

against another kid who was morbidly
obese, to be honest, I won't lie.

And I was so nervous, I couldn't
get the ball over the net.

And I lost.

How did you lose?

I couldn't get the ball
over the net.

Do you know how tennis is played?


Let's get stuck into
our first question.

The first question is all about
Twitter, or as my dad refers to it,

"That twit thing
on the intra-Google."

That's right, it's cost reputations
and even people's jobs.

But athletes can't get enough
of Twitter. And we love it.

What I want to know - and Blue Team
this question is for you -

is which one
of the following sporting greats

has the most Twitter followers?

Is it NBA superstar
Aussie Andrew Bogut?

Is it the best sprinter
in the world, Black Caviar?

Or our own tennis champ, Pat Cash?

I'm amazed Pat Cash has Twitter.

I was gonna say that too.
What do you tweet on your abacus?

DAVE: What?

VERONICA: He tweets about
his grandchildren. It's lovely.

Hang on, let's not slag him off
from our side of the...

I was positive then.

This is good. No, this is good.
Break them down.

Yeah, I've got a Twitter account.

But I almost got myself in trouble.

Yeah, not that long ago.

I did a fundraiser, charity, playing
tennis for one of the royals.

And I tweeted out, "What a pity
that Prince William