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This program is captioned live. 200m from disaster - quick thinking by two Qantas pilots averts a mid- air collision. Onlookers help rescue a stranded baby hump back. And two cracking football games. Hawthorn books a spot in the grand final with a thrilling win over Geelong and the Sea Eagles outlast the Sharks. The photographer the Royals love to hate. We will meet the man who has taken some of the most candid shots of the Windsors. Good morning. It is Saturday 21 September 2013. Good to have you. Good morning Cam. Fantastic. Great to see you. Hawthorn had to scramble last night. They did it without their top goal shooters. They had to struggle to find points. They kicked a million behind, but fell over the line, great to see. Buddy, not terribly injured. I don't think the Hawks fan also be Roryed. Cracking night of football.An excellent game. And to break the hoo doo, you had a spring in your step being a Hawks man. Kennett's curse is gone! We feel for the Geelong fans but also for the Sharks. It was an epic struggle where Manly got home in the end to progress. A couple of close decisions went against them. A lot in entertainment. Susi good morning.I hope that Mylie is not streaming us live, we have Liam passionately embracing a new woman.I think Mylie would take that hard.Anyone would.Shy may get a wrecking ball out. Let's take a look at the weather. It will be a beautiful day in Brisbane, a high of 26. Sunshine in Sydney, a cracking start to the day. Might be a late shower in store for

Now the news. Good morning to you. A man has been injured in a violent home invasion on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The 23-year-old was alone in his unit around 9:30pm last night when two men masked and armed forced their way in. He suffered cuts to his leg and arms and was blinded by what's believed to be pepper spray. A crime scene has been established and police are appealing for witnesses. A 29-year-old man is expected to front court in Sydney charged with multiple child abuse offences following the death of a 7-year-old boy in Sydney earlier this year. Homicide detectives last night charged the boy's stepfather was 25 offences, including common assault, child abuse, and child neglect. Police allege the man repeatedly abused the young boy by striking him with implements, withholding food and water and making him to sit outside in his underwear. The 7-year-old was found dead inside his home in May, reportedly after crawling off a pogo stick 24 hours earlier. There's been chilling new claims about the man who murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher. Adrian Bayle reportly fan ta sized and spoke about what it would be like to kill someone. His former work mate said the sex offender spoke to him about this. It's revealed a former girlfriend made a statement to police claiming he had violent and possessive tendencys. Tomorrow marks one year since Jill Meagher was killed. Stopping the boats is high on the agenda and Tony Abbott prepares for his first trip overseas as Prime Minister to Jakarta. Mr Abbott told Newscorp he doesn't want illegal arrivals to define Australia's relationship with Indonesia. The PM says he hopes the controversy surrounding his policies to stop people smuggling will just be a passing irritant. He's also stressed the need for Australia to develop closer and more intimate long-lasting ties with Indonesia. Syria has finally started submitting its list of chemical weapons. The Hague said it received early documentation from Syria but says more is to come. The US Secretary of State says he spoke to Russian Foreign Minister, saying both countries will co-operate to deal with the eventual destruction of the chemical weapons.We talked about the co-operation which we both agree to continue to provide, moving not only towards the adoption of the OPCW rules and regulations, but lsz a resolution that is firm and strong within the United Nations. We will continue to work on that. And Syria's President says that if America wants to destroy the weapons, they should pay for it. A toddler in the US is still clinging to life after being shot in the face in Chicago. The three- year-old was one of 13 people gunned down when gang members went on a four-hour driveby shooting rampage through the city. I heard shots. I came over here and there were a lot of people down. Police say it was a miracle that no-one kuz killed and we will cross to our US Correspondent for more shortly. Selina Gomez is apparently not welcome in Russia. She's been forced to cancel all of her concerts after she was refused a visa, reportedly because of her stance on gay rights. Pop sensation Selina Gomez this morning found herself caught up in an international firestorm. Scheduled to perform in St Petersburg in Moscow next weak, Gomez' representative said both performances were cancelled, quote "due to complications with visa applications and timing". Now some are saying that -- speculating that she's the latest victim of Moscow's crackdown on performers who publicly favour gay rights.Western pop stars have used the stage as a platform to speak out about the anti-gay actions going on in Russia. They felt that maybe Selina could do that herself.Increased violence against gays and the pass salvage of a law to makes it illegal to even speak about homosexuality infront of children has prompted performers like Lady Gaga to denounce the country's anti-gay policies on Mother Russia's home turf. This is Lady Gaga performing in Moscow last year.Tonight this is my house, Russia, you can be gay in my house. (CHEERING) Madonna did the same in St Petersburg. And gay people, here and all around the world have the same rights. The Russian agency in charge of issuing the visa says the timing of the request is ultimately to blame, not the stance on gay rights. But on Wednesday a Change petition asked Gomez to stand in solzairty with Russia's gay community, a request many think may have caused the visa complication. They say honesty is the best policy. That's certainly the case for one homeless man in the US. Glenn James found a backpack which contained tens of thousands of dollars on the street and immediately handed it into police. Officers gave Glenn a special citation for his act but many people thought he deserved more, and so they wnt online and set up a donation page to help him out.It's not every day you come across people with the type of honour and humanitarian -- humanity that Glenn displayed.And so far a whopping $124,000 has been raised for the good Samaritan, showing that honesty really does pay off. It's a big question. What would you do? 10,000 in a backpack? Do you hand it into police?It worked out better in the end. Better than citation. I bet the drug dealer was glad to get his money back. Is that too cynical?Maybe. We've got your weather and your first sports news next. A lot of sport about. It's all about the footy. The Hawks are into the final. And did the ref get it right in the Sea Eagles- Sharks match?

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What a gorgeous day. Good morning Sydney. It's a sunny Saturday for you, certainly is, a forecast top of 21. Right now it is sparkling on 12. That is a ripper. Now it's time for the sports headlines. Tim, I dopblts know where you will start. It was a rip-snorter. Hawthorn - you are a happy Hawks man - they are through to a second straight AFL grand final following a thrilling come-from-behind win against Geelong. More than 9,000 were on hand to witness the 5-point victory. It didn't start well for the Hawks. Impressive kicking put the Cats by ahead, and Shaun Burgoyne and Jack Gunston combineed to put them back in the contest.

A kick from Travis Varcoe, went wide with the Kennett curse finally lifted. I'm really proud of our players. I told them that straight after the game. We didn't talk too much. We're all disappointed, emotional, obviously.The Hawks will play the winner of tonight's preliminary final between free yo and the Swans in Perth. Manly will face Souths next Friday night for a place in the NRL grand final, following the 24-18 victory over the Sharks. Was that or wasn't that a try? That was at the semi at Allianz. The Sea Eagles scored 4-3, but a Paul Gallen try was disallowed. Can you believe that? What makes a man do that? It puts Manly on the verge of a fourth grand final appearance in seven years. Tonight the Knights are out to end an unbeaten streak. That stretches to 2004. The Knights are a quality team, and if we're not on our game, it could be our last game.You can consider that action on Channel Nine. The winner of that takes on the Roosters. Central Coast Mariners had a 2-0 win in the opening match of a preseason tournament in Indonesia. Matt Simon and Nick Fitzgerald found the way to beat the locals. It was a good competitive game.The Mariners next face Malaysia's Under 23s. James con con is in doubt from the Wallabies. He's been stood down from national duties after Federal Police escorted him from Perth Airport for being too drunk. He will miss at least the next two Test Matches. A day after saying he will miss his team-mate Webber, Vettel went head to head in rack tis. The pair topped the time sheets in a rare session, with Vettel chasing his fourts win in five outings on the F1 circuit. I know there's plenty waiting the America's Cup result. We have an Australian skipper of the US crew. As we know, New Zealand have only one win needed to win the Americas Cup. The Americas need seven in a row?Yes. Fingers crossed. Money in the bank. Now let's get the weekend weather. Where are you, Abby? I know, morning. It is all about fun today. I'm at the Royal Melbourne Show, which kicks off today. For the next 12 days it's about bringing the country to the city. It is about the food and the rides, which I will show you what is behind me coming up later, after we check the weather in your part of Australia.

Like I said, we are at the Royal Melbourne Show. Behind me is the Kids Carnival section. If you have kids six years and under you can bring them here, but it looks creepy when there's no kids on the rides. They are expecting half a million people to come through the gates from 9:30am. I will take you around the show. I will talk about a very famous showbag which is celebrating a birthday. If you are good, I might bring you back one. We will be on our best behaviour. I think you're right, that kid need -- that scene needs kids, it's a bit Stephen Kingish. Be careful. You can get on the rides, there's no queue. Go Abby get in there. The best features on the new iPhone? Do you like it? Anthony Slater will be here. After another mass shooting in the United States, the question remains - will the gft finally take action in America on gun control?

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Welcome back. There's been another mass shooting in the United States. This time it's been in Chicago, where 13 people have been injured, including a three-year-old child. For the latest we're joined by our US Correspondent Denham Hitchcock. What's the latest on the condition of the victims, including this very young boy.It's an incredible number. There's been 13 people. This young boy was just three years old. The bullet entered his ear and came out his mouth. He's undergoing constructive - reconstructive - surgery. He's said to be stable. Think think he will survive, as with all of the 13 victims. They were at a basketball park in downtown Chicago having a few games when someone pulled up and sprayed that entire area with bullets. I think Chicago Police have a bit of a problem on their hands. Last night alone there were 23 people shot - 23 - two of them were fatal across cityed with and for the year this makes it 1600 people to date have been shot in their city. A big issue in the President's home town. What do police know about the gunmen?This is one of the strange things. We don't have a lot of information, but a little bit. An hour ago chiing co-Police now think that -- Chicago Police think that there were up to three shooters who fired out of the window. Think think possibly up to three shooters, one, at least one, was an assault- style weapon, you can only assume they have taken the shell caseings off the ground and analysed the bullets that they pulled out of the victims as well. They're saying there are two warring gangs in this neighbourhood. There have been fighting for a long time. It's an eeld rivalry that goes back many decades. They think that it's gang related. They're looking for three men, but we have no identification, no IDs on these men, not even wh they look like, no number plate number. What sort of car they were in as well. So a lot of information we don't know yet.No doubt fears of more revenge attacks sparked by this. This is the second mass shooting in the US. The US President expressed his frustrations after that Washington D.C. Attack in the naval yard. Do you think we will see any action? Will it prompt the US Senate to move on the gun laws?This is the question that we always ask and rightly the rest of the world asks as well. The short answer is simply no. Cast your mind back to Sandy Hook, 20 school children between the ages of 6 and 7, six schoolteachers as well shot, that wasn't enough to change the laws. This won't be either. The sad fact is the NRA, the National Rifle Association, if anything, has only grown in strength. Now, if you look at since 2009, which is the same year I started here in the US Bureau, there's been 21 mass shootings. The FBI says there's been 21 and five of them have been ten or more people and I've been to every one of them. Now, these gunmen involved in this, more than half of them, have a mental history, a mental disorder history that either hasn't been picked up, and most of the weapons they're using have been bought legally. So sadly, I don't think we will see a change on gun laws. You can hope that we will perhaps get more identification or people raising red flags through mental institutions, hospitals, the general public, and hopefully through the police service as well. It's an all too regular story you have to cover over there. Thank you for your time. Thank you. Crazy, they won't even move on automatic weapons, it seems ridiculous from hindsight here. It's worked pretty well in our country. A double dose of One Direction. It's a double dose. Their new movie is out in theatres. Richard, with his review, coming up on Weekend Today.

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A new exhibit is opening of the Beatles looking back on the Fab Four's only tour of Australia nearly 50 years. It lasted for 13 days but made a huge impression on the country. We will have more on that in our next hour. Mass hysteria. It is time for the news. There's been a violent home invasion on Sydney's Northern Beaches which left one man injured. Police say two men forced their way into the unit around 9:30pm. The pair was armed with a machete and wearing marks when they cut a man on the leg and arm. The 23-year-old, alone at the time, was temporarily blinded after being attacked with pepper spray. A home has been destroyed by fire in Nowra, south of Sydney. A passer-by alerted authorities who arrived at the property to find it well alight shortly after 9:00pm. I called triple 0, I ran to knock on doors. I ran to two doors. I didn't get any answer. So I ran back out on the street. It I was hoping no-one was inside.The family had left for a weekend away and weren't home at the time. Investigators are working to find out what caused the blaze. Meanwhile a similar situation in Melbourne, with a home badly damaged in the fierce blaze. The blaze broke out at 3:00pm. By the time firefighters arrived, the Brighton East home was well alight. I heard broken glass, and then I heard fire engines.It took crews around 40 minutes to bring the flames under control. No-one was home at the time. A teenage boy will reappear in court on Monday after he was charged following a lengthy investigation into the armed robberys in Sydney's East. The 16- year-old from Maroubra was nabbed yesterday after a police search at the home and where they allegedly uncovered ho bile phones and a number of prohibited drugs. He's been refused bail and four people have been arrested and 70 charges have been laid. Greenpeace activists have told of the terrifying moment their ship was stormed by armed Russian guards. 30 demonstrators, including two Australians, were held at gunpoint in the ordeal with officers descending from a helicopter to raid the ship. 15 or 16 commandos abseiled onto the ship. He said they were armed with handguns, rifles and knives and they began rounding up the crew. The vierltal group was circling a Russian oil platform, protesting against drilling in the reason. Russian authorities have seized the Greenpeace ship and two people have been arrested. There are calls for a national age limit to be set for when children should start school. Some experts say kids shouldn't start until they reach the age of five years of age for the danger of falling behind older students. The head of Melbourne University's Graduate School of Education says new research says children who start school older often do better rplt. In NSW for the start is 4 years and 6 months. Parents worried about when their child should begin are encouraged to speak with their school. Gorgio Armani has unveiled his collection at Milan. He says this season is all about a pale and light-coloured palette. Transparent leggings under mini skirts are in, and clean lines on jackets and handkerchiefs around the neck. The designer says the new line is meant to be inforp Mall, delicate and easy to wear. I think judging by that, Tim, you are right on trend. You need the transparent stockings. The appeal lines. A typically gritty Manly performance has seen the Sea Eagles book a clash at Souths next week after downing Cronulla 24-18 in their NRL semi-final. A match dubbed the battle of the beaches t Sea Eagles shot out to a lead before the Sharks fought back. Ce -- Cherry-ke vans mark made the difference.

Manly play the Rabbitohs next Friday night giving Watmough a full week to recover from a knee problem. We will have an extra day recovery, a few bruises today, not an intense as last week.Tonight's game sees the Knights take on the Storm in Melbourne. The winner faces the Roosters. You can see all the action on Channel Nine and a special piece on Willy Mason tonight. It is superb and worth watching. Sydney and Fremantle will face off for one last spot in the grand final. Hawthorn wrapped up its place in the biggest game of the year after a come-from-behind 5- point win over Geelong.It's great. The reward for our players that they can dig deep and fight hard and give ourselves to -- a chance to play in another grand final. Brendan Whitecross has been ruled out of the grand final after injuring his knee. Adam Scott remains in the hunt nor the season-ending tour at East Lake. He had a mixed day chasing the leader who is four shots ahead at 10 under. If Scott wins he will win the FedEx Cup worth $10 million. Some of the best footballer tricksters have shown off their skills at the Red Bull Streetstar Finals in Tokyo. The idea is to perform as many tricks with a soccer ball as possible with Poland's Simon Scalski taking out the top prize. And for the Americas Cup, the first race was abandoned. The Kiwis need one more to win. Good stuff. Comprehensive as always. Now the weekend weather.

Good morning. We're at the Royal Melbourne Show today. This is the kids carnival section. Gates don't open until 9:30, which means I get a sneak peak. These rides are from six years and under. Considering I had a bad experience on a roller- coaster with my older brothers, this is the level I can handle this morning. But I am going to tell you a about a famous showbag that has a birthday coming up after the weather.

Looking at the combined satellite and synoptic charts, there will be a frontal cloud that will be responsible for a cloud off the SE corner of WA. There is a complex trough over the Tasman. There will be clear sky elsewhere under a ridge of high pressure. As I was saying, this is a special year for this showbag, Bertie Beetle is experiencing a 50-year anniversary. For $15, you can purchase one of these bags and you get 50 in there. Maybe you could save one and have one a week if you have the will power, which I don't think I do. I would probably eat all at once. If you guys are well behaved I will bring it back, but don't count them, there will be less than 50.I'm not a aver, I'm a gorger.So far Deb hasn't done anything naughty.I won't all day. Off she goes, flying off into the sunset.Bit weird that. We have an incredible story coming up, how beach combers hellled red rescue a stranded babe -- helped rescue a stranded baby hump back whale. Up next, Suse has this week's movie news. I don't need to tell you that One Direction boys are heading down under. They have their first concert on Monday. This week we're looking at their new concert film, 'This Is Us'.

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Well, they have taken the world by storm and they're on their way down under, so if you haven't been able to get a ticket to One Direction concerts, this could be the next best thing. This Is Us is a combined 3D concert and documentary of their success sms Richard Wilkins checks it out. This is his Movie of the Week. People started lining up five days ago. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Because of you we're Number 1 in 37 countries. I love you, One Direction.

We never expected any of this to happen.It's the film that follows the rise and rise of the boy band who came from humble beginnings to take the world by storm.

We meet the families...How big and famous you become, you will always be my baby.I think your mum prepares you to go away to university in a couple of years and then it sort of happened quickly a couple of years early for her. It was a shock to the system. I think she likes it. The hard thing is missing home and family. We become literally like brothers.I know you yueszed to say, "I'll get you a house when I'm older".It will be good to see it in six years time and have that amazing footage of the first time she went into her house and it will always be there, it will be cool. To see how they started.It must be life changing.It's always nice to get up in the morning and do a bit of dancing.Get a sense of life inside the bubble. It was really important for me to access the boys, nothing was off limits, we could talk about anything. They are a bit tight.I want to see the look. And spend an hour-and-a-half with five very likeable lads. Thank you. Love you. Come on now. Don't try this at home.

The film is interspersed with shots in 3D of the boys on stage at London's 02 arena. I have to tell you it's beautifully shot, skilfully edited and directed and I reckon it's coming up trumps on all counts as a fan film. It's not the best movie ever, but if you are a fan, you'll love every second of it and if you're not, you miegts just be by the time it's over. Have you got anything you'd like to say to the Aussie fans?Bloody ripper!Can't wait to see you guys. Strewth.Crikey. # The best song ever # We know every line Thank you. He's definitely a big fan of One D Harry is his favourite, I think, he's got a man crush.Beautiful hair on Harry. Now let's look at the Top 5 movies. Now You See Me in the top five, and Cate Blanchett's Blue Jasmine at 4.

Just in time for school holidays. Smurfs is doing well, and it has a fantastic cast, including Katy Perry and with music by Britney Spears. Now let's look at the top five singles on the Aria Charts.

Have a listen to this, Let's Get Ridiculous. # Come on, come on, let's get ridiculous. Cam, you love that?Yes. Where's the clip?He hasn't released a clip. He's keeping us guessing. This isn't the first time Redfoo reached the top of our charts. He is part of LMFAO, they've had two of the biggest singles with Party Rock Anthem and Sexy And I Know It.Can't wait to see the clip. Great. Australia's biggest surf life saving club is getting a huge makeover. Members Malcolm Turnbull and Scotty Cam will show us the sparkling new building at North Bondi, extraordinary. Anthony Slater has been testing out the new iPhone. It is worth buying? I like the upgrade. I say yes. The verdict is coming in. It is next.

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Gorgeous morning Melbourne. A late shower or two today, looking good. Today it's heading to a top of 21. And currently it is sitting on 6. All right, that is a charming start to the morning. The new iPhone is out along with Apple's new operating system, the O07. Anthony Slater will show us the new features. Looks nice. That's the new champagne colour.They are calling it gold. As you see, I'm not sure how much that is coming up on the screen. It is a more champagne colour. It's not too bling. You can't hang it around your neck as jewellery.A whole lot of people have upgraded their iPhones, because the new operating system was made available to them for free. How different is this new iPhone to our upgraded phones?It is how big an up grade. If you are on an iPhone 4, or 4S or before that, you will see a big difference. If you are on the iPhone 5, there's only really three major differences, which is the speed of the processors, it's really quick and snap pi, the camera is better, it takes in a lot more light, you can do slow motion, like 120 frames per second videos. The flash is really good as well, a dual flash. I guess the piece de la resistance is the fingerprint reader. How does that work?Unlocking your phone is a number of things people do most of the time. There's personal information on the phone, banking information, purchases, emails. A lot of people either don't have a pin code because it's a pain, or a simple one. With this you can press that home button and it will unlock the phone. Let me try it for you now. I have to do it with my right hand. It comes up here, you press there and release, and it's unlocked. It is quick and basically it's a really kind of quick way to get into your phone. It can also be used for purchases. You can set it that you have to have that purchase, that finger print in order to buy something on iTuness to stop kids from stealing your phone and making purchases. So it only recognises one finger, it will be your left or right thumb predominantly.It will do five. What happens if you burn one or injury a finger, you can't unlock your phone?Yes. And people can have, they can let their kids or family members, you know, put a finger in there as well and then have it working. I think one of the important things with it is that it is completely encrypted. It is stored only on the phone and it really encrypted well.Thank you. Now, coming up - two Qantas jets, 200m apart, it's an air traveller's nightmare. What measures are in place to presprent a collision? We will talk to one of Australia's top pilots. Up next all the celebrity gossip.Mylie's dad Billy Rae has a lengthy explanation for her shocking transformation.

This program is not captioned. # Don't tell my heart, my achey breaky heart. I wonder what Billy Rae thinks of that, surely loves the cash. Now celebrity news. There is so much happening. Let's start with the Miley and Liam update. Rumours are that Liam found himself a new girl. 24 hours after he and Miley confirmed their split after four years he's been snapped passionately embracing a Mexican actress. I can't blame him. Lack at her beautiful body. She's a big star over there in Mexico. They met in Las Vegas over the weekend and mit it off -- hit it off immediately. I suspect that made Liam to make a formal announcement about the split. Apparently according to friends he has said she can keep the quarter of a million dollar engagement ring he gave her as a momento for their love. Mylie is partly hiding over this sad news and part trying to get out there and promote her upcoming album. A tough time. This will be a horrible thing for any girl to witness.Yes. She may be going through a tough time, but Mylie's dad is standing by him.Yes, he is a dad. She's still his little girl. She got the whole girl talking last month when she did that outrageous VMA performance. He dadz has said, she's an artist. This is what artists do. He was on Piers Morga nnd and staunchly defended his daughter. It became that moment of a singer song writer entertainer finding that special moment and sometimes controversy lies in that special moment. I've never known any great artist that was Lukewarm and the fans were in the middle of it. When you are concentrating on it, does your tongue come out like Mylie's was, she was thinking about that.I wan the tongue to go away, it's too much. The one thing dad did not say, "I'm so proud". He didn't apologise to us radio announceers of the 90s who had to play Achey Breaky Heart. That's all from gossip. Good vibe today. These are the top stories on Today. 200m from disaster - quick thinking by two Qantas pilots averts a mid- air collision. Give it a push - onlookers help rescue a stranded hump back and send it back to sea. What a night of football. Two cracking games, Hawthorn books a spot in the grand final with a thrilling win over Geelong. In the NRL, the Sea Eagles outlast the Sharks with help from the referee. The photographer the Royals love to hate. We will meet the man who hasen some of the most candid shots of the Windsors.

Good morning. It is Saturday 21 September. Great to have you. Lots of good stuff in the show. Let's get cracking with the news. Thank you. The US is reeling from another mass shooting after 13 people, including a three-year-old boy, were gunned down in Chicago. Now to Denham Hitchcock for more. Police have described this horrific scene like a battlefield?Yes, and it's no wonder. There were 13 people that were shot on that basketball shot after 10:00pm downtown Chicago, minding their own business playing basketball, when they think a car pulled up and sprayed that compound with bullets. Police are now saying that they are looking for possibly three gunmen, three gunmen, that poked their weapons out of the car and sprayed indiscriminately through that crowd. They think at least one assault- style weapon was used, and so a military assault-style weapon. The tragedy is that a three-year-old child is one of the victims, Diante Howard. That's his photo. The bullet went in his ear and came out his mouth. He is stable but going through reconstructive surgery. Police spoke about them in their hunting. BasedBased on ballistics evidence at the scene and information and Intel yepbs from the scene, we believe the weapon used in this incident was an assault-style rifle with a high capacity magazine. And police certainly have a lot on their hands in Chicago. Last night alone 23 people were shot, two of them fatal. This is including those 13 that were injured in that there. 1600 for the year. When you talk about mass shootings, 21 we're up to since 209, 21 mass shootings. More than half of the gunmen had mental issues. That is probably the only thing they can hope for, that is identification of these gunmen may improve because the laws will not change. Police are hunting two men involved in a violent home invasion in Sydney's Northern Beaches. A 23- year-old man was injured with a machete when the men forced their way into the unit around:30pm. They were wearing masks and attacked the man, cutting him on the leg and arm. The victim was temporarily blinded with what's believed to be pepper stray. Investigators are working to try to find the cause behind a fire which destroyed a home south of Sydney. The blaze broke out in Nowra at 9:00pm. A passerby alerted authorities.I called Triple 0 before I ran to knock on doors. I ran to two doors. I didn't get an answer. I ran back down on the street. I was hoping no-one was inside.The homeowners weren't there at the time. Meanwhile firefighters have stopped a house fire from spreading to neighbouring homes in Melbourne. The blaze broke out around 3:00pm. By the time fire fighters arrived the Brighton East home was well alight.I heard broken glass, I thought it was getting swept up off the road. Then I heard fire engines. It took crews around 40 minutes to bring the flames under control. No- one was at home at the time. The scores of budding homeowners head out this morning. There are predictions the housing market will take off this spring, driven by low interest rates and increased demand by Chinese buyers. Sydney house prices are likely to rise by 10% or more and there's demand for high rise apartment living in the city, with several residential towers in the works. One farmer in Cuba has cause to celebrate. His faithful three-year- old cow has given birth to four calves. Having the bovine quadruplets is a rare feat, and so, too, surviving - 1 in 179 million. It's pretty cool. But years ago when I used to work in Rockhampton I did a story about a calf with eight legs.No way. What was in the water? What are the odds of that.Pretty scary. That would have been remarkable.It was special. I can't match that. I have a few Hawks here. Hawthorn is the first team through to the AFL grand final after beating rival Geelong for the first time in 12 matches. It was an extrardz nair match it puts an end to what's known as the 'Kennett curse' with the Hawks coming down from 21 in the first term to win.

It's Hawthorn's second straight grand final, but at least one Hawk won't feature next week with bren don Whitecross injuring his knee. When it is, it is serious enough for him to miss next week. That's heartbreaking for Whitey and his team-mates and our club.The Hawks will face either the Swans or fre yo with the two sides facing off in pirt tonight. The Cronulla Sharks won't be blaming the referees for their NRL loss to Manly. They went down 24-18 amid a number of controversial refereeing decisions. I can sit here and talk conspiracy theories and give you something to write about for three days, but, you know, it's over. It's albeiten. Manly will now face the Rabbitohs next Friday night and of course have your tell sprigs on Channel Nine because Melbourne and Newcastle are playing for a spot against the Roosters. The future of James O'Connor is in doubt following another alcohol- fuelled incident. He's been stood down from national duties after Federal Police escorted him from Perth Airport for being too drunk. He will miss the next two tests. Central Coast Mariners won 2-0 in Indonesia. Matt Simon and Nick Fitzgerald found the net. While we're here, we want to get good games in. It was a good competitive game.The Mariners next face Malaysia's Under 23s. A day after saying he will miss Webber, Vettel went to head in practice at the Singapore Grand Prix. The pair topped the time sheets in a rare night session with Vettel chasing his fourth win in five outings on the F1 circuit. As soon as we get Americas Cup news we will bring it. There's a few controversial moments last night. You at home decide. Tell us if this was a try was it?

Did he lose control of the ball and did he place the ball on the line? Either way, if that happens, it's a no try. What happens like the BRS in cricket, the onfield referee says, go, but they have to find every possible reason to make it a no try to change the decision. There's a better apbg -- angle that shows he lost contact with the ball. I don't think it was a try.A lot of pressure on the refs. And coming up - the amazing store prix of the group of passersby who rescueed a beached whale near Newcastle. It's a baby hump back. I think it's Australia's 7th biggest city Newcastle. It's great. We have your weather now.

Good morning. We are at the Royal Melbourne Show. It is about the country being brought to the city. My new friends think I have food. I'm at the animal nursery.Ly tell you more coming up after we check the weather. Morning.

Now, like I said, we are in the animal nursery right now, and this is so popular with the kids. They can come and pat the animals, feed them, and these little kelpie cross border colli erks are called "For" and Sale". Isn't that cute? It would be hard to choose. How beach goers saveed a baby hump back in three minutes time. Great vision, too. Stkpwh two Qantas jets were 200m from Australia's worst aviation disaster, narrowly avoiding a mid- air collision. What measures are in place to presprent a crash? Joining us is Captain Richard Woodward Vice President of the Australian and International Pilots Association. Take us through what happened and what should have happened to avert the situation.What happened is one aircraft was heading to Perth and another heading from Perth. They're normally separateed by 1,000 foot vertically. The modern navigation computers are so good that both aircraft pass over each other. The lower aircraft apparently asked for clearance to climb to a higher altitude, which would have taken him through the altitudes of the jet coming to Sydney. They got clearance to climb from the air traffic controller and then the upper jet got a collision warning advice and the air traffic controller intervened and stopped the climb. They passed 700 foot apart.In terms of aviation, that is very close.It is very close. The combined closing speed of two aircraft like that is about 1km every two seconds. It's fairly fast passing.So reaction times are everything. If the air traffic controller had not realised the danger and changed his instructions, do you any the pilots would have had time to react and make their own decision to move away?Yes. The cligts warning went off in the upper aircraft. Both aircraft should are received a resolution advisory. One manoeuvres up and one down and you pass each other of a minimum miss distance of 400 feet T pilots have to disconnect the auto pilots and hand fly that that.It's such a big sky. You can move in three dimensions. Collisions are very infrequent, thankfully, but I guess from an air traffic controller's point of view, planes on the routes move within fairly narrow lanes, do they? That's true.They try to keep them on similar paths day after day, after day.That's true, they are called air routes. These days we have direct tracking because it saves fuel. Unfortunately the navigation computers are so accurate t aircraft will fly within a few metres. It's not uncommon to hear the engines of the other aircraft as you pass over the top. Is that right?Yes.I've never heerdz that, thankfully, nervous flyer. We pilots hear that, you don't.And can passengers flying today feel safe that the situation was caught in time, or do you think there should be a review of what happened with that particular air traffic controller?There will be a review. There will be a full investigation. The air traffic controller will be interviewed, the crews, and they will establish the timeline. It sounds like it's a human factors incident, but I wouldn't like to pre-empt it. The travelling public can rest assured the absolute last line of defence, the collision warning computer, went off.When you are flying you are in the hands of the pilot, and also in the hands of air traffic control. Is there something built into the system that if an air traffic controller - I don't want to pre-empt it - if he made an error of judgement in allowing the clearance for the lower plane to go higher, is there a warning system that says, does the computer say, "Hey, you sure about that?"Well, supposedly the air traffic control system has a collision warning algoritm built into their computers. I don't know why that didn't operate in this case. The aircraft have a a collision alerting system and protects the doughnut of air space around the aeroplane, time based. So if an aircraft enters the first part of the doughnut, we get a warning and the aircraft says "traffic, traffic" to make us look for it. This aircraft has a resolution advisory, which says "climb now", or "descend now", so that was a clear indication the last line of defence operateed. So job well done in the end. Richard, can you satisfy me the stats say that it's a safe way to travel?It's the safest mode of transport on the planet. You are more at risk in your bathroom at home than in an aeroplane. You'd have to sit in an aeroplane for 1500 years to guarantee to be in an accident.I vpbts done that many hours, thank you. You have to be careful in your bathroom. More than a dozen people have helped push a baby hump back back in the ocean after it beached itself at Horse Shoe Beach at Newcastle in NSW. One rescuer joins me now. Good morning Xanthe, it sounds like an experience. What did you do to try to save the whale?Yes, it was, it was the biggest experience of the day. There was about maybe 4-7 people in the water at any given time, pushing this whale off the shore, trying to get it back into the deep chapblt of the harbour to escape to the Pacific ocean.It's thought it was a juvenille, possibly a newborn whale. How did you come across it? What were you doing when you saw it?I had just arrived at Horse Shoe Beach with my dog. We were walking down and there was a crowd of people and then I knew that something was going on, and there it was, this baby 6.5m hump back whale thrashing about on the beach.Not something you see every day. There were reports it may have been attacked by sharks, that it had slash marks. What condition was it in?It seemed to be okay, fairly active, in trying to escape from the sand. Obviously there was a little bit of damage, that might have been done from sharks or even the piers. We're not sure how far into the harbour it got. It did eventually realise what it had to do and it made its way around the rock ledge and back out at the harbour again. So hopefully back to its mother.Did it take long to get it back out into the open water?Yes, we spent a good half an hour at least on the rescue effort, before it eventually made its way out. It was a bit of touch and go, really. It kept coming back. It did try to beach itself again, didn't it?Yes. The current kept pushing it back onto the shore and it couldn't do much, because it didn't have enough traction to get itself moving, so we had to help it until it could find its own way.I know National Parks and Wildlife have expressed concern, saying you should have contacted officials rather than trying to take it upon yourself to save the whale. Was there enough time to do that?We did contact officials as soon as it beached itself on the first time. Unfortunately they didn't show up for another hour or so. I think we were left with that decision to help it ourselves and try to get it back out to its mum, where it may have been a bit more sheltered. That's the hope, that it does find its mum and its pod. Any word at all do you know on the whale's condition, has it been sighted again?I vpblt heard of any sightings since. It obviously hasn't beesmed itself again, which is good. We're not sure.Hope it's in a good condition. Well done, you, what an experience, out walking the dog. We can hear the dogs in the back ground having a lovely time in Newcastle this morning.Yeah, they have a ball down here.Good on you, thank you. Check it out, amazing. Great outcome and a job well done. A look back at the Beatles' tour of Australia. Now one of Australia's most famous beachs is getting a makeover. A $7 million redesign of the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club. Long-term members Malcolm Turnbull and Scotty Cam not in their sluggos, join us. Did you knock this up yourself?No, mate, I didn't. I did in two days. But, no, it's been a lot of hard work, but a lot of people. Today is the culmination, it's probably been a 10-year project, and right behind us is the new club house. It is outstanding.A great looking place. We often talk about Bondi being Sydney's, well, Australia's most iconic beach, but there was nothing too iconic about the previous building, was there?No, it was a bit of a monstrosity, an old brick building, very ugly. It was also rotten and falling to bits. You know, one of the great things about this project, so many wonderful things about it, its beauty and its elegance, but this is a $7 million proj, as you said, and only $1.7 million came from government. $750 from Waverley Council, $450 from State Government and half a million from the Federal Government, but the rest was raised from the members and from the community. It's just a great example of team work and devotion by the club and its supporters over a long period. There was a big government grant promised by John Howard, committed by John Howard, in 2007, $1.7 million, that Labor took away after they won the election in 2007rpbgs, and it's wonderful that now, just after the Coalition has come back, buy coincidence t club has finished but not through the actions of government. It's finished because of the commitment of its members and supporters, with big donations and mostly smaller donations.And Scotty, it's wonderful how much effort has gone in from the membership. I know that there have been a lot of fund raisers and hard work gone into raising those private dollars. Ken,, can members of the general public enjoy the facility or do you have to be a member of the club to get in?You do have to be a member to come inside, but you can have private functions upstairs, there's magnificent function rooms. You can hire that for weddings or 21st. Of course, Surf Lifesaving is a volunteer organisation and people join the club, they do work down here on the beach to rescue people, and so it's a members only club, and I think that is fair, because if you want to enjoy those facilities, you have to put in to take something out. The public enjoy the facilitys in having a safe beach to swim at. That's the most important job.I guess so. And dual celebration Malcolm, a recent grandfather.Yes. You won't attribute that to any bad Labor policies?No, that is entirely due to the providence and the good work of our daughter Daisy and her husband James Brown. Young Jack was born on 19th. And on an early inspection he seems to have large feet. He will be a great swimmer.That's very important. Are you going to head in for a swim in looks like a lovely day?Funny you say that, I know Malcolm and I have been shot from the waist up, but you can't see it, we have Speedoes on, we will strip off and go for a swim any second. We have the grand opening of the club tonight and all the members coming down and everyone will have a few beers. It will be terrific. Fantastic. Thanks for joining us both this morning. Great to finally see this project in fruition. A market change on the previous building. That's a beauty.Yes. Cut away before they get into their Speedoes. And never mind One Direction, we know they are heading down under, but when the Beatles toured Australia, they sparked mayhem. Richard Wilkins looks back at the Fab Four's one and only tour down under.

Pch # Twist and shout # Twist and It was 1964, and Australia was

Of epbg

out if Ringo had tonsilitis.The
boys drew a huge crowd to their first show in Adelaide.Adelaide has never seen a crowd like it. Look at those people. They're not all teenagers.I think half the city turned out, 300,000. It was the most fantastic.Unfortunately for the hundreds of screaming fans, the show had to be shut down before it even began. 25,000 fans nearly overwhelmed the police. Two girls were trampled under foot and police horses were out.300 police officers and 100 military personnel attempted to keep the crowds at bay as John, Paul, George and Ringo reunited in Melbourne. Ringo is on the way.It was their biggest welcome yet. On the balcony of the hotel it was great, we loved the crowd, Australia was cool. The Beatles are here on the balcony. It was madness, they almost pushed a group of young girls through the front window. One of them was one of my granddaughters. She was 15. And we had 40 or 50 girls that had to find doctors, because the girls had been passed out.

In just four years the Fab Four went from a tiny stage in a small club in Liverpool to the top of the charts everywhere. They became the biggest band in the world. I don't think even the Beatles knew, but as time goes by, it has been proven that the songs that they wrote put them in a class above just about everybody else. # She's got to do right by me Certainly made an impression. And in our next hour, we will look at some of the memorabilia of the tour buy the Beatles. It is going on display today, an amazing exhibition for the first time in Australia. The original Royal papparazo, we have the photographer who talk the Windsors in candid moments. Princess Anne taking a tumble. We will speak to him.

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# You think I'm just too serious # I think you're full of sh... T She is an unofficial Aussie. A revealing interview. She's telling us about motherhood and her tour of Australia. In the next half hour. Now the news. Thank you. A man has been temporarily blinded in a sprie lent home invasion in Sydney's Northern Beaches. The 23-year-old was aplon when two men stormed his unit wearing masks and armed with a machete. The victim suffered cuts to his arm and leg and being attacked with pepper spray. Police are appealing for anyone with information. Fire guted a home in Nowra. A passerby noticeed the flames.I called Triple 0. I ran to two doors, I didn't get any answer. I ran back down on the street. I was hoping no-one was inside.Thankfully the owners weren't home at the time. Lifeline is collecting donations for the family of a toddler who was killed in a house fire in tootoo. -- Toowoomba. The two-year-old was asleep when the blaze erupted in the kitchen. He was being cared for by his 15-year-old aunt. She, along with three children, managed to escape the blaze. Many people have already been quick to help with cash, donations and furniture already being donated. 13 people are still in a critical condition in the US, the victims of the latest mass shooting, this time in Chicago. The youngest victim, a three-year-old toddler. Police say the gunmen drove around firing an assault rifle.I heard shots. I came over here, there was a lot of people down.Police suspect the late night attack was gang related and says it was a miracle no-one was killed. It is said to be a sea of colour in beaches across NSW as 21,000 volunteer lifesavers officially returned to the job. More than 125 clubs will start patrols around 200 beaches and in what will be the organisation's 107th year. With unseasonably warm weather sweeping lifesaves are bracing for a busy summer. They will be on patrol until late April 2014. Forget the old tin of dog food, a new book revealed just how fond the Queen is of her corgis, giving new meaning to pampered pooches. Every day 5 -- 5:00pm sharp, a footman prepares for the feast, and the monarch pours thick gravy over the feast. She has two corgis and owned 30 pets in her aim. Prince Philip is said to loathe the animals, saying they are spoilt and yap too much.I'm with the prince.That may explain the fate of the past 28. There's a story.You reckon Prince Philip is putting something in the gravy? Now a weekend of sport in September is wonderful. A great chat with Willy Mason on Channel Nine's coverage of the Melbourne Storm and Willy's Knights. The winner of this is through to the grand final. Manly moved to within a game of a decider with a 24-18 win.

Daly Cherry-Evans starred for the Sea'Lllings. -- Sea Eagles. It is season over for the Sharks. Though there are controversial decisions, they are saying no excuses for them. Chris Scott is refusing to criticise his player after they blew a 20-point lead and threw away a place in the AFL grand final. They went down to Hawthorn by five, their first loss to the Hawks since the 2008 grand final.Maybe in a couple of months we will look at it a bit more in, slightly more calculating manner. At the moment I'm not going to get drawn into being too hard.Well done, the Hawks. Travis Varcoe had a chance to win it in$$SOFTKEY1 id the final minute, but his kick flew wide.

If Adam Scott wins at East Lake, he will claim the FedEx cup. When my putts weren't going in, he was running off, that was the difference between sticking with him. Now he has a gap. The Americas Cup will continue for another day after Or kl Team USA claimed the only win of the day. They are sensational pictures. They stormed home ahead of Team New Zealand, but it could be delays the inevitable with the Kiwis nieding one more win to seal the cup. They are spectacular pictures. We mention the controversial decision last night and we saw Paul Gallen say, "We can't blame any of this". I think most of us on this couch are agreeing this wasn't a try as I think it was his 17th year. The referee awarded the try live. You can see the separation, the ball leaves his grip completely at one stage. There's a front-on angle that shows it clearly. I can see why the referee thought it was a try. I can't see why the video referee didn't find enough reason to overrule it.I think that is logic. That is part of the problem, in the sport that we watched, there's been controversy with videos. There's no commonsense to some of the decision, or overturning. That wasn't a try.Who would want to be a referee. Newcastle or Storm?I think the Storm's experience will get there. Newcastle will kick them to the edge, like they did in the game they played down there. What do you think?I think Storm, too.I think Storm. Home field.Out of respect for everything they've done, it's harbd for them to imagine losing these clutch games. They looked tired last week.One word, Cameron Smith.That's right fplt. Morning Murray. Well, the Tigers - not the football variety, but tigers in the wild are predators. Their numbers are dwindling. Now tourism could help bring them back. In the jungles of North East India, I'm in pursuit of one of the world's most mysterious beasts. India's great Bengal Tiger. That's a roar.Impressive. Tiger tourism, coming up in 6 minutes. Now let's get the weather with Abby. Good morning?Deb, Cam, I'm at the Royal Melbourne Show. I'm at the area which shows kids where their food comes from. They can sheer a sheep, grind some grain and milk a cow. I'm here with Fern. She is six years of age. She was a show girl, but there are many cows in show business. Unfortunately she didn't make it. She didn't win any prizes. She has retired here to the milking barn, which kids can do, and... Pretty.Big eyes. I'm going to attempt to milk her.More milking? Yes. Again. I know. I should be a pro. Up in Queensland.

I feel guilty, because my hands are cold. I need to warm them up. She is in calf. She is pregnant at the moment. Fingers crossed I get some milk. Are you ready? Hold your breath. Yay. And don't forget, it is free for the kids to come and milk a cow. Come down. If you are coming to the Royal Melbourne Show, come down. Back to you guys. Says it all. Thank you. It is time now for what's making news. Joining us is Robert Craddock. Great to see my old flatmate again. And Colin Barnett wants a GST increase to pay for state services. Tony Abbott says it is never going to happen. What do you think, mate? Well, I think it's interesting the dear old West, they're not half bad, are they, they've had the biggest mining boom you've seen, they've just, somehow, managed to lose their Triple A credit rating and are coming back to the government. I think the fault with WA is they spent money as if the boom would never come to an end. I think this is really interesting, because the big thing with Tony Abbott is that he's trying to establish the difference between him and Labor that if he says something, you can believe it. Now, he has said non- negoshably there will be no increase in the GST. Now, it may be the best thing for the country, who knows, but he cannot go back on that promise. We will not see that in the next three years. If he did, his reputation would simply be in tatters. So, as I said, sometimes a government's promises restrict them from being the best government they can be, but he's got to wear this. He's got to stand by his word. That's exactly right. One of the really poignant moments was when he said that he wants to be a different type of Prime Minister in a different type of government, and be held accountable for all the promises they made. You're right. It could paipblt him into a corner some time soon. Thank you. There are calls for a national minimum age requirement before children start school. The experts say our kids shouldn't head off until they're five. We're parents. What do you think of this?I've jumped the fence. Before I had kids I thought, yeah, the earlier you get them in the better. Life doesn't work that way. They're smarter, more aware than we were at that age. I disagree. You have an example like Finland, whose children start when they are 7. That is probably too late, but they only have nine years of school, but it's reasonably intense, so they rate among the best nations in the world.

among the best nations in the world.
The older kids are not learning as quickly as they could, you can't deal with everyone. I have to say, there's no-one solution, Cam, I was going to ask you what you think about this. My feeling is, I so often hear this line - oh, I kept Harry down for a year and it was the best thing I ever did.I have to make that decision now, our little girl is four, and could go to school next year, but we're going to hold her back a year, because, this is news to her, by the way, because she aspires to the five-year-old. She says, "Clara is five", as if that is a great attainable goal. I think it is better for her to be one of the kids others aspire to, rather than go into that tender age, a little bit emotionally underdone. Is she a heartthrob like her dad?She is. One woman is outraged by the amount of space that men take up on public transport. She is starting her own blog, uploading photos of guys sprawled across seats.

We resemble that remark. The more relaxed men get, the more they spread their legs. When we were flating everything got spread throughout the house. There would be shirts in the kitchen, there would be utensils in the bedroom. Timmy owns that couch.

Hey, even look at me now, now, that is a natural poise for me, right here now...I have my legs as those guys were on a train. But I ask this... I ask this lady this, Cam, what does she want me to do? How would qou feel if I was with legs up there going, look, Cam, that salladz was great the other day, and that avocado was divine? What are we supposed to do?You know what, chicks may hate the way we sprawl out like that, but they would miss it if we stopped doing it. They would say, "What's wrong with that guy?" You have to be confident enough to sprawl. It's a display, animals do it across the kingdom. Keep your knees together, but don't bother, have a great day sprawled out on the couch. Who are you tipping? Are you going the Storm or the Knights. I have a feeling that the Storm may have let one or two too many good players go too soon.

players go too soon. Wayne Bennett, he is dumbing everything down, nice and simple. I worry when you're playing Wayne Bennett in the finals. He comes up with something.He certainly does, thank you. Enjoy the weekend. And, Deb, you will speak to a photographer later on. The Royal Family is not happy with this fellow, because he gets candid shots of the Royal Family at play? He does, so much nor the current breed of paps. Ray Bellisario showed the Royal Family in xan did photos. There is the Queen doing the twist at Balmoral Castle. A great chat with him shortly. ManufactureTigers are magnificent animals. Their numbers are dwindling. A few thousand remain in the wild. There is a controversial new plan to bring them back, it is called Tighter Tiger Tourism.

There's some coming up.It's an adrenalin rush you won't find in any zoo. In the jungles of North East independent ya I'm in hot pursuit of one of the world's motor mysterious beasts. India's great Bengal Tiger.To the left, to the left. In the trees. Do you see him?As we catch up, we're joined by a paparazzi, of fellow thrill seekers. More than a dozen vehicles packed with tourist stalking the same cat. It's a scene critics call "obscene" and traumatising for the animals. But now support for so-called tiger tourism is coming from a very unlikely place - the world's top conservationists, who say it's the only way to keep the cat from vanishing forever. India's tiger - it's on the brink in a country where nearly 1,000 people per Square Mile - and there are fewer than 1700 in the wild. It's an epic battle for survival. Sometimes the cats fight back, when humans move in on their territory. More often they end up the trophies of poachers. We come to the front lines of the war. This has become one of the best places to see tigers.Our giet is Belinda Singh, tiger conservationist. Few people have spent as much time with with tigers than Sengh. He's been coming to this park since he was 7. He's witnessing playful moments between siblings and intense battles over territory. I doubt if any other creature can come close to the tiger in its magnificence. Its regality.

You follow it. This is how we usually listen to our animals. The jungle is always talking to you. We usually do find the predator. But not long ago this safari would have been illegal. Last year independent ya's Supreme Court banned all tiger tourism,. Scenes like this sparked a co