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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. Today on Nine News Now, a Tasman and his pregnant partner, among the 69 victims of the Kenya mall massacre. Road rage turns violent on the Gold Coast as a man is shot in his car. Also this afternoon, Oprah opens up about her struggle to pick-up the pieces after suffering a nervous breakdown. We catch up with One Direction as they hit the golf course ahead of their first Australian concert. And the big winners and losers at the 65th annual Emmy Award. We begin with the ongoing situation in Kenya - there is some good news to report this afternoon. Most hostages of the deadly mall massacre have been freed as troops try to end the bloody siege at the moment. We know at least 68 people were killed in the terror attack, including an Australian man. Mark Burrows joins us with the latest details on that. Mark, that man has been identified, we understand?An Australian architect by the name of Ross Langdon tragically, he was with his pregnant partner, she was also killed in this attack. A lot of praise for both these people on social media websites. People are saying that they were a very special couple, both had dedicated their lives to working for a peaceful world. He was working in Nairobi doing some work on a hospital

hospital there another Australian lady spoke what have she went through.A few families run for it. We saw a lot of people, about 45 minutes later, we saw a whole lot of people run down the side and they got out fine. So we, we looked everywhere for somewhere to hide. There was nowhere to hide. We decided to run for it as well. So feeling very lucky, relieved, still a bit nervous.Now, fortunately, another Australian woman from Melbourne, Sarah Williams was able to get out of harm's way. Today, her sister spoke to the media about what the family has been going through. Her sister is called Amy. Sarah is happy and she is safe and we just hope that all of the other hostages are as lucky as she is and are able to escape unharmed. I know what it felt like to almost lose my family, I can't imagine what they are going through.The Kenyan army is still trying to end this siege. It's amazing that their efforts to end this are still going on. The latest word we have out of Nairobi was that the shots were heard moments ago from inside the mall. So obviously, the Kenyan army is it e is still trying to come to terms to attack the militants inside. We understand though that a large number of the hostages that they have, have been released. We still don't quite know what the full picture is inside that centre. Thank you very much, Mark Burrows. More details this afternoon. Other news now - a man has been shot in the leg in a road rage attack on the Gold Coast. The bullet pierced through the driver's side door, hitting logbooks and the man's leg as well.The gun was pointed at my head. As the car sped away, the gun dislodged.Streets in the Southport area have been soot down as investigations continue. We will be crossing live to our reporter on the Gold Coast. To Sydney now - where a major criminal gang believed to be responsible for multiple shootings and drugs deals in the south-west has been smashed by police. More than 20 simultaneous raids were carried out this morning. 15 people have now been charge the. Nine's Kelly joins us this afternoon. This is as a result of months of investigations by police?That's right. This massive raid is a 1.5 year in the planning. Now, updated information is that 15 men were arrested when hundreds of officers descended on about 22 properties across Sydney's south-west in simultaneous raids at dawn. Now, they went in and burst in through the doors and escorted people out at gunpoint. They spent the next few hours searching those ports, which included a real estate agency, two car dealerships and a couple of homes. Now, they seized cash, weapons, drugs and also luxury goods, including four jet skis and a boat, suspected of being stolen. Now, these raids are targeting a Syrian crime group referred to as Last Hour, which is notorious in this area.Do police intend to make any further arrests? They sure do. They say this is far from over. Now, this gang has been linked to a dozen shootings in the last two years. Also linked to assaults, extortion and drug dealing. Police say that they are making more arrests, that is just the start.With regards to this particular criminal group - I have to say that the NSW Police force will not rest until we put each and every one of these criminals behind bars and we smash this particular operation. People involved in this sort of criminal enterprise in NSW, there is no room for you in this state.Now, in terms of charges - a 34-year-old man arrested at the property has been charged with several offences including knowingly being involved in criminal activity of the group. 14 others have been charged with various offences including inflicting grievous bodily harm. Many will appear in court this afternoon.One of two men who fled Australia hours after a good Samaritan was stabbed to death in Melbourne has now been extradited. The national has fronted court charged with the murder of 29-year- old Luke Mitchell. Karen Huf reports.One of the men who was wanted over the murder of Luke Mitchell appeared in a Melbourne court today. 38-year-old Mr P, tham has been brought from Thailand charged with murder. He fled and the two co-accused are fighting extradition. Luke Mitchell was seen as a good Samaritan after breaking up a fight that the men were involved in. He was stabbed five times in front of his sister-in-law and their friends. The court heard that forensic samples will be taken from the accused to compare to DNA found on exhibits and telephone intercepts have also been transcribed.The trial of a former Bundaberg-based doctor accused of causing grievous bodily harm to a patient has started in a Brisbane court. Jayant Patel was performing surgery on the machine in 2004. Potential jurors were warned that the impaneling process for the trial could be complicated due to the publicity surrounding the events in 2004 at Bundaberg Base Hospital. The jury has gone out in the trial of two people accused of murdering Queensland police officer Damian Leeding. The detective was shot in the head outside a Gold Coast tavern in May 2011. Our reporter Tessa Scott has been in the Supreme Court in Brisbane for us. Good afternoon to you. How long has the jury been out for now? Wendy, the jury went out about 12:30 this afternoon, they have been deliberating for a couple of hours now. How long they could take to come to the verdict is anybody's guess. The two accused have pleaded not guilty to murder. But they do stand accused of the murder of Damian Leeding who was shot as he tried to stop share escape after a armed robbery on the Gold Coast in 2011. Before the jury went out, the judge said to them on the 11th day of the trial, he summed up the evidence and gave them some pretty detailed instructions. It was explained to the jury the elements that they needed to be satisfied of to convict of murder or manslaughter. The fact that what they were doing, if the jury could be satisfied it was likely to endanger his life or death was a probable outcome, and that was it was done during an unlawful act, for example, that armed robbery, that could be enough. Damian Leeding's family and numerous police officers have sat through the entire trial. They are here today. There is a lot of anxious people awaiting this verdict, Wendy. We will cross straight back to you with the breaking news. In just a few hours' time Rolf Harris is expected to front a London court after being charged with 13 child sex offences. The 83-year-old is facing six counts of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old girl in the early '80s along with a 14- year-old girl in 1986. Allegations surrounding the sexual assaults alleged came to light in November 2012. Today will be his first appearance since the allegations surfaced. We turned to federal politics now - the Immigration Minister says he is making no apologies for places a gag on boarder protection information. This is a significant change from the previous Government?Yes, it really s Wendy. Scott Morrison is holding his first press conference. The purpose is to give the media a briefing on any asylum seeker information. And from now on, there is only going to be one update a week, very different to what we saw from Labor. We have been told today that since September 8th there have been 524 people to arrive on eight boats. Scott Morrison is wanting to control the information that the locals living on Christmas Island give out about boat arrivals. That's something that the administrator has reconsidered his position because of. This take a listen to Scott Morrison.This briefing is not about providing shipping news to people smugglers. It's about what the Government is doing in this operation to stop those people coming to Australia on those boats and to live up on our mandate achieved at the recent election, to implement the policies to stop the boats.

to stop the boats.Let's chat about that embarrassing typo for Tony Abbott. There was a glass plaque for one of the few women in his ministry which has now been corrected?Yes. She took the oat as the person assisting the prsm last week. Her plaque head that she is only assisting one woman. Not sure which woman that was. But Craig, one of the Labor frontbenching people suggested that it could have been Gina Rinehart. We had a look at it this afternoon, and it has been fixed, Wendy. Mikkayla's portfolio has been expanded again for all women, not just one.Still ahead on Nine News Now - a blind soldier's heartbreaking tribute to his fallen mate after walking all of the way from Sydney to Canberra. Also coming up - a big wrap-up of all of the big moments from the 65th Emmy Award, including the fashion, hits and misses. You won't want to miss that. And the new TV show exposing the extravagant wealth This program is not captioned. You going for a workout, babe?
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Welcome back. Walking 350km would be an incredible challenge for anybody out there. Imagine doing it without your sight. That's what Liam Haven has done.'S soldier who lost his sight while serving overseas. Now he is putting all of his efforts into helping other injured diggers get the help and support their need. Take a look. A symbolic end to a long march. The final stretch along Zac parade towards the Australian War Memorial. 350km over 13 days, raising money for other soldiers, sailors and airmen who also came home with lasting injuries. In 2008 Liam Haven was serving in Iraq. While he was patrolling a roadside bomb went off. He was blinded by shrapnel.As a soldier I have been called a hero a couple of times just for simply doing my job and forgetting to duck. His injuries meant that he couldn't serve in Afghanistan with his mates. Including one of 40 Australian casualties.Any time I was outbushed and ran out of cigarettes he would always have a Peter Jackson for me.Unable to go to his funeral, today Liam said goodbye in song. # It's time to said goodbye.As his friend's parents looked on.Liam has battled alcohol and depression. Sadly, many other soders who return home wounded face the same struggles.We should be proud of our young men and women. We should also recognise that they are helping and need our help.Liam Haven raised over $50,000, some of which will go to charities. The money from the walk will also go to Guide Dogs Australia a nod to his dog who is almost always at his side.He loves it because he spends a lot of time in the car.Hillary Clinton has finally acknowledged what many people long suspected - she is considering running for US President in 2016. In a revealing interview, Hillary Clinton also gave us a glimpse into life at home with former President Bill Clinton. Yes, they is thinking about running for President. A surprise? No. Tonight, Hillary Clinton finally says so herself. For the first time in years, she is not running or serving in office. So she says she spends more time at home, watching stupid movies, taking long walks with her husband. You know, just ordinary, every day pleasures. For the family, pleasure includes politics - all three centre stage again this week. Back in January when she sat down with us, she was coy.I have no plans or intentions that I am going to get back into my life again, see how it feels.It feels like several friends tell us. But she is leaving her options open. The big question for Hillary Clinton is what's next.The timing is all hers. "I'm not in any hurry."Now to a controversial new TV show from the United States, of course. It's called the preachers of LA and exposes the extravagant wealth and flashy lifestyles of pasters and bishops. The city of anals ain't exactly the Bible belt so the preachers here aren't from central casting. Like so many others, chasing the Hollywood dream, they have star-power. Some of them clearly enjoy living the good life. That's the idea behind the new show next month.Already the title sounds like a stretch because LA is about something other than God for most people. This is about fame, lost souls. LA is where all of the lost agals are.Reality TV broughts us the drama and deck dance of real housewives and taught us the meaning of GTO and showed us that it's possible to be famous just for being famous. Provided your last name is Kardashian.So why not a reality TV show about religious leaders, men of power and in some cases great wealth. Think of it as lifestyles of the rich and spiritual. The show is generating controversy, even before the first episode has aired. Some church groups denouncing it based on the trailer. Even starting an online petition against it. Not the sort you would expect to find in a old- fashioned revival. The bishop who used to be a gang banger.Just in case they don't respect the Lord in me, I am taking the law with me. Now saving gang bangers is a big part of the ministry. And the bish shop whose following is as big as anything.If you want my ministry you need what I need to bring. My men know how I flow.A former professional skateboarder. And a paster of a mega church whose Sunday morning routine includes a wellness ritual before he steps out onto the pull pit. Bishop Noel Jones whose flock is one of the biggest in LA county. What is it that you hope people get out of this?I hope people will understand that even the people you look up to have to deal with the same problems you deal with, they are human.One of the human frailties is a weakness for fast cars.It generates 600 horses.And the show suggests that he is a bit of a lady's man.Of course women throw themselves at you in this business. When you get to be my age, then you think about why can't I have some fun. I like to go fast in my cars. I like it. It's a part of being successful.It's a mean machine.He took me out for a quick spin. Emphasis on the word, "Quick." (LAUGHS) Some of the other features on the show preach that wealth can be a sign of God's favour.The Bible says that I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, I believe that.In fact, the idea of opulens becomes well a bit of an issue in the first episode of the show. The preachers on this show are big personalities, with lots of flash.Preachers are very entertaining people.They are not shrinking vile yets that's for sure.Right.We are all just human beings, flesh and blood. Even with our titles and all of the praise z and accolades that we have, we are all just highly it decorated dirth. So why not a reality show to dish it. Still to come on Nine News Now - we have a wrap up of all of the Emmy Award action for you, including the big winners and the controversy over the Cory Monteith tribute. Also floor-length gowns and thigh high splits. We look at the red carpets fashion and those magnificent men and flying machines breaking a world record. This program is not captioned. New Ostelin Osteoguard combines six key nutrients
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us. Welcome back. The 65th Emmy Award has come to a close in LA. As usual, there were admitsy gowns, a lot of laughs, music and of course the actual awards. And our US correspondent Denham Hitchcock has all of the juicy details for you. They call it Oscars of the small screen. As usual the girls get it started on the red carpets. It was the young celebritys that lit up the arrivals. The host with an unusual opening as the show's previous host joined him on stage. I hosted the Emmy Award twice back when it meant something. There was no internet, you had to pay for porn.Front row com peedians enjoying the show a little too much. Take your pants off.Take your pants off.And twerk it.I come to award shows for the twerking.Twerk it.Stop, I am not twerking. That would be degrading.Yeah, it might be degrading but we be grateful. The rest of the night was about the small screen. And Jim Parsons did it again, his third best actor awards. Jane Lynch paid a tribute to 'Glee' star Cory Monteith who passed away earlier this year. James Gandolfini also remembered. Elton John paid a musical tribute to one of his musical idols. # If I could go back home. # If I never left # I'd never have knownWill Ferrell toned it down in shorts and T-shirt. Unfortunately, two women dropped out at the last second and called me literally 45 seconds ago and I couldn't find childcare, OK.The shortest acceptance speech ever.I got to go, goodbye.Throw in a song and dance and it was done. # I could dance forever # Because I want more # More of the guy who held me up before # But we're running tight # So now we need to flow # To the beginning of the end # Of the midal of the showDenham Hitchcock, Nine News Los Angeles. It's a ridiculous tradition that we just can't seem to get enough of - crazy men and women flying homemade and human-powered machines of -- off a 9m peer trying to go the distance N San Francisco this year setting a new world record. A lot of creativity. And one big splash! All made for one crazy sky high day. Com petters letting Red Bull give them wings. In this annual competition pilots launch their human-powered flying machines off 30m in the waters below. Some teams were confident in their ability to fly.... Others were just excited to make a splash.We are hoping for a lot of distance, I think we'll just make one big splash.Judged on creativity the oddball aircraft consisted of shining unicorns, a flying bare and even the king was given some wings. One yellow chicken flew for 258 feet beating the previous world record set last year in Germany. No matter how big the flop... These competitors left feeling on top of the world.We feel like champions.Next on Nine News Now all of the show business news and the new details on the Sherley break-up for you. Also, Melissa George opens up about her miserable 11 years marriage. And how Rihanna's selfie smashed a monkey smuggling business. And Oprah opens up about her nervous breakdown. And we have another Miley Cyrus risque performance. But this one ends in

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Next on Nine News Now.
Welcome back. We have to lauck about Liz Hurley and Shane now.I have news in from England. It turns out that the new argument is, according to sources Liz Hurley was fed-up that he wouldn't set the wedding date. 'The Sun' says that she felt let down, she's 48 years old. They have been engaged for 25 months.That's a good effort, 25 months. Plenty of time to plan a wedding.Apparently they had 'Big Miracle' plans for a wedding in the UK. And Shane was happy to keep with the status quo and not necessarily become Mr and Mrs Shane Warne. And she started to question whether he wanted to a marry her at all.Now, Miley Cyrus back in the headlines again. What has she been up to?She's done the performance. This time we see a more vulnerable side to her. It was confirmed that her flight with Liam was official last week and we saw these photographs of Liam hooking up with a beautiful Mexican actress and Miley Cyrus seemed unaffected until now at a music festival in Los Angeles and completely chokeds up. Good CBS Mornings has this story. - - choked up.After a rough few weeks, Miley Cyrus poured her heart out at a music festival in Los Angeles on Saturday. The superstar choking up as she sang her hit 'Wrecking ball' her face mascara stained from tears. Her formens of the song about an anish break-up comes days after the announcement of her split with Liam Hemsworth. She walked off stage, hugged her mum and wiped her tears away. In an interview before performing, she talked of making personal sacrifices about her career.I think being passionate about something means not stopping for anything.She hasn't just dealt with heartbreak her performance at MTV Video Music Awards last month touched off what amounted to a public flogging. # I came in like a rainbow.The star is also taking heat for her racy video in which she appears nude. She answered the criticism on stage.As you know there's always things that I'm doing that are getting me into trouble. But really it's just me doing what my heart and my soul is telling me to do.On Saturday night she was back on stage for another performance, this time no more tears, just high energy and a skimpy outfit that the superstar was resillient and defiant.A bit of a vulnerable side there that we are seeing.Now, Kim Kardashian has a bit of an unlikely friendship developing. Who is that with?I think she was even surprised about this friendship. It's Oprah Winfrey. She excitedly posted on Instagram a photograph of her and Oprah out on the town. Kanye West is smiling.I do not believe it.Kim posted saying, "No big deal, just me and Oprah."Oprah has come out with quite a revelation.Oprah seems to be the woman who has everything and has everything under control. She revealed that she suffered a nervous breakdown earlier in this year. She said it all happened when dealing with the stress of her failing TV net work while trying to film the new movie. She said at the time she just kept going and rolling on with the punches and trying to push through. It wasn't until she was hosted an interview, a man with a nervous breakdown and ran through the streets naked. When she interviewed him. She said she could identify a lot of the symptoms he was talking of with herself. She was never tempted to run down the street naked. She remembered one particular time when she was in a voiceover booth reading through her notes and she had to keep closing her eyes because the letters on a page were just too much stimulation for her brain. That's a frightening thing, she took stock of her life and tried to slow down and thankfully she did and is doing OK.Very revealing. Now, Rihanna has posted some pictures on Instagram. That's nothing new. They helped to solve a crime, a monkey business crime? That's right. She is now a crime fighter. She was in Thailand on the beach having a great holiday and stopped into an island and befriended some local wildlife. This is a squirrel-like adorable animal with big eyes, it's listed as a protected species. Phuket authorities were alerted to the picture and went and arrested the two men who brought the creature out to have its photograph taken. They have been trying to crack down on these two guyings for years and they could be going to jail.One of our own, Melissa George came out and told us of her former marriage and said it was quite miserable. What else has she said?I'm surprised that she wanted to come out and reveal all.It sounds very revealing for her. She seems quite private normally.She's always been private normally. She is now happy in love with a baby on the way. She revealed that her 11 years marriage was devastated to her. She said that it sucked the life out 6 her. She said that the relationship was unfair in every way. He relied on her as the breadwinner. She had to take care of his daughter and run the entire household. She said, "I smiled to the heavens when the relationship was finally over." Ouch. We wouldn't like to be reading that about herself. She is now with the French millionaire and is very happy with him. He is happy for her to have her financial independence, which is acting. She hopes to have many more babies with him.Why bring it up in the first place. Leave it alone. Thank you very much. Stay with us next on now - the very scary link between obesity and women being diagnosed with cancer. We have a very special health report on that after the break. A passport for Prince George proof that he will be coming Down Under very soon. And the new comedy about the life of America's 'Trophy Wife'. But there is a very This program is not captioned. (MAKES SHARP BREATHING NOISES) Wonderguyman! (IMITATES DEFLECTING BULLETS) Got Mum and Dad...and you've got
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Welcome back. We'll tourn health news now. Women diagnosed with uterus cancer. Doctors blame it on obesity. Overweight women are risking their lives and chances of having a baby. We're joined by Chloe Bugelly in Melbourne. How is weight linked to this cancer?Good afternoon, Wendy. The simple answer is when you carry extra fat you stimulate an extra amount of oestrogen, the hormone that stimulates the lining of the womb. A high amount of this can lead to cancer. The statistics released today are quiet frightening. They predict in the next 15 years the number of Victorian women diagnosed with cancer of the uterus will rise by 60% over 900 per year, with the increase almost six times higher for women aged under 50. Now, the main reason for this is obesity. Poor Diet and the lack of exercise. Look, given the huge concern among young women in particular - doctors say that we need to tackle this as a society, otherwise it could have devastating consequences.These are women who want to have families. So if they are diagnosed with a problem in the lining of the womb, they are looking at possibly losing their fertility.Oi understand that you spoke with a survivor today. What's her message to other women out there today?That's right. Mel Linda was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago. She had twin 18 month old boys at the time and suffered regular bleeding eafr her pregnancy which she was told was normal. It took 16 months for doctors to cons firm that she had cancer. She urges women to get pap smears and be consistent if they feel is something wrong.My biggest concern was for my boys. They needed a mum and needed me. So it was really, really tough but we got through.The release of these statistics coincides with the Girls Night In initiative. It aims to raise crucial money for cancer research. If you are keen to get involved, you can log-on to the cancer council website.Thank you very much. OK, now to the newest girl meets boy film from the US. 'Trophy Wife' ex-employers the hilarious day-to-day complications for a man who meets a man with a trail of ex-wifes and children. It's inspired by a true story.I'm so sorry. Don't freak out but you are bleeding.The simple story of girl meets slightly older boy and faums in love. She soon learns that he has two ex-wifes and three children. None of this stops her from taking the plunge and becoming wife number three. The new comedy from ABC.She certainly is not our definition of a 'Trophy Wife'. She is just a girl who really is in love with her husband and wants to be a great mum, is trying to fit into this crazy family of ex-wifes and kids.The ironically tight- year-old 'Trophy Wife' alongside TV vet Oscar winner.When my children are at your house, what do you wear?Nothing. She is a real piece of work on some level. Other people describe her as controlling. I describe her as organisedIt's a fun situation because there is so much conflict and chaos.I'm from China. The brainchild is inspired by Sarah's real life.How close to real life is it?Losely based on the rough, architecture of our lives. Jack was married a few times before me. He has kids from different marriages.She fit right in from the moment we met. We have great step kids and they have awesome step mums. It's not easy to work together. We try to do T that's where the show came from too. It really is about coming together and creating a new type of family unit to work and raise our children properly.Well, we are hearing today that Prince George who is just nine weeks old is about to get his very first passport. William and Kate reportedly applied for their son's passport ahead of their Australia and New Zealand tour next year. Royal protocol says that the hear in line and future king shouldn't travel together but the Queen is expected to give the OK. The 5-year-old girl who had a very special note to get her out of kindergarten for the day. We show case the looks of the race season. Enjoying their time Down Under. We catch up with One Direction who catch a round of golf This program is not captioned. It's the new me! (SLURPS) (HUFFS AND PUFFS) It's the new me! (ELECTRONIC RUMBLING) It's the new me! (SIGHS) Forget fad diets. On the more balanced
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their first concert in Adelaide.
The Brit boy band has been taking time out to relax ahead of tonight's opening show tonight in Adelaide.Hidden away in Adelaide, One Direction has gone into hiding. Staying here at the resort, as is customary, fans went to great lengths to catch a glimpse of the stars. All five members are in the country ahead of the opening concert in Adelaide tonight. Niall flew in from Melbourne last night on a private jet with no fan fare. A far cry from the hysteria following the other boys' arrival. Harry touched down yesterday. He was whisked away through a side door and taken straight here to the resort. The other boys flew into town on Saturday night and they too were taken out through an emergency exit. Preparations for the concerts are well under way with roadys setting up the stage. Fans have already camped outside, here's what they had to say a short time ago. My mission is to meet the boys or at least catch a glimpse of them, to know that they are real.We bought $400 sound check ticket.The boys will perform three concerts in Adelaide before heading off to Perth N total they play 21 concerts around the kubtry. For One Direction fans, it promises to be an exciting month ahead.A tweet by Barrack Obama has made a little girl very famous indeed. Now, it all started when the 5-year-old had to explain why she didn't turn up to kindergarten. It was the tweet that went out from the White House, the President towering over the little visitor. A wounded Warrior still recovering. Her dad couldn't believe what happened. She saw the President.She jumped into his arms, he gave her a hug and a kiss and they were maybe 50 feet away. I have no idea what she said.While he doesn't know what they said. He knows what the President wrote to her Kind garden teacher. Please excuse Liz from school, she was with me. The President. From my daughter she may not understand what is going on now. 10 years from now it will hit her. Before the President gave her the note, he also gave her some advise, show it to your teacher but hold on to it afterwards. It turns out other young faces followed that advice before. This is Tyler the President holding out a sharpy.He says, "Do you want me to write an excuse note, what's your teacher's name"? Please excuse Tyler, he was with me, Barack Obama, the President. Right there alongside the trophies it has now been framed. Barack Obama is not the first to share executive privilege with a little one. George Bush helping this 12-year-old from New York who had written her own note, "I had a scheduled appointment with the President, I will be missing school" George Bush adding his name addinging, "This is true." Scoring a rare presidential pardon.We have breaking news now - a jury just found two people guilty of the murder of a Queensland police officer. Damian Leeding was shot dead in 2011 while on duty. Two people had pleaded not guilty to murder. We'll have auto reaction from Brisbane Supreme Court after 4pm we will cross live to our reporter in a few minute's time for more details. A change of pace - Sydney siders got a taste of the Melbourne Cup carnival today show casing the style. This season's must-haves were on show. Sporting patterns, florals and bold colours as well. Designer wane Cooper was also on track, providing excellent race wear tips to the VIP guests. We head into the chat room next. We look at the dating dilemma. 42% of Australian singals don't think first dates are fun. Why men out there are faking it - nine in ten admit to liking sports to impress their mates. This program is not captioned. (GASPS) Rhonda!
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There's been a lot of talk about the mother who put her teenage daughter's four One Direction concert tickets up for sale. Apparently this is because the daughter lied about sleepovers and meeting over men. We learned the story wasn't true. Andrew Lofthouse, is this a suitable punishment? What do yoi think of this whole thing? If it were true, Wendy, it is overdoing it a little, don't you think? Whoever wrote the spiel has