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Today - the terror attack on a Nairobi shopping mall claims at least 68 lives.

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Also today - bombers target worshippers leaving a church in Pakistan. The former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel on trial for causing grievous bodily harm. And the AFL's night of nights - Gary Ablett the clear favourite to win his second best and fairest. An Australian is among the victims of the shopping centre siege in Nairobi. victims of the shopping siege in Nairobi. So far 68 siege in people have been confirmed dead siege in Nairobi. So far and close to 200 people have been confirmed and close to 200 others have been wounded. Islamic militants are still holding an unknown number of hostages in number of hostages in the upmarket mall but Kenyan authorities say they've rescued some of the hostages in the last few hours. Martin Cuddihy reports from Nairobi. Kenyan soldiers have been filing into the Westgate shopping centre all day but they are being held at bay by terrorists who have killed scores of people. Among the dead are a dual Australian-UK citizen and the nephew of Kenya's President.I feel the pain of every life we have lost and share your grief at our nation's loss. My nephew and his fiancee were amongst those who died in this attack.Along with the carnage, there are some remarkable tales of survival. Heidi Edwards is an Australian lawyer in Nairobi. She dismissed the first explosion she heard but not the second.There was some panic going on and then another one in quick succession and some gunshots. We were telling everyone to get down.Her boyfriend didn't want to talk to us but the two of them helped other people escape.Then I decided to try if staff door, there is always like a staff only door. Luckily that was unlocked. So we got like a few, quite a few people through there, closed that and just ran.The terrorists were women and children. Witnesses
have told how Muslims were released and have told released and how there were
male and have told how Muslims were male and female attackers. Some were far more than lucky to male and female attackers. escape were far more than escape unharmed.As I was going in, I heard another bang. In front of me I saw a security guard being shot dead.What's left now is some sort of resolution. There are reports Israeli, British and American security advisers are now in Nairobi. Kenyan authorities have been very keen to stress the delicate nature of this operation. Because the hostages are in such close proximity to their captors, there is a genuine fear a full-frontal casualties.Intelligence
assault could cause more officials fear the planning and organisation behind this attack are signs of a terror group on the rise. It has built its numbers by recruiting from the US and Europe. Lisa Millar reports. Al Shabaab was born out of a 20-year civil war in Somalia and has been fighting other African military forces including those from Kenya.The Al Shabaab have said since ogt 2011 that they - October 2011 they did not like the presence of Kenyan military in Somalia.It was a violent attempt to crush the terror group.Nobody has clean hands here. These guys didn't go into a shopping centre and kick ass for nothing. They are very angry.Al Shabaab has been building its strength, tightening its links with al-Qaeda and enticing new recruits with videos like this.If you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. This is the real Disneyland. Come here, join us.It is an extremely deadly organisation, very well trained and one of the only al-Qaeda affiliates which actually has actively recruited here in the US.US officials estimate up to 50 Americans have joined the cause and dozens more from Europe.I want to know were there any of those recruited Somali-Americans we know over there fighting, were any of them involved in this attack inThe US fears other recruits could be planning attacks on American targets. US intelligence officials aren't aware of any imminent danger
here but they aware of any here but they are conscious
that shopping aware of any imminent danger
here but that shopping malls, like the one that shopping malls, like one in Nairobi, are easy targets and Al Shabaab is a growing threat. In Pakistan, more than 70 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a church in the north-western city of Peshawar. Two bombers detonated devices as hundreds of Christians were leaving a service. It is the day Pakistan's Christians had been long dreading. A massacre in a church after Sunday service. This area had been packed with Christian worshippers and police say two suicide bombers blew themselves up here. Dozens of men, women and children were killed. The security now, there are complaints in spite of their pleas, Christians weren't afforded protections by the authorities before."Others here treat us like foreigners just because we are Christian, but we are Pakistanis too" says this Father. More bodies have been identified here as you can see. There is a great deal of grief and sorrow but also a lot of anger among the Christians who have gathered here, because while there have been problems between the communities, nobody expected an attack like this. The worst on Pakistan's Christian community in the history of the country. This man lost his 11-year-old daughter in the bombing but somehow he talks of forgiveness. Other Christians here increasingly wonder if they have a future in their own country. The Immigration Minister asylum seekers who have arrived since the election have been sent offshore. About since the sent offshore. About 500 people have arrived by boat since September 7th. Scott Morrison says there'll now be weekly updates on boat arrivals and has told Macquarie Radio the Government is reducing the time it takes for people to be transferred to Nauru and Manus Island.It is our intention, when we deal with these weekly briefings and advise what has taken place over the last week, we will be advising what we have done about it. What we have done is move to rapidly increase the transfer of people who fall into this part of the policy where they are being transferred to offshore processing. We have already moved more than half of the people who have turned up since September 7 offshore.Almost the entire board of the National Broadband Network could be replaced. Six board members including chairwomen Siobhan McKenna have offered their resignations to the Communications Minister. Malcolm Turnbull hasn't accepted them yet but has publicly criticised the board's expertise in building large infrastructure projects. Former Telstra and Optus chief Ziggy Switkowski is tipped to step in to NBN Co as the executive director. Former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel is standing trial in a Brisbane court accused of causing grievous bodily harm to a patient. Patel performed colon surgery on Ian Vowels in 2004 and last month his legal team expressed concerns previous publicity may hinder the jury's ability to deliver a fair and reasonable verdict. Josh Bavas is at the court. What's happened so far today? The court heard that Jayant Patel officially plead not guilty to the grievous bodily harm of Ian Vowels at the Bundaberg Hospital between 2004 and 2005. A pre-trial hearing had heard concerns about past media broadcasts and publications regarding events at the Bundaberg Hospital during that time. Today the judge in court reiterated those concerns to potential jurors, saying there was extensive media coverage of events, a book published and some Internet information about events at the hospital. As a result of that, eight potential jurors have been excused. The remaining jurors are filling out a questionnaire. The court heard one of the questions on that paper is "Have you heard Jayant Patel in the last any adverse information Jayant Patel in the years?". The legal team are saying that years?". The legal saying that today's empanelling of jurors could take saying that today's of jurors could take the bulk
of jurors could take of today.How long is the broader case expected to run? broader case expected to The court is expected to hear from about 21 witnesses including Ian Vowels himself. The case has been set down for three weeks. The legal team have advised that it could go further than that.Josh Bavas in Brisbane, thank you.

The leader who is often called the world's most powerful woman has had a stunning election victory in Germany. Angela Merkel is set to be returned as Chancellor for a third term after her party gained more than 40% of the vote. By Angela Merkel's standards, this is wild jubilation. The woman about to enter her third term as German Chancellor is otherwise known for her no-nonsense, almost downbeat approach. But it was a night to celebrate with the Chancellor's Christian Democratic gaining more than 40% of the vote, more than the polls had predicted.TRANSLATION: The cheers show we can be happy. This is a super result.There wasn't much to toast at the headquarters of Chancellor Merkel's current Coalition partner the Free Free who had their worst result in seek a coalition with her main seek a coalition challenger. TRANSLATION: The ball is in Mrs Merkel's court, she is the ball is in she is the one who has to find a she is the one who has a majority.For the moment, Angela Merkel won't be drawn on her intentions.TRANSLATION: It is too early to say how we will proceed. Today we should celebrate. A message they were taking to heart in the conservative south of the country where a general election didn't stop the Oktoberfest getting into full swing. President Obama has highlighted Australia's gun control measures at a memorial service for the victims of another mass shooting. 12 people were killed last week by a gunman at the Washington navy yard, the latest of several massacres in the US in recent months. Mr Obama told the mourners that no other advanced nation endures such violence.In the UK, in Australia, when just a single mass shooting occurred in those there
countries, they understood there was nothing ordinary about this kind of carnage. They endured great heartbreak but they also mobilised and they changed.President Obama says America's murder rate by guns is 10 times that of other developed nations. One of China's most powerful and popular politicians has been jailed for life after being convicted of bribery, corruption and the abuse of power. The court found Bo Xilai was guilty of all charges including an attempt to cover up the murder of the British business man Neil Heywood. China's Communist Party is cleansing its ranks. Today's verdict is the judgment of China's leaders, implacable while purging one of their own. There was never any doubt Bo Xilai would be convicted. His was a show trial. But he stood smiling, defiant to the end. The judge said Bo's confession was not obtained under torture, pronouncing him guilty of taking £2 million in bribes and trying to cover up the murder by his wife of the British business man Neil Heywood. Bo was handcuffed, humiliated, and led away humbled. Last year he was on the brink of being elevated to the Communist Party's top rank. Bo ran Chongqing, a booming region of 30 million people. Unlike many of China's Communist bureaucrats, he was popular, he had a reputation of getting things done and for caring for the poor. Few of China's other leaders are so genuinely liked. That earnt him enemies in the party who have seized on his failings. Bo's family were living it up, his son at Oxford University. They had a villa in the south of France, now confiscate ed. The money for all this was coming from corruption. His wife triggered his downfall when she fell of Neil Heywood and poisoned the Briton. Bo has been sentenced to life in prison, had all his wealth seized and is banned from ever returning to it is a to politics. To his it to politics. To his supporters,
it is a shock.TRANSLATION: What! Life in prison. He is a victim of a political battle. We ordinary people can't change this but he has done good things for us.TRANSLATION: It is so unjust. It's not a fair verdict. He'll always be a hero to us. He cared about the people so we support him.If it weren't for the murder of Neil Heywood by his wife, it might all have been so different for Bo Xilai. He might by now have been one of China's top leaders. Instead this ambition, charismatic politician has been crushed. Time for a check of the markets, here is Kathryn Stolarchuk. News Corp has some results out today? That's right. News Corporation has swung to a full-year profit according to its first earnings report since the de-merger of its print and film and television assets. The company posted a 2.7% rise in annual revenue to almost $US8.9 billion, up on the previous year
year. Net income for the fiscal year was 506 million. News Corp was separated into two businesses in June, 21st Century Fox and the new News Corporation which scrolls publishing, digital education and the Australian media businesses. The group has declined to pay a dividend.There have been lob losses planned at Blackberry? That's right. The company is planning to cut 4,500 try to stop huge losses. The company is set to announce a loss of almost a company is set loss of almost a billion dollars when its releases its second quarter earnings next week. Blackberry shares closed down 17% after a brief halt in trade and the new Smartphone was released amid much fan fare in January but has failed to win over consumers.How about the broader market? Not looking too good. The jaurds index is down half a per cent and the ASX 200 has lost roughly the same amount.

Thank you. Greenpeace Australia is demanding the release of a group of activists arrested by Russian authorities on Friday. They were detained while protesting against Arctic oil drilling off the Russian coastline and could face charges of piracy.What we have here is Gazprom trying to drill for oil in the Arctic where it is impossible to drill for oil safely, where if there is a spill there is no way of cleaning it up and where the oil in question will contribute to pushing global warming faster and harder. It is insane. They rely on being able to get away with it because it is literally at the end of the earth. There is not a lot other than going up there and staging a peaceful protest and bringing it to the attention of the world.It might seem like an unlikely place to host a women's event. But hundreds of people have gathered in Katherine to take part in the Women of the World Festival. The festival originated in London but its expansion s to places like Katherine is helping regional women share their local stories.These women have telling their Dreamtime stories through the ancient tradition of dance. Others are using the power of music to spread their message of hope and change.The Women of the World Festival is an tune to celebrate - opportunity to celebrate everything women and girls have done in history, are doing now and think about so much more.It is a global the potential they've got to do movement that started in so much more.It is a and has made its way movement that started and has made its way to the Top and has made its End.Katherine has a End.Katherine history of women who have overcome End.Katherine has a great
history of women who have difficulties.Women like Bess Price who was born under a tree in remote Central Australia and is now a government minister.All that time that I grew up, I managed to look after myself, survive all the hardship.Politics is a hot topic here but some are asking if power is a poisoned chalice.But I know that young women who maybe 10 years ago said "I want to get into politics" don't want to do it now.The Festival has a creative beat, with work shops on everything from wool making to traditional weaving. But there is also a very serious side with reminders of the hardships women face in conflicts abroad and closer to home.Women are being abused. Women are being raped and nobody takes any notice of it.It is hoped events like this not only shed light on the many challenges women face, but find ways to overcome the obstacles.(Sings) # Rise up, rise up #

To sport now and for a look at the weekend's football action, here is Grandstand's Craig Norenbergs. First to AFL and it doesn't get much bigger than this. Grand Final on Saturday and the Brownlow vote tonight.You got your frock on? Ducking out tonight.I'll be glued to the TV screen of course.You wouldn't look out of place may I say. The big one is the AFL Grand Final. I will be tipping the Hawks all season but Freo played well. Hawthorn moving to Grand Final in extraordinary
fashion. 20 points down at three-quarter time to defeat Geelong by five points. A gripping match Friday night. They did have a week's rest going into this match. Sam Mitchell was extraordinary, 38 possessions with the Hawks booting the last three goals of the game to run out winners by five points. Alistair Clarkson has them peaking at the right team . Grant Birchall 27 possessions, led the way against the experts. In the other game, Freo, they blew away the Swans in the second quarter to qualify for their first ever Grand Final. It was a comprehensive 25-point victory over the Swans who were the defending champions. It was almost you'd say the most pressurised display by any team this season. At one point, the Dockers led by 54 points. They took their foot off the brake, rested the legs to get ready for Saturday. Even though I have been tipping the Hawks all season, I think Freo can do it. They play the right game. The weather report says it might rain in Melbourne on Saturday, Freo are the perfect defenders, Hawks the perfect attackers. I am going to switch and tip the Dockers.We might see AFL history? Absolutely. The Dockers' long-suffering fans, normally the Eagles have been on top in WA and have won premierships before. This is the Dockers' opportunity to do it.The NRL, the Grand Final is a couple of weeks away? Big game on Friday night with Manly taking on Cronulla. Cronulla have had a tough season with ASADA investigations into the team. They had a bit of luck last week scoring on the 7th tackle to beat the Cowboys but on Friday night they had the luck go against them. They looked to have won the game in the last few minutes after Manly had taken a sizeable lead 24-18 they went down in this NRL preliminary final. They looked to have locked it up at 24-all with seven minutes to go when Paul Gallen barrelled over but the referee said that Josh Morris had taken out Matt Ballen as he tried to dummy half. A tough end to the year. This match was another beauty with the Knights still alive. Melbourne who are normally so good finals time, just dropped off the past couple of weeks. This coming weekend it should be two great games. Manly taking on South Sydney and the Roosters taking on the Knights. Everyone is talking up a Souths-Roosters Grand Final. It could be Manly and the Knights. I think next week we will be talking on South Sydney on one side and the Knights on the other.What's your tip for the Brownlow? I don't think you can go past Ablett. Everyone is saying Gary Ablett is over the line. Joel Selwood has had a good season for Geelong but I don't think you can go against Ablett. He will win.Craig Norenbergs, thank you.Sebastian Vettel is closing in on another Formula One world championship. The German took the Singapore Grand Prix while Mark Webber broke down on the last lap. The lights make it the most spectacular in the Formula One.Alonso steaming through.It only lasted for one turn though. Vettel's team mate Mark Webber drove well.This is going to be tight.Nail-boating stuff especially for Kimi Raikkonen. Just got a hit.Vettel went all the way to post his fourth win in the last five Grand Prixes.Yes, yes, boys! Yes.Webber failed to finish and could be fined for doing what most of us dream of - riding on a Ferrari. Henrik Stenson took out the end season tour shot by three shots.It was a tough day out there today, to hang in the way I did, I'm satisfied.Traditionally they let it all hang out in the Manchester derby and United's first one without Sir Alex Ferguson as manager was not one to member.Sergio Aguerro.The same man struck again after the break..Fist pumps to celebrate three valuable points as the title race gathers After 13 days and 350km, an Australian soldier blinded in Iraq has completed a charity trek from Sydney to Canberra. Private Liam Haven lost 98% of his sight when he was hit by shrapnel in a roadside bomb blast. This morning he arrived at his destination, the Australian War Memorial where he was greeted by dignitaries including the Governor-General.I've had massive highlights, skydiving, bungee jumping, trips to Thailand with my best mate but nothing compares to this.Private Haven's guide dog Omen and a team supporting him from the network Soldier On were by his side every step of the way. The aim of the two-week walk was to raise awareness of the need to support returned servicemen and women. A group of four Australian veterans aged in their 90s is preparing for an they
emotional visit to Japan where World War
they were held captive during World War II. The Japanese government made the invitation in an effort to acknowledge the conditions the PoWs endured. It has been seven was a prisoner of war. Now 91-year-old Adye Rockliffe is preparing to go back to 91-year-old Adye preparing to go back to his former prison camp and the mine where he was forced to work.Electric shocks were the order of the day practically.This year, four former Australian PoWs will take part in the Japanese Government's reconciliation program. They'll visit schools and meet politicians.There is a movement in Japan to make them aware of how their army behaved during the war because the Japanese kept that quiet.His daughter will accompany him on the week-long trip.We didn't hear much about it when we were growing up. It was something that dad didn't talk about until the last few years. It will be interesting to flesh out the story a bit more.Adye Rockliffe left Tasmania as an 18-year-old. He fought in the Middle East and Java where he was captured. That led to 18 months on the infamous Burma Railway.That's when all the deaths and damage was done.He was transferred to a prison camp in southern Japan and worked in an undersea coal mine.That's where we were when the atomic bombs were dropped and the war ended.Malnutrition left many of the 22,000 Australians captured by the Japanese with life-long health problems. Due to brain damage, we lost our short-term memory and mental ability to a degree.Mr Rockliff returned to Tasmania after the war and made a new life as a dairy farmer. He is looking forward to going back.They're getting in before we all disappear.Adye Rockliffe leaves for Japan later this month. Let's look at the national weather now. Here is Vanessa O'Hanlon.A low and associated cold front moving through WA with very strong and gusty winds and also rain moving throughout that region as well. We are expecting another frontal system tonight with more severe warnings and further fronts on Wednesday and Thursday. This is a typical weather pattern for this time of the year, just remember to stay safe as it moves through. A trough coming down from the northern parts of the country is dragging the heat from the Kimberly into the south-east, a cooler change behind that, also expecting thunderstorms particularly over Victoria. Tasmania will still remain warm into tomorrow building up throughout NSW and Queensland. Today building up throughout Queensland. Today we have a severe fire warning across the western districts of Queensland severe fire warning across and up to extreme western districts of and up to extreme for the channel country. Brisbane heading channel country. heading for a top of 27 degrees.

There is another frontal system throughout WA and winds increasing over Victoria as well. Showers will reach the bottom half of Tasmania. Around the country for tomorrow -

That's the news for now. Our next full bulletin is on ABC1 at 5:30. Don't forget there is ABC News
news whenever you want it on ABC News 24 or online at I'm Nicole Chettle. Have a good afternoon. Chettle. Have a good

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