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Today on Nine News Now - GST stoush. Will our new PM, Tony Abbott, be pressured in hiking up the tax? Also ahead - fire tragedy in three States. Four people die in their own homes in three separate blazes. Plus, the Australian-first surgery that's cured this man of debilitating neck and back pain. And what is Liz Hurley doing in the US without her engagement ring? We have new details on the Shurly break-up saga. But news just in - and 11 people have been shot in the US city of Chicago. Emergency crews were called to the city's southside just after 10:00 local time. The victims include a 3-year-old child. Four people are in a critical condition. We will bring you more details on this developing story throughout the afternoon here on Nine. Turning to Canberra now where Prime Minister Tony Abbott is facing his first real test in the top job. Pressure from WA Premier Colin Barnett to, "Take some leadership and hike up the GST." Live now to Lauren Gainoli. How have the other States reacted?Victoria and Tasmania don't want the GST to go up, but the ACT are backing the West Australian Premier. He wants to put the GST back on the table to bring in more revenue. He says if it isn't changed, State services will suffer. Take a list tonight him and the Victorian Premier.Do Australians really mind that much if the GST was 10% or 12.5% if it means maintaining high-quality health and education, disability services and the like? I suspect that the Australian people are mature enough to say - we'll cop that.We're not arguing for a raise in GST. Our argument is to get a fair share of the GST currently collected. The GST, like any tax, is a really politically sensitive issue. Tony Abbott hammered Julia Gillard, as we remember, for breaking her promise and introducing a carbon tax. So if he changed his tune on the Goods and Services Levy, you can imagine the backlash that he would cop. Back during the campaign last month, Mr Rudd tried to have a go during the campaign and pointed out that if the GST rose to 12.5%, a jar of Vegemite would rise by about 50 cents. Mr Abbott responded by saying that the GST won't change, full stop. But the Coalition have said that they're going to review the tax system, and that would include the GST. But any changes would be... Would have to go to another election.Turning to some political family news and there's a new grandfather in the Coalition? Yes, Malcolm Turnbull, who is the new Communications Minister. His daughter, Daisy, has given birth to a baby boy, Jack. He was born yesterday coming in at 3.8kg according to what we saw his daughter posting on Twitter this

according to what we saw his
daughter posting on Twitter this morning. Mr Turnbull was at North Bondi Surf Club this morning for the launch of the Nippers season and he had plenty of people congratulating him and he said that his new grandson has big feet and hands and could be down at North

hands and could be down at North
Bondi soon. Thank you for the update. Now we turn to three separate fire tragedies across the country. To Queensland first where a little boy has tragically died in a house fire. The 2-year-old couldn't be saved when the North Toowoomba home went up in flames. Chris O'Keefe has more. This is just a heartbreaking story. The fire broke out at this Toowoomba home at about 6:00 last night. It's believed a 15-year-old girl was babysitting. Her four younger relatives were there. She went in to the kitchen to make some dinner. She used a stove and a pan with oil in it. A small fire then erupted in the pan. To try to put it out, she threw water on it which sent the flames tearing in to the walls and roof. Neighbours say that it took only two minutes for the whole house to be totally engulfed. Four of the children did manage to get out of the house safely. They only had some minor smoke inhalation, but a 2-year-old boy was sleeping in his bedroom at the time and he, tragically, passed away inside the house. Witnesses say that it was very noisy here last night. There were smoke alarms going off. The fire brigade and ambulance Sirens were there. But the one thing they all remember is the screams of the four children saying, "He's still inside, he's still inside." A few neighbours tried to save him, but were unable to do so.I tried to smash through the window to get through. Another car had pulled up and he tried to help me get through the window and I tried to leg him up. But the smoke was too horrendous.Police are not treating the fire as suspicious. The sympathies go out to the family. It's a difficult time.The mother of the 2-year-old had only just left the house a few minutes before the house broke out. It's believed she was just ducking up to the shops to get some groceries. The owner of the house, the boy's uncle, was working at the time. He was a trucky and he came home and the neighbours say that they heard him saying, "Where are my children, where are my children?" Police and fire investigators are here at the moment combing through what's left of the house. They say they're preparing a report for the coroner but treating it as an accident. So the people of Toowoomba and the family of the young boy who died are going to take a long time to come to terms with what's happened. Now to Melbourne where a young mother has paid tribute to her son who was killed in a fire in the city's west. Seb Costello spoke to her a short time ago. It's an awful tragedy?It is. And it was a heartbreaking conversation. Brenda McIntyre is the mother of the 44- year-old Steven White killed in the fire in the western suburb of Deer Park. Along with his girlfriend, four people were in the house at 12:30 last night when the unit went up in flames. It was the work of Steven and Janine who woke up first and warned the other two, both men in their 30s, that they were in danger. Thanks to the warning, the two men were able to get out alive. Unfortunately, Steven and Janine didn't make it out. But Brenda McIntyre spoke of her son who, she admits was a rogue, but no other parent should have to go through that of a parent who outliving their child. The family acknowledges that Steven had his ups and downs in life and he was known to police, although they will continue to investigate this. Arson Squad detectives are in charge. At this stage, though, there is no suggestion that they are determining what caused the fire that killed two people and left another two in hospital. But we'll have pictures and the comments of Brenda McIntyre, the mother of one the decreased, in updates later this afternoon.OK, thank you. Firecrews are to be at the scene of a $10 million factory fire in Melbourne's south-east well in to next week. The blaze gutted a carpet warehouse in Dandenong South putting the jobs of 50 workers at risk.It's just dreadful. Jobless now. I don't know what I'm going to do.Big shock. I saw it last night on the news. We're told there's no work on.Investigators say it's still too early to determine the cause of the inferno. Now to Adelaide where an elderly man has died in a fierce house fire in the city's north. The alarm was raised around 11:00 last night after police patrol it's spelled smoke in Taperoo. By the time emergency crews arrived, the house was in flames stopping firecrews from entering. The fire isn't being considered suspicious at this stage. It will be nearly nine months before accused wife killer, Gerard Baden-Clay, will face a jury. A murder trial has been set down for June 9 next year in front of Queensland's Supreme Court justice John Byrne. Allison Baden-Clay disappeared in April last year. Her body was found in a creek ten days later. A hearing to decide whether the couple's marriage counsellor can give evidence will be held in October. The daughter of former British prime minister Tony Blair has escaped after being held up at gunpoint during an attempted robbery. 25-year-old Catherine Blair was targeted as she walked through London with her boyfriend and a group of friends. In China, there's been a remarkable rescue of a woman being saved after being stuck in a well for 15 days. The 48-year-old says she's hungry and has a back ache, but other than that, she's OK. Her husband said she fell in to the well while picking medicinal herbs. Still ahead - iPhone madness. You won't believe how long people across the globe lined up for just to get their hands on the new mod es. Also ahead - pucker up. Why women across the world are today wearing bright pink lipstick. And did this beauty Queen manage to fake her way on This program is not captioned. It's the new me! (SLURPS) (HUFFS AND PUFFS) It's the new me! 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Apple's newest iPhones are being released today. Australia was the first country to sell the 5S and 5C models with people queuing overnight.We got here at 5pm last night. So really cold!I've been queuing for the new iPhone 5S. Really excited to get my hands on it.In Japan, some dedicated Apple fans waited in lines for ten days just to get their hands on the new models. Today, women around the world, including myself, are puckering up posing and pouting for Bright Pink Lipstick Day. The day raises awareness of hereditary breast cancer. Here to tell us more is Krystal Barter from the charity, Pink. Tell us about Bright Pink Lipstick Day.It's the first campaign of its kind around the world for women and a few men who face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. I come from a family have it. My mum was deeg knowsed at 44 and my grandmother at 36. We have - - diagnosed. We have a strong family history of it. Bright Pink Lipstick Day is a symbol of the charity.You are a carrier of the gene that Angelina Jolie has, and you had a very personal investment in the charity. Tell us a little bit about your story?I was 22 when I found out that I had the gene and feeling incredibly alone and isolated, I decided to be proactive and have a preventative mastectomy at 25. I didn't want to feel sorry for myself. I wanted my story to be a vehicle to ensure that women and families who face hereditary cancer are vigilant. So I created Pink Hope and it's been an incredible journey and I get to meet the most incredible people every day. It's been something that is just an incredible legacy that my family is very proud of.Your story itself is so brave and inspiring. Why pinklys?I think, you know, when I thought of the idea I was like - I can't believe anyone hasn't done it. You know, it's just one day. It's fun, it's engaging, but it has a serious message as well. And you know - who doesn't love bright lipstick?You look amazing, you look fabulous. What are you hoping to get out of today?We're hoping to raise enough funds to employ an online genetic counsellor so that women and families around Australia can contact Pink Hope and get strong accredited information and help families investigate their family health issues. Because at the end of the day, that's what this day is all about. We want everyone to go home and sit down and kiss-and-tell with the ones that they love about their family health history and implement life- saving strategies. It is thought that around Australia, 240,000 Australian men and women are at risk of cancers like breast, ovarian, prostate and others. And a lot of them don't know it. So I really want everyone today to share the love and wear bright pink lipstick and help save lives.It's a staggering thought, that number of people. Are you hoping that this is something that might take off around the world?We were contacted yesterday by someone saying, "Are you the founder of International Bright Pink Lipstick Day." I fly over to Chicago to speak at an event with our sister charity with Giuliani Rancic and taking it around the globe. So I have no doubt, New York, we received photos from New York and Sweden and everywhere. We trended on Twitter all day and that's pretty amazing for a tiny charity that started in my bedroom.Exactly, well done. Yours is an inspiring story and a great charity and a great idea. We've all embraced it here.I know,
In May here on Channel 9, we first met Ryven Harris, a tiny boy diagnosed with a rare condition who survived thanks to thousands of you donating blood. Now the family is calling for your support again - not just to help Ryven, but potentially thousands of other kids. Ryven Harris, now eight months old. He's talking... Crawling... And learning to take his very first steps. He's very active.You really can't take your eye off him for a second. It's always playing in the back of our mind if he has a bad fall, you know, we could be back to hospital and maybe a platelet transfusion, which we don't want. We first met Ryven earlier this year when after falling sick, his parents made a desperate plea to keep him alive.Yesterday afternoon, we were told that we couldn't find an O negative match for the platelet transfusion. So if you're O negative, please go down to the Red Cross today.Born with a syndrome, his body struggles to make platelets to clot the blood. He also has very low immunity.At the moment, he's healthy and happy but he's not living a normal life. He's not interacting with other children. He's not playing on the play equipment that other kids use. He's kept very isolated.So now, the tiny bub with the whole nation behind him is calling on your support again. You like the camera? You like the camera? To find the perfect bone marrow don'tor!Ryven has a rare gene, part of his tissue. He's been on the natural database of 15 million people and there's been no match.This week, Mr Harris and an army of students travelled to Queensland universitys urging people to donate blood and sign up to the bone marrow register.This is our teacher, Mr Harris' son, Ryven.Lots of people are interested and donating.The ideal age for a bone marrow don'tor is between 18 and 45.He'll help us with everything, so helping his son get better just feels good.What the kids are doing today is giving a fuel injection in to the Red Cross, and that's not just helping Ryven, but helping so many patients around Australia and around the world.The couple have also started IVF in the hopes that doctors can isolate an embryo with the same tissue as Ryven.With it is a gamble, we know that. And it's one we're willing to take because, you know, we get to save our little boy and we get another beautiful baby. In the meantime, the focus is on keeping Ryven healthy, giving his precious little body a fighting chance to accept the transplant. After all we've been through to get the all-clear, that day is just going to be the most beautiful experience in the world. And you can join the bone marrow register when you donate blood at the local Red Cross branch. For more information, go to the website. 'Forbes' has released its list of the highest earning celebrity couples. And on top this year is hip-hop royalty Beyonce and Jay Z. They apparently made nearly $95 million last year due in large part to tours and business deals and album sales. Gisele and her NFL husband, Tom Brady, took the number two spot with combined estimated earnings of $80 million. And, of course, rounding off the top three, is none other than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with a mere $50 million. Well, there were big crowds when it visited Sydney. Now the world- famous giant rubber duck has glided in to another international port. Reid Butler has more. Life is sweet for this giant rubber duck. Gently gliding in silence, he gets to soak in the harbour views of some of the world's most beautiful cities. This time, the 5- story high sculpture is in Taiwan and locals can't get enough of him. Nor can the duck's Dutch designer. I think this yellow dot of joy is just irresistible.Before Taiwan, the well-travelled rubber duck took over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. It's already mesmerised hundreds of thousands around the world bobbing through Paris, Osaka in Japan, Auckland, New Zealand, and even here in Australia wowing Sydneysiders in Darling Harbour.I think having this big rubber duck, it's not a small rubber duck, you know. This big rubber duck in thaur harbour changes the harbour and it changes also your fantasy and your brain and it is a piece of art. While the US is rumoured to be the big bird's next stop, his exact destination isn't known. No matter where he lands, though, he's sure to get plenty of attention.It keeps on smiling to you, you know. It says - don't you worry, laugh, be happy! Next on Nine News Now - all the showbiz. And Liz Hurley spotted alone and without her ring. But is Shane Warne heading her way to save their relationship? We have all the details. And Miranda Kerr swaps her sexy Victoria Secret outfits for a squeaky clean Japanese ad. We get our first look at a documentary about Miley Cyrus. And fresh off the satellite - we have Justin Timberlake's new song. This program is not captioned. (P.A. PLAYS JAUNTY MUSIC)


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Let's get the showbiz now with Suz Messara. First up - what's the latest are Liz Hurley?It seems that Shane has made what can only be called a last-ditch effort to save his relationship with Liz Hurley. He's packed his bags and his three kids on a flight as we speak to the UK. Now, he opened up at a Melbourne Airport saying he's planning to be away for quite some time and looking forward to having a great time. But I fear he might get a rude shock when he lands because we've seen the pictures of Liz landing in New York City all alone.I know, the intrigue. I'm just waiting for Twitter to tell all, really.That's all we can rely on! A few friends have said it is not over for these two. It is simply a matter of two commitments keeping them apart. Others said that it has nothing to do with Shane's ex, Simone. Friends say that they have a civil relationship for the sake of the kids.She's not wearing her engagement ring, that's telling to me?It could be a publicity stunt. You never know! I'm sure we'll hear plenty more about that. Another one of our own stars, Miranda Kerr, she's got a squeaky-clean image we're not used to seeing.She's joined a list of celebrities from around the world who featured in bizarre Japanese adverts. She don't only look perfect as a housewife. She's in a cartoon-inspired ad for laundry detergent.

Admittedly, she makes quite a cute Japanese character, but I have one word for you - money.I know, she doesn't need it.Why would you do a commercial like that?You know, Leonard and David Beckham, they've all done it! It has to be the dollars.Moving on, big news this afternoon for Alicia Keys fans in Sydney.Huge news in fact. The 14- time Grammy winner is on her way to Australia. She's revealed she's doing a one-night-only performance at The Star. She'll perform on December 17 to only 3,000 fans. That's an intimate concert so they can get up close and personal to the superstar. She'll perform songs from the most recent album, 'Girl On Fire', as well as old favourites from 'Songs In A Minor'. I say get online and get the tickets if you can get there.Are you going?It is the day before my 30th, so I think I should.I think you should go and come back on the show and tell us about it. OK, more music news. Britney Spears is rehearsing for the new show in Vegas?Wasn't this the worst-kept Hollywood secret. We heard rumours that she was going to have her own show and now we hear she's heading to Vegas and taking up residence in the Planet Hollywood Casino. She'll rake in around $15 a year. That's pretty impressive. Now, she spoke to Extra's Mario Lopez about the show and also spoke a little bit about Miley Cyrus and how she can relate to what she's going through.I wanted the feeling of it to be like - when people come, they're in the show with me. O so it is like a party vibe.Britney also collaborating with Miley Cyrus for a new song, defending the star.I remember that age when I was just transferring in to my career and doing more controversial things and stuff like that. She's on fire right now. She is on fire.The VMAs are a place where it is supposed to be a little provocative and supposed to have fun?Yeah, it's a time to bring the artistic side of what you do out.I don't know that that was necessarily bringing Miley's artistic side out! Using words like, "She's on fire." OK, Miley has a new documentary coming out?Miley can't stay out of the news for one day. She has a new documentary by MTV called Miley the Movement'. It follows the 20-year- old as she prepares for the now famous and controversial performance and also follows her behind the scenes as she's recording her album and looks a little bit at how she interacts out there. We have the first sneak peak. Have a look.I was born to become who I am right now.Unleashed!I can be exactly what I want to be and who I want to be.As her family holds a top secret summit, Extra goes inside Miley's world like never before.Every time I do anything, I want to remember this is what separates me.New video cameras tracking the 20-year-old's every move. On the jet with her mother, her pre VMA jitters. Her never-before-seen meeting with Britney Spears, laughing off the potential backlash on MTV. Everybody takes the VMAs so serious and I want to come out and shoot a hot dog gun.Today, news breaking ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth wants Miley to keep the $250,000 ring he gave her, now that he's moved on. He was spotted kissing a Mexican outside her apartment.Do you have any comments about Miley and Liam. Paps trailing her mother and father who have been holding family secrets worried about Miley who has been in hiding since the break-up. The documentary taped when the split was a rumour.You're always going to make people talk. You might as well make them talk for two weeks rather than two seconds. She's done that. You know what I took out of that clip was Billy Ray. Did you see how he looked?Can you imagine having a daughter going through all of that!Yeah, you probably want to build the facial hair, to escape the paparazzi. So JT - I love a bit of JT. He has a new single coming out.He has been taunting his fans and taking to Instagram to question if we want a new single from him. Of course we do! Well, he posted this photo first of him recording and now he has given us a little taste. Have a look.

# I saw you with another guy # Knock down # Then I got over you # Can't find no more. # I thought we had a little cameo there. I don't mind it. I want to hear more.Everything he does is good. So I think that we can be rest assured.And Clint Eastwood's son has a new movie coming out.His name is Scott Eastwood, he's 27. That's all we need to know.He first came in to our lives only recently. He was photographed for 'Town and Country' magazine and photographed without his shirt. Now before this, no-one knew about him. All of a sudden, he has hundreds and thousands of follows around the world. He's taken to Instagram to thank his fans by posting more shirtless photos. He said he wanted to be taken seriously as an actor but he seems to be taken seriously as a shirtless model. He has great genes as an actor and he's going to go on to great things. Dirty Harry's son just made our day. Scott Eastwood shirtless in the October 'Town and Country'. The former construction worker following in his father's footsteps shooting 'Furry' with Brad Pitt in London. I'm already a fan. Coming up on Nine News Now - a new message. Pope Francis tells Catholics to stop obsessing about abortion and same-sex marriage. Also ahead - the growing number of teen athletes having breast reductions to improve performance. And we get a tour of the royal Melbourne Show a day before the gates open. This program is not captioned.

Pope Francis appears to be taking on members of his own church whose clergy focus on abortion and homosexuality. He sent a clear message to the world's 1.2 billion Catholics that it is time for the church to send a new message. It is the most bracing move yet from a Pope who is already sending signals of being new and different. Living in a simple room, driving a beat-up old car and taking a selfie with visiting tourists. In a blunt new interview published in journals around the world today, Pope Francis says the church is obsessed with small-minded rules and that it must be the home of all, not a small chapel, that can hold only a small group of selected people. He declares, "We can not insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraception." This represents a huge shift for a church that for decades actively lobbies against these things. The last Pope controversially said while on a trip to Africa that condoms may actually make the AIDS epidemic worse. To be clear, this Pope is not saying that he doesn't support the teachings of the church on the social issues?I think that he has opened the door to a conversation about - how is it that we reform our own attitudes and lives as Catholic Christians.It is an historic interview from a hope signalling to a church at a crossroads that they must be less judgmental and more pastoral. Now to a shocking new trend among up and coming young sports stars. Female athletes are having drastic plastic surgery procedures to improve their performances. Take a look. This international tennis player seen here playing at the US Open has made headlines not for her serve but for disclosing her decision three years ago to undergo breast reduction surgery, in part to help improve her game. She went from a 34DD to this - a 34C.She really caused a breakthrough where all of a sudden, this was not a taboo topic. When up see people at the highest level talking openly about these things, that opens up the floodgates for other people to discuss it as a real issue.Now, it's not just professional athletes going under the knife.It just felt uncomfortable for me, because I had to wear two sports bras every time. This 19-year-old who plays softball decided to have her bust reduced surgically.It was emotionally, pretty tough. I wasn't sure if I would be happy with it, if this would help me in life and be a bonus for soft ball, then I thought it would be worth it.More than 100,000 women had similar surgeries last year. Some of them, e perts say, do it to play sports.We're tending to see a lot more young patients who realise that there's a surgery out there to help them and help them feel better, to help them become more athletic.But not all female athletes support the idea. A former South African volleyball star criticised Halep after the surgery telling

surgery telling 'The Sun' newspaper:

surgery telling 'The Sun'
newspaper: But does breast reduction really enhance her game? Halep said she would have gone under the game even if she didn't play competitively saying she was suffering from back pain. But after the surgery, she climbed 450 spots in world rankings and now ranked number 18. Now, Carly is hoping the surgery will improve her performance on the field as well.I think it's helped my play because a lot of it comes from mentally being more confident in myself.She says she's looking forward to this soft ball season when she takes the field for the first official game. The final preparations for the royal Melbourne Show are under way, and as justine McKenzie reports, there's fun for the whole family. Rides, show bags and farm animals - they're all here again at the Royal Melbourne Show where having fun really never gets old. The gates don't actually open to the public until tomorrow morning, but today, we were given a bit of a sneak peak at some of the entertainment and the acts that will make this year's show even more exciting. There's some pretty well known faces that will be around. We've got the famous Bugs and Daffy Duck. They're here in Melbourne for the event. And if you want to have a laugh, or even if you want to have a gasp at some of the amazing stunts, there really is something for everyone. People can expect lots of illusions, lots of fun, lots of interaction. We're going to bring it all.You have so much this year at this year's Royal Melbourne Show. These are FMXMotocross jumpers are some of the best in the world. The great food, the great entertainment. Loony Tunes, Yo Gabba Gabba. There's so much going on here. I don't think that you could see it all-in-one, two or three days. I really think that you have to come back. I spent 14 days here last year and I had to come back because I didn't see it all.As always, they're expecting a huge crowd here at the showgrounds. A staggering 500,000 people are expected to flood through the gates. As I mentioned earlier, it all opens here at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Next we have some big health news - the breakthrough surgery that's cured this man of debilitating neck and back pain. Also ahead - in her father's footsteps. Caroline Kennedy's powerful speech to the US senate. And Gwyneth Paltrow opens up about the big ups and downs in her marriage to This program is not captioned. (RUSTLES) (SNAP!)

This program is not captioned.

America's former first daughter has stepped to a new role in public service. Caroline Kennedy has stood before the Senate seeking to become the next US ambassador to Japan. Today in this Capitol Hill chamber, where there has been so much contentious debate, memories of another time. 1957, when then Senator John F. Kennedy sat on this same Foreign Affairs committee. Caroline Kennedy was born that year. But now is her moment in the spotlight.I'm conscious of my responsibility to uphold the ideals that he represented.For one brief, shining moment, Senators from both sides of the aisle, seemed to harken back to the so-called Camelot days.We certainly appreciate the legacy that you and your family have in public service. Caroline describing Japan as deeply ingrained in her father's story.As a WWII veteran, he served in the Pacific and hoped to be the first sitting president to make a State visit to Japan.She's said to be looking forward to learning Japanese and living in Tokyo where she can make her own history. To important medical news now that's giving help to people who suffer from back pain. A doctor in Queensland has performed a breakthrough operation curing an IT manager who suffered debilitating back pain for a decade. How exactly does the new treatment work?It involves the use of artificial disks. Basically, they're inserted in to the necks of back pain sufferers. People who have chronic pain, only, though. This is groundbreaking surgery, basically because in the past, the most common method for treating chronic back pain was a method called fusion and that basically meant that they removed the bulging disks and then fused the bones together. And often the side effect of that was stiffness in the neck long-term. With this new treatment, patients are reporting feeling a lot more freedom and none of the neck stiffness that's been seen in the past. Take a look at what a surgeon who is performing the procedures had to say.They're making a much quicker recovery. They're out of hospital quicker. They're back to work quicker, using less pain tablets and not describing any restriction of the neck movement. Ebony, you've spoken to have a patient who had this done. How does he feel now?Jason had the surgery six weeks ago today. He's already back at work and doing things that he hasn't done in years. Simple things like being able to lift groceries, being able to drive himself to and from work, and something that he's most excited about - doing the gardening for the first time in years. That's all been a bit of a passion for him. This has had a huge impact on his life. Take a little listen to what he's got to say.I feel like I've been given a new life. The day after I came out of the surgery, I knew that what had been done had fixed the issue.Jason advises anyone who is experiencing chronic back pain to get to their doctor and talk about a real treatment plan. He says - don't do what I did and that was just to sit at home for several years on painkiller med indication that in the ends wasn't doing too much. -- medication. Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about her 10-year marriage to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, saying it hasn't always been easy. She talked about the relationship while promoting her new movie, 'Thanks For Sharing'. These days, Gwyneth Paltrow shoots just one movie a year. And here it is - 'Thanks For Sharing', playing a sex addict's girlfriend, opposite Mark Ruffalo. Isn't that something that guys say when they get caught cheating? Of course, there's one scene in the movie that I imagine your husband might have some issues with!Well, he's very open-minded. Mark Ruffalo's wife won't even see the movie because of that scene! Really? And through her lifestyle blog, Paltrow launched a fashion line with Stella McCartney. I saw you kissing Stellas there something there?The collection is called Stella X Goop.Gwyneth Paltrow is still happily married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.It is not easy to be married for ten years. We definitely have big up and downs. We laugh a lot. So far, we're sticking it out.Paltrow has a lovely life, great taste and some firm food ideas. A lot of people love that. A few do not. There are some haters out there.Oh, yeah. I don't engage, to be honest. I really don't, because that doesn't help me in my creative process.On the other side of that, it must be odd to be named the world's most beautiful woman by 'People' magazine. How do you react to that? I turned 40 and I had two kids and I thought - this is so nice for all the mothers in the world.I myself just turned 40 and slightly losing my beach body. What is your secret? My secret is incredibly hard work and discipline.And she always works harder when there's an upcoming lingerie scene. Your character says what I think a lot of the audience will be thinking - is sex addiction actually real?The short answer is yes. We're all half good and half bad. It's all a grey area. So for me, it's very interesting to see people who are in the struggle to become the better versions of themselves. Joining me now in the chatroom is Jo Hall and Tim Gilbert. Stick around you two because next we are talking about baby sex selection and the leading Aussie doctor who says the time has come for parents to be able to choose if they have a boy or a girl. And we ask why is it that men take up so much space on buses and trains? This program is not captioned. Hi. Can I take your order? 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Time to head in to the chatroom and today I'm joined by Nine's Tim Gilbert in Sydney and Jo opinion hall in Melbourne. Good afternoon to both of you. Happy Friday. First-up - a boy or a girl? An IVF specialist on the Sunshine Coast believes that parents should have the right to choose the sex of their baby in a science lab. He says that it is only a matter of time before social sex selection is re-introduced in Australia. The procedure was made illegal here ten years ago and couples have to go overseas if they want to make the choice. What do you think? Should parents choose the sex of their baby?No, I don't believe that she should. I understand if you have five boys, you might really want a little girl. But ideally, when you plan parenthood, you don't care whether you're having a boy or a girl, you just want a happy and healthy baby. Last week on the chatroom, we discussed a topic of a couple trying for a daughter through IVF. They ended up with twin boys and admitted that they didn't even like their boys. I say, don't become parents if you have your heart totally set on one sex. I mean, this report also says that the science is now so advanced, we're soon going to be able to determine a child's hair colour. I think that it is going way too far and out of control. Back to the simple days.Jo, I have to disagree with you. I think perhaps on a first child or a second, you shouldn't be able to choose. But I think in Australia where gender selection isn't a social issue and if you have a third child and I know so many friends with children who have maybe three girls or boys and desperate for a child of another sex. They wouldn't take it onboard if it wasn't a massive commitment. IVF is an emotional process and financial process and I don't think that it would affect