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fresh debate on a rise in the GST. Today, Colin Barnett provokes fresh debate on a This Program is Captioned

Also today, four people dead in separate house fires overnight, including a 2-year-old boy in Toowoomba. Mixed messages from Russia's President on whether the Syria chemical weapons plan will work. chemical weapons work. And celebrating Hobart's maritime history as the tall ships sail up the River Derwent.

A fellow Liberal has challenged Tony Abbott to show some leadership and put an increase in the GST back on the table. The PM has ruled out any change to the GST this term, but WA Premier Colin Barnett insists that's a mistake, and a Labor leader agrees with him. Here is political reporter Narda Gilmore. Political ly toxic, Tony Abbott did his best to erase the letters GST from his campaign alphabet. The GST is not going to change, full stop, end of story.Now for another chapter. Do Australians real mind that much if the GST was 10% or 12.5%The WA Liberal Premier is urging the new PM to step up and show leadership on that very question. That will be something that will have to come back on the table because you will find State services starting to decline.The former PM called it Tony Abbott's hidden agenda. That jar of Vegemite under an expanded goods and services tax would rise by 52 cents.The GST will Government's review of the tax system, but he's guaranteed no change for his first term at least. It only can change, it only can change, if all the States and the Territories agree. That includes the Labor States. agree. That includes the actually
States. All States are saying actually GST needs to go up.The ACT's Labor Chief Minister thinks Tony Abbott made a mistake ruling out changes. I think it is essential that GST is looked at.She says Federal Labor should be on board. That would certainly help the discussion, I think.Not likely. Our Federal position is very, very clear - no increase in GST, no expansion to GST, food and other items.And not all States back a rise either. We know we have the highest unemployment in the nation. I don't think our people who are unemployed could bear the cost of a higher GST. It's a regular estive tax, it hits the people who can for
least afford to Faye for it pay for it. We are interested in getting our fair share.Bigger States have long argued for changes to link GST distribution to population. But smaller States fear they would be disadvantaged. The Federal Government is expected it announce details of its broad tax review within weeks, it will run for two years. Four people have died in three separate house fires over night. Two people lost their lives at a unit in Melbourne's west. Crews arrived at the home in Deer Park early this morning to find neighbours tackling the fire with a garden hose. But they couldn't reach the victims because of the intense heat. Arson squad detectives are investigating the cause. In Adelaide, an elderly man died in a fire at Taperoo in the city 's north western suburbs. Firefighters were called to the house just before midnight. Police say the cause of the blaze is not considered to be suspicious. And a toddler has died in the a blaze at a house in North Toowoomba in Queensland. Four our children were injured. Reporter David Lewis has more. Just before 6 o'clock last night nierts were called to this singer storey wooden house behind me on Kenilworth Street in North Toowoomba. When they arrived, the building was already engulfed by flames. Emergency crews were told by neighbours that somebody was trapped inside and when firefighters wearing breathing apparatus move ed in they found the body of a 2-year-old boy. Sibling, aged 7 and 15, managed to escape with non-life threatening injuries. They are being treated for smoke inhalation. We spoke to one neighbour this morning, Ros, who made a very brave attempt to save the 2-year-old's life and pull him from the house but had to retreat because of the smoke he was inham inhaling. Let's have a listen. A girl and two boys two boys were on the ground
crying. and two boys were outside, the
two crying. The girl had mentioned her 2-year-old nephew was crying. The girl had her 2-year-old nephew was still
inside. As her 2-year-old nephew was up, I got him to help inside. As another car rocked up, I retried to bust through up, I got him to window to retried to bust window to rescue the little boy. As we tried to boy. As we tried to get through, the smoke just got, like, too intense and at the moment, we just realised there was nothing we could have done, got through.David, is it known how the fire started? No. Police aren't commenting on the cause of the fire until an investigation is complete. They do say they are not treating it as suspicious, though. But neighbours have told us that the children who did manage to escape said they'd been cooking in the kitchen at the time and certainly we have seen investigators examining some burntout stoves and other kitchenwear today. But police addressed the media to update the public on their investigation a little earlier today. Let's have a listen. Detectives have worked through the night and will continue to work through the day to bring the investigative phase to a speedy end - what I can say is that police are not treating the fire as suspicious. Our sympathies go out to the family, it's a very difficult time.David, this must have shocked the whole community there?It's been a really testing week for the Toowoomba community, Ros. Earlier this week, a mother and son were killed in a car accident and now the death of a 2-year-old boy. It all comes in the lead-up to one of the biggest celebrations on the calendar for the city - the carnival of flowers and the mayor, Paul Antonio, said the show will go on, albeit marred slightly by these incidents. David, thank you. The alleged ringleader of Australia's returned match-fixing scandal has returned to court in Melbourne.
He appeared alongside four players and the coach of son stars FC. Police allege an international betting syndicate has reaped more than $2 million from manipulating the results of the team. Reporter Danny Morgan is outside court. Today's hearing really was in two parts. The four players and the coach of the Southern Stars appeared and theirs was basically a filing hearing where they were given a future court date and had some of their bail conditions adjusted. was
The main part of the hearing was for, as you said, the alleged Australian ringleader of this global betting syndicate, 45-year-old Malaysian national Gerry Gsubramaniam. He is alleged to have been the Australian conduit, a man who paid players and gave them information about what matches, what son stars matches, to fix. That was alleged in a bail hearing that's started earlier this week, that was continued today. Police are opposing bail in his case, because they believe he's an unacceptable risk, a flight risk. During the course of details
today's hearing we heard more details about this betting syndicate, and one of the most interesting aspects was the fact that police say that two of the players involved have they
given statements to say that they are barring the doors of their hotel room at the moment because they fear that Mr Gsubramaniam will arrange for associates of his to come and visit them, and they are fearful that they will be I suppose urged to look after the interests of the betting syndicate. That was one aspect today. It was also heard that this case may extend to other Victorian soccer clubs. There was no names mentioned, but other Victorian soccer clubs may be implicated and also we believe that Queensland Police have been informed by Victorian police that there is a club, at least one club in Queensland, that's involved here. We heard more about some of the money transfers alleged to have gone through accounts for Mr Gsubramaniam. Apparently $230,000 has been transferred to him in July. So some of the details today, Ros.Dani, what's the next step in this case? Well, this bail hearing today is not overment it was adjourned a short time ago so we are likely to hear whether Mr Gsubramaniam does make bail, but the other co-accused are due back in court in December. Dani, thank you.

Russia has delivered mixed messages on plans to remove Syria's chemical weapons. President Vladimir Putin says he's President Vladimir he's not one hundred per sent he's not one sure the Assad regime is he's not one hundred per capable of carrying out the sure the Assad process, but says he capable of carrying out hopeful. Mary Gearin reports. process, but says The Russian President may well The Russian have wanted to sound confident about his ally's intention to remove its chemical weapons, but in this forum with journalists he introduced an element of uncertainty. TRANSLATION: Syria announced that it is ready to join - not only ready, but already considers itself a member the Chemical Weapons Convention. These are practical steps the Syrian Government has already taken, whether it will be able to bring this process to the end I cannot be one hundred per cent sure, but everything we have seen until now in the last few days gives me confidence that it will be done.At the same time, the President was facing a blistering assessment from US Senator John McCain on a Russian website in response to New York
Mr Putin's recent piece in the New York Times. The Senator accuses Mr Putin of destroying Russia's global reputation, of backing tyrants and presiding over a corrupt system. Russia remains defiant on Syria, insisting rebels could have laudgeed last month's chemical weapons attack. A clearly frustrate ed John Kerry says it is clear Assad was responsible, and the Security Council next week must take firm action. Let's not spend time debating what we already know. Instead, we have to recognise that the world is watching to see whether we can avert military action.While the world's major powers remain at logger heads and the body that would help oversee the removal and destruction of the weapons postpones a meeting of Executive Council to the footage
weekend, the newest enverified footage from Syria suggests the bloody civil war will not wait for diplomacy.

Security forces have again clashed with Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt's capital hundreds
Cairo. Violence erupted when hundreds of police and armed troops launched a raid on the Kerdasa district in an effort to reassert control over the area. Several hours into the operation, troops had to take cover as armed groups responded with gun fire. State media says 28 militants were detained and a curfew has now been imposed. The Russian coast guard has reportedly seized control of a Greenpeace ship in the Arctic and arrested 28 activists, including an Australian radio operator. The Arctic sunrise was protesting against oil drilling in the region. On Wednesday, two released
activists were arrested and released after scaling a platform owned by Gazprom, a Russian energy company. Greenpeace said it withdrew to international waters but Russian officials stormed the ship in the early hours of this morning.

The activists say the captain has been charged under Russian terrorism laws.Pope Francis says the Catholic Church is too focused on preaching about abortion, gays and contraception and needs to become more merciful. He's warned the church its moral structure could fall like a house of cards unless it changes. He's called for the church to be more inclusive as part of his first major interview since becoming Pope. Japan's PM has visited the stricken Fukishima nuclear plant amid continuing concerns about its safety. Huge amounts of radioactive water have leaked from the facility, which was damaged in the disastrous earthquake and tsunami two years ago. The BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes has been there.It may look like a scene from a bad disaster movie, but at Fukishima, the radiation suits are not stage props. Shinzo Abe.
Inside this one, is Japan's PM, Shinzo Abe. For nearly a year, here Abe Abe has stayed far away from here, but two weeks ago, Tokyo won the 2020 Olympics, and now the whole world is watching him. By coming here in person and putting on a radiation suit, Mr Abe is sending a very public signal to the Japanese people and to the rest of the world that he is now in overall command of the situation here at foouks. The question a lot of Japanese people are asking is why did it take him so long? For months, Fukishima has produced nothing by bad news. Mr Abe was taken to see the tank where 300 tonnes of last month. tank where 300 tonnes of highly
radioactive water leaked out waterfront, where hundreds of waterfront, where hundreds tonnes of radioactive
groundwater is still seeping into the sea every day. groundwater is still into the sea every day. And yet when he met with exhausted-looking yet when he met exhausted-looking workers, repeated this surprising assertion. TRANSLATION: I have assertion. come to visit Fukishima - he says come to visit Fukishima - says - because in Buenos Aires I told the world that there were no health concerns and there is nothing to worry about here. Many experts here think there is still plenty to worry about. The job of sealing Fukishima is huge and complex. Over here, they are building a huge steel wall along the waterfront to try and block the harbour.
water getting out into the harbour. Then underneath the ground, underneath here, they are using chemicals to freeze water
the ground to again prevent water getting into the ocean, and then the next thing they are going to do is build ab underground ice wall right around the whole Iraq tore complex - reactor complex to try and seal it off from the outside environment.The most dangerous place in Fukishima is still this - reactor building 4. Inside it are hundreds of tonnes of spent nuclear fuel. In a month from now, they will begin the difficult and dangerous operation to take it out. US and British regulators have fined investment bank JP Morgan nearly $1 billion for more
trading losses. The bank lost as a
more than $6 billion last year the trader
as a result of losses made by the trader known as the London Whale. Management then tried to cover it up. The securities described the bank's accounting controls as woefully deficient. It forced the bank controls as woefully It forced the bank to make a rare admission of guilt. Certainly it's a milestone for the SEC, this is one of the first times that it's ever happened that a company has been forced to admit wrongdoing. Two former JP Morgan traders involved in the case are facing criminal charges, but so far no top executives have been singled out for blame. Qantas has confirmed two of its passenger planes were involved in an Australian Bight
incident over the Great Australian Bight just after midday today. The airline says one of the planes had left Adelaide for Perth. The civil aviation safety authority says the planes got too close evasive action.
together and had to take evasive action. Let's take a check now of the markets. Here is Alicia Barry. Alicia, that US stimulus inspired rally has faded?It didn't last long, Ros. Yesterday the Australian share market added over 1% after the US Central Bank kept its $85 billion US a month bond-buying program in place. lull
Today there has been a bit of a lull in trade. The All Ords Index is down around 0.4% as is the ASX 200 index. Taking a look at the movers:

NZ is hoping to claim victory in the America's Cup. We'll have to keep waiting after today's second race was postponed. The US team won the first scheduled race on San Francisco Bay but the Kiwis have an 8-2 lead in the competition and need only one more win to take the Cup. These guys will be totally sorted out and ready to go for this next race.Strong blustery winds have proven problematic for the 22 metre catamarans with races postponed for safety reasons. The big boats are regularly hitting top speeds of more than 40 knots.

Hobart is the latest Port of call for 7 international tall ships as they make their way up the coast to Sydney to take part in the Navy's international fleet part in the Royal Australian review early next month. review Reporter Stephen Smiley is on review early next Reporter Stephen Smiley Well, Ros, we are just on board a water taxi, just off south of Hobart. Today, 7 of those tall ships are making their way up the River Derwent to Sullivan's Cove. Just behind me here, this is the Dutch home
Europa, which is a German-built Dutch home ported ship. This is one of the largest of the tall ships, slowly making its way up the river. Today we past a number of other ships - the Young Endeavour, the Lord Nelson is also making its way up. The Lord Nelson is an English-based ship kited out for people with disabilities, all the signage is in braille and there is a speaking compass for people who are visually impaired. So today's the first day of what will be a five-day long tall ships festival here in Hobart. So today they are really making their way up the dock for a fire works December play and a launch of the event this evening.Tell us what's due to happen over those five days to come?As you were saying, a lot of these ships are here for a couple of days and then they are heading back up to Sydney. So there is a lot of water-based activities, a number of these ships have come quite a long way. There were originally to be 9 ships taking part, although one of these ships was demasted off WA about a week ago and is now making its way back up to Indonesia to be decommissioned. So a lot of water-based activities, a lot of young sailors learning more about the craft on the River Derwent over the next couple of days.Stephen, hope you are not you.
feeling too sea sick, thank

An old piece of technology is making a new impact on wine making, and almost every home has one. The researcher is using microwaves
to improve the quality of red wine grapes. It is to wine grapes. It is early days, wine grapes. but excitement among some in the industry is spilling over. Using heat to extract colour from grapes is a technique used by French winemakers for hundreds of years. There are pictures and paintings of people building fires underneath called Rons of must.Until now, it's never been done in a microwave. Like so many scientific ideas, it came out of, well, it was sort of a guess.Anna Carew was researching ways to improve Tasmania's renowned pinot noir. It is a whole lot more complex than putting it into the We
microwave for a few minutes. We are at the stage of the research where I probably can't go into too many of the intricate details.Once the grapeses are crushed. . microwaving process is very rapidly extract s the colour out of the skins and into the juice.The result is a fuller flavoured wine. The stem is quite visible and the control line, but not in the microwave line. So that's because there is a much greater density of colour.The research team has applied for funding to expand the trial commercially. We can envisage somebody perhaps having a single unit, a contractor, and it going from site to site when people decide they would like to apply this technology in their wine making.There was some initial scepticism from wine-makers.It may not change anything overnight but I think into the median term it is something we part of
are very interested in.Its part of a broader study exploring ways to over come Tasmania' uniquely changeable climate. To give vineyard owners tools to be able to manage their crop within each season for the best quality, such as pruning, removing shoot, leaves, bunches.Ensuring consumers get the most from every drop.

It's footy finals time, so let's go to Debbie Spillane for a run down of what to expect. First, a look at the match between Hawthorn and Geelong in Melbourne. This will be interesting. People often talk about one team having the wood on the another. The Geelong Cats have a whole timber yard on Hawthorn. They have won their last 11 games against the Hawks. That's pretty spectacular when you consider the Hawks have been a recent
reasonably strong side in recent years. Hawthorn have had a week off after this 44 - sorry, 54-point win against the Swans at the MCG. They have Buddy Franklin and Cyril Rioli have
back in the squad. So they do have all their big guns lined up. Geelong, sort of took the scenic route to the final four after losing in the first week of the finals. They got up in this match against Port Adelaide last weekend. It wasn't until the third quarter that they really took charge of the match. The Cats have lost Paul Chapman to suspension, Taylor Hunt has been dropped and Jordan Murdoch and Josh Caddy come into the lineup. bit of wet weather. Caddy come into the lineup. A hawks are going bit of wet hawks are going to do it, they have to bit of wet weather. If the
hawks are going to do it, they have to do it tonight.Perth, Fremantle tomorrow Fremantle play the Swans
tomorrow night?Yes, excitement scales are just about scales are just about off the register over in the west because Fremantle Dockers have never made a Grand Final in the AFL. So you can imagine the excitement. They are very heavily favoured to beat the Swans. At close to full strength, they have had a chance to rest after doing what almost no team has been able to do in recent years, they beat Geelong at Kardinia Park to get through to this match. The Dockers and the Swans have only met once this season and it was a draw but the Swans have been shedding players to injury for weeks now. Even in last week's match they lost another couple, Kurt Tippett and Tom Mitchell, and they didn't score at all in the final term, even though they beat Carlton. They were out on their feet at the end. Semi-finals in the NRL. Cronulla versus Manly. Well, yes, Manly coming off what a lot of people have described as one of the most physical and tense encounters in recent times, in finals football. It finished up 4-nil, more like a soccer score, and that was only try of the match to the Roosters. But these two sides really took each other on in a very physical way. If Manly have pulled up all right, they should be too good for Cronulla, who have a lot of injure worries. I'm hearing that Brett stew art, the fullback, isn't going to play tonight. In some ways Cronulla are without their play evens it up a little bit. maker Todd Carney, who you Cronulla are without maker Todd Carney, who you can
see there strapping up his hamstring during last week's match. That got the better of him. He won't play. And Cronulla a much better side when Todd Carney is in the oust, and he won't be there tonight.Melbourne plays a little
Newcastle. The Melbourne Storm a little bit below their best in recent weeks, they lost last weekend 20-10 to south Sydney. They had Gareth Widdop back from injury, perhaps he will have run into a bit more timing and rhythm. Sisa Waqa looked terrible, but he didn't end up suffering any long-term damage. Newcastle were just dominant last week against Canterbury Bulldogs. I guess they have been the surprise packet of the finals so far, but with Wayne Bennett in charge, I guess we shouldn't really be surprised.You have a busy Debbie. Thank you.
weekend to come. Enjoy it all,

The man who was at the helm of Nintendo when it created the famous Gameboy device has died. He built anyone ten do into a video game giant and was listed as Japan's richest man five years ago. His death came on the opening day of the 23rd Tokyo game show and, as Bo Hill reports, for most gamers it is still PlayStation versus XBox.It's a video game fanatics answer to disly landTRANSLATION: It was totally immerse ive and you were surrounded by the game environment wherever you looked.Japanese giant Sony has held a commanding position in the game's console market for years. Pre-orders in Japan for the PlayStation 4 have passed one million. It's due for release in the US on 15 November, but won't be available in Japan until February. so gamers were taking advantage of the opportunity to test it out. TRANSLATION: It was really fun. I moved around and it felt real. Sonny's biggest rival, Microsoft's XBox will launch its latest model a week after the PlayStation. Both companies are battling against the legions of fans finding alternatives on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. TRANSLATION: There Some
are many devices out there. Some people might decide to use the PlayStation today, or even their smartphone for games and if you can't meet their needs the customer's choices become limited.With so much to choose from it wasn't surprising that some companies were bringing out the big guns. the Tokyo game show runs until Sunday.

A white diamond expected to fetch a record price of more than US $28 million has gone on display in Hong Kong. The egg shaped 118 carat diamond, the largest of its kind, will be auctioned in Hong Kong in early October. Auction house Sothebys has described the diamond as the best of its kind ever seen. Now our estimate is over $220 Hong Kong, equal to over 8 million US dollars and we expect it will make a new world record.The rock nobody as the 'Magnificent Oval Diamond' was discovered in a deep mine in southern Africa in 2011.

Let's take a look at the national weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon.Fronts keep crossing over the south, one that's moved away from Victoria has left behind brisk winds up NSW
into the south eastern parts of NSW and showers. Another one heading over the south-west also causing showers over western Tasmania. Over the these fronts coming through, weekend we'll have some more of but for everybody these fronts coming but for everybody else, a high
and more but for everybody and more troughs. This means dryer weather to the north and also we'll see that heat back into the intieryar and ocross to places like Queensland and NSW. As we go into early next week we will experience higher temperatures. Around the country today:

That's the news for now. Our next bulletin on ABC1 is at 0:30 - 5:30. Thanks for joining us. Have a lovely lovely weekend. Captions by CSI Australia

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