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(generated from captions) back with a special unveiling in Surfer's Paradise. Excitement was palpable here at Southport as the first of the trams made the first track debut. Today was also the first time we heard what the new transport system will be called T is going to be called G Link and the three levels of Government involved are hoping that people will abandon their guards to jump onboard the G. We spoke to the Transport Minister earlier. Here's what he had to say.I think it is great. People will get onboard and they'll understand and I can see people saying - I'm just going to catch The G to see where you're going. I think it will be a good brand for the Gold Coast and just the whole look at of this, the look of the trams and the branding, I think it will all come together. The trams represent stage one of the $1.2 billion project, and we did put the question to Mr Emerson earlier as to whether or not we can expect to see Stage 2 in the near future? He indicated that we could possibly see it ahead of Commonwealth Games, but all of the full details will be available to our Queensland viewers in Nine News Brisbane at 6pm. Up next on the Afternoon News - wall of flames. A Melbourne factory destroyed in an enormous inferno. And how tourism is actually helping to save these endangered tigers in This program is not captioned. (BELL DINGS)

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This program is not captioned. The damage bill from a factory fire in Melbourne is expected to top $10 million. The future of up to 50 workers is uncertain after the ferocious blaze gutted the building. Firefighters spent all night and most of the day at the scene. Is it out yet?Almost 24 hours after a fire ripped through the carpet factory, part of the warehouse are still smouldering. At its peak overnight, 100 firefighters battled for three hours to contain the blaze. The damage was cleared this morning. The factory was totally gutted. It was basically destroyed. Dozens of contractors work about their futures. -- worry.It is dreadful. I do not know what to do.Everybody has got to work. We have just got to try and keep going.What was your reaction to the pictures? Totally shattered.A number of firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation, but nobody else was injured. They are still time to work out the cause. Could this be proof of life in outer space? A balloon sent about 27km into the stratosphere has returned, carrying strange organisms. And a team of British scientists believe the particles didn't originate from earth.As I walked out to go and get my dinner tonight, when I walk out the building, there are lifeforms forming.It's thought comets might be responsible for the organisms - and boffins will send another balloon into the heavens next month. Time to check the snow report. We now crossover to Perisher. How are conditions?I am here with my friends. We are loving it. There is snow on the ground, so we cannot complain. There is a fresh layer. 19 lifts are going 20 runs. Sunny conditions for the weekend. Come on down and get your end of season trip in. Overseas tourists are flocking to the jungles of India to catch a clips of the bangle tiger. Some experts are up in arms. But conservationists say it is the attention that could save the big cat from extinction. It is an adrenaline rush you will not get in a zoo. I am in hot pursuit of one of the world's most exotic and mysterious beasts. India's Bengal tiger. But just as we catch up, we are joined by a paparazzi of fellow thrill seekers. What a dozen vehicles. It is a scene critics call obscene. Traumatising for the animals. But now support for tiger tourism is coming from a very unlikely place. The world's top conservationists. They say that it is the only way to stop them from banishing forever. Our guide is a tiger conservationists and owner of one of the many hotels here. He leads is on a 3-day journey to meet India's takers. Few people have spent as much time with tigers as he has. He has been coming to this park since he was just seven years old. Witnessing playful moments between siblings and intense battles over territory.

But not long ago, this safari would have been illegal. The Indian Supreme Court banned all tiger tourism. Seems like this sparked a court challenge. Some felt that the tiger's way of life was being threatened. It was a devastating blow to the locals who rely on the money. I want estimate, a single tiger in this park generates $130 million in revenue over its lifespan.

India's High Court has since lifted the ban. But under strict guidelines.You can only stay on these roads?The buses have been allowed to return. But only 40 vehicles at a time twice a day. But even that is enough to scare the purchase away. -- poachers.

But by now, the time limit on the safari is nearly up. It is time to be the Tigers in peace. -- leave.

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Here is what is making news right now. Two Qantas planes have been forced to make last-minute changes to their flight path to avoid midair emergency. For people have perished in deadly house fires across three states. And the Federal Treasurer shoots down of a GST hike. Two Qantas pilots have been forced to change their flight path to avoid hitting each other over the Great Australian Bight in SA. It's understood the planes were heading towards each other - one from Sydney to Perth and the other from Perth to Sydney - but weren't the regulation distance apart. One of the passengers says there was a feeling of dropping down but that the plane levelled back out. A 3-year-old child is among the victims of a mass shooting in Chicago. Emergency crews were called to the city's Southside around 10pm. The shooting reportedly took place in a basketball court. For people remain in critical conditions. It has been a night of tragedy around the country, with three separate house fires claiming for victims. One of those was a toddler. Chris, do we know anything more about how this happened? We do know a little bit more. A 15-year-old girl was babysitting her younger relatives when the blaze broke out at around six o'clock. It is believed she went into the kitchen to try and make some dinner. There was a small fire in a pan that she was cooking. They try to stop it. That is igniting it, sending it up the wall and into the roof. Never say it took only a matter of two minutes for the entire house to be involved. Luckily, most of the children were able to make it out with minor smoke inhalation. But a 2-year-old boy was asleep at the time and was unable to be rescued. It was an extremely noisy area last night. There were smoke alarms and sirens from the police. One thing they told me was that they cannot get the idea of these children. They were screaming at the top of their lungs to rescue the young boy trapped inside.I tried to smash through the window to get through. Another car had pulled up. He tried to help me get through the window and I tried to help. But there was too much smoke.The police are not treating it as suspicious. Our sympathies go out to the families. How is the family holding up?Not too well, as you can imagine. Two of the family members were brought here by detectives. They were pretty sombrely around the house. The story keeps getting worse. The mother of the toddler who passed away only left the house a matter of minutes before the fire. She was just going to get some groceries. Time to go to Adelaide, where an elderly man has lost his life in a house fire. How did this fire start?That is what authorities are investigating. They think that the fire was accidental. They are yet to determine an exact cause. They just know that it started just before 11 o'clock last night. A passing patrol car smelt the smoke. The flames were so large that they could not get inside the house. 29 firefighters managed to get inside. But sadly it was too late. The man was found dead inside. A very tragic story. Tragic for the residents. Many were standing in front of their houses and watching it all in full.We could see the flames shooting above the house. The roof must have been exploding. What do we know about the victim? He was an elderly man. He was probably in his late 80s, possibly early 90s. The residents say that he was a very private man. He was often seen walking about the area. But he liked to keep to himself.He is just an old fellow that you like to see walking up the street.It is a sad.Another thing that residents have told us that he had a lot of locks on his gates, DOS and Windows. It was very hard for people to get in. -- boys. It is a very tragic story for this man and his family. They are tried to keep their privacy at the moment. Emergency crews responded to a roadside fire north of Brisbane and have been confronted by a grisly scene. They discovered a badly burnt body reportedly missing its legs and head. This is a disturbing find. Do authorities have any idea of what the victim was? Not at this stage.It was just meant to be a routine call to a very small fire. They found that this appalling sight. Police will only say that the body had some very visible injuries. They are continuing their investigations at the moment. They also brought out a specialist told that they can use to find human body parts. They also have not indicated if they have found any weapons in the area. At this stage, police are indicating that they will be able to identify this person through forensics means. Hopefully with a bit of good luck with somebody who has seen something, they can put two and two together. They should be able to get a cause and identified this. The Federal Treasurer has shot down calls from two State leaders, including Colin Barnett, to increase the GST. Despite the resistance from the Treasurer, he is holding firm?He is. You will remember during the election campaign that Tony Abbott said there would be no changes to the GST. Last night, Colin Barnett reignited the debate, saying that he needed to show some leadership and put the issue back on the table. Joe Hockey's response was that their stance has not changed. Colin Barnett is not backing down. Take a listen to him and the Victorian and Tasmanian premiers. I respect what he has to say.I hope that he respects what I have to say. It is a fundamental issue for the economy of Australia.We are not arguing for a raise of GST. We want to get a fair share of the GST.We will not allow any change to the current GST formula.That would disadvantage Tasmania.The GST, like any tax, is a politically sensitive issue. When he was in opposition, Mr Abbott was hard on Labor for breaking its promise. You can just imagine if he changed his tune. It could be weeks before a Clive Palmer finds out if he is headed for a career in politics with the very real prospect of a vote recount in the Queensland seat of Fairfax. As of midday today, the mining magnate had crept ahead by more that 100 votes, but there were just over 500 more to count. If the margin is fewer than 100 votes, an automatic recount will be triggered. While the wind up 24 hours just to get their hands on Apple's latest products. But for fanatics it was well worth the wait. It is iPhone release date, otherwise known as Christmas Day for the gadget lovers. There are so many of them. Hundreds of people camped out overnight in the cold in the city just waiting for the Apple shop to open. Just so they could be among the first to get their hands on the new iPhone fibres or the iPhone 5c. These phones have been released internationally in a number of countries, but the Australians are the first to get them. The man at the start of the loan had been waiting here since midday yesterday. Almost 24 hours. He walked out of the shop with two of the new phones. Why did you get two?Want from a mother, one for myself.Who are you going to call first?I am going to call my mother. Was it worth the wait? It does not feel like 24 hours.As you can see, the wine is not moving. They are only letting a certain number of people into the store. There are just too many people to fit in at once. People just have to keep waiting patiently. Still ahead, the Victorian Premier's cures for his lost brother. Also, the new way these dolphins are catching their prey. And the overeager fans who chased Zac Efron into an W
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News just coming in about three Australian troops receiving treatment in Afghanistan. They suffered fragmentation wounds during an infants urgent attack. They say the words were minor and the soldiers were treated in the field. The operation resulted in the deaths of a number of insurgent including a senior commander. A decade-long dream has come to fruition for Olivia Newton-John, with the final stage of her cancer and wellness centre opening in Victoria. For the details, we're joined live by Nine's Andrew Lund. Tell us about the treatment it will provide?It provides the sort of treatment he would find in all hospitals. But the part which is exciting for Olivia Newton-John is that the wellness Centre. It provides meditation, massage, acupuncture and music therapy. She says that is the type of treatment that helped to get through her battle in 1982. Up until now, it has not been readily available to people. Cancer is one of those diseases that affect a lot of people. The Victorian Premier is no different. He struggled as he recalled losing his brother to the disease.Unfortunately, six weeks after announcing he had melanoma, he was dead. In his mid 30s with two young children. It affects all of us.Olivia Newton-John has accused today to call for more funding for these types of facilities?They are already very popular. A lot of programs are booked out and there is a waiting list. At this stage of is no government funding. They rely on volunteers and fundraising. Olivia Newton-John is the face of the fundraising. She says while she is very grateful for the government for contributing to the building, she would like to see them chip in some money to run the programs. She hopes of their popularity will help them do so. She is very excited and it is a good facility for the people of Melbourne. They're beautiful creatures that make the ocean their home and playground, and today an extraordinary look at a new trick by dolphins. It was caught on film by a team of National Geographic filmmakers. These bottlenose dolphins live exclusively in the waters off the Carolinas and Georgia, surviving not by instinct but my wit. -- by wheat. It is an amazing thing to witness. We met photographer Scott Snider on his boat. He documented an event called "stranding" for 'The Secret Life of Predators'. Watch this - the dolphins actually beach themselves on purpose, setting a kind of trap for their prey.They make this big bow wave and it throws and crashes and breaks all these mullets out on to the beach and they lay there on their side, mouths open, waiting, trying to catch these mullet.And before they beach - as we witnessed - they talk. The rewards may be big but so are the risks.If they stay there too long, they could crush internal organs, they could burn. Another potential risk - tourists. As word spreads about this secret spectacle, experts worry the dolphins will shy away, abandoning this now vital hunting technique. Snider says understanding these creaturs is the key to protecting them.The best part of the job is to jump into somebody's world and really get to know and animal on an intimate level and see how it ticks. Even in Peru, Zac Efron has trouble getting around without being mobbed by screaming fans. This excited lot gave chase when the 24-year-old arrived at the airport and even Zac seemed a little surprised at all the attention. He made it inside but the girls were still screaming when he checked in. They even charged through the airport for another glimpse at the heart-throb. Coming up shortly on Nine's Afternoon News - the lucky escape for a driver inside this cement truck. Also, the woman who survived 15 days trapped down an abandoned well. And, the sports star turning the tables on the teenagers who trashed his home. This is of a man found with severe head
injuries on the side of a road near Coffs Harbour makes an emotional plea for information. Matthew Mitchell died in hospital - it's unclear how he suffered the injuries. PM Tony Abbott vows not to make any changes to the GST, despite calls from within his own party to increase the tax. Also tonight - a win for drivers who use the M4, with new on and off ramps to be built. And researchers a step closer to uncovering the cause of Australia's most common childhood cancer. Stay up to date through the afternoon on our Nine News Twitter and Facebook pages. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm. This program is not captioned. At SPC, we believe every child
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A man accused of fatally stabbing a 33-year-old father at Doonside in Sydney's west, has today faced court. The 21-year-old allegedly attacked the victim on a footpath outside a school on Wednesday, after an altercation with another man. He was later arrested and charged with murder. In Blacktown Court today he made no application for bail, which was formally refused. He'll face court again in November. A breakthrough treatment for sufferers of chronic neck and back pain is working wonders for a Queensland man. Earlier this year we brought you news of a revolutionary multilevel disc replacement technique being carried out by Australian doctors. After 10 years of crippling pain, 48-year-old Jason Ogden says he's living proof, the surgery works.I feel like I've been given a new life because the day after I came out of the surgery I knew that what had been done had fixed the issue. For viewers in Queensland, we'll have a special report on Jason's surgery in the news at six o'clock - how it could cure your back pain. For 15 days, no-one could hear her scream. A woman trapped down an abandoned well in China - the hole hidden from view by corn plants. The 48-year-old was stuck in the one-metre wide and four-metre deep concrete chamber, until a villager heard her yelling for help. She survived by drinking rainwater and eating corn-cobs. Her husband said she fell into the well while picking medicinal herbs. His summer home trashed during an out of control party, a former football star is getting revenge after finding photos of the teens responsible and posting them online. He hopes his sleuthing teaches the unruly bunch a lesson they'll never forget. It was like the epic party in the movie 'Project X'. In this sleepy New York town, up to 400 teens threw a wild, Labor Day party, captured on Twitter in selfie after selfie.

The morning after the place was trasedh, the summer home of ex-NFL star Brian Halloway. The former Patriots star was in Florida and knew nothing about it. His son tipped his dad off after seeing those photos on social media. Among them this picture of a teen standing on a table the former NFL player bought with his Super Bowl money.And they're like, I can't believe it, we just broke into a house. Tonight, Holloway takes us through the home, showing us the estimated $20,000 in damage. The smashed windows and glass doors, halls, punched through walls, all that graffiti.Show me where all of this damage was?That window was completely kicked out.Police are investigating but Holloway did his own sleuthing. He says he tracked down 220 of the kids, posting all those party pictures online. Hoping that the teens will repent and learn a valuable lesson about drinking and vandalism.It went to a whole different level.He says that some of their parents are threatening him but in an open letter, he writes, I know I can do something to turn to these kids around.There's 300 lives that are in trouble and that is all that I focused on. A wedding has come to a screeching halt thanks to a testy pastor who wasn't happy about the ceremony being filmed. As the couple prepares to exchange vows - he turns around, ordering the cameraman and photographer to leave.This is a solemn assembly not a photography session. Please move or I will stop.

move or I will stop. I will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way.The bride and groom were stunned, sharing a few awkward glances before the video team bowed out. A quick check of the weather. Joining us from the Royal Melbourne show. Today, a cold front over WA produced showers and strong winds and thunderstorm activities. A trough over eastern parts of the Tory and NSW causing showers. Also heavy rainfall in Tasmania. -- parts of Victoria. A sunny start in Sydney but this afternoon there was a Virgo. This is where the rain evaporates before it hits the ground. Tomorrow, strong coastal winds and isolated showers across parts of Tasmania and Victoria. A mostly fine day tomorrow around the country with showers for Perth and Melbourne and in the hot temperatures continuing across the North. Stay with us - all the day's top stories are after the break, including - a deadly string of house fires that have claimed the lives of four people across three states. The latest on a near miss for two Qantas planes. And that's been king head to London to patch up things This program is not captioned. Four out of five
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Making use of this afternoon - Qantas has averted a mid air disaster, devoting two planes flying too close to each other. Separate house fires claim the lives of four people. And the Treasurer rules out changes to the GST, despite calls from WA to hike up the tax. In breaking news, James O'Connor has been stood down by the ARU, for disciplinary reasons. The winger has been involved in several off field incidents, the latest being evicted from Perth Airport for being intoxicated. He'll now miss the Wallabies upcoming tour of South Africa and Argentina. Two Qantas planes have been forced to take action after flying too close to each other earlier this afternoon. Nine's Jayne Azzopardi is at Sydney airport and joins us live.It sounds like it was the quick thinking of the two Qantas pilots that saved what may have potentially been a disaster. We know there were two planes that one flying from Sydney to Perth, the other flying from the opposite direction. One pilot was given clearance to rise. They were being directed out of Melbourne. An automatic system inside the plane told them they had a loss of separation. They are required to be 1000 feet difference vertically and five nautical miles horizontally. That distance was somehow breached. They needed to re-establish that separation distance. Remarkably, none of the passengers on-board had any idea anything untoward was going on. One passenger felt the plane drop little bit but thought it was an air pocket.There was nothing reported. I just happen to look out of the window and saw a plane fly underneath.A services Australia has referred as the matter to air transport authorities. To Queensland now, and tragedy for a Toowoomba family, after the death of a 2-year-old boy overnight. The toddler died in one of three house fires across the nation. With the latest on this story, Nine's Chris O'Keefe joins us now. Do you know anything more about the fire? Police are describing it as a tragic accident. A 15-year-old girl was babysitting her for younger relatives when the fire account. She went into the kitchen to try to make dinner and a small or you'll fire erupted in the pan she was using. She threw some water on it and it just ignited the fire. Neighbours told us it only took a matter of minutes for the house to be totally engulfed. For young children escaped with minor smoke inhalation but tragically, a 2-year-old asleep in one of the rooms, did not manage to escape. Witnesses said it was very noisy. There were smoke alarms, ambulances and police everywhere. But they remember the children yelling out, he is inside, he is inside, please, go and help him. But the fire was too intense.We tried to smash through the window. Another car had pulled up. He tried to help me get through the window but the smoke was to seek to get through.The police are not treating the fire as suspicious.Have we heard from the family at all today?No, they were way too upset. Two were escorted here by the tech tips. They want around sombrely throughout the house and the yard, looking at what was left. The mother, had only left the house minutes before the fire broke out. You can only imagine how she and the family are feeling tonight. A heartbroken mother has paid tribute to her son, who died while trying to save his mate from a fire in Melbourne's west. Steven White and his girlfriend were killed in the unit blaze, which is now under police investigation. Live now to Nine's Emily Rice.There were four people inside a unit when the blaze took hold in the early hours of this morning. Witnesses described hearing screams and seeing smoke and flames billowing from the building. To documents -- occupants as. However, Stephen and his girlfriend could not get out and they perish. Mr White's reaping mother spoke of the tragedy.He was a good kid. He was my baby. I cannot believe it. I really can't. The two occupants who did get out are recovering in hospital and investigators are trying to work out exactly what led to another fire tragedy. The West Australian Premier is holding firm on his call for the Prime Minister to reconsider increasing the GST. The Federal Government has ruled out the politically sensitive move, after Colin Barnett told Mr Abbott to show some leadership.I respect what Tony Abbott says I hope he respects what i say but the issue is not going to go away, it is a fundamental issue for the economy of Australia.I can understand some of the structural challenges all premiers are facing but changing the GST is not a silver bullet.The Coalition has said it will review the tax system, which would include the GST but any changes would be taken to another election. The father of Mathew Mitchell has made a second emotional appeal for information surrounding his son's mysterious death. 30-year-old Mitchell passed away yesterday, more than a month after he was left for dead on a road in Sandy Beach on the NSW north coast.We need to get this person or persons off the streets. They are absolute scum bags and are just hope that someone comes forward and can help us out with it all.It's unclear whether Mitchell was knocked out during a fight or hit by a car. A Sydney truck driver is recovering in hospital this afternoon after his cement truck rolled at Oakhurst in the city's west. The 56-year-old suffered back injuries and a cut to his head. The rollover caused some dramas for drivers with delays on the roads. Two cranes were called in to lift the vehicle back up again. Well, there were big crowds when it visited Sydney, now the world famous giant rubber duck has glided into another international port. Nine's Reid Butler has more. Life is sweet for this giant rubber duck. Gently gliding in silence, he gets to soak in the harbour views of some of the world's most beautiful cities. This time, the 5-storey-high sculpture is in Taiwan and locals can't get enough of him. Nor can the duck's Dutch designer - just ask him.I think this yellow dot of joy just is irresistible, you know.Before Taiwan, the well-travelled rubber duck took over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. It has already mesmerised hundreds of thousands around the world, bobbing so far through Paris, Osaka, Japan, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Auckland, New Zealand, and even here in Australia, wowing Sydneysiders in Darling Harbour.I think having this big rubber duck - it's not a small rubber duck, you know - that's different - this big rubber duck in your harbour - in Kaohsiung in this case - changes Kaohsiung, and it changes also your fantasy and your brain and it's a piece of art.While the US is rumoured to be the big bird's next stop, his exact destination isn't known. No matter where he lands, though, he's sure to get plenty of attention.It just keeps on smiling to you, you know. It says, 'Don't you worry. Laugh. Be happy." Liz Hurley has all but confirmed her split from Shane warned. She has flown to the US alone at the same time Shane warn of clue to the UK to reportedly worked things out. She shunned questions from the waiting papparazzi, instead making a beeline for her hotel in Manhattan. Barring a draw, one of the AFL's topsides will be eliminated tonight?Do not want a draw, believe me. Hawthorn and Geelong finished one and two on the ladder but, unfortunately, one will bite the dust. In the NRL, some big news because a huge injury blow for Manly. And This program is not captioned. SONG: # Chack, chack, chicky,
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to find out where you can play.

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As we told you earlier, Wayward Wallaby James O'Connor has been stood down indefinitely, after being thrown out of Perth Airport for turning up drunk on Sunday morning. O'Connor was interviewed in Sydney today, where it was decided he would not travel with the team to South Africa and Argentina. Now to the NRL, and is shaping up as a war of attrition ahead of tonight's final between Cronulla and Manly. As of the sites are suffering injuries. What news have you got for us?Mainly's try scoring machine Brett Stewart has been ruled out of the match. He released a statement saying that his hamstring is not fit enough to play in this match. Stuart is out. For the sharks, Todd Carney is almost certain to miss this match. He has been battling his own hamstring. Even if he could get through to the next stage of the final, he will be in doubt. Finals fever is upon us. The colourful shopfronts are at up. A premiership could be for Manly. It would be the 1st-ever title. It has been a long wait. The busloads are converging. There are expecting just over 30,000. The winner will play South Sydney for a spot in the final. Down South, Melbourne are playing Newcastle. The winner will play the Roosters. The nights are the massive underdogs. They have got eight shocking record. If they lose, it would be the end of a remarkable career. I do not want to think that way. I am just very happy to be part of September. I am just looking forward to the challenge. Hopefully we can go deep into September. We are all geared up for a wonderful weekend of finals football. Good on you. Now to the AFL. At the MCG, not the greatest of conditions, Hawthorn and Geelong go head-to-head. It has been one to absolutely saver. Tonight, Hawthorn will go in as favourites. They have not been able to defeat them since the grand final in 2008. Another preliminary final in the West tomorrow night, Fremantle C. -- against Sydney. Perth is certainly holding its breath for tomorrow night. It is one of the most important games for a Fremantle. The Sydney Swans ventured outdoors. The loose and there are lakes. -- they loosened their legs. They do not mind coming across as the underdogs. Statistically, very little separates the sides. The dockers are the favourites to get the job done. But there are something of an unknown on the big stage. Ironically, they were beaten by the Sydney Swans last time. We are set up for an intriguing battle. Adam Scott could be headed for the biggest pay-day of his career, currently tied second at the Tour Championship, the final stop in the FedEx Cup playoffs. With Tiger Woods struggling, Scott shot a five under 65 at East Lake in Atlanta. But he needs to pass the leader, Henrik Stenson, who is one shot ahead, and currently stands to take the $10 million bonus awarded to the Fed Ex Cup champion. Jason Day is the only other Australian to have qualified for the 30 strong season finale, he's in a share of sixth spot, two under the card. Jim Cassidy could tomorrow become just the third jockey in Australian and New Zealand racing history to ride one hundred Group One winners. Cassidy will be on board the Chris Waller trained Hawkspur in the George Main Stakes at Royal Randwick. And at Caulfield, Atlantic Jewel is going for her 10th straight win in the Underwood Stakes. That sets the scene for what is going to be a great weekend highlighted by plenty of finals. Still to come, finance and the latest weather. What can we expect for the weekend?I am at the Melbourne will show, it has been a little bit grey and cold. -- Royal show. But it will be mostly fine around the country tomorrow. Minis
Tonight on WIN News: The Chief Feder
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GST Safety concerns force the Goulbur
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This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. Today there was a low front system either side of the country, producing showers and storms. Another fund will start to produce western Australia winds. Mostly the western parts of both states will have

Winds will become like in the afternoon in Sydney. -- light. Another fine, sunny day in Brisbane.

Have a lovely weekend.

We have got some breaking news to finish on. A Sydney man has just been charged with a number of child sex offences following the death of a 7-year-old stepson who died back in May. At the time he told police that the young boy had fallen off a pogo stick. We will have more details for a Sydney viewers at six o'clock. That is all for this Friday. The next major bulletin is at six o'clock. Have a great weekend. I'm a Mac -- Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

The finals are here!VOICEOVER: The extraordinary finals have arrived...Are you ready for this? Australia has definitely got talent.And this time, every sizzling performance...That was unbelievable!Every dazzling moment, is more spectacular.Wow! More dangerous...Yes!That has never happened, ever before! (LAUGHS).And more amazing than ever...Woooo!The performances that blew Australia away.I think you're sensational.Wow!Night after night after night.He's ugly. (LAUGHTER).The acts that shocked, stunned and surprised you.Are we gonna be amazed?(LAUGHS). Spread the happiness, Tommy.Will soar to an incredible new level.Are you a real, actual ninja?Yes.Big, fat yes.You've absolutely blown me away.(SCREAMS).Absolutely yes! Brace yourself for the bigger... Ready?Ready!Higher, faster, funnier, riskier, crazier Australia's Got Talent.Epic.The finals.

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Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat. Tonight, 15 questions
and $1 million. Let's win some big money, yeah! (CHEERING) Yeah, hopefully tonight, somebody will change their life
for the better. In the next half hour, sit back,
enjoy the questions, see if you can answer along and maybe even join us on the show
one day. But our six contestants hopefully will just have
that wonderful experience
of having a big win tonight. Let's meet them tonight,
and they are... Rafting down the Zambezi,
Fiona Dawes was so excited, she almost choked the lady
next to her. Whoops! Dr Jim Montgomery
is a pioneer in entertainment. He was one of the founders
of cable TV network E! Aaron Ottobre taught his sister
to throw salami so it stuck on the ceiling. Aaron! Micheline Parfait-Lamport discovered that her great, great,
great-grandfather was a pirate! Amy Bott was so excited
after meeting her idol Lady Gaga, she cried all the way home. And Paul Olesnicky had to take over
the controls of a light aircraft when the door opened mid-flight. Wow! There you go. There you go.
(APPLAUSE) Fiona, are you ready? Yeah, totally, Eddie.
Come on, Dawesy, let's go. Come on.

Hello, Fiona Dawes.
Hello. How are you?
I'm exceptionally well. That's a lovely...
What do we call it - a shawl? Yeah.
Yeah. It's a beauty, isn't it? Absolutely.
Where did you get that? I got it in Pakistan.
Oh, beautiful. Brought it all the way home.
I did. How much? Was it expensive or...? Incredibly cheap, Ed.
I can imagine. Yeah, but let's keep that
between ourselves. It looks great. Looks wonderful. 50 years of age, a therapist with
the South Australian
Health Department. From Evandale in South Australia. Diane is the world's best sister. There she is.
That's what it says here, Diane. Oh, she flatters me, Eddie. Isn't that wonderful? Good on you.
She's wonderful. That's the way. Good on you.
Good to have your big sister. Tell me about this
rafting down the Zambezi. We were having a brilliant day, and there were two of us
right at the very front, and so you could see
every rock coming up. And she was screaming
and I was screaming. And I thought we were both screaming
with excitement and a bit of scared. And I had what I thought
was my arm around her, but, in fact, I had my arm around
her neck, and I was choking her. (LAUGHTER)
She thought she was going to die. She thought you were screaming
because... There you go. Alright. Hey, Fiona,
don't put the grip on me, OK? Just win the money, OK?
Get nice and excited here. 15 questions
will get you $1 million. Are you ready to play?
I am, Eddie. Let's play Hot Seat. Go! (CHEERING)

Good luck, Fiona, for $100.
Thank you.


I was waiting for it. I knew it was coming. Well, littered with freckles I was, but I'll go for D, toilet duck,
thanks, Ed. Lock in the toilet duck. Correct for $100.



I'm going for B with that one.
Lock in B, please - dance. Dance is locked in. More like
a war cry, isn't it, the Haka? It's fantastic.
Yeah, it's really scary. Correct for $200.



Aerial camera. An aerial camera.
Six seconds. A.
Lock in A - spidercam. It's correct for $300.

What's that? I hope that's the last sport one.
I'm rotten at sport. Don't like sport?
I love it. I'm just hopeless at it.

Correct spelling.

Six seconds. Five. B. Lock in B, please. Lock in B?

It's wrong.
Oh, it's wrong. It's wrong. Oh, no! We needed the double S, double S. C, yeah - two sets of double S's.