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(generated from captions) (MOANS) Andy...

I told you - stay away from him.

I tried, but you didn't listen.

It's OK.
Andy, please...

I want to protect you.
I'm gonna protect you.





Cuff door!

You can't kill him, Abbie.
He is Death.

Do it!


Put the weapon down!

Put your hands on your...

What the hell is that?

Do it now!

Do you think he can hear us?

I mean...
How the hell should I know?

I said put the weapon down...


You can't kill him.





Whoa! Whoa! I called you.


(GASPS) Hey! No!

He's with me.

I'm alright!


I ought to throw you in jail,

except I have a preserved head
in a pickle jar

and two cops
who just backed up your story.

Not to mention
a confession from Brooks,

who says he'll plea-bargain,

but only if he talks to you
and Captain America here.


Now, there's a roomful of press
looking for answers I don't have,

so why don't you help me
for a change, and give me some?

Truth, sir, we're just
scratching the surface here.

Whatever this is,
it's gonna get a lot worse.


I'm told you're transferring
to Quantico next week?

Not anymore.

I think this
is where I'm supposed to be.

That man is our only lead.

He has answers.

Go get me something
I can understand, both of you.

There's something you should know.

In my dream, Katrina referred to me
as the first witness.


This speaks of two witnesses,

brought together for a seven-year
period of tribulation

to defend humanity
from the forces of Hell.

Their battle is prophesied
to ordain the fate of the world...

..on Judgement Day.

You think that's us?

You said, after the woods,
you lost your way.

But perhaps you were called
to something, Abbie -

to finish the work
your sheriff started.

Perhaps we both were.

Brooks said a war was coming.

Let's find out what else he knows.

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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News - an air traffic control officer stood down over a close call for two Qantas jets. We speak to an aviation expert who explains what happened. We'll talk to the lifeguards raising money and awareness for a very serious issue, jetsking from Sydney to Cairns. And it's a big night in footy - Adam Hawse will wrap up all the AFL and NRL action. The Late News is next. Let's find out what else he knows. (PANTS HEAVILY)

Please, give me another chance.




as it were, the noise of thunder,

"one of the four beasts saying,
'Come and see.'

"Then, behold, a pale horse, and his
name that sat on him was Death.

"And Hell followed with him."

"And Hell followed with him."

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This program is captioned live. From the network Ten News centre I'm Dani Isdale and this is the Late News. Tonight a near catastrophy in our skies - two Qantas jets come to within a few hundred metres of disaster. An air traffic controller has been stood down and several investigations launched - so how did it happen? Two lifesavers embarking on an epic jetski journey from Sydney to Cairns and stopping on the way to talk about suicide plt And can the Hawks end the Kennett curse and set up a spot in finals glory? Also ahead, the battle of the beaches, the sea Eagles edge out the Sharks in the NRL semifinal. And what does a promise mean post the election - Tony Abbott is on the spot over the GST. Adam has the sport. First, to the skies and our top story tonight. An air traffic controller has been stood down and several investigations launched after a near catastrophy high above Adelaide. Two Qantas A330s travelling between Sydney and Perth came to within just a few hundred metres of colliding when an on board alert system triggered telling the pilots to take immediate evasive action. In a moment we talk to a Qantas senior pilot to find out what went on in the cockpits to avert disaster. 200m and 5 seconds - that's how close two Qantas passenger planes were from an absolute catastrophy that wouldn't have had any survivors. Two Qantas Airbus 330 jets were hurtling towards each other just over the great Australian Bight around lunchtime. The traffic is so intense and so dense, planes are all over the place.The warning alarms alerted the pilots and their aircraft just missed hitting each other head on. Some passengers unaware of the day yos unfolding in the cockpit. Nothing unusual. There weren't any violent changes.While others knew something was not quite right.I happened to look out the window somewhere in South Australia and saw a plane fly underneath.Qantas confirms the two planes had a loss of separation. This happens when one of the planes received permission from air traffic to control to ascend. The air traffic controller has now been stood down. We do unfortunately get human error, air traffic controller roar. Sometimes it's pilot error. The good thing is that the systems on the aeroplane come in and protect the plane and the passengers. All commercial planes must keep a minimum safe distance of 300m vertically and 9 kilometres horizontaly. The airline denied any impact to passengers but some thought differently.I'm worried to go back. A little bit scared.I didn't know anything.I'm petrified of flying. So a bit concerned nothing was said.It is definitely a near miss as we would term in the strir. It will be the subject of a full ATSB investigation as to why it happened, why the air traffic controller gave the instruction. And there have been some fewers there and they need to be investigated.Tonight authoritys are trying to work out how these planes came so close to what could have been Australia's worst aviation accident. For more on this I'm joined by Qantas senior pilot and the Vice- President of the Australian and international airline pilots association. Thank you for joining us. This has been described as a near miss, a loss of separation, a safety breach. It's not ideal?It's not ideal. And it's probably all of those.What do we need to understand about how close a call this was?Aeroplanes with enin cruise have a separation by aircraft by horizontal and vertical space. When that breaks down we have a collision alert. The aircraft is protected by the computer. When an aircraft enters that donut of air we get an alert. It says, "Traffic, traffic!" When it gets too close we get a resolution advisory. It sounds as if both aircraft had that today. Has this happened to you before?I have had a couple of alerts but never a resolution advisory.In this instance an air traffic control officer has been stood down. Is that unusual?No, it's not. If there is an air traffic problem they by and large try to stand them down while they investigate it. The same thing if there is an issue with pilots. I don't think the pilots have been stood down but the air traffic controller has been. How closely will the investigation look at the human factor?That's very much the concentration. The resolution advisory is the last ditch defence by the aeroplanes so they don't have a collision. They will look to how the separation broke down, because it clearly did. They will try to ascertain whether it was a procedural or a human error. It sounds like it might have been a human error..manoeuvresTo avoid something like this - would passengers have noticed this?No, it's actually smooth. Both aircraft get a warning to climb or descend. There is a voice and a warning light that says, "Climb or descend now." The pilots disconnect the autopilot and do that themselves. It's a gentle command. Only an experienced traveller would have noticed. I suspect even the cabin crew would have noticed.How would the pilots be feeling?They would have been concerned when it occurred but it's a normal part of our training and in the simulator regularly. It would have been part of their regular working day. Should people be any more nervous seeing this could happen in Australia?No, they shouldn't. The system worked. The collision warning system worked and the pilots did what they were trained to do. Aviation is still the safest form of aircraft. You would have to sit in an aircraft almost 470 years. That's no guarantee. I will be back in a moment with the heat on Tony Abbott over the GST and it's not from the opposition.Three special forces soldiers have been wounded in Afghanistan. They suffered fragmentation wounds in Oruzghan province last week. The ADF say a number of insurgents were killed including a mid level Commander. All three soldiers are expected to return to duty soon. So far this year 14 personnel have been wounded in Afghanistan. A small Queensland community is in shock after a burnt-out and headless body was found by the side of the road. Firefighters made the discovery when putting out a small grassfire near Gympie. Police won't report on reports the body was also missing limbs.It shocked the neighbourhood. The phones were ringing. Everybody was so shocked it could happen so close.Police are appealing for witnesses in the area yesterday afternoon. A man has been chargeded with 25 counts of child abuse in relation to the pogo stick death of a 7-year-old boy in Sydney's south. Police allege the 29-year-old man also produced child abuse material. The boy died in a house in May, members of the family claiming he had fallen off a pogo stick around hit his head. An elderly man has been found dead in his burnt-out Adelaide home. Neighbours say he lived in the house for more than four decades. The victim is known to have been reliant on kerosene heaters instead of electricity. A passing police patrol alerted fire fighter to the blaze. Victorian detectives have revealed their investigation into a multi- million dollar soccer match fixing ring is developing by the hour. Four Southern Stars players, the club's coach and the syndicate's alleged bigwig face the Melbourne magistrated court today. Investigators claim to have claim to have $200,000 worth of income receipts since June. Gerry Subri in, ania mrbg's bail application will be heard Tuesday. Apple is hoping its new range of iPhones will boost its market share. Hundreds queued to get their hands on the flagship 5S and cheaper 5C. The selling point of the 5S is its coninterest verbal fingerprint technology. First through the door at Apple's biggest Australian store in Sydney was Jimmy Gunnaman.I have been waiting since midday yesterday.It hasn't all been smooth sailing for Apple. Customers have been venting on social media about technical difficulties after downloading the hatest software for their existing phones and iPads. A quick look at the weather tonight.

I will have tomorrow's forecast a little later on. Still ahead, though - another shooting in America. This time at a basketball court only 12 days after a gunman opened fire in a Navy shipyard. Thanks, Amanda. Now to a very serious topic. Youth mental health is the biggest issue facing young Australians and their families. A whoping 75% of young people with mental health problems do not get the help they need. This has led to sue side becoming the leading cause of death in those aged 15 to 24 - more than those killed in car crashes. Two people who have been affected by this issue are Bondi lifeguards Trent and Jesse. You are lifeguards and you deal in death, and this issue of suicide?Before I worked at Bondi as a lifeguard, I thought lifeguards had a dream job, you go to the beach, look at beautiful women all day and do the occasional rescue. But I got to find out that around the corner near where we work is a notorious suicide spot. In the last 18 months I have had to do five body retrievals.You would have had the same experience?Jesse has been a lifeguard for two years. I have been on the beaches for 8. I dealt with the first one when he was 16. Since then I have done four or five. The most recent was six months ago with Jesse. All of them under the age of 30. The youngest a year and a half ago was a 16-year-old girl. It's a - we want to make a difference.It's one thing to decide you want to do something about such a difficult issue. It's another to figure out exactly what to do. What are you doing and how will it help?Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am we will launch off the beach and drive up to Cairns on jetskis.How far?Over 3,000 Ks in a 16-day period. The first stop is Newcastle. Then after that is Port. Over days we will do up to 250Ks a day. Not only will we be dealing with the ocean but the creatures in the ocean - sharks, crocodiles, whales, box jellyfish. But besides that, our main goal is to pull into towns and speak to people going through tough times and point them in the right direction and tell them my story and Jesse's story, which is so powerful. We want people to relate to the stories and people we will meet. And run off each other. That's our goal.Is it you guys using the skills you have, knowing the ocean and being very fit, to raise awareness in this way, is it doing it in your own way?We just want to show people how fun life can be by using the ocean. It's the best place in the world. Except for the sharks and the jellyfish.It's very rare to get bitten by a shark.I'm sure you will be fine.Touch wood.It's a long way.A very long way.The at the stop offs you can talk to people and spread the message.It's a long way, but if people want to meet us and hear our story I'm happy to do it.All the. All the very I will let you go. You need a big sleep tonight given what is ahead.Thank you for having us.If you're young and feel like you need someone to talk to head space can help you. Or you can call lifeline. Julia Gillard broke herb carbon tax pre-election promise and it ended up helping kill her political career. Now WA's Liberal Premier is calling on Tony Abbott to break his commitment to not change the goods and services tax.Colin bar thet is in charge of a resource rich state. But he is try crying poor when it comes to the GST.One of the tough jobs Tony Abbott will have is to step up to the plate.Mr Barnett does have some bipartisan support. I think it is essential that GST is looked at. It's an efficient way of raising revenue.Federal Labor did embark on a GST election care scam pain.Under an expended goods and services tax it would rise.Tony Abbott ruled it out despite flagging a tax review.The GST won't changement full stop. End of story.Labor has made its position clear. We don't see a need to put a tax on bread and milk.We're not interested in increasing the GST Today Mr Barnett said his comments shouldn't be dismissed as just a state whinging.I respect what Tony Abbott says and I hope he respects what I say but the issue is not going to go away.He is looking to find some distraction from the fact that standard and Poors downgraded the triple A credit rating that for the last 15 years the people of WA worked pretty hard to get.While Colin Barnett questioned whether Australians would mind the GST rising to 12% to maintain services it doesn't make sense to the PM. The problem is the Commonwealth has to take all the political heat on it and dbt the money to the states. The tax system is broken and the GST is the most obvious part of the answer.Speaking at the APEC Finance Ministers meeting in Bali Treasurer Joe Hockey said changing the GST is not a silver bullet.Do stay with us - still to come on Ten's Late News - the week that was on social media. Also, two Australians are being held in Russia after trying to board an Arctic oil platform. And Adam Hawse has all of the sport but it's not all footy, can Adam Scott closing in on a very nice pay packet. (P.A. PLAYS JAUNTY MUSIC)


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Let us know your thoughts on the night's big news. In a moment we look at what the online world thought of the week. But what is going on in the rest of the world?A three-year-old is in a critical condition and 11 others injured after a shooting in Chicago. Police blame gang violence for the incident. The shooting took place thank - on a basketball court in a run down neighbourhood. Witnesses say a group of men fired at them in a grey sedan before speeding away. Two Australians are among 30 Greenpeace activists being held by Russian authorities. They were protesting against the first oil platform to start drilling in Arctic waters. They tried to scale the structure but were forceed back with sprays of water. Hours later their vessel the Arctic Sunrise was stormed by armed Russian authorities. Back home supporters converged outside the Russian consulate demanding Australians Alex Harris and Colin Russell be released. The Pope has shocked some of his faithful warning the Catholic church must shake off an obsession with abortion and homosexuality. It says the church must become more mercyful or risk the collapse of its entire moral edifice like a House of cards.Tens. Tens ofs have flock today river in China to watch a world renowned natural wander - wonder. The other place to see sights like this is the Amazon in Brazil and the Ghanges in India. Thanks, Amanda. Now for our week in review segment. This Friday evening we are joined by Matt Seagle from the 'New York Times'ment the big story in politics was Tony Abbott and his cabinet.It was a big week in politics in general. It should have been a great week for Tony Abbott but unfortunately the coalition's agenda got hijacked again by the dreaded mist knee question. That's because on Monday the Prime Minister announced his new cabinet and it only had one woman - the foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop. Well done to Mark Fennell for his tweet:

Mark Fennell for his tweet: And the award for the wryest political observation goes to Higers: Got it? That took me a second to get as well.The most clever ones do.Yes. Was anyone standing up for Tony Abbott on this?Not everyone piled on the Prime Minister. It just seemed that way. Maybe almost everyone in the country. Amanda Vanstone gave an interview in which she was quite supportive of the Prime Minister. It was a stinging repudiation actually of all of the attacks against Tony Abbott for supposed tone deafness in his cabinet. I thought it was interesting. She said would I like to see more women in the cabinet, yes. But it didn't help the Labor Party which had lots of women but was hopeless. That's concise. "Pitty" would come to mind. It was a pretty good Zinger.Labor is trying to sort itself out now. That's the other big political story this week. We're going into the new selection process for the new Labor leader. It's coming down to a punch up between Bill Shorten on the right and Anthony Albanese on the left wing. People are excited about the idea that Anthony Albanese will take it to Tony Abbott. That he has a pugnatious pugilistic style. There is a meme going on. This is one of the best variations on the mx eme: Fighting Tories? It's just what I do. You could see it on a T-shirt.Does he have any other supporters endorsing him?He does. He garnered a celebrity endorsement this week - Russell Crow. There they are. Giving a little Bro hug at the footy. That ended up on Twitter and then in the papers the next day. It certainly can't help to have the guy who killed Ceasar endorse you. Good political endorsement.You would definitely want him on your side not against you. You brought along a new welcome video for the new US ambassador John Berry. It has been making a stir online. Why? Hi, I'm John Berry the new US ambassador to Australia. I'm a native of the Washington DC area. I love the outdoors. I'm also one of the people lucky enough to have swum at the North Pole.It's obvious a lot of people have connected with the ambassador via this video. You can see in the warm response it has gotten on social media just how welcome he has made himself with this video. This tweet from Latriole summed it up well: He is officially adorkable. I'm not sure that's a word.A pretty good one.Yeah, it's pretty good. We wish the ambassador all the best. If he keep it is up he will be the most popular ambassador ever.On social media at least.Thanks. Turning to the marks now - the ASX 200 close 200 closed day closed lower as well. Juliet, it's been a very big week for the market and our dollar. What is going to happen next week?Investors will be hoping that the market can consolidate at those five-year highs we saw it reach earlier this week. The RBA will be hoping the Aussie dollar falls. The Aussie hit a high of 93.5 this week after the US central bank surprised investors by keeping its stimulus program as is. Our market fell today but was up by 1% over the course of the week. That was its 6th weekly rise in a row. The market is on track for growth of% in the September quarter.The outlook for spending appears a little brighter?We saw only modest spending growth in August, up 0.3 %. That was the slowest pace in 11 months but we expect to see spending picking up in coming months with warmer weather, low interest rates, consumer confidence high and the federal election out of the way. We saw spending rise in every state and territory. The ACT led the way with spending up 16% in the year. Joining me on the desk now - Amanda and we're able to talk to Adam Hawse, who has torn himself away from the AFL.Hawthorne have booked a place in the AFL grand final. These two great rivals turning on a game to remember at the MCG, the Hawks ending their infamous losing streak.Manly survive a sharbg scare in a sul say theing NRL semifinal. The

Thanks for staying up with us. Worth the wait because Adam has all the sport.It might have taken 12 attempts but Hawthorne have finally snapped the Kennett curse and booked a place in the grand final. The Hawks trailed for much of the second half before clawing back in the dying minutes.The preliminary final everyone is talking about - Hawthorne attempting to shake that curse, the Cats hoping to book a 5th grand final berth in seven years. The well rested Hawks striking the first blow. The clash of the Titans soon became spiteful and undisciplined. A Jordan Lewis indiscretion allowing Geelong its first goal. Moments later Stevie J was at it again. The Hawks grabbed back the lead and extended it before a mopping up Motlop reversed the momentum. Buddy copped some friendly fire and left the ground as an intriguing opening term drew to a close. A taped up Franklin returned in time to watch the Cats begin to pull away.Johnson has kicked three.The Hawks trailed by 17 points but were able to close the gap and be back in front before the main break. Stevie J's fourth keeping the Cats within a whisker. Selwood put them back in front and by chill sput Stokes on the deck. Some Motlop magic settling up a 20- point lead ahead of the last change. Josh Caddy held the Hawks at bay but they refused to go aboy. Burgoyne pinched back the lead. Jeff Kennett couldn't watch but his side held on booking back to back grand finals. The second prelim final between Sydney and Fremantle tomorrow night is tipped to be a classic dog fight. The Swans looked relax ahead of the elimination game in Perth. But Peter Bell predicts a tense tussle. If there is a bit of rain - and there is every chance there will be - between Fremantle and Sydney they may well break the world record for tackles.The only other time the Dockers played in a preliminary final they lost to the Swans by 35 points, in 2006. To NRL - Manly will play Souths for a spot in the grand final after holding out Cronulla 24-18 tonight. The game looked set for extra time until the sharks were denied by the referee in a thrilling fin finish.. Teams with history. It's a genuine dislike for each other. Geoff was up for this fight, stopping Brent, who looked certain to score. There was an element of luck in the opening four pointer, with the cherry Evans kick finding Watmough. The sharks captain Paul Gallen took an early knock.He is the one that's ducked into this.There was no penalty and galleon played on, the sharks hitting back the best way possible.He is gonna score! Yes, Michael Jordan.In the countdown to half-time Cronulla should have had more points down Manly's right side. Kieran Foran didn't miss his chance.It's a try! Manly's leader Jamie Lyon also went down but got back up.This is the one that I think it looks like he has dropped it.But Cronulla wasn't finished. Fufita and his incredible quick thinking brought it back to a six-point game. They continued to swap tries in this battle of the beaches. But a fundamental mistake cost the sharks dearly. Gallen denied his moment with John Morris off side.It finished with Manly celebrating a six point win. Knights hooker Danny bud riz believes Wayne Bennett will give Newcastle the winning edge in Melbourne. The master coach has won seven premierships and has a proven record of getting players to perform in big games.Wayne has been great in September. He's a totally different coach at this time of the year. He has been building towards this for 18 months. He has been in Newcastle instiling a bit of faith and routine into the group.Prop Willy Mason will play his 250th game against the storm. The Australian Rugby Union has run out of patience with James O'Connor. Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie said O'Connor's repeated problems left him no choice.There is a track record there of similar types of events. All been different circumstances. I think a change in behaviour, a significant change is in behaviour, is required.O'Connor is alleged to have argued with staff at Perth airport after being barred from a flight for being intoxicated. Jamaican sprinter usane bolt has backed down from retirement plans even hinting he may run past the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The die hide united fan has also done his best to out wit Sergio Aguerra. There is no doubt his soccer skills need some fine tuning but he is keen to make his Commonwealth Games debut in glass could he next year - on the track of course. Adam Scott is one-off the lead in the season ending PGA championship. The masters champion with six birdies in seven holes on the back nine.Wow, did it ever.I feel like my game was in good shape. It was nice to open up a little bit on the back nine and take advantage of some good shots.Fellow Aussie Jason Day is also in the hunt, just four shots behind. What do you get when you mix Mike Tyson, a blind fold and game of darts? The outcome is not as ugly as you might think. I'm not looking. Look at my eyes. I'm not looking at anything.What? Look what you did?Iron Mike sure could throw a punch in his day and can clearly throw a dart. I don't want to say the wrong thing. I reckon he could still throw a punch. He didn't even look surprised.I couldn't even do that without a blind fold.Could you do it? Let us know. Comment using the hashtag. Check out our Facebook page too. Still to come, tomorrow's weather and Bedtime Bytes. Well, what if...?
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Alright. Let's get straight to aget straight to a an air traffic controller has been stood down after two Qantas passenger planes came within seconds of colliding over Adelaide. The aircraft came within 220m of each other. Luckily the planes averted disaster at the last minute after warning notifications went off. Qantas says the pilots followed procedures and there was no impact to passengers. Three Australian specials fors soldiers have been wounded after they came under insurgent attack in Afghanistan. Defence says the soldiers were in an operation with security officers in Oruzghan province. Taking a look across the country for the weather tomorrow.

Before we go tonight let's do Bedtime Bytes, what we're reading online. Mine is a survey in Britain ostensibly for flogging life insurance. But it found that one in four Brits to sell their partner for a million pounds - or less. Worth thinking about.Two thirds wouldn't sell their partner for any amount of money. One in 10 would give them away for nothing.That's not making sense.My partner is British so I could be in trouble!I also have a British study. I would be interested in your opinion, Hawsey.You look like him.I work out.Nine in 10 men admit to lying about liking sport just to impress friends or get ahead at work. Apparently 9% insisted they never exaggerated their enthusiasm but 61% said they would fake it in soccer, Formula One and cricket.I got 9 Wiks once!You're very genuine. What have you got?A big foot tracker. I really believe in big foot.You don't?I do. I think he exists. And I think the lock necessary monster exists. There should be trackers for Elvis and the Tasmanian tiger.You're like a big kid. You believe in sport and you believe in big foot?Yeah. Fantastic! That's all from us at the Late News this week. Thank you very much for joining us. We leave you with a look at the week that was. Have a great weekend. Goodnight.It's an all-too many story - a lone gunman, crowded area, deadly rampage.We sent - send our thoughts and prayers to all at the Navy yard touched by this tragedy. The question everyone is saying is again? Really?Melbourne man James Monroe was in Sydney with friends for the Defcon1 dance festival and he wouldn't return home.Prime Minister elect Tony Abbott has revealed his first cabinet and he has been attacked even by his own side for the lack of women.19 cabinet positions but only one female apparently up to the job.Is that correct? If you want good outcomes don't promote women to cabinet?The old boys network is alive and well and it does not want to make room for women. It's unacceptable.Tony Abbott is now officially our Prime Minister. He said while it was a day of ceremony it was also a Dave action and he certainly meant it. The new PM has already sacked senior public servants and overhauled the bureaucracy. He also ordered legislation to repeal the carbon tax and to implement his border protection plan.I will drive straight to Canberra the moment it gets passed, with bells on.But the excitement could be short lived. Prime Minister Tony Abbott reacting by saying his Attorney-General is seeking urgent advice on the bill. (SINGS) # You, who # I'm on you # You.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight - near-miss for Qantas in the skies above Adelaide. Four dead from separate overnight house fires. Should every criminal have the right to rehabilitation? Is there anybody out there? Scientists claim they've found evidence of aliens. Dishing out the discipline - how much of it should be left in the hands of teachers? And we catch up with Mrs Robinson herself, Jerry Hall. This is The Project. Good evening, welcome to The Project. It's happy Friday night time to Waleed Aly and Lehmo. (APPLAUSE) Are you going to make it through the show? You're struggling tonight. It's touch and go.Always a concern when, five minutes before the show, you go, "I'm just ducking out for a nap." Right!You say it like I had a big Friday lunch and I'm a little bit sideways. I came down with something today. I've got a very bad headache.Charlie could say some dodgy things tonight, so hang therein!Provided the tablets kick in, there's every chance.On Friday, September 20 - a near-miss between two packed Qantas planes in the skies over Adelaide today.They're not real planes!(LAUGHTER) It's the closest in Australian aviation history. The pilots of the aircraft travelling in opposite directions between Sydney and Perth forced to take evasive action to avoid a midair collision after flying too close.I just happened to look out the window somewhere in South Australia and saw a plane fly underneath. Ten News reporter Joe Hill is at Sydney Airport. How close was it? Carrie, we've been told these planes came within 700ft of each other. When your consider they're travelling at hundreds of kilometres an hour in opposite directions, one authority described that as being crofically close. It was over the skies of Adelaide that the Perth-bound plane was told they could ascend 2,000ft. That put it directly into the path of the plane heading to Sydney, which was travelling at 39,000ft. It was thanks to some quick thinking from the pilots - there was all kinds of alarms going off inside the cabin. They were able to duck and take evasive action and avoid what would have been a terrible catastrophe. We can report that the air traffic controller responsible for this mishap has been stood down. Carrie, there are a number of investigations that will go on looking into this incident.Joe, Charlie here. Given that they didn't actually hit each other, can we all not have known about this and not have had to worry about planes?(LAUGHTER) We could have. There are a lot of very relieved passengers, I think - particularly the ones getting off the plane. The ones coming in here to Sydney didn't actually deviate. I was speaking to them and they said, "Oh. We nearly died in a plane crash? That's interesting." (LAUGHTER) But look, everyone's alright. Let's all have a great weekend! You too, Joe. Thanks for the update. More news now. 13 people, including a 3-year-old boy, have been badly injured in a night-time shooting spree at a park in the US city of Chicago. Amazingly, no-one was killed. All the victims were taken to hospital in a serious to critical condition. Three house fires in three states have claimed four lives, including that of a toddler from Queensland. In Toowoomba, four children managed to escape their burning home, but the flames were too big for neighbours to rescue the little 2- year-old boy. We tried to bust through the window to rescue the little boy. As we got through, the smoke was too intense. In Melbourne's west, Steven White yelled to his flatmates to get out as flames engulfed their unit, but he and his partner couldn't escape. I think he's a hero... Deserves a medal... But he'll never get it. The fire that claimed the life of an elderly Adelaide man isn't believed to be suspicious. Police and SES volunteers have spent the day looking for clues