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(generated from captions) away.(SCREAMS).Absolutely yes! Brace yourself for the bigger... Ready?Ready!Higher, faster, funnier, riskier, crazier Australia's Got Talent.Epic.The finals.

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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, First at Five, with Deborah Knight. Good afternoon. The Somali militant group al-Shabaab, which is linked to al-Qaeda, says it carried out a terror attack at a shopping centre in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, killing at least 39 people and injuring 150 others. Several children were among those killed by the terrorists, armed with guns and grenades. The situation is unfolding. Right now, Kenyan special forces remain in a stand- off with militants who are holding an unknown number of hostages in parts of the building. Pulled from the battle, a Kenyan soldier is treated for his wounds. The latest casualty of the terrorist gunmen still holding an unconfirmed number of hostages in this Nairobi shopping centre. (GUNFIRE) It started yesterday lunch time, when witnesses say a group of at least five, armed with AK-47s and hurling grenades, targeted men, women and children. The local hospital has been inundated with casualties.We tried escaping and they threw a grenade, and grenade - the sharp particles entered into my hand and my leg. There were very many people who were injured.While some shoppers managed to run to safety, others were cornered. It's claimed Muslims were set free while non-Muslims were shot or taken hostage. TRANSLATION: While people are trying to escape, they started firing again. A lot of people got shot while trying to escape: I saw a lot of children, a lot of elderly people, being shot dead, quite literally - like, I don't understand why you'd shoot a 5- or 6-year-old child.Undercover police have been slowly working their way through the mall, trying to free those trapped inside. Some of the injured have been wheeled out in trolleys - a child was carried to safety. (GUNFIRE) But so many didn't survive this - an attack claimed by the al-Qaeda- linked Somali militants al-Shabaab. I know what you feel, having also personally lost very close family members in this attack. I urge all Kenyans to stand together and see this dark moment through.It's already been confirmed Canadians and French are among the dead. One of the reasons for targeting the shopping centre seems to have been its popularity with expatriates. The army and police say safeguarding the hostages is their priority, as they try to regain control of them all. As yet, -- of the mall. As yet, it's unclear how many people have been captured, and whether they're still alive. A convenience store worker has been stabbed in an armed robbery in Melbourne. The employee tried to defend himself from a man and woman who burst into the store demanding cash, but was overpowered. Nine's Dougal Beatty reports. Police were called to a 7-Eleven store on Chapel Street around 6:30 this morning to find a male employee bleeding on the floor with multiple stab wounds to his chest and back. Police allege a male and female entered the store with a large kitchen knife and began making demands for cash. The 23- year-old employee has then armed himself with a screwdriver and a fight has broken out in front of the counter. The offenders were able to overpower the victim, using the screwdriver against him. Witnesses saw the pair flee the store and immediately ran over to the aid of the injured man. Saw the guy on the ground in 7- Eleven and he was covered in blood. He was in shock.What was he wearing?Pair of blue pants. Blue pants. Just blue jeans, no shirt. Covered in blood. Pretty horrendous. I feel a little bit shocked, obviously. I mean, I'm happy he's alright. That's the main thing, you know?It only took police around one hour to find the alleged offenders. They followed a trail of blood from the crime scene for around 400m, which led to an apartment block where they found the couple inside. Police also arrested another man who owned their unit where the pair was found. Police say a small amount of cash was stolen from the store. They then conducted a line search of the yare eye but were unable to find the weapon involved. As for the victim himself, he's recovering in hospital in a stable condition. Investigators are now appealing to anyone with information about the incident to come forward. A young mother has been wounded after a house was hit by a hail of bullets in a drive-by shooting in Sydney's south-west. Nine's Kelly Fedor joins us now from Campbelltown. Was this a targeted attack?It certainly appears that way, Deb. In fact, police have described it as very targeted. But it's really unclear whether the gunman intended to hit mother of one Florinda Goncalves with one of those bullets that they fired at about 4:00 this morning. She was sleeping in a front bedroom and was struck in the shoulder. The bullets missed her sleeping 2-year-old daughter in the back - also a friend and her husband Talee Assoum - he exploded this morning. Let's have a listen to what he had to say. You (BLEEP) wanna shoot up my house for what reason, (BLEEP)? $50,000 reward on your (BLEEP) head. I'll kill you myself, and I'm willing to do jail. (BLEEP) you. It's the second shooting at the home this year, and police are investigating if drugs are to blame. Florinda has been released from hospital and spent much of the afternoon with friends and family very concerned for her safety. Also today, a 32-year-old man was shot in the leg. He was dropped off at Auburn Hospital by a family friend and is in a stable condition. Deb. We'll leave it there. Thank you. A Queensland man has been killed in a hit-and-run incident allegedly involving his partner. 25-year-old Sam Romic was run down in Ipswich at around 8:00 last night. Police believe his boyfriend, Anthony Lancaster, was behind the wheel. He's now been charged with one count of dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death, and one count of leaving the scene. One man is dead and three others injured after an horrific crash in Seville, east of Melbourne. The 2- car collision happened on the Warburton Highway at around 9:30 this morning. Police believe a sedan veered into the path of a Nissan ute, killing the driver. A man in his 40s and a teenager were airlifted to hospital, while a woman was taken to hospital with non-life had threatening injuries. A boat carrying asylum seekers has arrived at Christmas Island, believed to be the first to be stopped since the Coalition came to power. Nine's Kerrie Yaxley has more from Canberra. At this stage, we don't know exactly how many people are on board the latest asylum seeker boat to arrive at Christmas Island under the Coalition's Operation Sovereign Borders. There will be weekly briefings on boat arrivals, different to under the Labor government, where details were released on a boat-by-boat basis. Labor has lashed out at the Coalition for its approach, claiming it's a disgrace.If a boat sinks with vulnerable asylum seekers and people drown, I don't think the Government has a right to not tell people that this tragedy has occurred.There will be full disclosure, but it's a military operation.Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says regular information that was provided by Labor would have assisted people- smugglers to sell their product. Mr Morrison and the 3-star general overseeing the Coalition's Operation Sovereign Borders will hold the first briefing tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Labor leadership candidates have once again called on their party to stop leaking, saying that it's time to unite and move on from the Rudd-Gillard era. But leaked Labor polling appeared again in Fairfax newspapers this morning, reportedly suggesting that the switch to Kevin Rudd saved Labor at least 15 seats. But Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese say this kind of leaking isn't helpful, and both candidates have also conceded today that Labor's decision to move some single parents onto the dole was a mistake. More than 30,000 runners have hit the streets of Sydney for this year's running festival. Four marathon and fun-run events took place, all crossing the Harbour Bridge. Runners have raised almost $2 million for various charities. In the news ahead - the twin brothers accused of trying to kill their dad. Also - the typhoon being described as the most powerful storm of the year. And - One Direction fever sweeps Adelaide.

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At least 60 people have been killed and more than 70 injured after suicide bombers attacked a funeral in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. A tent packed with mourners was hit by two explosions - one of them caused by a car bomb - sending a plume of thick, black smoke over the city. It followed another suicide attack earlier in the day at a police headquarters north of Baghdad, killing seven policemen. Super Typhoon Usagi, the most powerful storm of the year, is heading towards Hong Kong after already lashing the Philippines and Taiwan. Forecasters say the storm could pose a severe threat to the city, with flights being cancelled from tonight in anticipation of Usagi's arrival. Twin brothers in America have been locked up and charged with trying to kill their father, who they lived and worked with. Prosecutors say the sons were fed up with their dad, but the father's reaction to the accusations may surprise you. I don't like it. It hurts my heart. It hurts me as a person.Bill Bledsoe's lungs are healing from smoke inhalation, but it's his heart that's hurting more after police say his twin sons tried to kill him. His home and business charred from a fire investigators say 25-year-old Caleb and Joshua Bledsoe set while their father was sleeping. The brothers lived and worked with their dad: I'm probably not the easiest guy to live with. I'm probably not the easiest guy to work for. In court documents, police say the twins agreed - according to investigators, during a confession, the twins said their father is "difficult to live with and work for," also quoted as saying they "initially grabbed a shotgun and thought they would bury their father in a hole" before allegedly deciding to set the fires. That's what they told me. But I have a hard time believing that. You can ask anybody in this town - we had a real close relationship. Bledsoe is fiercely loyal to his sons, even after documents also say firefighters found an improvised explosive - a fuel canister that had shotgun shells taped to it.My sons are the ones that called 911. If they really wanted to burn me up or to make me a piece of bacon, why wouldn't they have put the gas on the bed?Investigators believe the evidence is stronger than a father's faith.My boys are my boys. I'll never abandon them or not support them. Jerry Hall is preparing for opening night on Tuesday of the play 'The Graduate', where she reprises the rel of seductress at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. The 57-year-old today rehearsed with bumbling Graduate Ben, played by 27-year-old Tim Dashwood. The mother of four says she's very comfortable with her sometimes-nude role onstage. It's magic - it's imagining things and the audience is sitting there in the dark and you're taking them into this other world and making them laugh. It's a very rewarding job. I'm so lucky. She looks amazing, too. Hundreds of screaming girls have filled Adelaide Airport, which can only mean one thing - One Direction is in town. Fans got a glimpse of Harry Styles arriving today, but to the disappointment of the many waiting in the departure hall, he left through a side door. That meant those waiting outside got lucky. Overcome with emotion after getting an up-close look at a pop star as he left in a van. The band are playing three soldt concerts at Adelaide's entertainment centre, beginning tomorrow night. Sport is next with Ken Sutcliffe. Do we need to get you a flight to Adelaide quick smart?Can't quite get that excited, however, it's pretty good. Thanks, Deb. Not many people saw this coming, but Newcastle is celebrating after taking down the defending premiers, Melbourne. Well done. A purple army coming for Hawthorn in the AFL. And something for the Socceroos to smile about.

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The Newcastle Knights are proving the surprise package of the NRL play-offs. They've eliminated the Melbourne Storm 18-16 and are now one win away from the grand final. The last few seconds of a brilliant Newcastle performance... (SIRENS WAIL) Imagine whol what they'll do if they win the grand final. Unbelievable. I've nev been a part of a team that put in that much effort right to the last second.It will be strange not seeing the Storm at least in the final four - Akuila Uate scored the first of

Storm at least in the final four -
Akuila Uate scored the first of three Knights tries. Billy Slater won't want to get in his way again. He's over! There's the first try of the game.It wasn't a good night for the Storm fullback...

Billy's put it down! It's on the ground, picked up by the Newcastle players, and it looks like a try! We want to be playing in preliminary finals and grand finals. Unfortunately, it's not the case this year for us.Melbourne scored the final two tries - they came back, as everyone suspected they would. A conversion was the difference, but what a difference it makes.To be up 18-16 with about 15 minutes to go and hold them out and keep that scoreboard is pretty impressive.The oldest man in the NRL, Danny Buderus, can't swap footy boots for slippers just yet. There's a bit of momentum like that saying we're going to win a grand final. We're swinging away.It'll be another big upset if they take down the Roosters. Wayne Bennett won't want his players getting carried away. But it's hard to keep a lid on an entire

carried away. But it's hard to keep
a lid on an entire city's enthusiasm. The AFL will also have new premiers this season, after the Dockers ended Sydney's season emphatically. They face Hawthorn on Saturday. Fremantle's players and fans hardly believe they finally have a chance to win the flag. There's been 19 years in the making - finally, the dream has come true for this football fanatic beachside suburb of Fremantle. Their team, the Dockers, for the first time inclub's history, with ilplay in next Saturday's big dance. They did it emphatically, in front of a sell-out crowd of more than 44,000 fans. Their stunning 25-point victory set up by a second-term with five unanswered goals to all but seal the result by half-time. The purple army were certainly celebrating in the stands, and quickly took their celebrations to the streets of Fremantle.

quickly took their celebrations to
the streets of Fremantle. The party going well into the night. In fact, into the early hours of this morning. They've waited a long time for this moment, and they certainly showed their excitement.Hawthorn better look out, because we're coming for 'em.Go, Freo!Go,

better look out, because we're
coming for 'em.Go, Freo!Go, Freo! I can't believe it!As for the players - they'll have to contain their excitement, directing all their focus and energy onto the MCG next Saturday.Guys will soak up the week, enjoy it, and we won't shy away from some of the distractions that are inevitable with a week like this. But clearly the important part is to stay focused.The Dockers are confident they got through last night with a clean bill of health, setting up what should be another epic grand final battle next Saturday. The Socceroos need a pick me 'Up' after their demolition at the hands of Brazil, and winger Robbie Kruse is in good enough form to lift the mood. He scored twice in his first match for German club Bayer Leverkusen. The fans have instantly taken to him on his performance. They won 4-1.

taken to him on his performance.
They won 4-1. Chelsea has gone from top of the English Premier League with a 2-0 win over Fulham this morning. The finishing touch added in the dying stages at Stamford Bridge.

His first-ever Barclays Premier League goal.Liverpool has suffered its first defeat of the season, beaten 1-0 by Southampton at Anfield. The flu has all but ended Adam Scott's hopes of winning the FedEx Cup. He needed to be hooked up to an IV drip ahead of the third round of the tour championship. A 4-over 74 saw him drop from second to 10th. Things are bet art the Italian open - Aussie Marcus Fraser holds a one- shot lead heading into the final round. Red Bull Racing is continuing its domination of the Formula 1 season, with Sebastian Vettel claiming pole for the Singapore Grand Prix. It's his fifth pole position of the season, with the German eyeing off a fourth straight world title. Team-mate Mark Webber will start from fourth, while his replacement for next season, fellow Aussie Daniel Ricciardo, begins the race in ninth place.

Daniel Ricciardo, begins the race
in ninth place. I just don't want him to finish in ninth place - at least take it up to Vettel.Let's hope he does. Thank you, Ken. A check of the weather is next. This program is not captioned. I don't mind sharing Andy
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I work with my hands. I'm a tool. It's basically the same as the
house, but we've brought it down. Like a big doll's house.
Not like a doll's house! It's fun. It's art.

This program is not captioned.

That is Nine's First at Five News for this Sunday. Our next bulletin is at 6:00. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

is at 6:00. I'm Deborah Knight.
Thanks for your company. From the team, enjoy your evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

The finals are here!VOICEOVER: The extraordinary finals have arrived...Are you ready for this? Australia has definitely got talent.And this time, every sizzling performance...That was unbelievable!Every dazzling moment, is more spectacular.Wow! More dangerous...Yes!That has never happened, ever before! (LAUGHS).And more amazing than ever...Woooo!The performances that blew Australia away.I think you're sensational.Wow!Night after night after night.He's ugly. (LAUGHTER).The acts that shocked, stunned and surprised you.Are we gonna be amazed?(LAUGHS). Spread the happiness, Tommy.Will soar to an incredible new level.Are you a real, actual ninja?Yes.Big, fat yes.You've absolutely blown me away.(SCREAMS).Absolutely yes! Brace yourself for the bigger... Ready?Ready!Higher, faster, funnier, riskier, crazier Australia's Got Talent.Epic.The finals.

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NARRATOR: Tonight on RBT... What this is looking for
is illegal drugs you've taken. (SOBS) I hate drugs. I can't be over.
I just finished work. I only had one at a mate's place. (SIREN WAILS) (SHOUTS) Get your hands up
where I can see them! Don't jump.

(SIREN WAILS) One big breath and blow through. Watch your head.
Why did you swap drivers? (SIRENS WAIL)

Stay there. Don't move. Stop, stop! This time, I'm gonna place you
under arrest.

In the steelworks town
of Port Kembla, the heat is on
and the police are out in force.

You need to give me
one steady breath. Yep.
You right?

Keep going, keep going,
keep going, keep going. Thank you. After a long shift at work as a chef, Matthew's on his way to
his girlfriend's house. I can't be over.
I've just finished work. I only had one at a mate's place,

Well, it shows you've got
0.076, mate, so you're gonna have to come in
for a breath test. So at this particular time you're
under arrest for a breath analysis.

If the RBT truck looks familiar,
it's because Matt's been here before. About 2.5 years ago
I had too many drinks after work. I was pulled over just after
pulling out of the driveway, and it was mid-range alcohol. So I'll be quite surprised
if I'm over now because I don't drink
more than one beer before jumping in the car anymore. Matt's been extra careful
about his drinks lately because he's planned a road trip
with his girlfriend.

Gonna buy a van and head south first
while it's still hot, travel round Victoria,
maybe a bit of South Australia. And then, when it starts to cool
down a bit, then head up north. (PHONE RINGS) And now he has some explaining to do.

Hello. I've just been pulled over
for an RBT. I blew over on the first blow. And now I've come inside, and I have
to wait 15 minutes to blow again. If he blows over, Matt could ruin
their trip of a lifetime. Yeah, I know.

It's race weekend in Bathurst, and the pubs and clubs
are full to bursting.

The famous chequered flags are
flying, and not just on the track.

We're here conducting random
drug testing, random breath testing. There's a lot of excessive traffic
on the roads this weekend coming in from Sydney,
the outskirts. And there's people here
from all over Australia. As a result,
we're out here in force. We're basically here
to control the idiots. There's a majority of people here
just to have a good time, but there's always
that minority of fools, and we're here to target them.

Local mother-of-three Patricia
has just done a drug swab and tested positive for cannabis. She doesn't deny having any,
but not for a whole nine months. It was a joint.
A joint? What do you mean by 'joint'? It was, you know,
you roll your rollies. Cannabis?
Cannabis smoke, yeah. OK. How many did you have? I would have only had, like,
a couple of tokes of it. OK, no worries. And you reckon
you haven't had any since? No.
Alright. 'Cause it affects me badly,
even in my younger days. I did other things, but not that. I'll get you to swirl your tongue
around inside your mouth for me. Just around your teeth,
and that, again.

Officer Kowalczyk gives Patricia
the benefit of the doubt and another go.

It could have been
a faulty test, possibly. And she says that
she doesn't take any drugs. So, basically,
just in fairness to her, crack a second test open,
give her another test, and then we'll see
what the second test comes up with. Adding to her stress,
Patricia's partner, who she says had a drug problem, died just a few weeks ago.

The result of Patricia's
second saliva test is ready. A few minutes earlier you supplied us with a sample of
your oral fluid for testing. And unfortunately that's come back
as a positive result. Yep, then you did another one. So at this stage you're under arrest for the purpose of
another fluid test inside the bus. That takes a few minutes.
It hasn't come back yet? No, no, we've just done a sample,
and that's come back positive. Again? You're coming back for another test
inside the bus, OK?

Friday afternoon in Tweed Heads - the perfect time for young drivers
to cruise the streets. Senior Constable Justin Lavin
is out on patrol when five teenagers in a P-plated car
catch his eye.


P-platers often panic,