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Tonight, Pakistan releases its most senior Afghan Taliban detainee in an effort to foster peace negotiations with the insurgent group.

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Queensland businessman Clive Palmer wins the seat of Fairfax by a slender margin, with a recount likely. Europe's most powerful politician looks to secure an historic third term in office. And Fremantle leads Sydney by 39 points as they battle for a shot at the AFL Grand Final. Hello, live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Kathryn Stolarchuk. A quick look at Tom's weather - tomorrow's weather.:

Well, we'll bring you Well, we'll bring you those stories in a moment. First, we bring you breaking news, gunmen have opened fire at a shopping mall in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. At least five people appear to have been killed. There are reports that armed police are exchanging fire with the gunmen at the Westgage Centre, and grenades have been thrown inside. Panicked shoppers fled the building which is one of the city's most ex clousive shopping muls. The Reuters says witnesses reported seeing five bodies and at least two people being stretchered out. Martin Cuddihy is in Nairobi and joins us on the phone. Martin, what more can you tell us?Well, we have just received word from Kenya's interior ministry that some people are being evacuated from the west gate shopping mall. This is quite a significant shopping centre. It's quite large and it is frequented very regularly by a lot of the ex Kenya.
pat rot community here in Kenya. There are a lot of white people there. I was there myself last weekend to do some shopping and, you know, it is probably fifty-fifty Kenyans and expatriates community. So this is really a - you can see what these gunmen had in mind tarting this shopping centre. The latest we heard is that they still control the second floor in the shopping centre. From memory, it's about 3, maybe four storeys and they also controlled the roof took place parking area, so they have an elevated position there. The police are saying they have the complex surrounded. As I mentioned, Kenya's interior Ministry is saying some people have been evacuated just recently, in the last couple of moments.You actually heard an account from a witness. What did they say? They said that the witness - the witness was taking refuge inside - inside one of the shops and concerned they had seen bodies appeared to be dead. This was reported on local Kenyan television here which we have been keeping an eye on. They said they saw the armed gunmen. They were wearing casual clothing, but were heavily armed with what appeared to be automatic rifles. So as you mentioned, there have been reports of grenades, but as yet I haven't been able to confirm that. That's certainly what we are hearing at this stage. What's interesting, though, is the police and Kenya's interior ministry are referring to these armed gunmen as thugs, they are not trained terrorists or criminals, they are just simply referring to them as thugs. So not sure exactly who they are yet. That's still to be whorked out - worked out. As you mentioned, it is unfolding right now.What else have police had to say about the incident?Well, the first we heard of it was police urging everyone to avoid the area. That was their priority, to make sure known was entering. They have the west gate shopping mall surrounded and we have heard reports they have been exchanging gun fire with the gunmen from inside the shopping centre. So that - it appears to be a gun battle at the moment.Martin, you say you were there last weekend. Is this level of violence quite unusual for Nairobi? Look, this sort of thing is very unusual for Nairobi in recent years. There has been violence throughout the country, that was five and a half years ago, post-election violence, but an attack of this level hasn't been seen in Nairobi for some years. There has been attacks, particularly in Kenya's North, the militant group, an al-Qa'ida-linked Islamic militant group based out of Somalia, north, there have been some cross-border attack s and some hostages were taken and killed last year and perhaps the year before - but this level of attack in Nairobi is unusual. And as I mentioned I was there last weekend and when we were there, as we entered this shopping mall, there were armed security guards, they had a boomgate, they were letting vehicles in and as vehicles came in they would lower and check came in they had a mirror which under the vehicle to make they would lower and there under the vehicle to make sure
there was being smuggled in. As you go into the shopping centre, it felt - you get frisked, your bags are checked, they have hand-held metal detectors, so there is a really high-level of security. That's not unusual for Nairobi, by the way, but that is the sort of level of security that we are talking about at west gate. Martin Cuddihy, thanks for the update. We might check in with you a little later. We might check little later. Pakistan has reportedly released its most senior Afghan Taliban detainee, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, as part of a Diplomatic effort to foster peace negotiations with the Taliban. The co-founder of the Afghan Taliban has been in the custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies for three and a half years. He was the Taliban's second in command in Afghanistan, and was close to the group's spiritual leader. It is not clear how much influence he has with the group, but Al Jazeera correspondent Kamal Hyder says it is a very significant development. The release is extremely important, because this has come at the behest of a Government request, very keen to have him released from Pakistani custody. The peace council also welcomes the move because they will ultimately be sitting with the Taliban in face-to-face talks if they do go ahead, because the brother is very close, he was one of the senior most commanders, and so the Government feels that he may be able to influence the Taliban. Interestingly, earlier, the Government is said to have been in secret talks, he is considered a practising Matiske and therefore also in favour of the peace talks. After his arrest, they saw it as a major set back. So indeed the release comes at a time when efforts are under way to try and reach when efforts try and reach some sort of a political settlement. It try and reach some sort of political settlement. It is not yet clear whether Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar will stay in Pakistan, even though he will be freed into Pakistan. There was talk he may move to a Turk country in order to initiate talks with the Government.Back home, investigators linked to the NSW independent corruption watchdog have raided the offices of two Liberal MPs on the State's Central Coast. The ICAC won't confirm the raid but the Opposition Leader says he thinks it is linked to donation irregularities.This one electoral office of Liberal MP Darren weber was a hive of activity yesterday. It is understood ICAC investigators raided the address, along with the electorate office of fellow Chris experience in the neighbouring seed seat of the entrance. Is Barry O'Farrell going to suspend these members while under investigationBoth won in the Coalition's emphatic victory at the State election. It is believed the corruption watchdog's investigation relates to donations made to the Liberal Party in the lead-up to that poll. Last year, the party revealed it had referred issues over a donation it received from the owner of a Wyong building firm to the Election Funding Authority. We do know there has been an investigation going on into the Minister For Energy's electorate office in Terrigal for some time. He's very close to these advised. I've seen the reports that have been made today. You can only assume that these matters are all linked.Two of Minister Chris Hartcher's staff were drawn into the issue last year with one resigning and the other suspended. At the time, Chris Hartcher insisted no allegations concerned him. The Premier declined to be interviewed today, but issued a statement reiterating his support for the ICAC's work, saying...

Barry O'Farrell's statement also contains an apparent Defence of those at the centre of this issue, stating that it's an offence for anyone to reveal whether they have been contacted by ICAC investigators. As for the corruption watchdog itself, it's likely to be quite some time before any details of what they have uncovered emerge.

Immigration Minister of Labor has accused creating the culture Immigration Minister creating the culture of secrecy on border protection, a claim Scott on border Scott Morrison dismissed on border protection, a hysterical. The Abbott Government is still refusing to say how much information it will make will make public about any future boat arrivals. Here is political reporter Andrew Greene. Mobilising a counter offensive to 'Operation Sovereign Borders'. the Government's military-led policy to stop the boats is barely three days old, already it's bringing protestors to the streets. To ton boats away by force and we are not even allowed to know what's actually going on, it's absolutely APPLAUSE

Since being sworn in as Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison's had little to say publicly about his border protection regime. Labor's accusing him of hiding behind a culture of secrecy. Scott Morrison, who right up until when he was sworn in you couldn't keep away from a TV camera has gone missing. Now they want to move from buy the boats to hide the votes. It's rich from Labor to be claiming all these detailed operational arrangements.The former Minister fears any future boat arrivals will be kept hidden from the public. The Australian people have a right to know. When a boat arrives, how many people are on it. Of course there will be routine and regular reporting of this important area of Government policy.Scott Morrison as office insists public announcement will be a decision for its hand-picked Three Star General, Angus Campbell. It's also hit back at Labor's attacks, accusing the party of failures on border protection. Next week, Tony failures on Next week, Tony Abbott will travel Next travel to Jakarta in his first overseas trip travel to Jakarta in overseas trip as PM. He says he doesn't want overseas trip as PM. He he doesn't want the Indonesian relationship defined by boats and hopes the topic is "a and hopes passing irritant, not a long-term defining issue". passing irritant, Clive Palmer has emerged the victor in a knife-edge contest for the Queensland seat of Fairfax, but the self proclaimed billionaire only secured 36 more votes than the LNP's Ted O'Brien, one of the tightest margins in Australian political history and a result almost certainly to trigger a recount. David Lewis reports.In a tense tally room surrounded by anxious scrutineers, Terry Csonka keeps her cool, keenlly aware of her role in one of the closest contests in political history. I felt the pressure with the scrutineers around me, watching me, what I was doing, but I just did my job.As the day wore on, Clive Palmer's lead over the LNP's Ted O'Brien kept shrinking, but once all the ballots were counted the Queensland businessman prevailed, albeit by just 36 votes. To avoid a recount Mr Palmer needs a winning margin of more than 100 votes. The AEC will first of all conduct a full distribution of preferences, commencing Monday, and that will take several days. At the end of that we will be looking at the final figures, and if it's less than 100 votes, then yes we will commence an automatic recount.For now the tables and chairs in the tally room will have to stay put. If there is a recount, voters in the seat of Fairfax hope it's a quick one. I'm finding it a bit ridiculous, making people umm and agh, it shouldn't take this long.People are looking for an alternative conservative party.The people might not have the appetite for a recount, but Clive Palmer is demanding one. In a statement, he takes a swipe at the Electoral Commission, arguing the voting process lacks transparency. Mr Palmer, like any
any member of the community or any organisation, of course, is free to make any comments they like. I think the first thing to try to work out is whether or not Clive wants to be a member of Parliament.Ted O'Brien has maintained his silence since election day, and says he'll continue to do so until the outcome of a recount is known. A man has appeared in court A man has charged with a string of child abuse offences following the death of a 7-year-old boy death of a 7-year-old boy in Sydney's west. The boy died from head injures after he reportedly fell off a pogo stick in May. Late yesterday a 29-year-old man was ard and charged with 25 offences. The prosecution has opposed bail, telling the court the boy was subjected to prolonged and systematic abuse.In a rare move, a Melbourne priest has been excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Greg Reynolds was expecting to be disciplined for criticising the church's views on gay marriage and the ordination of women, but shocked to be told this week he's no longer recognised as a Catholic. For more than 30 years, Greg Reynolds performed his duties as a priest with the blessing of the Catholic Church. But not any longer. This week, he received a message from the Pope, written in Latin, telling him he's been excommunicated. I was amazed to hear he, the canon lawyer, told me that it's the first case in the history of the Melbourne church. He's now no longer officially counted as a member of the Catholic community and can't receive the sacraments. I think the basic reason behind it is my stand, you know, public stand in favour of women's ordination.The Catholic Church says that's part of the reason. Secondly, he has set up a separate community where he celebrates the Eucharist without the faculties of the archdiocese.Greg Reynolds was always expecting some punishment for setting up Inclusive Catholics, a group at odds with the Vatican on several issues. The severity has shocked him. Initially it surprised local church officials. Even paedophile priests who have all been defrocked, laicised, none of them have been actually ex communicated. It came as something extra, but at the same time, when one looks at it, it makes sense because he has indeed stepped outside the commune of the church.Despite that, the 60-year-old plans to keep performing his priestly duties. So nothing changes, really, it's just more officially I'm legally sidelined.He has no plans to challenge the ruling. Chancellor Angela Merkel will face off against her former finance Minister when polls open in Germany tomorrow. The conserve leader is seeking a third term in office and is favourite to win, but some voters say it is time for change and Mrs Metre Kell could be forced to form a Coalition. - Mrs Merkel.A main square in Munich, one of the last campaign stops for Angela Merkel as she made her final pitch to the German voters. The most powerful politician in Europe is expected to win a third term on Sunday, when Germany votes. But the polls have narrowed. She has built her campaign around having shielded Germany from Europe's financial crisis, but she told the crowd the election was a fight down to the wire. TRANSLATION: Ladies and gentlemen, in just a few more hours we are pleading with you to choose. I want to be your chancellor for four more years.On the streets she undoubtedly commands respect, but there is also an appetite for change. She might not be that charismatic, but she did a great job. Its time for a new party to come to power. Her main opponent is from the social Democrat Party. In recent days, he has attacked Angela Merkel for dithering, for her innature caution.Has she done anything about the infrastructure, he asks? No, shouts the crowd. yet, one of the possible outcomes of a the close result on the possible outcomes of close result on Sunday is that Angela Merkel could be forced into a grand Coalition with into a grand Coalition with the social democrats. It would be an uneasy alliance. At Angela Merkel's rally tonight there were concerns that the outcome might be complicated. Could Germany face weeks of haggling over its future Government? their
Meanwhile, voters are casting their ballots in Sri Lanka very's mainly Tamil northern province to elect the first semi autonomous council. The election comes four years after the Tamil rebels were defeated in a conflict claiming 100,000 lives. The 36 member provincial body won't have much power but the poll has been promoted by the UN human rights council as a step towards ethnic reconciliation. It shows that there is a sort of, I mean, at least dome democracy and law and order is still going through in this country. And we all believe that democracy will win, and will choose the person to rule - we need to rule us.The Tamil national alliance considered a political proxy to the rebels during the conflict is seen favourite to win the election. Taiwan is being battered with strong rain and winds as the biggest storm to hit the region this year approaches the island. Super has reported winds topping 200 kilometres per hour and produced waves as high as produced waves as high as 30 metres. More than 1600 soldiers have been deployed to the areas. 24,000 more are stand by. The typhoon is expected to make land fall in southern China as soon as

In the AFL preliminary final, the Dockers have dominated Sydney, going to half time with a 39-point advantage. The Swans managed only two majors in the first half, scoring both in the first quarter. The winner of top's match -. Tonight's match will play Hawthorn and if it's the Dockers, it will be their first ever Grand Final. Here is some of the action so far.

To Walters, he will That looks better, magnificent kick from Walters. Subin kicks it right in, two on one...

He nails the goal. Two goals 7, here is Pavlyuchenkova again. A simple kick, but it is finals pressure. That is better. Pavlich gets his second goal.

Fremantle by 27. And in the NRL semi-final, the Knights have an 8-point advantage in the second half against the Storm in Melbourne. Tonight's winner will play the Roosters in next week's preliminary final. Here is the pick of the action from the first half.

The first try of the game. He shoulder charges the ball, really, not the player. What happens here? He gets it down and is inside all of those

Slater is inside 20. He's hurt... what Boyd does here, crunch, ball and all.

I don't think there's anything in that. It's contact to the head.

Here it comes, a score for Melbourne.

he made a mistake, it cost them at the other end. He's repaired the damage now. The NRL has completed its report into the standing down of Ben baesher at the start of the season. It says Canterbury acted appropriately and sensitively and it will not be taken further action. It's a film
Dundeel has beaten a quality film to claim the Underwood stakes at Caulfield race course this afternoon. Locked in a net and neck - neck and neck fight, It's a Dundeel became the third straight NZ horse to win the race. They come to the line and It's a Dundeel nailed it. Of beats her, right on the wire. Second, Atlantic Jewel.The result ends Atlantic Jewel's unbeaten run at 9 races. They are often over shadowed by the men but now women's boxes is making its mark on the world stage. It is set to make its first appearance in the Commonwealth games next year. For Australia's junior talent it's a big opportunity to gain rare in the lead-up to the Rio 2016 Olympics.Last year it made its Olympics debut, women's boxes is a potential gold mine with the Commonwealth Games on the agenda. I think it's a fantastic move. After being introduced in London, the girls are really excited about it. Me and my sister started off with kick boxes and dad heard that female boxes was introduced into the Olympics.A junior camp has been run at the AIS this week preparing young boxers for the professional approach they need to take to reach the top. They have come into the camp and bonded very well and we are producing a lot of good team spirit.Women's boxing for the most part is all in the family. These sisters from Canberra are two promising in the
juniors. There is no love lost in the ring or even at training. Sometimes in spiring we get really mad at each other, so we go tough on each other.With limited competition opportunities, World Championships and now the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, are the few chances that these athleteses can get to test themselves on the world stage -The amount of competition that they have in their own countries is a bitumen mall and we need to continue - is a mit minimal and we need to develop the girls and the more competition we can get, obviously the better it's going to be for the girls when they do get to those major events.The fight for exposure is slowly being won, now they will look to make their mark at the junior world titles in Bulgaria next week.

Taking a look at the satellite, a trough is crossing SA triggering showers and the odd storm in the south east. Moist winds are driving isolated showers over southern Victoria, while a high is keeping elsewhere mostly dry. Checking the States for tomorrow now:

Just recapping our breaking news this hour, police in Kenya say an armed group has stormed an up-market shopping mall in the capital, Nairobi, sparking a fierce gun battle. Police say they surrounded the west gate mall and urged residents to stay away from the area. Unconfirmed reports say 5 people have been killed and several injured people have been seen leaving the complex. You're watching ABC News 24. I'll be back in a moment with an update of the headlines and then it is time for 'The World This Week'.

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The top stories from ABC News. Police in Kenya say an armed group has stormed an up market shopping mall in the capital Nairobi sparking a fierce gun battle. Police say they surround theed the west gate mall and urge residents to stay away from the area. Unconfirmed reports say at least five people have been killed and several injured people have been seen leaf leaving the shopping centre. Pakistan reportedly released Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as part of a Diplomatic effort to foss per peace negotiations with the Taliban. The co-founder of the Afghan Taliban has been in the custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies for three and a half influence
years. It's not clear how much influence he still has with the insurgent group. NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson is calling on the premier to stand down two MPs who have had their electorate