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(generated from captions) abortion, gays and contraception and needs to become more merciful. He's warned the church's moral structure could fall like a house of cards unless it changes. He's called for the church to be more inclusive as part of a major interview he has done since he became Pope. Security forces have again clashed with Muslim brother hood supporters in Cairo. Violence erupted when police and armed troops launched a raid on the Kerdasa district in an effort to re assert control over the area. Several hours into the operation troops had to take cover as armed groups respond would gun fire. State media says 28 militants were detained and a curfew has now been imposed.Just a very brief update on a story that was supposed to happen in the last couple of days and that's the America's Cup. Suddenly we've become reconnect would the America's Cup. New Zealand is on the verge of winning that. This morning there was one race, the USA won and they were just about to start the next race, the winds became too great so it's been post-poned for another day. That wind brought the Americans to two wins and New Zealand sitting on 8 so they really only need one and you wouldn't think that, given the performance of New Zealand so tar, they're going to be able to catch up those 6. I'm just thinking Greg Norman. It would be a big, big stretch but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. The Danish tall ship has been making its way down the east coast of Australia in the name of scientific research. World renown ed environmental professor David Suzuki has been on the voyage and joins us now from Sydney. Was it a pleasant voyage on such a beautiful old vessel? I have to put the lie to that right away. I have not been sailing. I just arrived here from Parramatta and I only went on board to do a filmed interview. That's all, sorry.You've just destroyed the image for me. Professor Suzuki, it's lovely to talk to you and part of the campaign you're engaging in is around sea pollution and I guess even though you may not have been on board you would be well aware of the levels of sea pollution. Paint us a picture as to what the level is.? The oceans in general are a mess. We've used it as a garbage and
just a question of over-fishing and the it as a garbage can exits not
just a and just a question of over-fishing using gear like to drag across the bottom of the ocean, but also it's that there are dozens and dozens there are dozens and dozens of so-called dead zones, these are areas that have had so much utroification there's no oxygen left in them and nothing can live in them. These are increasing in size, number and duration and much of the garbage on land ends up in the ocean and we all know in the great jierz of the oceans where the currents going around like this, they're basically senrifuging our junk into giant island of plastic and garbage that are some of them bigger than the State of Texas and now with all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as we burn more fossil fuels, the carbon is dissolving in the ocean and we're getting acid aification of the oceanwise onsquences I dope think anyone knows what the long-term effects will be. The oceans are really a mess. I guess it comes - we have to think about that we can't keep putting this kind of rubbish into the ocean and expecting it not to end up somewhere. With these, as you say, these giant pools of rubbish, what can we do to start cleaning them up? It's interesting, my response when I heard about those islands was, "Oh, there's nothing we there's nothing we can do," but my wife's response my daughters' responses were all very different. They said, "Some body ey's got to go in there and clean it up," my wife is saying what we're engaged in is global housekeep ing and any woman knows when you make a mess someone's got to clean it up. Men tend to just lift up the carpet, shove it underneath and get on with other things and this what is these islands of plastic represent. The problem is much of is plastic that has broken down into what we call nerdles which are bite-sized pieces of plastic. To get that kind of soup scooped up and deal with that is going to be a very, very big and expensive job. I think my wife is right, someone's got to get in there and start doing that. I hate to get into a gender discussion but I think women are more practical when we go, "Surely there must be something we can do," not to suggest you aren't. You have landed in Australia at an interesting time yesterday the new Government sacked the climate change commissioner Tim Flannery who laeB doing work trying to demystify climate change and some of the issues that are very dear to your heart. What would you say to that in terms of keeping the general population informed about these very important issues?I'm very, very sad. I read in the paper today that Tim has been sacked. We figured it was coming. I had talked to him a couple of weeks ago but it's a very sad thing because we are living in very uncertain times. Populations of people are increasing continuously, our demand on the environment, on resources is increasing, our politician and destruction of eco systems around the world is increasing and we are in an un - increasingly uncertain time. How with are we going to navigate ourselves into an uncertain future if we don't use the best science available? That's what terrifies me s that we have people like the Abbott Government now and in Canada we have an extremely right-wing Government that is trying to shut down every avenue of information coming from science that in any way indicates climate change has to be dealt with seriously. How do you explain the fact that the science sceptics are winning the battle over view that says, "No, this is a
really important view that says, really important issue for us
to take view that says, "No, this is a
really to take control of." I to they're certainly winning the battle over the public's mind because literally hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on campaign of saying, "Climate change is junk science. It's a naturally occurring thing. Human beings couldn't possibly be so powerful as to have that impact," whereas the vast majority of scientists are out there saying, "We've got to do something about this." And money talks and the media respond to this. Even now when the science is overwhelmingly on one side saying it's very serious, it's getting worse, we still have programs coming on air where you have a scientist saying, "We've got to do something and in the name of journalistic balance we've got to get a de denier over there." That's journalistic imbalance! Every time you put a denier on with someone saying it's real, you act as if it's a 50-50 proposition and we haven't made up our minds. That's simply not true. How are we going to manage our way into the future? It may be uncomfortable from the standpoint of economics but our survival could well be at stake and I say you need the best science possible and I applauded the Australian Government for setting up that climate commission to inform Australians so that they could assess the information and make decisions at the time of the next election. The problem is the interval between elections is too short and Mr Abbott can focus on tiny short-term economic issues while ignoring that the - the elfin in the room which is that the room which is biosphere is in trouble.Professor Suzuki, thank you for your time. The professor hasn't been sailing thank you for your this morning, we know that, professor hasn't this morning, we know that, but somebody has somewhere in San Francisco. Good morning, steefrb. Let's start with the America's steefrb. Let's start with America's Cup. Snoouz is still one win away from winning that trophy in San Francisco. One race was held this morning. It was a bad start for the Kiwis in race 12. They misjudged the start and had to pull back. The Americans were uncontrol and pulled away to win by 31 seconds to keep the series alive. 8-2 heading in to now tomorrow's Race 13 of the series. The Americans have to win the next 7 straight. It's been a difficult week for the AFL with the Bruce Reid charges at Essendon and the story yesterday in 'The Australian' about the potential infraction notices against Essendon players and coaching staff. Andrew Demetriou spoke in the last hour on 774 radio in Melbourne. The AFL has abandoned its case against Essendon club doctor Bruce Reid. He will face no charges. No, he's taken leave. He's taken leave 'til January. Is a leave a punishment? He you can intrp that that which every way you want The statement said without penalty. He's taken leave and I think you've seen by Dr Reid's statement that he was marginalised and that he has always been anti-the use of supplements and anti-drugs and been a very big supporter of the AFL's stance against drugs in sport and he has taken leave until January which is around about four months out of the game. We rang to get clarification opthat. We spoke to ASADA and representatives of the Federal Government and they told us that story was incorrect.And ree Demetriou speaking there with Gerrard whatly and red Simons. Adam Scott is one shot off the lead after the first round of the tour championship. I'll bring you that in the next half hour. Let's take a look at the weather now with Vanessa. For the big football that's happening let's see what we can expect. If you are in Sydney tomorrow for a football match then you can expect a mostly clear day. In Melbourne tonight mostly clear but the Storm taking on - we've got a footy match with the Storm tomorrow night with the Knights and we are expecting storms there and for the match in Perth tomorrow we can expect scattered showers. Cloud is causing brisk winds and showers. A frontal system move nothing to WA also with showers and in the north a high keeping the skies fairly clear and troughs making things a little bit windy and also warmer. In Queensland today, 27 degrees in Brisbane and Charleville.

Vanessa, thank you for that important football update. Really good to know what the weather is going to holdtism makes a difference. It is important for Hawthorn because if it rains they reckon the Cats will be a bit better. Their hoodoo, their curse may continue. Stay with us on ABC News Breakfast. We are going to bring you an update from authorities. The fire department has spoken about that deadly blaze in Melbourne overnight. It has been a very tragic night overnight of fires both in Victoria and Queensland. We'll be back in a couple of minutes. This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

Let's go straight to the scene Let's go scene where authorities are giving us an update.What can you giving us an you tell us? About 12:30 this morning the neighbours of the surrounding premises here at Deer Street were awoken by the sounds of popping and fire, what appeared to be fire coming from the premises. They quickly came out and saw that the unit was engulfed in flames. Shortly after 2 men appeared to come from the premises suffering some type of injuries. Emergency services were notified and attended fairly promptly and located 2 men with fairly serious injuries and those men that came from the premises, subsequently told us there were two other occupants inside the premises and at that stage they were unaccounted for. After the fire was put out by the emergency services a search of the premises was conducted where 2 deceased were located in the premises. What can you tell us about the deceased? The ages and whether they were the main occupants of the home? At this stage we believe they were the main occupants of the home. They were in their mid 40s and as I