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This Program is Captioned Live.43 dead and 200 wounded as the siege situation in a Nairobi shopping complex continues with an unknown number of hostages inside. Senior Chinese politician Bo Xilai sentenced to life in jail for bribery, corruption and abuse of power. An overwhelming victory for the Tamil national alliance in a key vote in Sri Lanka's north. And a 12 year record broken at the Sydney marathon.Hello, live across Australia you're watching News 24, I'm Gemma Veness. Taking a look at tomorrow's weather -

More Kenyan army troops are being sent to the area around an up-market Nairobi shaping model as operations to end a stand-off with Islamist rebels continues. It's just after 11 o'clock in the morning there and Kenyan security forces have been battling to end the siege for more than 20 hours. In the last half hour the Red Cross has said the attack has left 43 people dead and 200 wounded. The Somali militants are still holding an unknown number of hostages inside the centreThe death toll stands at 39 and more than 150 people have been stirred. Militants from the al-Shabaab group have claimed responsibility. They entered lunch time rush firing crimmately. Withins have
described the panic as everyone tried to flee and then described the panic as tried to flee and then how they tried to flee and hid. It's not known how many hostages are hid. It's not hostages are still inside but Kenyan police insist the situation is under control. It's understood the gunmen are confined to one part of the shopping centre. Al-Shabaab says it had warned Westgate shopping extra was a targets.A short time ago this report was filed from outside the shopping mall.It seems this that these gunmen have the leverage because they're holding hostages who they've been used as human shields. We heard gunfire before we were told that it's still raging, this battle but the politics have been very careful not to have too much collateral damage. There still many people hiding inside of that mall, about half an hour ago there's a woman who came out, she'd just been rescued, police this morning managed to rescue three women so this women had just come out, she didn't have her shoes on, she was very traumatised, she could not even speak to us, is police rescued her tell her that she has been hiding in the basement under a towel the whole night and the basement is one place that are not secured. The police and the military have managed to secure only the second floor of this mall. The first floor, the ground floor and the basement are still insecure. They have don't know whether they are attackers are there, there a lot of people still hiding in this places that are still not secured.Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta says his Government will support the survivors and the families of the victims.The entire nation I stand with the families of those who have lost their lives and extend every and extend every Kenyan's deepest condolences. I ask god to deepest condolences. I to give you comfort as to give you comfort as you confront this tragedy. And I know what confront this know what you feel having also personally lost very close family members in this attack. My Government will provide the support you will need in support you will need in the days to come. To those who are injured, I wish tow a quick recovery, from the physical and other shocks you underwent today. The Government will be at hand to ensure that your lives return to normal as quickly as possible.The Australian Government has condemned the violence in Kenya. Minister Julie Bishop issued a statement earlier today -

The Australian High Commission in Kenya has confirmed no Australian citizens were injured and the Department of Foreign Affairs is urging Australians in Kenya to stay away from the shopping centre in Nairobi and to exercise a high degree of caution. In other news disgraced Chinese leader Bo Xilai has been given a life sentence and been found guilty of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power. Heches convicted of taking 20.4 million Yuan in bribes. He was also sentenced to 15 years in prison for emwaslement and seven years for abuse of power. Bo will sls 20 million Jon and other property confiscated including a villa in France given to his wife by a corrupt businessman. The case has a complicated history.It all sort of came to a head when the Chongqing police chief fled to the United States embassy consulate in Chongqing hoping for political asylum. He was going to blow the lid on all this corruption going on in Chongqing under Bo Xilai's leadership. The interesting thing though is that I think most Chinese people think "well, he may have been corrupt, he may have received bribes, but he's no different to so many Chinese political figures." And that the real reason why he's being sent down effectively by the party is a political one, that he's threatened other Chinese power figures within the Communist Party and as the head of his own sort of neo-Naoist faction he was threatening to take over the whole country at one stage so they wanted to be rid of him and they've used this to bring him down pretty much.The 20 month scandal derailed one of China's most up and coming politician while exposing a murder. We look back at what's been described as the most spectacular fall from grace chin China has seen in decades.Murky and full of dangerous full of undercurrents, the Yangst, undercurrents, the flows through the heart of Chongqing, now flows through the heart Chongqing, China's economic engine, it's where Neil Heywood China's economic where Neil Heywood was murdered. Bo Xilai the man transforming Chongqing faces years in jail for covering up the killing. One of years in jail for covering the killing. One of the
Communist Party's rising star, Bo was to powerful he was almost untouchable. So why would the Communist Party want to get hid of one of its own successful figures? It says this case shows it's serious about tackling corruption, no favour is shown to anyone, not even its own elite. Many peer believe this is really about eliminating Bo Xilai was a political force. Bo was billing a power base among Chongqing's 30 million people. The city's famous porters liked the way he was tackling crime and corruption. He appealed to those disillusioned by the country's huge inequality, Chinese who feel most communist officials don't care for the poor. TRANSLATION: He must have done something wrong to have been arrest bud he was a talented politician, he was cleaning up crime.He was good at his job, we need more officials like him. He made the city safer. I hope he comes back.But power corrupts. Bo's wife poisoned Neil Heywood when their deal sow soured and Bo's political rivals who feared his growing popularity moved in.Most Chinese leaders are very bland, not Mr Bo. I'm pretty sure that there are others who felt that he was a potential threat to their careers so his fall is welcome at least to some members of the elite by at the same time a deep loss for people who supported him.Were it not for the murder of Neil Heywood Bo Xilai might be one of the half dozen men at the pinnacle of power. Instead what's been exposed is the darkness behind this country's growing wealth. The way its elites are so di ors haved from ordinary people. The stains that run through the very vains of modern China.Syria has hand over details of its chemical weapons arsenal just hours ahead of a deadline set by a disarmament deal. It's believed the country posesses about 1,000 tonnes of poison gas and nerve 1,000 tonnes of poison nerve agents. Russia has reportedly warned it could abandon its support for the Assad regime if there is evidence of cheating. The US and Russia agreed on a time trabl last week for disarming Syria after an attack in Damascus killed hundreds. In Iraq a coordinated attack on mourners in a funeral tent has killed at least 54 people and injured more than 100. A car bomb went off near the tent in the Baghdad Shi'ite stronghold of Sadr City. Another suicide bomber blew himself up nearby. The explosion set several cars on fire sending a plume of black smoke high over the city. Sri Lanka's Tamil population is savouringis first taste of democracy of decades of drivel war. The country's main Tamil party say scored a landslide victory in the first regional leaks in the nation's north. The historic poll is seen as a first step towards greater autonomy for the ethnic minority.Keeping a watchful ias Sri Lankans finally have their say in how the region the run.They like democracy and they elect their people to serve themselves.An alliance of Tamil parts has won a majority of seats in the provincial assembly. Who did you vote for today sir?You voted for the Tamil party, why?Because we need the freedom.. The area is still rebuilding after decades of civil war and the election is expected to give Tamils a limited say in their own affairs. The people of this region have been through a lot,, they surfed through decades of war and now four years on they still complain of violence, intimidation and discrimination. The election is seen as a crucial test of reconciliation between the two Tamils and the majority ethnic Senal, se.

The lead-up to the polls was marked by violence between rival parties and polling day saw several attacks on election monitors and voters.There is attempted shooting of a Tamil national alliance candidate in the north, luckily he had escaped without any injuries.The violence however didn't keep voters away. More than 80% turned out to cast their ballot and have a say in their future.50,000 of the world's lowest paid workers have staged a mass rally demanding a better deal. People employed by Bangladesh's garment export industry currently earn about $38 a month. They want it raised to just over $100 a month. The factory owners say they can't afford to pay more because Western retailers are accustomed to buying cheap clothing. Rescue operation are continuing across Mexico after Tropical Storm Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid buffeted the country. It's the worst storm system to hit Mexico in moor than 50 years and has killed more than 100 people. In the mountain village of La Pintada about 70 residents are still missing and feared dead after a mud slide tore through the town.Le the small town of La Pintada has almost been wiped off the map by Tropical Storm Manuel. A mud slide swept through whole families in their through the village, burying under a whole families in their homes under a tidal wave of dirt and trees.
TRANSLATION: I was walking down the street TRANSLATION: I the street near a store when I heard a loud noise and I just stood there. I saw how the dirt and dust began to billow up. It turned
was like black smoke and it turned like a windmill.Around 15 bodies have been reoccurred but dozens are still missing here with hoping fading they'll be pulled from the mud alive. Many who did survive have nothing left. TRANSLATION: We couldn't salvage anything. The refrigerator also, everything. We lost everything.The clean-up is slow across the southern state, the area hardest hit by the twin paths of Man qulul and Hurricane Ingrid. Glad floods and landslides have killed at least 100 but that figure is expected to rise as the recovery effort continues. Tens of thousands have been displaced by the floodwaters and report of water-born diseases are now on the rise. Some are asking why authorities didn't do more to help them in an area vulnerable to extreme weather. TRANSLATION: We had asked several years before to have a strong firm containment wall built to at least manage to get out because the water comes indrebl and we don't have to indrebl and imtoo gets outThe Government has made almost a billion dollars in aid has made dollars in aid available but the distribution effort has been hampered by the floodwaters and the threat of more bad weather the come. For now it seems many Mexicans ms continue to manage on their own.Polling has started in Germany to elect a new part and decide if the chancellor Angela Merkel will serve a third term in office. The centre left Opposition the social Democrats Mrs Merkel's closest challengers and will be hoping to spring a surprise. Angela Merkel has been in power since 2005 and has pry sided over a robust economy and booming labour market. Labor leadership contender Anthony Albanese says his party was wrong to cut welfare benefits to some single parents. In Government, the ALP changed the rules so that all single parents were shifted from parentling payments to unemployment benefits when their youngest clield turned eight. Labor was criticised for the move because the unemployment benefits left many single parents and their families with less money. Anthony Albanese has indicated hide revisit the issue if his colleagues and party members select him as leader.You also need to acknowledge where we got it wrong and areas like I think the sole parent payments is an area where we made a Mick, we essentially meant that some of the most vulnerable people ended up with less income but perhaps just as importantly to them, to those that I've spoken to, there was a lack of respect I think for the role that they play as single parents.Meantime the other Federal Labor leadership candidate Bill Shorten has been rallying the troops as he continues his push for the party's top job. This morning he was in Queensland.What we stand for is the brightest, most optimistic, most holeful, dare I say it, the dream of Australia's future, a dream which includes all. Includes the many not the few. A dream which is focussed upon what we can do as a people together, not as individuals divided by false argument. Now we've met this challenge before. We cannot pretend that Labor is in great circumstances or that we do not have the difficult task. Now on do not have the a very difficult task. Now on one
hand, difficult task. Now on hand, we did accomplish much in the recent years, the NBN, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, overdue education reforms, we contributed under both PM Rudd and Treasurer Swan to help navigate with the great Australian community with Australian business and Australian people to navigate the global financial crisis which in many other parts of the world should be called the global financial recession, we did good things, we did good things under PM Gillard. So we mustn't ignore what we've done well but we must also acknowledge that only 34 in every 100 Australians put a number one next to the Labor candidate. I'm ambitious, I'm am bicialtion for more people to vote Labor.The Morland City Council is remembering Jillian Meagher. She was killed one year ago today as she made her way home the a night out in Melbourne's north. Her attacker Adrian Bayley was on parole at the time. Jillian Meagher's death prompted an outpouring of emotion sparking a demonstration of tens of thousands site where she thousands of people near the disappeared.Police are looking for those responsible for a drive-by shooting in Sydney's south-west overnight. A woman was hit in the should wir one of the bullets and taken to Liverpool Hospital. That's of the bullets and Liverpool Hospital. That's not the first time the Campbelltown has been targeted.This is the scene of the latest drive-by shooting in Western Sydney here on Lindsay Street Campbelltown in Sydney's south-west, 4 o'clock this morning, a car pulled up in front of this house and opened fire. We can see seven bullet holes in the front room, we can also see another bullet hole in the car on the front garden. Inside were a number of adults and a child A 26-year-old woman was shot in the shoulder, she's in a satisfactory condition in hospital, none of the other occupants were hit. Police say that the of course pans of this house are known to police and it is in fact the second shooting attack this year, another shooting happened in January this year. We've spoken to the occupant of this property, he says that he was on drugs before, he's now clean and now has a legitimate job. He runs a local lawn mowing business. He expressed frustration that police have not got to the bottom of this crime. Police themselves are searching for a silver grey hatchback which was seen at 4 o'clock this morning approximately pulling up in front of this house and opening fire.Warm conditions made for a challenging Sydney marathon, 27-year-old Kenyan Willy Kibor Koitile completed the 4 # kilometre race in just under the two hours and 14 minutes and Simon Fraser was at the finish line.It's a spectacular backdrop here for the finish of the Sydney marathon. In theman's event the Kenyans continued their long time dominance of the event with Willy Kibor Koitile finishing the race in two hours and 14 minutes. Ethiopian runner Biruktait Degefa smashed the women's marathon record running the course in just over 2.5 hours.How was the race?Very nice. First of course, easy. Up. Very nice.But the elite athletes are massively outnumbered by more outnumbered by runners with
more modest goals, it's expected the more modest goals, expected the five events that make expected the five make inup is Sydney running
festivally a tract make inup is Sydney festivally a tract pore than 35,000 people covering distances ranging from the Ma thor to a 3.5 kilometre jaunt across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Whatever distance they've run, it's fair to say they all deserve a cold drink and a lie down in the sun. Fremantle captain Matthew Pavlich says his team won't have to change much as it prepares to tackle Hawthorn in next Saturday's AFL grand final. Last night, the doctors dominated Sydney in their preliminary final at Subiaco oval in Perth to win by 25 points.Sydney came into the match as underdogs lacking experience upfront. But young gun Lewis Jetta proved quality can trump age.Jetta kick out of nowhere he's got the goal!Fremantle was dominating possession but was hurting where it counts.Just yanked it to the right.In the second term, the constant pressure on the Swans star-studded midfield began to pay dividends. All Australian Kieran began to pay dividends. Australian Kieran Jack struggled to get his hands on the ball as he was outplayed by Ryan Crowley.Here he is again.Fremantle led the Swans by 39 points at the main break, the Swans improved in the third term, but two quick goals from Michael Walters kept the visitors at bay.I reckon there's the answer.If lead blew out to 54 points at one stage in the fourth quarter before the Swans put some respectable on the scoreboard. The Dockers celebrations will be short lived as they turp their attention to next week, their first ever grand final.The guys will soak up the week, enjoy it and we won't shy away from some of the distractions that are inevitable with a week like this but clearly the important part is to stay focussed a not to change our physical and mental preparation.Newcastle has secured an NRL preliminary final berth after holding off a fast finishing Melbourne Storm last night. The Knights beat the strm 18-16 to claim their first win many Melbourne since 2004. The nvingts led by 14 points early in the second after Hilder scored from a Billy Slater error. The rang Premiers ran in two late tries to set up a tense finish to the semifinal match but the Knights held on to win. They will now take on the Roosters at the Sydney football stadium on Saturday night for a spot in the grand final.We played them twice this year and we lost twice to 'em but it wasn't, um, it wasn't by a major, um, score, so um, we knew we could go jo, it was just, um, it just depended on what team, um, hopped after that bus.South Sydney will play Manly on Friday night in the other preliminary final. The Rabbitohs had the week off and were out train dag, only 80 minutes separates the foundation club's first grand Five-eighth
final appearance since 1971. Five-eighth John Sutton claimed he hasn't been thinking about the ending the club's 40 year prib drought.Just worrying about one game at a time and that's the same men tally, we will take into this the game.When you've been doing it for 27 rounds of the season, it gets pretty easyWallabies captain James Horwill says upcoming matches in South Africa and Argentina will give his side an opportunity to put aside any offield issues. The Wallabies sit in the rugby championship table Wallabies sit in third place on after beating Argentina the rugby championship after beating point last weekend. Australia heads to Cape Town tomorrow without James O'Connor after the outside back was suspend over last week's alleged drunken incident at Perth airport. In soccer Australian striker Robbie Kruse has had a dream start to his career at the German side Leverkusen. The young Socceroos score twice in his side es 4-2 win over Mainz. Leverkusen sits in third behind Champions League finals Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. In the English Premier League, overnight, Chelsea had moved to the top of the table with a 2-nil win over Fulham. South mamenton beat Liverpool 1-nil to hands the Reds the their first loss of the season N golf Henrik Stenson fired a one under par 69 to keep a four-streak lead after the third round of the season ending US PGA tour championship in Atlanta. The win er cl aim a $10 million bonustor taking out the tour tiet. Dlot is blating the flu. He Sir Paul McCartneyed the place - Adam Scott is batling the flu.And unfavourable winds have forced organisers to call off more races in the America's Cup in San FranciscoTeam New Zealand leads the Americans 8-3 and needs just one more win to claim the prestigious trough yes. Officials are expecting yes. Officials better conditions tomorrow.A trough crossing eastern victim Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW is trigger showers and storm, a high in the east is directing moist south-easterlies and showers on to the Queensland Central Coast. A front and trough is producing gusty winds and showers in south-west WA. Around the country at what the we can expect tomorrow -

You're watching News 24. I'll ba back in a moment with an update of the headlines and then it's time for Australian Story. Captions by CSI Australia

This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories from ABC News - heavy exchanges of gunfire have again been heard coming from the Westgate mall in Nairobi woo Islamist militants continue to hold a number of hostages. Kenyan security forces have been battling to ends the siege in the up-market shopping centre for more than 20 hours after fighters from Somali's al-Shabaab militant group stormed the complex. The death toll stands at 43 according to Kenyan Red Cross. Pakistani officials say at least 40 people including four children have been killed when a suicide bomb ripped through a church in the north-western city of Peshawar. The chief of the bomb disposal squad says two suicide bombers blew themselves up as people were coming out Sunday mass. A Chinese court
has Sunday mass. has sentenced former senior politician Bo Xilai to life in