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Guilty - Chinese politician Bo Xilai sentenced to life in prison following charges of corruption, accepting bribes and abuse of power. This Program is Captioned Live.

Carnage in Nairobi, 39 people dead in the Kenyan capital, after militants lay siege to a shopping mall. Terrorism in and of itself is a philosophy of coward ice.Suicide bombers target a funeral in Iraq, killing more than 50 mourners. And Fremantle through to their first ever AFL Grand Final after a decisive win against the Sydney Swans.

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A court in the Chinese city has found disgraced top politician Bo Xilai guilty of accepting bribes and abuse of power. Earlier today, a motor kab believed to be carrying Mr Bo Xilai arrived at court for the verdict. The court then confirmed Mr Bo Xilai embezzled 5 million yuan. In the five-day trial last month, he mounted a fierce Defence against the charges, Bo Xilai rose to prominence as communist party secretary in the city of Chongqing, where he won much support along the population. For more, I spoke to ABC's China correspondent Stephen McDonnell a moment ago. Bo Xilai has been found guilty of all charges - bribery, embezzlement and abuse of state power, and he's been given a life sentence. On top of this life sentence, all his assets, personal assets, are going to be confiscated, including a controversial villa in France given to the family by a corrupt businessman.Where do all these corrupt charges stem from?Well, it all comes back to a political fight, really. He - it all sort of came to a head when the Chongqing police chief fled to the US embassy, consulate, in Chengdu, hoping for political asylum, he was going to blow the lid on corruption in Chongqing, under Bo Xilai's leadership. The interesting thing, though is I think most Chinese people think he may have been corrupt, he may have received bribes, but he's no different to so many Chinese political figures, and that the real reason behind why he's being sent down, effectively, by the party, is a political one. He threatened other Chinese powerful figures within the communist party and, as the head of his own sort of neo faction, he was threatening to take over the whole country at one stage, so they wanted to be rid of him and they have used this to bring him down, pretty much.Today's result, was that essentially a pre-gone expected
conclusion?I think we all expected he was going to be sent to gaol. From the outset, if you go to court in China, pretty much you're going to lose. The surprising thing was the strength of his Defence, though. I mean, in an Australian court, the charges against him would have been thrown out. He was able to punch very large holes in the prosecution case against him, but, yeah, I mean, go to court, the party runs the courts, go to court, courts, they'll make the result courts, they'll make the that they want happen. So we that they want happen. So expected him to lose.Do you think Mr Bo Xilai expected him to lose.Do think Mr Bo Xilai is likely to think Mr Bo appeal against the findings here? Yes. Well, he may well appeal. They have given a life sentence anyway, so I suppose he thinks what the hell. He has been pretty feisty. Others do deals with the prosecution here, and admit their guilt and I suppose with the hope of having a sentence reduced. That hasn't been his modus operandi, he has gone into court, cross-examined witnesses personally, put up a very strong Defence, as I say, and even wrote a letter to his family a couple of days ago saying he was prepared to go to gaol, just like his revolutionary father - hero father did, invoking sort of his spirit, saying that one day his name will be cleared. So I think it's quite possible that he will appeal.Speaking of family, Mr Bo Xilai's wife was also in court recently. What's the connection between those two cases? Well, she's already in gaol for murdering a British businessman, and that was one of the key things in this whole Bo Xilai scandal, if you like, this British businessman, Neil Heywood, who was mysteriously poisoned. A one-time close been some sort of financial falling out with them, and, as a result, he's falling out with them, a result, he's been murdered. But in Bo Xilai's trial, he quite But in Bo Xilai's quite sensationally declared that his wife was having an affair with the Police Commissioner and that essentially they are the ones who plotted this murder, not him. So it's his way of sort of distancing himself from the killing of Neil Heywood and also the subsequent coverup.It's been quite dramatic. Would you describe this as one of the most high-profile court cases you've covered? Oh, well, I don't know if we are likely to see something like this again in China. The whole thing has been just so incredible - you know, bound up in power, corruption, love triangles, you know, houses in France, you name it, this case has had it all. And there have been other reasonably high-profile cases recently, you know, the communist party boss in Shanghai was sent recently to gaol and others like that. But you'd have to go almost back to the trial of Mao's wife, a sort of high powered political trial of this nature, also because he's just such a can rismatic figure as well, Bo Xilai, getting up in trial, defending himself, a real sort of media performer to the end, if you like.The ABC's China correspondent Stephen McDonnell in Beijing, thank you for the update. Gunmen are still believed to be holding hostages in the Kenyan shopping centre where 39 people were killed earlier today. Another 150 people were wounded in the military-style assaulting on the Nairobi building. The Somali based Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab is expected to have carried out the attack as an act of readivention against the Kenyan Government.Midday, and hundreds of people run for their lives. The gun fire is coming from one of Nairobi's most exclusive malls, where Kenyans and foreigners shop. People say men dressed in black, moved into the mall, threw grenades and started firing. Some managed to escape, but many were killed. Initially there was an explosion and then maybe 15-16 shots, the first reaction was to just jump on the floor and I think everybody in the restaurant did the same thing. We were just sitting there and suddenly all of a sudden, maybe around 12 o'clock, they started shotting gun shots on the - maybe on the ground and first floor. TheThe gun fire into the shopping people started running and you could hear people started running could hear people screaming. could Everybody - people were crying Everybody - around here. (Gun fire).
Initial reports say it Initial reports say it was a robbery. Then police called the gunmen terrorists. One witness described how they separated Muslims from non-Muslims. If you are Muslim... to kill musts, now people are being killed there. Now we are here to rescue, they are Muslims.Another said the gunmen belonged to the militant group Al Shabaab, Somali group. Later, army men joined security forces. A military helicopter and armoured cars were also at the scene. The wounded were taken to a nearby hospital - the mood here has been very tense. This is not a common sight in Kenya. We have seen ambulances leaving the building every so often carrying casualties. We have also seen pick-up trucks carrying bodies.Kenya's President, Uhuru Kenyatta, says his Government will support the survivors and families of the victims. The entire nation, I stand with stand with the families of those who have lost their live s and stent extend every Kenyan's deepest condolences. I ask God to give you comfort, as you confront this tragedy. And I know what you feel, having also personally lost very close family members in this attack. my Government will provide the support you will need in the days to come. To those who are injured, I wish you a quick recovery. From the physical and other shocks you independentwent today. The Government will be at hand to ensure that your lives return to normal, as quickly as possible. We'll show you some live shots now from Nairobi. You can see there in the background some military personnel standing around, and obviously ambulances are still carrying passengers trout the city. Meantime, Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has condemned the terrorist attack in a statement released by the foreign office she expressed sympathy for Kenyan people and to President 'Kennett Curse' who has lost family members in the attack. She also joined Canadian PM Stephen Harper in honouring the two Canadian Nationals who were killed, including one Diplomat. The Australian High Commission in Kenya has confirmed no Australian citizens were injured in the attack, and the Department of Foreign Affairs is urging Australians in Kenya to stay away from the shopping centre in Nairobi, and to exercise a high degree of caution. We will of course keep you updated on situation throughout the afternoon.

International inspectors have gun deliberating over Syria's chemical weapons Arsenal, after receiving detailed reports from Damascus. The allow Assad Government agreed to the disclosure as a condition of a joint proposal by Russia and the US, designed to prevent a US-led military strike on the everyone
war-torn country. But not everyone is convinced Syria's cooperation is anything more than a diversion. As the country's civil war rages on. In the outskirts of the capital Damascus, more Government shelling. As part Government of this recent Government shelling. As of this recent push to of this recent recapture rebel positions. recapture rebel Meanwhile, here at the
organisation for the prohibition organisation for prohibition of chemical weapons
at The organisation for the at The Hague, Syria's chemical weapons program may no longer be a state secret. The agency's reviewing a less detailing Assad stockpile. This is a crucial step in a deal brokered by the US and Russia to scrap Syria's chemical program. Western intelligence agencies estimate Syria has about 1,000 tonnes of chemical agents. Brigadier General was in charge of the chemical weapons unit before joining the Opposition. He says the world may never know the whole truth about Assad's commem Arsenal. TRANSLATION: As a xeps expert, I can say we have more than 2,500 agents. Two thirds of that amount has been placed in secret locations in areas controlled by Hezbollah in Lebanon, or transferred to Iraq and Iran. The regime is hiding tox ins in remote villages under heavy protection. Syria's full declaration of chemical weapons is just the beginning. International monitor s will inspect all the declared sides. The entire Arsenal must be eliminated by mid next year. The US and Russia are yet to agree on procedures to ensure Syria won't hide any of its weapons. But many say this is the detracting attention from the weapons. But many say this is the core issue of the Syrian crisis. This whole issue of chemical weapons is a diversion from what's happening in Syria, what's happening in Syria is not about chemical weapons. The objective is not to get rid of the chemical weapons, only the objective is to resolve the crisis in Syria in such a way as there will be a transition with Assad stepping down. These are the videos that sparked an international outcry. Victims of last month's chemical attack, gasping for air, the faces of dead children and their families, moments after the attack. TheThe Syrian Government and its allies, Russia and Iran, blame the rebels for the attack. The US, Britain and France accuse President Assad of gassing his own people. But as efforts to get of Assad's chemical weapons continue, so do the fighting on the ground, and the deaths of many many Syrians by conventional weapons.A suicide attack on a funeral in Baghdad has killed 57 people and wounded at least another 120 - two bombs were detonated near a tent filled with mourner in the Shiite district of Baghdad, another 12 people died in attacks elsewhere in the country, including ten members of the security forces. It's the latest attack in a surge of sectarian violence, which has now reached it's highest level in five years. The most barrelling
powerful storm of the year is barrelling towards the Chinese mainland. After lashing the Philippine and Taiwanese coasts were gale-force winds and torrential rain, typhoon Usagi made land fall in the northern fooens yesterday causing landslides and power out acknowledges. So far there have been no reports of casualties. In Taiwan, thousands of people were and
evacuated from low-lying areas and the military was deployed into potential disaster zones. On its current path the typhoon is veering towards southern Hong
China and set to directly hit Hong Kong. The city is readying for the worst, with flights and traffic suspended and businesses expected to remain closed until Monday morning. German chancellor Angela Merkel loo, set to carry the Christian Democratic Party into another four years of Government as the country's election looms. The incull bent has what looks to be an unassailable lead in the polls, but despite her stellar popularity the road ahead is not without its challenges. Angela Merkel is the most popular elected politician in Germany, with approval ratings of around 70%. Christian democratic party is doing twice as well in the polls as its nearest lives - rivals. A big part of that success is because of how with the eurozone crisis and kept down the bailout bill with the eurozone crisis kept down the bailout bill for
German voters. But kept down the bailout bill everyone is happy with Merkel's record in office. For example, people who want a more united integrated Europe. This young Federalist says Merkel's go-slow approach during the crisis made it worse and showed none of the vision of former chancellor Helmut, who reunion nighted Germany -You only have to look at how he pushed through the monetary union, we don't see Merkel having the same insistence. She does not naturally fight hard for her convictions, that's what we need in Europe right now. Another disappointment for some, energy policy. Merkel surprised Germans and Europe by announcing she would shut plants by 2022 and push for renewable energy. That sharp turn in policy actually led to a jump in coal consumption and production, to meet the short-fall caused by closing down nuclear plants. TRANSLATION: We want to nuclear power and do something for the environment, but the expansion of renewable energy is failing, because Merkel is not keeping the security of energy supply in mind. We are a highly industrialised country, and we cannot meet our needs with a few thousand wind disappointment in some quarters over what Merkel has been doing, or rather not doing, for women. In the past year, the chancellor postponed a plan to have more female representation in corporate board rooms. Germany has one of the lowest participation rates of women in the workforce in the EU and the promises of more day care don't convince everybody. TRANSLATION: Childcare places are missing even for older children. It is hard returning to work, especially so if you have more than one child. Merkel has addressed some of these problems, and promises to fix them in her election manifester, and the polls suggest she is likely to be returned to office and to get another opportunity to win over the voters who feel disappointed.Major scuffles have broken out at the launch of the new iPhone in Los Angeles. Dozens of homeless people had been promised $40 each to camp out overnight to secure the handsets for a would be entrepreneur however, when they went unpaid they mobbed the man who hired them. Two men were arrested over the fist fight, the man whose actions sparked the slowdown had to be driven away by police. He won't be charged because he's done nothing illegal.

Federal Labor leadership candidate Bill Shorten has been rallying the troops as he continues his push for the party's top job. This morning he was in Queensland. The future of the Labor Party, my friends, is whether or not we are capable of being relevant to the future of Australia. The question in this leadership ballot is not one of personality, let us rule a line under some of the public disparagement and some of the mistakes of the past. Let us rededicate ourselves to the proposition that as we always have at our finest moments in 122 years, what we stand for is the brightest, most optimistic, most hopeful, dare I say it, the dream of Australia's future, a dream which includes all, includes the many, not the few. A dream which is focused upon what we can do as a people together, not as individuals divided by false argument. We have met this challenge before. in
We cannot pretend that Labor is in great circumstances or that we do not have a very difficult task. Now, on the one hand, we did accomplish much in the recent years. The NBN, the national disability insurance scheme, overdue, we contributed under both PM Rudd and Treasurer Swan to help navigate with the great Australian community with Australian business and Australian people, to navigate the Global Financial Crisis which in many other parts of the world should be called the global financial recession. We did good things, we did good things under PM Gillard. So we mustn't Gillard. what we've done Gillard. So we what we've done well, but must also acknowledge that only 34 in must also acknowledge 34 in every 100 Australians put a number 34 in every 100 Australians a number 1 next to the Labor candidate. See, I'm ambitious. I'm ambitious for more people to I'm ambitious for more to vote Labor. I'm ambitious for the Labor Party to speak for the lives that people are living, in the suburbs and towns of the Australian continent.The other Labor leadership aspirant, Anthony Albanese, says his party was wrong to cut welfare benefits to some single parents. In rules
Government the ALP changed the rules so that all single parents were shifted from parenting payments to unemployment benefits, when their youngest child turneded 8. Labor was criticised for the move because the unemployment benefits left many single parents and their families with less money. Anthony Albanese has indicated he'd revisit the issue if his colleagues and party members select him as leader. We also need to acknowledge, I think, where we got it wrong, and areas like, I think, the sole parent payments, is an area where we made a mistake. We essentially meant that some of the most vulnerable people ended up with less income, but perhaps just as importantly to them, to those that I've spoken to, there was a lack of that
respect, I think, for the role that they play as single parents. The Morland city council is hanging white ribbons, for the murdered woman Jill Meagher. The ABC employee was killed one year ago today making her way home from Brunswick in Melbourne's North. Her attacker, Adrian Bayley, was on parole at the time. Warm conditions made for a challenging Sydney marathon. 27-year-old Kenyan completed the 42km race in just under 2 hours and 14 minutes. Simon Frazer was at the finish line.

For the finish of the Sydney marathon... in the women's event, the Kenyan... won the event,s finishing the race in two hours and 14 minutes. Ethiopian runner smashed the women's marathon record, running the course in just over two and a half hours -How are you feeling?Very nice course, easy. Very nice.But the elite athletes are massively out numbered by runners with more modest goals. It is expected the five events that make up the Sydney running festival will attack more than 35,000 ranging
people, covering distances ranging from the marathon down to a three and a half kilometre across the Sydney Harbour bridge. Whatever distance, it is fair to say they all deserve a cold drink and a lie down in the sun. Fremantle Captain Matthew Pavlich says his Team NZ won't have to change much as it prepares to tackle Hawthorn in next Saturday's AFL Grand Final. Last night, the Dockers dominated Sydney in their Preliminary Final at Suban Oval in Perth, to win by 25 points. Fremantle had the better of the scoring in the first half and led the Swans by 39 points at the main break. That lead blew out to 54 points, before the Swans put some respect ability on the scoreboard. Fremantle will now play in its first ever AFL Grand Final.

The way we pressured the Opposition and turned the ball over and we know if we give Hawthorn too much time, they are going to cut you up, the same with Sydney. We will enjoy the victory for five minutes, actually, and work out how to approach the week coming.Newcastle secured a NRL preliminary final berth after holding off a fast-finishing Storm last night. Storm last night. 18-16 to claim their first Melbourne six 2004. claim their Melbourne six 2004. The
Knights led claim their first win in
Melbourne Knights led by 14 points early Knights in the second half Knights led by 14 points in the second half after Matt
Hilder scored from a Billy Slater error. But the reigning premiers ran in two late tries to set up a tense finish to the semi-final match. The Knights held on to win. semi-final match. The held on to win. Oh, the heart's going, mate. Rugby League, like that, it's knock them out, tie them down. Really enjoyed that. Right to the end, you play in the Championship Team NZ, can't believe our boys, there is just so much heart today, I'm that proud of them.Next weekend South Sydney will play Manly on Friday night in one Preliminary Final while the Knights will take on the Sydney Roosters in the other.

Let's take a look at the satellite. A trough crossing southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, is generating storms and showers over eastern Victoria. A trough over eastern Queensland is causing showers, while a cold front is triggering gusty winds and storms in WA. Looking around the country at what we can expect tomorrow, Queensland will be warm and mostly sunny in the east, hot in the west and North. Light showers along the North coast of NSW, dry elsewhere with strong norly winds developing.

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This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. Welcome to Offsiders. Sydney went to Fremantle and Melbourne Storm lost to the Newcastle Knights. In Aussie rules, it is Hawthorn versus Fremantle. Hawthorn will start clear favourites but this is Fremantle's first Grand Final so wait for the purple haze to envelope the country.

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