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This Program is Captioned Live.Culture of secrecy, Labor attacks the new Government over its failure to disclose asylum seeker boat arrivals.

Russia threatens Greenpeace activists with criminal charges after storming a protest ship in the Arctic. Syria cooperates with UN inspectors, handing over details of its chemical assets iffor the first time.And Hawthorn through to the AFL grand file beating Geelong at the MC G.Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Miriam Corowa. Let's check the weather:

Labor's immigration spokesman Tony Burke is warning the Government is creating a culture of secrecy by not announcing when asylum seeker boats arrive in Australian waters. The previous Government issued media alerts every time a boat arrived but no new alerts have been issued since the new government was sworn in.The Government's border protection policy dubbed Operation Sovereign Borders took effect on Wednesday with the PM Tony Abbott promising to make a difference from day one. The ABC's asked both Customs and the Immigration Department whether any boats have arrived in re cent days referred back to the Minister's
office. referred back to spokesman Tony Burke says the spokesman Tony Burke disclosure of information should be automatic.I've should be automatic.I've had journalists from all publications ringing me journalists from saying how do we publications because they've been saying how because they've been ringing
the Department saying "Have any boat ace rooifed?" The department said, "We don't answer that anymore, you've got to go to Scott Morrison's office." Scott Morrison's office is refusing to answer the questions. The policy I thought was that they would stop the boats, not that they would hide the information. The previous Government used to issue a immediate - media alert every time a asylum seeker boat arrived. A spokesman from the office of Scott Morrison said that decision would be made by a operation commander.Businessman Clive Palmer has a slender lead heading into the final day of counting in the Queensland seat of Fairfax.He's in front of Liberal National Party candidate Ted O'Brien by just 111 votes. The Australian Electoral Commission says about 450 votes will be counted this morning as well as any late last
postal votes that arrive before last night's deadline. There will be an automatic recount if the mar margin is less than 100 votes but candidates can request one if it's a bigger gap. The PM's decision to scrap the Climate Commission has attracted crit siesm from overseas. The Grantham Research Institute in the London School of Economics is one body who has long advocated more action on climate change. Its policy and communications director Bob Ward spoke to Europe correspondent Mary Gearin about his views of how the scrapping of the Commission is seen in the rest of the world.I think most people from outside Australia will find this a very strange mood for any government having a source of independent expert advice on an issue that's as complicated as climate change is really invaluable. For Mr Abbott to decide he doesn't want to listen to the experts anymore because he doesn't want to have to deal with climate change is want to get rid of cancer by a bit like somebody saying not listening to want to get rid not listening to the doctors anymore. It's a completely inexplicable and incomprehensible decision.Why can't the Government rely on experts outside of the climate Climate Commission, other scientific communities within Australia? One would expect Mr Abbott to listen to all the experts but all the best climate experts or most of the best experts were on the commission and that's an incredibly valuable for source for those scientists to be willing to devote their time to giving the Government advice and Australia now must be wondering whether the Government is going to be able to make good decisions if it's decided that it doesn't want to have a commission that gives an expert, independent advice about climate change.Are other repositories of knowledge, the intergovernmental panel on climate change couldn't provide Australians with what they need.It's an expert body but reports every 6 or 7 years. The commission in Australia was telling the Government about the impacts of climate change in Australia and it was a resource that was directly available at any point for the Government to draw upon.Doesn't Tony Abbott have the right to determine his own Government's agenda? Mr Abbott is free to do anything he wants but I think he serves the people and the people will want to know that Mr Abbott is well-informed about the issues that he's making decisions about. Deciding he doesn't want to listen to independent experts about climate change doesn't seem to me like he is being sure about making Grantham
well-informed decisions.The Grantham Institute and you personally have come under fire for not supplying independent viewpoints as you put it and is it the case then that the climate commission and many other bodies haven't won the fight yet, are still struggling to be seen as independent and neutral? There's a fairly weak line of argument that opponents of action on climate change views, which is essentially if you don't agree with their point of view you're somehow compromised. The fact is that universities are a good source of independent expertise, they don't rely on governments telling them what to do. Now, if politicians may not like the advice that they're getting and they don't even have to act upon it but if they decide they're not even willing to listen to the experts then I think Australians must be asking themselves how is Mr Abbott going to make sure he's making well-informed decisions about climate change.Grantham Institute's Bob Ward speaking to our correspondent Mary Gearin in London.Russian coastguard seized the arctic 'Sunrise' amid claims 'Sunrise' amid claims of announced
provocative behaviour and announced it would be towed to the nearest port but the vessel appears to be heading in the opposite direction. The protestors' attempt to board the platform on Wednesday was going to provoke a robust response. Footage from the action shows activists using ropes to climb the side of the platform but within minutes they were inter-Sepped by armed coastguard officers in boats. Then on Thursday night more armed coast guards used the helicopter to storm the nearby Greenpeace vessel the Dutch registered 'Arctic Sunrise'. A total of 30 activists onboard have been arrested.All the crew, the captain, the ship should be released immediately. That's why these days Greenpeace offices all over the world doing solidarity activity s, appealing to Russian embassies and Gazprom officers to release our colleagues. The same platform was boarded by protestors in August as part of an ongoing campaign to highlight what they say are environmental risks posed by increased energy exploitation in the Arctic. The protest was organised from Greenpeace but staff here in the group's
International's London office Moscow office are providing legal and Moscow office legal and translation assistance legal assistance and vital GPS monitoring.And after being told that the vessel was being told that steered by the Russians west to Mermansk, latest GPS shows the vessel being taken east.The arrests have garnered international publicity. In Australia Greenpeace's regional chief tried to deliver a let tore the Russian consulate in Sydney.It's very clear and disappointing that the Russian consulate has declined to even accept a simple letter requesting that the Russian authorities release our activists, let an Australian lad come home, let an Australian permanent resident come back to Australia, give back our ship and they won't even accept a simple letter requesting that they do that. It's disappointing.So far there has been no comment from the Russian foreign Ministry about the ongoing situation. In the meantime, supporters of the 'Arctic Sunrise' crew can only watch the GPS screens and wait.The Syrian Government has started handing over details of its chemical weapons to the international community's watchdog in The Hague. Syria is believed to have around 1,000 tonnes of chemical toxins but fighting with conventional weapons continues and not just between government forces and the opposition. Two Syrian rebel groups who had been fighting each other in the northern town of Azaz have agreed to a ceasefire proving how com-I will - complicated the picture on the ground has become. Stuck with no hope of going home. These refugees in Turkey fled the Syrian regime. Now they must worry about an emerging conflict between Al-Qaeda and other rebel groups. Their men folk are FSA fighters. They don't think the ceasefire agreed today will make any difference in the end.The jihadis are a creation of the regime, says this FSA officer. "After we topple the regime we will deal with them too."Slick propaganda from the main Al-Qaeda group in Syria, the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, as the group is known is not a We're on the not a very subtle We're on the march. The video switches to We're on switches to what seems to be a camp switches to what seems to be a camp for suicide young men are enjoying a last swim before martyrdom the speaker explains.Fill the car with ex-closives, embrace death, teach the infidels a lesson.

The jihadists' black flag flew only briefly over the town of Azaz but their influence continues to spread. Despite the ceasefire, the nearby border with Turkey remained closed today, much needed food and aid are not getting through.There's been a spate of violent attacks ahead of today's provincial elections to be held in northern Sri Lanka. It's the first local poll to be held in the region in more than 3 decades. The area was ravaged during Sri Lanka's civil war. It's hoped the elections will provide some measure of self-government to the region. South Asia correspondent Michael Edwards is in Sri Lanka.It's the first provincial council election to be held in Sri Lanka's north in 37 years. The Government says it's the first step-on the road to democracy for the north of the country which is dominated by the minority Tamil community. The area was ravaged during Sri Lanka's civil war. Tens of thousands of people died during it and the Government is accused of widespread human rights abuses both during the war and after it. Candidates involved in the election have accused the Government of orchestrating a campaign of violence and intimidation against them. The majority of the seats in the provincial council are expected to be won by the Tamil National Alliance. Sceptics of the election say that it's a whitewash and that it will not actually give the community any more real power.
They They say that power will still be largely centralised in the hands of the Government in column bow.The US is reeling from 2 mass shootings in one week. Yesterday 12 people, including a 3-year-old boy, were injured in a shooting attack in Chicago. It happened on a basketball court in what police say is a gang-related incident. It follows a shooting rampage by a military contractor at a navy base in Washington DC earlier this week in which 13 died. For more we're joined by our North America correspondent Lisa Millar and leasar, what do we know now about this latest incident in Chicago? Well, we today
heard from the police chief today who said that they're believe
hunting 3 gang members who they believe were firing. At least one of them had an assault weapon. Not a lot of details. No-one died, in fact in the scheme of things it's not necessarily a serious gun incident when you look at how many we see here in the US. Every day we hear stories of various gun events. This one, everyone survived, including the 3-year-old who was there as well but what we do know gang-related, an assault weapon likely to been an illegal weapon. In fact the police chief was fairly passionate about how many illegal weapons they have to seize every year and 5,000 already in Chicago alone. The trouble is as soon as they seize them more of them go back out onto the streets. So they just feel like they keep losing this battle.And as you said, Lisa, there are so many incidents happening, we've also had the incident involving the navy in Washington DC. Is there any sign that the debate against changing gun laws might be softening somewhat? Not really. And Miriam, sometimes you just despair at how senseless some of these incidents are. Today another story about two men who got into of them into a road rage of into a road rage incident, both
of them were carrying concealed weapons. of them were carrying weapons. They parked, got out of their cars weapons. They parked, got of their cars and shot each other dead. Just another daily story here about gun violence in America. We've got the in America. We've got memorial on Sunday for the navy yard victims. The President will be there but there's no indication that he will use that event to speak out about gun reform. It really is at a bit of a stalemate. Quite frankly, if they weren't able to make changes happen after Sandy Hook and the death of 26 people including 20 children, then it's just not looking like it will happen at all.And Lisa, to other domestic news there in the US, we've got budget negotiations continuing. It looks like there could be potential trouble for President Obama's signature healthcare legislation? Well, negotiations is probably not the word that you'd be using. They've been talking about kamikaze tactics and deadbeats. That's what the President said America would end up looking like if this shut down of the government funding occurs. The deadline is October 1. In a nutshell what's happened, the Republicans have only agreed to continue funding the Government and federal employees, keeping post offices open, you name it, they will only do that if healthcare, Obama care, is de funded. They've passed that today and the Senate, controlled by the Democrats will knock it back. If there's no agreement between October 1 then we will see a budget shut down, a government shut down. We've been down this track before. I'm sure I've spoken to you in the past because they you about it as well, Miriam, in the past because they keep taking in the past because taking it to the brink and someone blinks and it's resolved. We will see a lot of agitation and words being tossed around over the next week or so.And no doubt we will speak again. Thank you so much. Lisa Millar, our North America correspondent.The international legal campaign against Australia's controversial plain cigarette packaging laws is spreading with Indonesia joining a formal challenge at the World Trade Organisation. Indonesia is the 5th country to challenge Australia at the WTO over the legislation which requires tobacco products to be sold in olive green boxes. Other cases have been brought by Ukraine, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. The countries argue that Australia's law breaches international trade laws and intellectual copyright to brands.The Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong and China are on high alert for category 5 typhoon Usagi. Small land slides have been reported on the main island of Luzon. Fishing villages in the north of the country have been evacuated and ferry services have been suspended. The super typhoon is the strongest storm in the western Pacific this year packing winds of around 200km/h. Usagi is expected to reach southern China on Sunday. Indonesia's embarked on a major campaign to vaccinate millions of children against diseases that kill and debilitate. The country has about 4 million birth every year and it's spread across 6,000 islands. A group called the global alliance vaccination and immunisation is behind the drive that also promises to reduce poverty.It's just a little jab but it packs a punch. TRANSLATION: It's been really helpful. I'm happy. It brings a lot of benefits, especially for the toddlers and children.In one injection, kids are getting free protection from diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis and influenza. It's no wonder in a country with a major poverty problem, mothers are queuing up to get a dose of help.Indonesia has a huge birth cohort, each year more than 4 million children are born and immunisation is probably about investment you can make children's health in investment you can children's health in terms of
giving them a investment you can make in
children's health in giving them a good start in life.Such is the enthusiasm the launch in West Java was like a celebration. Dignitaries were welcomed like stars and it seemed the whole community turned out for an all-singing, all-dancing display of gratitude for something Australians might take for granted.I think that vaccines are the miracle. It means that children can survive and so it's so easy to prevent disease and prevent death.If you have a healthy child your child can go to school, he or she can learn and he or she can be a productive citizen in the future. If you have a sick child as a parent you lose days at work so your family's at risk.One of the breakthroughs is the Government's committed to ongoing support for the program.But with about half the population living in poverty, Indonesian kids still face big challenges. Nearly 20% are underweight from malnutrition and nearly 40% suffer from malnutrition and suffer from stunted growth.At least these children have 5 less diseases to worry about. Two bombs hidden inside air conditioners have exploded in a mosque in Iraq killing at least 15 people. Officials in the city of Samarra say the explosions occurred during Friday prayers in a Sunni place of worship. At least 21 people were also wounded in the attack. Iraq is weathering its worst bout of violence in half a decade with more than 4,000 people killed across the country since April.It's proof that good deeds do not go unrewarted. A homeless man in the US found a backpack filled with more than $42,000 outside a Boston store. Despite being in obvious need of the money Mr James turned it straight into police. His honesty and integrity has now prompted a nationwide response.Homeless man Glenn James made a simple, honest gesture. But it's won that's inspired people across the US and beyond. Earlier this week Mr James found a backpack outside a shopping centre containing close to $45,000 in cash and travellers cheques. Despite being in obvious need of the money, he handed it straight to police so it could be returned to its rightful owner.Tell me once again how it made you feel doing that?Good, very, very good.Boston police recognised Mr James with a citation for his integrity but some people thought that didn't go far enough. Marketing firm employee Ethan Whittaker was inspired by the story and set up a donation page online to raise money for Mr James.It's not every day that you come across people with the type of honour and humanity that Glenn displayed.The site has since raised over $131,000.I want it to go to the right things and to the things that he needs, you know. What does he need? What does he want? You know, the other thing is medical assistance. When was the last time he's seen a doctor, what can we do to help him out medically?James has been homeless for 8 years and suffers health problems which make it hard for him to hold down a job. Despite his hardship, the thing he wants most in the world... No war.No war? No wars.In a statement James said even if he was desperate for the money he wouldn't have kept a penny from the bag and that he's glad it's back with its rightful owner. Now time for the business Now news. And when the markets Europe closed a couple of hours ago:

Smart phone giant Blackberry is expected to cut 40% of its work force or 4,500 jobs, after projecting a $1 billion second quarter loss.Trading in Blackberry shares have been halted on the Toronto stock exchange and the NASDAQ in New York ahead of the official announcement next week. The troubled smart phone maker has watched its market share tumble in re cent years as traditional phone makers moved into the smart phone market. The construction workers union says fines imposed by the Federal Court over a strike in WA's Pilbara are a sign of things to come under the Abbott Government. The Federal Court handed down fines of between 100 workers
$1,000 and $10,000 on more than 100 workers who walked off the job in 2008.The court found the industrial action at Woodside's LNG expansion project was unlawful. The union says they expect more pressure on striking workers under the new Government.US Barack Obama has unveiled a proposal to limit carbon emissions on new power plants built in the US. It would be the first federal attempt to impose limits on the pollution blamed for global warming. Under the plan new gas-fired power plants would be limited to 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per megawatt hour. Currently the average coal plant admits about 1,800 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour. The proposal is opposed by the coal industry and congressional Republicans. Minor premiers Hawthorn are through to the AFL grand final after a thrilling 5-point win over Geelong at the MC G.The Hawks fought back from 20 points down at 3 quarter time to win 14-18-102 to 15-7-97. Geelong's Travis Varcoe had a chance to level the scores with 30 seconds left but his 30 metre shot faded just off target. The win finally breaks the Kennett curse. Alastair Clarkson has confirmed Brendan Whitecross is set to miss the decide wer a knee anywhere Ji.The Sea Eagles eliminated Cronulla last night with a 24-18 victory at the Sydney Football Stadium. Daly Cherry-Evans starred for Manly. Paul Gallen appeared to have tied the scores in the 75th minute after he crashed through 5 defenders to touch down.But replays showed John Morris had impeded Matt Ballin in the play of the ball. Manly centre Jamie Lyons is in doubt for the grand final qualifier with a leg injury.The Wallabies will assemble in Sydney today for the rugby championship tour of South Africa and Argentina without key playmaker James O'Connor. O'Connor has been stood down indefinitely for he re peated offfield indiscretions. Wallaby's coach Ewen McKenzie said the ARU is investigating the latest incident. Peter Betham will replace O'Connor in Australia's 28-man squad.

Let's take a look at the satellite. A trough and cold front are triggering isolated showers in SA's south-east while a large high pressure system is pushing isolated showers and onshore winds over north-east Queensland. The high is keeping conditions dry in Tasmania, Victoria and Looking around the country:

That's the news for now. I'm Miriam Corowa. Stay with us. I'll be back with a check of the headlines next and then it's time for 'The World This Week'. You're watching ABC News 24.Captions by CSI Australia

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories from ABC News - Opposition Immigration spokesman Tony Burke has attacked the new Government over its changes to announcements about asylum seeker boat arrival s. Under Labor media alerts were issued every time a boat arrived but that practice has been abandoned under the coast. Tony Burke says the lack of attention around arrivals will create a culture of secrecy. Greenpeace activists have been held at gunpoint by Russian officers after trying to board a platform in the Arctic. The group says its ships were in international waters when masked men abseiled onto the ship. But Russia said Greenpeace had violated an exclusion zone around the rig. International inspectors say Syria has handed over the first details of its chemical weapons arsenal. It's believed to possess around 1,000 tonnes of chemical toxin.And in the AFL Hawthorn has beaten Geelong by 5 points in a thrilling preliminary final at the MCG. The victory sees the Hawks progress through to the grand final next weekend.And those are the latest headlines from ABC News.

This Program is Captioned Live.

Welcome to the program. I'm Kumi Taguchi. After the anguish that followed the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings President Barrack Obama
attempted to shootings last December the attempted to take on the
American President Barrack Obama attempted American gun lobby and new gun control laws. American gun lobby new gun control laws. His
campaign largely new gun control laws. campaign largely failed. This
week, a new gun control laws. His
campaign largely week, a mass shooting in the heart of the nation's capital, Washington, added to the huge toll Washington, added to the toll gun crime inflicts on the US. But this time, few expect any steps will be made soon to prevent future massacres. From Washington, North America correspondent Jane Cowan reports.

I heard three gun shots, straight in a row. About three seconds later there were four more gun shots. I heard a woman running down screaming that there's a shooter, get out of the building.

We were pushing, people were shoving, falling down, people climbing the walls, trying to get out over the wall, to get out of the spaces. It was just crazy. A rainy Monday morning turned to terror. 3,000 people work in the waterfront headquarters of the naval sea systems command in south east Washington, making for chaos as police and relatives flooded the scene. A there were moments of pure random luck. Then there was an individual who came from the building behind us, he was talking to me, basically saying that there was a shooter in the building and then I heard two more shots. them hit him, he went down in
front of me and I them hit front of me and I took off from there. The guy you were there. with?The guy I was talking toGot shot?Correct. What was his situation afterwards?He was shot in the head and did not look like he made it, so I ran from there. The Navy yard is within sight of the US capital building, and blocks from the White House, sending fear rip ling across the city and putting the Senate complex briefly into lockdown. How someone whatever his badge, managed to get a high powered gun into one of the most secure facilities in the district of Columbia, I'm sure the Navy will be doing its own investigation, but we do not fool ourselves - we understand that in an open and democratic and free society, you cannot make yourselves impenetrable, especially when there are more guns than there are people. Each hour brings more details about the suspected killer, Aaron Alexis. The civilian IT contractor had been discharged after four years in the Navy. He had a history of misconduct, and two previous gun-related brushes with the law. He played a lot of online games where they were shooting all the time and we were joking about that sometimes, because we were like, well, you know, his computer screen was like a lifesize, it was big and Wau, you know, like you are shooting people a lot and we would joke about that. Whatever happened in his past didn't stop the military giving him access to the Navy yard. We can confirm, however, that Mr Alexis had legitimate access to the Navy yard as a result of his work as a contractor. The shootings, the worst attack at a US military installation since army psychiatrist opened fire on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood Texas in 2009, but it's just the latest in a violent American catalogue. The most recent entry only a month ago, when Australian baseballer Chris Lane was shot and killed while jogging in Oklahoma. Police are not confirming what weapons were used this time, but there are reports they included an AR15 assault rifle, the same gun used in the massacres in Aurora and Sandy Hook. So we are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened on a military installation in our nation's capital. It's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. These are men and women work doing their job, men and women who were going to work doing their protecting all of us. The last
time Barrack Obama had to make a speech like this was after Sandy Hook, when 20 school children were massacred. Such was the outpouring of emotion that America seemed on the brink of serious gun reform. But a massive campaign by the gun lobby succeeded in stopping even minor limits on gun buyers. Now the debate is on again. After Sandy Hook, after Aurora, you wanted armed guards there
at movie theatres, at schools, there were armed guards at the naval base and it made absolutely no difference. This is the reason why we are in routine
fare...It has now become more routine for the President of the US to speak to the nation after a mass murder than it is for the President to give state of the union addresses. the authors of the second amendment not
never anticipated that.It's not as though anyone thought Washington was any more immune than anywhere else in America, but that such hor ro can unfold inside a secure military installation in the security conscious capital, so close to the heart of US Government, is a reminder how persistently vulnerable the US remains to gun violence. Battered from a fight with Congress over Syria, and facing a showdown with republicans over the budget, does the US President have the energy to take on a battle he's already lost once before? speaking out in favour of gun control is tough in a where gun rights are sack row sanction. where gun rights sanction. This doctor where gun rights are sack sanction. This doctor felt she
could, maybe because, coincidentally, could, maybe coincidentally, she's resigned the morning of the shooting. There is something even in our society that we, as Americans, eradicate.
have to work to try and have to work to bid
As part of Tokyo's successful bid for the Olympic games, As part of Tokyo's Japan's bid for the Olympic Japan's PM, Shinzo Abe, assured the International Olympic
Committee that everything at the crippled Fukishima nuclear plant was under control. Yet, only a few days after the assurance, a key TEPCO advisor admitted the situation at the plant was not under control at all. As well as groundwater seepage into the sea, there has been a serious leak of highly radioactive water from one of the hundreds of storage tanks saying
filling the site with TEPCO saying some of the contamination may have flowed out to sea. The ABC Tokyo correspondent Mark Willacy reports.

It's 2:30 in the morning, and Fumio Suzuki is preparing to cast off in his boat. in Japanese folk law, his boat is the God of fishermen, but in this post Fukishima world, Fumio Suzuki's protector has seemingly forsaken him, replaced by the de, emon of TEPCO. TRANSLATION: I think TEPCO has been telling lies from the start, since the nuclear plant exploded. TEPCO tells us there are no problems, but then there are problems. Government.
We cannot trust them or the Government. With at least 300 tonnes of contaminated groundwater flowing from the Fukishima nuclear plant into the sea every day, fishing in these waters has once again been banned. It is just one of two boats allowed out to fish today, and whatever they catch, will be sent off for testing.
radioactive contamination testing. While we have been motoring out to sea for a couple of hours now and as you can see dawn is breaking and it is quite a beautiful sight. Although just 30kms up the coast is the leaking remains of the Fukishima nuclear plant. For generations of Fishermen who have been fishing, it means their livelihoods are now over because they just cannot go out selling any more.
to sea to catch anything worth

With the nets set and the sunrising over a glassy Pacific, all Fumio Suzuki can do now is wait and wonder. the problem for these Fishermen is that TEPCO is seemingly powerless to stop the contamination reaching the sea. That's not the only crisis. On site are about a thousand hastily built tank, some containing highly radioactive water being used to cool the melted reactors. Already one has sprung a serious leak, causing the most severe accident since the two accident since the meltdowns
two and a half years ago. TRANSLATION: There are 340,000 tonnes TRANSLATION: There tonnes of contaminated TRANSLATION: There are 340,000 tonnes of contaminated water
inside tonnes of inside the tanks. to build the tanks steel, but with the to build the steel, but with the salt and
all steel, but with all the radiation they corrode quite quickly. The all the radiation they quite quickly. The rubber seals are quite quickly. seals are also vulnerable to radiation and decay fast. At the time of the leak, the time of the leak, only two inspectors were checking 900 tanks at any one time. So this highly radioactive leak went unnoticed for a month. In this video, an inspector from Japan's nuclear watchdog asks a TEPCO official if the company has been keeping records of tank inspections and radiation readings. No, replies the TEPCO official. TRANSLATION: It's a matter of course that you install water gauges on tanks like this, so it's a mystery why TEPCO didn't install gauges so they could easily tell how much water was inside and if there had been a leak. It's absurd. Atsunao Marui is one of the top groundwater scientists and a member of a panel set up by TEPCO and the Government to try to find ways of managing radioactive water.
Fukishima growing Reservoir of radioactive water. He says putting the nuclear plant on this stretch of coast in the first place was inviting disaster. TRANSLATION: A river used to flow right where the turbine and reactor buildings are now standing, so the groundwater is flowing very fast through there and it is spreading the contamination. The company should have known this could happen. But there are warnings the worst is yet is a
to, because it's believed that is a massive deep beneath the nuclear is a massive underground pool of contaminated water, which is of slowly making its slowly making the sea. Now, there are warnings from the head of warnings Japan's nuclear watchdog that because room is fast running out, treated water may have to be dumped into the Pacific.

Back out to sea off the Fukishima nuclear plant, Fumio Suzuki is hauling in his nets. occur
These waters are where two occur rants mix and they are rich in marine life. Soon the haul of sea brim, squid, sardines and flat fish is on the deck. Fumio Suzuki and his father begin sorting it, making it easier for the scientists back on land to analysis the contamination by species.Once a haul like this would have earned Suzuki about $600, but of course, these fish are not going to market. We are heading straight back into port where they will be sorted and put on a truck and taken directly to a laboratory, where they will be tested for radioactive contamination from the Fukushima It's been two and a half years since the disaster at Fukishima. But for Fumio sight.
Suzuki, there is no end in sight. The situation could get worse if TEPCO gets its wish to dump some of its growing volume of radioactive water into the Pacific. TRANSLATION: I totally oppose any dumping. If they release more radioactive water into the ocean, the sea off Fukishima is finished. A former Australian High Court Judge deliver delivered a damning report this week on systemic and horrific human rights abuses in North Korea. Michael Kirby was appointed to lead a UN inquiry into executions, torture and sexual
abuse perpetuated executions, torture and in Pyongyang. North Korea abuse perpetuated by the regime refused to in Pyongyang. North refused to cooperate with investigation, saying refused to cooperate based on evidence from human scum. investigation, saying it's
based on scum. Here is Mark Willacy

It's been described as the world's biggest gulag, a vast prison camp network holding up to 200,000 North Koreans in unspeakable conditions. A UN's investigation, led by former Australian High Court Judge Michael Kirby, is doing its best to get behind the wire to the stories of murder, torture and sexual abuse. They are stories that Mr Kirby says have think
brought tears to his eyes. We think of the testimony of a young woman forcibly repatriated and imprisoned for leaving, describing how she witnessed a female prisoner forced to drown her own baby in a bucket. We think of the testimony of a young man imprisoned from birth and living on rodents and lizards and grass to survive, witnessing the public execution of his mother and his brother.That young man is Shin Dong-Hyuk. The only person known to have been born and later escape from a North Korea prison camp. He testified before Michael Kirby's panel last month, revealing how was lucky to avoid the firing squad for simply dropping one of the camp's sewing machines. TRANSLATION: I thought I could be publicly executed, or my wrists or leg was going to be cut off. So wrists or leg cut off. So I felt thankful cut off. and grateful that only my finger was cut off. Michael Kirby and his team have been refused entry into North Korea. The regime there describes those who have already testified at the inquiry as human scum. Now, Pyongyang has hit back at Mr Kirby's interim report delivered in Geneva, calling it a fabrication by My
forces hostile to North Korea. My delegation totally reject the update by the so-called commission of inquiry on the human rates situation in the democratic peoples Republic of Korea. The oral update is another copy of faked materials on the situation of human rights in my country.But Michael Kirby says there is nothing fake about satellite pictures of North Korea's vast gulag, or the horrific testimony of witnesses and survivors.

Often over shadowed by concern about Pyongyang's nuclear and miss siel programs, the regime's terrible history of abusing and oprocessing its own - oppressing its own people is finally under the international spotlight.

Nine months ago the brutal bashing and gang rape of a New
young woman in India's capital New Delhi provoked fury on the streets and started a debate about the way women are treated in the developing country. Four men now sit on death row of
after last week being convicted of her murder. The parents of the 23-year-old victim have