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An Australian killed in Nairobi's mall siege as survivors describe their getting
terror.The grenades were getting louder and louder and we were looking for somewhere to hide, so we just decided to run for it.

This Program is Captioned Live.Dozens dead in a suicide bomb attack on a Christian Catholic Church in Pakistan.The NBN board offers to resign en masse.And Sebastian Vettel strengthens his grip on the world championship by winning the Singapore Grand Prix. Good morning. Welcome back to ABC News Breakfast. I'm Michael Rowland And I'm Virginia Trioli. Kenya's Army says it's getting closer to ending a siege at a Nairobi shopping centre. I says it's freed most of the hostages and secured most of the complex.An Australian is among those kill ed in when the gunmen stormed the centre.The ABC ease spoke to Heidi Edwards who managed to flee the situation to safety.When we were in the yoghurt stall we heard kind of a big sound, it sounded like scaffolding falling at first so I wasn't that concerned.And then there was some panic going on and then another one in quick succession and some gun shots.We were telling everyone to get down. I don't know if you've been to Planet Yoghurt, it's all glass and there's only the desks to hide. Then I decided to try the staff door, there's a staff only door, luckily that was unlocked. So we got a few quite a few people through there, closed that and ran. It was like a service exit. And we got to a stair well. I really wanted to get out. So we went all the way down to the bottom because I thought there was going to be explosions.So that was my main concern at that point. So ran down to the bottom, somebody else, not us, poekd their head out and so a gunman. I am not sure if it was an assailant or a police officer, around someone had been shot in our cafe. So we had no choice but to snai the stair well. After a long period of time when the grenades started again it was clear it was something more than a robbery.A few families had run for it and then we saw a whole lot of people - this is about 45 minutes after the first grenade, we saw a lot of people run down the side, they got out fine and we had looked everywhere for somewhere to hide and there was nowhere to hide. So we just decide ed to run for it as well. Feeling very lucky and relieved. Still a bit nervous.We can clarify the information that we have for you on that one Australian who is underto be dead in that attack and that was a Tasmanian man. It was understood it was a man who studied as an architect at the University of Tasmania. We don't know why he was there but that is Tatest information we can bring to you.Earlier we spoke to Joseph sir accusa. He - Siracusa. He explains that al-Shabab is part of them.Al-Shabab is a home grown terrorism organisation which has been bred in the turmoil of Somalia. Somalia. They became big players in 2005, 2006, and they took over certain regions of the country and to make a long story short about Kenya, because they disrupted everything, Kenya is in the north-east everything, Kenya is in north-east or Somalia is in north-east and if north-east or Somalia is north-east and if we had a
graphic north-east or Somalia is in the
north-east and if graphic here, the horn of Africa is graphic here, the Africa is nothing nothing but trouble and these people Africa is nothing nothing trouble and these people were
interfering with trade trouble and these people interfering tourism. In October 2011 Kenya invaded Somalia to get these people without a UN sanction. In fact it was called the George W. Bush entry into Somalia here we come ready or. No over the last couple of year, they've been beating these people up pretty badly. They claimed victory last November and they're at least a half a million Somalians that have gone to Kenya for refuge and they live in the eastern suburbs. They speak Swahili and the Kenyans are very fearful that these people are going to be rad cammised by sleep ers among them. They're worried about who these people are. 20 so some of the people in the shopping centre were speaking Swahili instead of Arabic. Al-Shabab means youth in Arabic. Those are the kinds of people they attract. But they're heavy hitters and what hay they're doing in response to what they see as not just the invasion of Somalia but the brutalisation of our members of the organisation, so nobody has clean hands here, these guys just didn't go into a shopping centre and kick as for nothing. They're very angry an these guys play a tough game. This is the Afghanistan of this century right now because think've replaced Afghanistan, it's an place for recruiters.Let's face it, it's easy to recruit youth who are very un happy, unemploy and the youth who are very un unemploy and the rest of it.
They're very good at this. They regard this as a victory. The very fact that people around the world are trying to figure out who these people are, that is their victory that they're is able to cause this kind of terror.Two suicide bomb verse killed at least 78 people at a church in Pakistan, another 120 were wounded in one of the worst attacks on Christians in the country.The bombers targeted worshippers leading Sunday mass in the city of pesh were. An Islamic militant group linked to the Taliban say the attack was in revenge for US drone strikes.The entire board of the National Broadband Network has aufred to resign, our politic al correspondent Melissa Clarke joins us now from Parliament House. What is the old say ing to lose one board member is unfortunate - it looks as though the entire board is going here.It could be possible. They have offered their resignations to the new Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. In some sense it is not surprising that it might come to head in this fashion although to this extent might be surprising given that Malcolm Turnbull in his tile as the Opposition's communications spokesman was critical of the NBN, the way they managed the rollout of the Government's prom program and he has a very different vision of what the Coalition will do in terms of broadband, switching from fibre to the home to fibre to the node. In particular Malcolm Turnbull had been critical of the their woman Siobhan McKenna, questioned whether she was the right person to lead the rollout when that wasn't her background an Mike Quigley had already indicated he would be quitting back in July and he had been the target of Malcolm Turnbull's criticisms of the NBN as well.So it's going to take a while before we find out what the result is because at the moment the NBN Co. is saying this is now a matter for the Minister to deal with and the Minister is not saying anything and we understand that it's a decision that will have to go to the Cabinet rather decision
than a straight ministerial decision when it comes to these board positions. It could be a while when we find out the new shape and mission of the new NBN Co. is.The Minister also with a busy a Tay head is the Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison.He will be giving the first of what's promised to be regular updates on the Coalition's asylum seeker policy along with Lieutenant general Angus Campbell who is the 3-car general the Coalition has put in charge of overseeing their policies on asylum seekers .Now, already we're seeing a big difference from the previous Labor Government to the new Coalition Government. Labor had made sometimes a
public each boat arrival, sometimes a little delayed but notifications for each boat had always put they arrived notifications for each they notifications for each boat as
they number of sleerntion board,
what they arrived along with the what was involved in intercepting them or transferring the asylum seekers to detention facilities. to detention facilities. We haven't had that over the last two weeks since the September 7 election, with the Coalition saying they feel that information is intelligence for the people smugglers in Indonesia and in other areas and that they want to have more control over that information but nonetheless #3r078 promising to give weekly updates starting from today.Melissa Clarke, thanks so much.Now, one of WA's most high profile criminal cases, former prosecutor Lloyd Rayney will today learn if he is to face another murder trial.Three judge also hand down their decision on a appeal against a verdict that found him not guilty of killing his wife. It's been almost a year since Lloyd Rayney walked from a Perth court acquitted of the murder of his wife, Corryn.We still don't know what happened to Corryn and that is a terrible tragedy.The two were prom meant nebs of WA's legal profession. He a senior prosecutor turned criminal of
barrister and she a registrar of WA's Supreme Court. Mrs Rainbow Camp disappeared on August 7, 2007. Her body was found a week Kings Park in spral Perth. Soon after, police Kings Park in after, police named Mr Rainbow Camp as the prime suspect but Camp as the he denied any involvement in his wife's death. Three years later, he his wife's death. later, he was charged.And I look forward to findly being able to look forward to able to prove my thatAt his trial, it was alleged Mr Rainbow Camp assaulted his wife at the family's Como home. Prosecutors claimed he'd wanted to get rid of Mrs Rainbow Camp because their marriage had broken down and she was threatening to ruin his career. The case split the family. Mr Rainbow Camp had the support of the couple's two daughter s while Mrs Rainbow Camp's father and sister gave hair their backing to police and prosecutors.After three months of evidence, Justice Brian Martin, who heard the case without a jury, returned a verdict of not guilty. Justice Martin said the prosecution case lacked crucial evidence and was beset by uncertainties and impossibilities.This is one chapter in this ongoing saga? Is there anything you want to say about that?Just weeks later, prosecutors lodged an appeal. Three interstate judges were specially appointed to hear the case, because of the Rainbow Camp's links to WA's legal profession. The appeal took two kaition with prosecutors arguing Mr Rainy should face a retrail because the trial judge didn't properly assess all the evidence against him. Whatever the outcome, the judgment won't mean an end to the case. Mr Rainy is still facing charges of bugging his the
wife's telephone. He is suing the State of WA for should face a r because the trial judge didn't properly assess all the evidence against him. Whatever the outcome, the judgment won't mean an end to the case. Mr Rainy is still facing charges of bugging his wife's telephone. He is suing the
State of WA for defamation.In Germany, Angela Merkel's Christian sem disaems have scored their best result in decades.I spoke to our Europe correspondent Barbara Miller a short time ago.Chancellor Merkel came on stage firstly after the projections came. In she was baemg. She is not known for being over ly joyful but you could see the happiness on her face. She looked prere-plasmed. She wasn't particularly emotional but by Merkel standards this was a very happy occasion for her. She described the result as super, the opinion polls were predict ing the CPU would get in the late 30s. They look to have got 42% so this really is a very strong and very convincing result for her party.But her preferred Coalition is at risk, the party she would prefer Coalition with, they barely got she would prefer to make a 5% of the vote and there's a vote threshold you 5% of the vote threshold you have to get vote before you can enter Parliament?That is right. You before you can need to get 5 Magistrates Court. It looks like the Free Democrat, the FDP has not reached that 5%, it is their worst result in decades, a very, very bad night for the party. That would have been the Coalition Angela Merkel would have preferred to continue with: What's most likely now which is rather which is rather strange is a grand Coalition will be formed when Chancellor Merkel goes into Government with her main rivals, the Social Democrats. This is a model that's happened under Chancellor Merkel before. It is not untypical for Germany. Many see it as a model for stagnation but some Germans say this is a way of guaranteeing some kind of stability in the country. Now chabs lor merng America herself was not entering into any speculation about what the likely outcome in #234 terms of Coalition talks would be. She said tonight is the time to celebrate, Committee we can talk about all those other things once the final result is. The an unlikely Coalition would be a Coe lition with the Greens but not impossible. Some of the commentators were pointing out that Angela Merkel was bearing a green and black, neck lace but I think it woenl be too wise to read too much into that.Although that won't stop us! President Barack Obama has renewed his call for gun reform in the United States. Hee>> been speak at a memorial for last week'ses incare at the Navy yard.It aught to be a shock to all of us as a nation and as a people, it ought to obsess us. It ought to lead to some sort of That's what happened in other countries when they experienced similar tragedies.In the United Kingdom, in Australia, when just a single mass shooting occurred in was nothing ordinary countries they understood was nothing ordinary about this kind of carnage.President Obama there. The top stories this morn - an Australian man killed in a Nairobi siege is understood to have been an architect from Tasmania. Kenya says's Army has now freed most of the hostages.Two suicide bomb verse killed at least 78 people and wounded more than 100 at a chr ch in Pakistan. Prance ition has condemned the attack as ah an act of hatred and war.The board of the NBN has offered to resign and. Now to the vinyl refival. - - revial viefal. Vinyl was up last year.Stu McCullough is cull is the o owner of the label amplifier Music and explained why vinyl is becoming so popular.There's a big difference in sound quality between records that are mastered for vinyl and the way they're mastered for the indigenous stall age. A lot of digital erecordings are highly compressed MP3s and a lot of people don't realise it until they hear it on a piece of vinyl just how much sound quality and instruments are lost in that process. I think s there other big thing is the design aesthetic of vinyl records, that's been lost with the digital age. Artwork and design and the way an artist prefrnts themselves through the vinyl form yalt is unlike any other format, it's incredible to look at an an artist and see what designers they've used to put together their art and the production credit s a lot of that has been lost with the digital age.Back when I was growing up and this is going to date me horribly, as I am hur sure it will both of us, you would buy LPs just as much for the art as you would on the discAbsolutely. The designate thetic of vinyl is huge. You will see more and more effort put into design and how that plays out and how put into design and how an artist. It is a very plays out and how that presents important an artist. It is a important part of how an artist presents themselves to the public and to their fans.Speaking of the sound, a lot of younger people would never have experienced the never have experienced sound of a vinyl record and if you sat them down you reckon they would be blown away by the different in aural quality.Absolutely.I regularly play - I've never got rid of my record player or my record collection.And people that have never listened to records before when they listen to a record that perhaps they've heard before on their MP3 player or their iPod, when they hear it in vinyl, they say I never heard that guitar before, I didn't know there was a saxophone playing in that track, it's incredible the difference in sound quality.Where are most of the sales of vinyl coming from? Is it the baby boomers wanting to reconnect with their youth or is it young hipsters dare I use that word?I think it's everyone. I think there's definitely a new generation which you could potentially call them hipsters that are discovering vinyl. Fleece a lot of young people that wouldn't that
see themselves and described as that that are discovering it. There's a lot of people that used to buy vinyl and were around when vinyl was kind of its in its death throes that absolutely so happy that you can buy records in vinyl again. You will find a lot of the classical labels around the world are re press their entire catalogues on vinyl runs. You can now collect some of the greatest records ever released on new preszings of vinyl that have been re mastered with the original artwork and liner note, it's very collectable.I tried to drag him down to my deep dark past, but he makes the point that there is a definite sound quality difference for those people who like the experience the thushness of aud aud yoe.A lot of comments coming in this morning. But this is the contemporary problem for people who might consider giving up their indigenous stally recorded music and going back to vinyl. Have a look at. This it's a good comparison visually. That is pretty much what I once had, walls of vinyl versus that tiny little thing that that nice young woman is holding in her right hand. Looks at the speaker, the amplifiers.Equalisers.Turn table. The subwoofrer.I like the subwoof er.You can get a subwoof er sound thing on your iPod.Can you. It explodes the eardrums I am sure. So we appreciate the criticism of space but this is why we love vinyl records for famous pits of art like this.That is a real zip. You can get an album cover with a real zip.The most prized version is had the proper cloth zip in it rather than a flap that opened.Let's stay away from that.Why?.Why do you think!We will leave dubious album covers there for the moment. Now, when Olympia Nelson you can talk to me about it off air later on, I have always wanted to know about that sleeve cover, album cover
of that sleeve cover, of the Stones. You're about tell me. of the Stones. tell me. When Olympia Nelson was 11 was 11 she became the centreof a national debate about public nudity and art.Five years later Olympia is back in the spot light taubs about the impact of social media on girls an the selfie phenomenon.So my idea was that it was the selfie phenomenon plus the like phenomenon. So I've never criticised the selfie on its own. The two combined have made for an anxious competition.What do you mean?So I've noticed that it's a lot of how one feels over Facebook is how many likes you get and/or confidence is built on how many likes your pictures gets.You've notice people become anxious around that and waiting for the Like tally to build upAnd if you don't get that you're social lep rasy.But a lot of kids like taking selfies for innocent reasons.That's OK. I take selfies because I think they're cool.Why?You can document your life, you can tell people what you're up to.What aspects of the social media phenomenon then do you think are the most anxiety causing for young people, for people of your generation, given that it's so hooked in as you say to your sense of self-esteem?I think it's really awful to have to depend on something that we see online, how many likes we get, in order to feel good about ourself. I think anything anxious to do with pictures we uproad lode is scrb various attempts by different forms of government to educate kidsant this different forms of to educate kidsant this and the dangers of to educate dangers of social media abuse from your perspective are those companies effective enough?I don't think think they're effective at all. They're their fear companies and that is what I wrote my second article on. So I watched a couple of videos and I sat in on sex ed presentations at school and I came up with three main ideas - first, if you upload a picture, if you send sexy pictures you will never live in shame, you won't live a normal life, you will always - you will just be depressed because this picture will haunt you forever which led me to my second idea. If you want to apply for a job, if you want to move schools that your past will haunt you prefer forever because you should be ashamed of this kind of picture. The third idea was that you will get charged with child pornography, which it's not pornography at all, but you will get charged if you upload these sorts of pictures.So those three assertions you have a problem with, you think that is not a good way of trying to persuade young people to try to take care of themselves in the digital space. What is it?Whenever is it right to educate by fear. I just think that is completely wrong.Olympia Nelson is the subject of tonight's 'Australian Story' you can watch on ABC1.Let's check out the markets now and they finished in a mixed way last week.

To sport now and good morning to Steve.Et ooh let's look at this morning's sports. Vettel has won the Singapore Formula One groi. He had one tricky moment at the first turn with Nico Rosberg but got back in front and cruised to a win 32 seconds ahead of AlonsoHe's cruising towards what will be a fourth Formula One world title.Obviously the start was quite hairy and difficult with Nico had a good start, better than me. I had to keep the inside clear to him but fortunately he went a little bit in too deep and I could get him back which was crucial because we had some very good space pace, controlled with safety car was difficult but we
seemed space pace, controlled with the
safety car the safety car came in we seemed to come back as soon as the safety car came in we had a
very strong space the safety car came in we car and the very strong space paste in the car and I said this car and the car was incredible. I said by accident or by I said this doesn't just by accident or by luck, there is by accident or is hard work behind appreciate and it's is hard work appreciate and it's a pleasure
to drive it appreciate and it's to drive it around this track.New Zealand remines the verge track.New Zealand Cup in Santana verge of winning the Cup in Santana after losing
both Cup in Santana both - in San fan sis o after winning.After a 40 minutes break, the crews hit the water again and again the Americans took control, they stretched the lead out to 400m before the Kiwis got back to within 100 but again New Zealand got its tactics just wrong at the wrong time as the Americans stretched away to win race 15 and leave it 8-5 in favour of New Zealand heading into #20r78.tomorrow up
.That is where we will pick it up tomorrow. Can the Kiwi s do it?Yes, they. Can I have mixed emotions given some Australians are on the American yacht.You can't lose either waichtIt's win-win l win.Thank you, I feel much better now. Good morning Vanessa.Very strong cold front and low moving over the south-west of WA causing wild warm winds. A severe warning from Perth to Southern Cross to Norseman to Israelite Bay. Another front will produce more wild weather tonight and into Tuesday morning. Over the past week it's been hot throughout the Kimberley, interior and into the south-east, enjoy the warmth in Victoria, 27 deglees in Melbourne but a range is on the way. In Queensland, about to get hotter.

That sit for ABC News Breakfast but of course the coverage continues on ABC News 24. The Midday Report and ABC News early edition at 5:30pm.I will put this in your safe keeping as well.Gif the cover as well.I know how you wife puts up with you. We're back with you tomorrow.Bye. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

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Good morning. Welcome to Business Today for Australia Network. I'm Whitney Fitzsimmons. Coming up on the program - confidence problem. Reports the entire board of the NBN has offered to resign. Strong vindication. German voters reward Angela Merkel for her leadership during the Eurozone crisis. And - clear signal. India's Central Bank chief raises interest rates signalling more could be on the way. Those stories coming up shortly, but first, let's take a quick look at the markets.