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Today - an Australian among the casualties of the unfolding Kenyan shopping mall siege.

This Program Is Captioned Live. Also ahead - bombers target worshippers leaving a church in Pakistan. Former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel to face trial in Brisbane accused of causing grievous bodily harm. And - the AFL's best and fairest award to be awarded in Melbourne tonight.

Good afternoon. You're watching ABC News 24. I'm Kumi Taguchi. A quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation:

An Australian is among the victims. Shopping centre steej in Nairobi. So far, 68 people have been confirmed dead, and close to 200 others have been wounded. Islamic mill tats are still holding an unknown number of hostages in the upmarket mall. The Kenyan authorities say they've rescued some of the hostages in the last few hours. Martin Cuddihy reports from Nairobi. Ken nan soldiers have been filing into the Westgate shopping centre all day but they'reing with being held at day by terrorists who've killed scores of people. Among the dead are a dual Australian/UK citizen and the nephew of Kenya's President.I feel the pain of every life we have

amongst those who lost their lives. This Australian woman was in the mall at the time.There was a panic, another one in quick succession, then some gunshots and we were telling everyone to get down. Her boyfriend didn't want to talk to us, but the two of them helped other people escape.Then I decided to try the staff door. There was a staff-only door. Luckily that was unlocked so we got like quite a few people through, closed that and just ran.The terrorists were indiscriminately killing men, women and children. Witnesses have told how Muzes were release and how there were male and female attackers. Some were far more than lucky to escape unharmed.As I was going in, I heard another bang then in front of me I saw a security guard being shot dead. What's left now is some sort of resolution. There are reports Israeli, British and American security advisers are now in Nairobi. Kenyan authorities have been very keen to stress the delicate nature therefore operation. Because the hostages their such close proximity to their captor there is is a genuine fear any full-frontal assault could cause even more casualties. Intelligence fishes fear the planning casualties. organisation behind fear the planning are science of fear the planning and
organisation are science of a terror group
which is organisation behind this attack
are science of which is on the rise. It's which built its numbers by which is on the rise. built its numbers by recruiting
from the US and Europe. Al Shebaab was born out of a 20-year civil war in Somalia and it's been fighting over African military forces, including those from Kenya.The Al Shebaab have said since October 2011, that they did not like the presence of the Kenyan military in Somalia when Kenya moved into Somalia.It was a vile lnt attempt to crush the terror group.Nobody has clean hands here. They guys just didn't go into a shopping sen terdz and kick arse for nothing.They're very angry.Al Shebaab has been building its strength, tightening its links with al-Qaeda and enticing new kre kruts with videos like thisIf you guys only knew how much fun we have over here, this is a real Disneyland, you extremely
come here and join us. It's extremely well trained and it's one of the only al-Qaeda affiliates which actually has actsively recruited here in the United States.US officials estimate up to 50 Americans have joined the cause and dozens more from Europe.I want to know, were there any of those recruit ed Somali Americans, were any involved in this attack?The US fears other recruits could be planning attacks on American targets. US intelligence officials aren't aware of any imminent danger here, but they are conscious that shopping malls like this one are easy target and Al Shebaab is a growing threat. In Pakistan more than 70 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a church in the north-western city of Peshawar. Two bombers detonated devices as hundreds of Christians were leaving a service. It's the day Pakistan's Christians had been long dreading a massacre in a church after Sunday service. This area had been packed with Christian worshippers and police say two suicide Bombers blew themselves up here. Dozens of men, women and children were killed. The security now but there are complaints killed. The security there are complaints that in
spite of their killed. The security now but
there spite of their pleas, Christians weren't afforded protection by the authorities before. Others here treat us like foreigners, just because like foreigners, we're Christian, says this pastor at a neighbouring church. But we are Pakistanis too. More bodies have just been identified here as you can see, there is a great deal of grief and sorry but there 's also a lot of anger among the Chris theean who've gathered here because while there have been problems between the communities nobody expected an attack like this. The worst on Pakistan's Christian community in the history of the country. Riaz lost his 11-year-old daughter in the bombing but somehow, he talks of forgiveness. Other Christians here increasingly wonder if they have a future in their own country. A Brisbane Supreme Court jury is set to retire to consider its verdict in the trial of to people charged with the murder of a Gold Coast policeman. Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding was shot while trying to stop an armed robbery at a tavern in May 2011. He later died in hospital. A 41-year-old man and 39-year-old woman have pleaded not guilty to murder. Justice James Douglas this morning summed up the two-week trial. In one of Western Australia's most high profile criminal cases, former prosecutor Lloyd Rayney will today learn if he is to face another murder trial. Three judges will hand down their decision on an appeal against a verdict that found him not guilty of killing his wife. It's been almost a year since Lloyd Rayney walked from a Perth court acquitted of the murder of his wife Corryn.We still don't know what happened to Corryn and that is a be term traj deem.The two were prominent members of WA's legal profession. He a senior prosecutor turned criminal barrister, and she, a registrar of WA's Supreme Court. Mrs Rayney disappeared on August 7, 2007. Her body was found a week later, buried in Kings Park in central Perth. Soon after, police named Mr Rayney as the prime suspect, but he denied any involvement in his wife's death. Three years later, was death. Three years later, he of that story to take was charged. We're breaking out of that story to take you to
Sydney of that story to take Sydney where the police chiser Andrew Scipione is addressing the Andrew Scipione the media following raids Andrew Scipione is across morning.Ladies and gentlemen, I have here across Sydney in
morning.Ladies and gentlemen, I have

through some operational
details. The operation is known as operation Everson. And if you haven't got that at the moment, we will provide you with the details by way of a release and you will then have the spelling and so forth. I can indicate that this morning, 341 police have executed 22 search warrantses, predominantly across south-western Sydney at both residential and business premises. Those search warrants have led to the arrest of 13 people. Those people are being dealt with at various police station and will be aparing before courts in the not-too-distant future. The operation is one that's been targeting the ongoing supply of drugs. Certainly a group, a criminal network that's been involved in the distribution and supply of drugs, as well as the ongoing criminal

people will be appearing in court. A been court. A quantities of cash has
been seized. A range of other weapons and certainly there will be allegations concerning their ongoing criminal enterprises . This particular group is well known to us. We have been working on them for some time. I've got to say I'm certain encouraged by the operation, particularly the level of exchange and interaction between the New South Wales Crime Commission and the New South Wales Police Force. This operation run predominantly from the Fairfield local area command but it involved specialist police from a range of areas and officers from the State Crime Commission. It's very encouraging to see that when we come together and we work collaboratively, we get results as evidenced by today's operation. With regards to this particular criminal group, I've got to say, the New South Wales Police Force will not rest until we put each and every one of these criminals behind bars, and we smash this particular operation. It's one that we will be continueing to pay particular attention to and certainly from my perspective South
you can be assured that the New South Wales police will do all we can to break up there and other similar groups. The assistant commissionerer will give you some background in terms of this particular operation and then the operational details from today will come from Mr Lennon and Mr Inkster will give you a Crime Commission perspective. I'm then happy to take questions. The success of operation culminates almost two years' hard work for officers not only from the Fairfield local area command but the south west of Sydney metropolitan region and also specialist area. Approximately 18 month ago we applied for a special terms of reference to the New South Wales Crime Commission to target this particular group known as the Last Hour. We were given that terms of reference under Ramsgate and strike force Everson was the genesis of Ramsgate. Over the last 18 months police have Fairfield have worked tirelessly methodically to put
intelligence and breaches of evidence, put intelligence evidence, put the puzzle together in relation to this criminal group together in relation criminal group that had been in existence since early 2000. These people have been involved in public place shootings n murders and have been a criminal enterprise within the south west of Sydney for almost 2003-04. Specifically targeted the head of their group, their activity. Some of the information relates to cannabis. But what we're talking about is an enterprise, a criminal group that have made thousands upon thousands of dollars through their criminal activities. So today's result should not be measured purely on the number of arrestsage the number of search warrants of the we have dismantled and severely disrupted a very large criminal group that was operating in the south west of Sydney. I superintendent Lennon will go into the details of the operation.

Good afternoon of the Peter Lennon is my name. I'm the superintendent in charge at Fairfield. Yes, following 18 months of investigation and a partnership with the New South Wales Crime Commission, today we execute ed 22 search warrants. There were 341 police officers from Fairfield and various other commands involved from the south wef region, State crime command and specialist areas to assist us
in executing those specialist areas to in executing those search warrants and even in warrants and even including police divers to search a particular dam. We executed warrants across Green Valley, Fairfield, Cabramatta, and various other suburbs in the south west of Sydney. This as I said has culminated after 18 months of intensive work. Today there are 13 people currently in custody for offences ranging from supplying prohibited drugs, conspiracy to supply drugs, possess drugs, being in a criminal organised network, directing a criminal organised network, there are further charges being examined in relation to property that has been located as our commissioner rightly points out a pill press was found, there are alleged other large amounts of chemicals that have been found. I'm aware of in excess of 8 kg of cannabis that was located. Close to $25,000 in cash at various locations. Four jet skis have been confiscated a boat has been confiscate and a very expensive Lotus Sprite sports car has been confiscated. We will continue to do work. Those people will appear at court this afternoon or in the near future. Thank you.

New South Wales have arrested 13 people. Over 300 police were involved in that operation. Former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel will face trial in Brisbane today. The 63-year-old is accused of causing grievous bodily harm to retired cabinet maker Ian Rodney vowels in 2004. It's alleged Patel unnecessarily removed the patient's colon. Proceedings are continuing. The immigration minister Scott Morrison says half of the asylum seekers who have arrived since the election have been isn't offshore. About 500 people have arrived by boat since September 7. For more we're joined from Parliament House by political reporter Kerrin Binnie. Now, the new government set to unveil some weekly updates on boat arrival as soon asThat's right. Previously under the Labor government, there were notifications when boats arrived. It may have taken a couple of days for those notifications to come out but there was an email from either the cuss top and border protection or the minister's office about those arrivals, saying how many boats had arrived and how many people on to
board an what was going to maep to them, for instance, taken to Christmas Island for processing, and then possibly sent offshore . Scott Morrison says he will be providing a weekly update on how many boats
have arrived and how many people were have arrived people were on those boats. Last week was Day 1 for the new Last week was Day 1 for the government after it was sworn in and Scott Morrison has told Macquarie radio this morning, that the government is already making a difference. It's tried to speed up the rate at which people are sent interest Christmas Island to offshore processing detention centres. Let's have a listen.It's our intention when we deal with these weekly briefings and we advice what has taken place over the last week we will be advising what we've done about T we've moved to rapidly increase the transfer of people who'd naul into this part of the policy, whether they're being transferred for offshore processing. We've already moved more than half the people who've turned up since 7 September offshore. The timing of the announcement criticised by Labor and the groons?That's right. There will be a monthly update on where the number of network, for instance, the number of people on the offshore processing centres. And the number of people that are now on temporary protection are now on temporary visas. And the timings of the weekly releases, Labor has criticised them, criticised the new government, saying that they are trying to not stop the boats but hide the boats is the line coming from Labor and that has been ek coked by the Greens today. Christine Milne in a media conference earlier went a bit further as well, saying that they're trying to bury the boats to try and get them off the front pages and make it not a new story - a news story any more. The ABC found out anyway about a boat that arrived yesterday on Christmas Island, about 30 people on board. And other media organisations have also found out about that boat by other means, not from the government. It does appear that the information will continue to flow. And Scott Morrison also in that interview, which we just saw a part of, said that he's happy for that to happen and he's sure that it will continue to happen. The other big issues of the day from Canberra is NBN Co, the entire board offering their resignation to government?That's right. After the carewoman Siobhan McKenna offered her resignation, it's understood the rest of the board have also tendered their resignations or offered their resignations to the new government. Of course, the new government, the previous opposition, were highly critical of the broadband plan from Labor and how it was being implemented, the rollout of it. And so the board have now offered their resignation. It's not known whether it has been accepted or not. Malcolm Turnbull will have to consider that and the Cabinet will make the final determination on whether those rez ig faces are accepted or rejected and they're asked to stay on. Kerrin Binnie in Canberra, tau. Christopher Koch has died overnight. He had won the Miles Franklin Award twice. His novel 'The Year of Living Dangerously' was made into a film. Mr Koch was born in Hobart in 19 about 2. The leader who's often called the world's most powerful woman what is had a stunning election victory in Germany. Angela Merkel is set to be returned as Chancellor for a third term after her party gained more than 40% of the vote. Barbara Miller reports. By Angela Merkel's standards this is wild jubilation. The woman about to enter her third term as German Chancellor is otherwise known for her no-nonsense, almost downbeat approach, but it was a night to celebrate with the Chancellor's Christian Democrats gaining more than 40% polls
of the vote, more than even the polls had friends. The cheers show we can polls had predicted.Dear all be happy, this is friends. The cheers show we all be happy, result. There wasn't really much to toast at the result. There wasn't headquarters of Chancellor much to toast at Merkel's current coalition headquarters of partner the Free Merkel's current partner the Free Democrats, who had partner the had their worst result in partner the Free Democrats, had their worst result decades. That means Angela
Merkel could seek a coalition with her main challenger.Mrs Merkel is the one who has to find a majority. For a moment, Angela Merkel won't be drawn on her intentions.It's too early to say how we will proceed. Today, we should celebrate.

A message they were taking to heart in the Conservative south of the country. Where a general election didn't stop the Oktoberfest getting into full

US President Barack Obama has highlighted Australia's gun control measures at a memorial service for the victims of another mass shooting. 12 people were killed last week by a gunman at the Washington navy yard, the latest of several massacres in the US in recent mourners
months. Mr Obama told the mourners that no other advanced nation endures such violence.In the UK, in Australia, when just a single mass shooting occurred in those there was nothing ordinary about this kind of carnage. They endured great heartbreak but they also mobilised and they changed. The US President says they changed. says America's murder rate by guns is 10 times that of other developed nations. One of China's most powerful and popular politicians has been jailed for life after being convicted of bribery, corruption and abuse of power. The court found Bo Xillai guilty of all charges, including an attempt to cover up the murder of British businessman Neil Haywood. China's Communist party is cleansing its ranks. Today's verdict is the judgment of China's leaders. Implacable while purging one of their own. Theres a never any doubt Bo Xillai would be convicted. His was a show trial. But he stood smiling, defiant to the end. The judge said Bo's con fegdz was not obtained under torture. Pron townsing him guilty of taking £2 million in bribes and trying to cover up the murder by his wife of the British businessman Neil Haywood. Bo was handcuffed, humiliate and led away humbled. Last year he was on the brink of being elevateed to the Communist Party's top rank. Bo ran Chong Ching a booming region of 30 million people. Unlike many of China's communist bureaucrats he was popular. He had a reputation for getting things done and for caring for the poor. Few of China's other That
leaders are so genuinely liked. That earned him enemies in the party who've seized on his failings. Bo's family were living it up, his son at Oxford University. They had a villa in the south of France, now confiscated. The money for all this was coming from corruption. His wife triggered his downfall when she fell out with Neil Haywood and poisoned the Briton. Bo has been sentenced to life in prison. Had all his wealth seized. And he's banned from ever returning to politics. To his supporters it's a shock.What? Life in prison? He's a victim of a political battle. We ordinary people can't change this but he's done good things for us.

It's so unjust, it's not a fair verdict. He will always be a hero to us. He cared about the people so we support him. If it weren't for the murder of Neil Haywood by his wife, it might all have been so different for Bo Xillai. He might now have been one of China's top leaders. Instead, this ambitious charismatic politician has been crushed.

Hawthorn can breathe a sigh of relief with Jared rough head and Grant Birchall tree to play in this weekend's grand final after the Match Review Panel cleared them. The Hawks have embarked on grand final prepgs for the second year Last year they were beaten but for the second year in a way. they're hoping this time around Last year they were beaten things will be they're hoping this time things will be different.One
thing to make things will thing to make the grand final,
it's another thing to win it. Last year, probably taught myself that we've got to big a bit deeper, pull something out, mentally and physically, push yourself to where you haven't been pushed before. And this week's going to be no different. We're going to have to dig really keep. That's what it took to get the victory on Friday night, was for everyone to dig real deep physically and mentally and just will yourself across the line. I have no doubt that's what it's going to take this week. We have a number of players who've been in this situation. Hopefully they've gained that experience last year and when they're at home thinking by themselves, they get a bit of confidence knowing they've been through the process, came so close last year and hopefully going through that process will give them more confidence this year. We have a number of experienced players within the club, and we'll definitely be talking to some of the younger guys who may not have went through it last year. Just on the outskirts of the team. Team USA is closing the gap on New Zealand in the America's Cup sailing regatta in San Francisco. The US won both of today's races taking them to 5 points. That's 3 behind the Kiwis, who need just one more victory to claim sailing's grand prize. The Americans controlled race 14 from start to finish. Then after a 40-minute break the cruise hilt the water again with the US stretching its lead to 400m before the Kiwis got back within 100. But again, New Zealand got its tactics just wrong, allowing the Americans to stretch away and win race 15 as well. Team skipper put the win down to superior racing.Like today, I mean it really is all about the tactics. And they were under a pressure a few times. But they kept their cool. Everyone stayed calm. They sailed two great races. We're going to get more of the out girl. The shore team work very, very hard night, found some extra wheels for us. The changes really made a difference. Really exciteed to get back in there tonight and see if we can get a bit more out of it.Deb Sebastien Vettel is closing in on another Formula One World Championship. He took the Singapore Grand Prix while Mark Webber broke down on the last lap. The light make it the most spectacular round of the F1 calendar and when the starting lights went out it was Nico Rosberg who got the better of pole sitter Sebastien Vettel. It only lasted for one turn, though. Vettel's team-mate Mark Webber drove well.This is going to be tight, Webber just about makes it.Nail-biting stuff especially for Kimi Raikkonen.He's made it! Vetle went all the way to post his fourth win in his last five Grands Prix.It's Vettel who wins the Singapore Grand Prix.Yes, yes boys! Yes! Webber failed to finish and could be fined for doing what most of us dream of, riding on a Ferrari. The winning margin was also healthy for Henrik Stenson. The Swede took out the end of season tour clp by 3 shots.It was a tough day out there today to. Hang in the way I did, I'm really satisfied. Traditionally they let it all hang out inspect Manchester derby and United's first one without Sir Alex Ferguson as manager was not one to remember. Then the same man struck again just after the There is Aguerro! Fist pumps to celebrate 3 valuable points as the title race gathers momentum. Newcastle was the big winner from the NRL's semifinals this weekend. The Knights weren't expected to beat the Storm having not won a game in Melbourne in nine years. It keeps the dream alive for Danny Buderus in his time season, as he and veteran coach Wayne Bennett attempt to plot the downfall of the Roosters this Saturday. South Sydney take on the Sea Eagles in the hope of making their first grand final in 42 years. Let's check tomorrow's weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon. Cloud in Western Australia is associated with a low and cold front. We have some very strong winds and also rain falling throughout that region with severe warnings across the southern parts of WA. Tonight, another cold front will pass through and then further fronts Wednesday and Thursday. For the
rest of and then further fronts on
Wednesday and rest of the country very, warm as a trough moves rest of the country throughout the south-east. Drawing that warm as a Drawing that heat from the Kimberley and central all the way down towards that region. A cooler change behind that trough, but that trough, but the warmer weather spreading even further into New South Wales and Queensland. Therefore, we have a severe fire warning across the western districts of Queensland, but up to extreme for the Channel Country. Tomorrow, strong winds particularly throughout southern areas of Western Australia. A band of showers still moving throughout that region and affecting the southern parts of Tasmania.

Ross Langdon grew up in south-east Tasmania an was working in Uganda. He was killed when Al Shebaab militants stormed the upmarket Westgate shopping centre in central Nairobi. Two suicide bombers have killed at least 78 people at a Peshawar church in Pakistan. Another 120 people were wounded in one of the deadliest attacks on Christians in the country. An Islamic plil tant group linked to the Pakistani Taliban says it carried out the attack, in revenge for US drone strikes. There has been a delay to the start of the Brisbane trial of former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel. The 63-year-old is bodily harm to retired accused of bodily harm to retired cabinet bodily harm to maker Ian Rodney vowels in 2004. It's alleged Patel unnecessarily removed the patient's colon. And Team USA is closing the gap on New Zealand in America's Cup sailing regatta in San Francisco. The US won both of today's races, taking them to 5 points, 3 behind the Kiwis, who need just one more victory to claim sailing's grand prize. The competitors are now almost evenly matched in terms of race wins. Superannuation contributions in Australia are expected to nearly double in the coming 20 years. Accounting firm Deloitte has today released a report into the future of the super industry. The company used modelling to project out to 2033, when Australia's super system is expected to have ballooned to $7.6 trillion, but Deloitte has a stark message for workers. Most will not have enough super to retire on retirement to fully fund their retirement. Russell Mason from Deloitte joins us now. Quite fright yep tag many people may not have enough super in 20 years' time, Who will this affect the most?It will affect those who are relying heavily on the current 9.25% superannuation guarantee. And while that is an important move by the government and that sin creaseing to 12% in 2019 or 21 if the government defers some of the increases it's still not enough for most people. It will provide them with a modest standard of living in retirement F people aspire to something more, they will have to contribute more themselves.If you're one of those people, would you be accessing and talking to your super fund and now and saying this is what I need to do?I think it's important not to leave it too late. I think many of us wait till we get in our 50s then start to look at retirement and realise we don't have enough. In your tos, if you have a bit of spare cash to put it into superannuation, I think it's important to talk to a financial planner and get advise, they'll work with you to work out how much you need in retirement. Were these results expected, when you projected forward to 2033, did it seem unusual that it was really so off, that people would have to contribute so much more than they might've imagineed?Yes, the number of 7.6 trillion dollars is a massive amount of money. I think for some time those work in the industry have said we somewhere between 15 and need to contribute somewhere between 15 depending on whether you're somewhere between 15 and 18%, male and female depending on whether male and female and females
need to contribute male and female need to contribute more because you live

you live longer. If it was another five years on top of that there'd be a trillion amount. Is working longer a way to go, and if so, are there enough jobs to around to service people who are working into their late 60s?Working longer is is an option. It won't suit all people. If you every been in a very physical or exhausting job during your career, to be able to work past 65 may not always be possible but this longevity ex 10s our lives so most people are fitter and healthier at 65 than they were a hundred years ago when the average time in retight was probably only 2 to 3 years. Would this report be going to people in government, the Treasury and to superannuation providers, will they have to adjust how they model their provisions to their customersCertainly we will be sending this to government and both the coalition and Labor to Treasurer reend and other institutions within government as well as the big superannuation providers. One thing this will hopefully cause us to focus on at the post retirement mark are products and services geared more for retirees who will be spending 20, 25 years on average in retirement and relying on super during is looking forward 20 years' time, is it taking into account another GFC, any big changes in the global situation, would you report needs to be updated at any point?It probably will. We're hoping there's not another GFC. That was the first crisis of that magnitude since crisis of the Great Depression of 1929. So hopefully you and I won't see another one like that, but certainly, the markets will have their ups and downs. The people most concerned about this is people at the end of their career, who are knowing in 5, 10 years' time there mightn't be enough money in that?They're looking to recover money they've lost. They're looking to see what they can do to build up their assets in a relatively short period. They will the ones, let's say 55 plus, will be the most concerned about their superannuation in retirement. Russell Mason, thank you so much for dropping in and explaining it to us.Thank you very much. Returning to the Kenyan siege now - Australian lawyer Heidi Edwards was in a shop in the mall when the attack began on Saturday. She managed to escape and she spoke exclusively to the ABCs a Martin Cuddihy.Sounded like scaffolding falling at first and so so I wasn't that concerned. Then there was some panic going on and then another one in quick succession and then some gunshots. We were telling everyone to get down. Planet Yo go is completely open, it's glass, there was pretty much only the des tock hide behind there is a staff only door. Luckily thats what unlocked. We got a few people through there, closeed that and just ran. It was like a service exit. We got to a stairwell. I really wanted to get out. So we went all the way down to the bottom. I thought there was going to be explosions. I ran down to the bottom, somebody else not us poked their head down and saw a gunman, I don't know if it was one of the asill yapts t might've been a police officer as well, and could see someone had been shot in Art Cafe. We had no real choice but to stay in the stairwell. After a long period of time, when the grenades started again, it was clear it was something more than a robbery. A few families said run for it. Then we saw, this is probably 45 minutes after the first grenade, we saw a whole lot of people run down the side. They got out fine and we'd looked everywhere for somewhere to hide there was nowhere to hide. Very lucky, they relieved, still a bit nervous.Three of the alleged attackers in the deadly attack are from America.For the last couple of years they've are from America.For the last tracking American have been heading to Somalia to take up have been heading to Somalia take up arms with Al Shebaab. In take In fact, Peter King who sits on the Homeland Security Committee here on Capitol Hill was saying between 40 and 50 American s over the last few years have headed over there. He thinks many have been killed but there are still about 20 active. In the last little while we were following the Twitter feed of Al Shebaab. They'd keep Tweeting be a then the handle would get taken down by Twitter complaining, but
as soon as people started complaining, but what they did do was Tweet the names of three Americans that they allege are part of these attackers who are still inside the mall. Some are saying this was a last-ditch effort to halt Al Shebaab's demise, because the African Union-led military offensive against Al Shebaab and its base in Somalia had been so successful that Al Shebaab was having to sort of head outside of Somalia to try and boost its numbers and show that it was with.
still a force to be reckoned with. Whereas others, other experts are saying, no, this is a sign that it is still very powerful, it's organised, it was well planned. What has gone on in the last month, though, is a side of widening rifts from within the group, because one of their key commanders was an American who was born in Alabama. He was killed by opponents within Al Shebaab by hard-line opponents0 so there has been this growing rift inside the organisation, which has made it more unpredictable. David Malet is an an expert in international security University. He told us how he reacted to the University. He reacted to the attack.Al University. He told us how he
Shebaab has been very active over the last 10 years or so in launching terrorist over the last 10 years launching terrorist attacks,
mostly been Somalia. If you remember in 2010 thiss a the group that blue up a couple of parties watching the World Cup in Uganda. Uganda like Kenya is a country that's sent military peacekeepers into Somalia to try to stop the violence. This is definitely Al Shebaab suddening a message to the people of Kenya to stay out of their affairs. And a mall. A lot of the attacks have been bombs, attacks on sporting events like you have mentioned. Is this unusual, this particular attack on a mall?Yeah, it would seem to indicate there wasn't enough security at the mall in Nairobi. There had been the bombing of the American embassy in Nairobi about 15 years ago. The city is not unfamiliar with terrorist attacks. It sends a message it damages the Kenyan economy. You did have a Somali in America a couple of years ago who tried to blow up a Christmas tree bombing celebration. So again, it's not that unusual for shab sab to try to send a message and to make economic targets a priority for them - Al Shebaab.Why Kenya at this time?Well, Al Shebaab has had a many in of reversals lately. They've lost a lot of ground. The Kenyan military has been responsible for attack them in the south. Kenya has had a bit of political instability lately there is a relatively newm in Kenya. They might be trying to harm him politically. Al Shebaab, do you think they will have felt like they've athieved what they wanted to achieve from this attack?In the immediate term, I would say yes. This is a imagine propaganda victory for them. They have the world take talking about them. They're also a very ambitious group. They have targeted western tar gets before. It was people affiliated with Al Shebaab from Australia who had done to Somalia to fight, who planned to blow up the Holsworthy barracks in 2009. They made attempted attacks in Scandinavia as well. I think this is an opportunity for Al Shebaab to go Goebel.Let's talk about the alleged attackers, three alleged attackers from the uks, one each from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the UK. What does that say to you with so many countries?Al
allegedly from foreign countries?Al Shebaab has turned over a lot of its leadership to foreign fighters in the last fewies. They've had a the lover internal conflicts. Just last week the most prominent one, an American, had been killed in a gun fight with the current leader of Al Shebaab. So Al absolutely comfortable putting foreigners forward Shebaab. So Al Shebaab is foreigners forward to show into
they are part absolutely comfortable putting fight, that they organisation to be they are part of a global
fight, that organisation to be taken
seriously. They are a hard-line group a lot like the Taliban in Afghanistan. I would suspect Afghanistan. I would for propaganda value they can say this is not just a local Somali issue, it attracts jihadis from around the world.Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says half of the asylum seekers who've arrived since the election have been sent offshore. About 500 people have arrived by boat since September 7. Scott Morrison says there will now be bookly updates on boat arrivals. He has told Macquarie radio gnat government is reduring the time it takes for people to be transferred to Nauru and Manus

Island.We've moved to rapidly increase the transfer of people who had would fall into this part of the policy. We've already moved more than half of the people who've turned up since 7 September offshore.Almost the entire board of the company building the National Broadband Network could be replaced by the government. Six board members, including NBN Co Chairman Siobhan McKenna have offered their resignations to the Communications Minister. accepted them
Malcolm Turnbull hasn't accepted them yet, but has publicly criticised the board's expertise in building large infrastructure projects. Former Telstra and Optus chief Ziggy Switkowski is tipped to step in to NBN Co as Executive Director. Angela Merkel has won another four years as Chancellor in another four years Chancellor in Germany.
Preliminary results give

Merkel's Christian Democratic Union and its sister party the CSU have nearly 42% of the vote. Angela Merkel's party headquarters as exit polls were announced. Europe's most powerful politician had scored a stunning personal victory. And a third term as Chancellor.Dear friends, as the jubilation here shows, we can be happy about this super result. The result was interpreted as a tribute to her steady leadership during the Eurozone crisis.It's a land slide victory. People are cheering to Angela Merkel right now. Serve enthusiastic about T it is perhaps the biggest victory of a Democratic Party in Germany for the last 20 years. Although Angela Merkel's supporters here are delighted with the way their party polled, there is sole disappointment. The party they were in coalition with may not have passed the threshold in order do have any seats in the next part. Supporters of that party, the Liberal Free Democrats, watched in stunned silence at their defeat. It may be, however, that Angela Merkel's Conservatives can win a historic absolute majority on their own. But she might yet be forced into a grand coalition with the opposition, leading to weeks of haggling.It is absolutely important that Germany has a stable, strong government. For Germany but also for Europe and that's what we're going to work on the next days. Despite Angela Merkel's triumph, it was not difficult at the polling stations to find voices critical of her policy of rescuing weaker Eurozone countries.She sends so much money to these other countries, but when it comes to our own people, it's poor Germany, I'm sorry. Can I not support this politics. A new euro sceptic party has come very close to winning seats in Parliament at the first attempt. So even after Angela Merkel's greatest success, she is still success, she is still likely
over Europe A look at the markets now with Kathryn Stolarchuk. Local stocks faring a little better this afternoon?That's right. They are still in the red but They are still in the red they managed to claw back some ground after a key report showed a lift in China agency manufacturing activity.

Growth in China's manufacturing sector accelerateed to its highest level since March this month, boosted by domestic and global demand A key index by HSBC shows activity rose to a level of 51.2, that's up from 50.1 from August. The index is the earliest reading of China's economic performance. Output, new orders, quantity of purchases and prices all increase ed at a faster right during the month. News Corporation has swung to a full-year profit according to its first earnings report since the demerger of its print and nim and television assets. The company posted a 2.7% rise in annual revenue to almost 8.9 billion US dollars, that's up on the previous year and net income for the fiscal year was 560 US million, compared loss of $2 billion in the previous corresponding period. News Corporation was separated into two businesses in June, 21st century fox which retains the group's media and entertainment industries and the new News Corporation which controls publishing, digital education and Australian media businesses. The group has declined to pay a dividend. The chief executive of Australia's biggest listed wine producer Treasury Wine Estates is stepping Dunn after the company lost several million dollars in the US market. David Deary has held the Chief Executive role for two years since the wine business split from Foster's. The company says it's terminating his position after it had to destroy more than $30 million of wine in the US because of oversupply. Treasury owns brands including Penfolds, rose mounts and Lindemans. Blackberry says it's planing to cut 4,500 jobs to try to staunch huge losses. The job losses represent 40% of its global work force. The company is set to announce a loss of almost a billion dollars when it releases its second quarter earnings next week. Blackberry shares closed 17% down after a brief halt in trade. Back in January the company's new Smartphone was released aid mid much fanfare, but it's failed to win over consumers. Greece's main lenders have returned to Athens for their latest audit of the country's economy. Representatives from the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and Europe's Central Bank will be looking at how effective the tough austerity measures have been. They have to determine whether Greece will get its latest bail-out installment which is due next month. Meanwhile, emerging markets have been urged to take advantage of the US Federal Reserve's surprise decision to hold off tapering its stimulus program. Turkey's Finance Minister says thoid fed's call not to cut back its monthly bond buying has given emerging economies breathing space to prepare for the end of loose monetary policies. Borrowers moved back into credit markets late last week in response. Bond markets have been hit hard in recent months by tapering figures. I'm back with more finance news later this afternoon.Thank you. The increasing popularity of music downloads brought predictions of the deaths. Music industry but it's also led to a surprising side effect, the Reds re, of vinyl records. In Australia, vinyl album sales were up more than 70% last year, while the United States is expecting the biggest year in vinyl sales since sales tracking began 1991. What kind of changes are you seeing in vinyl sales in the store at the moment?We opened in 75, so we're in our 38th we're in our 38th year. It's basically fairly rapidly we're in our 38th year. returning to that. It's back to the future. It's a very returning to that. It's back interesting phenomenon. the future. good one. A great interesting good one. A great one.What
kinds of good one. kinds of things are you kinds in the store to accommodate for people who are coming in the store to accommodate vinyl?Inventory of the people who are coming in to buy vinyl?Inventory of the we're
getting as much as we possibly can and as wide a cross-section as we possibly can. We get new and second hand. What kind of people are coming into the store to buy vinyl and what sort of music are they looking for? The Gen Ys are coming if definitely. They've discovered that vinyl is cool and better and they're a lot more tech savvy than previous vinyl has
generations. They know that vinyl has a crisper, warmer sound, and they can hear things that the artist was hoping to that, everyone would hear but obviously gets compressed on a CD or MP 4.You every been at the store for nearly four decades. Was there a point where you thought vinyl was dead?Early 90s. The music suppliers, the companies had killed off vinyl by making it one way, which meant you couldn't return any unsold stock that basically sent a message out to everybody was get rid of your vinyl and make way for the king, the king is CDs. The good thing was that some of the presses were saved and there was a rise in dance music. Every kid was a DJ in his own bedroom that all took off and that saved the vinyl presses and then I guess towards the end of about 2009, 2010, there was a real vinyl resurgence.What is it that you personally love about vinyl records?It's a crisper, warmer sound as I was saying before. It's a lovely sound. It's collectable. CDs have never been collectable. It's something you can take out and admire. Even the something you can take admire. Even the good thing now is that even if you need the convenience of the CD, quite often the CD will come with the final. So you can play it in the car and you can keep your beautiful record to look at. Having run the store here for so long, do you think that things have kind of come full circle for you?I was saying, it's back to the future. And the lovely part about it is we know that future very well. It's only good news from here on in.In breaking news an appeal against the murder acquittal of former Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney has been dismissed. Mr Rayney was found not guilty of his wife Corryn's murder after a three-month trial before a judge alone last year. Prosecutors appealed against the verdict on the grounds the judge did not properly assess all of the evidence. But today, WA's Court of Appeal rejected their argument and threw out the appeal. The focus will now shift to Mr Rayney's phone tapping charges, and his defamation case against the State. If you'd like to have your say on any of the store rears we're following, you can get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or email.

You're watching ABC News 24. We're just waiting now for a news conference from the federal Labor frontbencher Bill Shorten. He's expected to speak to the media in Canberra very shortly. We will bring that to you live when it gets under way. We will have more news in just a moment. I'm Kumi Taguchi. Thank you for your company. Captions by CSI Australia

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Today - the terror attack on a Nairobi shopping mall claims at least 68 lives.

This Program is Captioned Also today - bombers target worshippers leaving a church in Pakistan. The former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel on trial for causing grievous bodily harm. And the AFL's night of nights - Gary Ablett the clear favourite to win his said best and fair - second best and fairest.

An Australian is among the victims of the shopping centre siege in Nairobi. So far 68 people have been confirmed dead and close to 200 others have been wounded. Islamic militants are still holding an unknown number of hostages in the upmarket mall. Kenyan