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Live.Queensland businessman Clive Palmer wins the seat of Fairfax by 36 votes. The Abbott Government under fire for its decision not to announce asylum seeker boat arrivals. Scott Morrison, who right up until when he was sworn in, you couldn't keep away from a TV camera, has gone missing.Syria submits details of its chemical weapons assets. their
The first step in a plan for their destruction.And Fremantle prepares to take on reigning premiers Sydney for a place in the AFL grand final.

Hello, live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Rachel Pupazzoni. Let's take a quick look at tomorrow's weather.

Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer has won the Clive Sunshine Coast seat Clive Palmer has won Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax
by a very slim margin but a recount is likely. He received 36 more votes than the LNP's Ted O'Brien. Ted O'Brien. Preferences will be distributed on Monday. If Mr Palmer does not receive a margin of more than 100 ballots, the Australian Electoral Commission will conduct a recount. Fairfax is the last undecided electorate in Australia. Mr Palmer is overseas on business and is not expected back in the country until next week.Mr Palmer has been highly critical of the Electoral Commission's counting process and has vowed to push for reform. A short time ago he took to Twitter to blast the AEC saying:

Well Phil Diak from the Australian Electoral Commission joins us now from Canberra. Firstly, as we've just heard, Clive Palmer continues to accuse the Electoral Commission of incompetence and corruption, what's your response? Well we have a very open process with elections in Australia. only to witness a number of
scrutineers only
elections in Australia. We've scrutineers that have been in Fairfax for the last period of Fairfax for time since election day. So it's time since it's a process that's very open. As you mentioned in your bulletin, again we're going to do a fresh count tomorrow to re-examine all the preferences of the 6 other candidates other than Mr Palmer and Mr O'Brien, that's due process, that's all explained in our candidate's handbook. And if the margin after that is less than 100 votes we'll go to a full recount. So it's a very comprehensive process and one that we undertake, you know, professionally across all of our counting which is still going on across Australia.So do you think his concerns are even valid? Well, Mr Palmer, like any member of the community or any organisation, of course, is free to make any comments they like and they could also make submissions to the joint standing committee on electoral matters which is another open process where a Federal Parliamentary standing committee goes into every election in detail and it has since
done that for, well really since the mid '80s. So there's a lot of opportunities there for community involvement. From the AEC perspective we're just getting on with the business after
and when we do return the writs after all the seats are declared, there's a further opportunity with the checks and balances in our system, there's 40 days where any elected candidate or a party can petition to the court of disputed returns, that happens from time to time. But the AEC does enjoy a very good reputation and it's doing its best to conclude this election as quickly as possible and is working very hard right now.Back to the seat of Fairfax and Clive Palmer has declared that he's won, is that too soon? There's only 36 votes in it? He certainly won to date and if there's no change in the count and it stays in his favour, of course he will be declared as the winter in this seat. So we're now going through due process. There's a full distribution of preferences that follows tomorrow and from there if the number is sustained below 100 votes we'll go to a full recount. So we're just going through all our steps methodically and of course we're working as quickly as possible. We won't have the full distribution preferences complete for a few days this week and we'll see if we need a recount and of course we're looking to declare that result in that division as soon as we can. We're already declared a lot of results in other divisions where the result is jond beyond doubt.If there is a recount, as you suggest that there may be after those preferences are distributed, what is that process? Can you explain how that works? In effect that means going through every ballot again. All the informal votes, all the first preferences for the two leading candidates, every vote that was cast, that was formal or cast, that was formal informal. It was also done in informal. McEwen, for example, in 2007 after a very close result there. From memory it was about 6 votes on the first count and I think 12 on the second. That one went to the court of disputed returns for quite different reasons in that there were challenges around hand writing and the writing of numerals and that was the basis of the petition that went to the court and informal votes were reconsidered. The outcome of that came down in favour of the candidate that the AEC had declared originally for the result which was the former MP Fran Bailey now retired from the division of McE Wen, so look, that's an example of the full process in train but of course the AEC is moving to the next step of distributing the preferences. It's a fully open process again Monday to scrutineers we're just going forward from here. And that process will take a few days to distribute those If there is still not enough of that majority, that 100 votes, how long will it be before we do find out? Are we talking weeks here? Look, on the history of McEwen, for example, I think it took a number of days. So that's, you know, that's still well within an acceptable period. The AEC will be working as quickly as it can. We've got staff in the division of Fairfax who have been working very hard and professionally since election day. So it's a process, as I say, that's scrutineered. I know it's attracting a lot of interest and we'll just be moving forward to step through all these processes.Best of luck as people continue to count all those votes. That's Phil Diak from the Australian Electoral CommissionAnd the Labor Opposition continues to apply pressure to the Abbott Government over its handling of information about asylum seeker boats arriving by boat.The Coalition has stopped new arrivals being announced by a media release. This has led Opposition spokesman Tony Burke to accuse the Government of creating a culture of secrecy around the issue.The Government's border protection policy dubbed Operation Sovereign Borders took effect on Wednesday with the PM Tony Abbott promising to make a difference from day 2. The ABC's asked both Customs and the Immigration Department whether any boats have arrived in re cent days but were referred back to the Minister's office. Labor's immigration disclosure
spokesman Tony Burke says the disclosure of information should be automatic.Scott Morrison when he debated me at the National Press Club in the final week of the election campaign refused to give a guarantee that the Australian public would be told when boats arrived and that information that has been routine, whether or not it would still be provided. We've now, in the last few days, seen that unfold in a stark fashion. Scott Morrison who right up until when he was sworn in, you couldn't keep away from a TV camera, has gone missing.The previous government used to issue a media alert every time a asylum seeker boat arrived. A spokesman for the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said such decisions will now be made by a military commander and further details on Operation Sovereign Borders will be provided next week.Bill Shorten is currently campaigning for the Labor leadership and this afternoon hosted a members forum and barbecue at the Clifton Park bowling Club in Melbourne. In his speech Bill Shorten touted his own credentials as a campaigner for the Labor cause.What I undertake to do if elected is I will do my level best working with the Labor caucus, working with the great union movement, working with the new that Labor needs to include. that Labor needs to What we hope, what we What we hope, what we worked for, what What we hope, what for, what I wish to give optimism for, optimism to all who want optimism to all who strong and vibe Party is at strong and vibe vibrant Labor Party is at the next election
when someone Party is at when someone asks you for the
Labor card Party is at the next election when someone Labor card they will do so because if because if they care about good dental because if they care about dental care they will ask only for the Labor card. If they want to do something about for the Labor card. If domestic violence they will ask only for the Labor card. only for the Labor card. If they care about science and research, innovation and education, they will ask only for the Labor card. I am a campaigner. I am a campaigner. I help build the national disability insurance scheme with thousands of people with disability and their carers. No-one spoke about disability seriously at the national level but we have done it and we should be proud about it. I have worked with the flood victims to sort out their insurance claims, I've worked with the people in the bushfire areas to reconstruct their shattered lives. We've worked to lift superannuation. This party can win if we deserve to win. We need to be the party who answers the question about the future.The NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson says raids on the offices of 2 MPs raised serious concerns. The ABC was told the offices of 2 NSW MPs were raised yesterday. The Independent Commission Against Corruption has refused to say whether it's raided the offices but both Fairfax and News Limited have identified two Central Coast MPs. These raids overnight by ICAC officers on the offices of the member for Wyong and the member for The Entrance raises very serious concerns about Liberal Party when it comes to practices of Barry fund-raising for elections. For Liberal Party when it comes over 12 months there's already fund-raising for been an investigation going on into the activities of office of the Minister for Energy relating to fund-raising on the Central Coast and now we discover two more members on the Central Coast are being investigated. This, on top of reports today that the proposed candidate for the Liberal Party in the seat of Miranda also maz - has questions being raised about him and fund-raising activities in the last federal election. These are very serious matters for Barry O'Farrell and the Liberal Party to answer. Questions that go to the integrity of Barry O'Farrell and his Liberal Government and the way they raised funds in the lead up to the last election. ICAC investigations are very serious and no doubt this is going to continue to plague the Government. The Premier really needs to explain what action he will take against these individuals, what he knew about these activities, not just as premier but as someone who is a former State director of the Liberal Party when it comes to fund-raising, whether his Director-General of Premier and Cabinet also knew about these raids. The people in March 2011 voted for something better than what we are seeing from Barry O'Farrell. This week we saw Barry O'Farrell move to protect his ministers. It looks like he may well move to protect his members from proper and thorough scrutiny. He needs to front up and he needs to explain to the people of NSW what he's going to do to deliver on those high standards of behaviour and performance that he promised in March 2011.And the NSW Premier says he has no knowledge of raids reportedly carried out on the offices of two Coalition MPs. In a statement Premier Barry O'Farrell said the Liberal Party had previously referred matters concerning donations to the electoral funding authority to the ICAC in May. Mr O'Farrell says he doesn't know whether the ICAC is investigating the referral and says he wouldn't expect to be advised of any investigation.

A fast moving grassfire is threatening homes near Harvey Bay 240 kilometres north of Brisbane. The fire is travelling in a northwesterly direction and a watch and act message has been issued for about 30 homes. More than 15 crews are fighting the fire.Owners of a Victorian Aboriginal community say they want an apology after at least one grave was exhumed by accident. Human remains were then dumped by an earth mover back into the hole. And the community of Lake Tyers says a sacred site has been disturbed by the laying of a new sewage pipe.Residents of the indigenous Tyers are angry about indigenous community of Lake Tyers are angry about the disturbance Tyers are angry disturbance of graves at the former mission site. 3 graves in the community sentries have been disturbed including one in which human remains were exposed. Charmaine Sellings was one of the first on the scene.He went to tap on, which he thought was a rock and I said, "No, don't." I realised it was a skull.Two workers digging a new grave had accidentally disturbed the remains of a man who died about 20 years ago.They didn't see any bones until I got up there and realised that there was a skull inside a hole they dug up.People gathered back at the town centre.The group of people that we met with in the - down around the administration building were very upset.They went to the officials who run the community to complain.There should have been a written apology or get the community together and apologise to the community.In a statement the Government-appointed administrator of Lake Tyers said the accident happened because the grave site isn't mapped. East Gippsland's most senior elder says she had to stop workers planting trees on family graves.I seen two trees there, what they planted there where the graves are.But residents are also angry at what's happened to this sacred men's business site. In spite of complaints, a sewage pipeline was recently laid middens but with no through the ancient middens but with no council to complain to, these land owners appear to have little say in what happens herementTwol Australians are among Greenpeace protestors taken into custody by the Russian coastguard in the Arctic Sea. The activists were targeting an oil drilling platform but there's now confusion over what happens next.The protestors attempt to board the Russian Arctic oil platform on Wednesday was always going to provoke a robust response from the authorities. Footage shows activists using ropes to climb the sides of the platform but within minutes they were intercepted by armed coastguard officers in boats.Then on Thursday night more armed coast guards used a helicopter to storm the nearby Greenpeace vessel, the Dutch registered 'Arctic Sunrise'. A total of 30 activists onboard have been arrested.All the crew, the captain, the ship should be released immediately that's why these days Greenpeace officers are all over the world doing solidarity activities, solidarity days, appealing to Russian embassies and Gazprom officers to release our colleagues.The same platform was bordered by protestors back in August as part of an ongoing campaign to highlight what they say are environmental risks posed by increased energy exploitation in the Arctic. The protest was organised from Greenpeace International's London office but staff here in the group's Moscow office are providing legal and translation assistance and vital GPS monitoring. After being told the vessel was being steered by the Russians west to Murmansk , latest GPS shows the ship being taken east into Russian territorial Waters.The demonstration and arrests have garnered international publicity. In Australia Greenpeace's regional chief tried to deliver a let tore the Russian consulate in Sydney.It's disappointing that the Russian consulate has declined to even accept a simple letter requesting that the Russian authorities release our activists, let an Australian lad come home, let an Australian permanent resident come back to Australia, give back our ship and they won't even accept a simple letter requesting they do that. disappointing.So far there has they do that. It's been no comment disappointing.So far there Russian Foreign Ministry about the ongoing been no comment from the
Russian Foreign the ongoing situation. In the Russian Foreign Ministry about meantime, supporters of the ongoing situation. In meantime, supporters of the meantime, 'Arctic Sunrise' crew can only watch the GPS screens watch the GPS screens and wait. The Syrian Government has started handing over details of its chemical weapons to the international watchdog in The Hague. But fighting with conventional weapons continues and not just between government forces and the opposition. Two Syrian rebel groups who had been fighting each other in the northern town of Azaz have agreed to a ceasefire, proving how complicated the picture on the ground has become.Stuck with no hope of going home. These refugees in Turkey fled the Syrian regime. Now they must also worry about an emerging conflict between groups.
Al-Qaeda and other rebel groups.Their men folk are FSA fighters, they don't think the ceasefire agreed today will make any difference in the end."The jihadis are a creation of the regime", says this FSA officer. "After we topple the regime we'll deal with them too."Slick propaganda from the main Islamic
Al-Qaeda group in Syria. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as the group is known, has a not very subtle message - we're on the march.The video switches to what seems camp for suicide bombers. "The young men are enjoying a last swim before martyrdom", the speaker explains."Fill the car with explosives", he intones. "Embrace death, teach the infidels a lesson."The jihadis' black flag flew only briefly over the town of Azaz but their influence continues to spread.Despite the ceasefire the nearby border with Turkey remained closed today. Much needed food and aid are not getting through.The NASA spacecraft New Horizons is now about 5 billion kilometres from Earth on a mission to examine Pluto and its moons. But once this primary objective is complete the craft will continue its solitary path into deep space. Completion of the Pluto mission should free up space on the craft's databases which astronomical artist John Lomberg hopes to fill with messages from ordinary earthlings.It's like a message in the bottle you throw it in the ocean, you never know it might be found, it might be. We will never know. It's also a message for us. It's a way of saying that our species is now able to think about contacting extraterrestrials and actually sending objects, these spacecraft out of the solar system where they will float and drift in space forever. So it seems that having a human fingerprint on these spacecraft is important and so far New Horizons has no human fingerprint on it. There's engineering accomplishment and the ashes of the a - astronomer who discovered Pluto. If anyone found it they'd want to know more about us than that. So it seemed time to make a successor to the voyager record for a new generation. We all have a desire to link ourselveses to the cosmos and a lot of astronomy and physics is beyond most people but the idea of telling u who you are to some potential alien audience is very appealing and last time it was a small group of us who were given the role or took upon ourselves the role of speaking for Earth. This time I kind of wanted everybody else to have that fun experience that I had of thinking what would you show? I mean if you'd never seen a picture of a horse, if you'd never seen a horse what would be the best picture of a horse to send. So because of the Internet we can now crowd source the content and that's what we're going to try to do, if NASA approves. Fremantle will be playing for Fremantle will its first ever grand appearance tonight when its first ever takes on Sydney in its first ever grand final
appearance takes on Sydney in the preliminary final in Perth. The Swans are hoping for back-to-back grand finals. Tonight's winter will play Hawthorn in next Saturday's season decider at the MCG. Hawthorn earned its spot in a thrilling 5-point win against Geelong last night. The minor premiers fought back from 20 points down at three quarter time to win 102-97. Today Hawthorn forward Lance Franklin shrugged off concerns over an elbow injury which saw him cradling his arm as he left the field.Awesome, awesome. It's always good after an exciting win. Yeah, I don't think anyone feels any injuries after winning a prelim and getting ourselves into a grand final. Yeah, it was just an unbelievable experience last night and something I'll never forget.And in the NRL Newcastle is playing for its first win in Melbourne in 9 years when it takes on the Storm in tonight's semifinal. The Knights have lost both their games against Melbourne this year despite leading at halftime. The Storm has only lost 1 match at home this season. The winter will play the Roosters in next week's preliminary finals. Manly will play South Sydney after eliminating Cronulla 24-18.The Wallabies will assemble in Sydney today for the rugby championship tour of South Africa and Argentina without key playmaker James O'Connor. O'Connor has been stood down indefinitely for repeated off field indiscretions. Ewen McKenzie said the ARU is investigating the latest incident. Waratahs Winger Peter Betham will replace O'Connor in Australia's 28-man squad.A penalty against Team New Zealand has cost it the chance of clinching the America's Cup yacht race today. After a strong start in San Francisco Harbour, a penalty for not giving way to Team USA cost Team New Zealand the lead. Team USA went onto win and they need 6 more wins to take out the competition. Team New Zealand needs only one.A flotilla of tall ships from around the world is docked in Tasmania for the tall ships festival. Lucy Shannon reports from the Hobart docks.After a week of rain Tasmania has put on the sun today for the tall ships festival. Anything to do with boats and sea fare ing Tasmanians come out in droves. They're getting a chance to hop onboard some of the ships that have come from all points around the globe. There are 3 Dutch ships that sailed together as well as the Lord Nelson from the UK and the Young Endeavour which was the gift to the youth of Australia from the UK in the year of the bicentennial. Yesterday the crew members were saying they were very pleased to be on the Derwent River after a chopping crossing on the Bass Strait. Earlier today they had some games, tug-of-war was particularly competitive and we spoke to the crew of the Young Endeavour before they took part. They were very confident given their military training but it turned out they were no match for the Tasmanian police cadets who had them falling over within a matter of seconds. Most people as the afternoon goes on will probably be eating and drinking. I'm not sure how much rum is flowing today but there's certainly good wine and whiskey which is what Tasmania's known for. They have about 4 days to enjoy it before all the ships head back to Sydney.

Let's take a look at the satellite. A trough and cold front are triggering isolated showers off SA's south-east while a large high pressure system is pushing isolated showers and onshore winds over north-east Queensland.The high is keeping conditions dry in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW. Looking around the country for what we can expect tomorrow: #6

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