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This Program is Captioned Live.The Abbott Government underfire for its decision not to announce asylum seeker boat arrivals. The policy I thought from the Opposition - from the then Opposition, now the Government, was that they would stop the boats, not that they would hide the A Greens can peace protest ship under tow in the Arctic Sea after it was stormed by Russian coast guards. Syria submits details Russian coast guards. submits details of its chemical submits weapons assets, the first step in the plan for their destruction.And Fremantle prepares to take on reigning premiers Sydney for a place in the AFL grand final.Hello, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Rachel Pupazzoni. A quick look at tomorrow's weather:

Labor's immigration spokesman Tony Burke is warning the Government is creating a culture of secrecy by not announcing when asylum seeker boats arrive in Australian waters. The previous Government issued media alerts every time a boat arrived but no new alerts have been issued since the new government was sworn in.The Government's border protection policy dubbed Operation Sovereign Borders took effect on Wednesday with Tony Abbott promising to make a difference from day 1. The ABC's asked both Customs and the Immigration Department if any boats had arrived in recent days but were referred back to Tim Gration Office. Tony Burke says the disclosure of information should be automatic.I've had journalists ringing me today saying "How do we find out?" Because they've been ringing the Department saying "Have any boat ace rooifed?" The Department said, "We don't answer that anymore you've got to go to Scott Morrison's office." Scott Morrison's office is refusing to answer the questions. The policy I thought from the then Opposition, now the Government, was that they would stop the boats, not that they would hide the information. The previous Government used to issue a media alert every time a asylum seeker boat arrived. A spokesman for the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said such decisions will now be made by a military commander and further details on Operation Sovereign Borders will be provided next week.The Government has issued a response to Labor's claims in a statement the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the suggestion that information will not be provided is simply wrong and a typical reaction from a Labor Party hyper sensitive to their own chronic failures on border protection. He says the Government will be making announcements about how this information will be treated from an operational perspective in coming days. He goes onto say:

The Abbott Government has again The again ruled out any expansion of the GST in its first term. But the Small Business Minister is leaving open the option of changes in a second term. Bruce Billson has told Weekend Breakfast any increase or broadening of the tax would be put to the Australian people in an election.The Abbott Government team's made it absolutely clear, we will not be changing the GST in our first term. We think the Commonwealth in particular has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. There are issues that States and other interest groupings are raising and that's why we've also committed to a white paper process to examine the tax structure and framework. We resisted calls from Labor not to even look at the GST. We've said it needs to be part of that discussion but we have no plans to change it. If that white paper and policy review proposal brings forward initiatives that the Government sees merit in we will take those to the next election. So that there are no surprises, no secrets, it's all done quite transparently and everyone knows what the rationale may be if changes are thought warranted and are taken to the electorate.The last ballot papers are being counted in the tightly contested Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax. Businessman Clive Palmer had a lead of just 22 votes over Liberal National Party candidate Ted O'Brien when the last post was counted to the AEC website at 1pm eastern time. The Australian Electoral Commission will conduct an automatic recount if the final margin is less than 100 votes.Owners of a Victorian Aboriginal community say they want an apology after at least one grave was exhumed by accident. Human remains were then dumped by an earth mover back into the hole and the community of Lake Tyers says a sacred site has been disturbed by the laying of a new sewage pipe. Residents of the indigenous community of Lake Tyers are angry at the disturbance of graves at the former mission site. 3 in the community's cemeteries have recently been disturbed including one in which human including one in remains were exposed. Charmaine Sellings was one of the first on the scene.He went to tap on which he thought was a rock and I said, "No, don't." I realised it was a skull.Two workers digging a new grave had accidentally disturbed the remains of a man who died about 20 years ago.They didn't see any bones until I got up there and realised that there was a skull inside the hole they dog un.People gathered back at the town centre.The group of people that we met with in the - down around the administration building were very upset.Think went to the officials who run the community to complain.There should have been a written apology or get the community together and apologise to the community.A statement the government-appointed administrator of Lake Tyers said the accident happened because the grave site isn't mapped. East Gippsland's most senior elder says she had to stop workers planting trees on family graves.I see two trees there, what they planted there where the graves are.But residents are also angry at what's happened to this sacred men's business site. In spite of complaints a sewage pipeline was recently laid through the ancient shell middens but with no council to complain to, these land owners appear to have little say in what happens here.And we'll take you live now to Sydney where the NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson is holding a news conference. It comes after the ABC was told the officers of 2 NSW MPs were raided yesterday. The Independent Commission Against Corruption has refused to say whether it's raided the offices of two Liberal MPs in NSW. Let's take a listen. These are very serious matters for Barry O'Farrell and the Liberal Party to answer. Questions that go to the integrity of Barry O'Farrell and his Liberal Government and the way they raised funds in the lead up to the last election. ICAC investigations are very serious and no doubt this is going to continue to plague the Government. The Premier really needs to explain what action he will take against these individuals, what he knew about these activities, not just as premier but someone who is a former State director of the Liberal who is a of the Liberal Party when who is a former State comes to fund-raising, his dr General also knew about comes to fund-raising, whether these raids. The people in March 2011 voted for something better than what we are seeing from Barry O'Farrell. This week we saw Barry O'Farrell move to protect his ministers. It looks like he may well move to protect his members from proper and thorough scrutiny. He needs to front up and he needs to explain to the people of NSW what he's going to do to deliver on those high standards of behaviour and performance that he promised in March 2011. This Government has been plagued very early in the piece by scandals, whether it was the member for Clarence who had to resign for signing a false statutory declaration, whether it's questions about conflicts of interest and appointments to government boards, whether it was the former minister for finance, Greg Pearce, who was sacked by the Premier. We have Pru Goward who is under pressure for misleading the people of NSW and the Parliament. And now we have the ICAC raiding offices of his members of parliament. I think the people rightly want to know is Barry O'Farrell going to suspend these members while they're under investigation? If he's not, he needs to explain why it is that he refuses to take that sort of action.Do you know anything about the circumstances that lead to these raids? We do know that there's been an investigation going on into the Minister for Energy's electorate office in Terrigal for some time. He's very close to these individuals. I've seen the reports that are being made today. You can only assume that these matters are all linked to the 8 x 5 matter that has been the subject of investigation for almost 12 the subject of investigation for almost 12 months.So this is something that has come from the Labor Party? This has come as a total surprise that these raids were conducted but we do know and we have known for some time that there have been serious questions about the activities when it comes to fund-raising in the office of the Minister for Energy Chris Hartcher. These individuals are very close and have been mentored by Chris Hartcher and no doubt there is a direct connection in these matters.In light of what the Labor Party has gone through what do you expect to see come out of this? The people voted for something better. That's what Barry O'Farrell promised. It's now time for him to front up and deliver something better just like he promised. If he's serious about delivering open, honest, transparent and accountable government, he will suspend these individuals while they are under investigation from the Liberal Party.Must be tough getting up here to talk about it though and send those messages when there's tlaes - been such a history on the Labor side? I made it clear from the start that I would apply a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to corruption in the Labor Party and I've demonstrated that. Whether it was the suspension of Eric Roozendaal. Barry O'Farrell should be fronting up and delivering today.These raids reportedly connected to electoral funding or donation ir regularities, what exactly would be irregular about the donations that have been reported? Well these are no doubt matters that are being investigated but what we do know from media reports over the last 12 months is that there was an operation being run out of the Minister for Energy's office in Terrigal through a front organization that money was being funnelled into that organisation and then being allocate ed to candidates to use in their election campaigns. No doubt ICAC has been working very vigorously in this investigation and has discovered more that connected both the Member for Wyong and the Member for Entrance to those matters.Chris Spence is on the parliamentary committee, do you think he needs to stand aside? Chris Spence should be not only stood aside from that parliamentary committee, he should be suspended from the Liberal Party by Barry O'Farrell if the Premier is serious about dealing with matters when it comes to intereg integrity. Cheers. Opposition Leader
And that was the NSW Opposition Leader John
Robertson. He watz addressing the media about reports the Independent Commission Against Corruption raided the offices of two Liberal MPs yesterday.A man has appeared in court charged with a string of child abuse offences following the death of a 7-year-old boy on Sydney's west. The boy died from head injuries after he reportedly fell off a pogo stick in May. Late yesterday a 29-year-old man was The prosecution has and charged with 25 The prosecution has opposed
bail telling The prosecution bail telling the court the boy
was subjected The prosecution has opposed
bail was subjected to prolonged and systematic abuse.Two Australians are among Greenpeace protestors taken into custody by the Russian coastguard in the Arctic Sea. The activists were targeting an oil drilling platform but there's now confusion over what happens next.The protestors attempt to board the Russian arctic oil platform on Wednesday was always going to provoke a robust response from the authorities. Footage from the initial action shows activists using ropes to climb the sides of the platform but within minutes they were intercepted by armed coastguard officers in boats. Then on Thursday night more armed coastguards used a helicopter to storm the nearby Greenpeace vessel, the Dutch registered 'Arctic Sunrise'. A total of 30 activists onboard have been arrested.All the crew, the captain, the ship should be released immediately. That's why these days Greenpeace officers are all over the world doing solidarity activities, solidarity days appealing to Russian embassies and Gazprom officers to release our colleagues.The the same platform was boarded by protestors back in August as part of an ongoing campaign to highlight what they say are environmental risks posed by increased energy exploitation in the Arctic. The proses test was organised from the London office but staff in the group's Moscow office are providing legal and translation assistance and vital GPS monitoring. And told that the vessel was being
steered by told that the steered by the Russians west to steered by the myrrh - Murmansk, latest GPS shows the vessel being taken ees to Russian territorial Waters. In Australia Greenpeace's regional chief tried to deliver a let tore the Russian consulate in Sydney.It's very clear and very disappointing that the Russian consulate has decline to even accept a simple letter requesting that the Russian authorities release our activists, let an Australian lad come home, let an Australian permanent resident come back to Australia, give back our ship and they won't even accept a simple letter requesting that they do that. It's disappointing.So far there has been no comment from the Russian Foreign Ministry about the ongoing situation.In 'Arctic
the meantime supporters of the 'Arctic Sunrise' crew can only watch the GPS screens and wait. And just in, businessman Clive Palmer has won the seat of Fairfax by just 36 votes. The Australian Electoral Commission will conduct an automatic recount of the final margin because it's less than 100 votes. The Syrian Government has started handing over weapons to
detailed of its chemical weapons to the international watchdog in The Hague. Syria is believed to have about 1,000 tonnes of chemical toxins but fighting with conventional weapons continues and not just between government forces and the Opposition. Two Syrian rebel groups who had been fighting each other in the northern town of Azaz have agreed to a ceasefire proving how complicated the picture on the ground has become. Stuck with no hope of going home. These refugees in Turkey fled the Syrian regime. Now they must also worry about an emerging conflict between Al-Qaeda and other rebel groups. Their men folk are FSA fighters. They don't think the ceasefire agreed today will make any difference in the end."The jihadis are a creation of the regime", says this FSA officer." After we tobl the regime we'll deal with them too."Slick propaganda from the main Al-Qaeda group in Syria. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as the group is known, has a not very subtle message - we're on the march. The video switches to what seems to be a camp for suicide bombers. The young men are enjoying a last swim before martyrdom, the speaker explains."Fill the car with explosives", he intones. "Embrace death, teach the infidels a lesson."The jihadi's black flag flew only briefly over the town of Azaz but their influence continues to spread.Despite the ceasefire the nearby border with Turkey ceasefire the nearby with Turkey remained closed
today. with Turkey today. Much needed food and aid are today. Much needed are not getting through.Miner Rio Tinto says the possibility of shutting down its alumina refinery in Gove in the Northern Territory is back on the table. The company told its employees about the move following the latest gas offer from the Northern Territory Government.In an internal memo, the mining giant says it's again considering shutting the Gove refinery after the Government's refiezed offer of 175 petajoules of gas. Pacific Jap aluminium is considering what this likely gas supply means for the refinery. Our

Clearly disappointed that they have taken the position that they've taken. It's not the end of days for Gove and the refinery. But what we want to see is a decision made and certainty provided. The Chief Minister's latest idea is to get gas to Gove from a floating mobile facility.There's a company that works with mobile LNG where they would receive gas from a different site and bring it there and be able to pump it to a refinery. The Chief Minister won't reveal the name of the company for commercial reasons.They've talked to us about being able to provide 30 petajoules of gas per annum from 1 January 2015 and we've put them in contact with Rio Tinto.Mobile LNG says it's the organisation involved. The company says the gas would more likely The company says would more likely be delivered in would more in 2016.If this could come to fruition there would be more gas than Rio Tinto was ever requiring.Rio Tinto won't comment on the mobile LNG idea and the Opposition still wants the Chief Minister to visit Nhulunbuy and speak to its 4,000 residents. But the ABC understands Gove workers were not surprised the company considered curtailing production and they want a decision to be made either way after more than a year of living in limbo.It's under a man described by Scotland Yard police as the Mr Big of cyber crime in the UK is being questioned over the theft of more than £1 million from a Barclays Bank. The crime is thought to be linked to another attempted theft which piece suspect was perpetrated by a criminal network. Britain's banks are under constant cyber attack but usually we learn nothing about it. Today was different. It was back in April that this North London branch of Barclays suffered the theft of £1.3 million. Now police have Aymar arrested 8 men. Police have seized cash, jewellery and thousands of credit cards. They say the raid was the work of a sophisticated criminal network.This particular premises we would consider to be the control room of, again I would use the term Mr Big, of UK cyber crime at present and in there is the evidence and the set up and the logistics has actually overwhelmed us.But this cyber heist depended on physical access to the before the money disappeared a man posing as an IT engineer visited the branch claiming he'd come to fix computers.Last week the same technique was used in a failed raid on a branch of Santader and police are investigating links between the two plots. Most banks have made their online services more secure by making customers use authentication devices but now they face a new need to be better about their
human and need to be They need to human They need to put more tests in place as human and physical security.
They need to place as to who's coming into They need to put more tests in their branches and what they're doing if they're meddling around their branches and what around with computers. Now it's going to be difficult because bank branches want people to come in off the street.Barclays is stressing no customers have lost money as a result of this incident but banks which have spent huge sums making their banks which have sums making their computer
networks secure from hackers now have to stop the raiders have just walking through the have just walking through door.And recapping our earlier story, businessman Clive Palmer has won the seat of Fairfax by just 36 votes.The Australian Electoral Commission will conduct an automatic recount less
because the final margin is less than 100 votes.

Fremantle will be playing for its first ever AFL grand final appearance tonight when it takes on Sydney in the preliminary final in Perth. The Swans are hoping for back-to-back Grand Finals. Tonight's winter will play Hawthorn in the season decider. The minor premiers fought back from 20 points down at three quarter time to win 102-97. Lance Franklin shrugged off concerns over an elbow injury which saw him cradling his arm as he left the field.Awesome, awesome, it's always good after an exciting win. Yeah, I don't after winning
think anyone feels any injuries after winning a prelim and getting ourselveses into a grand final. Yeah, it was just an unbelievable experience last night and something I'll never forget.The Wallabies will assemble in Sydney today for the rugby championship tour of South Africa and Argentina without key playmaker James O'Connor. stood down indefinitely for repeated off-field indiscretions. Ewan McKenzie said the ARU is investigating the latest incident. Peter Betham will replace O'Connor in Australia's 28-man squad.Atlantic Jewel's jockey Michael Rodd says the unbeaten mare faces its biggest test yet at Caulfield. Rodd and Glenn Boss helped launch the Spring Racing Carnival. Look, there is pressure and I will be definitely be some butterflies before I get on her tomorrow but once I'm on her and going to the barriers it all seem s to wash away.Glenn Boss will be aboard the second favourite Puissance De Lune. In a place best known for its mining and resources men have been learning a new skill. A group of blokes in the Pilbara have been kicking up their work boots and learning the art of contemporary dance.Damien Muller is no stranger to a challenge. The 41-year-old has climbed mountains in Peru and volunteers with the State Emergency Service. But perhaps the father of 2's most unexpected challenge yet has been learning how to dance.Something a little bit different, I suppose, an opportunity to do something outside my comfort zone.The Karratha gas plant worker is part of Men of the Red Earth, a group of 7 tradesmen, mining and other workers who took up the challenge to be turned into a performance-ready dance troupe in 3 months.It's actually quite difficult. I think I realised that before anyway but there's a lot of components that have got to come together to make this thing happen.The project is part of Oz Dance WA's Future Landings program, developing a cast made up entirely of locals and creating performances distinct ive to their towns.The guys felt in general they were perceived to be high viz wearing buffoons and they wanted the challenge the idea.This show showcases some of our experiences both good and bad in the Pilbara which probably outside or very much outside that stereotype.After weeks of rehearsals it call comes down to this. The group's first performance in front of an audience.Twisting, turning, jumping, navigating the stage and dangling from a crane, telling a story about what it's really like to be a man in the Pilbara.And it went down a treat.It was amazing. I'm fully pumped right nowment we had a fantastic night. Great response from the crowd.Good fun with a great bunch of people and, yeah, reward for a lot of effort from a lot of people.It's not clear what's next but a tour of next for men of the Red but a tour of some regional towns but
next for men of the Red Earth but a tour of some regional towns isn't out of the
question. towns isn't out of the

We'll take you live now to Melbourne where the Opposition spokesman for education and workplace relations Bill Shorten the expected to hold a media conference shortly. Mr Shorten is currently campaigning for the Labor leadership and has been hosting a member's forum and barbecue at the Clifton club.We're on a tight time schedule so without future adieu can I please introduce the next leader of the Labor and
Party, Bill Shorten.(Applause and cheering)

Thank you, Richard Marles. Thank you all for coming here. We're at the Clifton Park bowls club in my electorate of Maribyrnong mar by nonge. This electorate stuck with Labor. It's the hopes and dreams of people who live in suburbs like this that enthuse me to want to make a difference in Australian politics. I am like all of you. I am in Labor politics because I wish to make a difference. I've not named for the leadership of the oldest and best political party in Australia because I want to continue to make a difference. We know that Labor faces tough times. We know that despite some of our significant achievements at the last 5.5, 6 years that we lost the election. We shouldn't lose sight of what accomplish. The national broadband network, putting a price on carbon pollution, the national disability insurance scheme. We did a lot of good things. Our economy is in reasonable shape compared to the rest of the world. Tullamarine airport down the road, not many people, not many Aussies go overseas and get off the plane this coming home say they want to get on the plane and go somewhere else. This is a great country. The stock exchange is up, the superannuation returns were good, inflation is relatively low, unemployment, which is always the first priority of a Labor Government and the Labor movement is reasonably low compared to many other parts of the world. But we also must concede the truth. The truth is that only 34 in every 100 Australians put a number one next to a Labor candidate. This is a our challenge, friends. This leadership ballot is not about
about personalities, it is not about some of the things that the gossip and the chat of the last 6 years, as important as it is to learn the lessons of the last 6 years, this leadership ballot and indeed the next 3 years is all about whether or not the Labor Party can offer a position of relevance to the Australian people and answer the questions about where we seek to be as a nation and a peoples in 2020 and 2030 and beyond. There are millions of people who rely upon the Labor Party to answer the question of what will our future be like. There are millions of Australians who rely upon Labor seeking to form a government. This leadership ballot is about making sure that we can get 40 and 42 and 43% primary vote and indeed a majority of votes at the next election. This leadership ballot is about can we gain another million votes in Australia for the Labor Party? We should be ambition in this party. I am ambitious for this party to win another million votes and, friends, the only way we can win another million votes, the only way we can win another vote and indeed keep our votes is if the Labor Party embraces its campaigning capacities. The Parliament is
important, holding Tony

to account is a important, to account is a fundamental
task we have to account is task we have in front of us. But we shouldn't let the Coalition be the sole definition of who we are as a movement. We are the movement of Chifley housing and the Snowy River scheme. We are the movement of Whitlam higher education and reform to family