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Queensland businessman Clive Palmer wins the seat of Fairfax but a recount is expected.It's a process that's scrutineered. I know it's attracting a lot of interest. We'll just be moving forward to step through all these processes. This Program Is Captioned Live.

The Abbott government under fire for its decision not to announce asylum seeker boat arrivals.Scott Morrison who right up until when he was sworn in, you couldn't keep away from a TV camera, has gone missing. Syria submits details of its chemical weapons It's of its chemical weapons assets. for their It's the first time in for their destruction. And
Fremantle prepares to It's the first time in a plan
for their Fremantle prepares to take on Fremantle reigning premiers Sydney for a place in the AFL grand final.

This Program Is Captioned Live. Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. I'm Rachel Pupazzoni.

Clive Palmer has won the Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax by a very slim margin, but a recount is likely. He received 36 more votes than the LNP's Ted O'Brien. Preferences will be distributed on Monday. If Mr Palmer does not receive a margin of more than 100 ballots the Australian Electoral Commission will conduct a recount. Fair tax is the last un decided electorate in Australia. Mr Palmer is overseas on business and is not expected back in the country until next week. The ABC's reporter David lieu is spoke to us just after the news broke from outside the AEC voting centre in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.I have to say I never thought watching AEC representatives sift through thousands of votes would be terribly interesting, but the tension in the tally room here in Maroochydore was so palpable as Clive Palmer's margin increasingly shrunk. It was above 100 votes at one stage, came down to 45 votes, and then when all the votes were completed or finished being counted, he had just 36 votes ahead of the L NP's Ted O'Brien. Now we saw that the room erupted in quite a celebration among the scrutineers that belong to Palmer's United Party. They high fived each other and the LNP scrutineers shook their hands But of course, as you hands and congratulated them. But of course, as you mention, this But of course, enough of a
this is not comprehensive enough of a win for Clive Palmer to become the member. A recount is very likely. Clive Palmer has been highly critical of the Electoral Commission's counting process and vowed to push for reform. A short time ago he took to Twitter to blast the AEC saying, I'm 36 votes in front at the end of counting and will continue to push for reform of AEC. They're a disgrace.

A full review of Australia's voting system is required. Phil Diak from the Australian Electoral Commission joined me a short time ago to explain the process of the recount.We're going to do a fresh count to re-examine all of the preferences of the six other candidates other than Mr Palmer and Mr O'Brien. That's due process. It's all explained in a candidates' handbook. If the margin after that is less than 100 votes we'll go to a full recount. It's a very comprehensive process and one that we undertake professionally across all of our counting which is still going on across Australia.The Labor Party continues to apply government over
pressure to the Abbott government over its handling of information about asylum seekers arriving by boat. The coalition has stopped issuing media releases when new boats arrived. This has led the opposition immigration spokesman Tony Burke to accuse the government of creating a culture of secrecy around the issue.The government's border protection policy took effect on Wednesday with the Prime Minister Tony Abbott promising to make a difference from Day 1. The ABC's asked both customs and the Immigration Department whether any boats have arrived in recent days, but were referred back to the minister's office. Labor's immigration spokesman Tony Burke says the disclosure of information should be automatic.Scott Morrison when he debated me at the National Press Club in the final week of the election campaign, refused to give a guarantee that the Australian public would be told when boats arrived and that information that has been retune, whether or not it would still be provided.We've now in the last few days seen that unfold in a stark fashion. Scott Morrison, who right up until when he was sworn in, you couldn't keep away from a TV camera, has gone missing. The previous government used to issue a media alert every time an asylum seeker boat arrived. A spokesman for the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says such decisions will now be made by our military commander and further details on Operation Sovereign Borders will be provided next week.

The it could seek a mandate to change The Abbott government says
it could change the GST it could seek a mandate to change the GST in a second term. The coalition change the GST in a term. The coalition has pledged
to review the tax term. The coalition the next three to review the the to review the tax system within
the next three years, but it the next three years, but maintains that an increase maintains broadening of the goods and services tax broadening of services tax would be put to voters.We've made it clear we services tax would be put will not be changing voters.We've made it will not be changing the GST in
our first will not be changing our first term. We think the our Commonwealth in particular has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The West Australian Premier Colin Barnett says he will keep fighting for a fighting for a higher GST to pay for essential State services. Bill Shorten is currently campaigning for the Labor Leadership. And this afternoon hosted a members' forum in Melbourne. In his speech, Bill Shorten touted his own credentials as a campaign for the labour cause.What I undertake to do if elected is I will do my level best working with the Labor caucus, working with the great union movement, working with the new constituencies which Labor needs to include. What we hope, what we work for, what I wish to give optimism to all who want a strong and vibrant Labor Party is at the next election when someone comes up and asks you for the Labor card, they will do so because if they care will good dental care they will ask only for the Labor card F they want to do something about domestic violence, they will ask only for Labor card. If they care about science an research, innovation and education, they will ask only for the Labor Party.(Applause)I am a campaign. I am a campaigner. I helped build the National Disability Insurance Scheme with thousands of people with disabilities and their carers. No-one spoke about disability seriously at the national level. But we have done it and we should be proud about it.Hear, hear!(Applause) I have worked with the flood victims to sort out their insurance claims. victims insurance claims. I've worked
with the people in the bushfire areas to reconstruct their shattered lives. We've worked to lift superannuation. This party can win if we deserve to win. We need to be the party who answers the question about the future. The New South Wales Opposition Leader John Robertson says raids on the offices of two Liberal MPs raise serious concerns. The ABC was told about the raids in New South Wales yesterday. The Independent Commission Against Corruption has refused to say whether it carried out the raids but both Fairfax and News Limited have identified two Central Coast MPs.These are very serious matters for Barry O'Farrell and the Liberal Party to answer. Questions that go to the integrity of Barry O'Farrell and his Liberal government and the way they raised funds in the lee-up to the last election. ICAC investigations are very serious, and no doubt this will continue to plague the government. The premier really needs to explain what action he will take against these individuals. What he knew about these activities, not just as premier, but someone who was a former State director of the Liberal Party when it comes to fundraising, whether his Director-General of premier and Cabinet also knew about these raids.The New South Wales Premier says he has no knowledge of raids reportedly carried out on the offices of two coalition MPs. In a statement, premier Barry O'Farrell said the Liberal Party had previously referred matters concerning donations to the electoral funding authority to the ICAC in May. Mr O'Farrell says he doesn't know whether the ICAC is investigating the referral and says he wouldn't expect to be advised of any investigation.

Owners of a Victorian Aboriginal community say they want an apology after at least one grave was exhumed by accident. Human remains were then dumped by an earth mover back into the hole. And the community of Lake Tyers says a sacred site has been disturbed by the laying of a new sewage pipe. Residents of the Indigenous community of Lake Tyers are angry at the disturbance of graves at the former mission site. Three graves in the community's cemeterys have recently been disturbed. Charmaine Sellings was one of the first on the scene.He went to tap on which he thought was a rock and I said, no, don't. I realised it was a skull. Two workers digging a accidentally disturbed digging a new grave had remains after man who died about accidentally disturbed the remains after man who about 20 years ago.They didn't see about 20 years see any bones until I got up there about 20 years ago.They there and realised that see any bones until I there and realised was a skull inside a hole they was a skull inside a hole dug up.People gathered back at the town centre.The group of people that we met with in the people that we met with in - down around the #5d Marsh building - down building were very upset. went to the building were very went to the officials who run went to the community to xain.There should've been a written apology or get the community together and apologise to the community.In a statement, the government appointed administrator of Lake Tyers said the accident happened because the gravesite isn't mapped. East Gippsland's most senior elder says she had to stop workers planting trees on family graves.What they planted there, the grave site. Residents are angry at what's happened to this sacred men's business site. In spite of complaints a sewerage pipeline was recently laid through the area. But with no council to complain to, these landowners appear to have little say in what happens here.

A man has appeared in court charged with a strict string of child abuse offer fences following the death of a 7-year-old boy on Sydney's west. The boy died from head injuries after he reportedly fell off off a pogo stick in May. Late yesterday a man was arrested and charged with 25 offences. The prosecution has opposed bail, telling the court the boy was subjected to prolonged and systematic abuse A fast-moving grace fire is threatening homes near Hervey Bay 240 kilometres north of Brisbane. It's traveling in a north-westerly direction and a watch and act message has issued for about 30 homes. More than 15 crews are fighting the fire. Another mass shooting has reignited America's contentious debate over gun chrome. It's believed gang members opened fire with an assault weapon at a Chicago park. 13 people were injured including a about-year-old. The city's police chief says there are simply too many guns on the streets. It was after 10 on a warm night when the shots were fired at the group in a city park.It was like boom, boom, boom. I just heard like 20 shots. Police got here real fast. Locals had been watching a basketball game. A 3-year-old was hit in the face.Killing innocent people, kids, parents, grandparents, mothers, fathers. It got to stop. Police believe gangs are responsible.Quite obviously a 3 Eold is not a gang member. Fortunately that 3-year-old is expected to survive at this point.Chicago has struggled with gun violence for years. Many of the weapons used are powerful and illegal, but as soon as police seize them, more turn up.There's too many guns in our community. 5,000 guns. But the police chief is also pointing to parenting, education, and poverty as problem issues. The shooting comes less than a week after 12 people were killed by a gunman in Washington. Despite the spate of shootings, debate over gun reform remains at a stalemate. This weekend, the President will take part in a memorial service for the victims of navy yard shooting, campaigners hope he will use the moment to again call for change.

Russian authorities say a Greenpeace ship carrying two campaigners have Australia will arrive at the port of Mermansk on Monday. A 59-year-old Tasmanian and a British born Australian resident are among 30 activists detained on board the Arctic Sunrise. The ship was stormed by armed Russian border guards earlier this year. The activists were attempting to scale a drilling platform to protest a droil exploration rig in the Arctic circle. The Syrian government has started handing over details of its chemical weapons to the international watchdog in The Hague. Syria is believed to have about 1,000 tonnes of chemical toxins. But fighting with conventional weapons continues, and not just between government forces and the opposition. Two groups who had been fighting
each opposition. Two Syrian rebel
groups who had been each other in the northern town of Azaz have agreed to each other in the northern of Azaz have agreed to a
ceasefire, proving of Azaz have agreed to complicated the pick tush on ceasefire, the ground has become. Stuck the ground has become. with no hope of going home. These with no hope of going These refugees in Turkey fled the Syrian regime. Now they the Syrian regime. must also worry about an emerging conflict between al-Qaeda and other rebel groups. Their men folk are FSA fighters. They don't think the ceasefire agreed today will make any difference in the end.The jihadis are a creation of the regime, says this FSA officer. After we topple the regime, we'll deal with them too.Slick propaganda from the main al-Qaeda group in Syria. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as the group is known was a not very subtle message of the we're on the march.The video switchs to what seems to be a camp for suicide Bombers. The young men are enjoying a last swim before martyrdom, the speaker sprains. Fill the car with explosives, he intones. Embrace death.

The The jihadis' black flag flew only briefly over the town of Azaz, but their influence continues to spread. Despite the ceasefire, the nearby border with Turkey remained closed today. Much needed food and aid are not getting through. Voting is under way in the troubled northern region of Sri Lanka for provincial elections. It's the first poll conducted there in more than three decades. The area was ravaged during the country's civil war and the move towards self-government for the region has already been marred by allegations of army intimidation. It's the first provincial council election to be held in Sri Lanka's north in 37 years. The government says it's the first step on the road to democracy for the north of the country which is dominated by the minority Tamil community. The area was ravaged during Sri Lanka's civil war. Tens of thousands of people died during it. And the government is accused of widespread human rights abuses both during the war and after it. Candidates involved in the election have accused the government of orchestrating a campaign of violence and intimidation against them. The majority of the seats in the provincial council are expected to be won by the Tamil national alliance. Sceptics. Election say that it's a whitewash. And that it will not actually give the Tamil community any more real power. They say the power will still be largely centralised in the hands of Mahinda Rajapakse's government in Colombo. Indonesia has embarked on a massive campaign to vaccinate children against deadly and debilitating diseases. About 4 million babies are born in the country each year across 6,000 islands. A norn profit group is taking on the logistical challenge, pledging it will save lives while reducing poverty. It's just a little jab, but it packs a punch.It's been really helpful. I'm happy. It brings a lot of benefits, especially for the toddlers and children. In one the toddlers and children. one injection, kids are free protection from one injection, kids are getting free protection from several free protection diseases. It's no wonder in a country with a major poverty problem mothers are country with a to get a dose of help.Indonesia has a huge birth cohort, each year more than 4 million children are born, and immunisation is probably about the best investment you can make in children's health. In terms of giving them a good start in life. Such is the enthusiasm, the launch in West Java was like a celebration. Dignitaries were welcomed like stars, and it seemed the whole community turned out for an all-singing all-dancing display of gratitude for something granted.I
Australians might take for granted.I think that vaccines are the miracle. It means that children can survive. It's so easy to prevent disease and death.One of the breakthroughs is the government's committed to ongoing support for the program. But with about half the population living in poverty, Indonesian kids still face big challenges. Nearly 20% malnutrition and nearly 40% suffer are underweight from suffer from stunted growth. At least these children have five less diseases to worry about. A homeless man in the United States found a backpack filled with more than 42,000 dollars outside a Boston store. And despite being in obvious need of the money, Mr James returned it straight to police. His honesty and integrity has now prompted a nationwide response. Homeless man Glen James made a simple, honest gesture. But it's one that's inspired people across the United States and beyond. Earlier this week, Mr James found a backpack outside a shopping centre, containing close to $45,000 in cash and travellers' cheques. Despite being in obvious need of the money herbs handed it straight to police so it could be returned to his rightful owner.Tell me how it made you feel doing that. Good. Very, very good. (Laughs) Boston police recognised Mr James with a citation for his integrity but some people thought that didn't go far enough. Marketing firm employee Ethan Whittaker was inspired by the story, and set up a donation page on-line to raise money for Mr James.It's not every day that you come across people with the type of honour and humanity that Glen displayed. The site has since raised over $131,000. I auto I want it to go to the right things, to the things that he needs. What does he need, what does he want? And you know, another thing is medical assistance. When is last time he seen a doctor. What can we do to help him out medically? James has been homeless for eight years and suffers health problems which make it hard for him to hold down a job. Despite his hardship the things he wants most in the world ...No war. (Laughs)No war?No wars. In a statement, James said even if he was desperate for the money he wouldn't have kept a penny from the bag and that he's glad it's back with its rightful owner.

Fremantle will be playing for its first ever AFL grand final appearance tonight, when it takes on Sydney in the preliminary final in Perth. The Swans are helping for Tonight's winner
back-to-back grand finals. Tonight's winner will play Hawthorn in next Saturday's season decider at the MCG. Hawthorn earned its spot in a thrilling five point win against Geelong last night. The minor premiers fought back from 20 points down at three quarter time to 1302-97. Today, Hawthorn forward Lance Franklin's shrugged off concerns over an elbow injury which saw him cradling his arm as he left the field.Awesome. Awesome, it's always good after an exciting win. Yeah, it an unbelievable experience last night and somethingly never forget.In the NRL Newcastle is playing for its first win in Melbourne in nine years when it takes on the Storm in tonight's semifinal. The Knights have lost both their games against Melbourne this year, despite leading at half-time. The Storm has only lost one match at home this season. The winner will play the Roosters in next week's preliminary times. Manly will play South Sydney after eliminating Cronulla last night 24-18 at SFS. A penalty against team New Zealand has cost it the chance of clinching the America's Cup yacht race today. After a strong start in San Francisco harbour, a penalty nor not giving way to Team USA cost Team New Zealand the lead. Team US A went on to win and they need 6 more wins to take out the competition. Team New Zealand feeds only one. A flotilla of tall ships from around the world is docked in Tasmania for the Tall Ships Festival. After a week of rain, Tasmania has put on the sun today for the Tall Ships Festival. Anything to do with boats and seafaring, Tasmanians come out in droves and that's what they've done today. Thousands are here down on the docks taking part in the three entertainment. They're also getting a chance to hop on board some of the getting a board some of the ships that
have come from all getting a chance to hop on
board some of around the global. There are three Dutch ships that sail together, as well as the Lord Nelson from the UK, and the Young Endeavour which was the gift from the youth of Australia from the UK in the year of the bicentennial. Earlier today they had some traditional tall ships games. Tug-of-war was particularly competitive. We spoke to the crew of the Young Endeavour before they took part. They were very confident given their military training but it turned out they were no match for the Tasmanian police cadet who is had them falling over within a matter of seconds. Most people as the afternoon goes on will probably be eating an drinking. I'm not sure how much rum is flowing today but there's certainly good wine and whiskey which is what Tasmania's known for. They have about four days to enjoy it before all the ships head back to Sydney. A look at the satellite. A trough and cold front are triggering isolated showers off south a Australia's south-east while a large high-pressure system is pushing isolated showers an onshore winds over north east Queensland. The high keeping conditions dry in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Looking around the country for what we can expect tomorrow:

Henry the baby polar bear has made his first public appearance today at Sea World on the Gold Coast. The 19 week old cub explored his new enclosure dubbed polar pre-school, with mum Leah as crowds looked on. Sea World hopes Henry's star power will raise awareness of the effects of global warming which is threatening polar bears' Arctic habitat. Polar bear numbers in the wild are declining with 20,000 bears remaining worldwide. You're watching ABC News 24. I will be back in a moment with headlines. Then stay with moment with an update of the headlines. Then stay with us for

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This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This Program Is Captioned Live.

The top stories from ABC News - Clive Palmer has won the Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax by a margin of 36 votes. Preferences will be distributed on Monday. If Mr Palmer does not receive a margin of more than 100 votes, the Australian Electoral Commission will conduct a recount. The leader of the Palmer United Party says he intends to take the AEC to court. The opposition has Minister
accused the new Immigration Minister Scott Morrison of keeping Australians in the dark over how many boat arrival there is've been since the coalition won government. Under Labor, every time a boat arrived in Australian waters a press release was issued but the coalition has stopped the practice. Russian authorities are threatening to bring criminal charges against Greenpeace activists over piracy for scaling an oil platform in the Arctic.