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This morning - an Australian among the dead as two-day siege between Kenya's Army and Islamic between Kenya's Army Islamic militants continues in Nairobi.

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The Federal Government to unveil its border protection policy, limiting its alerts on asylum boat arrivals. A Perth court set to rule whether Lloyd Rayney will face a retrial for his wife's murder. And after a big weekend, the finals action, the AFL gears up to crown its best and fairest.

Good morning. You're watching ABC News 24. Also on the Australia network across Asia and the South Pacific. I'm Taguchi ta. Let's take a - Kumi Taguchi. Let's take a quick look at the capital cities around the nation today.

Kenya's military says it has successfully freed moist of the hostages in a shopping mall siege in Nairobi which has claimed the lives of 68 people, including an £a Tasmanian man. Up to 15 militants from the Somalia terror group al-Shabab stormed the mall on Saturday afternoon. Kenya says its security forces are in control of most of the shopping centre. reported
Journalists outside the mall reported hearing gun fire and an explosion with the country's authorities hoping to end the operation very soon. The ABC's Martin cud hi is outside the - cud question He is outside the mall.The Australian Government has confirmed that a dual Australian UK citizen is one of the many people killed here at the Westgate mall during the attacks. The Department of Foreign Affairs has described it as a senseless loss of life but there are still stories emerging of people who managed to survive the shooting. One of those comes from an Australian lawyer, living here in Nairobi. I sat down with Heidi edwads at her home as she told me how she survived.We were telling everyone to get down. It don't know if you've been to Planet Yoghurt, it's pretty open with s glass and there's only desks to hide. Then I tried to try a staff only door. Luckily that was unlocked. So we got a few, quite a few people through there, closed that and just ran. So ran down to the bottom, somebody else, not us, poked their head out and saw a gunman, I don't in the it one of the assail one of the assail ants or a policeman, but could see someone who had policeman, someone who had been shot. So someone we had no real choice but to stay we had no stay in the stairwell. A few families had run for it stay in the stairwell. A families had run for it and
then th is about 45 minutes then th is about 45 after the first grenade we saw a whole lot of people run down the side. They got out fine and we had looked everywhere for somewhere to hide, there was nowhere to hide. So we decided to run for it as well.In are still close to 200 people in Ken cran hospitals. Because of that overwhelm weming burden on this country's medical system, there is a national campaign under way here, Kenyans aring with urged to donate blood to help thewomen victims of the 14509ing.For more we're joined by Davidmate, an expert in international security. Thank you for your time this morning.Let's talk first about the timing of this attack, Saturday around noon, at a time hen the mall would be so highly populated with people. A calculated attack, no doubt.Al-Shabab has been very active over the last 10 years or so in launching terrorist attacks mostly in Somalia. In 2010 this was the group who plu up a couple of parties aching the World Cup in Uganda. Uganda has sent military peacekeepers into Somalia to try to stop the violence. This is al-Shabab sending a pledge to the people of Kenya to stay out of their atears.And a mall, a lot of the attacks having bombs, attacks on sporting like you have mentioned is this unusual, this particular attack on a mall?It would seemed to inicate there wasn't enough security inicate security t the mall in nigh Robey. There was a #3w078ing in Robey. There was an embassy, so the city is not unfamiliar with terrorist attacks. I damages the Kenyan economy. We you have a Somali in America a couple of years ago who tried to blow up a Christmas tree bombing sell celebration it is not that unucial for al-Shabab to make economic targets a priority for them.Why Kenya at this time?Well, al-Shabab has had a number of reversal s lately. They have lost a lot of grounds. The Kenyan military has been responsible for attacking them in the south. Kenya has had a bit of political instability lately so there's a relatively new President in Kenya, so they might be trying to harm politically.Al-Shabab, do you think they will have felt like they've achieved what they wanted to?In the immediate term I would say yes. This is a major propaganda victory because the world is talking about them but they have argued Western targets before, it was people who were affiliated with al-Shabab from Australia who had gone to Somalia to fight, who were foreign fighters and came back and planned to blow up the Holsworthy barracks in 2009. They maim made attempted attacks in Scandinavia as wellI think you will see this as an opportunity for al-Shabab to go global. WillLet's talk about the alleged attacker s, two from Somalia, flee alleged attackers from the US, one each from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the UK. What does that say to you with so many allegedly from foreign countries?Al-Shabab has turned over a lot of its leadership to foreign fighters in last few years. They sla have had a lot of internal conflict s. Last week, the most prominent was an American who had been covering rap videos on the Internet to serve as recruitment had been killed. So al-Shabab is comfortable putting foreigners forward to show they're an organisation to be taken seriously. They're a hardline group much like the Taliban in Afghanistan. I would suspect for propaganda value they can say this is not just a local Somali issues rn, 24 attacks jihadis from around the world.Authorities are saying they hope the siege will end soon. They have most of the hostage s out. How do you think this is going to end?I don't think anyone who went into the mall plans to come out alive. You can look at the Mumbai attacks of 2008 when after various commercial targets and the group was receive ing instructions in real time to kill people until they themselves were killed. Unfortunately I was expect the blood shed to get worse before this is over.You're publishing a book next month where there's a chapter dedicated to al-Shabab. In your experience, how has the group developed and changed oerve the year, obviously taking to tbit ther time, using social immediate gentleman in are they growing and changing and developing in a way which authorities will have to change the way in which they counter highly resill gent group. they counter attack?They're They're a violent splinter highly resill gent They're a the Islamic quarts union which is the the Islamic quarts is the more moderate Muslim is faction in the civil is the more moderate faction in the civil war there. faction in the Al-Shabab basically rejects any Al-Shabab basically rejects Western compromise, wants sharia law. They've been using social media for years and they've been recruiting internationally for years.Even though they suffered some reversals late ly they've been O'Connor fined to the south of Somalia. Every time they look down they come back. This is a great attempt for them unfortunately to raise funds internationally and recruit further fighters internationally.With so much of their work on social media and publicly available, wouldn't countries have more of a sense of maybe when and how an attack might take place?If they're able to monitor them, this seems to be a locally conducted operation. Al-Shabab if they're speaking on social media about what they're going to do or have done, they can be very brash but the group has been fighting in a civil war? More than 20 years an they have a good understanding of operational security operational
now.Obviously their operational security they've had 10 to 15 gun men in this operation a very large space or more where there's so many parts which can't be monitored of covered. Could Kenyan authorities would their arm yb have been prepared for something as big as this, in a space as big as a mall?I am not really sure how the Kenyan Army and police forces work together.I've been in Tanzania, the country further south, and 10 years ago when I was there there was not that sort of security at major shopping centres. Al-Shabab scattered their troops very closely.And given what victory, where do you think al-Shabab will see as a they might turn to next? Is there any sense of how they might use this to obviously recruit more people but search for another target? Would that be outside Somalia or impossible to tell?It's very difficult to tell if they're looking for propaganda, looking for fundraising, then, yes, using foreign fighters which they have been have not been shy about doing, and every time somebody goes to Somalia and return s to their home country then that increases the risk of attack in that country of origin.David from the ufrtd of Melbourne, thank you so much.Thank you.To local news now and Immigration Minister smorsian will today give his first briefing on Government's Operation Sovereign Borders. An asylum seeker boat has been escorted to Christmas Island, it's the first known arrival since the Coalition's new policy began. Witnesses have told the ABC that around 30 asylum seekers were on board. The Government hasn't released any details saying it doesn't intend to announce every arrival.For more, political reporter Melissa Clarke joins us now from Canberra. Good morning, Melissa. What can we expect today from the Minister's briefing?We will have both the Immigration Minister smors wron and the Lieutenant general Angus Campbell, who is the 3-star general in charge of implementing the Coalition's asylum seeker policy, and he will be coordinating acrs the different not just defence but across the different agencies and statutory bodies involved as well. We can expect to depet more detail about how they will start to implement some of their policies. Anyway will have tpzs. Turning, - temporary protection visas, turning boats arnlds. Wecosm% the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to give an update on how many boats carrying asylum seekers have arrived since the September 7 election. We haven't had that information so far, unler the Labor Government each time a boat arrived they would eventual ly put out a statement and give details of how many people were on board, what sort of naval assets or border protection vote boats were used in order to help them or in some cases rescue them and bring them to detention centres.Scott Morrison has indicated that there will be regular updates on that but there won't be a continuous update that we have seen in the past, which has led to some criticism it is not going to be as transparent a process as what we have seen in the past.On that, will the Government, though, have trouble controlling information about boat arrivals it's so easy for so many people to pick up information?They certainly will. Residents on Christmas Island some there have already alerted the public to the fact that a boat arrived yesterday for example, carrying 30 people from the Middle East, men, women, and children.Some of the refugee supporters on Christmas Island have made it clear they will keep informing the public when boats arrive, even if got adinneror of Christmas Island, even if got doesn't. The John Stanhope, adinneror of Christmas John Stanhope, the former ACT Chief John Chief Minister, has also said John Stanhope, the former that if he were Chief Minister, has that if he were given any iend that if he of directorive to that if he were given any of directorive to not give any
information about boats of directorive to information about boats that
arrived or asylum of directorive to not give any
information about boats arrived or asylum seekers who come through Christmas Island that would force him to re consider holding his post. There are plenty of others who are willing to provide the information and if Scott Morrison tries to clamp down on some of that information, which he suggested he wants to, saying it's saying it's information that helps people smugglers, if they have intelligence on how many people there are and what sort of demand there is, he may find it more difficult than he might otherwise anticipate.Another issue today - the board of NBN Co., the whole board offering to resign, give up their positions to the Government. What is going on there?We have the board all offering their resignations we.s knew there would have to be some kind of change at NBN Co., given that Malcolm Turnbull as Opposition spokesman for communications before the election was highly critical of the NBN board, the slow progress of the rollout and in particular criticism of relations between the board in particular the chair woman Siobhan McKenna and Mike Quigley who announced he would be quitting back in July. This is another level altogether with ul the board members offering their resignations but we won't get any movement for a while because we understand that any changes to the board have to be approved by Cabinet. Not just the Minister. They're not meeting for a while yet. So there is plenty for Malcolm Turnbull to consider over the next two weeks, not just two WHO is on the board but also giving new directions to NBN Co. to change their program from fibre to the home to fibre to the node. So big changes ahead for NBN Co..Political reporter, Melissa Clarke from Canberra, thank you.In one of WA's most high profile criminal cases, former prosecutor Lloyd Rayney will today learn if he is to face another murder trial. Three judge also hand down their decision on an appeal against a verdict that found him not guilty of killing his wife.It's been almost a year since Lloyd Rayney walked from a Perth court acquitted of the murder of his wife Corryn.And we still don't know what happened to Corryn and that is a terrible tragedy.The two were prominent members of WA's legal profession. He a senior prosecutor turned criminal barrister and she a registrar of WA's Supreme Court.Mrs Rayney disappeared on kaug 7, 2007. Her body was found a week later, buried in Kings Park in central Perth. Sooj soon after, police named Mr Rayney as the prime suspect but he denied any involvement in his wife's death. Three years late er he was charged:I look forward to finding being able to prove my innocence. That's all I want ed to say.At his trial it was alleged Mr Rayney assaulted his wife at the family's Como home. Prosecutors claimed he wanted to get rid of Mrs Rayney because their marriage had broken down, and she was threatening to ruin his career.The case split the family. Mr Rayney had the support of the couple's two daughters while Mrs Rayney's father and sister gave their backing to police and prosecutors.After three months of evidence, Justice Brian Martin, who heard the case without a jury, return add verdict of not guilty. Justice Martin said the prosecution case lacked crucial evidence and was beset by uncertainties and impossibilities.Is this one chapter in this ongoing saga? Is there anything you want to say about that?Just weeks later, prosecutors lodged an appeal. Three interstate judges were specially appointed to hear the case, because of the Rayney's links to WA's legal profession. The appeal took two days, with prosecutors arguing Mr Rayney should face a retrial because the trial judge didn't properly assess all the evidence against him.Whatever the outcome, the judgment won't mean an end to the case. Mr Rayney is still facing charges of bugging his wife's telephone, he's also suing the State of WA for defamation. German Chancellor Merkel has claimed victory in the country' election. her Christian Democrats have won election. Early results show won about 42%, the best her Christian Democrats won about 42%, the best in
decades won about 42%, the decades and it may manage secure an absolute majority in the secure an absolute the Parliament. Her main rival is the Social Democrats, they won around 25% of the vote. Europe correspondent Barbara Miller says the result is a convincing victory for Angela Merkel's party.It's a great result. Chance lo lor Merkel came on stage shortly after those first projections came on. She was beaming. She is not usually known for being overly joyful but you could see the happiness on her face, she looked relaxed. She wasn't particularly emotional but by Merkel's standards this was a very happy occasion for her. She described the result as super. The opinion polls were predict ing the DCD #u678d would get the late 30s. They got 42% this so this is a convincing result for her party. You need to get 5%. It looks like the Free Democrats has not reached that 5% it's their worst result in decades, a very bad night for that party. That would have been the Coalition that Angela Merkel would have preferred to continue with. And what's most likely now which is rather strange is that a grand coalition will be formed where Angela Merkel goes into government with her main rival s, the Social Democrats. This is a model that has happened also under Chancellor Merkel before, it's not untypicaltor Germany. Many people see it as a mad Model for stagmation but some Germans say this is also a way of guaranteeing some kind of state in the country. Chancellor Merkel herself was not entering into any speculation about what the likely outcome in terms of Coalition talks would be. She said tonight's the time to celebrate. We can talk about all those other things once the
final results are in.A final results are in.A very unlikely coalition would be a coalition with the Green bus not coalition with the not impossible.The National Rifle Association is calling for more armed personnel to guard American military bases in the wake of last week's attack at a Washington Navy yard. 12 people were killed in an indiscriminate attack last week before the gunman was shot dead by police.In a post-Nine 11 world, a naval base within miles of congress, the White House, seven mile s from here, largely left un protected, a high valued terrorist target, completely un protected. That can't stand. NRA is calling today for layers of security around our military bases. We need to look at let ing the men and women that know firearms and are trained in them do what they do best, which is protect and survive.In Pakistan, more than 70 people can be have been killed in a suicide bomb ing bombing in pesha war.Two - Peshawar.It's the day Pakistan's Christiance had been long dreading, a massacre in a church after Sunday service.This area had been packed with Christian worshippers and police say two suicide bombers blew themselves up here.Dozens of men, women and children were killed.The security now, but there are complains that in spite of their pleas Christiance wrn afforded protection by the authorities before.'Others here treat us like foreigners just because we're Christian,' Says this pastor.'But we're Pakistani's too.'More bodies have just been identified here. There's a great deal of grief and sorrow but there is also a lot of anger among the Christians who have gathered here. While there have been problems in the communities nobody expected an attack like this, the worst on Pakistan's Christian community in the history of the country.This man lost his 11-year-old daughter in the bombing but somehow he talks forgiveness.Other Christians here increasingly wonder if they have a future in their own country.And now for a look at country.And at the major sports stories of the day, Steve Pearce joins us. Good morning. the day, Steve Good morning. Let's talk the day, Steve Pearce joins through the the F 1 first, what is through the the F is going on there?Kumi, it's another win for Sebastian Vettel, this time it was in Singapore in 2 night race which always looked kind of glam rouse but it is not environment ally friendly. But it's popular and Sebastian Vettel really bossed this from start to finish. You can see him just squeezing past Nico Rosberg at the start that is Daniel Ricciardo's race which didn't go according to plan. Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso were behind Sebastian Vettel. That is Mark Webber's car, not looking so good. He hitched a lift in on Alonso's Ferrari which is frowned upon and will cost him a 10-place penalty at South Korea if he is unable to appeal and jurn turn it. You get the feeling with Mark Webber he is going to give it his all till the end but he is on his final farewell lab lap to tends. I think he was enjoying that ride in there on Fernando's car.Why frowned Fernando's car.Why frowned on uponIt's considered a bit dangerous. Because a couple of dar cars had to stop when Webber came on to the track to accept Alonso's lift. Whether the likes of huies Hamilton and Jenson Button think it's that dangerous or Formula One has a rule in place that drivers are not allowed on to the track walking un less officially invited by an FIA official. It's probably being a bit ofishes. Aim sure all the drivers were fine with it but given the immense safety restrictions on Formula One they probably have to stick to it. I may well be appealed by Red Bull and Web Webber.It looks quite cool! Let's furn to the America's Cup. Team USA causing problems for Team New Zealand?I think that is a good way of putting it. A lot of neutral observers and a lot of yachties would have thought this was Team New Zealand's for the taking. They were looking pretty good, a few days ago when they blown it out to a very, very impressive lead, I think it was 8-1 needing nine for victory in the America's kum.The Team USA as you can see are really getting back on track, they're skippered by an Australian called Jimmy Spit el and they are gaining some real momentum. They won both race 14 and 15. It was better tactics, picking the right moment at the right time. You don't want to get too technical. There will be a lot of people who know their sailing extremely well but there were some very interesting choices made by New Zealand which didn't quite work in their favour whereas the it.
American s were right on top of it. Jimmy Spitle spoke shortly after that spending race win this mornle.What a fantastic day, really good racing, under a lot of pressure. I thought Tom and Berne did a really good job. The boys were just out of this world. They were just a physical day on the handles
and, a physical day on and, man, they delivered. A like today and, man, they delivered. like today it really is all
about like today about the tactics. Really, they were about the tactics. Really, were under a lot of precialure there a few times but they kept their cool. Everyone stayed calm and they sailed such a great race. Two great races. We are going to get more out of the old girl. The short team found some extra wheels for us and the changes really made a difference. I am really excited to get back in there tonight and see if we can get more out of her.They are right back in this now - 8-5, so clearly they need four more consecutive wince. When you see a team put it together so impressively and win Twohy races back to back like that Saz they did this morning in San Francisco nothing is out of the question and we're on again tomorrow weather dependent.And back to golf and a big money.The big money that you and I would gladly accept. 11.44 million dollars Henrik Henrik Stenson is dollars Henrik putting off this morning because he won the Tour championship. He led from start to finish in the this event in Atlanta. He really was an absolute top form. 37 years old, he is the first European to win the Tour championship and the first with win the Tour championship and the Fed yex cup which is the big money bonus.That is a life changer just there. He is in red hot form at the moment and he did it superb ly and Jordan speet, a young man has burst on to the scene this year. Jason Day and Adam Scott finished at three under par in a tie for 14. They will both be back in Australia in a couple of months time for the Open in Sydney and the Master s down in Melbourne. I think one or two or both might be playing the PGA in Queensland.It's ridiculous it's that time of year already. One more thing, soccer, Manchester derby, Manchester City a bit of an attack k game.Yes, and a very dominant manager. They will
perform er under their new manager. They will be extremely happy and on the re e reverse of Manchester, David Moyes will not be happy because Manchester United were steam rolled in this match. It was a really, really impressive performance from City who won the league title last year and last season a few months ago, Manchester United won it on the makings of what we saw this morning this could be City's year again, certainly above their rivals because they took them apart. It was a hugely impressive performance. Spurrs nicked a late winner at Cardiff, so they are flying high as well. Arsenal are top of the table because they beat Stoke 3-1. Manchester United outside any of the European places and arsenal, Spurrs, City and Liverpool doing it well at the top. Interesting looking league table after five games. That is certainly a big result for man Chester City this morning.Thank you, Steve.And Vanessa O'Hanlon is here now to take a look at the weather. Good morning.Some severe weather in WA?Loorng. good morning. There is a cold weather in WA?Loorng. Yes, - good front and associated low good morning. There is a cold around Esperance, a front and associated warning for that region as we can see here warning for that can see here this morning it will slip into the bight and take that severe weather will slip into the bight take that severe weather away.
We take that severe weather We are seeing very strong winds gust We are seeing very gust s. Got up to 146km/h around 10 lirt last night. That is about a category two cyclonic winds. Very strong winds as the cold front moves through. We expect another cold front into tomorrow and that has the potential for some more severe weather.Where is the warm weather coming from sn.s it's rjtsIt's been a surprise for those in Melbourne and Hobart. 27 degrees the top in Melbourne today. 10 degree s the September average. That heat has come from the Kimberley. We have seen it build up over the past week and then move throughout the central areas of the country. Now this trough is drawing it down into the south-eastern parts. We are seeing very warm weather through parts of NSW and Queensland, we will continue to see that weather get warmer over the ing days. 34 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday in Brisbane and a high risk of bushfires in Queensland this week. At the moment we've got an extreme warning for the Channel country and for the rest of the Western districts a severe fire warning.What is happening around the States?

In Western Australia, that's where the severe warning is currently at the moment around the Esperance region. We have these very strong gusty winds causing quite a bit of damage.

Vanessa O'Hanlon, thank

Kenya's military says it has successfully freed most of the hostages in a shopping mall siege which claimed the lives of at least 68 peel in Nairobi. A Tasmanian man with dual nationality was among the people killed in the attack. It's understood he was an architect who had studied at the University of Tasmania. Christmas Island locals say they will take on the role of informing the media when asylum seeker boats arrive if the